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Netflix original series The Last Kingdom dropped its fourth season Sunday April 26th, 2020.

#TheLastKingdomis based on real meetup near memyspace dating the same name.

rottentomatoes: 91%

metacritic: 78

imdb: 8.3

Uhtred Ragnarson, The Last Kingdom, Netflix, Carnival Film & Television, Alexander DreymonUhtred Ragnarson, The Last Kingdom, Netflix, Carnival Film & Television, Alexander DreymonUhtred Ragnarson

Danish raiders pave the way for the first king of England outside of 9th century Wessex, United Kingdom.

Uhtred Ragnarson, The Last Kingdom, Netflix, Carnival Film & Television, Alexander Dreymon“Outside.  Wait.  Who is there?  Stay with me.  Yes, you can.  If Aethelred sends soldiers, we will fight them.  Please, he has tortured you long enough.  Men have died for less.  So, you’d take chastity while your husband is chasing another woman?  Do not return to him and be humiliated.  You are more than that.” — Uhtred Ragnarson

“Any word from Finan?  This is good work.  They can smell you from here.  You look like shit.  What have you done to my ship?  What news from Bebbanburg?  My Uncle Aelfric is dead and you have his balls to prove it?  So, Bebbanburg’s weakened?  So, we could take it.  With an army… we could take it.  How many men does he have?  Can he raise a fyrd?  That he’s a turd, yes.  And they’re right.  We should not delay.  We head to Bebbanburg before the Scots return.  The gods are telling us to strike and take back what is mine.  Finan, if we take Bebbanburg, we’ll have all the silver we ever dreamed of.  You will all be rewarded for your service, even you baby monk.  Not enough.  We will ride to Winchester and raise an army.  It’s time for Wessex to repay all that I have given.” — Uhtred Ragnarson

“All right.  Beocca!  Hild!  And you have not changed.  He has.  Are you still writing this great work?  I am.  And we will need to sit for it and we will need wine.  Aelfric will finally see a reckoning.  He is now weakened and without allies.  He did.  A son… but the heir Wihtgar was banished.  He died last summer in the southern sea.  My plan is that you join us… both of you.  You, then.  Beocca, you’re not old.  And you have mourned Thyra long enough.  She would not want this sadness for you.  Throw it off and return to Bebbanburg with me.  Then we will hold a feast there in your honor.  I want to make a home for my children to return to.  Stiorra thrives.  She lives at Aethelflaed’s estate.  My son, I do not see.  Alfred’s influence has mad him holy.  What news of Wessex?  Yes, Lord Aethelhelm is ambitious.  But King Edward just accepts this ambition from an Ealdorman?” — Uhtred Ragnarson

“Walking like a fat man, friend.  Too much palace food and sitting on your backside.  There will be fighting yet.  Lord King.  Steapa.  I only know that Danes do not like peace.  No.  I heard he has brought his sons over from his homeland, which means he has ambition here.  I’m here to make you an offer.  I can help you fulfill your father’s dream of a united land… if you give me men to retake Bebbanburg.  Your father knew it could be done, one country, one king.  It works for the both of us.  Unless you want the Scots to gain a stronghold to attack you from?  Aelfric cannot hold them off like I can.  I control the fortress.  You control the country.  Give me 100 men, it will take a week.  Two hundred, I can take it in a day– no debt– by cowering behind walls and waiting for the Danes to attack?  That is how you got where you are, Lord Aethelhelm.  Lord, take this moment your God is offering you.  Your father had a dream–” — Uhtred Ragnarson

“‘Now is not the time.’  Years, I’ve waited.  Years, I’ve given my sword.  Years, my home has been denied to me.  ‘There’s no debt.’  We will think of another plan.  Do you think our band can take the 40 men at Bebbanburg?  The plan is unchanged.  We head to Bebbanburg.  You don’t need an army to kill one man.  We kill Aelfric, the gates will open.” — Uhtred Ragnarson

“It’s getting in to Bebbanburg, that’s the problem.  Oh, but you enjoy the savage life.  Do your novices not know that?  Lady Aethelflaed.  Why is this important?  Why is it important to me?  Of course.  Aelfric keeps it at Bebbanburg.  It’s no doubt some dog liver my ancestors bought.  When is Ascension?” — Uhtred Ragnarson

“I will need a priest who can accompany these monks.  I hope your brother values your loyalty.  Then you will be the last woman to hump Uhtred of Bebbanburg.” — Uhtred Ragnarson

“If we leave now, we should make it to the monastery by nightfall.  Hump the horseman’s wife if you have to.  It’s for a priest.  One I hope will be glad to see me.  Beocca… if you want to come, I will carry you there.  Ride with me.  We will rest when you need to.  I will fight with you on my shoulders.  I will repay all the debt I owe you three times over.  You will live like a lord in Bebbanburg.  Thank you, Father.  Goodbye, pure and holy abbess.  Keep each other out of trouble.” — Uhtred Ragnarson

“Men, this is my son.  Young Uhtred.  I’m here to guide you back to your family.  It’s not.  You were placed there without my permission.  We are leaving this place and you are coming with me.  Yes, you have no choice.  Take off the woman’s garb.  Wear this.  And, uh… I have a gift for you.  Sihtric!  Hey.  I did not realize how much you’d grown.  Ride to Coccham with us.  In time, we will find you a proper horse.  To collect the ship that will take us north… to reclaim your birthright and mine.  To seize back what was lost and unite our family.  I’m taking you to Bebbanburg.  That’s Alfred’s legacy.  The man torments me still.” — Uhtred Ragnarson

“It’s sturdy enough.  Do we not need something more… agile?  Do you want Aelfric to know we’re coming?  Beocca?  Are you kidding?  As do we all.  I’m sure we can make space for you.  Happily for you, I am desperate.  Did Hild send you to keep an eye on me?  What is the real reason?  You came to help me be a better father.  And?  Come, get on the boat with us.  Because I see the man that you will be, not the boy that you are.  I know what it is to be ripped from one life to live another.  And I know that it will make you stronger.  You see this?  This was my father’s.  One day it will be yours.  It is fate.  Let’s go.  To Bebbanburg!” — Uhtred Ragnarson

Lady Aethelflaed, The Last Kingdom, Netflix, Carnival Film & Television, Millie BradyLady Aethelflaed

“What?  No one knows I’m here.  The people that know will now betray us.  I cannot.  I know, but men should not die, so I can love you, Uhtred.  Not the ones who serve me.  I will not be the cause of bloodshed.  Aethelred would seek Edward’s help.  We would be outnumbered.  We both know that’s different.  I know.  And hopefully, in time, things will change for us.  I will go to Winchester to comfort my mother and come back here as soon as I can.  Your men will return from the north soon.  He takes great pleasure in punishing me for whatever I do.  So, I must try to live with a little happiness.  Besides, I have good men to protect me.  And I know you do not speak from envy.” — Lady Aethelflaed

“What are they doing with Father’s books?  His legacy, all the learning… is no one to keep a record of our times?  Mother, I’m so sorry.  Every time I return, there is new insult.” — Lady Aethelflaed

“Lord Uhtred.  Forgive me for not meeting you at the palace.  My woman Sable is at my husband’s estate.  And she has learned something that will be very useful to you.  It is important to our people.  Tell him of the monks, Sable.  Nevertheless, a treasure to the Mercians.  Intercept these brothers and you could gain entry into the fortress.” — Lady Aethelflaed

“I’m sorry, but I can provide nothing more.  I cannot defy my brother.  I hope you win what you have longed for.  Uhtred… what if you die doing this?  Is that your way of promising to be faithful.  Do not answer that.” — Lady Aethelflaed


“Do you want to give up your gods for your life?  Do you want me to show you mercy?  No!  No.  Mercy is for Christians.  What will you do?  Good boy.  If they capture you, you do exactly this.  Hey, careful, Cnut!  They’re good boys, Cnut.  You’re blessed.” — Brida

“The boy king in Wessex has been building defenses.  And the fool in Mercia has been following his cock.  We kill Aethelred, Wessex is honor-bound to come to Mercia’s aid.  We lure out Edward from behind his walls… and fight on our terms and take the country.  As so many others have failed to do.” — Brida

Earl Cnut

“It means they like you.  Yes.  Come, they’ll have taken down the camp without us.  Any of you caught humping a Saxon will be executed on our return.  Go!” — Cnut

“Did you meet the Arse-Licker?  And he believed you?  Then we shall attack Mercia, while their backs are turned.  We sail to the estuary before dawn, head upstream and keep the boats apart to avoid any scouts.  When we reach Mercia, we assault Aegelesburg in two bands and I will kill their little Lord.  I treated her with respect and gave her love.  Do not give me a reason to kill you.  My friend.” — Cnut

King Edward, The Last Kingdom, Netflix, Carnival Film & Television, Timothy InnesKing Edward

“I am not certain I believe it.  Are the men that bring the news to be trusted?  Lord Aethelhelm.  What did you hear?  We ignore this news until the scouts confirm it.  Continue to fortify along the border.  When the Danes break the peace, we will be ready.  We are resolved.  every man who can wield an ax should be building defenses.  Mother?  Take comfort that all is well.  Come.” — King Edward

“Finish your prayers.  It is nothing of concern.  Do you know something we do not, Lord Uhtred?  Did you hear Cnut is now heading to Irland to rescue a cousin?  And what brings you to Winchester?  It is a good idea.  I take Northumbria and I unite the four Kingdoms.  Since when have you cared for my father’s vision, Uhtred.  What is the point you are making, Lord Aethelhelm?  No, by not being forced to fight before we are certain to win.  And my father also knew when to say no to Uhtred Ragnarson.  I am no longer the boy who can be bent to your will.  This is not saying never, but now is not the time.” — King Edward

Lord Aethelhelm, The Last Kingdom, Netflix, Carnival Film & Television, Adrian SchillerLord Aethelhelm

“My King.  Well, simply that Cnut is leaving for Irland to help a cousin, Sigtryggr, who’s besieged there.”

“Since it coincided with what he wants, by the sound of it.  It would certainly fulfill an ambition.  But given an ongoing threat from the Danes here in the south, is it wise to distract ourselves… gallop to the frozen north for what is, in essence, a family feud?  Yes and we are all very grateful for his service.  But surely his oath was to see the King on the throne.  A duty that is now performed.  I’m merely saying that there is no debt on either side.  Lord Uhtred is free… to take what he wants.  You to defend what you have… which is the innocent people of Wessex from the marauding heathen.  There are good reasons to go softly and strategically.”

Father Pyrlig, The Last Kingdom, Netflix, Carnival Film & Television, Cavan ClerkinFather Pyrlig

“Then it must be true.  Danes are known for their kindness and loyalty.  I will inform the whores.  Quicker than the monks at spreading news.”

“It is my massive balls, Uhtred.  Perhaps.  I fight less than I did.  Is Uhtred Ragnarson trying to negotiate?  If the bastard Scots are making incursions, they will return in number.  He takes the fortress.  It becomes your foothold in Northumbria.  Small matter of conquering East Anglia, but that is mainly cattle and people that look like cattle.  Uhtred has done much to distract the Danes from Wessex.”

“Would I let that happen, Beocca?  I would say keep yourself indoors a while.  I’m sorry.  Lady Aelswith wields power where she can.  I will drop in and bring you news until she has calmed herself.  To do what?  Ah.  The King grows wiser by the day, true.”

Aethelred, The Last Kingdom, Netflix, Carnival Film & Television, Toby Regbo

King Aethelred

“Come and lie with me, Eadith.  God wants me to be satisfied.  Come and lie with me, Eadith.  God wants me to be satisfied.  He gave me this desire, so– I’ve had every servant girl from here to Ceaster.  It is you that I want.  Come on.  Do not make me force you, Eadith.  You set a man on fire.  Do not be surprised when you get burned.  Lord Eardwulf, we were not expecting you until nightfall.  Have us brought wine.  What is your news, Commander?  Who else knows this?  Did you see them leave?  If they’re leaving East Anglia, then it’s empty and ready for us to conquer it.  And if I enlarge our land, then Mercia no longer has to bow to Wessex and Edward.  This is an excellent plan.  It appears the relics of St. Oswald are already working in my favor.  I’m collecting all the bones of our beloved Saint… as a good omen to signal to the Mercian people that I shall restore their lands to greatness.  It’s my gift to the common folk.  Monks are leaving imminently with silver to bargain for his heart… and the winds are clearly blowing in our favor.  Thank you for all that you’ve done.  It’s impressive.  Indeed.  You could teach your sister a lesson in generosity.  Our game is not finished.  Will you hurry, Sable!  Ah, the monks.  I’ll fetch your silver.  You leave for Northumbria immediately.”

“Look around you, Eardwulf.  Cnut’s mistake for leaving will be our glory.  Seize the land to the north until you reach the sea.  And then we will see which Saxon Kingdom is the greatest.  And who should kneel to whom.”

Aldhelm, The Last Kingdom, Netflix, Carnival Film & Television, James NorthcoteAldhelm

“It is Aldhelm.  Lady Aethelflaed’s absence has been noted by her husband.  She should leave here before she is discovered.  Lady, you know, I do not speak in envy, but, please.  Your husband would take great pleasure in punishing you for adultery, should you give him the excuse.”

Haesten, The Last Kingdom, Netflix, Carnival Film & Television, Jeppe Beck LaursenHaesten

“Arse-licker.  You are the man they call the Arse-licker?  I heard you wormed your way back from a family disgrace.  And that your father lost his lands for humping his horse?  You are steel-eyed for a turd.  Perhaps we are fated to work together, Lord Arse-Licker.  They’ve been loading ships for three days.  Irland.  A cousin Sigtryggr is being held captive by the natives.  The women are going to local settlements, so there will be warm tits to return to.  Because, unlike you, I’m not rewarded for my service.  Perhaps.  And… I no longer want war.  I’m too old to sleep in the dirt.  I want silver and Lord Aethelred has it?  Makes his own coin?  How ambitious.  How is the weasel?  Who promotes an ambitious soldier… brave.  I hear he takes your sister as his whore.”

“I did.  Word will spread that you leave for Irland.  He wants to kiss his master’s backside.  He believes what he wants to hear.  Too timid to attack the boy king in Wessex?  What did you do to tame her?  After you slaughtered the man she cared for.  I pity the bitch.  Soon, all that you see will belong to Mercia.”

Eardwulf, The Last Kingdom, Netflix, Carnival Film & Television, Jamie BlackleyEardwulf

“I am Eardwulf of Mercia, commander of the King Aethelred’s guard.  His latest new commander.  I heard there was a Dane who was willing to betray his kinsfolk for money.  Leaving land they fought so hard for?  It’s unlike the Danes to slink away.  Where is Cnut taking his men?  That will take at least a winter.  Will they come back?  Why do you tell us this?  You should have licked more asses.  Still a man of wisdom and honor.  Who rewards loyalty.  Then you heard wrong, Dane.  She’s not a whore and he does not take her.  My Lord.  I met a Danish spy and he revealed that Cnut is taking his warriors from East Anglia and heading to Irland, leaving their woman and children in undefended settlements.  No one.  I paid him well.  Yes.  They’re dismantling their camp and packing their boats.  A cousin is under attack in Dyflin.  Troops can be readied when you want them, but I suggest that we leave quietly, before the Ealdormen can disapprove.  I’m sure they’ll be impressed.  Anything I do, I do for Mercia.  No.  I met a spy and the news is true.  I’m trying to keep him happy.  As should you.  Just hump the desperate bastard.  I tried.  He did not bite.  Lord?”

Lady Eadith, The Last Kingdom, Netflix, Carnival Film & Television, Stefanie MartiniLady Eadith

“So, I am sure there is a servant girl you could hump.  And it is me you shall have… when the time is right.  Yes!  Are you talking horseshit?  The man is inflated enough without you encouraging him.  I hump him and he loses interest.  If we want all this to continue, then we must not overplay our hand.  Do you want to return to being landless and ridiculed.  You hump him, if you do not believe me.”

Finan, The Last Kingdom, Netflix, Carnival Film & Television, Mark RowleyFinan

“It’s time we’re heading south, Osferth.  Women of Coccham!  We are back!  Now, that was Osferth’s fault.  Good news, Lord.  No, but he is being attacked by the Scots pushing south.  He lost half of his men in the most recent assault.  For now, yes.  Well, perhaps.  It will not be easy.  Barely 40.  No.  Go before he buys more men.  Now, Lord, it’ll take ships and men.  The venture would cost you all your silver.  How many men remain here?”

“Winchester is a snake pit.  Two on one?  Ask me when I’m drunk.  I know.  It’s just the unbreachable walls and boiling tar that worry me.  Not to mention the Scots waiting to take it for themselves.  Take the fortress, then we get drunk.”

“Or we just ask nicely to be let in.  We are not dressing up as nuns.  What!  We will need another beast, a small one.  Why the extra horse, Lord?  Which priest?”

“Which one?  It’s him.  Go!  He doesn’t seem to like you much.”

“We’re not taking pelts to sell to Frankia.  I suppose not.  Pelts it is.  We’ll require more ale, for sure.  Get your saintly arse on the bench, Osferth.  He gets sick traveling backward.  Raise the sail!”

Sihtric, The Last Kingdom, Netflix, Carnival Film & Television, Arnas Fedaravicius


“Or is slaughtered by the Scots.”

“Come on, Finan.  Our men are three times the fighters Aelfric’s are.”

“I say we just turn up and ram the gate.  Next idea.  But you were.  I’d rather hump the horse.”

“It’s not him.  He’s a sinner, father.”

Osferth, The Last Kingdom, Netflix, Carnival Film & Television, Ewan MitchellOsferth

“Until he finds more men.  Oh, God, no.  Local lords think he’s– amen.”

“Is the plan off, then?  Are we just staying here to get drunk?  Just us… without an army?”

“I wasn’t going to say that.  No, I wasn’t.  Ladders.  I do not.  I just like to see where we’re going.”

Young Uhtred, The Last Kingdom, Netflix, Carnival Film & Television, Finn ElliotYoung Uhtred

“Hey!  Get off!  Who are you?  Where are we going?  Hello, father.  I don’t use that name.  It belongs to a priest killer.  The Church is my family.  Praise be to King Alfred for that.  Am I?  Impressive beast.  Why would I go to Coccham?  Never heard of it.  What use do you have for me?  Why do you drag me to something for which I’m not made.  Perhaps my faith is being tested.  Perhaps that’s what it is.  It doesn’t feel like fate.  It feels like penance.”

Father Beocca

“Yes.  Uhtred?  No, not until summer.  Are you sure it’s him?  St. Cuthbert is capricious.  He evades me daily.  You look like a man with good news.  It is indeed worth waiting for.  Yes, never has a man deserved it more.  You can starve him out.  Surround the fortress.  What was your plan?  You don’t want an old man.  I cannot.  Without me, the nuns would have no one to minister the sacraments.  And the life of St. Cuthbert will not write itself.  Take the fortress.  I will join you, when the hard work is done.  You deserve to go back, Uhtred.  Yes, to restore your family to their rightful place.  Wessex… thrives.  Defenses are being strengthened against the Danes.  Edward’s son is now walking.  The King’s wife is to be crowned a queen.  Let’s just say we feel his father’s absence.”

“Well, well.  Finally back to Bebbanburg.  You do not need me for this, Uhtred.  You’re ready to face this alone.  Fulfill your father’s birthright.   Restore Northumbria to greatness.  The pride should be on your shoulders and yours alone.  You deserve this.  You owe me nothing, Uhtred.  Anything I ever did for you, I did from my heart.  May the Lord bless you and keep you in this adventure.”

“You mean the firstborn you had banished so your son could make a better marriage?  The first marriage was legitimate.  Lady… you chose Lord Aethelhelm’s daughter as a match, because he had the silver that Wessex needed.  You chose her over a woman your son loved and who had borne him children.  You cannot invite a serpent into the garden and be surprised when it slithers to the ground.  Yes, another one of your rash judgements.  And yet you choose to stay here, too.  Perhaps we are not so different.  Yes.  It can make a person less than they should do.  I should know.”

“Let me guess.  I’m to be banished again.  I am to be silenced.  You are a good man, Father Pyrlig.  A good friend to me and to Wessex.  Before you go… to advise a king is a great honor.  But it can also be a curse.  Sometimes found myself at war with my own conscience.  I want you to know you have my blessing.  Whatever must be done to protect King Edward.  He has all the makings of a great leader, I’m sure.  But time may be against you.  Those around him have ambition.  And it is not the ambition of the King, or of his father, who we both loved.  So, you do what you must.  Uhtred!  Do you have room for half a man more?  I flee the wrath of the Lady Aelswith.  I’m afraid I’ll be not much use to you as a fighter.  No.  It was entirely my decision.  You were right.  I’ve allowed myself to get old too quickly.  I shall leech off your youthfulness… revive myself.  Word reached me… of the abduction of a young deacon.  So, I felt I should, uh… well, there is that.”

Hild, The Last Kingdom, Netflix, Carnival Film & Television, Eva BirthistleAbbess Hild

“I hear Uhtred is downstairs.  Were you expecting.  From the reaction of the novices, I’m fairly certain.  You have made quite an impression.  A master takes his time.  Has he no heir to assist him?  Oh, I think my fighting days are over, Uhtred.  Are they will?  Your children?  It is unusual to honor the girl, whilst the widow Aelswith lives, to say the least.  But Aelflaed has an ambitious father.”

“Thank you for offering your men to clear the stables.  Lady Aethelflaed will meet you in the garden.  Do not turn me into a brothel-keeper.  Uhtred!  Goodbye, you bloodthirsty heathen.  Take this.  Turn it into hack-silver and pay for bribes along the way.  There are priests who will swear on the Book to it.  This bitterness is not her.  Her role is diminished and she is veiled in grief.”

Aelswith, The Last Kingdom, Netflix, Carnival Film & Television, Eliza ButterworthLady Aelswith

“Lord Aethelhelm wants this room given over to planning our defenses.  Apparently, it has the best light to work by.  Be careful!  That is my husband’s Chronicle.  Take it to my quarters.  They keep a record… of building fortifications.  See, this one tells us how 30 men can fashion a palisade in under a day.  It is all for our own protection.  Please, do not pity me.  I have a better life than many widows.  And my new rooms are comfortable… if rather near the kitchens.  What news do you talk of?  Perhaps I could offer the wisdom of experience.”

“Look how he worms his way in, with the King’s guard.  Why do that if you do not seek influence?  I do not trust him.  In the past, he has suggested to me things that are most unchristian, in regards to the other heirs to the throne.  I mean the children who were conceived without holy union.  Did I not have you removed from the court, Father Beocca?  It is unwise to remain somewhere you are not wanted.”



“Bastard Scots!  Kill them!  Slay them all!  Don’t spare a single one of them!  Sons of whores!  They’re weakening.  Forward!  We have them!  Advance!  Don’t let them escape!  Advance, you cowards!  Kill them all!  Do not let them escape!  What in God’s name… retreat!  Retreat to Bebbanburg!  Open the gates!  Open the gates!  Go!  Go!”

“How many did we lost this time?  Then we need more men… or it’ll be our heads on the ramparts.  They’ll gather reinforcements in Scotland, keep attacking till they whittle us down to nothing.  If they take Bebbanburg, they have a gateway south.  They want all of Northumbria.  Leave them for the scavengers.  The last men standing.  My greatest fighters.  Or the most fearful, the ones who cowed and hid and ran.  The Scots will return!  They want to take our land and see us gone.  So unless you want to end up rotting on a slave ship, I suggest you find the stomach to fight.  To fight!  Or leave.  Go on, leave now!  There is no place for doubt… or weakness.  I will never surrender to invaders!  My men can be destroyed!  The villages starved!  They can dig a trench a mile wide!  But while I live, these walls will not be breached.  This fortress will not fall!  I will never yield my birthright, nor seek peace with those who attack us.  We fight on, until they are all butchered.  We fight on for Bebbanburg!  For Bebbanburg!”

“None, Aidan?  Offer them three times what a mercenary would normally receive.  Are they afraid of the Scots?  What does that turd want with us?  Aidan, I am a devoted Christian, who fears his saints.  Bebbanburg was my reward from God for my constant and unwavering piety.  Send out to whatever hovels the common people live in.  Round up the farmers’ sons.  It will work if you hold a knife to the mother’s throats.”

Bebbanburg Priest (Aidan)

“Over half, Lord.  Will they go back across the border?  Lord, where do we bury the dead.  On your feet!”

“None, Lord.  We have tried.  I do not think silver will tempt them.  No, but they think that we are doomed.  There is another way, but you will not like it.  We have had word that Aethelred of Mercia sending monks– the heart of St. Oswald.  I know it is a precious relic and that it has been at Bebbanburg for generations, but it may be our only course.  Yes, indeed.  Will that work, Lord?  The farmers are not well-disposed to us.”

Bebbanburg Gate Watch

“Open the gates!”

Bebbanburg Infantry

“Open the gates!  Open the gates!”

Mercia Merchant

“Thank you, my lord.”

Uhtred Page

“Nothing, Lord.  There’s a boat down river, Lord.”

Wandering Priest 1

“St. Oswald’s heart?  Bloody long way to go for a piece of dried offal.”

Wandering Priest 2

“Still, a few taverns to stop along the way.  Northumbria’s a piss-hole place to waste a journey on.”


“It is all being done very quickly and I am not one to spy or spread rumors.  But Lord Aethelred is collecting the relics of St. Oswald.  Because, when St. Oswald’s body is reunited in Mercia, the land will be returned to greatness.  Oh, yes.  All that remains to be gathered is the heart of St. Oswald, which your uncle– Lord Aethelred has sent a pair of monks up north to strike a bargain for it.  They should reach Grimesby by Sunday, then Bebbanburg on the day of Ascension.  Ten days before Pentecost.  Two weeks from now.”


“Kill them all!”

Village Girl

“No!  No!”

Danish Camp

“To the settlements until the winter.  We must hide you away, while the men go to war.”



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Season 4 is OUT!

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Poster for the first official tour of The Aethelflaeds

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3rd wheel…

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Warriors + Umbrellas

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