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AMCtv 80’s tech-boom drama Halt and Catch Fire premiered it’s third season this Tuesday and is off to a strong critical reception at 95%.

Halt season 4 is currently in limbo pending season 3‘s success.

Rottentomatoes: 89%

Metacritic: 69

IMDb: 8.2

Emmys: 1 nomination

Joe MacMillan, AMC, Halt and Catch Fire

Joe MacMillan

Joe Macmillan abandons a long and successful tenure of salesmanship at International Business Machines Corporation to get his own slice of the pie at a small hardware sales company in Texas named Cardiff Electric.

He directly recruits a software specialist BIOS coder Cameron Howe and a hardware specialist head engineer Gordon Clark to gut an IBM PC and make a few a adjustments.

The crew goes to COMDEX ’83 to show off the fruit of their labors, the Giant.  Their first portable PC attempt with a dynamic OS written by Cameron that is ‘interactive’ or meant to emulate human interaction.

The Giant competes with the major PC’s of its time but Joe leaves Cardiff Electric disgruntled, having destroyed thousands of dollars worth of corporate property — the first shipment of Giants.

He finds a pertinent love interest Sara Wheeler and accepts a job under her father Jacob, an oil tycoon and CEO of Westgroup conglomerate.  Joe becomes network administrator and uses this position/opportunity to offer a t1 speed network to Mutiny via time-sharing.

His boss Jacob requests a meeting with someone at Mutiny and develops a rapport with Cameron.

Negotiations take place.  Joe pushes for a Westgroup acquisition of Mutiny.

Negotiations go sour as Cameron sees the $5 mill deal as selling out which is not a concept that she is interested in.

Joe relocates to Silicon Valley for a fresh start.  His boss rips off Mutiny and calls it Westnet.  

Cameron sabotages Westnet with a rogue program Sonaris.  Joe leaves Westgroup and starts his own company by the bay MacMillan Utility.  He nets $10 mill in investment capital for his new anti-virus software venture.

Joe MacMillan, AMC, Halt and Catch Fire

Quote1I’m sorry if my tone is businesslike but I am your boss and this is, in fact, a business.Quote2 — Joe MacMillan

Quote1The truth is, our systems are outperforming every top seller in the market.Quote2 — Joe MacMillan

Quote1Reverse engineer an IBM PC with me.Quote2 — Joe MacMillan

Quote1Because I want to build a machine that nobody else has the balls to build.Quote2 — Joe MacMillan

Quote1Maybe I see Cardiff Electric as a mid-major ready to take the jump and myself as the heavy hitter you need to legitimize your sales force, this company, this region.Quote2 — Joe MacMillan

Quote1Then I’m your guy.Quote2 — Joe MacMillan

Quote1It’s also what 200% of quota looks like.Quote2 — Joe MacMillan

“The golden circle.” — Joe MacMillan

“I’m a big boy… I’m learning a lot.” — Joe MacMillan

Quote1It’s what’s best for the machine.Quote2 — Joe MacMillan

“Let’s be adult about this.” — Joe MacMillan

Quote1COMDEX is about selling it and that is my area of expertise.Quote2 — Joe MacMillan

“Comes a time when vision meets engineering — you hire people.” — Joe MacMillan

Quote1Greatness comes at a price, no?Quote2 — Joe MacMillan

“Open architecture.  The idea of it.  As a way of life.  It kept me up at night.  It made me that kid again.” — Joe MacMillan

Quote1It’s about soaring, leaving the competition in the dust, which is exactly what this design can accomplish.Quote2 — Joe MacMillan

“I thought that maybe we could do this precisely because we’re all unreasonable people and progress depends on our changing the world to fit us.  Not the other way around.” — Joe MacMillan

“Just let everybody cool off.” — Joe MacMillan

“He wants to work with innovative companies who are agile and committed.” — Joe MacMillan

Quote1Think bigger.Quote2 — Joe MacMillan

“Let’s cut through the bullshit and act like adults.  You want speed, and this machine is the fastest one you’ll find, period.” — Joe MacMillan

Quote1I’ve been knocking around tech for a long time, always working to the next new thing.Quote2 — Joe MacMillan

“Don’t underestimate it.  He came in here with zero interest in what we were doing.  Now, whether he writes that we’re geniuses on the cusp of something great or misfits who almost crashed and burned, at least he’ll write something, and right now that’s all we need.” — Joe MacMillan

“We’re not going to jail.  There’s always another move.” — Joe MacMillan

“Computers aren’t the thing.  They’re the thing that gets us to the thing.” — Joe MacMillan

“I was at COMDEX two years ago.  I saw the symphonic demo.  It was ahead of its time.  That was then, this is now– and a year from now, you’re gonna thank me.  You’re a builder, Gordon.” — Joe MacMillan

“It’s dangerous to try and really connect with someone.” — Joe MacMillan

Quote1Ron three things… nimbleness, vision, and a complete lack of fear.Quote2 — Joe MacMillan

Quote1I’m gonna do whatever I wanna do.  And you’re gonna do whatever I tell you to, do because that’s the way this relationship works.Quote2 — Joe MacMillan

Quote1The next time I move to close.  Here’s what you do.  You shut up.Quote2 — Joe MacMillan

Quote1I’ll break numbers.  I always do.Quote2 — Joe MacMillan

“But under 400 milliseconds, ah.  That’s the sweet spot.” — Joe MacMillan

“Something forward-looking with the potential to change everything.  For me, that’s still tech and will be until proven otherwise.” — Joe MacMillan

“If we project the wrong image then it can all fall apart.” — Joe MacMillan

Quote1The truth is, I just want to do something great.Quote2 — Joe MacMillan

“I’ve been to Tokyo nine times.” — Joe MacMillan

“Any similarities in the code will be completely coincidental, just like Columbia Data.  Just like Compaq.  You know the legal loophole as well as I do.” — Joe MacMillan

“We’re hitting the radar people.  I mean really cooking with gas.” — Joe MacMillan

“You wrote a treasure map.  If you see him around, I wanna meet that guy.  There’s a project I want to discuss with him.” — Joe MacMillan

“Let’s skip the ‘Two Roads in a Wood’ bullshit.  You’re not Robert Frost.  You’re pawnshop hacks selling my dream under a cheap plastic mask.” — Joe MacMillan

“You sound pretty sure about that.” — Joe MacMillan

“Something tells me both of you need this just as much as I do.” — Joe MacMillan

“We jump start the project, crush the timetable from six months down to three.  Build the prototype on our own dime, then show investors when we have leverage.” — Joe MacMillan

“Well, I’m here today to tell you that those rumors were true.  Change is coming to Cardiff, and I’m pleased to announce that each and every one of you will have a role to play in this company’s bright future.” — Joe MacMillan

“This is corporate espionage I need to know what was compromised and the extent of the damage.” — Joe MacMillan

“We don’t just need money.  We need smart money.  A name.  Someone who can put us on the map.” — Joe MacMillan

“I’m worried about their attitude.” — Joe MacMillan

“Well tomorrow you start building tomorrow.” — Joe MacMillan

Quote1So we force their hand.Quote2 — Joe MacMillan

“Before me you were boozing not building and your balls were in a box by your wife’s bedside table.” — Joe MacMillan

“You change your BIOS just enough to stay out of trouble.  Then within a year, our PC’s on a shelf right next to theirs.  That’s how this works.  Come on, let’s get in the game.” — Joe MacMillan

“I’m paying attention.” — Joe MacMillan

“They took their shot.  They missed.” — Joe MacMillan

“You still haven’t answered my question.” — Joe MacMillan

“You’ve got a lot of excuses.” — Joe MacMillan

“I regret what happened.” — Joe MacMillan

“It wasn’t supposed to be personal.  I was scouting you.  Scouting you for this exact moment.” — Joe MacMillan

“See, now you’re thinking like a professional.” — Joe MacMillan

Bold, impulsive, resilient, gifted with a silver tongue Joe MacMillan is an Artisan.

Cameron Howe, AMC, Halt and Catch Fire

Cameron Howe

Cameron Howe is directly recruited by Joe MacMillan, for which she drops out of college.  She is hired at Cardiff Electric and writes the BIOS code for the Giant’s operating system.  Soon she becomes discontent with corporate overhead and beguiles most of Cardiff’s engineers to her tech start up company Mutiny.

Mutiny is a gaming company which runs an online gaming community client the first of its kind — pay to play subscription-based model.

Mutiny’s game base includes: checkers, backgammon, chess, parallax, tanks, and community.  It and its game are riddled with bugs.

Cameron writes her own proprietary RPG text-based game named Parallax.  Her very freelance attitude begins to clash with her coworkers most specifically Donna Clark, a co-founder.

Cameron takes a meeting with Jacob Wheeler CEO of Westgroup the guy who’s running their new high speed network.

She turns down a $5 million buy out from Westgroup conglomerate.

Wheeler and Westgroup pull Mutiny’s network space and give it to Westnet which commandeered all of Mutiny’s users, and replicated its interface.

Cameron utilizes a bit of rogue programming named Sonaris to sabotage Westnet.  Her, Donna, and Gordon repackage Mutiny and take it to San Francisco.

Cameron Howe, AMC, Halt and Catch Fire

Quote1We create a fully interactive experience.Quote2 — Cameron Howe

Quote1Um, look, cartridge games may look better for a while, but online gaming is the future.Quote2 — Cameron Howe

Quote1I want to build something that makes people fall in love.Quote2 — Cameron Howe

Quote1I mean, they don’t want what’s next or vision, they want an Adam’s apple.Quote2 — Cameron Howe

“Our codes better.  It’s more efficient and creative.” — Cameron Howe

Quote1I’m a big girl.  I can take care of myself.Quote2 — Cameron Howe

Quote1No, it’s a community.  It’s my community.  And we don’t kick people out.Quote2 — Cameron Howe

“Connecting people.  You dial in, you play games across phone lines with real humans.

Quote1Let me just make one thing clear.  This is my company.  And I’m not selling it.Quote2 — Cameron Howe

“You love talking down to me don’t you?” — Cameron Howe

“Welcome to mutiny.” — Cameron Howe

Quote1Hey, computers could be more.  They should be.Quote2 — Cameron Howe

Quote1Does it even matter what I want to do?  God, this is an industry built on people ripping off each other’s boring ass ideas.Quote2 — Cameron Howe

“SCP rips off CP/M, Microsoft rips off SCP.  Oh, IBM rips off everybody, right?” — Cameron Howe

“You mean we’re not in love?” — Cameron Howe

“Uh, I just want you guys to keep a few things in mind.  One, I’m not your boss.  Nobody here has titles.  Your title is your first name.  Mine is Cameron.”

Quote1Also, this isn’t my thing.  This is our thing.  Which means you’ll get out of it exactly what you put into it.  For me, it’s everything.  For all of us, it should be everything.  Otherwise, why even do it at all?Quote2 — Cameron Howe

“Gosh, you’re right.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me.  With all your grandstanding I somehow got you confused with a visionary.” — Cameron Howe

“Or I guess it just doesn’t matter what you’re saying as long as people are listening, right?” — Cameron Howe

Quote1Forgive me.  I just thought something around here should have a soul.Quote2 — Cameron Howe

“I’m sorry you feel bad for hurting my feelings but don’t worry, you didn’t.” — Cameron Howe

“Look, I don’t need to look at your BIOS because I’m not interested in copying garbage.” — Cameron Howe

“No.  When you’re in the flow creating something you don’t just stop for some mindless bookkeeping.” — Cameron Howe

“Have you considered motivational speaking ’cause you’ve got a gift, man.  Seriously sign me up.  Send me the tapes.” — Cameron Howe

“Your whole thing, it attracts people, but it won’t keep them around.” — Cameron Howe

“Uh, and just one last thing.  A lot of people are gonna want us to fail.  But that’s because we’re the future and there’s nothing scarier than that.” — Cameron Howe

“That sounds nice.  We could build something together, a partnership.  Make our own future.” — Cameron Howe

“Except you’re not the future.  You’re a footnote.  For a while, you had me fooled.  I mean, I thought I heard a heartbeat.  But it wasn’t a heartbeat.  It was an echo.” — Cameron Howe

Quote1I loved you… because you recited my own ideas back to me and pretended they were your own.Quote2 — Cameron Howe

Quote1Otherwise, you’re a thousand dollar suit with nothing inside.  No one gives a shit.Quote2 — Cameron Howe

“I’m not interested in project managing.” — Cameron Howe

“Gordon is too scared to try anything new or different because he’s traumatized from being a loser his entire life.” — Cameron Howe

Quote1I just pretended I was there on purpose.  Mr. Monroe taught us BASIC and it was like finding water in the middle of the desert.  For the first time I knew how to talk to something.  I finally had the right language.Quote2 — Cameron Howe

Quote1If you want to lead people, you have to show them who you really are.Quote2 — Cameron Howe

Quote1Authenticity is what inspires people.Quote2 — Cameron Howe

Quote1Computers should have photo-realistic screens.  They should have a million pixels  and be self-learning and run expert systems.  They should beat me at chess.Quote2 — Cameron Howe

“Stop selling me.  I don’t need you.” — Cameron Howe

“This takes off, I write my own ticket, but if it goes wrong, I’m a college dropout repairing VCR’s for $3.25 an hour, so forgive me for weighing my options.” — Cameron Howe

“Your letters meant a lot to me.” — Cameron Howe

Quote1No it’s not done.  It works fine but it needs a soul.  It needs to be something that people can fall in love with.  We can do that.Quote2 — Cameron Howe

“Oh, my God.  Stop.  Is this another lie?” — Cameron Howe

“I’m sure they’ll be little angels.” — Cameron Howe

“Is this how you’re gonna talk to me from now on?” — Cameron Howe

“You are too screwed up for words.” — Cameron Howe

“Writing BIOS for a machine no one gives a shit about.” — Cameron Howe

“Maybe we should.” — Cameron Howe

Quote1You took it out.  Everything that made it uniqueQuote2 — Cameron Howe

“Wow.  You practice that in a mirror?” — Cameron Howe

“And then a whole bunch of other shit that you either made up entirely or stole from someone else.  You’re just a salesman.” — Cameron Howe

Visionary, optimistic, benevolent, always championing Cameron Howe is an Idealist.

Donna Clark, AMC, Halt and Catch Fire

Donna Clark

Donna works at Texas Instruments, but leaves to help her husband build his personal computer the Giant at Cardiff Electric.

She assaults her former boss Hunt Whitmarsh at COMDEX who ripped off and reverse engineered a version of the Giant.

Donna co-founds Mutiny with Cameron Howe and essentially handles all the DTD ops a la bookkeeping, housing needs, electricity, finances, appointments, coffee, food, groceries, coding, roster, etc.

Donna begins to relent the burden of her duties and lack of appreciation in doing them.

She writes a Mutiny game ‘community’ in which users chat with one another.  She is delighted by the implications of this concept/sentiment.

Donna recruits her husband Gordon and goes with him and Cameron to Silicon Valley to build an online gaming community via their company Mutiny.

Donna Clark, AMC, Halt and Catch Fire

Quote1I’m gonna fix it.Quote2 — Donna Clark

Quote1And if you want to pay him more, you can give him my salary.  Because if you keep making unilateral decisions like this, I will not be sticking around, okay?Quote2 — Donna Clark

Quote1Great.  I spent the entire afternoon planning our legal strategy.   What an efficient use of resources.Quote2 — Donna Clark

Quote1And you never even picked me up out of a hole in the ground.Quote2 — Donna Clark

Quote1I lifted you up so many times.  I carried you and the kids.  And I was tired and miserable and you didn’t give a shit.Quote2 — Donna Clark

Quote1It’s just literally a mistake that we can’t afford to make again.Quote2 — Donna Clark

“What I know is you need to be at work in four hours.  Four.” — Donna Clark

“Like you didn’t pick the Giant over me every single second of every day.” — Donna Clark

Quote1Please never tell our daughters I was apart of this.Quote2 — Donna Clark

“I know you think you need this.  And whatever it is, I’m pretty sure I can’t stop you.” — Donna Clark

“I make your world possible.” — Donna Clark

“That is what it costs to fix our marriage.” — Donna Clark

Quote1Nose to the grindstone.Quote2 — Donna Clark

“You scared my girls.” — Donna Clark

Quote1I don’t know if you heard but I recovered your code.  Not all of it but 93.6%.Quote2 — Donna Clark

“One time when I was in school, I spilled a whole Coke on my motherboard.  Hand’t backed up for weeks.  I felt like jumping off the Bay Bridge.” — Donna Clark

“But I have to tell you, my code… was never like yours.  Yours is uh… well, it’s like a piece of music.” — Donna Clark

“What am I gonna say?  I’m really enjoying my dead-end job and having my mom raise my kids?” — Donna Clark

“You should go home.  Sleep, maybe eat a real meal.  You can work tomorrow.” — Donna Clark

Quote1You made this a place without a boss, and that sounds really nice, but what that translates into is a bunch of crap falling through the cracks that I end up having to deal with.Quote2 — Donna Clark

“Because I don’t want to be the mom here.  Look, I do that at home.  I came here to do what I love, and I don’t love dealing with the power company.” — Donna Clark

“I’m not sure that I’m strong enough.” — Donna Clark

“You can’t change it.  It’s a thing of beauty.” — Donna Clark

Quote1No, Gordon, you built a beautiful machine.  You have to stand up for it.  Joe MacMillan’s an asshole.  He doesn’t know a fraction of what you do about what makes a good computer.Quote2 — Donna Clark

Quote1Well, FYI, I am also an engineer with a degree from Berkeley who’s not only created my share of code, but given birth to two real humans so yeah I am somebody’s mother and you could use one right now because frankly, you’re a mess.Quote2 — Donna Clark

“I’d like to speak to my husband… privately.” — Donna Clark

“Would you please tell me that you didn’t buy all this?” — Donna Clark

“Cameron, he’s an ex-convict which is not exactly the smartest hire when we’re in the market for more funding.  And when we’re this strapped for cash, you’re gonna waste it on somebody that doesn’t know a bitmap from a baud rate?” — Donna Clark

Quote1We talked about being in this together.  We talked about communication being key.  This– this isn’t what we walked about.Quote2 — Donna Clark

“Well, you have to do whatever you can to change his mind.  Even that means inviting him into our home.  It’s your machine, Gordon.  Don’t let him ruin it.” — Donna Clark

“You’re drunk, so the best thing you could do right now is to shut up.” — Donna Clark

“Excuse me, like you’d know technical know-how like it hit you in the head.” — Donna Clark

“Gordon?  Gordon, we can’t do this again.  You know we can’t.” — Donna Clark

“If the guys at NASA can grind parabolic mirrors to within one sixth of the wavelength of yellow light by hand, I’m pretty sure I can control the rotation of a disk.” — Donna Clark

“In fact, my chances of success are greater by a factor of 144.” — Donna Clark

“I really don’t understand.  Why would you lie to me?” — Donna Clark

“You did.  You lied.” — Donna Clark

Quote1Build it.  Whatever it is you’re dreaming of, build it.  I know you can make it great.Quote2 — Donna Clark

“But here’s the deal.  You wanna partner with Joe Macmillan… then you partner with me and this family.” — Donna Clark

“Yes, but do you realize what you’re risking?” — Donna Clark

Quote1Don’t you realize what you have now?Quote2 — Donna Clark

“Well, it always has been enough for me.  But I guess I never had the burden of believing that I was some misunderstood genius.” — Donna Clark

“So you think of me as my mother?” — Donna Clark

“Do you know?  Because I just had to spread the payments for Joanie’s next dental visit over three credit cards.” — Donna Clark

Quote1It’s a silly computer mommy and daddy built that didn’t work.Quote2 — Donna Clark

Grounded, administrative, stoic, and dependable Donna Clark is a Guardian.

Gordon Clark, AMC, Halt and Catch Fire

Gordon Clark

Gordon decides to reverse engineer an IBM PC with Joe MacMillan and serves as the lead engineer for the development of the portable computer the Giant.

Gordon collects a $900,000 from Cardiff for his work on the Giant and Giant Pro but decides to take an indefinite leave and pursue other interests.  He begins to take an interest in his wife’s online gaming platform Mutiny.

Gordon writes a rogue program Sonaris that accidentally eats Parallax.  In recompense he approaches Joe to connect Mutiny with a t1 network.

Gordon is diagnosed with chronic toxic encephalopathy after they found atrophies in his brain presumably due to his long term exposure to lead solder.

He cherry picks some engineers for his own company a custom built PC venture.  This doesn’t pan out.

Gordon helps Joe get back on his feet after Westnet gets axed by giving him an antidote program Tabula Rasa.  He goes with his wife and Cameron Howe to Silicon Valley to put Mutiny into the mainstream consciousness.

Gordon Clark, AMC, Halt and Catch Fire

Quote1Well, I’m also degree-in-computer-science-from-Berkeley guy, where Donna went, with honors and top grades that’d make your penis shrivel, so maybe if you shut up for a second, you could learns something.  You time-stamp the input from each individual modem and at the end of each complete token pass.  You put them in the correct time sequence before you execute them.  That way whoever shot first, wins.Quote2 — Gordon Clark

Quote1We had a problem.  Now we have a product.Quote2 — Gordon Clark

Quote1Okay, well, I also didn’t see a computer anywhere in sight.Quote2 — Gordon Clark

Quote1My guess is, knowing those guys, the Macintosh is all bells and whistles and zero utility.  You want a toy, you buy one of those.  You want a computer, you buy one of ours.Quote2— Gordon Clark

“I’m not in the mood, all right?  Why don’t you go blow-dry your hair some more or something?” — Gordon Clark

“This is what I want to do with my life.” — Gordon Clark

“This puts the future squarely in the hands of those who know computers not for what they are, but for everything they have the potential to be.” — Gordon Clark

“Oh, um, the chip makes it talk.  You know, like you and me.  Not right now, kiddo.” — Gordon Clark

“I’m not like you, okay?  I have a wife, kids, a mortgage, okay?  I was fine until you threw that stupid article in my face and gave me some–.” — Gordon Clark

“That article I wrote in ‘byte.'” — Gordon Clark

“Wow, you’re serious.  Look, that’s a terrible idea.  For such a multitude of reasons that I– because it’s illegal.” — Gordon Clark

“Worst case scenario IBM sues us into the ground.  Uh, Cardiff finds out, then both of us would be on the street.Quote2 — Gordon Clark

Quote1Apple, IBM, they have the market sewn up.  Plus you got Commodore, Tandy, Texas Instruments.Quote2 — Gordon Clark

“This is a big idea.  You have to see it through.” — Gordon Clark

“Yeah I only built the damn thing, Joe.” — Gordon Clark

“The symphonic was the best thing your dad ever did.” — Gordon Clark

“I am a little rusty at this.” — Gordon Clark

“The hardest thing in life is to get knocked down and then get back up constantly.  But we do it because we love it and we know deep down if it’s the right idea, it could be bigger than all of us.  For a long time I wondered if I was ever gonna find it.  The closest I’ve come is my kids.” — Gordon Clark

“Our first test shipment came in.  I got everybody going over it with a fine-tooth comb.” — Gordon Clark

“Look, I’ve been awful.  I’m sorry.” — Gordon Clark

“Computers, my job.  None of that matters.  Not without you.” — Gordon Clark

“Look, there are a thousand other engineers we can get.  Preferably one you haven’t bedded down with.” — Gordon Clark

“I’m the guy who figured out the boot code in four days.  What have you done?” — Gordon Clark

Quote1I have more microcomputing experience than anyone here.Quote2 — Gordon Clark

“Tell me you have a plan, Joe.” — Gordon Clark

“No, it’s brilliant.  It’s brilliant.” — Gordon Clark

“That’s right.  You used to work at IBM.  That was before you came here and ruined several people’s lives and an entire company.” — Gordon Clark

“After I let 46 people go this morning something I am in no way qualified to do.” — Gordon Clark

Quote1Their attitude is based on the laws of physics, which, if I were you, I’d bone up on.  You’re looking at our only engineers with any microprocessor experience at all.  They’re what’s left, so, yeah, these are my guys.Quote2 — Gordon Clark

“Donna was right you’re all hat and no cattle.” — Gordon Clark

Quote1Software comes and goes, hardware is forever.Quote2 — Gordon Clark

“I think we can make this work.  If we actually split the motherboard and then layer one half on top of the other, run the jumpers vertically.” — Gordon Clark

“I knew that the moment I met her.  How I’d never really deserve her. And frankly, I’m amazed she puts up with me.”  — Gordon Clark

“You mean overpromised.  Must be nice to have a job where you get to say words without having to actually do anything.”  — Gordon Clark

Quote1You asked me to do something and I did it.  It was impossible and I did it anyway.Quote2  — Gordon Clark

Quote1Nobody gives a damn about what the computer looks like as long as they work.Quote2  — Gordon Clark

Quote1Look, if we continue to put form ahead of function, we’re gonna be the ones left behind with everyone laughing at us.Quote2  — Gordon Clark

Quote1You can have it fast or you can have it work.  It’s up to you.Quote2  — Gordon Clark

“Part time alcoholic, full time failure as a father.  But I knew what I had with you, Donna.  And I never stopped trying to live up to that.  To you, Donna.  To you, I never, ever gave up.”  — Gordon Clark

“All right, this is the first test shipment from the manufacturer.  We got 100 machines here so I need all hands on deck QA-ing these boxes.  Hardware, software, failed pixels, I/O ports… pinch tension, internal temp, fit and finish.”  — Gordon Clark

Quote1Check every millimeter of this machine.Quote2  — Gordon Clark

Quote1The Giant ships out in less than six weeks.  It must be perfect.Quote2  — Gordon Clark

“We built an IBM compatible machine.  You wanted a computer.  You have a computer.  You need to sell your computer, okay?”  — Gordon Clark

Categorical, subjunctive, analytical, forever intrigued by technology Gordon Clark is a Rational.

The Man for the Fall Season

He lost. They didn’t elect him.

“Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me:
I lift my lamp beside the golden door.

 In fact, he lost partially because of his efforts in behalf the nation.  However, it hasn’t been widely recognized that the most impactful, beneficial, and long lasting effect of his decision, wasn’t the decision that he is known for, reviled for, and awarded for.

vietnamese refugees 1975

“All that is gold does not glitter”

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Rural Estate

PBS Masterpiece‘s British hierarchy period drama Downton Abbey is done and dusted, but Julian Fellowes evidently is penning a script for a film.

Downton is available in its entirety on Amazon Prime, or youtube.

Rottentomatoes: 86%

Metacritic: 91

IMDb: 8.7

Emmys: 15 wins 69 nominations


Robert Crawley, Downton Abbey, PBS Masterpiece

Robert Crawley

Robert Crawley is the 7th Earl of Grantham and the Viscount Downton; simply addressed as Lord Grantham.

He and his wife Cora have birthed three daughters: Mary, Edith and Sybil.

The sinking of the RMS Titanic tragically decease two of Robert’s heirs, and the inheritors of his title and estate.  Robert’s father drafted his will according to the laws of primogeniture, so all three of Robert’s daughters will have no claim to his wealth.

The new heir is Robert’s third cousin once removed, a lawyer living in Manchester named Matthew Crawley.

This discrepancy in nobility and class causes dissension among the family.

In the meantime, Robert and his dear wife Cora re-purpose Downton into a convalescent hospital for soldiers recovering from the brutal trench warfare of WWI.

The heir, Captain Crawley, is wounded in battle and temporary loses the use of his legs.

Robert’s youngest daughter Sybil falls for the family chauffeur Irish national Tom Branson.  They elope to Ireland.

Matthew recovers from his battle wounds and coincidentally marries and impregnates Robert’s eldest daughter Mary.

Robert makes a bad investment in the Canadian Grand Trunk line railway company, which goes belly-up, and squanders the lion’s share of the families remaining fortune along with it.  

Matthew is able to refinance the estate due to another inheritance he receives from his deceased lover’s father one Reggie Swire.

They become co-owners of the house and estate.  After popping the hood, Matthew feels that Downton is being mismanaged, and is hemorrhaging capital.   

Robert conforms his traditionalist views and implements several logistical reforms in the running of Downton.

Tragically soon after birthing his son George, Matthew dies in a car crash.  He leaves his stake in Downton to his dear wife, Mary.

Robert’s youngest daughter Sybil dies of eclampsia after giving birth to a baby daughter.

Branson succeeds Jarvis as manager of the estate.

Robert takes ill and vomits a stomach full of blood onto the table during dinner.  He receives a gastrectomy, recovers, and makes a commitment to take better care of his health.

Robert Crawley, Downton Abbey, PBS Masterpiece

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series

2 nominations: 2013, 2012

Quote1There is no such thing as a marriage between two intelligent people that does not sometimes have to negotiate thin ice.  I know.  Quote2—Robert Crawley

Quote1Some people are unforgiving.  Others are insensitive.Quote2—Robert Crawley

Quote1Sometimes I feel like a creature in the wild whose natural habitat is gradually being destroyed.Quote2—Robert Crawley

Quote1We’ve dreamed a dream, my dear, but now it is over.Quote2—Robert Crawley

Quote1If I were to tell you she’d made me very happy, would that stretch belief?Quote2—Robert Crawley

Quote1If you must know, when I think of my motives for pursuing Cora, I am ashamed.  There is no need to remind me of them.Quote2—Robert Crawley

Quote1What do you think?  I’ve given my life to Downton.  I was born here and I hope to die here.  I claim no career beyond the nurture of this house and the estate.  It is my third parent and my fourth child.  Do I care about it?  Yes, I do care!Quote2—Robert Crawley

Quote1Your grandmother merely wishes to do the right thing.  And so do I.Quote2—Robert Crawley

Quote1All our loves are lived around our children.Quote2—Robert Crawley

Quote1Certainly I did.  To welcome you into this house as my son.  I can’t tell you how glad it makes me.Quote2—Robert Crawley

“The world was in a dream before the war, but now it’s woken up and said goodbye to it.  And so must we.”—Robert Crawley

Quote1I don’t suppose your ancient father’s opinion on these matters carries much weight?Quote2—Robert Crawley

“This is Carson, we’d all be lost without him.”—Robert Crawley

Quote1Why should you?  Downton is in my blood and in my bones.  It’s not in yours.  And I can no more be the cause of its destruction than I could betray my country.Quote2—Robert Crawley

“My goodness that was strong talk for an Englishman.”—Robert Crawley

“And the price of great love is great misery when one of you dies.”—Robert Crawley

“I won’t give in, Murray.  I’ve sacrificed too much to Downton to give in now.  I refuse to be the failure, the earl who dropped the torch and let the flame go out.”—Robert Crawley

Quote1I apologize if my bad manners have brought this on.Quote2—Robert Crawley

Quote1Let’s give it a go and see what the future brings.Quote2—Robert Crawley

“I couldn’t do that.  I have a duty beyond saving my own skin.  The estate must be a major employer, and support the house or there’s not point to it.  To any of it.”—Robert Crawley

Quote1No man is an island, Carson.  Not even Thomas Barrow.Quote2—Robert Crawley

“Sometimes, Cora, you can be curiously unfeeling.”—Robert Crawley

Quote1Have you been happy?  Really, have I made you happy?Quote2—Robert Crawley

Quote1I must do what my conscience tells me.Quote2—Robert Crawley

Quote1The damage cannot be irreparable when a man and a woman love each other as much as you do.Quote2—Robert Crawley

“This is a folly.  A ridiculous, juvenile madness.”—Robert Crawley

Quote1I suppose so.  We’re going to need all the solidarity we can muster.Quote2—Robert Crawley

“I confess I was amused at the idea of an Irish radical for a chauffeur, but I see now I have been naive.”—Robert Crawley

“No one’s sensible at her age.  Nor should they be.  That’s our role.”—Robert Crawley

“Well, that’s all right.  They don’t have much fun.  You should join them.”—Robert Crawley

“I just worry about you.  I’m your father.  It’s allowed.”—Robert Crawley

“I won’t allow it.  I won’t allow my daughter to throw away her life.”—Robert Crawley

“There hasn’t been a Catholic Crawley since the reformation.”—Robert Crawley

“You’ll have a months wages too, that I insist on.”—Robert Crawley

“It’s a bloody business Bates, but I can’t see any way around it.”—Robert Crawley

“I mean to help until you find something.”—Robert Crawley

“Cora, don’t let Mary make a fool of herself.”—Robert Crawley

“I don’t care what Carson thinks.”—Robert Crawley

“Oh, Carson, I hope you weren’t embarrassed this afternoon.  I can assure you the Duke very much appreciated his welcome.”—Robert Crawley

“God help the poor devils below decks.  On their way to a better life.  What a tragedy.”—Robert Crawley

“All the people want is a happy marriage at the palace is it so much to ask?”—Robert Crawley

“Why are all your causes so steeped in gloom?”—Robert Crawley

Quote1Welcome to Downton.Quote2—Robert Crawley

Quote1You are my darling daughter and I love you, hard as it is for an Englishman to say the words.Quote2—Robert Crawley

“If I had made my own fortune and bought Downton for myself, it should be yours without question, but I did not.  My fortune is the work of others who labored to build a great dynasty.  Do I have the right to destroy their work?  Or impoverish that dynasty?  I am a custodian my dear, not an owner.  I must strive to be worthy of the task I have been set.”—Robert Crawley

“Whatever she says, my mother is as strong as an ox and it’s high time she let go of her scheme for upsetting everyone.  Time we all did.”—Robert Crawley

“Get back inside, and we’ll say no more about it.”—Robert Crawley

“Don’t let the footmen be too coarse in front of them.  Thomas likes to show off, but we must have a care for feminine sensibilities.  They are finer and more fragile than our own.”—Robert Crawley

Quote1It wasn’t right, Carson.  I just didn’t think it was right.Quote2—Robert Crawley

“Don’t worry Carson, I know all about hard decisions when it comes to the honor of Downton.”—Robert Crawley

“So now we must do our best for his child, for his sake as well as yours.”—Robert Crawley

Quote1Every mountain is unclimbable until someone climbs it.  So every ship is unsinkable until it sinks.Quote2—Robert Crawley

Quote1If we don’t respect the past, we’ll find it harder to build a future.Quote2—Robert Crawley

“Bates!  My dear fellow!  I do apologize.  I should have realized you’d all be at luncheon.”—Robert Crawley

“Please sit, sit everyone.  I just want to say a quick hello to my old comrade-in-arms.”—Robert Crawley

“Bates, my dear man.  Welcome to Downton.”—Robert Crawley

“I’m so sorry to have disturbed you all.  Please forgive me.”—Robert Crawley

“Is that quite fair?  To deprive a man of his livelihood when he’s done nothing wrong?”—Robert Crawley

“A strange business, Carson.”—Robert Crawley

“We all have different parts to play, Matthew.  And we must all be allowed to play them.”—Robert Crawley

“My dear fellow I brought you here to interfere.  In fact, why don’t you stay for dinner and we’ll talk about it?”—Robert Crawley

“It is settled, my dearest one, whether you like it or not.”—Robert Crawley

“You do know I should be very proud to have you as my son-in-law, whatever your prospects.”—Robert Crawley

“We’d be delighted.”—Robert Crawley

“I see my life’s work.”—Robert Crawley

“My dear fellow, we all have chapters we would rather keep unpublished.”—Robert Crawley

“Cheer up, Carson.  There are worse things happening in the world.”—Robert Crawley

Quote1I’m not asking you to abandon your beliefs, Alfred.  Just introduce a little kindness into the equation.Quote2—Robert Crawley

“She’s always making trouble.”—Robert Crawley

Quote1I’m glad I was jealous of Shrimpie.  It’s made me realize what a fool I’ve been.  Downton will survive because of Matthew’s vision.  You always knew how lucky we are in Matthew, and now I give thanks for him.  As I give thanks for my home and my family.  And most of all, I give thanks for my wife.Quote2—Robert Crawley

Quote1I just want to give him a chance.Quote2—Robert Crawley

Extremely hospitable, genuinely kindhearted, stubbornly traditional, but above all a compassionate human being Robert Crawley is an Idealist.

Mary Crawley, PBS Masterpiece, Downton Abbey

Mary Crawley

Mary loses her virginity to a Turkish diplomat visiting Downton one Kemal Pamuk.  Pamuk tragically passes during the sexual encounter and Mary is left with a corpse in her bedroom.

Mary engages with her sister Edith in several malicious machinations mostly just perturbing potential suitors.

Mary takes an interest in the new heir, her distant cousin Matthew Crawley.

Over time, however, the pair grow closer and a romance develops.

Matthew proposes, to which Mary refuses to give him an answer.  Matthew withdraws his proposal and decides to leave Downton but war breaks out and he joins the British Army.

Mary has a brief unsuccessful romance with a new money capitalist Sir Richard Carlisle.  Carlisle possesses leverage over Mary due to her transgressions with Mr. Pamuk.  Despite this, she decides to break it off as she cannot bear his presence.

Matthew comes back from the war crippled but has a miraculous recovery.  Tragically his love interest passes of Spanish flu.  He proposes to Mary and marries her.  They have a son George.  Tragically he passes in a car crash.

Mary becomes agent of the estate after inheriting her late husbands share and after Branson leaves for Boston, Massachussets.

She mourns Matthew for about 6 months and then shacks up with an eligible bachelor Lord Anthony Gillingham.

Ultimately Mary lacks butterflies with Tony, and decides to discontinue the relationship.  Soon after she meets Branson’s friend Henry Talbot a mechanic and race car driver.

Mary blows up Edith’s engagement to a Marquess one Herbert Pelham by divulging the existence of Edith’s illegitimate daughter Marigold.

In August 1925, she and Henry Talbot marry at the St. Michael and All Angels Church.

Mary Crawley, PBS Masterpiece, Downton Abbey

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series

3 nominations: 2014, 2013, 2012

Quote1Obviously, it’s very shocking to someone of your generation.Quote2 — Mary Crawley

Quote1I’ve decided to live in the present and not spend my life regretting the past or dreading the future.Quote2 — Mary Crawley

Quote1I’m glad to hear it.  I should hate to be predictable.Quote2 — Mary Crawley

Quote1How very disappointed you must be.Quote2 — Mary Crawley

Quote1I don’t care a fig about rules.Quote2 — Mary Crawley

Quote1Haven’t you heard?  I don’t have a heart.  Everyone knows that.Quote2 — Mary Crawley

Quote1I wasn’t seduced, granny.Quote2 — Mary Crawley

“But not only Downton.  Us.  We must never take us for granted.  Who knows what’s coming?” — Mary Crawley

“Naturally, I’m not going to answer any of your questions, but I am impressed you should ask them.  Well done.” — Mary Crawley

“I’ll do it.  I don’t mind lying.” — Mary Crawley

Quote1Don’t think I’m amused.  I really dislike my hand being forced.Quote2 — Mary Crawley

“Nor me.  The truth is, I asked Barrow to get Stowell in trouble and I’m terribly afraid he overdid it.” — Mary Crawley

“Matthew, it’s torture for all of us.  And if I ever look as if I’m finding it easy to lose my home, then I am putting on an act.” — Mary Crawley

“Are we talking about sex, or love?” — Mary Crawley

Quote1It was lust, Matthew.  Or a need for excitement or something in him that I… Oh, God, what difference does it make?Quote2 — Mary Crawley

“Please stop treading on egg shells.  I’ve other fish to fry.” — Mary Crawley

“I have fallen.  I am impure.” — Mary Crawley

Quote1That’s why we must never take anything for granted.Quote2 — Mary Crawley

Quote1When I’m at Downton, I feel so weighed down, as if I were stuck at school for the rest of my life.  But tonight, you’ve made me play truant.  And I like it.Quote2 — Mary Crawley

“So I must brave the storm?” — Mary Crawley

“I’m trying.  Really, I am.  But I can’t pretend I’m doing very well. — Mary Crawley

“Oh, Matthew, what am I always telling you?  You must pay no attention to the things I say.” — Mary Crawley

“We must all join in.” — Mary Crawley

Quote1Spoilsport.Quote2 — Mary Crawley

“If you don’t, we will figure in a scandal of such magnitude it will never be forgotten until long after we’re both dead.  I’ll be ruined, Mama.  Ruined and notorious, a laughingstock, a social pariah.  Is that what you want for your eldest daughter?  Is it what you want for the family?” — Mary Crawley

“He was so beautiful.” — Mary Crawley

“The awful truth is he’s starting to get on my nerves.” — Mary Crawley

“It’s easy to be generous when you have nothing to lose.” — Mary Crawley

Quote1Of course.  You know me, Carson.  I’m never down for long.Quote2 — Mary Crawley

“What shall we do?  What would you like to do?” — Mary Crawley

“What’s it been like?  Have you missed us?” — Mary Crawley

“Anna, if you’re in difficulties I wish you’d tell me.” — Mary Crawley

“On the contrary.  I’m glad.  Glad to see you happy.” — Mary Crawley

“I suppose you’re more interested in books than country sports.” — Mary Crawley

“Not unhealthy.  Just unusual.  Among our kind of people.” — Mary Crawley

“It seems a bit odd, but why not?” — Mary Crawley

“I’ve been studying the story of Andromeda.  Do you know it?  Her father was King Cepheus, whose country was being ravaged by storms and, in the end, he decided the only way to appease the gods was to sacrifice his eldest daughter to a hideous sea monster.  So they chained her, naked to a rock.” — Mary Crawley

“But there’s nothing wrong in it.” — Mary Crawley

Quote1Who wants an old sea monster when they can have Perseus?Quote2 — Mary Crawley

Quote1Well, it’s nothing to me.  I’ve bigger fish to fry.Quote2 — Mary Crawley

“What, marry a sea monster?” — Mary Crawley

Quote1You know my character, father.  I’d never marry any man that I was told to.  I’m stubborn.  I wish I wasn’t, but I am.Quote2 — Mary Crawley

“So I am just to find a husband and get out of the way?” — Mary Crawley

“Do you realize this is the first time we’ve ever been alone?” — Mary Crawley

“I’m afraid I’ve worn you out.  Tomorrow we can just…” — Mary Crawley

“Oh, dear, if I answer truthfully, you’ll think me rather forward.” — Mary Crawley

“I don’t think we should pry.  It feels rather… disrespectful.” — Mary Crawley

“Papa prefers the servants to read the Bible and letters from home.” — Mary Crawley

“Your lot buys it.  My lot inherits it.” — Mary Crawley

Quote1At least I’m not fishing with no bait.Quote2 — Mary Crawley

“I always apologize when I’m in the wrong.  It’s a habit of mine.” — Mary Crawley

“Stuff and nonsense.  We Crawley’s stick together.” — Mary Crawley

“Of course.  But then I like a good argument.  Papa does not.” — Mary Crawley

“She’s nice enough but he’s… very full of himself.  Just an impression.” — Mary Crawley

Quote1He wasn’t really a fiance.Quote2 — Mary Crawley

Quote1I was only going to marry him if nothing better turned up.Quote2 — Mary Crawley

“You’re a darling.” — Mary Crawley

“We’ve danced all night.” — Mary Crawley

“It’s a terrific idea.  If anyone can keep me out of trouble, it’s you.” — Mary Crawley

Quote1I’m too busy living a life.Quote2 — Mary Crawley

“We were just looking around.” — Mary Crawley

“A year ago I thought I’d be alone forever.  That I would mourn Matthew to the end of my days.  Now I know that isn’t true, that there will be a new life for me one day.  And even if I can’t decide yet what life that should be, isn’t it something for us to celebrate?” — Mary Crawley

“That sounds rather ominous.” — Mary Crawley

“You don’t think you’re being a bit obvious?” — Mary Crawley

“He isn’t one of us.” — Mary Crawley

Quote1The odd thing is I feel, for the first time, really… I understand what it is to be happy.  It’s just I know that I won’t be.Quote2 — Mary Crawley

“I hope the day is living up to your expectations.” — Mary Crawley

Quote1Oh, I was never much one for going round by the road.Quote2 — Mary Crawley

“We all need crossing sweepers and draymen, too.  It doesn’t mean we have to dine with them.” — Mary Crawley

“Mama, the world is changing.” — Mary Crawley

Quote1Maybe no one.  I’d rather be alone than with the wrong man.Quote2 — Mary Crawley

Quote1I know you mean to help.  I know you love me.  But I also know what I’m capable of, and 40 years of boredom and duty just isn’t possible for me.  I’m sorry.Quote2 — Mary Crawley

“Not the first time you’ve got the wrong end of the stick.” — Mary Crawley

Quote1I’m a lost cause, Mama.  Leave me to manage my own affairs.Quote2 — Mary Crawley

“You know what all work and no play did for Jack.” — Mary Crawley

“I’ll admit that if I ever wanted to attract a man I’d steer clear of those clothes and that hat.” — Mary Crawley

“Mama, not again.  How many times am I to be ordered to marry the man sitting next to me at dinner?” — Mary Crawley

“Edith, I know we haven’t always got along and I doubt things change much in the future, but today I wish you all the luck in the world.” — Mary Crawley

“Life can be terribly unfair, can’t it.” — Mary Crawley

“Mr. Richard you flatter yourself.  It takes a great deal more than that to shock me.” — Mary Crawley

“Have you ever felt your life was somehow… slipping away?  And there was nothing you could do to stop it?” — Mary Crawley

“Because when it came to it he wasn’t right.  At least not for me.” — Mary Crawley

“I’m impressed.  My darling papa transformed into a Machiavelli at a touch.  Will wonders never cease?” — Mary Crawley

Quote1Everything seems so golden one minute, then turns to ashes the next.Quote2 — Mary Crawley

“You should learn to forget what I say.  I know I do.” — Mary Crawley

“Women like me don’t have a life.  We choose clothes and pay calls and work for charity and do the Season.  But really, we’re stuck in a waiting room until we marry.” — Mary Crawley

“My life makes me angry.  Not you.” — Mary Crawley

“I don’t believe a woman can be forced to give away all her money to a distant cousin of her husband’s.  Not in the 20th century.  It’s too ludicrous for words.” — Mary Crawley

“You can’t be serious.  I don’t have to think about it.  Marry a man who can barely hold his knife like a gentleman?” — Mary Crawley

“You’re American.  You don’t understand these things.” — Mary Crawley

“You’ll soon get used to the way things are done here.” — Mary Crawley

“But we’re not, don’t you see that?  We’re not in control of anything at all.” — Mary Crawley

“But you see, I’m not as sad as I should be.  And that’s what makes me sad.” — Mary Crawley

Quote1Well, I’m glad you’re fighting.  I’m glad somebody’s putting up a fight.Quote2 — Mary Crawley

Audacious, adaptable, impetuous, a fervent and active realist Mary Crawley is an Artisan.

Charles Carson, PBS Masterpiece, Downton Abbey

Charles Carson

Charles Ernest Carson began working at Downton Abbey as a Second Footman at the age of 19.  He lived at the estate to witness the birth of Robert and Cora’s three daughters: Mary, Edith and Sybil.  Soon after Carson is promoted to butler and holds tenure over the position for the better part of half a century.

Carson treats the staff to a day out at the beach.

Carson is asked to be the Chairman of the War Memorial in Downton Village.

Despite the committee’s insistence, Carson insists His Lordship be made Patron.

In May 1925 Carson marries his long time co-worker Elsie Hughes, the head housekeeper at Downton.

Seven months later he hands in his resignation after suffering from palsy.  

Underbutler Thomas Barrow replaces him as head butler.

Charles Carson, PBS Masterpiece, Downton Abbey

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

4 nominations: 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012

Quote1I am the butler at Downton.  My name is Carson.Quote2 — Charles Carson

Quote1You say ‘kinder’ I say weaker and less disciplined.Quote2 — Charles Carson

Quote1It’s a hard decision, Your Lordship, a very hard decision, but the honor of Downton is at stake.Quote2 — Charles Carson

Quote1Nothing.  Except at times I wonder if I’m just a sad old fool.Quote2 — Charles Carson

Quote1Then I will consider the case and give you my decision when I have discussed it with His Lordship.  Until then, I hope you will remain in your post.Quote2 — Charles Carson

Quote1It’s very hard to hear the names of people you love dragged in the mud.  You feel so powerless.Quote2 — Charles Carson

Quote1Keeping up standards is the only way to show the Germans that they will not beat us in the end.Quote2 — Charles Carson

Quote1I thought caution was a virtue.Quote2 — Charles Carson

Quote1I like to see things done properly, Mrs. Hughes, and I won’t apologize for that.  Now, if you’ll excuse me.Quote2 — Charles Carson

Quote1Monarchy is the lifeblood of Europe.Quote2 — Charles Carson

Quote1But I couldn’t work for a man that I don’t respect.  And I certainly couldn’t have left Downton for him.Quote2

Quote1You’re trespassing on our generosity.Quote2 — Charles Carson

Quote1You’d say if anything was wrong, wouldn’t you?  I know I’ve been a bit crabby, but I am on your side.Quote2 — Charles Carson

Quote1Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.Quote2 — Charles Carson

Quote1We shout and scream and wail and cry, but in the end we must all die.Quote2 — Charles Carson

“Is there some crisis of which I am unaware?” — Charles Carson

“I cannot think of another reason why you should congregate here.” — Charles Carson

Quote1I always think there’s something rather foreign about high spirits at breakfast.Quote2 — Charles Carson

“What is going on here?  At a time like this, of sober dignity!  Have you lost all sense of shame and propriety, sir?  What makes you think you’re the stuff of a first footman?  It’s Alfred who looks like a first footman to me.  Take a leaf from his book and learn to conduct yourself with discretion!” — Charles Carson

Quote1The nature of life is not permanence, but flux.Quote2 — Charles Carson

“Miss O’brien, we are about to host a society wedding.  I have no time for training young hobbledehoys.” — Charles Carson

“I do not forbid it because I have no right to do so.  But I do object, with every fiber of my being.” — Charles Carson

Quote1What a topsy-turvy world we’ve come to.Quote2 — Charles Carson

“Is he, m’lady?  Might I point out that we’re all busy but we still find time to support the honor of the house.” — Charles Carson

“She’s the widow of a murderer.  She’ll have to get used to a degree of notoriety, I’m afraid.  And so will we, as the house that shelters her.” — Charles Carson

“Quite m’lord.” — Charles Carson

“It won’t be the first time I’ve gone without sleep.” — Charles Carson

Quote1Human nature’s a funny business, isn’t it?Quote2 — Charles Carson

“It’d be a huge wrench for me to leave Downton.” — Charles Carson

“I dare say.  Not while we’re entertaining, but otherwise.” — Charles Carson

Quote1Nothing ‘goes on’ in any house where I’m in authority.Quote2 — Charles Carson

Quote1Have you lost your mind?  You’re a footman, not a traveling salesman.  Please keep your opinions on the catering to yourself!Quote2 — Charles Carson

“Well if I did, I learned from it.  And that’s all I’m asking from him.” — Charles Carson

“If you ask me, we are staring into the chaos of Gomorrah.” — Charles Carson

“Alfred has embarrassed the family.  He forced Mr. Matthew to appear downstairs improperly dressed.” — Charles Carson

Quote1I will not tolerate vulgarity, thank you, Miss O’Brien.Quote2— Charles Carson

Quote1Are you quite well, m’lady?Quote2 — Charles Carson

“I await Lady Mary’s instruction.” — Charles Carson

“The plain fact is Mr. Bates, through no fault of his own, is not able to fulfill the extra duties expected of him.  He can’t lift, he can’t serve at table, he’s dropping things all over the place.” — Charles Carson

“On a night like tonight, he should act as a third footman.  As it is, m’lord, we may have to have a maid in the dining room.” — Charles Carson

“Even a butler has his favorites, m’lady. — Charles Carson

Quote1We’re all behind you, m’lady.  The staff.  We’re all on your side.Quote2 — Charles Carson

“No, I’m not comfortable with this, my lady.  I’m not comfortable at all.” — Charles Carson

“Certainly not.  I shall look after His Grace myself.” — Charles Carson

“Mr. Bates is leaving without a stain on his character.  I hope you all observe that in the manner of your parting.” — Charles Carson

“I knew he would bring shame on this house.” — Charles Carson

“There is no obligation for the whole staff to be present.” — Charles Carson

“It will be.  If there’s any justice in the world.” — Charles Carson

“Well, it’s certainly a great day for Downton, to welcome a duke under our roof.” — Charles Carson

“Dinner is served, m’lady.” — Charles Carson

“Oh, I do take it personally, Mrs. Hughes.  I can’t stand by and watch our family threatened with the loss of all they hold dear.” — Charles Carson

“Well, I reckon you work hard and you deserve to succeed.  You just have to stick at it, and you will.” — Charles Carson

Quote1The world can be a shocking place, Alfred, but you are a man now and you must learn to take it on the chin.Quote2 — Charles Carson

“I hope you don’t judge me too harshly.” — Charles Carson

Quote1Well, they’re all the family I’ve got.Quote2 — Charles Carson

“Not at all, m’lord.  Thomas will take care of you, while you’re here.” — Charles Carson

“Good morning, Mr. Bates.  Welcome.  I hope your journey was satisfactory?” — Charles Carson

“Do the Times first.  He only reads that at breakfast.  And the Sketch for Her Ladyship.  You can manage the others later if need be.” — Charles Carson

“Not worse than a maid serving a duke.” — Charles Carson

“I would rather be put to death, m’lord.” — Charles Carson

“What ‘old lady’ are you referring to, Thomas?  You cannot mean her ladyship the Dowager Countess.  Not if you wish to remain in this house.” — Charles Carson

Quote1Downton is a great house Mr. Bates, and the Crawleys are a great family.  We live by certain standards, and those standards can at first seem daunting.Quote2 — Charles Carson

“William?  Are you aware the seam at your shoulder is coming apart?  You will mend it now.  And you will never gain appear in public in a similar state of undress.” — Charles Carson

“If you find yourself tongue-tied in the presence of His Lordship, I can only assure you that his manners and grace will soon help you to perform your duties to the best of your ability.” — Charles Carson

Quote1I’m not entirely sure that he will prove equal to the task but Your Lordship will be the judge of that.Quote2 — Charles Carson

Quote1To progress in your chosen career, William, you must remember that a good servant at all times retains a sense of pride and dignity that reflects the pride and dignity of the family he serves.  And never make me remind you of it again.Quote2 — Charles Carson

Stalwart, virtuous, tireless, and professional at all times Charles Carson is a Guardian.

Violet Crawley, Downton Abbey, Masterpiece PBS

Violet Crawley

Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham is the matriarch of the Crawley Family by her marriage to the late Earl of Grantham.

She is the mother of Robert Crawley, the 7th Earl of Grantham, and of Lady Rosamund Painswick (née Crawley), and the grandmother of Robert and his wife Cora’s three daughters: Mary, Edith, and Sybil. Through her granddaughters she has three great-grandchildren: Mary’s son George, Sybil’s daughter Sybbie, and Edith’s daughter Marigold.

Violet locks horns with the heir’s mother, Isobel Crawley.

The Countess ultimately embraces all of her new family and does her best to usher everyone in.

She works to minimize any scandal brought down on the family, and puts her efforts mainly into maintaining healthy minds within it.

Violet Crawley, Downton Abbey, Masterpiece PBS

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series

3 wins: 20162012, 2011

Quote1If I were to search for logic, I should not look for it among the English upper class.Quote2 — Violet Crawley

Quote1Lawyers are always confident before the verdict.  It’s only afterwards they share their doubts.Quote2 — Violet Crawley

Quote1Alas, I am beyond impropriety.Quote2 — Violet Crawley

Quote1Sometimes I feel as if I were living in an H.G. Wells novel.Quote2 — Violet Crawley

Quote1Men notice nothing.Quote2 — Violet Crawley

Quote1I don’t need you to tell me the world is falling about our ears.Quote2 — Violet Crawley

Quote1The aristocracy has not survived by its intransigence.Quote2 — Violet Crawley

Quote1It’s the job of grandmothers to interfere.Quote2 — Violet Crawley

Quote1Oh, well, that is an easy caveat to accept because I’m never wrong.Quote2 — Violet Crawley

Quote1‘Lie’… is so unmusical a word.  I want you to review the evidence honestly and without bias.Quote2 — Violet Crawley

Quote1My dearest boy.  There is no test on earth greater than the one you have been put to.  I do not speak much of the heart, since it’s seldom helpful to do so, but I know well enough the pain when it is broken.Quote2 — Violet Crawley

Quote1Peace.  A woman of my age can face reality far better than most men.Quote2 — Violet Crawley

Quote1Well I’ve been reminded recently that one is not given many chances in life, and if you miss them, they may not necessarily be repeated.Quote2 — Violet Crawley

“Don’t let us hide behind the changing times, my dear.” — Violet Crawley

Quote1So what?  I have plenty of friends I don’t like.Quote2 — Violet Crawley

Quote1Any port in a storm.Quote2 — Violet Crawley

Quote1I have lived through great wars and my share of grief.  I think I can manage an impertinent question from a doctor.Quote2 — Violet Crawley

“We all pander to Spratt in this house, Denker.  He rules us with a rod of iron.” — Violet Crawley

“Perhaps Sir Richard had a hand in it.  And while we’re on the subject of unsuitable spouses…” — Violet Crawley

“My dear, love is a far more dangerous motive than dislike.” — Violet Crawley

“I do not criticize your motives but did you really consider?” — Violet Crawley

Quote1Sometimes it’s good to rule by fear.Quote2 — Violet Crawley

“Grief makes one so terribly tired.” — Violet Crawley

“On the contrary, it’s the most honest thing she’s ever said to me.” — Violet Crawley

“Well, what would you prefer?  That I invite the local criminals to drop in and strip the house bare?” — Violet Crawley

Quote1My dear, when tragedies strike, we try to find someone to blame, and in the absence of a suitable candidate we usually blame ourselves.  You are not to blame.  No one is to blame.  Our darling Sybil has died during child birth like too many women before her.  And all we can do now is cherish her memory and her child.Quote2 — Violet Crawley

Quote1Oh, don’t be, don’t be.  It was a wedding present from a frightful aunt.  I have hated it for half a century.Quote2 — Violet Crawley

Quote1Nothing succeeds like excess.Quote2 — Violet Crawley

Quote1He looks as if he’s waiting for a beating from the headmaster.Quote2 — Violet Crawley

Quote1Edith dear, you are a woman with a brain and reasonable ability.  Stop whining and find something to do!Quote2 — Violet Crawley

“How?  He’s done it before, he must be in possession of all the facts.” — Violet Crawley

“Now if you can all put your swords away perhaps we can finish our dinner in a civilized manner.” — Violet Crawley

“Principles are like prayers.  Noble, of course, but awkward at a party.” — Violet Crawley

“He’s hardly the consummation devoutly to be wished.” — Violet Crawley

“No doubt to lead you down the primrose path of dalliance.” — Violet Crawley

“Since we have a country solicitor and a car mechanic, it’s only a matter of time.” — Violet Crawley

“He’s a fortune hunter, my dear.  A pleasant one, I admit, but a fortune hunter.” — Violet Crawley

Quote1My dear, a lack of compassion can be as vulgar as an excess of tears.Quote2 — Violet Crawley

“Oh, don’t say that.  It’s our job to provide employment.  An aristocrat with no servants is as much use to the county as a glass hammer.” — Violet Crawley

“I think she was very foolish not to take him when she could.  I told her so.” — Violet Crawley

“My only fear is that you admire her money more.” — Violet Crawley

“No guest should ever be admitted without the date of their departure settled.” — Violet Crawley

“You’ve been reading those Communist newspapers again.” — Violet Crawley

“We must work with what we’ve got, to minimize the scandal.” — Violet Crawley

“I’m not being ridiculous.  No Englishman would dream of dying in someone else’s house.  Especially someone they didn’t even know.” — Violet Crawley

“Well, I hope we’re in control of something, if only ourselves.” — Violet Crawley

“Never mistake a wish for a certainty.” — Violet Crawley

“God moves in a mysterious way.  His wonders to perform.” — Violet Crawley

“In this case, Mary has the trump card.  Mary is family.” — Violet Crawley

“No family is ever what it seems from the outside.” — Violet Crawley

Quote1She reads too many novels.  I mean, one way or another, everyone goes down the aisle with half the story hidden.Quote2 — Violet Crawley

Quote1Well, if she doesn’t, we’ll just have to take her abroad.  In these moments, you can normally find an Italian who isn’t too picky.Quote2 — Violet Crawley

Quote1I always thought this family might be approaching dissolution.  I didn’t know dissolution was already upon us.Quote2 — Violet Crawley

“I am a woman of many parts.” — Violet Crawley

“You’ll find we Crawley’s stick together.” — Violet Crawley

“So now I’m an outsider who need not be consulted?” — Violet Crawley

“Sir Richard, life is a game in which the player must appear ridiculous.” — Violet Crawley

Quote1It’s bad enough parenting a child when you like each other.Quote2 — Violet Crawley

“Yes, I have been very fortunate in that regard.” — Violet Crawley

“Why?  She didn’t know him.  One can’t go to pieces at the death of every foreigner.  We’d all be in a state of collapse whenever we opened a newspaper.” — Violet Crawley

“Ah, just the ticket.  Nanny always said sweet tea was the thing for frayed nerves.  Though why it has to be sweet I couldn’t tell you.” — Violet Crawley

“Of course I’ve heard, why else would I be here?” — Violet Crawley

“Why does every day involve a fight with an American?” — Violet Crawley

“Why do you always have to pretend to be nicer than the rest of us.” — Violet Crawley

“He flatters me.  I’m tougher than I look.” — Violet Crawley

“The one thing we don’t want is a poet in the family.” — Violet Crawley

“Then pity your wife, whose fortune must go to this odd young man, who talks about ‘weekends’ and ‘jobs.'” — Violet Crawley

Quote1You were quite right.  When something bad happens, there’s no point in wishing it had not happened.  The only option is to minimize the damage.Quote2 — Violet Crawley

“Well I doubt I’d expect to curtsey to Their Majesties in June, when I’d been arrested at a riot in May, but then I’m old.  Things may be different now.” — Violet Crawley

“My imagination is running riot.” — Violet Crawley

“Not if it isn’t in their best interests.” — Violet Crawley

“Please don’t think we’re grateful for your enthusiasm Mrs. Crawley, but there comes a time when things are best left to the proffessionals.” — Violet Crawley

“Put an end to her meddling.” — Violet Crawley

“No one can foresee the future, Doctor.  Not you, not I, and certainly not Mrs. Crawley.” — Violet Crawley

“Robert dear, I don’t mean to sound harsh — 24 years ago you married Cora, against my wishes, for her money.  Give it away now, what was the point of your peculiar marriage in the first place?” — Violet Crawley

“No.  I couldn’t have electricity in the house.  I wouldn’t sleep a wink.  All those vapors seeping about.” — Violet Crawley

“He’s Robert’s third cousin once removed.  I have never, to my knowledge, set eyes on him.” — Violet Crawley

“My dear, I didn’t come here to fight.  Lord Grantham wanted to protect the estate.  It never occurred to him that you wouldn’t have a son.” — Violet Crawley

“Is that what they call discussion in New York?” — Violet Crawley

“We are allies, my dear, which can be a good deal more effective.” — Violet Crawley

“I didn’t run Downton for 30 years to see it go, lock, stock and barrel, to a stranger from God knows where.” — Violet Crawley

“The queen of Naples was a stalwart figure.  I take it as a compliment.” — Violet Crawley

“I never cared for James.  He was too like his mother, and a nastier woman never drew breath.” — Violet Crawley

Logical, linguistical, intellectual, and sometimes a bit shrewd Violet Crawley is a Rational.

Native Province

Showtime clandestine ops drama Homeland copped 4 nominations this year including Claire Danes who’s been in contention 5 years running.

Showtime and Starz subscriptions are now available for 7 day free trials on Amazon Prime here.

Homeland has been renewed for Seasons 7 and 8.  Season 6 will air Sunday, January 15th at 9PM ET/PT with principal photography commencing in New York City several weeks from now.

Rottentomatoes: 90%

Metacritic: 92

IMDb: 8.4

Emmys: 8 wins 33 nominations


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Merciless Statecraft


Netflix white house drama House of Cards bagged 13 Emmy nominations this year and is available here.

Fight Club director David Fincher will be looking for his second golden winged lady holding an atom.

Cards enjoyed five Outstanding Guest Actor/Actress noms this year alone.

Rottentomatoes: 84%

Metacritic: 76

IMDb: 9.0

Emmys: 6 wins 46 nominations


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