The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Netflix, The Jim Henson Company

Dark Days original fantasy The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance dropped Friday August 30, 2019.

#DarkCrystal has yet to be renewed for a second season.

rottentomatoes: 86%

metacritic: 85

imdb: 8.8

Deethra, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Netflix, The Jim Henson Company, Nathalie Emmanuel

Deet (Nathalie Emmanuel)

Corruption erodes entities in power (Skeksis) casting a shadow over the land of Thra and sparking a rebellion outside of the Gelfling city Stonewood.

Deethra, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Netflix, The Jim Henson Company, Nathalie Emmanuel

“♪ Far from the brother’s blinding light ♪ Beneath the blanket of the long night ♪ Grottans work in the dark and deep ♪ Where the glow moss grows ♪ And there crawlies creep ♪  Woo!  Oh, hi, family!  Hello, Nurlocs!  It’s feeding time!  I’ll see you tomorrow!  And remember to share!  I hear you, baby!  Hello.  Hungry?  Look, some delicious moss.  There you go.  Don’t eat too fast.  Chew your food.  What’s got into you?  How about I return when you’re feeling better?  Oh, my wing!” — Deet

“The Sanctuary Tree?  I haven’t been here since I was small.  You… you can talk?  You know my name?  Except the Nurloc that attacked me.  What is the Darkening?  All Thra?” — Deet

“No.  We have to save them!  Father.  Where– Maudra Argot?  No, none of us are safe.  The Darkening is spreading throughout Thra.  It’s like… a sickness.  The Sanctuary Tree.  It told me I had to stop the Darkening.  It showed me creatures driven mad, a dying tree, and a on-eyed crone with horns.  Not Gelfling.  Old and sad.  What does it mean?  Absolutely not.  Because the Sanctuary Tree chose me.  Oh, what’s a star?” — Deet

“You’re not alone anymore.  The tide is turning.  A resistance is forming.  The Skeksis will fall, and the Darkening will end.  I promise.” — Deet

“Then our sacrifice will inspire others.” — Deet

The Myth Speaker (Sigourney Weaver)

“Another world.  Another time.  Another age.  Thra… a wondrous planet circling three suns.  And at its center, the Crystal of Truth, the heart of Thra and the source of all life.  Since the land was young, Aughra protected the Crystal… for she knew that the Crystal… …connected all the creatures of Thra.  But closest to her heart were the Gelfling.  Seven clans of Gelfling call Thra home.  From the proud Vapra in the mountain city of Ha’rar… the most cultured of the Gelfling, who rule over the Seven Clans… to the fierce Stonewood, who dwell in the Endless Forest, renowned for their prowess in battle… and the gentle Grottan, who live deep beneath the ground… in perfect harmony with all of Thra, forgotten by the world above.  For uncounted millennia, all of Thra existed in perfect balance.  But then, new beings came, not of Thra.  The Skeksis.  They bewitched Aughra with stories of the Universe and built her an orrery… so that she might discover the mysteries of the Cosmos for herself.  And so, Aughra turned her eye to the stars… and entrusted the Crystal of Truth… to the Skeksis.  Almost a thousand trine have passed since the Skeksis declared themselves Lords of Thra.  Now, once again, the Skeksis gather in secret as another day dawns… to steal life from the Crystal they have sworn to protect.  So they may replenish themselves.  Cheat death… …by harnessing the power of their treasure.  Their prize.  Their prisoner.  The Dark Crystal.” — The Myth Speaker

“The Gelfling know nothing of the Skeksis’ crimes.  The truth must come to light.  The fires of rebellion must be lit.  And a new age must begin.  The Crystal of Truth has been corrupted.  That corruption spreads through Thra and into its creatures.  Even the ones locked in Skeksis’ cages, captives… …until today.” — The Myth Speaker

The Emperor (skekSo) (Jason Isaacs)

“Pathetic!  You sound like frightened Podlings.  Never!  We have nothing to fear.  Already a solution lies within the Scientist’s very grasp.  Is that not so?  Patience.  We are Lords of the Crystal.  We have ruled for an age and will rule for all ages yet to come.  We are eternal!  Now, go.  Yes, what?  Ah.  So, find a solution.  I did not build an empire only to watch it turn to dust.” — The Emperor

“This had better work.  Quiet!  Begin, skekTek.  Get on with it!  Hush!  Continue, skekTek.  What– where did she– explain yourself, Scientist.  What?  Ah!  Agh!  I feel… I feel… …strong!  Move aside!  tonight, we celebrate!  Let us feast!  Music!  Revelry!  For this day, the Skeksis conquered death!  Seize it!  It must not escape the castle.  He will not escape us!  No, no, go, go, go!  Has the Gelfling learned what we have done?” — The Emperor

“Behold, the Darkening.  I lied!  It grows by day.  Its veins creep across the land, blighting all it touches.  It is power.  Pure, raw.  It has only spread fast since we began draining Gelfling.  That is why I have given the Caves of Grot back to the Arathim.  Now you see.  The caves will no be a home for the Arathim.  It will be their grave.  Not yet.  On my scepter, I hold a crystal much smaller than the Crystal of Truth, but gifted with its own unique power.  In time, I will use this crystal to harness the might of the Darkening for our greater glory.  Ah… exposure to the Darkening is not without… consequences.  It destroys, corrupts my body, as it does all of Thra.  True power demands sacrifice.  Choose the strongest Gelfling from our cages and give the Ascendancy what they demand.  then bring Stone-in-the-Wood to its knees.  And never forget, there is absolutely nothing in this world that does not bend to my will.” — The Emperor

“So, drain more Gelfling.  If the Gelfling know we can die, it will be the end of Skeksis rule.  Drain every last Gelfling in our cages.  Bathe the Hunter in essence if you must.  We are immortal at any cost.” — The Emperor

The Scientist (skekTek) (Mark Hamill)

“Uh… uh… our mighty Emperor speaks true. I am hard at work on this troublesome inconvenience, yes.  Emperor, Emperor… Emperor!  I… I would not dare question your wisdom, but you know I have found no solution.  The Crystal is the heart of Thra.  They are one and the same.  But the more we take, the less it gives.  All our survival is at stake!  Of course, Emperor.  Forgive me.  I will find the answer, Emperor.  You will see!  I will not fail you!  I will not fail you!” — The Scientist

“Cruel, pernicious Emperor, preeminent minds are never properly appreciated in their time.  But every problem obfuscates a solution waiting to be discovered.  If the Crystal cannot draw enough power from Thra, then I must provide it with another source.  Hm… wonderful!  Yes!  Ah!  Yes, yes!  How very interesting.  That’s enough.  I said enough!  Cease!  I command you!  The Crystal, it took hold of me.  I could not stop it.  I felt it draw forth my life force, my very essence.  I failed again.  Perhaps a walk would be agreeable.  It’s too much to bear.  My every experiment ends in disaster.  And now, I’ve accidentally reversed the Crystal’s magnetostatic field.  Instead of giving life, I made the Crystal take life.  I will be punished grievously for this failure.  You mock me, skekSil?  Collect the essence?  Hmm…. hypothetically sound, but I will need a creature to experiment upon.  Hm… mm?” — The Scientist

“I thought I heard something creeping about.  Naughty, naughty!” — The Scientist

“Ow!  Contemptible contraption!  Of course, My Emperor, you will see.  I have solved all our problems.  Yes, Emperor.  Lords, as you well know, our mighty Emperor tasked this humble Skeksis with an impossible– of course.  Allow me, if you will, to introduce our honored guest.  Come out!  Don’t be shy!  Be welcome, Gelfling.  I require your assistance.  Look.  Do you know what this is?  Yes.  Isn’t it lovely?  Just a little experiment.  Such an honor for you.  No Gelfling has laid eyes upon the Crystal in a thousand trine.  Look deep into it.  Don’t fight.  Give.  Give the Crystal your fear, your love, your secrets.  Give the Crystal everything.  Give it your very essence!  No, wait!  Behold!  Here is the answer we seek!  Here is life everlasting!  My machine!  I have drained the Gelfling’s essence.  This is the solution to our problem.  A new source of life.  Here, My Emperor, for you.  Drink.  You must drink.  Ah!  How do you feel, sire? ah!  Don’t drink it all, imbeciles.  It must be saved.  stop it!  Enough!  Bring it back.  Fools!” — The Scientist

“Bring the essence.  The patience of the Emperor is finite and decreasing exponentially.” — The Scientist

The Collector, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Netflix, The Jim Henson Company, AwkwafinaThe Collector (skekLach) (Awkwafina)

“Well, what did you expect?  Nothing yesterday, nothing the day before.” — The Collector

“Another trine, another wretched carriage ride to Ha’rar, another interminable tithing ceremony.  Oh, that mountain air plays havoc with my pustules.  It’s pointless.  They always come back.  Always!  Oh, dear.  That was a long one.  What’s the hold up?  Ah… the second brother is in its zenith.  Let us be gone!” — The Collector

“Blah, blah!  Proceed!  No!  That knowledge is forbidden.  Do you see this face?  Once, this was a beautiful face.  But then came… knowledge.  I remember.  Away, away.  Next!  Ooh… pretty!  Next!” — The Collector

“It’s mine!” — The Collector

The Scroll Keeper, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Netflix, The Jim Henson Company, Neil SterenbergThe Scroll Keeper (skekOk)

“Why?  Why does this happen?  Die!  Die!  Huh?  Mm-hmm.  The Emperor is wise.” — The Scroll Keeper

“I enjoy the Gelfling capital.  I think it possesses a certain malodorous charm.  Well, I have read of a Grottan potus that might offer some relief.  Shoo!  Shoo!” — The Scroll Keeper

“Why have we stopped?  What is the meaning of… oh… watch yourself, Gelfling.  Little things have a habit of being stepped on by… big things.  Hm.  A princess?  You are a princess.  Your mother has been of great service to us.  You must allow us to escort you to the citadel.  It would be our pleasure.  Uh-uh!  I insist.  Come!  Come.  Look, skekLach.  We have a princess in our carriage.  Hmm.  What’s that on your cheek?  So you can read.  Oh, how wonderful!  Did you hear that, skekLach?  She can read and write.  I too am a connoisseur of the written word.  I am the Scroll-Keeper.  Hm… I see you’ve done your research.  Simple childling!  It is endless.  I have tomes that go back a thousand trine.  Oh, hush!  Such rubbish.  You were never beautiful.  Never.  The All-Maudra looks cross.  Not to worry, I will speak with her on your behalf.  Run along now, Princess.  Hmm.  Lovely.  That piece… …about your neck.  Now, this… this would make an honorable tithe!  Why?  Why do Gelfling hurt us so?  Skeksis give so much and ask so, so little!  It breaks our hearts.  Sad!  So sad!  The tithe… is accepted!” — The Scroll Keeper

“It saw!  It knows!” — The Scroll Keeper

The General, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Netflix, The Jim Henson Company, Benedict WongThe General (skekVar) (Benedict Wong)

“The Crystal fails us once again.  Eternal.” — The General

“Don’t you ever think of anything but your next meal?  The Emperor will skin the Scientist alive if this fails.  A Gelfling?  Here?  Sacrilege!  What have you done?  Where did she go?  Where?  I want some!  You’re in my way!  I want more!  What a gorgeous feeling!  Arr!  You’ll die for this!  I know that Gelfling!  It’s the captain’s son, Rian!  Yes.  Seal the exits.  The Gelfling could not have gone far.” — The General

The Chamberlain, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Netflix, The Jim Henson Company, Simon PeggThe Chamberlain (skekSil) (Simon Pegg)

“Ahh!  Hmm…” — The Chamberlain

“Oh, my, my, my!  Beloved Scientist!  You must be careful.  I may not always be here to save you.  Mmm… you need a walk.  Come, we walk.  You and I, yes?  Yes.  Please, small words.  Chamberlain is not smart like Scientist.  No.  You found answer.  You are hero.  Big reward.  Huge!  No, no!  You make Crystal hungry.  Crystal pulls out essence, but what if we take essence for Skeksis?  What if we snatch it?  Yes!  Instead of taking power we need from Crystal, Skeksis use Crystal to take power from essence.  Hmm… well, Crystal is Thra.  Thra gave life.  What creatures are closest to Thra, hm?  Most full of essence, hmm?  Hmm… mm… mm….” — The Chamberlain

“Patience.  I think you will be most impressed.  You must often be stressed, yes?  My turn!  My turn!  What did I tell you?  Gelfling has seen!  Oh, no!  The Emperor must remember his own words.  We are lords of the Crystal, yes?  Even if Rian talk, none will believe.  They will shun him.  Cast him out.  How can they not?  To believe him is not to believe themselves.  Skeksis reign a thousand trine and will reign a thousand thousand more, until last star in sky goes dark.  Gelfling will submit, head bowed, back bent as have always done.  Gelfling want to be ruled.  Gelfling need to be ruled.  Because Gelfling are weak!  Gelfling are small.  And Skeksis are forever!  We took the Crystal.  Thra belongs to us now.  And is nothing… nothing Gelfling can do!” — The Chamberlain

The Ritual Master, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Netflix, The Jim Henson Company, Keegan Michael-KeyThe Ritual Master (skekZok) (Keegan Michael-Key)

“Hm?  But, Emperor, if the Crystal will not give, we will die.” — The Ritual Master

“SkekTek!  It smells terrible in here.  I’ve never liked this infernal place.  I have just the knife for such an occasion.  No!  What have you– huh?  Gelfling!  As you command!” — The Ritual Master

The Gourmand, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Netflix, The Jim Henson Company, Harvey FiersteinThe Gourmand (skekAyuk)

“Just look at the Crystal!  We’ve taken too much!  Ha!  It’s gluttony!  Pure gluttony!  Oh… huh?  Eternal.” — The Command

“Will snacks be served?  No.  I eat when I’m stressed.  All the time!  What is that?  What is that?  Have you no sense of propriety?  Don’t push me!  I want a taste!  Dirty lookie-loo!” — The Command

The Hunter, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Netflix, The Jim Henson Company, Ralph Ineson

The Hunter (skekMal)

The Ornamentalist, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Netflix, The Jim Henson Company, Alice Dinnean

The Ornamentalist (skekEkt)

All-Maudra, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Netflix, The Jim Henson Company, Helena Bonham-CarterAll-Maudra (Helena Bonham-Carter)

“Where’s Brea?  Hm.  Honored lords… welcome to Ha’rar, home of the Vapra, seat of the All-Maudra who rules over all Gelfling.  As the Emperor wisely… we are humbled by… …each trine, the Seven Clans, from the fiercest Stonewood to the lowliest Grottan, gift unto our generous lords a tithe.  As is proper, the noble Vapra hold the honor of being the first to give.  All hail the Lords of the Crystal!” — All-Maudra

“Who is next to give?  Hm… your tithe is well received.  Your tithe is wanting.  The lords are benevolent!  Kind!  They never take that which is not given.  You read too many stories.  Very well, but quickly.  The tithing did not go smoothly, and I’m tired.  What’s wrong?  No.  They gave it to the Skeksis, who in turn gave it to me.  Our position.  This palace.  The food on our table.  Even the books in your precious library!  All thanks to the Skeksis’ generosity.  Would you give them all back as well?  That’s a childling’s answer!  It’s easier to have nothing when no one depends on you for anything.  It’s time you started to act like a princess.  I want you in court in the morning.  On time.  And don’t get lost on the way again.  The Skeksis can’t save you every time you’re in trouble.” — All-Maudra

Princess Brea, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Netflix, The Jim Henson Company, Anya Taylor-JoyPrincess Brea (Anya Taylor-Joy)

“Hm… oh, thank you.  Did… did, did you find Grillo’s Lexicon of Lesser Astrography?  Thank you!  Oh, Tavra.  Come look.  It’s Mother Aughra.  And I discovered some facts about swamp roots.  You’re going to love this.  Did you know that tug noot causes explosive belching?  Hm?  You’re having fun with me.  Oh, this is fantastic!  Will I get to talk to the Skeksis?  I have so many questions!  Oh!  Why don’t they like questions?  How else do we learn?  Now I have more questions.  I won’t.  I promise.  Ah.  Maybe just one question.” — Princess Brea

“Will you keep moving?  They’re here!  Excuse me.  Pardon me, please.  Please, pardon me.  I beg your pardon.  Excuse me.  Pardon me.  Thank you.  If I could just… excuse me.  Oh, excuse me!  Oh… yes, my lord.  I am Brea, youngest daughter of the All-Maudra.  Uh… thank you, my lord, but– ooh!  Oh… I’m not much of a princess, my lord.  Not like my sisters.  Tavra’s a great warrior, and Seladon is the eldest, so she’ll be All-Maudra one day.  Ink, my lord.  I keep a journal where I record all that I learn.  I’ve read all about you!  You’re in charge of the Great Library at the Castle of the Crystal!  Is it a big library?  Hm… could I visit your library?  But.. why?  Uh-huh.  Um… thank you.  Mother… this time, it really wasn’t my fault.  You’re just jealous, Seladon.  I got to ride in the lords’ carriage.  There’s plenty of food in our stores.  We could pay the tithe.  But… farmers tithe crops.  This is wrong!” — Princess Brea

“I’ve been reading about the tithing.  None of it makes sense.  If the Skeksis are all-powerful, and they have everything, then why do they require tithes from even the poorest Gelfling?  Or perhaps… they want is fighting each other for the leftovers.  I was– I was still looking at that.  I… come back!  I… I’m not done!  I’ll go where I please.  I think the Skeksis are hiding something, and I want to know what!  I demand the truth!  What’s happening?  Wait!  Come back!  Ow!” — Princess Brea

“Mother?  Mother!  Mother, I had a vision!  No, this was real!  I heard a sound like… like singing, but louder.  And there was a burning symbol in the air, and I… I can show you!  If we dreamfast, I– that pendant belongs to the farmer’s wife.  Well, then you can give it back.  I know.  Mother, I know.  Yes.  I only meant that– I will.  I mean… I won’t.” — Princess Brea

Princess Tavra, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Netflix, The Jim Henson Company, Caitriona BalfePrincess Tavra (Caitriona Balfe)

“There you are, little sister.  I have news for you, Brea.  I convinced Mother to let you attend the tithing ceremony.  You know I never have fun.  Oh, the lords don’t like questions.  Oh, Brea, don’t embarrass me this time.  You have so much ink on your face.  Now, come.  We can’t be late.” — Princess Tavra

“Excuse us.  Excuse us.  Sorry.  We have to hurry.  Mother wants us by her side… when the Skeksis arrive.  We’re going to be late.  Unless we get to the… Brea?  Brea!” — Princess Tavra

“Well… hm?  What happened to not embarrassing me?  Quiet.  It’s the way of things.” — Princess Tavra

Princess Seladon, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Netflix, The Jim Henson Company, Gugu Mbatha-RawPrincess Seladon

“Oh, look.  There she is.  What?  You’ll definitely be sent to the Order of Lesser Service now, sister.  His tithe is his to pay.  He has no crops.  This is the law.” — Princess Seladon

Rian, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Netflix, The Jim Henson Company, Taron EgertonRian (Taron Egerton)

“So… hello again.  Easy, friends.  It’s my sworn duty as a castle guard to keep the lords safe.  How do I know these aren’t poisoned?  Well, there’s only one way to find out.  I’m sure the lords wouldn’t mind if a few went missing.  After all, the Skeksis are generous.  And you have to admit, these do look tasty.  Psst.  Hey.  Mira, run!  Let’s get out of here.  Did you see those Podlings’ faces?  Race you to the Spy Glass!  Uh… huh?  Made it.  You cheated.  You won because you have wings.  How could I forget?  You mean… dreamfast?  Well, uh… I do if you do.  Oh, good.  I do too.  I remember everything about that night.  I was so nervous.  I used every trick I had to try and impress you.  I was distracted.  All I could think about was kissing you.  Mira!  Must’ve snuck in.  Well, that one is!” — Rian

“Captain Ordon!  You’re leaving?  Then you need a Gelfling to lead the guard while you’re gone!  Tolyn?  Really?  But I’m ready!  Tattletales.  That was just a bit of fun.  But, father– yes, Captain.  Uh… it can wait.  Safe travels, Captain.  That’s all right.  Since the day I was born, I’ve had to listen to stories of my father.  Ordon, hero of Stone-in-the-Wood.  I think it’s past time my father had to listen to a few stories about his son.  Well, how else can I prove myself to the Great Ordon, eh?  Care to join me?  Sure.  How’s my best friend today?” — Rian

“I know what I saw.  Just a bit further, please.  All these corridors look the same.  I think we’re going in circles.  Where’s the fun in that?  Good.  Through there!  Let’s see.  Ah!  The catacombs.  Gelfling are forbidden in the catacombs.  Skeksis say– Mira, wait!  We don’t have wings.  I’m going down after her!  Mira?  Mira?” — Rian

“Huh?  Mira?  Mira?  Mira!  Don’t, Mira!  No!  Mira!  Mira!  Mira!  Mira…” — Rian

Mira, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Netflix, The Jim Henson Company, Alicia VikanderMira (Alicia Vikander)

“I didn’t take anything!  See?  You don’t have to be rude.  Thank you!  See you tomorrow! It’s almost too easy.  They never seem to learn.  Last one there’s a flat-footed Nebrie!  Hello!  There you are.  I was afraid you got lost.  I win again.  Course I do.  I’m a girl.  And you’re a flat-footed Nebrie.  Do you remember the first time we came up here.  Show me.  Yes!  I mean… if you wanted to.  Yes.  I want to dreamfast.  I could tell.  You certainly did try.  And I got sick of waiting.  So I kissed you.  Wait, what– an Arathim soldier wouldn’t risk entering the castle.  Then we have to tell the captain.  Come on.” — Mira

“We need to talk to you.  Huh?  Captain Ordon, please.  Before you go… so, we saw… uh… go on.  Tell him, Rian.  I’m sorry, Rian.  Why didn’t you tell him about the spitter?  Ordon the Spitter Slayer?  You want to go Spitter hunting?  Of course.  But we’re going to need some help.  Hm… Gurjin.” — Mira

“Perhaps we should turn back.  We can try again tomorrow.  A bit further.  Come on, Gurjin!  Let’s go.  Mm.  We should split up.  Well, if it’s fun you’re looking for… how’s that?  Rian!  Quickly!  It’s escaping.  Come on!  There’s no sign of the Spitter!  Huh?  Hm?  Hm…” — Mira

“It’s the Crystal of Truth.  No!  What are you doing to it?  I feel… it’s pulling.  Ah!  Please, my lords, help me.  I… Rian…” — Mira

Ordon, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Netflix, The Jim Henson Company, Mark StrongOrdon (Mark Strong)

“Remember your oath.  We protect the lords.  The lords protect the crystal.  When one of us fails in our duty, we all fail!  Positions!  Bring in the Armaligs!” — Ordon

“It can wait.  Plans have changed.  I will now escort the lords to Ha’rar personally.  Mm-hm.  Yes.  A Gelfling who has excelled  in all the drills.  A Gelfling who has spent his whole life in the castle.  A Gelfling who respects tradition.  That’s why I chose Tolyn.  Hm… it’s a job for a soldier, not childlings who steal treats when they should be on patrol.  That’s all it ever is with you.  Perhaps one day you’ll prove worthy of taking up my mantle.  Captain.  Yes.  Saddle up!  What did you see?  Make it quick.  Remember your oath.  The lords are due in Ha’rar by sundown.  We march!  Hiyah!  Come on!  Come on!” — Ordon

“Whoa!  My lord, no need to trouble yourself.  I will see the girl safely home.  Mm-hmm.  The Keepers of the Crystal!” — Ordon

Sanctuary Tree, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Netflix, The Jim Henson Company, Theo OgundipeSanctuary Tree

“You’re still small.  Only to those who can hear, Deet.  I know much more.  I know how you care for all the creatures of Grot and how much they care for you.  It’s not her fault.  She has been consumed by the Darkening.  An infectious contamination within the Crystal of Truth and within Thra.  For they are one and the same.  For a thousand trine, we, the Great Trees, have kept it contained beneath the ground.  But we are losing our battle.  Even now, it spreads to the world above.  You must warn the Gelfling, rally them to our cause.  The Darkening corrupts everything it touches.  All Thra is at risk.  Behold…” — Sanctuary Tree

Librarian, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Netflix, The Jim Henson Company, Toby JonesLibrarian

“Where is that book?  Agh.  Mm, mm, must be around here somewhere.  Ah!  There it is!  No, that’s not it.  Just a moment, Princess!  Here’s the rest of the materials you requested, Princess.  I shall return.  What are you doing?  No!  Don’t touch that!  No, don’t!  Princess Tavra… yes, you better run, creature.” — Librarian

“You look troubled, child.  Hm?  Hm…  the Skeksis laws.  Very good.  What?  Because all Gelfling benefit from Skeksis rule.  So all Gelfling must contribute.  Yes, well, I think that’s enough reading for today.  Don’t go down this path!  Nothing good will come of this.  I demand you stop!  Princess, what have you done?  No!  No, not my books!  My manuscripts!” — Librarian

Gurjin, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Netflix, The Jim Henson Company, Harris DickinsonGurjin

“Settle down.  Have you tried these?  They’re fantastic.  What?  What?  What do you want?” — Gurjin

“This happens every time.  You say, ‘let’s have an adventure, Gurjin.  It’ll be great fun, Gurjin.’  But it never is.  I should be at my post, not wandering the halls, looking for phantom Spitters.  Don’t think so, lovebirds.  I’m done.  You two have a great time.  I’ll entertain myself… right here.  Hm? ♪ A loyal Gelfling serves his lords ♪ And always reaps his just rewards ♪ Spitter!  Don’t let it escape!  What’s down there?  It could be anywhere!  Wait for us!  Is that a good idea?  All right, new plan.  You go, and I’ll wait here.” — Gurjin

Deet’s Father

“Deet, you’re home.  All’s well.  What?  What Darkening?  The Sanctuary Tree is a tree.  Tree’s can’t talk. Where would she go?” — Deet’s Father

Deet’s family

“We’re all here, Deet.  Who told you this, Deet?  Mm.”

Maudra Argot, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Netflix, The Jim Henson CompanyMaudra Argot

“So… she finally wakes.  Ha!  Ah!  Let’s see how bad it is.  Not that I see much since my eyes went.  Oh, a few bruises, bites.  A torn wing.  Nothing that can’t be healed.  You’re perfectly safe now, Deet.  Oh, I’d know if Thra was sick.  Except when they can.  Tell me.  What did the Sanctuary Tree say to you, Deethra?  Mother Aughra.  It means you must leave.  She must journey to the All-Maudra.  Warn her of this threat.  It did.  It chose well.  No arguing with trees!  Now… ah!  Take this.  Rub it on your wing twice a day.  Smells bad, heals good!  Oh!  There, for your eyes.  They’ll be sensitive at first.  Follow the brightest star in the sky north, to Ha’rar.  Oh, you’ll see soon eough, Deet.  A whole new world waits for you.” — Maudra Argot

Ha’rar farmer

“Yes, Your Grace.  We beg the lords’ forgiveness.  Our land has suffered a strange blight.  Nothing grows.  Please, anything but the pendant.  Perhaps next harvest– I’m sorry.  Thank you, my lords.  Thank you.” — Ha’rar Farmer

Ha’rar farmer 2

“What is, my lord?  My lord is too kind.  It was my mother’s.  Her final wisdom has been dream-etched into the stone.  Oh!” — Ha’rar Farmer 2

Ha’rar court

“All hail the Skeksis!  All hail the Skeksis!  Boo!  He has to pay!” — Ha’rar Court

Female Gelfling 1

“He should’ve brought more!” — Female Gelfling 1

Male Gelfling

“You should be ashamed!” — Male Gelfling

Male Gelfling 2

“He has to pay.” — Male Gelfling 2

Female Gelfling 2

“We all have to pay! — Female Gelfling 2

Ha’rar tithe

“Thank you, All-Maudra.  And thanks be to the Lords of the Crystal.” — Ha’rar tithe

Vapran Guard

“On our way, then!  Not a moment to lose!” — Vapran Guard

Female Vapran 1

“There.  Do you see?  The little one, Brea!  Lucky child!  To ride with the lords!  Look at that.” — Female Vapran 1

Female Vapran 2

“The lords saved her.  Such chivalry.  She’s getting in the carriage.” — Female Vapran 2

Female Vapran 3

“Which princess?” — Female Vapran 3

Male Vapran 4

“It’s Princess Brea.” — Female Vapran 4

Male Vapran 3

“Our princess is safe!” — Male Vapran 3

Male Vapran

“Oh, they’re coming!” — Male Vapran

Male Vapran 2

“Here they come!  Watch where you’re going, child!” — Male Vapran 2

Grottan Youth

“Look!  Deet!  Deet, Deet, Deet, Deet!” — Grottan Youth

“Deet.  Why Deet go?” — Grottan Youth

Ha’rar Castle Guard

“Get a move on!  Secure that Landstrider!  Ready the captain’s Landstrider!” — Ha’rar Castle Guard

Ha’rar Castle Guard 2

“Load up the weapons!” — Ha’rar Castle Guard 2

Ha’rar Castle Guard 3

“Secure the harness!” — Ha’rar Castle Guard 3

Ha’rar Soldiers

“By the Crystal.” — Ha’rar Soldiers

Palace Podling

“Uh… Rian!  no!  Hm…” — Palace Podling

Rek'yr, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Netflix, The Jim Henson Company, Theo JamesRek’yr

Mother Aughra, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Netflix, The Jim Henson Company, Donna KimballMother Aughra

“Longneck!  There you are.  Yes, I have heard the song of Thra, no thanks to your riddles!  Hmph!  All but one.  Many pieces on the board, many possible outcomes.  Aughra must guide all to bring about the best one.  Like herding Fizzgig.  Into the sands to face the Hunter.  You will find a way.  But not without sacrifice.  The heroes of Thra will be lost.  Good.  Get a move on.  You Mystics are not known for your swift speed.  We have much to do.  On to Stone-in-the-Wood to prevent a terrible mistake.  Hm!  Hm… some things… even Aughra cannot see, old friend.” — Mother Aughra

The Archer, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Netflix, The Jim Henson Company, Ólafur Darri ÓlafssonThe Archer (urVah)

“Hm?  Mother Aughra, I see your eye is open once again.  Yet you found your answers.  Hm… how it all ends.  Hm!  And where does my path lead?  Mm… I cannot defeat my dark half.  And if I fail?  Mm… I will end the hunt.  Hm… and where do you go?  We will meet again, Aughra?” — The Archer

The Wanderer, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Netflix, The Jim Henson Company, Bill HaderThe Wanderer (urGoh) (Bill Hader)

Maudra Fara, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Netflix, The Jim Henson Company, Lena HeadeyMaudra Fara (Lena Headey)

The Heretic, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Netflix, The Jim Henson Company, Andy SambergThe Heretic (Andy Samberg)

Elder Onica, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Netflix, The Jim Henson Company, Natalie DormerElder Onica (Natalie Dormer)

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The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Netflix, The Jim Henson Company

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