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It’s Lit

Netflix original documentary Look Mom I Can Fly dropped Wednesday August 28, 2019.

#LookMomICanFly is also a live music tour.



imdb: 7.0

Jack Webster II, Travis Scott, Look Mom I Can Fly, NetflixJack Webster II, Travis Scott, Look Mom I Can Fly, NetflixJack Webster II, Travis Scott, Look Mom I Can Fly, Netflix

Jack Webster II (Travis Scott)

Jacques Webster II a.k.a. Travis Scott chronicles his experiences in the recording industry outside of Missouri City, Texas.

Jack Webster II, Travis Scott, Look Mom I Can Fly, Netflix“Oh man!  I’m not gonna lie, man, this shit is crazy.  This shit is fucking fun as hell.  What the fuck.  No!  Ah, oh!  So, what?  It’s one of the best albums of all time.  The new one with me and Frank Ocean is… a very… different piece.  I feel like, at some points in life, you have to just be extreme.  And sometimes, you have to take… all matters to the extreme.  Astro was a concept I’ve been working on since… I was about six years old.  I feel that… it’s some of the best moments of my life.  At moments, I feel that… that these were times that you have to really…” — Travis Scott

“I’m not done with these ******, man.  I’m not done with these ******.  Watch out.  I’m trying to feel the love.  Watch out.  Open up, man!  Goddamn!  I don’t wanna see nobody near me.  Everybody back up!  Open up!  Open this shit up!  Where the fuck my ragers at?  Y’all ****** get in control, man.  Back up!  Give it to me.” — Travis Scott

“For those who don’t know, my name is Travis fucking Scott! ♪ For this life, I cannot change ♪ Hidden Hills ♪ Deep off in the main M&Ms ♪ Sweet like candy cane ♪ Drop the top Pop it, let it ♪.  Everybody take two steps back, man.  Come on.  There’s two more people on the ground.  Just get ’em up.  Back up!  Back the fuck up, man!  Please, just one second.  Help him out.  Help him up.  Help him out.  Back up.  Get back up.  There you go.  If everyone good, put one hand to the sky.  One hand up to the sky.” — Travis Scott

“No, I used to sleep in here.  Me and my brother shared this room here.  Me and my older brother.  He autistic, though.  That’s just how it used to be in here.  Made my shit right here, boy.  This shit used to be the livest, though, *****!” — Travis Scott

“Hey, daddy.  I don’t want that.  I can’t.  I don’t want to lose it.  I got a wallet.  I thought it was one of them big pictures.  All right.  All right, granny.  Feel better.  Yep, love you too.” — Travis Scott

“H-Town shit!  Know what I’m talking about!  Before I go to this next song, I’m gonna have to invite just a couple more people down here to rage with these motherfuckers.  Whoa, here they come.  Ray, Tyler, get it!  Film it!  Bizzy!  Los!  I see ’em!  I see ’em!  Security, let ’em through!  Security, let ’em through!  Let ’em through!  Oh my God!  Oh my God!  Chase B!  Five!  Four!  Rage! ♪ Mamacita ♪  Let’s go!  Hey, yo.  Turn the lights off.  Hey, yo.  Turn the lights off.  Make it completely black.  Turn the lights off the stage.  Where’s the [bleep] lawyer?  Go!  Why are you not on your job?  The cops coming?  They want to arrest me?  They are?” — Travis Scott

“♪ I ain’t playin’ with these ♪ I ain’t playin’ with these ♪ I ain’t playin’ with these ♪ I ain’t playin’ with these ♪ I ain’t playin’ with these ♪” — Travis Scott

“Let’s get it.  My ***** here.  Them cops said some shit about that.  They was talking about it.  I feel bad , though.  I heard about kids getting hurt and shit.  I just hate fucking getting arrested, man.  That shit’s wack.  This is crazy.  Yo, let’s go!  Turn this up. ♪ I know who I be ♪ We one freeways ♪ But no, ain’t nothin’ free ♪ We on freeways ♪ But no, ain’t nothin’ free ♪ And that is just the T Drop it down ♪ Yo, that’s just a tease ♪ You a lie, you built that on belief ♪ For this life, I cannot change ♪ Hidden Hills ♪ Deep off in the main ♪ Drop the top, play hide and seek ♪ Jump inside, jump straight to the lake ♪ Higher ♪” — Travis Scott

“Here we go!  Left side!  Right side!  They go fire!  They go fire!  They go fire!  Okay!  Boom!  Everybody in this mother– let’s roll! ♪ For this life I cannot change ♪ what you say? ♪ Hidden Hills ♪  Deep off in the main ♪ M&Ms, sweet like candy cane ♪ Sweet like candy cane Drop the top ♪  Come on! ♪ Pop it, let it bang ♪ Pop it ♪ Straight up ♪ Was that shit popping, or what?  Omaha.  Watch out!  Oh, fuck.  That was lit.  That was crazy as fuck.” — Travis Scott

“I anoint this tree.  2017 squad tree.  Right here, one day.  We just need to go a bit harder.” — Travis Scott

“Trying to figure out how much pressure you applying to that thing, OG.  There’s a young up in there, OG.  Shit going low, though, OG.  There it is.  Listen to this.  No lie, it’s the livest thing of all time.” — Travis Scott

“Let’s get it!  *****!  I promise, bro.” — Travis Scott

“♪ I get those goosebumps every time ♪ I need the Heilich ♪ throw that to the side, yeah ♪  I get those goosebumps every time, yeah ♪ When you’re not around When you throw that to the side, yeah ♪  I get those goosebumps every time ♪” — Travis Scott

“This shit make a whole lotta sense, what that ***** Sheck Wes just texted me about.  That ***** was, like… his mom sent him over here or something… didn’t know if he was gonna ever make it back.  this motherfucker has took me to the streets… of motherfucking Africa!  He might be one of the realest ragers I motherfucking know.  Mudboy!” — Travis Scott

“Yeah, that’s why I… I started my own label, Cactus Jack.  I feel like now, I’m in, like, such a… you know… good place, so I can help artists.  Before I leave, I just want to leave the whole world inspired, and I just want to leave a trail of inspiration.” — Travis Scott

“Even in the beginning stages, I used to try to put 50 different things, like… but it’d just be sounding too mushed-in.  Governors Ball was crazy.  This is New York City, right, Chase B?  Governer’s Ball, I fucking love you, man.  I’ve been working real hard on my album and shit.  All the real ragers know… when it’s time, it’s time, and it’s coming sooner than you think.” — Travis Scott

“Hey, OG.  I don’t know what you’re doing down there, Down Under… man, dog– I played you this one, bro?” — Travis Scott

“Pass it to that guy right there.  It’s your time to shine.  It’s your time to shine, baby.  You ready?  I’m a fan of seeing the fans.  Like, yeah.  That’s like a show, in my– just seeing people rock left to right, fly, that shit is like its own show.  See, y’all like me.  See, if I was y’all, I’d be doing that.  Exactly as that ***** is doing right there.  I’d wild the fuck out.  Always think it’s important to leave a message for inspiring kids, you know.  I got a big fucking job.” — Travis Scott

“That was crazy, OG.  Yeah!  Shit was sturdy.  Yo, my *****!” — Travis Scott

“I’ll do it.  Where?  All right!  Hello.  Yeah.  She was on the table, right?  Soon as she got born, she was crying hard as fuck.  And the nurse was, like, fucking with her.  And then… Kylie mom was like… she’s still crying.  I walked over.  As soon as I walked over, she stopped crying.  As soon as I walked away, started crying.  They handed her to Kylie, stopped crying.  Like… this shit is crazy.  Oh, man.  This shit is crazy.” — Travis Scott

“Hold on.  Hey yo, security.  You don’t tell a fan to not turn up at a motherfucking tour.  Get away from him.  Go.  Y’all get kicked out?  Y’all good?  Bring that kid back here!  Security, stop being party poopers.  These people just wanna have fucking fun.” — Travis Scott

“If a motherfucker tells you, like, you not tight, fuck them.  Just, like, take a chance on whatever the fuck you got going on.  Trust me, you can do it.  Straight up.  No fear.” — Travis Scott

“Put the spotlight on that kid right there in Section 102.  Go.  Right there!  Perfect!  Him, right over there.  To your right!  Right there!  This is for you.  And you only.  From me to you only.  You understand what I’m saying?  Take care of these, all right?  Come on, motherfucker.  Drop it!  C’mon, move it.” — Travis Scott

“No motherfucking Travis Scott fan ever gets kicked out, man.  You come on back.  Come on, man.  Come here, son. ♪ Yeah ♪ Ooh ♪ Child, don’t you open up that window ♪ Don’t you let out that antidote ♪ Everybody sing it!  Jump! ♪ Poppin’ pills is all we know In the hills is all we know ♪” — Travis Scott

“What up, Josh and Jordan?  It’s your big brother Jacques.  Peace!  I’m ’bout to bust a flow, so be ready for this. ♪ Now ♪ I’m about to ready, go ♪ We on this merry-go-round ♪ Hold up, we going to town ♪ He gonna throw you hood up Like you never did before ♪ I’m coming out with the tint doors ♪ You staying cool with my boy Josh ♪ Oh, man, we stuck, man!  When we gonna pop? ♪ Now I wrecking this piece Man, hold up ♪ I got them Nikes on my feet ♪” — Travis Scott

“This is actually my first award ever, and I couldn’t be more proud to get it from my own city.  Let’s go! ♪ For this life, I cannot change ♪ Hidden Hills, deep off in the main ♪ Come on! ♪ M&Ms, sweet like candy cane ♪ Yeah! ♪ Drop the top, pop it, let it ♪” — Travis Scott

“I just don’t be thinking of myself as that big.  Celebrity.  Nobody. What’s up?  Hey, bro!” — Travis Scott

“…at the end of the day, it’s gonna change *****’s drums.  It’s gonna change *****’s melodies, it’s gonna change *****’s BPMs.  It’s gonna change his flows.  That’s what I’m trying to do.  I could wait another year, and I’ll never hear another song like this.  I could sit with this album like this for life.  Bicentennial man Put the city on slam She get trippy off Xans, lost 21 grams Bicentennial man, put the city on slam She get trippy off Xans, lost 21 grams And she did it on cam Wasn’t no video dance All right.  Yessir!  Hey, yo!  Make sure that beat don’t… oh, my jeez!  You gotta get out that pool now, *****!  People are gonna go crazy on this one.  Woo!  Oh, my God!  Go, do your part, *****!  Yessir!” — Travis Scott

“Yessir.  Me, I’m on my way to Mike Dean’s right now.  You know, me and Mike, we go all the way into the final day.  I’ m gonna get back.  I’m gonna call– let me get on the phone with David.  But Mike bouncing the mixes right now.” — Travis Scott

“♪ Baby mama cover Forbes Got these other bitches shook, yeah ♪  Yeah, pass this to my daughter I’mma show her what it took ♪ Baby mama cover Forbes Got these other bitches shook, yeah ♪  Let’s get it!  ‘Checks over stripes!’  We back!  We back!  Let’s get it!  We back.  Back!  Let’s get it!  He made this hoe like an hour long.  Oh, yeah, he went stupid.  Let’s go.  Astroworld, done.” — Travis Scott

“Somebody from safety, help.  Hop in there and help these people, man.  Yo, open up.  Let these people through.  Everybody in the front, open up.  Everybody, open up.  There we go.  Help him out.  Help him out.  Help him out.  Yo, can we get paramedics in there, please?  What the fuck?  Have they got it?  There’s one more right here.  There’s one more right here.  In the middle, we good?  Thumbs-up if we good.  I need thumbs-up if we good.  I need thumbs-up if we good.  If we good, let me get a ‘hell, yeah!’  Say, ‘hell, yeah!’  Astroworld!  Let’s go!  Let’s go!” — Travis Scott

“Thank you.  I grew up here my whole life.  I was inspired by Astroworld.  In ’05, when they took it away… it kinda took a big piece of my heart away.  I didn’t have anywhere to go.  So, I just wanted to kinda bring back that feeling and give this city som,ething they could always have, just fun to do.  It’s been hurricane after hurricane, disaster after disaster, they try to take us away, but… as long as we stick together and create, we don’t need nothing special.  We got each other… man, at 10, 12, y’all right here, like… y’all hold the future.  It don’t seem like it, ’cause you can’t drive, don’t have a driver’s license, but yeah.  Just use all the time that you can’t go to the parties and the clubs to really start working on your future.  It’s lit!” — Travis Scott

Kylie Jenner, Look Mom I Can Fly, NetflixKylie Jenner

“Who, dad?  Cover.  Right there.  Baby!” — Kylie Jenner

Stormi Webster, Look Mom I Can Fly, Netflix Stormi Webster, Look Mom I Can Fly, NetflixStormi Webster

Kendall Jenner, Look Mom I Can Fly, NetflixKendall Jenner

“No!  We need another.  Okay, but… someone’s shouting at you.” — Kendall Jenner

Bella Hadid, Look Mom I Can Fly, Netflix

Bella Hadid

Sheck Wes, Look Mom I Can Fly, NetflixSheck Wes

“♪ These ****** ain’t fucking with me ♪ I just been so hot that I’ve been movin’ lowkey ♪ Put Prius in my blunt Ain’t smoking no more OG ♪ It was fun and games Now it’s back to controlling ♪” — Sheck Wes

“I would agree, a lot of these songs mixed too high or my voice too high, know that?” — Sheck Wes

“♪ Live Sheck Wes, you know I’m dying, Sheck Wes ♪ Let’s go.  Yo.  Let’s go. ♪ Live Sheck Wes, bitch I’m dying Sheck Wes ♪ Live Sheck Wes, bitch I’m dying Sheck Wes ♪ Live Sheck Wes, bitch I’m dying Sheck Wes ♪” — Sheck Wes

Kevin Parker, Look Mom I Can Fly, NetflixKevin Parker

“I’ll just give you the stems, will I?  Same thing as up over.  What do you call up here, man?  Nah, that’s cool, though.  Damn tour, baby!  Mike Dean!  OG Chase B!  Let’s get it!” — Kevin Parker

Chase B, Look Mom I Can Fly, NetflixChase B

“Bro, that shit is too– man, what the fuck?  Man, that is crazy.  Yeah, that’s crazy.” — Chase B

James Blake, Look Mom I Can Fly, NetflixJames Blake

“♪ That’s not who you are ♪ Stop tryna be God ♪ That’s not who you are ♪.  That felt really good.” — James Blake


“Today, Missouri City recognized their own Travis Scott for his accomplishments.” — Newsreader

Mike Dean, Look Mom I Can Fly, NetflixMike Dean

“Not yet.  Thanks.  We’re waiting on some vocals from somebody.  It’s most like the sound.  It’s like even the drums are shaking, man.  And this one’s a little more distorted, which may be better.  You know?  Yeah.  We got… patch this to my… what’s it at, man?” — Mike Dean

“We wanna get videos and then we’re gonna work through cueing and do laser stuff tonight.  Then you and I will talk tomorrow and work out how this goes.” — Mike Dean

Sylvester Turner, Look Mom I Can Fly, NetflixSylvester Turner

“Therefore I, Sylvester Turner, mayor of the city of Houston, hereby proudly proclaim November 18th, 2018 as Astroworld Day, Travis Scott Day!” — Sylvester Turner

“As the mayor of the city of Houston, I’m so proud of you, man.  Travis, you’ve just been… an AstroWorld man for those of us who remember AstroWorld.  And because of him, we want to bring another amusement theme park back to the city!  But what I want you to know, this city loves you.  I want to present you a key to the city of Houston!” — Sylvester Turner

SNL Announcer

“Ladies and gentlemen, Travis Scott!” — SNL Announcer

John Mayer, Look Mom I Can Fly, NetflixJohn Mayer

“You were singing from pure excitement.  You made those notes happen ’cause you were happy.  I love when people get that melodic ’cause they’re happy.” — John Mayer


“…like, this shit right here?  On the beat, it goes… we’ll start with the drums.  You just told ’em.  You gonna fuck the club up.” — Producer

Producer 2

“Bro, this track’s gonna be sick.” — Producer 2

Producer 3

“Yeah!  Yeah!  Drop that shit, DJ.  Drop that shit.” — Producer 3


“Travis finally blessed us with the long-awaited Astroworld.” — Commentator


“…Astroworld from Travis…” — Commentator


“At this time, it feels like hip-hop’s future.” — DJ

Jimmy Fallon, Look Mom I Can Fly, NetflixJimmy Fallon

“I have a thousand questions.  But, first of all, congratulations, man.  You’re crushing it.  I mean, number one album platinum, the whole deal.  I gotta say, the record’s awesome.” — Jimmy Fallon


“Travis Scott, ladies and gents, one the eve of a very important week.  Why you going to Mike Dean’s?  The album not done?  What’s going on?” — DJ

Guy on the Phone

“Okay, great.  Get on the phone with David, let me know.” — Guy on the phone

Guy on the Phone 2

“If you guys got that done, you can send us that now?  Get moving.  All right.” — Guy on the phone 2


“What’s left to do?” — Interviewer

Trav Entourage

“They ain’t gonna sleep tonight.” — Trav entourage

Trav Homie

“Yo, Trav.” — Trav homie

Trav Homie 2

“Let’s go.  Let’s go.” — Trav homie 2


“Today, February 10th, 2018, as Travis Scott Day in Missouri City.” — Announcer

Delivery Nurse

“Who wants to cut the cord?  Travis!  Travis cut the cord!  Yay!” — Delivery nurse

Stage Performer

“…a simple question.  One question only.  Who’s ready to see Travis Scott?  Make some motherfucking noise!” — Stage performer


“I think just the energy that he gets from every fan, he feeds off of it.  And it just shows in his performances, right?” — Fan


“The line started early for this block party and combo shoe launch in downtown Houston.  So did the chaos.  Different people breaking down the barricades.” — Commentator

Female Fan

“We broke the fence, y’all.” — Female fan

Another Fan, Travis Scott, Look Mom I Can Fly, Netflix

Another Fan

“He will notice you.  You put that energy in.  It just changes your life.  It just makes you feel… like, you just go crazy, and nobody can judge you because everyone’s going crazy.” — Another fan


“Astroworld!” — Crowd


“Some ****** probably thought they ain’t gon’ never see you again.  I know, because you put us on, like… different, how we look at it.  Like, you don’t go crazy over nobody.” — Guy


“Say something to your fans and give them some advice.” — Interviewer

Male Fan, Look Mom I Can Fly, NetflixMale Fan

“The way he interacts with his crowd,   He’s one of the only artists that… when he comes in, he can vibe with every single person in the crowd.” — Male fan


“People, get out of the way!  Let’s go!  Get back!  Get on that curb!” — Security


“C’mon, get him out.” — Lady

Fan in Park

“Travis, believe.  What’s up?  Oh man!  Group picture.  I’m running!” — Fan in park

Fan in Park 2

“Dude!  Oh, my God!  What is up?  Hell yeah.  Oh, my God!” — Fan in park 2


“He knows what the kids like, and he knows how to make the kids feel a part of what he’s doing.” — Rayscorruptedmind


“…and say, ‘yo, you’re gonna make it big one day.’  Look where he is now.” — Fan

Rockets Fan, Look Mom I Can Fly, NetflixRockets Fan

“All day, we out here.  I got front row.  Hey’s eyeballing me up.  And then he’s like, ‘dude, come on.’  He lifted me up.  I flew onstage.  Got up face to fucking face with me, bro.  Dude, I don’t think I’ve ever felt so good in my life.  Best day of my fucking life.” — Rockets fan

Audience Member, Look Mom I Can Fly, NetflixAudience Member

“Shout out to Chase B!  Shout out to Mike Dean!  Shout out to La Flame, baby!” — Audience member


“What’s your exact goal for music?  To leave a legacy and pave the way for newer artists, like some of your favorites did?” — Interviewer

Guy on phone

“Yo, I’m about to call Travis now, let him know the label deal’s been finalized Cactus Jack, the label.” — Guy on phone

Stage Performer

“I don’t know if you know about Travis.  But Travis… comes to fucking… rage!” — Stage performer


“What?” — Entourage


“Bro!  I’d never though this day ever, bro.” — Guy

Guy #2?

“What, Africa?” — Guy #2


“Travis Scott is my best artist!” — Fan

Trav’s squad

“We just had that switchblade on deck.  Kylie had it in her pocket.  We’ll all meet up at this tree one day when we’re 60 years old, and be like–” — Trav’s squad


“Do you think Travis Scott has a special gift?” — Interviewer

Trav Homie

“Yeah, definitely, man.  You know, I’ve known this ***** since we was like nine or ten years old or whatever.  When I first got to Texas, so… to see him literally, like every step of the way… you know… from the first time he sent me his mixtapes when I was, like, at school and just seeing that, like, into… what it is now… I always knew, you know?  It was just the process of getting everybody else to figure that out.” — Trav Homie


“It’s absurd I’m even having to tell you where they’re coming from.  Again, we think, if this went to court, we don’t think there’s a crime committed.  It is crazy.  During the show, you have the First Amendment to protect you, first of all.  Second of all, you didn’t say anything.  And there was no riot, but if there was one, you didn’t incite.” — Lawyer

Woman (Kid Videos) (Mom?)

“Jack.  I see him.  Jack!  Jack!  Bye, Jack.” — Woman

“Oh, my goodness.” — Woman

“Jack!  Baby Jack!  Say happy birthday to your brother and sister.” — Woman

Man (Kid Videos) (Dad?)

“I can’t find him. I got him.  Man, it’s going so fast.  I can’t even– shit.  Where’d he go?  Where the hell is he?  I can’t find him.” — Man

“Live!  It must be Memorex!  I believe that’s your son, ain’t it?  He got that rhythm, too, boy!  You see him?  Did you see him play?  Boy, he got it, boy.  He’s got that rhythm.  Come here, boy!  Come here!  Oh yeah.  He do.  You gonna learn to play… like your daddy.  Boy, you just like your daddy.  That’s my boy, here.” — Man

“Here we go.  How’s Junior holding up, Mike?  He doing good.  All right, that’s my boy!  That’s why I’m proud of him.  Proud of my boy, man.  Got more balls than dad.  I couldn’t do that shit.” — Man

“Shit, man!  Love you boy.  Shit crazy.  So you were there for the whole delivery?  All right.  That’s good.” — Man


“Take the steps.  Go outside.” — Friend


“He doing good.  Yeah, he’s good.  He was in there the whole time.” — Mike


“No.  So, it’s just on the skin.  The baby is safe.” — Doctor


“Oh my God!  Yo, Trav!  Yeah!  Travis!” — Fan


“Travis!  Travis!  Travis Scott, man!  Shit!  Woo, Travis!” — Fans


“Yo, Trav!  Yeah!” — Fan


“It’s maxed.  Yeah!” — Driver

Guy in car

“Whole lot of gang shit!  Gang shit!  Whole lot of gang shit.  All right.” — Guy in car


“We are on the job.” — Security

Mike Brown, Look Mom I Can Fly, NetflixMike Brown head of Security

“‘Cause it’s a security guy with a broken leg out there.  Yes.  Yes.  Yes.” — Mike Brown


“So we’ll go out here just ready to talk to them.” — Security


“Here’s what’s gonna happen.  We’re gonna arrest you.  Take you to county jail.  We’re gonna process you in.” — Cop


“Following his show Saturday night, Travis was immediately arrested as soon as he walked off the stage.” — Newsreader


“Travis Scott was arrested this Saturday night.” — Newsreader


“Wild night in Northwest Arkansas lands a famous rapper leaving in handcuffs.” — Newsreader


“Rapper Travis Scott was arrested…” — Newsreader

Guy 1

“There you go.  Let’s go.  Let’s fucking go.  He’s out.” — Guy 1

Guy 2

“Oh, bro.  They let him out.” — Guy 2


“I don’t even know how to– word’s can’t describe how I feel.  Shit, I’m half dead.” — Fan

Fan #2

“How y’all ***** feel?” — Fan #2

Fan #3

“Survived, I survived.  It’s all good.” — Fan #3

Fan #4, Look Mom I Can Fly, Netflix

Fan #4

“Best fucking concert in my whole life.” — Fan #4

Fan #5, Look Mom I Can Fly, NetflixFan #5

“He changes your heart, makes you feel loved.  Somebody loves you out there.” — Fan #5

Fan #6

“It was mental.” — Fan #6

Fan #7

“I thought I was gonna die in your fucking show.” — Fan #6

Fan #8

“Every time I listen to his music, I’ll never forget that shit.” — Fan #8


” ♪ When I’m with my squad I cannot do no wrong ♪” — Fans

Fan #9

“You can fall and everyone will pick you up.  It’s weird how one person’s music can turn everyone into such a family.” — Fan #9

Fan #10

“You wish you were here.” — Fan #10

Fan #11, Look Mom I Can Fly, Netflix

Fan #11

“I cried three times.” — Fan #11

Fan #12, Look Mom I Can Fly, NetflixFan #12

“Thank you for everything.  Thank you for everything.  You saved my life.” — Fan #12


“Go see Travis Scott!  The most lit shit I’ve seen in a minute.” — Fans

Fan #13, Look Mom I Can Fly, NetflixFan #13

“Throughout high school and shit, I was, like, super depressed, and I had no one to turn to, and… he was the first person to let me know that I wasn’t alone.  I fucking love you, bro.  Thanks for saving my life.” — Fan #13


“Travis!”– Fan


“Kids push against the front and spread all the way across that and fill in the whole front floor.  So the pressure becomes very great up against the barricade.  You will see a lot of crowd surfers in general, but also a lot of kids are just trying to get out to safety ’cause they can’t breathe, it’s so compact.  You won’t know how bad it could be with our crowd until we turn on.” — Manager

Granny, Look Mom I Can Fly, NetflixGranny

“Look, he taller than you.  Here this is yours, Jack.  You don’t want this picture?  Do you have a wallet?  That will keep him close to your heart.  Yeah, you wanna keep that.  No, it’s a little baby picture.  All right.  Mm… love you.  Okay.” — Granny


“Don’t go in that crowd!” — Adviser


“Travis!  Travis!  Travis!  Travis!” — Crowd


“He is tall, yeah.  That’s where you stayed?” — Guy


“Let’s go!  Move back!” — Security


“If you stay here, this show will likely get canceled.” — Announcer


“They said we was going too crazy, so we had to get the fuck out.” — Fan

Fan #1

“Fuck the security!  I am gonna rush the fucking stage!” — Fan #1

Fan #2

“She couldn’t survive the Rodeo.  Not everybody meant for this.” — Fan #2

Fan #3

“Travis motherfucking Scott, greatest live performer on this planet!  Don’t get it fucking twisted.” — Fan #3

Fan #4

“Got a problem with La Flame, got a problem with me.” — Fan #4

Fan #5

“Youth run this shit!” — Fan #5

Fan #6

“…the last thing we need to know.” — Fan #6

Fan #7

“Travis Scott is the best.” — Fan #7

Fan #8

“Fuck anybody that say bad stuff about La Flame.” — Fan #8

Fan #9

“We gonna kill, *****.  For La Flame, *****.” — Fan #9

Fan #10

“This is what happens at a Travis Scott gig.” — Fan #10

Fan #11

“We just survived Travis, you know, real Mo City, Houston, ***** shit.  Come on, bro.” — Fan #11


“What do you think of Astroworld so far?” — Interviewer

Voice On Speaker

“All seat belts checked.  All clear.” — Voice on Speaker

Male friend

“What’s up, y’all?  Yeah, what’s up?  Oh, God.” — Male Friend


Don Toliver, Look Mom I Can Fly, Netflix

Don Toliver

Kanye West, Look Mom I Can Fly, Netflix

Kanye West














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sweetest love I’ve ever known 💙

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amore mio 🦋

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freaky friday

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🖤🖤✨✨ @harpersbazaararabia

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brb building an empire 👑👑 @harpersbazaararabia

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i got it from my mama 🖤 @harpersbazaararabia

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