We don't put anybody's name on the back

He said: Hustle.  Good things will happen.  Keep hustling.

It’s a really simple formula: team, loyalty, competition. And lastly, hard work.

The basics. The fundamentals.

It was about we and us, for 62 years.  Constant.  He pushed so hard.  He expected good things.

It was about family.  And he took his team as a second family.

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Complicated Logistics

Yet another “Hollywood Power Couple” has fallen victim to the devastating effects of real life as luminescent supermodel Heidi Klum and hopelessly-romantic singer Seal have officially announced a divorce after seven wonderful years of marriage and four children.  The tragic split seems to be extremely amicable as “the operative here is that we are civil to each other and we both have a tremendous amount of respect and love and we try and do this with as much dignity as we possibly can”.  After seven long years certain mathematicians might argue that Seal was stricken with the infamous “seven year itch”.  One would think that marrying a girl who many consider one of the most beautiful women on this planet would save you from a stupid “seven year itch” but some people are just downright greedy.  Shame on you, Seal.  While the couple has no intention of airing out it’s dirty laundry reports say Seals’ temper was a “deal breaker” for the young German model and entrepreneur.  Whatever the source of conflict lets hope for the best and take a closer look at this formerly adorable Hollywood Power Couple.

Heidi Klum is a German model, actress, television host, businesswoman, fashion designer, and television producer.  Heidi’s modeling career skyrocketed quite early, as she won a national modeling contest over 25,000 contestants before graduating high school.  After graduating, Klum accepted a modeling contract over seeking an apprenticeship at a fashion design school.  Klum’s success as a model is astounding, having graced the covers of Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, and Sports Illustrated among others.  Klum is perhaps best known for being host, judge, and executive producer of Lifetime’s Project Runway, as well as being a Victoria’s Secret Angel and hosting the Victorias Secret Fashion Show on four different occasions.  Indeed Klum is “without peer as master of ceremonies” and makes for an “outstanding hostess”.  Extremely hard-working, adorably sentimental, outstandingly personable, and highly accommodating Heidi Klum is undoubtedly a Provider Guardian.  With four children, a TV show, modeling gigs, make-up and fashion lines, and now a divorce Heidi Klum certainly has a lot on her plate.  No temperament is better equipped however, as “these Providers take their role as family provider seriously, in both a material and moral sense.  They provide a sound and safe home, good food, nice clothes, and a store of possessions”.

Seal Henry Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel (born 19 February 1963 in Paddington, London, England), popularly known simply as Seal , is a British soul and R&B singer-songwriter, of Nigerian and Brazilian background.  Seal has won four Grammy Awards for his music, and is best known for his single “Kiss From a Rose”.  A hopeless romantic, Seal proposed to Heidi in a quinzee he built on a glacier in Whistler, British Columbia.  Every year during their marriage Seal and Klum renewed their vows on their anniversary with their close friends and family.  “Each year, Heidi and I get remarried. It’s a great party, but for about an hour, we go off on our own down to a private beach. We sit there with the kids and read vows to each other as the sun sets. It’s a very special moment to us.”  Highly romantic, a very talented singer and song-writer, extremely compassionate, and very private Seal  is undoubtedly a Composer Artisan.  Indeed Seal is (was) constantly serenading his wife in a very romantic fashion, as “if Composers find a medium of expression, some art form, then they will express their character quite eloquently via that medium”.  Seal was also a family man, as “these friendly and soft-spoken Artisans tend to seek a safe anchorage in their home and family”.  “With their children, as with their mates, Composers are great friends and mates, though they can be hard to get to know, and their reserve can be a barrier to close relations”.

The most stable and satisfying marriages for Artisans are with Guardians.  Not only do Artisans and Guardians both make their home in the concrete world, but the complementarity of their natures seems to fill a void in each temperament.  Here is the adventurous, fun-loving SP, bursting with energy and yearning for the excitement of new experiences, attracted to the concerned and responsible SJ, the Rock of Gibraltar standing watch over the established rules and traditions of society.  In many ways the match seems incongruous and difficult to account for, and yet the frequency with which SPs choose to marry SJs is compelling.  Perhaps seeking the stability they lack, perhaps wanting some missing center to their lives perhaps just needing someone to take care of them—whatever the reason, Artisans choose marriage with Guardians by far over any other temperament.

Please Understand Me II, p. 220

Quote1.png When I first met Seal he had a kindness and compassion that was so sincere I knew he’d be a good father. Bit it wasn’t until Leni was born and we had out three other children that I grasped what a great dad he is. He has infinite amounts of love and patience for our kids,” Klum added. “He puts me and the children first.Quote2.png

Heidi Klum

Quote1.png Family, my wife and children, that’s my reason for being. Everything is done with them in mind, so perhaps that’s the reason this new album is up-tempo. It does feel like a celebration of life. I am finally in a content and happy place to the point where I feel like I need to sing about it. It’s made me want to address things that are close to home.Quote2.png


The Steel Mask

“The Steel Mask” refers to the Guardians’ incredible ability to disguise themselves with the passions/interests/attitudes typically associated with one of the other three temperaments.  Indeed many Guardians are often mistaken for other temperaments strictly because of the career paths and recreational activities that they have chosen in their lives.  Statistically speaking however, Guardians are by far the most numerous temperament and certainly abound in all professions and hobbies.  Certainly a Guardian can come to enjoy ANY profession or passion, and brings hard-work and dedication to the enterprise.  Guardian’s are the unsung heroes of society and simply put: many Guardians are not given credit for being Guardians.

Artisans and Guardians both live in the concrete world of what is going on around them.  Both Artisans and Guardians together dominate most social realms and most of society for that matter.  As a result both temperaments learn a great deal from one another.  Guardians greatly admire they’re Artisan cousins ability to throw caution to the wind and live life to the fullest, and often emulate such behavior with astounding accuracy.  As a result many Guardians find themselves in professions that are typically associated with the Artisan, and yet fit in surprisingly well.

Idealists and Guardians both share a concern for society and for the morality of behavior, a wish to do right and to help other people.  And thus many Guardians and Idealists find themselves in similar professions, ones that deal with gracefully managing and dealing with people.  Indeed many Guardians choose Diplomacy in one way or another as their passion in life, and thus often blend in quite well with Idealists and their professions.

Rationals and Guardians share a lot of similarities in the way they approach their professional lives.  Guardians are comfortable with the Rationals’ skeptical attitude and obsession with their work, which seem very much like their own pessimism and sense of duty, and they often admire the NT’s ingenuity.  Guardians too, excel in the Rationals’ primary realm of science, as good science requires discipline and dedication.  Certainly Guardians are everywhere, but at times can be difficult to identify.

The Inventor

Who Invents?

Who should get the credit for the Invention?

When does the Invention occur?

How does the Invention happen?

What is Invention?

As they walked along the shore, two very competitive guys: both “filthy rich” by anyone’s standard, both had disrupted established giant corporations, and created their own companies, changing the world significantly.

He pulled him close such that they went nose to nose

“Larry, this is why it’s really important that I’m your friend.  You don’t need any more money.”

Both were kind of inventors, but they were different in Temperament, and completely different goals in life.  Larry is a Promoter Artisan and he keeps score by money: his interest was in winning.  He loved the fact that he used IBM’s own research to beat them in database software, making himself fabulously wealthy.

For Steve, he was competitive in a completely different way. It wasn’t about the money or the winning.  Rather, it was about his legacy: his company.

He hadn’t changed his passion. Long ago, he had seen a way to start making cool things, inventions, that were useful, that he wanted to use — like he had started several decades before with another friend, the Woz.

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Her Third Act

She was sitting next to Marilyn Monroe in Lee Strasberg‘s Actors Studio.

Lee said to her “you have talent.”

That made “all the difference in the world” — she had someone tell her that she had some self-worth.

The funny thing is you would think she wouldn’t have needed it because she was a very beautiful woman, and she had had a privileged upbringing.

But you see, that was something that hadn’t happened to her before. What you see is not always what you get. For Hank, was a complicated man and hard to get to know, to say the least.

And Jane couldn’t understand that in her first two acts.

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Tactical Strategy

Awards Season is officially upon us as the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards saw Ricky Gervais return as host for the third time despite stirring up controversy for his previous two appearances.  Controversy however as everyone knows, gets ratings, so they asked him back a third time.  The British comedians’ controversial appeal seemed to fizzle out as the 2012 award show got underwhelming ratings numbers.  Big winners include critically acclaimed The Artist which took home Best Comedy or Musical, while The Descendants and George Clooney took home Best Motion Picture and Best Actor.  Meryl Streep won her eighth Golden Globe Award which has to be some sort of record, somebody should look that up.  ‘Regal but never solemn’ dignitary actor Morgan Freeman was honored with the Golden Globes Lifetime Achievement “Cecil B. Demille” Award and accepted it with utmost grace.  The 74-year old actor has recently received similar honors with an American Film Institute’sLifetimeAchievement Award, and also the People’s Choice Awards first ever ‘Movie Icon’ award.  The ‘stately’ actor kept his acceptance speech short and sweet, commenting that his still very busy career made him appreciate the people with whom he had worked and “how much fun he had been having”.  Without kissing too much ass let’s take a look at this prime example of acting nobility Morgan Freeman.

Morgan Freeman (born June 1, 1937) is an American actordirector, aviator and narrator. He is noted for his reserved demeanor and authoritative speaking voice.  Freeman found his passion in life early, making his acting debut at age 9.  Freeman did have other interests, passing up a drama scholarship to work as a mechanic for the United States Air Force.  Acting however eventually took over full time as his passion and profession when he moved to Los Angeles in the 1960’s.  Being an African American actor during that time proved trying, but Freeman’s love for acting shined through as he won a string of prominent supporting roles in many feature films, earning him a reputation for depicting wise, fatherly characters.  He started with big rolls in Driving Miss Daisy and Glory in 1989, but really broke into the upper-eschelon acting scene with his critically acclaimed portrayal of ‘Red’ in The Shawshank Redemption.  Freeman went on to win an Oscar for his role in Million Dollar Baby, and eventually played his dream role of Nelson Mandela.  Intellectual, independent, and a systematic thinker who is surprisingly scientific Morgan Freeman is undoubtedly an Inventor Rational.  Indeed Freeman’s iconic brand of composed elegance seems to have maintained itself quite well throughout his acting career, as he always seems to play the same poised, wise, and intelligent old man.  But hey, let’s not hold it against him.

Quote1.pngIf you do what you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life.Quote2.png

Morgan Freeman

The Artisan Bandwagon

Many people (Morgan Freeman included) are easily able to hop on what is called the “Artisan Bandwagon”.  In other words, all three other temperaments envy the Artisans uncanny ability to excel in whatever they happen to ‘dabble’ into, which is typically a plethora of activities.  Everyone is charmed and beguiled by the Artisans’ joyful sense of fun and excitement, and usually have no problem joining them occasionally in their carefree mindset.  Though the other three temperaments maintain their innate qualities, a large number of people engage in behaviors and professions that are typically associated with the Artisan, but are not in fact Artisans.  Put simply, the “Artisan Bandwagon” is very easy to hop on to.

Guardians very much relate to and emulate Artisans because they both live in the concrete world of what is going on around them: be it fashion, events, people, etc.  Guardians are often very envious of their Artisan cousins’ ability to throw caution to the wind and have a good time, and often mimic such behavior.  At the end of the day however, they will always return to their stoic, shoulder-to-the-wheel mindset when the fun is over.

Rationals relate to Artisans in the realm of utilitarianism, as both temperaments ultimately just want to get things done.  Rationals envy the Artisans’ uncanny ability to excel in the short term, and often try to compete with their Artisan cousins’ inherent affinity for talent and skill.  Ultimately however, Rationals approach such Artisan professions and activities with a logical mind.

Idealists primary suit is diplomacy, which causes them to often ‘get in the heads’ or ‘walk in the shoes’ of those around them.  Most of the time, the prevailing temperament in their social environment of course is the Artisan.  Artisans largely dominate most social scenes, as do Artisan mindsets, as most ‘social scenes’ involve going out and having fun, something that the Artisan excels at.  And thus Idealists have no problem relating to their Artisan friends, and as a result often seem like one of them.  All in all, however, the Idealists primary concern is and always will be diplomacy.

Be Water

Adaptive. Flexible.

… Artisans are definitively practical, that is adaptive, resilient, flexible, hence unconventional and unorthodox, both in the sense of being spontaneously so inclined, and in the sense of acting in ways that only they can appreciate if not understand, given their insistent and persistent adaptive agenda. They do this by adapting their ways of using words and tools to the necessities of the moment that come about when some tactical maneuver goes awry. [Personology page 191]

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Me!? Arrogant..

Although most people do not take glee in being perceived as being “arrogant,”  however, many male Rationals will admit they are not particularly bothered as being perceived as arrogant – well, because they are arrogant. No sense in denying the facts. Female Rationals sometimes get a moniker (deserved or undeserved – depending on your political religion) such as the Iron Lady, because of this perceived arrogance. With that arrogance, I suspect political religion was why Hollywood did such a hatchet job on Margaret Thatcher in the now playing biographical movie.

Rationals are wont to think of themselves as the prime movers who must pit their utilitarian ways and means against custom and tradition, in an endless struggle to bring efficiency and goal-directness to enterprise, an attitude regarded by many as arrogant” [Please Understand Me II, page 169]

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