American Gangster, Max, Universal Pictures, Imagine Entertainment, Relativity Media, Scott Free Productions, WR Universal Group

American Gangster

American Gangster, Max, Universal Pictures, Imagine Entertainment, Relativity Media, Scott Free Productions, WR Universal Group

Max original film American Gangster was released November 2nd, 2007.

American Gangster, Max, Universal Pictures, Imagine Entertainment, Relativity Media, Scott Free Productions, WR Universal Group
American Gangster, Max, Universal Pictures, Imagine Entertainment, Relativity Media, Scott Free Productions, WR Universal Group
American Gangster, Max, Universal Pictures, Imagine Entertainment, Relativity Media, Scott Free Productions, WR Universal Group

#AmericanGangster made $269.7M at the international box office / is based on a true story.

rottentomatoes: 81%

metacritic: 76

imdb: 7.8

oscars: 2 nominations

golden globes: 3 nominations

SAG awards: 1 win

Frank Lucas, American Gangster, Max, Universal Pictures, Imagine Entertainment, Relativity Media, Scott Free Productions, WR Universal Group, Denzel Washington
Frank Lucas, American Gangster, Max, Universal Pictures, Imagine Entertainment, Relativity Media, Scott Free Productions, WR Universal Group, Denzel Washington

Frank Lucas

Frank Lucas is a drug kingpin based out of Harlem, New York.

Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama

1 nomination: 2008

“You all right? Hey! Hey, anybody here? Call an ambulance. Call the ambulance!” — Frank Lucas

“Come on. Come on. I’m all right. Yeah. I appreciate that. You know, half the people in this room owed Bumpy money when he died. They think I’m gonna forget to collect, but I’m gonna get that money.” — Frank Lucas

“Those fuckin’ crooks. It’s chaos, every gorilla for hisself. How y’all doin’, all right? So, you seen Nate over there? Yeah. He’s still over there? Okay. Whereabouts, Saigon, or…? Bangkok? Come on.” — Frank Lucas

“20%. 20% is my profit, Tango. If I give you that, what do I got left? Nothin’, right? 20% puts me out of business, and every somebody you know out of business. There’s legitimate ways of doing things, Tango, and then there’s this way. Not even Bumpy took 20%. My man. 20%? 20%. Doc! Let’s go.” — Frank Lucas

“Yeah, international. Bangkok. Yeah, 376. All right, I got it, I got it. Hello? Nate. Yeah, it’s me. Me, Frank, your cousin, negro. Go on, get yourself a new suit.” — Frank Lucas

“Tell him I want 100 keys. Buh-buh-buh-buh-buh. I don’t want that. I understand that, but by then it’s gonna be too late. It’ll be already chopped up. I wanna go get it where they’re gonna get it from. I wanna go to the source. Why not? Huh? I came this far. I’m in the jungle. Look around. They’re eatin’ these roaches and whatever that is. We goin’. We goin’. Let’s go.” — Frank Lucas

“You ain’t got to worry about that. You ain’t got to worry about that, either. Frank Lucas. Says it right there in my passport. Me. That’s right. Then there’ll be more, much more. I guarantee it. And if it’s all the same to you, I don’t wanna have to drag my ass up here no more. My man. Soul brother, huh?” — Frank Lucas

“Give ’em 100. Give ’em 100. Give ’em the whole thing. Here. And, look… that’s all I got, so if that dope don’t arrive for any reason… hey, listen, cousin or no cousin, I’m a busy man, all right? I got no time to be goin’ to nobody’s funeral. My man.” — Frank Lucas

“How we lookin’? Take it with you.” — Frank Lucas

“I’ll take it. No contingencies, no loan, no nothin’– cash.” — Frank Lucas

“Huey, what up, boy? Who you think it is, boy? Frank. Frank your brother, negro. That’s right. Listen, I’mma call y’all back at 6:00. I want you to get everybody together, all right? Get momma, get everybody, all right? I wonder what the poor people are doing. That is your house, mamma. That’s yours. There, see, right over there.” — Frank Lucas

“I hope you got a job, boy, the way you eatin’ over here. Oh, yeah? Well, let’s see after dinner. Let’s see him throw it around a little bit. Can you catch him? This is your room. I had it made. From memory. That’s right. How could I forget, momma? I love you, too, mama. It’s okay.” — Frank Lucas

“Man I worked for had one of the biggest companies in New York City. He ran it for more than 50 years. 15 years, eight months and nine days, I was with him every day. I worked for him, I protected him, I looked after him, I learned from him. Bumpy was rich, but he wasn’t white-man rich, see? He wasn’t wealthy. He didn’t own his own company. He thought he did, but he didn’t– he just managed it. White man owned it, so they owned him. Nobody owns me, though. How you doin’, baby? That’s ’cause I own my own company, and my company sells a product that’s better than the competition, at a price that’s lower than the competition. How you doin’, Red? These are my brothers, just got here from North Carolina. Everybody, this is red top. And the ladies.” — Frank Lucas

“All right. Most important thing in business is honesty, integrity, hard work… family… never forgetting where we came from. Thank you, Charlene. See, you are what you are in this world, and that’s either one of two things… either you’re somebody… or you’re nobody. Be right back. Tango. Where’s my money? Red Top gave you the package, you’re supposed to be handing me my money. Here’s a jar right here. 20%. That’s right. There you go. 20%. So, what was I saying?” — Frank Lucas

“Everything is good?” — Frank Lucas

Richie Roberts, American Gangster, Max, Universal Pictures, Imagine Entertainment, Relativity Media, Scott Free Productions, WR Universal Group, Russell Crowe

Det. Richie Roberts

“I hate hearin’ my name called, you know? Means I gotta get up in front of the class, I gotta turn around, and I know every one of those people there, they know more than I do. Number one fear of people, it ain’t dyin’, it’s public speaking. I get physically ill. I wanna throw up. No, I don’t wanna be like that. I wanna beat it. No, he’ll take it from me. I’ve known him since high school. Good morning. Throw it in? All right. All right. Right? Aah! You’re supposed… to be… my friend… asshole! You bit my fuckin’ hand. Hey, fuck you. Assault on a police officer? I don’t think so. What do you get for assault with a deadly weapon, Jay? Five years.”

“All right, Carlo, get lost. Yeah, right here. Get out of the car. Come on. Let’s go. Well, let’s see who comes for the car. You called in the warants, right? So where are they? I saw him with the slips, Jay. Yes, I do, and so do you. Don’t give me that bull. I got night school, all right? Fuck this. Come on. Yeah, I’m sure. Let’s go. Fuck. Jay.”

“It’s not just a couple of bucks, all right? Yeah, well, then we’re fucked both ways. $987,000.”

“Look, I’m sorry. It couldn’t be avoided. I will take him next weekend, all right? What? Where? Your sister’s? In Vegas? You are not moving to Las Vegas. Not with Michael, anyway. Hey, guys, be cool. Laurie, Las Vegas is not the kind of place that you raise a kid. When am I supposed to see my boy? Hey, I asked you nice to shut up, right? Now I’m going to have to kill you. I swear, I will pull out my gun and put a bullet in your fuckin’ head! Now stop what you’re doin’, and pick up the glass! You sure? Hey, kiddo. See you next week, all right? We’ll do something. Hmm.”

“Yeah. Where are you, Jay? Dispatch, I got a 10-13. I got a 10-13. Tower two… apartment 1-g, Kent and West, in the projects. Detective Richie Roberts. Bullshit. Please put the call out again. I’m gonna need assistance. Fuck you. Hey, hey, be cool. Be cool, all right? I’ll find out what’s goin’ on in here. Bandage his neck. I know he’s fuckin’ dead, right? Bandage his neck, clean up his head, prop him up on the gurney so he’s sittin’, and open his fuckin’ eyes. All right? Let’s go. Hey. Give me your gun. Give me your gun. You have your badge? Uh-huh. Okay, just keep movin’ forward. You all right? It’s okay, it’s okay. Taking him back to the hospital. We’re gonna get him back to the hospital. It’s all right, it’s all right. Step back, step back.”

“What the fuck were you doin’ in the projects? That guy didn’t pull a gun on a cop, Jay. That guy pulled a gun on a junkie. The junkie was trying to rob him. The fuck is that? What the fuck is that?! You murdered a guy! You murdered him, you robbed his money, then you called me to get you out of it. That makes me an accessory after the fact, motherfucker. I can’t do that. I can’t do that. Hey! Stop! Oh, motherfucker.”

“You’re talkin’ about taking money? I don’t do that. It’s not my thing. Yeah. Play baseball on the weekends. Guys I went to high school with, so what? What about him? Yeah, he’s one of them. Yeah. You know, there’s an interview room on the second floor. The door only locks from the inside.”

“Yeah. Richie Roberts. Hey, Richie Roberts. Hey, Norm. How are ya? Yeah. There something I gotta sign? I’m takin’ this with me. I want to register it with Essex county. All right.”

“You know why I don’t have it. If it’s federal, who do I answer to, the post office?”

“Where are they? Uh… this is the newly-formed Essex county narcotics squad. Our mandate is to make major arrests, no street guys. We’re looking for the suppliers and the distributors. Heroin, cocaine, amphetamines, no grass under 1,000 pounds, no powder under 40 kilograms. Any less than that, then somebody else can waste their time. We’re gonna be handling the big shipments, the big money, and the big temptation. Yeah, I did. Anybody got a problem with that? So do I, you know? I think about it everyday. I should be down in south Florida with a 68-foot cruiser doin’ fishing charters. But, you know, I didn’t, so here I am, and, uh… we’ll be looking to land some other kind of sharks.”

“All right? Hmm. Yeah. So how is that possible? Who can afford to sell shit twice as good for half as much?”

Tango, American Gangster, Max, Universal Pictures, Imagine Entertainment, Relativity Media, Scott Free Productions, WR Universal Group, Idris Elba


I would have thought that Bumpy would have put out a better spread than that. You want somethin’? I want chicken wings at my funeral, know what I mean? Hmm. I don’t have no lighter. You know what I’m sayin’? Umm… oh. Hmm. Okay. That is very good. Hey, Frank… go get me a light while you’re at it. Appreciate it.”

“What, you ain’t seen the jar, Frank? Hmm? I think you walked right past it. The money jar, Frank. What I gotta do, put a fuckin’ sign on it? Hmm? Look at this ***** right here. You know, Frank, Bumpy don’t own one-sixteenth no more. Bumpy don’t own no real estate in Harlem right now. I’m the landlord, and the lease is 20%. Well, look, don’t sell dope then, Frank. Get a real job. You need a fuckin’ job, Frank? Hmm? Is that what you need? Well, you can work for me. Okay? You can drive me around, huh? You can open my doors, huh? ‘Yes, sir, no, sir, right away, sir. Anything you want, massa Johnson.’ Bumpy’s fuckin’ dead.”

“Mm. I need these fresh. If I have to come back here, you know what it is. We ain’t goin’ play that. What about you, Frank, you need anything? Oh, you got the jar? Get the fuck out of here Fra– oh. What you goin’ do? What the fuck you goin’ do, Frank? Huh? What you doin’? You goin’ shoot me? In front of everybody? Huh? Come on.”


“Sawatdee khrab. Soul brothers. Hey, can I help you? Do I know you? Who?”

“He said ‘a lot.’ Yes… he is. He’s my ex-wife’s cousin. How much you want, Frank? Frank, ain’t nobody I know can get you that much personally, all right? You’re gonna have to piece it together from several sources, and it’s not gonna be 100% pure. I know what you don’t want, Frank, but, look, what you gonna need is get to the chiu-chou syndicate, all right? Cholon. Saigon. If they’re gonna deal with you at all. So you’re gonna get it yourself? You gonna go into the motherfuckin’ jungle? *****, I’m talkin’ ’bout snakes, a’ight? I’m talkin’ ’bout tigers. I’m talkin’ ’bout Vietcong. I’m talkin’ ’bout mosquitoes that’ll fuckin’ kill yo’ ass. You wanna go into the jungle? Fuck it, let’s go. Why not?”

“Hey, Frank. This whole spot’s locked down by the Kuomintang, General Chiang Kai-Shek’s defeated army.”

“50 grand. It’s gonna cover them and the pilot and the boys on the other end. 50 gonna cover it, Frank. I’ll let you know when it’s in the air.”

Laurie Roberts

“Oh, please, Richie. We’re moving. The Saint Regis. What do you care? My sister’s. Yeah. What am I supposed to do with him? Leave him with you? There’s a picture. Oh, like this is a good environment? And around your friends? This weekend, last weekend. You don’t have a gun. You are crazy, Richie. You don’t have room for us. I’ll see you in court. Come on, Michael. Say bye to your dad. Get over here. Let’s get you an ice cream.”

“He’s definitely fucking her.”

Bumpy Johnson

“Happy… Thanksgiving! Get ’em here. Here! Here. Take ’em! Frank, come. Come here.”

“This is the problem. It’s what’s wrong with America– it’s gotten so big. You just can’t find your way. The grocery store on the corner is now a supermarket. The candy store, it’s a McDonald’s. And this place… a super fuckin’ discount store. Where’s the pride of ownership, huh? Where’s the personal service? You see what I mean? Shit. I mean, what right do they have of cuttin’ out the suppliers? Pushing out all the middlemen… buyin’ direct from the manufacturer. Huh. Sony this, Toshiba that. All them chinks put Americans out of work. That’s the way it is now. You can’t find the heart of anything… to stick the knife. Forget it, Frank. There’s no one in charge.”

Detective Trupo

“You guys ready to make a lot of fuckin’ money? Ah, look at this. Awright. Look at this. There’s three more boats. Hey, don’t lose any of that shit. All right? Be careful. Hey… just enough for the reagent test. Little less.”

“Well, Mr. Rossi, I have a surprise for you. What do you think?”

Don Cattano

“Hey, how you doin’, Rossi? You doin’ all right? Good. Give him a sccotch on the rocks.”

Charlie Williams

“Uh, I know you’re hurtin’, Frank. So am I. You gonna be all right? I’m sure Bumpy didn’t say anything to you, but he made me promise that if anything ever happened to him, that I should make sure that you want for nothing. Well, that’s the spirit. Go get ’em.”

Nicky Barnes

“What’s up? Who is that? He didn’t know what hit him, you know what I’m sayin’? I just kept poppin’ him in the face, ’cause that’s how I do it.”

“You know what I’m sayin’, man?”

New York

“Bumpy, let me get one! Right here! I need a bird, Bumpy! Bumpy! Bumpy, we love you! Over here, Bumpy! Let me get one! Over here! Over here!”

“Can I help you?”

“Some say Bumpy Johnson was a great man. According to eulogies, a giving man, a man of the people. No one chose to use in their remembrances the word most often associated with Ellsworth ‘Bumpy’ Johnson– ‘gangster–‘ whose passing has brought a who’s who of mourners on this chilly afternoon. Lucchese mob boss Dominic Cattano, Harlem crime figure Nicky Barnes, from the political arena, the governor has come down, the mayor of New York, and chief of police and commissioner, sports and entertainment luminaries…”

“Bumpy Johnson, aged sixty-two when he passed, was a folk hero among Harlem locals for over four decades. Regarded by some as the robin hood of Harlem, by others as a ruthless criminal…”


“Nicky Barnes!”

“Like a drink, sir?”

“Mr. Roberts, taking the prosecution’s side, give us U.S. versus Meade– subject, issues, what the determination was, and what it means to us today. Class, you’ll be critiquing Mr. Roberts, so pay attention.”

“Hey, Jay. All right.”

“Swear to God, Richie, I didn’t know it was you. I would never slam a door on your hand knowingly. What are you doin’ serving subpoenas, anyway? County? How’s that workin’ out for you? Hey, I’m sorry, I– consider me served. Can we– can we– can we leave it there? Hey, for old time’s sake, what can we do? What do you want? What can I give you? Oh, guys, come on, no. Guys, what do you want, who do you want? You want big Al’s bookie? You want his accountant? I’ll give ’em to ya.”

“No, stop, stop, stop. There he is. That’s him, that’s the bookie. Right here? This is– I’d rather not. Take it easy.”

“Frank. Hey, come on in, Claude. Sit down. Yeah. Yeah, all the time. Nate is everywhere. He’s good. Yeah, got himself a club now. Bangkok. I don’t think he’s ever coming home.”

“On the house for our boys in uniform. Thank you, sugar. That’s very kind. Thank Frank. Thanks, Frank. Just relax. Gonna have to boot this shit a couple time. Cops keep cuttin’ it, sellin’ the shit. Don’t wanna say anything ’cause the price is right. But that shit in ‘Nam is way, way… heavy.”

“Operator. What city? You know the country code? For the first three minutes it’ll be–“

“Whoa. Calm down, man. Okay, be cool. Fuckin’ crazy, man.”

“You have ten minutes remaining. Ten minutes.”

“Paramedics are no cops, know what I’m sayin’? You know what I’m sayin’? Fuck that motherfucker! Get his ass! Yo, cracker, you gonna pay for this shit! Hey, hey, what the fuck are you doin’? Who the fuck are you? What are you gonna do, motherfucker?! That don’t mean shit to me! Open the motherfuckin’ door! Where’s your backup? You motherfuckin’ cracker! You got no backup? Why is that? You gotta come out sometime, motherfucker! Richie, he’s dead. Fuck. All right, clean him up. Okay, where’s the solution? Goddamn it, open this fuckin’ door! You guys ready?”


“I’m not talking about your proclivities, Richie, those I only know too well. I’m talkin’ about being a cop. Well, what about your friends from the neighborhood, do you still hang out with ’em? Wise guys? That’s gonna look good. What about Joseph Sodano? Richie, I’m just trying to understand things your wife has said. They’re not true, tell me. Is he also your son’s godfather? Do you really care about this, or do you just not want her to win ever? That’s what I thought.”

“All rise. God damn it. Oh, Richie, fuck me like a cop, not a lawyer. Mmm. Don’t answer it! All right.”

“Yes, sir, I hear you. You won’t have to come back.”

“Hey, man, Frank baby, good to see you. Yeah, man. Just got back from Europe. Over there for two months. South of France, man. This way, this way. Wonderful, wonderful. Over here! Here you go.”

Italian Mafia

“Don Cattano.”

“This is the French connection dope, kilos of the same dope Eddie Egan and Sonny Grosso took from us. The cops seize it, arrest everyone, and then they start takin’ it out of the evidence room, whackin’ it down to nothin’, and sellin’ it back to us. They basically control the market with it. They been doing this for years now. They live off it– our dope. What the fuck is happenin’ to the world, Frank? Yeah. Sad about Bumpy. Things are never gonna be the same in Harlem. You walk down the street, nobody bothers you ’cause Bumpy was makin’ sure of it. Half a key. How is it there now?”

“Who can live like that? There has to be order. That would never happen with Italians. More important than any one man’s life… is order.”


“The drug problem in Vietnam is more than marijuana. At this point, it is estimated that one third of American troops are experimenting with opium and heroin. The authorities say they’ve confiscated large quantities of marijuana, heroin, and pills. Every person and every vehicle going through the gates is subject to a thorough shakedown. Soldiers have access to the drugs at many rest and relaxation spots in Bangkok, Saigon, and other areas throughout Vietnam and Thailand. Officials say the easy availability, relatively cheap cost, and high purity of heroin throughout Saigon and the far east is leading to an epidemic of heroin addiction among U.S. soldiers.”

“America’s public enemy number one in the United States is drug abuse. In order to fight and defeat this enemy, it is necessary to wage a new all-out offensive.”

“Federal authorities have announced their intention to establish special narcotics bureaus in Washington, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago…”


“And that’s what you wanna do for a living? So, should I do this? From high school? Here. If he doesn’t take it, just throw it in. That’s good service. Yeah. What’s up, Susie? How you doin’, baby? We’re on loan to county. Hey. Five years, minimum. Who do you got?”

“We gonna stay with him or the car? Think he made us? I just called, man. I called and walked back here, and ten seconds has gone by. You saw policy slips? You saw grocery bags. You don’t know what’s in ’em. What’s the rush, Richie? Half an hour, the warrant’ll be here. Guess you’re gonna miss it. Ah. Are you sure? Yeah? Fuck. It’s the same thing, in principle. Richie, a cop who turns in this kind of money says one thing– he turns in cops who take money. We’ll be fuckin’ pariahs. Not if we keep it. Only if we don’t, then you’re right we’re fucked, but not if we keep it. Goddamn it, man! Did we ask for this? Did we put agun to someone’s head and say, ‘give us your money?’ Cops kill cops they can’t trust. Can’t turn it in, man.”

“You believe that shit? Fuckin’ boy scout.”

“What? What?”

“Detective Trupo, sign here.”

“Always. Hell, yeah. Whoa. There you go. Beautiful. Fuckin’ beautiful. I know. All right.”

“Richie? This fuckin’ guy made me. I don’t know how he did, but he did. He went for his gun. I had to do it, man. There’s 100 people out there heard the shot. You gotta help me, you gotta do something. That’s the problem.”

“Copy that. What’s your 20? Identify yourself, please. That’s a negative. I got no units in that area. Detective Roberts, I got no units in that area. That’s a negative.”

“Richie. What? Yeah. Yeah. He’s fine, he’s fine, just step back. He’s alive. We’re taking him to the hospital. Thanks, man. Fuck. The asshole pulled a piece on me, man. Can you fuckin’ believe it? Pulls a piece on a cop? I had to do it, man. Kill or be killed. Fuckin’ crazy world, right? Yeah, investigating stuff, man, you know. Just like you taught me. Checkin’ on guys, following things up, putting the pieces together. Guy was a dealer. Fucking dealer, scum of the earth. What the fuck you say? What the fuck, man, what are you doin’, man? That’s my fuckin’ money, man! I earned this shit! That’s mine! I earned it doin’ good cop work! I earned it doin’ good cop work! I earned it getting shot at! I’ll tell you the facts. Just write the report the way I say it happened, a-and then that’s the way it is, a-and that’s how it’ll be. I’m a leper because I listened to you and turned in a million bucks. No one will work with me after that. I can get off this shit, Richie. That’s easy. Just write the report. Between us, as partners.”

“Hmm? Don’t sweat it. Yeah, miss you, too. Hey, Norm? Hi, detective Norman Riley. Good. So, is that him? Picked a nice night to come out, huh? It’s like grand central around here. It’s been like this. I’m lucky if I get home by midnight. It’s like nothin’ we’ve seen before. Yeah, it’s right over here.”

“Both these guys good with wires, they got solid informants, they’re honest, and they’re fearless. They’re insane, Richie, like you. Uh, that’s uh, that’s Jones with the skinny white broad. Best I ever seen on the street. Knows dope, but he’s together. All right? He’s a stand-up guy all around. All right, and that’s Abruzzo with the two fat black ones. He– he loves a big ass, man. He’s a bulldog. He don’t fuck around, right? He’s got a bit of a temper, yeah, but you could trust this guy with your grandmother. Listen, Richie, we work together. You want me, you gotta take them, too. When do we start?”

“Heard a story about you, that you found a million dollars in unmarked cash, and you gave that shit back. Is that true? You and me both.”

“Bingo. See that, Richie? And this stuff is everyday stuff, you know? But this blue magic– twice the potency, I mean, it’s the purest thing I’ve ever seen on the streets. Strong enough to smoke. That’s for those white, suburban kids, who’s scared of needles. Paid ten bucks for that. And it’s everywhere, I mean, it’s on every corner out there.”

Lucas organization

“Open the trunk.”

“Typically what I see is 25 to 45% pure. I mean, there’s no adulterants, no alkaloids, no dilutants. It’s a hundred percent. May I? Thank you, Frank.”

“How ’bout two dimes? Yeah, baby.”

“Hey. Hey, nice family. What’s wrong? Y’all ****** ain’t never seen no coochie before?”


“Whoo! Shake it, baby! Shake it, shake it, shake it. Oh, come on, girl, don’t talk about five dollars to do a little somethin’. Can you dig that it costs money to be here? Oh, come on.”

“Is he your cousin? Ask him how much he wants.”

“How would you get it into the states? Who do you work for in there? Who are you really? I mean, who you represent? You think you’re going to take 100 kilos of heroin into the U.S., and you don’t work for anyone? Someone is going to allow that? He must be insane. After this first purchase, if you are not killed by Marseilles importers, or their people in the States, then, uh, what? Of course not. Soul brother.”

Lou Toback

“How much is it? Well, what happened to the rest of it? What the hell are you doing counting it out here in front of everybody? Are you nuts? Get it back in the bags, seal ’em up. And down into the property room.”

“A detective without the support of his fellow detectives really can’t do much. Doesn’t matter. You did what you had to do. It’s the greatest city in the world, and it’s turning into an open sewer. And everybody stealin’… dealing. Look at you. You can’t work because you did your job. Good news is, you’re not the only honest cop in town. The special narcotics bureau in Washington is not a dog and pony show. They are sincere. I know this because they want us to orchestrate, and I want you to head up things here on our end. No, you answer to me. Me and the U.S. attorney, nobody else. You never set foot in a police station again, you work out of your own place, you pick your own guys, guys that you know would not take a nickel off the sidewalk.”

The Lucas Family

“Huey’s. Yeah, who’s this? Well, Frank who? Frank? Hey, Mevlin! Melvin, where’s ma? What? Where’s– Frank’s on the phone! Hey, ma! How you doin’, Frankie? Frank on the phone! Momma, Frank on the phone! Yeah, when? Well, you just say it, man, yeah. Okay.”

“Hey, Frank! What’s happening, Frank? How you doin’, uncle Frank? Get out the car, get the keys. Okay, that’s my room right there.”

“That boy right there, he got an arm on him. I mean, a major-league arm. Ain’t that right? Right on, pop. No, no, you can’t catch him, man. I’m talkin’ about this guy throw harder than Gibson. We talkin’ 95 miles an hour. He goin’– he goin’ catch the ground. He might have played catch when I was about five years old. Since then he ain’t been able to catch up.”

“Well, what we sellin’ here, Frank? Hey, how you doin’? Why they all naked? So they can’t steal nothin’?”

“Oh, shit.”

Mama Lucas

Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role

1 nomination: 2008

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role

1 win: 2008

“Say what? Frank? Oh, my lord.”

“Oh, lord. Oh, my lord. I’m so glad to see you, boy. Oh, I’m tellin’ you, this is some piece of land you got here. And who’s house is that, Frank? Mine? And who else?”

“Shh, listen. I wanna tell you how happy I am to see all my children at the table, and the grandchildren at the same time. My heart’s so happy. Enjoy yourself.”

“Oh, why, it’s… will you look at this? Oh! Oh, it’s beautiful. It’s beautiful. It’s just… h-how did you…? Y-you were five when they took it away, I mean– how could you– um, I-I just tell you… i-it is perfect. It’s all perfect. I can’t tell you how much I love you. I can’t tell you…”

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