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Showtime clandestine ops drama Homeland copped 4 nominations this year including Claire Danes who’s been in contention 5 years running.

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Homeland has been renewed for Seasons 7 and 8.  Season 6 will air Sunday, January 15th at 9PM ET/PT with principal photography commencing in New York City several weeks from now.

Rottentomatoes: 90%

Metacritic: 92

IMDb: 8.4

Emmys: 8 wins 33 nominations


carrie_3Carrie Mathison

As a field operative in Iraq, Carrie was given information regarding an imminent attack on U.S. soil involving an American P.O.W. who has been ‘turned’ by al-Qaeda figure Abu Nazir.

Coincidentally 10 months later Nicholas Brody, a U.S. Marine platoon sergeant, has been rescued after eight years in terrorist captivity.

Carrie commissions an unauthorized surveillance package on Brody’s home.

Carrie braces Brody at a veteran’s support group.  The two develop a genuine rapport and bond over their mutual experiences in the Middle East.  They elope in Carrie’s automobile.

“Parking lot sex.  Classy.” — Carrie Mathison

The two continue their romance and kinoodle at Carrie’s ancestral cabin.  Carrie accidentally mentions his favorite tea Yorkshire Gold, and Brody realizes she’s been spying on him.  

She comes clean and confronts him about where his allegiances stand.  He vaguely admits to being Muslim and meeting Abu Nazir before leaving.

Carrie is dismissed from the CIA due to the conflict of interest involved in her romantic relationship with Sergeant Brody.

Brody’s comrade and fellow captive Corporal Thomas Walker initiates a sniper attack on American dignitaries putting Brody in a bunker wearing a suicide vest with 27 of America’s best and brightest.

Brody relents from the attack due to a vest malfunction and following an emergency phone call from his daughter Dana.

Carrie’s mental health issues manifest and she  gets electroconvulsive therapy of her own volition.

Six months later Carrie is shoehorned back into the CIA when her bosses Saul Berenson and David Estes fly her to Lebanon for a meeting with an old asset of hers Fatima Ali.  

Fatima relinquishes the time and location of a planned meeting between her husband and Abu Nazir in exchange for defection.

Carrie, Saul, and Estes set up an operation to capture al-Qaeda commander-in-chief Abu Nazir, but Sergeant Brody tips him off and abeds his escape.

In Beirut Saul happens upon a memory card containing Brody’s confession to the aborted State Department bombing.

Carrie attempts suicide by overdosing on her medication.  She changes her mind via reverse peristalsis.  Moments later Saul arrives with Brody’s confession.

Brody’s confession convinces Estes to let Carrie surveille Brody under the supervision of black ops specialist Peter Quinn.

Carrie gets Brody in an interrogation room off the grid and breaks him, he admits to his collaboration and work with Nazir and other al-Qaeda associates.

He also reveals the fact that there is an imminent and premeditated attack coming soon to American soil.

Brody is then turned and becomes a double agent.

Nazir detains Carrie and  leverages her life over Brody precipitating an assassination of Vice President William Walden.

Nazir releases Carrie and is slain.

During the Vice President’s service on 12/12 al-Qaeda operatives detonate a bomb planted in Congressman Brody’s car at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia.  The blast kills over 219 active agents.

Al-Qaeda top brass then leaks Brody’s confession video to American news outlets, framing him for the bombing.  He leaves and crosses the southern U.S. border.

Carrie is scapegoated to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence when Saul divulges her bipolar disorder in his testimony.

Carrie endures a small stint in a mental institution.  She is then approached by the man responsible for the bombing Majid Javadi, second in command of Iran’s Intelligence Directorate and deputy chief of the IRGC.

They round up Brody and get him to seek political asylum in Tehran, Iran with the express goal of assassinating the leader of the Revolutionary Guard one Danesh Akbari.

Brody’s first attempt fails but ultimately he enters the Revolutionary Guard headquarters and strangles Akbari with his bare hands.

Javadi demands Brody’s head in exchange for his potential work with the CIA.  Brody is captured, convicted of treason and sentenced to death.  He is hanged in a public square in Tehran.

Several years later Carrie is working the private sector in Berlin, Germany with her daughter Frannie.

Several attempts are made on Carrie’s life as a result of a data penetration made on CIA’s Berlin Station.  

This turns out to be an attempt to cover up the biggest penetration of American Intelligence in history courtesy of Allison Carr and the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR).

A terrorist cell poisons Carrie’s co-worker and close friend Peter Quinn with sarin, and threatens to unleash a chemical attack on a major European city unless the UNSC officially recognizes their group geographically.

Carrie stops their biological attack on Hauptbahnhof  train station.

Quinn survives but remains in a coma and suffers a massive brain hemorrhage.  She visits him in the hospital and removes his pulse monitor leaving his fate ambiguous.

Carrie Mathison, Showtime, Homeland

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series

2 wins: 2013, 2012

Quote1Go ahead.  I’m a big girl.  I can take it.Quote2 — Carrie Mathison

Quote1He’s got intel about an imminent attack on U.S. soil.Quote2 — Carrie Mathison

Quote1All that suffering and nothing changes.Quote2 — Carrie Mathison

Quote1I am trying so hard to do what’s right.Quote2 — Carrie Mathison

Quote1It’s my job.  It’ll always be my job don’t you get that?Quote2 — Carrie Mathison

Quote1I have a lot of work to do.  There’s no time for rest.Quote2 — Carrie Mathison

Quote1I know the protocol, Saul.  This isn’t my first polka.Quote2 — Carrie Mathison

Quote1Saul, please.  I’m just making sure we don’t get hit again.Quote2 — Carrie Mathison

“I’m serious.  I missed something once before.  I won’t.  I can’t let that happen again.” — Carrie Mathison

“What happened to his partner?  Brody was a scout sniper.  They work in pairs.  Corporal Thomas Walker also went missing that day.” — Carrie Mathison

“Sergeant Brody my name is Carrie Mathison, I served as case officer in Iraq.   Your picture was on our MIA wall.  I saw it everyday for five years.  It’s good to meet you in person.” — Carrie Mathison

“I’m sorry we were unable to find you sooner.” — Carrie Mathison

“Abu Nazir’s always unorthodox.  That’s why he’s still out there.” — Carrie Mathison

“He has nightmares where he repeatedly begs someone to kill him in Arabic.  He’s too ashamed or scared or both to face the press outside his house or take calls from the TV news so what does he do?  He finds shelter in the corner of the bedroom where he hasn’t moved in over five hours.” — Carrie Mathison

“As you know, the first 72 hours after a soldier’s capture are critical.  What he knows can be used by the enemy during that period to devastating effect.  The point is Sergeant Brody stopped being a source of actionable intelligence fairly quickly, and yet he was kept alive for eight more years.  I’d like to ask him if he knows why.” — Carrie Mathison

Quote1Abu Nazir’s bomb-maker told me an American prisoner of war had been turned.  And he was coming home to carry out an attack.Quote2 — Carrie Mathison

“He told me minutes before he was executed.” — Carrie Mathison

“I’ve got a mood disorder, ok?” — Carrie Mathison

Quote1I have to go work.Quote2 — Carrie Mathison

“You broke my heart you know.  Was that easy for you?  Was that fun?  Because of you, I questioned my own sanity.  I had myself committed to a mental institution.  I lost my job, too.  I lost my place in the world.  I lost everything.” — Carrie Mathison

“I’m ok.  And they have a major situation that I know how to fix.  I know how to stop it.” — Carrie Mathison

“Freedom of information act.” — Carrie Mathison

“167.  According to Pakistan’s foreign ministry.  Also missile strikes and ground ops.  During my time as station chief in Kabul” — Carrie Mathison

Quote1Well, I’m on my own now that’s for damn sure.  Do you really want to know the truth?  I’ve been on my own for a while now.Quote2 — Carrie Mathison

“It was the Russians.  It was the Russians who did it.  That is confirmed.  They used your operation to try to take me out, and it was not their first attempt.  That bomb in Syria at the refugee camp, it wasn’t meant for Düring; it was for me.” — Carrie Mathison

“Because they don’t want me to see something in the documents those hackers stole from you.” — Carrie Mathison

“He’s sending a message to somebody — a handler, a sleeper cell, somebody.” — Carrie Mathison

“And now he’s placing a bag of god knows what in our blind spot?  Jesus Christ Virgil.” — Carrie Mathison

“I wanted to tell you at Langley but I couldn’t, it was still classified.  But I need you to know that I did not betray your confidence to anyone.  I would never do that.” — Carrie Mathison

“It’s happening.  Exactly like you said.  He’s out there.  Playing the hero card.” — Carrie Mathison

“How do you not call?  How do you not send a fucking Christmas card?” — Carrie Mathison

“That doesn’t mean I’m wrong.” — Carrie Mathison

“I recruited her Saul, right here in this city.” — Carrie Mathison

Quote1But I helped her through an abusive domestic situation.  I practically saved her life.Quote2 — Carrie Mathison

“There’s no more time, Saul.  It’s high purple.” — Carrie Mathison

“I’m dealing with it.  I’ve been dealing with it since I was 22.” — Carrie Mathison

“Nazir is in our sights.  We have to play this out.” — Carrie Mathison

“I think the symbolism of murderinng 300 american soldiers in front of their wives and children is quintessential Nazir.  It’s an idea worthy of him.  Elite troops just back from killing Muslims on the battlefield just when they think they’re out of harm’s way?” — Carrie Mathison

“Yeah I guess I was.  But you know if I think about an incident that’s upsetting to me, I think it would have to be when he sold me down the river in front of the fucking Senate Select Committee.  Now, that.  That was upsetting.” — Carrie Mathison

“You said you have information about an attack by Abu Nazir.” — Carrie Mathison

Quote1Lynne Reed was killed 3 weeks ago.  That means we’re 3 weeks behind the bad guys.Quote2 — Carrie Mathison

“Nothing is worse than letting Brody witness this interrogation.  The blowback will be profound.” — Carrie Mathison

“You are soldiers involved in a political struggle.  These are zealots prophesizing the arrival of the Mahdi and a countdown to the Apocalypse.” — Carrie Mathison

“Facts are facts, and we have about a week maybe less to figure out the real target.” — Carrie Mathison

Quote1Walker’s not even critical.  He-He’s just a part.  A piece.  A pixel.  A pawn of no importance.  There is a bigger, pernicious, Abu Nazir worthy plot out there and we have little time.  We-we have to code it.  Collide it.  Collapse it.  Contain it.Quote2 — Carrie Mathison

“So ask me offline, don’t torpedo my briefing.” — Carrie Mathison

“Because Abu Nazir is playing the long game and no one suspects a thing.” — Carrie Mathison

Quote1To authorize a surveillance package.  To tap his phones, wire his house, follow him wherever he goes.Quote2 — Carrie Mathison

“Well of course he won’t.  The White House needs a poster-boy for the war, and David just served him up on a platter.  That’s why I’m coming to you.” — Carrie Mathison

Quote1Carefully, over a matter of months.Quote2 — Carrie Mathison

Quote1This is about operational security.Quote2 — Carrie Mathison

“Please tell me you found something.” — Carrie Mathison

“I’m not a traitor.” — Carrie Mathison

“No, that is non-negotiable.” — Carrie Mathison

“Friends?  Oh, yeah.  Yeah do I wanna be friends with a demented ex-soldier who hates America?  Who decided strapping on a bomb was the answer to what ailed him?” — Carrie Mathison

“Who in the end didn’t have the stones to go through with it but had no problem sending me to the nuthouse?” — Carrie Mathison

Quote1You’re a disgrace to your nation, Sergeant Nicholas Brody.  You’re a traitor and a terrorist.  And now it’s time you pay for that.Quote2 — Carrie Mathison

“All right, you heard him.  Let’s start putting everybody through facial recognition, cross-referencing with INS, DMV, every data-base we’ve got.” — Carrie Mathison

“I’m a trained interrogator.  I’ll ask him a few questions, poke around his story a little.” — Carrie Mathison

Quote1Don’t we have a moral obligation?Quote2 — Carrie Mathison

Quote1I’m gonna be alone my whole life aren’t I?Quote2 — Carrie Mathison

“Abu Nazir’s express goal is an attack on our country.  It’s his holy grail.” — Carrie Mathison

“I’m not your daughter, Saul.  I don’t need you telling me what to do.” — Carrie Mathison

“That doesn’t mean I’m wrong.  It just means he may be laying low for awhile.  Turned and trained, but a sleeper.” — Carrie Mathison

“We believe the purpose of his visit is to move funds to one of Abu Nazir’s people here in the United States.  If we can flag the transfer, we can follow the money to Nazir’s operative.” — Carrie Mathison

Quote1But if I’m right, if he is a terrorist, we need eyes and ears on Brody from the minute he steps off that plane.Quote2 — Carrie Mathison

Concerned, stoic, courageous, and heroic Carrie Mathison is a Guardian.

Saul Berenson, Showtime, Homeland

Saul Berenson

Saul Berenson recruited Carrie Mathison as a young Arabic language student at Princeton University.  He is Middle East Division Chief of the CIA.

He reluctantly acquiesces her unauthorized surveillance of Sergeant Nicholas Brody, but tries to remain level-headed regarding the matter.

After an operation with Carrie in Beirut, Saul finds a copy of the confession tape that Brody had recorded prior to his suicide vest incident.

This leads to Saul, Carrie, and Estes forming a task force attempting to use Brody as a double agent against al-Qaeda operatives.  Soon after this task force is assembled Abu Nazir is killed and the 12/12 bombing of CIA headquarters takes places in Langley, Virginia killing 219 agents.  

As a result of Estes’ death Saul becomes acting director of the CIA.  Saul pulls the trigger on an operation executing 6 high priority al-Qaeda associates in retaliation for the 12/12 bombing.

Saul is forced to lean on Carrie and her history of mental illness in order to maintain the integrity of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Saul dangles an unhinged and unstable Carrie over his old friend and 2nd in command in Iran one Majid Javadi, who takes the bait.  

Javadi embezzled millions from the Iranian government to fund the 12/12 attack, and is turned into a high level CIA asset placed in Iran’s Revolutionary Guard.

Saul sends Brody to Iran where he asks for asylum.  Saul wants him assassinate the commander-in-chief of Iran’s revolutionary guard Danesh Akbari so CIA asset Majid Javadi can take his place.

Brody makes it into Tehran, where his first attempt to kill Akbari fails.  Ultimately Brody is able to suffocate the Intelligence Chief of Iran in his office and flees.

Brody’s location is given up to the Iranians at the adamant request of Javadi before his extraction package can render.

Brody is executed in Tehran.  Saul is fired by his new boss Senator Andrew Lockhart and he heads over to the private sector.

Saul spends a short time in Pakistani captivity as a bargaining chip of terrorist Haissam Haqqani.

Saul is rehired by the CIA after his time in captivity.

Soon after, a data breech occurs releasing information about the BND or Federal Intelligence Service bypassing German privacy laws by having the Americans run surveillance for them.

This data breech exposes Berlin Station Chief Allison Carr’s divulgence of CIA intel to the SVR for over 10 years.  Saul collars her.

Saul Berenson, Showtime, Homeland

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

2 nominations : 2014, 2013

Quote1Being a spy isn’t the same as sitting in a hide waiting for the enemy to come under your guns.  You’re in the jungle, usually in the dark, with bad information and unreliable partners.Quote2 — Saul Berenson

Quote1I’m just trying to make the correct call here.Quote2 — Saul Berenson

Quote1Yeah, a win would be nice.  Another fuck-up would be fatal.Quote2 — Saul Berenson

Quote1I treated you like an elite intelligence officer.  So start fucking behaving like one.Quote2 — Saul Berenson

“The implications are catastrophic.  It’d mean the Russians have been inside our intelligence apparatus in Europe for almost a decade.” — Saul Berenson

“My legacy, is that right?  Honestly I don’t know what the fuck we’re doing here anymore.” — Saul Berenson

“Major, you’re being told by fellow intelligence officers respectfully at this point, not to pursue your unauthorized freelance investigation into a matter of national security.  Nod your head if you understand.” — Saul Berenson

Quote1An arrest at this time would be of negative value.  We don’t wanna spook Abu Nazir before we know how many others he’s activated.Quote2 — Saul Berenson

“Wanna tell me why the Russians give a shit whether you’re alive or dead?” — Saul Berenson

Quote1I say this respectfully.  One professional to another.  You’re playing a bad hand.Quote2 — Saul Berenson

“Well your not, you’re being naive and stupid.  Something you never were before.” — Saul Berenson

Quote1Which is why we need to initiate an operation immediately.  Work up files on all these people.Quote2 — Saul Berenson

“I expect you to consider deeply the upside of placing a U.S. asset at the very top of the Iranian food chain.  That’s what I expect.” — Saul Berenson

“Javadi won’t be just an intelligence source.  He’ll be in control of the entire Iranian security apparatus.” — Saul Berenson

“All of which makes complete sense after 8 years in captivity.  If Brody had really been turned as you say.  You know what he’d more likely be doing by now?  Talking to the press outside his house, doing TV interviews.  Playing the hero card for every penny it’s worth.” — Saul Berenson

“I know.  But he can do something.  Something to break the logjam.  Something besides another war.  Something that’ll change the facts on the ground… just enough so two countries that haven’t been able to communicate for over 30 years except through terrorist actions and threats… can sit down and talk.  That’s the play Carrie.  Tell me it’s not worth your time.” — Saul Berenson

“No one should suffer for my mistakes.  Let alone the whole country.” — Saul Berenson

“And the single greatest impediment to peace.  I want him gone.” — Saul Berenson

Quote1I’ve recruited a high level Iranian asset.  IRGC deputy chief Majid Javadi.Quote2 — Saul Berenson

“Vulnerability’s been patched.  System’s been tested and found secure.  But classified material was accessed… and removed.” — Saul Berenson

“A number of the documents contained details of our working relationship.” — Saul Berenson

“Could be the last order we ever give.  Take ’em.  Take ’em all.” — Saul Berenson

“I understand that.  I doubt a grand jury will.” — Saul Berenson

Quote1Surveillance equipment, a few good men.Quote2 — Saul Berenson

Quote1The information is flawed.Quote2 — Saul Berenson

“In the meantime I still have two weeks left on my watch and a lot of work to do.” — Saul Berenson

“Our obligation is to stop the next attack on America.  Which you won’t be apart of if you keep pursuing this.” — Saul Berenson

“What were his exact words, please?” — Saul Berenson

“You’re not a fanatic.  You’re a pragmatist.  Always have been.” — Saul Berenson

Quote1Something has to change.  You hit us we hit you.  It’s always the same.Quote2 — Saul Berenson

“Well we’re both old men, there’s no disputing that.  We are.  It’s the curse of old men to realize that in the end, we control nothing.  So we lash out.  Buenos Aires.  Berlin.  Bergen.” — Saul Berenson

Quote1For years we toiled in back rooms, you and I.  We toiled while shallower men held the stage, waiting for our time to come, gradually understanding it never would.  Now it has, unexpectedly.Quote2 — Saul Berenson

“There’s no one doing the obvious.  Someone got ahold of our plan to install General Youssef in Syria.  How?  How would they know?  I want that building swept.  Down to the studs.  I’m hoping it is.  ‘Cause if it isn’t… we’ve got an even bigger problem.Quote2 — Saul Berenson

Quote1I.  Know.  A way.Quote2 — Saul Berenson

“You can’t deny the facts– what we just witnessed, just ’cause you find them inconvenient. — Saul Berenson

“Some habits die hard, I guess.” — Saul Berenson

“Turning touches the stubbornness in people.  He’s a stubborn man to begin with.” — Saul Berenson

“All six targets are vulnerable in that timeframe?” — Saul Berenson

Quote1Six separate ops conducted on three different continents, an untested command-and-control team and a short clock…Quote2 — Saul Berenson

“I find that everything means more to me as I get older.” — Saul Berenson

“There’s a line between between us that you drew.  Forget that.  There’s a fuckin’ wall.  Let’s stay on our own sides of it, okay?” — Saul Berenson

Quote1I didn’t want the job.  I never asked for the job.  I’m not temperamentally suited to it.Quote2 — Saul Berenson

“By his own admission, Brody’s in a confused state.  Spent 12 hours in the company of a man who has considerable power over him.” — Saul Berenson

“Revoke our charter?  Yeah.  Congress has that power.” — Saul Berenson

Quote1We’re not assassins, Mira.  We’re spies.  We don’t kill our targets if we don’t have to.  We trawl for ’em, we develop ’em, and then we redirect them against more important targets.Quote2 — Saul Berenson

Quote1I still prefer to figure the problem out.  Not obliterate it.Quote2 — Saul Berenson

“Has it occurred to you at the very least we’ll be able to observe Brody at close quarters in a high stress environment which we can control.” — Saul Berenson

“This is the one piece of intel you recovered in Beirut that Estes and his mob haven’t seen yet.” — Saul Berenson

“Nope still waiting.  We’ve doubled up on surveillance, so whatever she does next we’ll be on it.” — Saul Berenson

Quote1Well, ‘good’ is probably an overstatement.Quote2 — Saul Berenson

“You were right.” — Saul Berenson

“It ended badly last time.  For you.  For everyone.” — Saul Berenson

Quote1I’m saying it’s not a coincidence we can ignore.Quote2 — Saul Berenson

Quote1We debriefed him.  Turned him.  He’s ours.Quote2 — Saul Berenson

“How many times must we have this discussion there’s no evidence linking Brody to Abu Nazir.” — Saul Berenson

Quote1You don’t know a goddamned thing.  You’re the smartest and the dumbest fucking person I’ve ever known.Quote2 — Saul Berenson

“I can’t be here all night we got an emergency going on out there.” — Saul Berenson

Quote1The real world will not wait for these burea-fucking-cratic idiocies.Quote2 — Saul Berenson

“It was a question, Carrie.  Not an act of war.” — Saul Berenson

“My understanding is the prince comes to the United States every year about this time.  To top off his harem, not to fund terrorism.” — Saul Berenson

Quote1Just peachy.Quote2 — Saul Berenson

“If you’re right then the money will lead back to him.  But until then, you need to take down that surveillance.  First chance you get you will remove the cameras and microphones from Sergeant Brody’s house, and cover your tracks.  Are we clear?” — Saul Berenson

“Do not squander it by continuing to invade the constitutionally protected privacy of the Brody family.” — Saul Berenson

“I’m not going over his head, not on a hunch.” — Saul Berenson

“Prove that the safe house lead was planted.  Or at least give me something to doubt its authenticity.” — Saul Berenson

“Don’t look at me that way, we’re all fighting the same enemy here.” — Saul Berenson

Quote1My guess– you’re packing your cubicle, looking for a job in the private sector.Quote2 — Saul Berenson

“And what good would come of that?” — Saul Berenson

“You’re lucky you’re in the building.” — Saul Berenson

“You’ll behave yourself?” — Saul Berenson

“A mess?  That’s what you call placing a major asset inside a government that’s been a black box for 30 years?” — Saul Berenson

Quote1It was a legitimate question.Quote2 — Saul Berenson

“It’s ineffective.  ‘Cause back in Tehran he’s replaced by someone just like him who we can’t control.  And the attack that happened here happens again and again and again this is a once in a lifetime operation that can transform everything.  The entire middle east.” — Saul Berenson

“And you still haven’t found a single lead connecting Sergeant Brody to this or any plot against America.” — Saul Berenson

“Javadi’s the highest placed CIA asset in the history of the agency.”

“Instead we have a live source keeping us current on Iran’s pursuit of a nuclear weapon, on Hezbollah operations all over the globe.”

“Carrie I need you to promise you will raise no eyebrows in there.  You will break no china.” — Saul Berenson

Quote1All need-to-know.Quote2 — Saul Berenson

Skeptical, pragmatic, autonomous, and resolute Saul Berenson is a Rational.

Peter Quinn, Showtime, Homeland

Peter Quinn

Peter Quinn is a CIA paramilitary officer assigned to lead a surveillance team consisting to observe Congressman Nicholas Brody after it was discovered that he attempted to assassinate Vice President William Walden.

Quinn was initially hired with the express intent of killing Sergeant Brody, but ultimately does not acquiesce this request.  He goes on to help Carrie during her tenure as Station Chief in Pakistan.

Quinn spends two years in Al-Raqqah, Syria heading a special ops team.  He then starts working for Saul as a hitman in Berlin initially targeting ISIL recruits.  Carrie Mathison shows up in his target bin.  While dropping off a photo of a spurious Carrie Mathison corpse Quinn takes a bullet in the gut.

He panics and flees in critical condition.  He receives a blood transfusion and ends up in the care of a Muslim landlord/doctor named Hussein.

He then infiltrates an ISIL cell group planning an imminent terrorist attack.  He tries to stifle the attack undercover but fails and becomes a victim of the demonstration of a biological weapon sarin.  Whether or not he survives this encounter is ambiguous.

Peter Quinn, Showtime, Homeland

Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series

1 nomination: 2013

Quote1Every good cop needs a bad cop.Quote2 — Peter Quinn
“The guy running things.” — Peter Quinn
“And I don’t like surprises.” — Peter Quinn
“‘Crazy?’ Interesting word.” — Peter Quinn
“I like your work.” — Peter Quinn
 Quote1So, let’s talk shop.Quote2 — Peter Quinn
“Are we done with the meet and greet?” — Peter Quinn
“So, we run a small team on Brody 24-seven.  My team already hooked into the security cameras in the Rayburn building.  Tapping his phone and cell.  Anywhere else he goes, we have a man on him.” — Peter Quinn
Quote1So I’m only half a moron?Quote2 — Peter Quinn
Quote1I’d fucking rip his skin off.Quote2 — Peter Quinn
“Because you saw it in his eyes? — Peter Quinn
“Your work is done tonight.  Get the fuck back here.” — Peter Quinn
“It was until Carrie took it upon herself to break cover and confront him.  We had no choice but no move in.” — Peter Quinn
“And we lost our best shot at stopping an attack on America.” — Peter Quinn
Quote1Are you shitting me?Quote2 — Peter Quinn
“She is way too emotional.  Wreckless.” — Peter Quinn
Quote1Life is full of disappointments.Quote2 — Peter Quinn
“A lot of things about this arrangement are far from ideal.” — Peter Quinn
“Make sure the evidence response team has whatever support they need.  And crack the whip, huh?  We should have been in here weeks ago.” — Peter Quinn
“All right, everybody we’re looking for names of contacts, material suppliers, anything out of the ordinary.” — Peter Quinn
Quote1If you have a question, ask.  No detail is too small.Quote2 — Peter Quinn
Quote1He’s not alone.  As soon as he is, I’ll take him.Quote2 — Peter Quinn
“I know what I’m doing.” — Peter Quinn
“You never made a bad move in your romantic life?” — Peter Quinn
Quote1No, I’m a guy who kills bad guys.Quote2 — Peter Quinn
“Ya it was my mistake and I’ll deal with it but I don’t know what the hell we’re doing I really don’t.” — Peter Quinn
“What you put yourself through?  It’s fucking incredible.” — Peter Quinn
Quote1It’s a fucking blood bath, Saul.Quote2 — Peter Quinn
“The important thing here is to not jeopardize the Javadi play.  Agreed?  So let me talk to him the cop.” — Peter Quinn
“That anything justifies the damage we do.” — Peter Quinn
“That kid is a gift.” — Peter Quinn
“I fucked it up.  And it would be really sad to see you do the same thing.” — Peter Quinn
“Haqqani killed a lot of my friends, too.” — Peter Quinn
“Goddamn you, Carrie.” — Peter Quinn
“Al-raqqa, it’s where I’ve been for the past few months..  Our approach has remained constant.  U.S. air strikes prepare targets for surgical intervention by special forces, initially against Assad, then al-Nusra, and most recently against the Islamic State.  I’ve been heading up a team of special-ops more or less continuously for the past 28 months.  We’ve been busy.” — Peter Quinn
“The program is effective sir, I believe it should be continued.”
“See that right there is the problem because they have a strategy.  They’re gathering right now in Raqqa by the tens of thousands.  Hidden in the civilian population.  Cleaning their weapons.  And they know exactly why they’re there.” — Peter Quinn
“They call it the end times.  What do you think the beheadings are about?  The crucifixions in Deir Hafer?  The revival of slavery you think they make this shit up?  It’s all in the book.  Their fucking book.  The only book they ever read.  They read it all the time.  They never stop.” — Peter Quinn
Quote1They’re there for one reason and one reason only.  To die for the caliphate and usher in a world without infidels.Quote2 — Peter Quinn
“That’s their strategy.  And it’s been that way since the 7th century.  So do you really think a few special forces teams are gonna put a dent in that?” — Peter Quinn
“Hit reset.” — Peter Quinn
“Meaning pound Raqqa into a parking lot.” — Peter Quinn
Quote1You decide.  Put their names in the box, I’ll take care of anyone you put there.Quote2 — Peter Quinn
Quote1Gray Renault van, license Bravo-Charlie-Victor-7758.  Heading south on the 13 from Steinwald Rasthof.  Van contains one driver male, three teenage ISIL recruits, female.Quote2 — Peter Quinn
“Saul provides a name, I provide proof of death, return to the drop, get another name.” — Peter Quinn
“Fell in with some of the jihadis released the other night from plötzensee prison.  Long story.  Bottom line, they want an escort to the Syrian border.” — Peter Quinn
Quote1They were.  Now they’re gonna die like dogs in the desert.Quote2 — Peter Quinn
“There’s more one of them has an uncle, guess who?  Al-Qaduli.  It might present us with a paint-and-kill opportunity.  I get close enough, you have the ordinance standing by.” — Peter Quinn

Visceral, impulsive, adept, and cunning Peter Quinn is an Artisan.

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