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Best Friends

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Tuca, Tuca & Bertie, Netflix, The Tornante Company, Brave Dummy, Boxer vs Raptor, ShadowMachine, Tiffany Haddish

Tuca (Tiffany Haddish)

Tuca and her friend Bertie navigate adult life outside of Bird Town, USA.

Tuca, Tuca & Bertie, Netflix, The Tornante Company, Brave Dummy, Boxer vs Raptor, ShadowMachine, Tiffany Haddish“Woo!  Hey!  Hmm… whoop!  Yes, it is I, Tuca!  Friend, hero, connoisseur of snacks!  Confident yet relatable.  Wearer of short shorts!  Life lesson, kiddo!  Nothing belongs to anyone.  Bertie!  I know!  I’m so nasty.  I bring a lot of zest to my environment.  Sure, sure, I’ll come get it later.  I’m just picking out some decor for my new place.  No, I’m purchasing consumer goods… with my job money.  Just because I don’t have a boring office job like you doesn’t mean I’m not swimming in gigs.  Mobile notary, fortune teller, unlicensed tour guide, dog walker, cashing checks from my rich auntie, mobile notary again, and, uh, freelance junk collector.  Anyhoo, I’m swinging by our place… I mean, your place, later today.  Yeah, we’ve had such good times.  Yeah, it’s not big deal.  I’m sure we’ll live together again at some point.  We’ll see.  Bye.” — Tuca

“♪ Got some random crap for my place ♪ Putting freaky things in the space ♪ Gotta get a lamp for this base ♪ Accidentally break a vase with my face ♪ Doesn’t matter what I do ‘Cause I love alone ♪.  Ugh.  I’m so bored.  Nobody’s here to listen to my great songs and supply me with constant positive reinfo-fo!  Hey, upstairs neighbor!  Dapper Dog!  Wanna hear a totally improvised banger?  Hard nope.  Hmm.  I know!  I’ll go visit Bertie.  Let’s see, I’ll put on my good walking shoes.  Better bring an umbrella.  Maybe I’ll listen to a podcast on the way.  All right, all ready.” — Tuca

“Oh, my God, you live so far away from me now.  I’m so exhausted.  Ooh!  Why don’t you let me install a fireman’s pole in the ceiling so I can slide down anytime?  Hey, Speckle’s an architect.  I bet he’d love to get a big ‘ol pole in here!  Where’s he at?  Mmm!  Great muffins, neighbor.  Oh, hey!  Now we can do all kinds of neighbor stuff.  Like, I can collect your mail and water your cactus when you’re out of town.  What happened?  Did you overwater?  Child, you overwatered.  Yes, she can, and I’m the proof.  Anyways, what other neighbor stuff can we do?  Ooh!  I can borrow a cup of sugar.  Neighbors are constantly borrowing cups of sugar.  We aren’t officially neighbors until I get that C-O-S. ♪ Cup-o’-sug’ ♪ Bertie-ertie-ertie Getting sugar for her nae ♪ Sweet sugar being got By the hottie, Bertie-bae ♪.  Cute!  Thanks.  Well, see you later, neighbor.  I can’t.  Hands are full.  Sheesh!  Relax about the box.  I will take care of it eventually.” — Tuca

“Oh, no, that’s the worst kind of disappointed because you can’t get defensive, so you really internalize the guilt.  You know, this never would’ve happened if we’d just stayed roommates.  I gave it to a neighbor.  Because that’s what neighbors do.  Plus, it tasted like ashes.  Yuck!  Oh, I just lent it to the plant lady who lives across from me.  Yeah, you know, I’m just trying to get into the fifth-floor vibe.  You fourth-floorers wouldn’t get it.  Yo, Draca, it’s me again, your fave new naby.  Hey, be cool.  Hey!  Remember when I handed you some sugar and you rustled your leaves mysteriously?  That was a nice little moment we had, huh?  So, no big deal, but turns out we need that sug’ back.  Do you still have it?  So… really unique.  Okay, I’ll say it.  You have too many turtles.  Yeah, let’s check these turts.  Mouthwash.  Fertilizer.  A tiny house?  This is great.  Oh, yeah.  The sugar.  Right.  Bertie, the window’s open!  Look!  To the streets!  Not now, Bruce.  Ugh.  Bruce, give it up.  I am never gonna sleep with you.  Again.  That was just a one-time thing I did twice.  He’s the main reason I’m sober now.  Ugh.  Hmm.  Oh, I got this.  Bertie, it’s that dirty turtie!  Hey there, little buddy.  Wait!  That’s out sugar!  Damn it.  That’s a fun thing to say, but tough to hear. ♪ Dirt-dirt-dirt-dirt-dirt-dirty turtie ♪ Dirt-dirt-dirt-dirt-dirt-dirty turtie ♪ That dirt-dirt–dirt-dirty yurtie ♪ Dirt-dirt-dirt-dirty turtie ♪ That dirt-dirt-dirt-dirty turtie ♪ Dirt-dirt-dirt-dirty That dirt… ♪ That-that-that-that, that-that-that-that Dirt-dirt-dirt-dirty turtie ♪ Dirt-dirt-dirt-dirty turtie ♪.  Oh, you got a crush on him.  Speckle better watch out.  Ew!  Give us back our sugar, you half-wet, half-dry, full-slime booger.  That’s our sugar.  That brat stole it from us.  This child is a spoiled pile of soft-serve assface.  Hey, don’t worry.  Worst-case scenario, you guys break up, and then I can move back in.  So, this is really permanent?  Why are you doing this to me?  Everything was great when we lived together.  But not it’s all, ‘Tuca, get your box of stuff out of the way!’  ‘Tuca, get my sugar turt!’  ‘Tuca, erase yourself from the apartment we shared for six years do I don’t have to be reminded of you while I’m living my perfect life with my boyfriend!’  Now you’re settling down, doing this normie life-plan bullshit, and you’re gonna get married, and have babies, and host dinner parties where you serve things like crostini and bruschetta.  Well, you’re not fooling me.  Those are just toast!  And you never wanna have fun adventures anymore.  You’d rather stay at home and be boring.  Huh.  Croissants.  I have an amazing idea!  Follow me!  Hey, Pastry Puff!  Bertie here would like to challenge you to a croissant bake-off.  Bertie is the best chef in the whole world and she can kick your ass.  And we’re having a really big fight right now, but she’s my best friend!  If Bertie’s croissants are better than yours, you gotta give us back our sugar.  We agree to your terms.” — Tuca

“♪ Bertie-ertie-ertie Gotta get that dough rolled ♪ Crush it, little Bertie Win back that ash bowl ♪ Ooh!  Woo-hoo-hoo!  You’re the one who said croissants!  Hey.  So, um, I’m sorry about what I said.  I’m really excited for you and Speckle.  And you’re not boring.  You’re a magnificent little weirdo.  Aw.  And you always let me eat your snacks.  What’s wrong?  That’s okay, buddy.  Here, wanna punch some dough?  There you go!  Better?  Whoa, too much.  Take it easy.  Well, she’s out of control.  Somebody stop this woman.  She’s on a rampage!  Mmm.  Let’s see.  Very croissant-y.  Wow this one is even croissantier.  Dare I say, croissantiest and best. Yeah, bitch, you got beat by a woman off the street!  Deal with it!  Dude, don’t let me eat that card, m’kay?” — Tuca

“Surprise!  We brought croissants, too.  Made out of regular ingredients, not dead people.  Uh… aw!  Yeah!  Eat the ghost cake!  Eat the ghost cake!  Can I have some?  Wow, so this all worked out pretty great, huh?  Aw, you guys.  Okay, I’ll bounce so you can get all mushy.  I guess I’ll finally get my box of stuff out of your way.  Then I’ll be all done moving out.  Really?  Yeah?  Aw.  That would be great.  Let’s see, it only has my toothbrush, my daily medication– all my underwear, my sex toys.  This will be great.  My EpiPen, smoke detector batteries, bike pump, old porn, new porn, frying pan, screwdriver…” — Tuca

“Uh, I meant, what do you want for breakfast?  We’ve got cereal, or eggs, or fish, or cake.  Why choose?  Oh, wow!  So, you’re just gonna hope your boss remembers you exist, reads your mind, and gives you what you want?  You don’t own that, but it looks sharp.  Good one!  Bertie!  Hey, what if I come help you get the promotion?  Aw, okay.  But now I’m all pumped to work my Tuca magic and be useful to the world.  Great idea!  I can go above and beyond for some randos while making that money.  Aw, yeah, I’m about to bang out a ton of these gigs today!  Strangers, you’re about to get Tuca’d!” — Tuca

“Ka-kaaaw!  That’s the alarm that sounds when no women have spoken out loud for three minutes.” — Tuca

“Rudeness saves the day yet again.  Tuca.  I’m a temp.  A cowgirl, a snowblower, a popsicle stick.  Oh, sorry.  I thought we were just listing stuff.” — Tuca

“It’s okay.  You’re so brave to tell me this.  This is what dealing with your shit looks like.  You’re taking back that island!  That’s Peanut Bertie Island!  I guess there are some things I stick with.  You, a pizza, my sports bra.  It’s old, Bertie.” — Tuca

Bertie, Tuca & Bertie, Netflix, The Tornante Company, Brave Dummy, Boxer vs Raptor, ShadowMachine, Ali WongBertie (Roberta Songthrush) (Ali Wong)

“Tuca!  I miss you!  Ugh, I hate change!  The apartment is so quiet without you.  And clean.  So, when do you wanna come over to get your things?  You’re not officially moved out until you’ve taken out your last box of stuff.  Tuca, are you getting junk off the street again?  You don’t have a job.  Wow, it’ll be so weird to not be roommates anymore.  Oh, man, we’ve been through so much.  This is an end of an era, Tuca.  Uh, I hope not.  I mean, I’m kinda hoping things work out with my boyfriend moving in.  Nah, she’s fine.  I bet she’s happy to have a space to herself with nobody cramping her style.  No!  Why does everyone I live with love free-buttin’ it so much?  Oh.  It’s, uh, a photo of your own face.  That’s what mirrors are for.  Well, my things are cute and don’t have my face on them.  Yeah, if this doesn’t work out, you’ll have to move back out.” — Bertie

“You’re so lazy.  I’m pretty sure the landlord wouldn’t– he’s unpacking his toiletries.  Thanks, neighbor.  Oh, no.  My cactus passed away.  Pricktina, baby girl, just tell me what you need.  You thirsty?  Is this helping?  can a mother overlove her daughter?  Okay, okay!  I love when you make up theme songs for me.  Hmm… huh.  Speckle’s sugar.  Hmm.  Here you go, Tuca.  Wait, do you wanna grab your last box of stuff on your way out?  Okay, well, it’s just kinda taking up some space here, so–” — Bertie

“Hmm… oh, that is really specific.  Ah!  Not my porn!  I hate hunks!  Oh, actually, I lent it to Tuca.  Gamby?  Oh, no.  Why, why why?  I don’t know what any of this means.  She asked!  I felt guilty for making her move out and I wanted her to be happy.  Well, it was just really expensive.  Oh, my God, you’re right!  I’ve been so thoughtless.  I’m gonna fix this, Speckle.  Freeze right there.  Don’t break up with me!” — Bertie

“Tuca?  Hey, I need that sugar bowl back.  It was Speckle’s and it’s precious, and… oh, God, Tuca.  I really fudged things up.  He’s gently disappointed in me.  I know!  Tuca, the sugar bowl?  Give it!  What?  Why?  No!  Who’d you give it to?  Oh, my God, she is so cool.  I can’t believe you talked to her.  Hi.  Uh, I’m Bertie.  I’ve seen you around.  Your style is so radical.  Um– I can’t.  I’m starved for her approval!  Ooh!  We get to see her house!  Whoa.  Uh, cool place you got here, Draca.  Tropical.  Hey, do you think the sugar is on one of these guys?  Fashion magazine, dirty dishes.  A love letter.  It’s to another turtle.  This is hopeless, Tuca.  I don’t see the sugar anywhere.  Turt alert!  Um, thank you for having us over.  Maybe we can hang out someti– Speckle, I almost have the sugar back.  Just hold on a few more minutes.  Don’t dump me.  Can’t chat, Bruce.  We’re trying to chase down some sugar.  What, you slept with Bruce?  Ooh, sick.  Which way did it go?  Whoa.  Come on, Tuca.  Let’s go! ♪ Go! ♪ Go! ♪ Go! ♪ Go! ♪ Go! ♪ Go! ♪ Go! ♪ Go! ♪.  Hey!  Whoa.  Pastry Pete’s Patisserie.  Pastry Pete is so brilliant.  Did you know he won a Tasty Num Nums Award last year for combining crullers and Bundt cakes?  They’re called ‘crunts!’  I do not!  Shut up!  I’m telling you, you gotta try those sweet, crusty crunts.  Come on, let’s go!  Oh!  Pastry Pete!  Okay, but I might come back in to buy an éclair!  Oh, Speckle is gonna hate me.  The first seed of resentment has been planted.  This is my first time living with a boyfriend, and I already totally fricked it up.  I don’t want that!  I want to live with my boyfriend.  Well, I hope so.  This isn’t about you!  I never said–  what?  I don’t want to be boring.  I want to know that everything’s going to be okay so I can relax!  Ugh!  Right now, there’s nothing I’d rather do than go home, putter around, watch TV, bake a big batch of croissants– uh-oh.  You’re getting that look you get whenever you have a dumb– no!  No, no, no!  What are you doing?  He’s a professional.  I’m not good enough.  This is a bad idea, Tuca!  Eep!  Huh?  But my CPR license is expired!  This, uh… it just needs to chill for a bit.  Ugh.  Couldn’t you have picked something simpler for this competition?  Yeah?  You know, even though things are changing, Tuca, you’re still my best friend.  I need you.  Well, I’m still mad.  Even though we just made up, I still have an upset feeling.  Yeah.  Thanks.  Ooh!  They’re ready!  Oh, I don’t work at a bakery.  No, I work at a magazine.  Actually, it’s just a magazine publisher.  I do mostly data processing.  Ooh.  Thank you?” — Bertie

“Whoops.  Unfreeze!  Baked by the Tasty Nums Nums award-winning inventor of the crunt.  Um… this is the most disgusting and disturbing thing I’ve ever– Tuca!  Oh, God, Speckle.  I’m sorry I gave your sugar away.  If you don’t wanna live with me anymore, I understand.  Really?  Yeah?  You know, Tuca, if you wanna leave your box here, you can.  We’ve got room.  Then you can just come over whenever you need anything in it.  Sure!  Oh, well, you don’t have to leave every–” — Bertie

“I’ve been a data processor at Conde Nest for three years.  I’m a really important cog in the machine, but sometimes I wonder, what would it be like to be a bigger cog?  I’m ready to break out and step the shit up!  I want a promotion!  Eh!  Sorry.  This position just opened up at work, and the job is perfect for me!  Senior operations analyst.  It’s using statistics to optimize marketing decisions for long-term growth.  Well, I’m pretty sure I’m the most qualified.  That’s been my life approach so far, and it’s worked… never times.  Asking for what I want is not my style.  But it’s okay.  I have a plan.  First, I’ll dress to impress.  Then I’ll establish a rapport with my boss by nailing some small talk.  Work is great, but wouldn’t you rather spend the day at the beach?  I work as hard as I ‘beach!’  Then I’ll demonstrate my leadership skills by speaking up in a meeting.  Thanks, Dirk.  I’ve done the market research.  Ka-pow!  If we double down, ba-ba-boom, on media ad sales, we can improve our revenue by 25 percent.  Confidence!  Who?  Me?  Okay.  Ooh!  Uh… okay.  Uh… uh, today will go great!  Ooh!  That would be so fun, Tuca, but I should probably handle it myself.  Oh, well, why don’t you check your ChoreGoose app and do some gigs?” — Bertie

“Boss, boss, where is the boss?  Ah!  Hi, Claudette.  You startled me… by being.  All right, switch on the charm.  Operation Small Talk with the Boss has begun.  Hey, Holland!” — Bertie

“Ugh, that’s it!  Okay, hi.  I feel like we have a problem with sexual harassment in this office, and I wanna talk about it!  Hey, Dirk!  What you said to me yesterday made me uncomfortable!  It was inappropriate!  My boob ran away!  You made me think about my own body at work!  That’s disgusting!” — Bertie

“Tuca, what do you want me to say?  You are needy.  You always need me.  You always get to be the fun, carefree party-animal.  But I have to be the worry-wart.  But when you’re not around, guess what.  I am fun!  I am brave!  I performed the crünt demo perfectly.  Everyone loved me.  Pastry Pete invited me to an exclusive dinner, and he winked at me!” — Bertie

“That’s okay.  You are who you are, and that’s exactly who you should be.  Yes!  You’re courageous, free-spirited, fully present.  You do so many things I can’t.  That’s why we make a good team.” — Bertie

“Tuca, I have to tell you something.  There’s a reason I wasn’t really into coming here.  I, um… when I was a kid, I trained all summer to swim on my own to Peanut Butter Island.  Coach Maple trained me in the mornings before camp.  I was so excited.  I went to the mall and bought this new swimsuit.  Bright red.  The day of the swim, I was at the dock really early, before Coach Maple, even.  Our lifeguard was there every summer.  He said I was the best swimmer he’d seen at camp.  He said I was so good, he didn’t believe I was just 12.  Well, that morning, he told me he really liked my new swimsuit.  He told me he wanted to show me something in the woods, which I thought was weird, but he was an adult, so I followed him.  I trusted him.  I thought I was special.  All I wanted was to swim to that island.  This was my favorite place.  If I’m so brave, why don’t I go home and deal with my shit?  You don’t give up on everything, Tuca.  You never give up on me.  I know, Tuca.  I know.” — Bertie

Speckles, Tuca & Bertie, Netflix, The Tornante Company, Brave Dummy, Boxer vs Raptor, ShadowMachine, Steven YeunSpeckles (Steven Yeun)

“Ow!  Ow!  Is Tuca okay?  ‘Cause I can help move this box of hers over there if she needs– well, now that the two of us live alone, I can finally cut loose and walk around here with my butt out!  Boom!  Boom!  Boom!  I knew Tuca and I had a common bond.  Hey, what do you think if I hand this picture up here?  Yeah, makes me really happy.  I think I look handsome in it.  Come on, you get to have your things everywhere.  Uh-oh.  What are we gonna do.  We’re moving in together and you’re already sick of my face.  Yep.  And if we make any mistakes at all, we’ll probably break up and never see each other again.  And all our mutual friends will hate you, and no one else will ever love or understand you– hmm… hmm, feather straightener.  Feather curler?  Okay.  Yeah.  No!  I’m okay!” — Speckles

“Hey, Bertie?  Did you see my sugar bowl?  I– I put it here like an hour ago?  What?  You gave her my gamby’s sugar?  My Grandmother Robin.  That was her sugar bowl.  It’s been in our family for generations.  And when she passed away, we put her ashes in there.  Well, it’s a Robin family tradition.  Gamby Robin was very sweet, so we mixed her with sugar.  My gumbo was mixed with sage because he was wise.  My aunt was mixed with paprika, if you know what I mean.  It means that sugar bowl was important to me.  Why would you give it to Tuca?  So why didn’t you give her your sugar?  You asked me to move in.  Now I can’t hang up my pictures, there’s no room for my stuff, and you gave my grandmother away.  I… I just need to feel like I love here, too, Bertie.  Well, I’m not one to pass up a good freeze.” — Speckles

“Okay.  This might be my best freeze yet.” — Speckles

“My gamby is a cake now?  Ooh, pins and needles!  Don’t touch me.  Don’t touch me right now.  Pins and needles!  My gamby is a cake now?  Aw, jeez.  Gamby?  Oh, my God, I can’t believe it’s you!  What?  I… I can’t.  I guess I could try a little if– if that’s what you want, Gamby.  Mm… it’s rewarding work.  I’m pretty good at it.  More bureaucracy than I anticipated, though.  Oh, Gamby, you’re actually really delicious.  Settle down, Gamby.  Gamby, be quiet!  Don’t want to live with you?  Of course I want to live with you.  Yeah!  You know when you’re coming home late at night?  And everything inside looks so warm and yellow, and everything outside is so blue?  I love thinking about how, from now on, this little piece of yellow is for us, our warm home together.  That’s pretty gooey, huh?  Great idea!  Or you can just take it.  Right now.  Maybe just pick up the box and then, like, take it?” — Speckles

“Uh… ugh!  Ooh, what position is it?  That sounds great.  You gonna ask your boss about it today?  You should just ask, Bertie.  Text me when you get the good news, okay?  And tonight, maybe we can do some celebrating with my big… di-nner idea.  Two different kinds of oven fries!” — Speckles

Pastry Pete, Tuca & Bertie, Netflix, The Tornante Company, Brave Dummy, Boxer vs Raptor, ShadowMachine, Reggie WattsPastry Pete (Reggie Watts)

“What’s going on here?  Why are you yelling at my nephew?  My nephew is a perfect angel.  He says he found this on a public street turtle.  And stay out of my bakery.” — Pastry Pete

“Ugh!  Huh?  I don’t really see how that’s relevant.  Well, by the chef’s code, I cannot turn down a cooking challenge.  So, we shall have a croissant tournament.  If you win, you’ll get that sugar bowl.  And if I win, you need to babysit my nephew.” — Pastry Pete

“Hmm… oh!  Uh… because that’s a vital step in baking croissants, of course.  Wait, why are you the one judging this competition.  This is absurd!  Hmm.  Mm.  Mm.  Mmm.  What bakery do you work at?  A restaurant, then?  Ah, a gourmet food magazine!  Which one?  I see.  Here’s my card.  Call me if you ever want to quit your desk job and come work for me.  Your technique needs to be tamed, but I taste your passion.  You’re a, uh croissant savant.  Make sure not to eat that card.  It’s made of a very thin, toothsome wafer with sugar ink.  It took me ten years to learn how to make it.  And now, you can take back your sugar.” — Pastry Pete

Holland, Tuca & Bertie, Netflix, The Tornante Company, Brave Dummy, Boxer vs Raptor, ShadowMachine, Richard E. GrantHolland (Richard E. Grant)

“Aha.  Everyone loves the beach.  Good one!  Bertie, will you be our new senior operations analyst?  Please, Bertie!  Please!” — Holland

“Oh, good morning, Bertie.” — Holland

Dirk, Tuca & Bertie, Netflix, The Tornante Company, Brave Dummy, Boxer vs Raptor, ShadowMachine, John EarlyDirk (John Early)

“Blah, blah, I’m Bertie’s dumb, annoying coworker, Dirk.  I wear too much cologne, I pronounce it ‘ex-specially,’ and I usually talk over you, but I just realized I’m a stupid asshole.  Now I’m gonna go fuck myself!” — Dirk

Goose Lady, Tuca & Bertie, Netflix, The Tornante Company, Brave Dummy, Boxer vs Raptor, ShadowMachineGoose Lady

“Hooray for Bertie!  Here’s your maple-walnut latte, Ms. Bertie.” — Goose Lady


“Here’s the latest analytics, Ms. Bertie.” — Co-worker

File Cabinet, Tuca & Bertie, Netflix, The Tornante Company, Brave Dummy, Boxer vs Raptor, ShadowMachineOffice Filing Cabinet

“Good morning, Ms. B!  I’m starved,  Could you feed me some fresh files?  Yum-yummy!  Feed me more files!  My hunger restores as I am fed, and I will never be sated!  This is my curse!” — File Cabinet

Speckle's Grandma, Tuca & Bertie, Netflix, The Tornante Company, Brave Dummy, Boxer vs Raptor, ShadowMachine, Nicole ByerSpeckle’s Grandma (Nicole Byer)

“Oh, Speckle, is that you?  Oh, Speckle, my boy!  My dearest grand-peep.  I’m so glad I was baked into a cake so I could say a proper goodbye and tell you I’m proud of you.  Now, Speckle, please eat me.  Gobble me up, sweet child!  I’m trapped between the worlds of the living and the dead, and I need you to eat me so my soul can finally rest!  Be a good boy and eat your gamby!  Mm-hmm.  So?  How do you like being an architect, baby boy?  You were always a bright one.  Speckle, sliding down your throat tickles!  Now, would you drink some gin and club soda so I can have a party down here?  All right, gang, let’s get this wingding bash-a-roo a-ragin’!  Agh!  Mwah!” — Speckle’s Grandma

Creepy Vulture dude (Bruce)

“Hey, ladies.  Ooh!  Why don’t you give me some sugar?  When you relapse, I’ll be waiting.” — Bruce

Plant Lady, Tuca & Bertie, Netflix, The Tornante Company, Brave Dummy, Boxer vs Raptor, ShadowMachine, Shamir BaileyPlant Lady (Draca)

“Bye!” — Draca

Dapper Dog, Tuca & Bertie, Netflix, The Tornante Company, Brave Dummy, Boxer vs Raptor, ShadowMachineDapper Dog

“Mm-hmm?  Mayhaps, if you first indulge me my tale of woe.  Oh, woe, my sweetest Henry!” — Dapper Dog

Podcast Radio Host

“Welcome to Breakfast Talk.  I’m your host, Billy Eggs.  Today’s episode is brought to you by OvalSpace.  Make any idea beautiful online with over 30 identical templates.  OvalSpace.  Today’s a great episode.  We talked…” — Podcast Radio Host

Blue Bird

“Hey, ice cream!  Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine!  Empathy is over!  Being a bully is cool again!  Hey, I’m being bullied!  Hey!  No!  Stupid toucan!  That was my ice cream!  And you’re gonna pay!  Ow!  Box!” — Blue Bird

“Life lesson: nothing belongs to anyone!  That’s right, Unky Petey.  Unky!  Die, turtle!” — Blue Bird

Rando Bird #2 (green)

“Ow!  Ow!  Ow!  Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!” — Rando Bird

Yellow Bird

“No!” — Yellow Bird

Bike Owner

“Hey, that’s my bike!” — Bike Owner

Helen Regina Lady (Lisa Hanawalt)

Bertie's Left Boob, Tuca & Bertie, Netflix, The Tornante Company, Brave Dummy, Boxer vs Raptor, ShadowMachine, AwkwafinaBertie’s left boob (Awkwafina)

Sophie, Tuca & Bertie, Netflix, The Tornante Company, Brave Dummy, Boxer vs Raptor, ShadowMachine, Tessa ThompsonSophie (Tessa Thompson)

Meredith Maple, Tuca & Bertie, Netflix, The Tornante Company, Brave Dummy, Boxer vs Raptor, ShadowMachine, Jane LynchMeredith Maple (Jane Lynch)

Ebony Black, Tuca & Bertie, Netflix, The Tornante Company, Brave Dummy, Boxer vs Raptor, ShadowMachine, Laverne CoxEbony Black (Laverne Cox)

Lady Netherfield, Tuca & Bertie, Netflix, The Tornante Company, Brave Dummy, Boxer vs Raptor, ShadowMachine, Michelle DockeryLady Netherfield (Michelle Dockery)

Terry, Tuca & Bertie, Netflix, The Tornante Company, Brave Dummy, Boxer vs Raptor, ShadowMachine, Taraji P. HensonTerry (Taraji P. Henson)

Auntie Tallulah, Tuca & Bertie, Netflix, The Tornante Company, Brave Dummy, Boxer vs Raptor, ShadowMachine, Jenifer LewisAuntie Tallulah (Jenifer Lewis)

Flamingo Doctor, Tuca & Bertie, Netflix, The Tornante Company, Brave Dummy, Boxer vs Raptor, ShadowMachine, Tig NotaroFlamingo Doctor (Tig Notaro)

Dakota, Tuca & Bertie, Netflix, The Tornante Company, Brave Dummy, Boxer vs Raptor, ShadowMachine, Amber RuffinDakota (Amber Ruffin)

Lizard Lady, Tuca & Bertie, Netflix, The Tornante Company, Brave Dummy, Boxer vs Raptor, ShadowMachine, Kate BerlantLizard Lady (Kate Berlant)

Pat, Tuca & Bertie, Netflix, The Tornante Company, Brave Dummy, Boxer vs Raptor, ShadowMachine, Isabella RosselliniPat (Isabella Rossellini)



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Trailer tomorrow! 👀#DowntonAbbeyFilm

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Mandatory Credit: Photo by Frank Micelotta/Picturegroup/REX/Shutterstock (10266455m)
Tiffany Haddish
Wearable Art Gala, Inside, Barker Hangar, Santa Monica, Los Angeles – 01 Jun 2019

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