Squid Game, Netflix, Siren Pictures

Squid Game

Squid Game, Netflix, Siren Pictures

Netflix original drama Squid Game dropped September 17th, 2021.

#Squidgame is Netflix’s biggest show of all time at 142m views.

rottentomatoes: 91%

metacritic: 75

imdb: 8.2

Seong Gi-hun, Squid Game, Netflix, Siren Pictures, Lee Jung-jae

Seong Gi-hun

Seong Gi-hun competes in a game show for ₩45.6B($38.3m) outside of Seoul, South Korea.

Seong Gi-hun, Squid Game, Netflix, Siren Pictures, Lee Jung-jae

“My town called that game ‘the Squid Game.’ It was named so because the game was played in a squid-like outline. The rules are simple. Children are divided into two groups, the offense and the defense. once the game starts, the defense can run around on two feet within bounds, while the offense outside the line is only allowed to hop on one foot. Your mom! But if an attacker cuts through the waist of the squid outpacing the defense, he or she is given the freedom to walk freely on two feet. The secret inspector. For whatever reason, we called that the secret inspector. After preparing for the final battle, the attackers gather at the entrance of the squid. Go. In order to win, the attackers must tap the small closed-off space on the squid’s head with their foot. If the defender pushes you out of the squid’s line, you die. That’s right. You die. Hooray! ‘Hooray!’ Once you take the winning tap, you yell out, ‘Hooray.’ And, in that moment, I felt as if I owned the entire world, exhilarated.” — Seong Gi-hun

“What’s this? Is it for me? Yes, I do. Prices are crazy these days. This isn’t enough for anything. Just fried chicken? I should at least get her a birthday gift. Give me a bit more. What are you talking about? I gave you everything I made from chauffeuring. We’ll never pay that off living like this. So let’s just spend when we have to! And you need to stop doing that! You always say your back hurts. You hardly make anything with that! Let’s see…” — Seong Gi-hun

“It should be my birthday. Damn it. Damn it. What did that old woman change it to? Her birthday? Mom’s birthday…. fuck off, asshole! I know! She follows the lunar calendar so her birthday changes every year. Dumbass, you know nothing… damn it. God damn it! Shit.” — Seong Gi-hun

“Yes, that’s it. Number nine! Let’s go! Come on! Whip it! Run! No, no! Damn it! That dumbass. How could you lose with such a great horse. Will you just leave me the heck alone? I’m trying to think! All right. Good, keep going. Run! Okay. Turn. Yes, turn. Stick to them! Outside! Yes! Six and eight, go! Whip! Whip it! Go! Go! Go! Go! Yes! Come to me! Six and eight! I got it! Man, seriously! What did I say? I told you it’s my daughter’s birthday! June 8. So, 6 and 8!” — Seong Gi-hun

“Thank you! Here. Buy yourself a cup of coffee. My mom’s money pulled through! Where’s the ATM? Daddy will pick you up at the academy. What? Fried chicken? Hey, you can totally choose something more expensive. Write down everything you want to eat. No. Focus on your teachers during class. Write it down during recess, okay? All right. Seven o’clock. Guess what I’m getting you for your birthday. You can look forward to it. You’ll be surprised… okay, Ga-yeong, love you too. Excuse me. Coming through!” — Seong Gi-hun

“I’m sorry. You okay, kid? Goodness. I’m sorry. Wait. One second. Let me just get up. I have money. I really do. That’s because… I wanted to pay you all at once to save you the trouble. Four million. Please take this for now, and I’ll pay the rest next month… I had money on me. Just now, six and eight… six and eight were winners, so I had money. No, please. Please, don’t kill me. I’ll pay you back. I really mean it. I’ll pay up. That’s not it. Yes, I understand. Okay. Well, I need an ink pad. Sorry? Right, yes. Yes, right there. Good. Wait, sir. Well, I’m sorry but… can you lend me 10,000 won?” — Seong Gi-hun

“Excuse me. I’m sorry, could I have that 10,000 won back? Come on! Okay. That’s it. Damn! Fuck! Are you any good? That’s it. Good. Great job! Great work! This? I got bitten by a huge mosquito. Mosquitoes are really mean these days. I’m sorry, sweetie. I wanted to buy you something more delicious. You had steak? I see. Eat up. Right! Ga-yeong, I got you a birthday present. You know, a lot of women join the military too these days. Your future is a world where men and women are equal. You need to get used to these things. It even has a light. Hey, it looks super real, doesn’t it? You think? I guess I’ll have to keep it until you get older. I quit smoking. All right. I’ll be sure to quit smoking. And on your next birthday, I’ll get you a really awesome present. I promise, Ga-yeong. Think of your birthday last year. It came around quickly, right? The next one will come around in a flash too. Yes? What is it? All right. Have some more tteokbokki. Excuse me, we’ll get another 1,000 won’s worth. Mix in a lot of fish cake.” — Seong Gi-hun

“She got sleepy, so I had to carry her. We’re only ten minutes late. That’s enough. It’s her birthday. There, there. I’ll carry her to the elevator. Jeez. Seriously. Go on in. Hold up! Wait a sec… I don’t believe in Jesus. I come from a Buddhist household, so stop bothering me and get lost. What are you? Here to sell me something? You people have all sorts of sales tricks these days. I can see how unfortunate your situation is, but I have no time to… wait, so if I flip your ddakji over, you’ll give me 100,000 won? I’m in a really foul mood today. If this is some kind of scam, I’m going to kill you today. I’m really going to go first. Money… my body? What the hell? One more round. One more round! I won! See that? Did you see that? I won! Come here. Get your face over here. Let go of this, you jerk. Right. I get 100,000 won. Hey, man. This is some new sort of pyramid scheme, right? But you got the wrong man. I’m not that naive. Who are you? How dare you run a background check on me? All right. Whatever.” — Seong Gi-hun

“♪ Thirsty in the middle of the night I open the fridge ♪ no. I haven’t had a single drink, but I feel tipsy. I made money today. That’s why! I didn’t gamble. I earned this money fair and square. Come on. Forget it. What’s Sang-woo up to these days? His jog going okay? Tell him to call me when he comes home. You remember, right? He got into Seoul National University all thanks to me. I used to take him to school when we were kids. He got into college and got a job because of me, but he’s never bought me a drink. ♪ Thirsty in the middle of the night I open the fridge ♪ A salted mackerel In the corner of the room ♪ Are you hungry? Are you? Here. Have this. Don’t leave any leftovers, okay? I got slapped to earn the money for that ♪ I am quite the fool ♪ Just looking at my mom pleases me ♪” — Seong Gi-hun

“Here, some money for you. Take it. I didn’t. I didn’t gamble or steal. I worked my hands, face, and body off to earn this money. Jeez. I bought her dinner and a birthday present before I came home. Tell me what? The US? Yes. I see. How am I supposed to do that? That was settled when we signed the divorce papers.” — Seong Gi-hun

“Hello. I’m… the guy who got your business card this afternoon. Gosh. Red light, green light. I guess everyone is… tired. How long will it take to get to the gaming place?” — Seong Gi-hun

“What? Sir. What are you doing? You’re counting how many people are here? And then… what? Sir, look over there. There are 456 people here. Wait, you were the first to get here. And I’m… what? What were you thinking coming here when you’re old enough to worry about dementia? You should be eating meals your daughter-in-law makes for you, and lying down on the warm floor enjoying your cute grandchildren. A lump? Come here. That scar on your neck. Yes, it’s you, the pickpocket! Give me my money back. Where’s my money? Give it back! Who are you? Me? Well… I’m Seong Gi-hun from Ssangmun-dong. Yes? I’m sorry, but I also have some urgent business with this lady over here. My god. Then how do you know her? You’re obviously a thug preying on girls like her. Your face says it all. Did you tell her to steal my money? Wait! This thug is trying to kill me! Someone get over here! We need help! There they are. Over here! We got a thug and a pickpocket. A thug and a pickpocket.” — Seong Gi-hun

Oh Il-nam, Squid Game, Netflix, Siren Pictures, Oh Yeong-su

Oh Il-nam

“Fifty, fifty-two… fifty-five, fifty-six… don’t talk to me. You’re distracting me. Fifty… what was it? Yes, so stop talking to me. Wait. I know that too. I’m just counting the numbers. My doctor said counting the numbers is good for preventing dementia. What about your parents? Are they enjoying freshly-cooked meals from their daughter-in-law? You see, my days are numbered. My doctor said there’s a lump in my head. A brain tumor.”

Jang Deok-su, Squid Game, Netflix, Siren Pictures, Heo Sung-tae


“You bitch! Hey! Geez. Didn’t think I’d run into you here. Look at those eyes. Your temper hasn’t changed. Then again, you’re not the type to wuss out just from a couple blows. I fed you, put a roof over your head, even taught you my skills, and you stab me in the back? If you’re so confident, why did you run away? What? Independent? You think you’re Yu Gwan-sun or something? Go out and wave the national flag, then. Oh, right. You’re from the North, so wave the North Korean flag. Who the hell are you? Hey, Mr. Ssangmun-dong. It wasn’t done with this bitch. You bastard. How do you know this bitch? You son of a bitch.”

Kang Sae-byok, Squid Game, Netflix, Siren Pictures, Jung Hoyeon

Kang Sae-byeok

“You already took more than what I owe you. I didn’t run away. I just went independent.”

Front Man

“I would like to extend a hearty welcome to all of you. Everyone here will participate in six different games over six days. Those who win all six games will receive a handsome cash prize.”

Seong’s daughter

“Dad, you can get into fights all you want, but just don’t get beaten up. It’s okay. I went to a steakhouse with mom and my stepdad. But I think tteokbokki is way better. Mom thinks this is junk food and doesn’t let me have it. I think you’ll get in trouble again when mom sees this. Don’t use it to smoke though. Next year? Dad? Never mind. Mom. Mom…”

Seong’s Ex-wife

“Why did you bring her back so late? She’s not wearing enough layers. I said I’d drive to pick her up. Ga-yeong, come down. It’ll become a bad habit. Get off. Ga-yeong, come down. Wake up. Let’s go. Bye, dad.”

The Salesman

“Sir. Do you have a minute? It’s not that. I’d like to offer you a great opportunity– sir. Would you like to play a game with me? Sir, you’ve played ddakji before, haven’t you? Play ddakji with me. Each time you win, I will give you 100,000 won. However, each time I win, you must give me 100,000 won. I’ll let you go first. Which color do you want? Do you not have any money? Then you can pay with your body. I’ll shave off 100,000 won per slap. Here’s your 100,000 won. Congratulations. Sir. You can make big money playing games like this for a few days. Would you like to give it a try? Mr. Seong Gi-hun. You signed a waiver giving up your physical rights today, yes? Name, Seong Gi-hun. 47 years old. Highest level of education, Daehan Technical High School. Former employee of Dragon Motors, Assembly Team One. Resigned ten years ago during restructuring. Opened a chicken restaurant and a snack bar, both failed. Currently working as a chauffeur. Has a ten-year-old girl with an ex-wife, divorced three years ago. As of now, you owe 160 million won to loan sharks and 255 million won to the bank. We don’t have many spots left. Give me a call.”

Seong Gi-hun’s mom

“Do you remember that it’s Ga-yeong’s birthday today? Don’t forget and go buy her dinner later. Ga-yeong loves fried chicken, you know. Go buy her some fried chicken. I don’t have any money. Goodness, that petty change? Hey, that doesn’t even cover your monthly loan interest. Goodness. Make sure you the dishes in the water. Today. My daughter’s birthday. Man, that old woman cares more about her granddaughter than me. Jeez.”

“Goodness. Did you gamble again? Then, what happened to your face? Why aren’t you answering? Wait, did you steal this from someone? Did you buy fried chicken for Ga-yeong? Did she tell you anything? Ga-yeong, her mother, and her stepdad are all moving to the US next year. Her stepdad got a new job in the US, so the entire family is moving there. How can you shove anything down your throat right now? You need your get your daughter back. There’s a young man upstairs who studied law or something. He says if the father can financially support the child, he can take the child back. Once she moves o the US, she’ll forget all her Korean, and you two will never understand each other. You’ll become a complete stranger to her. Are you sure you can live without seeing her?”

Seong Gi-hun’s friend

“She changed the pin. Your mom finally cut you off. Try her birthday or something. Of course you don’t know your mom’s birthday. You ungrateful bastard! Try the lunar date then. Hey. Watch it. One more miss and you’ll get blocked. Think hard. Got anything else? What was it? What did you use?”

“Whip it! Whip! Whip! Whip! You said number nine was a surefire winner! What about me? Wait for me, buddy! What?”


“Did you have a drink today? Gi-hun, do you still gamble? Then what’s with your face? You’re getting into fights now? He’s always busy. He’s abroad right now on a business trip. Stop talking nonsense. Take this and go home. Don’t go to a bar. Go straight home. Here. Keep the change. That’s worth 12,000 won, you rascal.”

Kang Sae-byeok

ATM machine

“Checking– please select the amount you would like to withdraw.”

Horse Racing

“No. 9 Triple Line is in second. No. 6 Dry Thunder is in third. No. 3 Jack Prince is coming in fourth… widening the gap with the lead. Passing through the straight course, into that turn, No. 3 Jack Prince is accelerating and catching up to No. 9 Triple Line. No. 4 Hwarang is not giving up his place. No. 4 Hwarang crosses the finish line.”

“Bets for the tenth race are about to close. I repeat. Bets for the tenth race are about to close. No. 9 Baekil Legend is placed right in the middle. No. 6 Thunderflash is quickly catching up to the frontrunners. But the gap is still wide. They’re heading into the curve again. No. 7 Golden Bullet and No. 8 Mad Dash. They’re going full speed. But, wait! Wrapping around the outside… it’s no. 6 Thunderflash! And he continues to gain ground! The gap is closing! And he’s not stopping there. He’s taken the lead! No. 6 Thunderflash brings it home! Where did six come from?”

Horse Racing Patron

“Hurry up, will you? Hey. What are you–“

Horse Racing Teller

“Here’s 4,560,000 won.”

Loan Shark

“Hey, Gi-hun! Hey!”

Loan Shark 2

“Long time no see! Hey, get him! Grab him! Hey! Stop right there!”

Arcade Kid

“Mister, poking around at random won’t get you anything.”

Squid Game Rep

“Do you wish to participate in the game? If you wish to participate, please state your name and birthdate.”

“Mr. Seong Gi-hun? The password?”

Loan Shark 3

“You do? Then why did you run? Goodness, what a trooper. So? How much do you have? Let me see. Come on, let me see. Goodness. That’s sweet. you must have spent my money on some good food. Hey. Do you know why it’s so easy to get nosebleeds? Because there are a lot of capillary vessels in there. Your blood tasted good. Maybe I’ll fill up a bowl and cook up some blood soup tonight. Man, you punk. Don’t cry. You’re making me feel bad. You just had to know I’m a softie. Hey. Now, wipe off your tears and stamp your fingerprint. If you don’t pay up by next month, I’m taking one of your kidneys here and one of these eyes here instead. You don’t like it? Here. There it is. All-natural ink. Great job. You have a month. Take care of yourself. Seriously, you little…”

Squid Game, Netflix, Siren Pictures


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