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El Diablo

FX Networks original drama Mayans M.C. drops its 3rd episode this Tuesday.

#MayansFX season 2 has not been confirmed.

rottentomatoes: 68%

metacritic: 57

imdb: 8.0

Mayans M.C., FX Networks, FX, Sutter Ink, Fox 21 Television Studios, FX Productions, 20th Television

Mayans M.C., FX Networks, FX, Sutter Ink, Fox 21 Television Studios, FX Productions, 20th Television

Ezekiel Reyes, Mayans M.C., FX Networks, FX, Sutter Ink, Fox 21 Television Studios, FX Productions, 20th Television, JD PardoEzekiel Reyes ‘EZ’

Zeke Reyes is a confidential informant for the DEA prospecting the Mayans Motorcycle Club after striking a parole plea-deal to help build a case against the Galindo cartel organized crime syndicate.

Ezekiel Reyes, Mayans M.C., FX Networks, FX, Sutter Ink, Fox 21 Television Studios, FX Productions, 20th Television, JD Pardo

“Eyes front, Miss Thomas.  I had a break before finals.  A few more weeks, baby.” — Ezekiel Reyes

“Did you finish ‘Vispera del Gozo?’  Gracias, pop.  Yeah.  I’ll help you close up.  Don’t worry about it, pop.  Dresses?  Yeah.  Whatever the club needs.  No.  Not really.  Has he with you?” — Ezekiel Reyes

“Shit.  I got you, brother.  Fuck.  Come on.  Fuck.” — Ezekiel Reyes

“The guy holding Gilly was dark skinned.  Ink on his arm.  It looked like, uh… tribal letters.  B-T-T.  Padrino.  Godfather.” — Ezekiel Reyes

“This– right there.  He doesn’t understand.” — Ezekiel Reyes

“Leave him.  He’s with me.  Come here.  You okay?  De nada.  Where’s Gilly headed?” — Ezekiel Reyes

“I know.  I’m sorry.  I’m looking at 20 years, Em.  My life is done.  Seeing you is… seeing you is trying to hold on to some kind of future.  It’s bullshit.  Hope is cruel.  Oh, my God.  Wait.  Emily!  Emily!  Emily, wait!  Emily!  Emily!  Emily!  Emily!  Emily, wait!  Emily!  Emily!” — Ezekiel Reyes

“The new Prospect.  EZ.  Yes, sir.” — Ezekiel Reyes

“Behind you!  Los Olvidados.  Whoa, what’s this?  Really?  Hey, pop.  Yeah.  You okay?  Yeah, all right.  I just… gotta wrap some shit up.” — Ezekiel Reyes

“What’s this?  Thought we never meet face to face.  We got jacked.  Club’s still trying to figure it out.  Base Town tribe did the heist.  We tracked down the shotcaller.  The rebels hired them.  Los Olvidados.  Hell, no.  I’m not at the table.  Hey, you point that level of concern at my old man.  He’s the one carrying the weight of this.  And no more secret meat locker chats.  What the fuck does that mean?  My deal doesn’t change.  Fuck you.  What I signed up for was feeding you intel on Galindo.  Only Galindo.  My brother, the M.C.– nothing touches them.  And there’s only one plan, cuz.  The day the DEA has enough to move on that cartel is the day that I walk away.  From you, the M.C., this town, all of it.  I get my fucking life back.  It’s okay, pop.  We’re done.  I’m sorry we got you into this.  I gotta go.  Love you, pop.” — Ezekiel Reyes

“What’s in the pack, brother?  Jesus.  You want me to grab the body?  Holy shit.  EZ.  Ezekiel.” — Ezekiel Reyes

“You set up the heist with the rebels?  Jesus Christ, what the fuck are you doing Angel?  You’re the traitor.  How long you been sitting on this?  I’m here, man.  I love you, too.  I’m all in.” — Ezekiel Reyes

Obispo Losa, Mayans M.C., FX Networks, FX, Sutter Ink, Fox 21 Television Studios, FX Productions, 20th Television, Michael IrbyObispo Losa ‘Bishop’

“Hola.  Shit.  God bless the AMA.  I gotta add a body to this run.  We finished fitting out the prospect?  Angel.  Where’s your prospect?  Need him on this Vegas run.  Think he’s ready?  Good.” — Obispo Losa

“Madre de Dios… do you know whose shit you’re jacking here, Mr. Spooky?  The Galindo Cartel.  They will hunt you down.  Chop off your fucking heads and give ’em to your kids for Christmas.” — Obispo Losa

“Don’t know.  They were pros.  No one in my club.  B-T-T.  Base Town Tribe.  Samoan gang out of San Bernadino.  Didn’t some of them do time killing Haji?  We’re not your muscle.  Your mercs can track down the Samoan.  Running protection for other buyers is never our deal.  Told Alvarez we’d cover you till you had the manpower north of the fence.  The only fucking reason we’re doing it is to help you out.  You don’t speak unless we tell you to.  I don’t give a shit what you remember.  Educate your prospect.” — Obispo Losa

“Padrino.  Where’s Gilly?  We risk a serious conflict in Berdoo because the prospect thinks he saw some ink.  Eh, real or not, delivering the Samoan to Galindo gives him someone to hurt.  The cartel will never lay hands on a Maya.  I’m aware.  Or lambs to the slaughter.  Can you give Packer a call?  Have San Dino back us up?” — Obispo Losa

“Yeah, come on Afa.  You stole from the cartel.  There’s no out.  If we leave, Galindo sends his Mexican mercs.  Now give us back what you took.  Tell Galindo who hired you, we stop the bodies from dropping.  Yeah, okay.  Shit!  God damn it, Coco!  We need Afa alive!  We’re gonna lose Afa in Base Town!  Gun.  I appreciate the help, brother.  Los Olvidados.” — Obispo Losa

“Take your prospect.  Little brother has seen a lot the last 48.  Held his own.  Make sure he can follow through.” — Obispo Losa

“Not quite sure what track that is, carnal.  We set up this charter to run and protect our heroin.  Be the cartel’s ally on the border.  It was smart.  Made us a lot of money.  But you felt the tension here today, no?  Money’s hooked us through the fucking gills.  Start on our side.  From the canal to meth mountain.  Turn over every pop yard, squat house, and cum dump.  Yeah.  Reach out to Louie first thing in the morning.  Get ’em scared.  Get ’em talking.  Let’s see if anyone knows this rebel bitch.” — Obispo Losa

“Sometimes the Mayan gods deliver gifts to their faithful warriors.” — Obispo Losa

Michael Ariza, Mayans M.C., FX Networks, FX, Sutter Ink, Fox 21 Television Studios, FX Productions, 20th Television, Antonio JaramilloMichael Ariza ‘Riz’

“One.  Four… 99.  90.  98. 92.” — Michael ARiza

“What the fuck is this guy doing?  What is that?  Shit!  Shit!  Agh!  Blow out the window, can’t see shit– shit!  You okay?  I’m all right.” — Michael ARiza

“Hey, guys.  It’s going down.  Hey, Bishop!  Reaper has landed.” — Michael ARiza

Che Romero, Mayans M.C., FX Networks, FX, Sutter Ink, Fox 21 Television Studios, FX Productions, 20th Television, Raoul Max TrujilloChe Romero ‘Taza’

“4-9-2-4.  Yep.  Up almost 60%” — Che Romero

“Tribe moves a little weed and pussy but… jumping us for chiva makes no sense.  They gotta be hired guns.  Take Creeper to the dock.  Hurry back.  El Padrino’s on his way.” — Che Romero

“Your brother.  Is that memory shit for real?  What happens if we can’t track down the Samoan?  Little Samoa’s on the east side.  Tribe runs Base Line to 9th.  It’s a DMZ.  PD only show up to count bodies.  They HQ from the old Núñez Cemetery.” — Che Romero

“They’ll gun down every Samoan in Base Town.  You want that blood on your hands?  Twelve on seven.” — Che Romero

“From tagging walls to jacking weight?  That’s a step up.” — Che Romero

“Sorry to interrupt, gentlemen.  We reached out to our mordelón inside Antidrogas.  These fucking rebels have done more damage to Galindo in the last six months, than the Federalis in the last six years.  Sabotaged two communications towers, hacked in databases, bank accounts just last week raided a weapons depot outside Hermosillo.  Walked off with a fucking arsenal.  That’s why Mr. Yellow Raincoat got so wound up by Afa’s intel.  Los Olvidados have become a real pebble in his baby seal-skinned loafers.  We should take it to the dealers.  Dogwood Crew would be the first to see any change on the street.” — Che Romero

Hank Loza, Mayans M.C., FX Networks, FX, Sutter Ink, Fox 21 Television Studios, FX Productions, 20th Television, Frankie LoyalHank Loza ‘El Tranq’

“Yeah.  It all checks out.  Cop ended up being dirty.  The DA shaved off six years.  Did his probie time in Hollister.  No red flags.  I like the kid.  He’s smart.” — Hank Loza

“Padrino.  Come on in.  El hermano menor.  Soon as we exit the 10, street’s gonna light up.  Samoan’s will know we’re coming.  At best it’s unfriendly.” — Hank Loza

“We’ll stir shit up.” — Hank Loza

Angel Reyes, Mayans M.C., FX Networks, FX, Sutter Ink, Fox 21 Television Studios, FX Productions, 20th Television, Clayton CardenasAngel Reyes ‘Angel’

“He went to see our old man.  Protection?  Yeah.” — Angel Reyes

“Time to go, Prospect.  I got him, pop.  Getting called up, carnal.  Need you on this Vegas run.  You good with that?  Yo, he ever talk to you?  About mom or any of that?  Baseball.  That’s the only thing we ever talk about.  For eight years, not a word about that day.” — Angel Reyes

“He remembers shit.  Had guns at our heads.  Who knows what the hell he saw?  Okay.  Alvarez.” — Angel Reyes

“Both his shoulders.  One dislocated and another shot.  He also wants a sex change, doctor.  Jesus.  Always gotta make it weird, don’t you.” — Angel Reyes

“Stay close.  Won’t be long.  Hey.  Ready to go home, Boy Scout?  Looks like north.  Padrino.  Good to see you, brother.  Stayed on the other side.  Sticking around till Creeper’s out of the woods.” — Angel Reyes

“Been that way since he was a kid.  We got ourselves in deep, brother.  What’s our pushback?  Galindo thinks he fucking owns us.” — Angel Reyes

“Keep on ’em.  Streets know we were in Base Town.  We gotta dump him on the other side.  Coco and Gilly can handle it.  Yeah, the Forgotten Ones.  Orphans by the hand of the cartel.  A band of kids of the slaughtered.  Help him out.  Cellophane.  Wrap him up.” — Angel Reyes

“My brother.  He’s fucking smart, man.  He already knows we’re working something else.  He can help.  I can’t keep lying to him.  It feels wrong.  If he bends, that’s on me.  It’s your call.  Take a vote.  We’re gonna need the truck to haul him out.  Just come with us.  It’s ok.  He’s my brother.  …my blood.  All 12 keys.  Galindo figured out it was the Samoans.  Got them to talk.  He knows it was Los Olvidados.  I’m sorry.  It just unraveled.  We couldn’t shut it down.  Adelita.  You have kids here.” — Angel Reyes

“Los Olvidados, the other vigilante groups, they’re changing the game.  Going ISIS on the cartels.  Galindo will bend or break.  If the Mayans want a future, we gotta be in front of that change.  And Adelita’s the only way to do that.  Am I?  Galindo will keep throwing us to the lions.  Alvarez won’t push back because of a promise he made to Galindo’s old man.  Bishop won’t betray Alvarez.  That shit is gonna bury us.  I’m doing for the M.C. what it can’t do for itself.  Too long.  Sorry, man.  I’m in deep, little brother.  Coco and Gilly, they see where it’s going.  But it’s on me.  The play is mine.  I wasn’t gonna bring you into this.  Not yet.  But I can’t hide shit from you, EZ.  I never could.  After what went down today, I realized that I need you.  La sangre es la sangre.  You’re the only one I can really trust.  I know you are.  But I can’t ask you to do this unless I know you really want it.  The club, the life, all of it.  All in.  ‘Cause if you have any doubt, I need you to walk away.  I love you, Ezekiel.” — Angel Reyes

Marcus Alvarez, Mayans M.C., FX Networks, FX, Sutter Ink, Fox 21 Television Studios, FX Productions, 20th Television, Emilio RiveraMarcus Alvarez ‘El Padrino’

“What’s up?  It’s good to see you.  Primo.  Angel.  Hola el Coco.  Gas it up and detail it.  I don’t want to see a speck of dust, huh?  And my guys too.  Brothers… how do we move on Base Town?  Done.” — Marcus Alvarez

“Thank you.  I felt the same about him.  Yes.” — Marcus Alvarez

“We hit a bump in the road, primo.  We’ll get back on track.  Galindo, the old man, it was different with him.  He understood the pride of men.  His son does not.” — Marcus Alvarez

Miguel Galindo, Mayans M.C., FX Networks, FX, Sutter Ink, Fox 21 Television Studios, FX Productions, 20th Television, Danny PinoMiguel Galindo

“So who was it?  Well.  At least we didn’t lose 2.4 million in product to a bunch of amateurs.  We change route… vehicle… time and day… every run is different.  So… they came out of somewhere, and someone gave them details.  Implying I’m the one foolish enough… to employ a traitor?  Hmm.  The prospect.  Yes.  But for whom?  Bring me the shotcaller.  We’ll get the truth.  But your job was to protect my shipment.  You failed to do that.  Now the Chinese are out 12 keys.  No.  The only fucking reason you’re doing it is because I pay you a lot of money.  Now you and your club are responsible for the loss.  That’s the way it works, El Presidente.  The rules of business.  so.  If there’s not a forthright Samoan in my church pew by end of day tomorrow, I’m afraid it will have to be a Mayan in his place.” — Miguel Galindo

“You ever meet her?  Where?  Found this in your jeep.  Payment?  Was she American?  How’d she know about the shipment?  Mm.  I believe you, Afa.  I do.  I know you’re too smart to knowingly steal from me, but… you did.  Now you owe me.  You understand that, yes?  So.  What I need from you… is the identity of this woman.  And where it is I might find her.  I worry about you, my friend.  Your health.  You really need to take better care of yourself.  It’s a very unpleasant way to lose weight.  Is there anything you can remember?  Might save you from… dropping another 40.  Diablo.  Muerto El Diablo, resucita México?  Kill the devil, resurrect Mexico.  It was the rebels.  Now they’re on my border.  Marcus.  Good to see you again.  My father would be pleased that you and I have become friends.  He held you in high regard.  With a deep sense of respect.  I trust I can count on your help.  Very good.  Find the girl.  Find my dresses.  We need to extract these indigenous ticks.  Expose the traitor in our midst.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m running late.  Dinner with my family.”” — Miguel Galindo

“Sorry I’m late.  Yeah, I see that… …my little chubster prince, how are you?  Did you and mama have a good day?  You don’t say.  Gracias.  Maria, por favor.  Gracias.  Such a lucky papa.”” — Miguel Galindo

“Just a few bumps in the other world.  Love you.  Love you too.”” — Miguel Galindo

Emily Thomas, Mayans M.C., FX Networks, FX, Sutter Ink, Fox 21 Television Studios, FX Productions, 20th Television, Sarah BolgerEmily Thomas

“Oh, my God.  When did you– I missed you so fucking much.  I know.  I cannot wait to get out of here.” — Emily Thomas

“I drive up here every week.  Well, I don’t know shit.  I would sit here for hours, just waiting.  Until some guard would send me home.  No explanation.  No calls.  You don’t answer me letters.  I thought some– I thought maybe you were hurt.  Well, fuck sorry.  Why wouldn’t you see me?  Are we done?  That’s it?  Three years all bullshit?  You made that decision for both of us.  So then I have to make this one.” — Emily Thomas

“Come on.  Come here.  Someone was too hungry to wait… he picked out a present for his papa.  He insisted that I should buy it.  Yes, you are.” — Emily Thomas

“You’re further away than usual.  Something I should know?” — Emily Thomas

Felipe Reyes, Mayans M.C., FX Networks, FX, Sutter Ink, Fox 21 Television Studios, FX Productions, 20th Television, Edward James OlmosFelipe Reyes

“Here you go, ma’am.  Jiménez.  Jimenez mentored your boy, Pedro Salinas.  Longest fucking short stories I ever read.  His poems are my favorite.  You taking care of yourself?  No.  Don’t worry about it.  I’ll do it.  Think he knows anything?” — Felipe Reyes

“There you go.  I got one piece.  It’s– could be a couple steaks.  You want it?  Be 40 even.  No spine.  Cows.  One thing you never use.  Spinal cord.  Carries too much disease.  So I rip it out.  Don’t ever apologize for needing your family.  Blood is blood.  The only thing that matters.  Te quiero, mi hijo.” — Felipe Reyes

Johnny Cruz, Mayans M.C., FX Networks, FX, Sutter Ink, Fox 21 Television Studios, FX Productions, 20th Television, Richard CabralJohnny Cruz ‘El Coco’

“Turn it up, Creep.  Creeper!  Get him up.  There.” — Johnny Cruz

“Fallujah.  Rival company and crazy as fuck.” — Johnny Cruz

“And the lips… …very pretty… soft… like my mother’s.  Recycle.” — Johnny Cruz

“Shot caller is a guy named Afa.  Big old 6×6 motherfuck.” — Johnny Cruz

“My bad.  My bad.  Keep him fresh.  It’ll taste better.” — Johnny Cruz

“My bad.  I want to bring him in.  He’s nine months shy of a patch, carnal.  I get it.  It’s hard to play family.  I say we trust him till we don’t.” — Johnny Cruz

“He knows you’re at the border.  And they’ll flip over every rock on both sides of the fence.  Should head south.  Just wait out in the mountains.  Start digging, Boy Scout.” — Johnny Cruz

Kevin Jiminez, Mayans M.C., FX Networks, FX, Sutter Ink, Fox 21 Television Studios, FX Productions, 20th Television, Maurice CompteKevin Jimenez

“How’s the flank today?  Sounds good.” — Kevin Jiminez

“What?  This can’t wait.  Need to know what happened out on the 111 yesterday.  By who?  Samoans? Nothing goes down on the street that I don’t hear about.  This only works if I can trust you, EZ.  Samoans give up any names?  But you know El Padrino’s in town.  Did Galindo end up playing the daddy card?  Bring Alvarez down to handle the clusterfuck?  Right.  But you’re moving up.  Lot faster than I imagined.  I hope you’re keeping your head straight.  You don’t get to make that call.  Shit happens.  Players change.  There’s no formula here.  Gotta stay fluid.  You killed a cop.  Your deal was a gift.  And I’m the one that made it happen.  So if I say jump, you say how high.  You know what you signed up for, cuz.   Don’t get cocky.  And don’t go making any big plans.  And who took that life away?  What?” — Kevin Jiminez

Neron Vargas, Mayans M.C., FX Networks, FX, Sutter Ink, Fox 21 Television Studios, FX Productions, 20th Television, Joseph Raymond LuceroNeron Vargas ‘Creeper’

“Yep.  Shit!  Eyes!  Yeah, I’m all right.  Shit.  Agh.  Fuck.  Riz.  Riz!  Okay.” — Neron Vargas

“They ambushed us.  Sir.  Came out of nowhere.  What’s he saying?  Tell him I’m an LA Mexican.  Agh.  What?  What are you guys talking about?  What’s weird?  Huh?  What’s he saying?  Why are they laughing?  What?  When you guys coming back?  Angel.  Guys.  Guys!  Hola.” — Neron Vargas

“Shit.” — Neron Vargas

Afa, Mayans M.C., FX Networks, FX, Sutter Ink, Fox 21 Television Studios, FX Productions, 20th Television, Peter Navy TuiasosopoAfa

“You’re in the wrong hood.  Mayans, you got no business here.  I don’t see tail lights in two minutes, there’ll be Mayan bodies dropping.  Fuck!  Let’s get out of here.” — Afa

“Never in person.  She’d give us a call or a text.  Gave us a drop point.  Indio Quarry.  We used proxies to drop off the drugs, pick up the cash.  Never saw a face.  No names.  She didn’t tell us it was a cartel.  I swear.  No.  Spoke English, but… she was Latina, I think.  Young.  She sounded young.  I don’t know.  I didn’t ask.  I didn’t ask who.  Where.  I didn’t ask.  She said something… something about… helping the Devil… Diablo.  Mexico.  She said it in Spanish.  Sounds like it.” — Afa

Adelita, Mayans M.C., FX Networks, FX, Sutter Ink, Fox 21 Television Studios, FX Productions, 20th Television, Carla BarattaAdelita

“Gracias.  You have to be faster than that…” — Adelita

“You may call me Adelita.  It’s good to meet you, Ezekiel.  Thank you for your help.  Come.  Do you have our package?  Thank you.  We knew that was a risk.  We no longer fear the devil.  The mouse… tell them it’s time.  We’ve all felt the savage hand of the cartel.  We know the terror of watching our families slaughtered.  Or how they vanish.  Now… Miguel Galindo will feel that pain.  He will know that fear.” — Adelita

Gilberto Lopez, Mayans M.C., FX Networks, FX, Sutter Ink, Fox 21 Television Studios, FX Productions, 20th Television, Vincent VargasGilberto Lopez ‘Gilly’

“Let’s go.” – Gilberto Lopez

“Yes he wants it… …very tight.” – Gilberto Lopez

“You see what’s been going down the past couple days.  You down with this?  Bringing in the prospect?” – Gilberto Lopez

Mini, Mayans M.C., FX Networks, FX, Sutter Ink, Fox 21 Television Studios, FX Productions, 20th Television, Melany OchoaMini

“The rabbit says jump.  Not too close.” — Mini

Righteous Zealot

Amazon original spy thriller Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan dropped its first season August 31, 2018.

#JackRyan has been renewed for a second season.

rottentomatoes: 72%

metacritic: 66

imdb: 8.4

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Money Laundering

Netflix original drama Ozark dropped its second season Friday.

#Ozark season 3 has not been confirmed.

rottentomatoes: 68%

metacritic: 66

imdb: 8.3

emmys: 5 nominations

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Sports Finance

HBO original comedy Ballers drops S4E3 tonight.

#Ballers season 5 has not yet been confirmed.

rottentomatoes: 69%

metacritic: 65

imdb: 7.6

emmys: 2 nominations

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Murder Mystery

BBC One original miniseries Ordeal By Innocence was made available on Amazon Prime Video August 9, 2018.

#OrdealByInnocence is based on literature of the same name.

rottentomatoes: 90%

metacritic: 71

imdb: 7.2


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Family Matters

HBO original dramedy Succession concluded its first season last Sunday.

#Succession has been renewed for a second season.

rottentomatoes: 85%

metacritic: 70

imdb: 7.4

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Fallen Angel

Hulu original thriller Castle Rock drops its 5th episode Wednesday.

#CastleRock is based on a variety of Stephen King novels and has been renewed for a second season.

rottentomatoes: 86%

metacritic: 66

imdb: 8.8

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Self Harm

HBO original miniseries Sharp Objects premieres its 4th episode tonight.

#SharpObjects is based on literature of the same name.

rottentomatoes: 93%

metacritic: 77

imdb: 8.3


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Patriarchal Society

Hulu original period drama Harlots drops S2E4 Wednesday.

#Harlots season 3 has not been confirmed.

rottentomatoes: 97%

metacritic: 74

imdb: 7.6

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Work Place

NBCUniversal original comedy The Office concluded its 9th season May 16, 2013.

#TheOffice reboot is reportedly being spitballed.

rottentomatoes: 76%

metacritic: 62

imdb: 8.8

emmys: 5 wins 42 nominations

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