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Song Contest

Netflix original film Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga dropped last Friday June 26th, 2020.

#EurovisionMovieis a Gary Sanchez production.

rottentomatoes: 63%

metacritic: 50

imdb: 6.6

Lars Erickssong, Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, Netflix, European Broadcasting Union (EBU), Gary Sanchez Productions, Gloria Sanchez Productions, Truenorth Productions, Will Ferrell

Lars Erickssong

Icelandic duo Lars Erickssong and Sigrit Ericksdottir enter an international talent competition Eurovision outside of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Lars Erickssong, Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, Netflix, European Broadcasting Union (EBU), Gary Sanchez Productions, Gloria Sanchez Productions, Truenorth Productions, Will Ferrell“Stop laughing at me!  Stop laughing at me!  One day, I shall win the Eurovision Song Contest, and none of you will laugh at me then.” — Lars Erickssong

“♪ Volcano Man ♪  Volcanic protector man ♪ Volcano Man! ♪ Guarding the land ♪ Volcanic protector man ♪  And I love you ♪ goddamn it!  Sorry, Papa!  Yes.  I– it is not our best, but it was very good.  No, no, no.  No way.  ‘Double Trouble’ is the one.  Mmm.  Your singing was very powerful tonight.  Yes.  Eurgh.  Yeah.  But Papa, no, I have to connect– but the lighting– what is it… what a grump.  Yeah, wow.  Super angry.” — Lars Erickssong

“Too bad about the boat.  So many fond memories.  Heh.  But, uh… I live there… with you.  She loved having me around the house, so she might not be happy.  Why did he bring me here to tell me that?  There you are.  Hey, I’m checking you out.  Two cups of coffee?  Yeah.  Mmm.  Oh, he’s very angry.  And he’s selling the house and kicking me out.  It’s a great question, right?  Yeah, I guess so.  No, it’s too late, Olaf.  It’s too late.  Once I fill out the ticket, it’s too late.  Sigrit and I are performing at the Captain’s Galley tonight.  She’s probably not my sister.  But are you coming to the party tonight?  Yeah.  But, Olaf, we know where you live.  You will ultimately have to pay the ticket.  He’s right.  My father is ashamed of me.  No, it is true.  After you left, he looked me deep into the eyes and said, ‘I am ashamed of you.’  And then, he said, ‘you have wasted your whole life on this one stupid idea of the Eurovision Song Contest.  And now you’re a grown man without a wife?  Without a child?  Your life is a joke.’  No.  He said, ‘and you might think that I’m drunk, but I am dead sober.’  ‘And I’m very serious.'” — Lars Erickssong

“♪ Because I’m happy ♪ Clap along if you feel Like a room without a roof ♪ Because I’m happy ♪ Because I’m happy ♪  Because I’m happy ♪.  I am Lars, this is Sigrit.  We are Fire Saga.  Stephan on the skins.  Yes, Stephan just got his first armpit hair today, so he’s pretty excited.  We have a special treat for you if you’ll indulge us.  We’d love to play for you, our submission for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.  ‘Ja Ja Ding Dong,’ okay.  One, two, three, four… ♪ When I feel your gentle touch ♪ And things are going our way ♪ All day ♪  Ja ja ding dong ♪ Ja ja ding dong ♪ I swell and burst when I see What we’ve become ♪.  I can’t handle this.  Every time I try to show them what real music is, they laugh.  ‘Ja Ja Ding Dong?’  I can’t take this shit!  Okay?  It’s like this much shit!  I can maybe take this much shit, but it’s up here!  Shit!  Shit.  No, we are done for tonight.  Why do I have to play it?  I already played it.  Tell me, when will it be enough for you?  Fine.  I will play it.  I’ll play it.  We’re having a break.  I’m going to play it.  But I’m going to tell him to eff off during the song, so… Elves?  Hold on.  Elves again?  You know I have nothing to do with Elves.  I, uh… please, elves don’t exist, Sigrit.  Look, it’s not going to be elves that get us into the song contest this year.  It’s going to be the perfect song.” — Lars Erickssong

“Oh, my God! Sigrit!  Oh, my God!  Oh, my God!  I have big news!  We did it!  Sigrit!  I’ve got big news!  Bring in the boats!  Everyone must hear this!  Get ready, Husavik!  Fire Saga is in!  Fire Saga is in!  And I could argue that this town is near death, and my entrance into the song contest is the last chance we, as a town, have to be alive.  Your older brother rode a horse backwards to school.  So… Sigrit.  Can you believe it?  I have the letter in my pocket.  I have the letter in my pocket!  Come on, guy.  Just be cool.  Hey.  Be a cool guy.” — Lars Erickssong

“I have a lot of costumes in here, so… don’t– hey.  Stephan, come here.  So, uh… listen.  A little bit of bad news.  Uh, you’re not going to Reykjavik.  Plus, you have school, it’d be tough.  Hey, music, it’s a tough biz.  Oh!  Okay.  Yeah, thank you.  We’ll miss you.  All right?  All right.  Okay.  Fire Saga for the win!  Bye.” — Lars Erickssong

“Yeah.  This is nothing.  Eurovision is the big time.  This is crap compared to Euro.  Read that.  It’s an invite to a party tonight on a boat for all the contestants.  Mmm.  Yes, a boat party.  But not everyone will be in a good mood tonight at the party.  Surely we will, when we win.  Right after Katiana.  Sigrit, you know that a song in Icelandic would never win Eurovision Song Contest.  Hmm.  Huh?  Yes.  No, I know.  I just want my ding dong to look bigger than what is really there.  Mmm.  Now you get it.  Yeah.  Do a classic camel.” — Lars Erickssong

“I’m going to go, uh, check on our lighting.  Hey, guys.  Just thought maybe we could go over the lighting cues for our act.  Uh, Fire Saga.  No.  What?  No.  No, no, no, no, no, no, no!  I’m in Fire Saga.  I’m in Fire Saga.  Coming through.  Please move.  Please move.  Yes, it’s real.  Wait!  Stop.  Can we go back?  Stop the show, please? ♪ Show me your love ♪ Give me your love ♪ How could something so wrong Feel so right? ♪ Straight from above ♪ The whitest dove ♪ I’m in double trouble tonight ♪.  Stop laughing, please.  Oh, no.  Hi, I’m Lars.  Oh, Sigrit.  Hi.  I ruined it for both of us.  And you didn’t even get to go to the boat party.  Everyone from the contest is out there.  Why do you stand by me?  Sigrit… ever since we were children… ew!  Ugh!  Yes.  Sigrit… you’re right.  Everyone is gone.  They’re all out of the contest.  It’s too good to be true!  We’re in!  We’re in the winners circle.  We’re in the winner’s circle.  We’re in.  We’re in!  Oh, but I feel really bad about the people on the boat.  Oh, me too.  I know, it’s a great tragedy.  But we’re in?  I’m so sad.  So sad.” — Lars Erickssong

“So we’re in?  Yeah?  Oh, my goodness.  Oh!  It’s so luxurious.  This is world class.  Sigrit.  Whoo!  Oh, my God.  Under the bed.  Hide it under the bed.  Just here for Eurovision.  We are Fire Saga.  We are a band.  Okay… yeah, there comes some more fun.  Let the fun out.  I see you.  Here I am.  I’m checking you out.  I… nah.  Nah.  Yeah.  We can’t.  We have to think about the music.  Right?  No, we can’t.  Just… no.  Romance, it ruins the bands.  Think about it.  Fleetwood Mac, right?  ABBA, Post Malone, Semen and Garfunkel.  I know.  No.  No, no, listen.  We are so close to realizing our dream.  So close to winning.  Well, it’s exciting.  Yeah.  Okay.  Yes.  Yes.  Excuse me.  Hello?  Hello?  I have a telephone call for you.  It’s from the Mayor of Winning.  He wants to say something to you.  ‘Hello, Sigirt?  You’re going to win.’  Oh, how was your phone call?  Was it good?  Yeah, good call.  Okay?” — Lars Erickssong

“I know.  Cheers.  The Russian.  Alexander Lemtov.  He’s one of the favorites.  He’s very good.  But Sigrit, o one has a more perfect voice than you.  Yes.  Okay.  Sigrit, we have arrived.  Uh… almost.  Can you give us one second, please?  Sigrit.  I have a surprise for you.  So good, Kevin Swain.  Go for it!  That was Kevin Swain.  Crazy, right?  You were standing next to Kevin Swain.  He heads the creative team that Iceland hired to help us win. ♪ Sometimes I pinch myself ♪ ‘Cause I don’t know ♪ Am I dreaming now? ♪ I wanna stop the clocks ♪ And hold you close ♪ But I don’t know how ♪ Hey, baby, when you look at me ♪” — Lars Erickssong

Sigrit Ericksdottr, Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, Netflix, European Broadcasting Union (EBU), Gary Sanchez Productions, Gloria Sanchez Productions, Truenorth Productions, Rachel McAdamsSigrit Ericksdottr

“♪ Woke up at night ♪ I heard floating chords ♪ I heard floating chords ♪  They guided me ♪ To the highland fjords ♪ Above the clouds ♪ On a mountain peak ♪ There he sat ♪  And he began to speak ♪  He got my melting heart ♪ A timeless hero must love too ♪ Volcano Man! ♪ Guardian the land ♪ Such a man ♪ A timeless hero must love too Such a man ♪ A timeless hero must love too ♪  Lars.  That was amazing.  Perhaps it should be our song for the Eurovision Song Contest.  Yeah, it is super tremendous.  Wow!  Eurgh!  Eurgh, yeah… hello.  Whoa.” — Sigrit Ericksdottr

“I know, mama.  I know you don’t like him.  What you forget, I was the little girl who could not speak.  Right, until Lars taught me how to sing.  And Lars.  And, yeah.” — Sigrit Ericksdottr

“I see you.  Here I am.  Oh, I’m checking you out.  Both mine.  Okay?  Okay.  Is your dad still angry with you?  No!  Where are you gonna live?  Well, at least it’ll be in our beautiful Húsavík.  Yeah.  Yep.  I’m definitely not your sister.  Ragnar Loftonsson is retiring.  Yeah.  Whoa.  That’s– no, he’s not.  That’s not true.  Oh, I don’t know if that’s– no.  Right.” — Sigrit Ericksdottr

“♪ Because I’m happy ♪ Clap along if you feel ♪ Like happiness if the truth ♪ Clap along if you know ♪ What happiness is to you ♪.  Whoo! ♪ I want to spill my love on you all day ♪ My love for you Is growing wide and long ♪  Ja ja ding dong ♪ I swell and burst when I see What we’ve become ♪.  Lars?  Lars.  I know.  Okay.  I know!  It’s a lot of shit!  Ooh.  It’s the only thing that makes him happy.  Okay, listen.  Last night, I went to the Gálgahraun lava field to ask the elves to help us.  Hear me out.  No.  Don’t do it.  Lars, shut your mouth or the elves will shut it for you!  You’re killing me.  Take it back.  You have to take it back.  Plus elves.” — Sigrit Ericksdottr

“It’s true?  Arnar, let him, go.  You’re being, like, really uncool.  Well, I don’t care what people think and I would like to let him go, please, Arnar.  Just be cool.  Let him go.” — Sigrit Ericksdottr

“Good day, my elf friends.  I made you some biscuits.  And I brought you some of Mama’s whiskey.  Just to say thank you so much for getting us into the contest.  You should have seen Lars’ face.  Oh!  IT was priceless.  He is so happy.  And so… I was just wondering if, um… maybe, if it’s not too much trouble, you could help us get into Eurovision.  I know it’s a lot to ask, and you’ve already helped us so much, but… well… it’s his one true dream.  And I think if it could come true, well, I’m pretty sure we could finally be together.  Okay.  Oh!  Oh, oh, oh.  Um, one more thing.  Uh, I thought it might be cool, too, if we had a baby.  But, uh… we can talk about that next time.  Okay.  Bye-bye.  Okay.  Here we go.” — Sigrit Ericksdottr

“Lars?  This is too much.  Wow.  What is it?  A boat party?  That would be fun.  Yeah.  Remind me, Lars, when do we go on?  Oh, my God.  Katiana.  I am so nervous, Lars.  I wish I could sing in Icelandic, I know it would calm me.  Yes, I know, I know, I’m being silly.  But I’m just… I’m just anxious.  Lars.  It’s really a… dream come true.  Yeah.  Oh.  What are you doing?  Smart.  Should I draw attention to my groin area as well?  I can do a camel.  Pretty good, huh?” — Sigrit Ericksdottr

“No.  No!  Lars.  Please, can you make them wait?  No, I can’t.  I can’t, I can’t! ♪ I saw you and then ♪ All of my nights turned morning ♪ You turned ’round ♪ And I suddenly found my glory ♪ Hey, baby, when you look at me ♪ I know I’m in double trouble tonight ♪ Hey, baby, won’t you talk to me? ♪ I’m in double trouble tonight ♪ Show me your love ♪ Give me your love ♪ How could something so wrong Feel so right? ♪ Straight from above ♪ The whitest dove ♪ I’m in double trouble tonight ♪.  Lars!  Maybe a fresh start?  No.  Lars.  Lars.  Yeah.  Hi.  Everyone but you.  Because you are a dreamer.  My dreamer.  Whenever I feel like giving up, you give me hope, Lars.  You always keep going.  Yes.  Me, too.  Oh, God.  It’s Katiana!  No!  All those people.  Iceland’s greatest artists all gone!  Are you in shock?  The elves went too far.  Oh!  What?  We’re in.  We’re in!  We’re in!  We’re in?  So, so sad.  I feel so…” — Sigrit Ericksdottr

“Thank you.  Bye-bye.  Wow.  It’s so swish.  For us?  Whoo!  Oh, Schweppes!  So many Schweppes!  That was so fun.  There you are.  I’m checking you out.” — Sigrit Ericksdottr

“I can hardly believe it, Lars.  I never thought we’d leave Húsavík, and now… look at us.  Ah… nah?  Wha–?  Why?  Oh, yes.  But we can make music and love.  Mmm.  Really?  Yeah, I forgot about Semen and Garfunkel.  Wow.  This is very disappointing news.  Yeah.  All right.  Okay, you’re right.  Yes.  We should concentrate on the music and– so we’ll do that for now.  Yes?  Oh, no one’s home.  Okay.  Yes, Mayor of Winning?  Yeah.  It was pretty good.” — Sigrit Ericksdottr

“I’ve never held a glass this tall before.  Lars, that voice.  It’s incredible.  Oh, yes, I can see why.  Yeah.  Yes.  Ooh.  Yes.  Lars, what– Kevin who?  Uh… okay, hi. ♪ I saw you and then ♪ All of my nights turned morning ♪  You turned ’round ♪  Ooh! ♪ And I suddenly found my glory ♪ Okay. ” — Sigrit Ericksdottr

Erick Erickssong, Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, Netflix, European Broadcasting Union (EBU), Gary Sanchez Productions, Gloria Sanchez Productions, Truenorth Productions, Pierce BrosnanErick Erickssong, Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, Netflix, European Broadcasting Union (EBU), Gary Sanchez Productions, Gloria Sanchez Productions, Truenorth Productions, Pierce BrosnanErick Erickssong

“Lars!  Sit down Lars!  Lars!  Sit down Lars!  I’d rather be dead.  Lars!  Stop making a fool of yourself!”

“Lars!  What is it you don’t understand about electricity?  Hello, Sigrit.  Heh.  Idiot.  Enough.  Shut up.  Shut up, Lars.  Shut up, shut up.”

“The bank called.  I can no longer afford the house and my fishing boat.  I must choose.  I make money fishing.  I’m selling the house.  You’re a middle-aged man, Lars.  It’s time for you to start living your life.  Time to move on from childish dreams.  Be the man your mother wanted you to be.”

“What?  How the hell should I know?  Turn it off.  Turn it off.”

“Enough.  Stop making a fool of yourself.  You’re going to look ridiculous.  All of Iceland will laugh at you.”

Katiana Lindsdóttir (Demi Lovato)

“♪ Unless I’m looking in the mirror ♪ In the mirror ♪ Unless I’m looking in the mirror ♪”

“♪ Unless I’m lookin’ in the mirror ♪ Why does it feel ♪ Like I’m the loneliest girl In the world ♪ Like I’m the loneliest, onliest girl? ♪ In the world, yeah ♪ Unless I’m lookin’ in the mirror ♪ …in the mirror ♪”

Neils Brongus

“Well… without being dramatic, I think it may be the best audition tape we’ve ever had in the history of the Icelandic Song Contest.  Iceland could win the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time in its sixty-year history.  What’s wrong, Victor?  Anna, Anna, enough. Victor… it is our job to think of the greater good for all of Iceland.  If Katiana wins the Icelandic Song Contest, we have a real chance at winning Eurovision.  And we must take it.  Yeah, that’s a good point.  Um… would you pass this down to Jorn?  Pick one.  Come on.  We all know that Katiana is going to win this, right?  Yeah, so pick one.”

“It’s a terrible tragedy.  The rules are the rules.  Fire Saga is the runner-up.  Anna, I know this.  They’re horrible.  Terrible.  So bad.  So, so, so, so, so, so… bad.  But they’re all we have left.”

Icelandic Public Television 1

“Her name is Katiana Lindsdóttir but she goes simply by the name of Katiana.  And she’s from Keflavik.  Wow, she’s an angel.”

Icelandic Public Television 2

“Katiana is the whole package… the beauty, the voice, great song… …her English is perfect.  Whoo-hoo-hoo!  What?  Is that fair?”

Icelandic Public Television 3 (Jorn)

“This is exciting!  Can you imagine?  Ah, yes.  The winner of the Eurovision Song Contest hosts the following year.  Yes, you’re right, Victor.  You were one of them… it’s, uh… yeah, there’s just one, uh, problem.  We only have 11 acts, but the rules say we need 12.  What?  Yes.  It says…”

Icelandic Public Television 4 (anna)

“Maybe it could be in Keflavik.  Thank you.  And why should we listen to him?  Huh?  The brilliant financial men of this country nearly ruined us ten years ago.  We must take it.  We must take it!”

“If you send those two freaks to the Eurovision Song Contest, the whole world will laugh at Iceland.”

Victor Karlosson

“If she won… that means that we then host the contest for next year.  Oh, sure.  Fantastic idea.  But perhaps, Keflavik, a town of 15,000 people, lacks the infrastructure to host 42 countries and over half a million people.  I’m afraid the cost of hosting will bankrupt the whole country.  Yes.”

Helka Ericksdottr

“Since you were a baby, you’ve been under the spell of Lars Erickssong.  He’s holding you back.  You could.  You just didn’t want to.  It was ABBA.  But mostly ABBA.  Listen to me, Sigrit.  You know I believe this.  You are a true artist, but art doesn’t come from up here.  It comes from in here.  That is where we each can find the Speorg note, the truest expression of ourselves.  But you will never sing it with Lars Erickssong.”

Husavik local

“Erick, is your son OK?  Quiet everyone!  It’s Sweden.  He is going to one day sing and dance in the Eurovision Song Contest!”

Husavik local 2

“He misses his mother.  Watch this one.  Look!  Little Sigrit is dancing!”

Husavik local 3

“She can’t even speak!”

Husavik Cop

“Yeah, I heard.  I’m on my way.  I always thought you were weird, Lars.  My older brother went to school with you and he told me you were weird.  Listen to him, Sigrit.  Lars is weird.  The whole town thinks so.  You are smart and pretty.  You should be with a good man, like Arnar.”

Husavik Police Chief (Arnar)

“I’m sure it’s very exciting for you, Lars, but you must know that the emergency signal is for lie or death situations.  Don’t.  He broke the law.  Don’t you call me guy.  No, no.  No, no, no.  Lars is way more uncool.  He will never win at singing.  You’re throwing your life away on that idiot!  Be cool?”

“She will win this, for sure.”

Olaf Yohansson

“Oh, no, you don’t, Lars Erickssong!  Take the ticket off my car.  What’s this?  Why are you and your sister playing at the Captain’s Galley?  I’m not paying this ticket.  Of course I’m coming to the party tonight.  There’s nothing else to do in this shit town!  I’m not paying this ticket!  Your father is ashamed of you.  Your father is ashamed of you!  Play ‘Ja Ja Ding Dong’!  Play ‘Ja Ja Ding Dong’!  Play it!  Hey, Lars!  Get back in there right now and play ‘Ja Ja Ding Dong!’  You have to play it! I don’t care!  You have to play it again!  It will never be enough!  I only want to hear ‘Ja Ja Ding Dong!’  All right.  Hey, guys, he’s going to play ‘Ja Ja Ding Dong!'”


“It’s okay.  My friends think the song contest is for losers, and it’s going to be an epic shitshow.  Good luck.  Okay.”

Husavik Bus


Husavik Bus Stop

“Yeah!  Bye.”

Icelandic Bar

“No. ♪ Ding dong! ♪ Ding dong! ♪”

Icelandic Bar Patron

“‘Ja Ja Ding Dong!'”

Icelandic Bar Patron 2

“Hey, Erick.  Erick, it’s started.  When does your son go up?  Don’t you care?  I mean– he’s– he’s your own son.  Oh, yeah.  Erick.  Your son is up next.  Can we go to commercial, please?”

Icelandic Song Contest

“Good evening and welcome to the 43rd Icelandic Song Contest.  We are coming to you live in downtown Reykjavik.  Tonight, we have gathered the finest Iceland has to offer.”

Icelandic Song Contest host 2

“Twelve best in Iceland, and one of these lucky…”

Icelandic Song Contest technician

“What are you doing here?  Are you crazy?  You know you’re on right after this.”

Icelandic Song Contest technician 2

“Okay.  Okay.  You have to go now.  It’s live television.  You have to go on.  Go!  Go!”

Icelandic Song Contest audience member

“Whoa, easy, man!”

21st Century Viking

“♪ I’m growing cold Like the wind from the North ♪ Trying to say something Surprises me more ♪ I know you keep telling yourself That it’s worth it ♪ But I see in your eyes that you know it ain’t workin’ ♪ You’re too brand new ♪ And its costs are great too ♪”

Icelandic Song Contestant 1

“♪ I know you’ll be there ♪  All of my days ♪ Saying la di da Di da, di da, di da ♪”

Eurovision Announcer

“You’ll see why in a minute.  The song is called… oh, and it’s Napoleon.  Napoleon.  No wonder, their song is called… ‘Waterloo,’ by ABBA, for Sweden.  And now, the first act tonight.”


“♪ My, my At Waterloo, Napoleon did surrender ♪ Oh, yeah ♪  And I have met my destiny In quite a similar way ♪ The history book on the shelf ♪ Is always repeating itself ♪ Waterloo, I was defeated You won the war ♪ Waterloo Promise to love you for ever more ♪”

Jon Ola Sand

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Eurovision Song Contest.  Good luck, everyone.”

Eurovision PA

“Okay, and standby, Russia.  In three, two, one.  Thank you, Russia.  Please clear the stage.  Iceland… are you ready for your first technical run-through?  Is Iceland ready?”

Eurovision PA 2

“Iceland?  Okay, you’re up next.  We don’t have much time, so– watch your step.  Okay, this is the stage.  Your mark is just here, so please… thank you.”

Kevin Swain

“Okay, we’re going to need to get Lars hooked up to his wire.  The wheel’s still being built.  Should be a few more days.  Um… Sigrit.  You look like a tooth.  Come forward with me.  Okay, so… you are going to be center front, about ten behind the e-fan.  Mark that spot, please!  Okay.  Lars, are you good, my little sausage?”

Sasha More

“One, two, three and four… come on, Sigrit.  What?  What are you doing, Sigrit?  Come on.”

Mita Xenakis

Salvador Sobral

Alexander Lemtov

“♪ Love… ♪ Thousands tried to tame me but I roam free ♪ Until I saw you and you saw me ♪ It’s a jungle out there So hold on tight ♪ And on and on and on and on ♪ Let’s get together ♪ I’m a lion lover ♪ And I hunt for love ♪ On the savanna I will make you rise up ♪ To the sky above ♪  And when I roar ♪  You’ll know I’m done ♪ …of love ♪ Lion of love ♪ Lion of love ♪”

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Как я снялась в фильме Netflix, или как затусила с Виллом Фереллом и Рэйчелл МакАдамс!🤪😂 ⠀ В июле прошлого года я получила письмо приблизительно такого содержания: «Дорогая Джамала! Мы снимаем фильм о Евровидении. Мы очень хотели бы, чтобы ты приняла в нём участие, ведь ты душа и сердце Евровидения». И подпись: Дэвид Добкин и Уилл Феррелл. Серьёзно? Меня приглашает сниматься режиссер фильмов «Незваные гости» и «Шанхайские рыцари» Дэвид Добкин и король комедии Уилл Феррелл? Вот это событие! ⠀ На съемках меня впечатлило всё, начиная с бережного отношения к зелёным зонам возле локации до количества задействованных в продакшне людей и профессионализма съемочной группы. Когда я впервые зашла в старинный замок, где снимали мою сцену, мне показалось, что я попала в сказку! Всё выглядело потрясающе. И актёры, и массовка были настолько красивые, что невозможно было отвести глаза. Оператор Дэнни Коэн (кстати, номинант на «Оскар»!) и режиссер Дэвид Добкин очень подробно объясняли, что они хотят видеть в кадре. Позже я познакомилась с Уиллом Ферреллом, нереальной Рэйчелл Макадамс (обожаю «Дневник памяти») и известным красавчиком Дэном Стивенсоном. ⠀ Представьте себе, захожу в гримерку и первое, что слышу – “When strangers are coming”…. Дэн начинает петь “1944”! А Рэйчел подходит, жмет руку и говорит, что очень рада познакомиться со мной. Конечно, я понимаю, что у них принято говорить коллегам приятные вещи, но я все равно не могу вам передать мои эмоции в тот момент! Сниматься в этом фильме было огромным удовольствием. ⠀ Запомнилась и встреча с самыми яркими участниками Евровидения разных лет. Моя любимая @loreenofficial, @elinanechayeva, с которой после съёмок мы обошли всю Оксфорд стрит в поисках игрушки для Эмира, душевный Рыбак, озорная и смешная @nettabarzi… Когда мы все собрались, это было похоже на встречу выпускников. Очутиться в такой компании было очень круто и душевно! И да, конечно, мы должны были встретиться все на красной дорожке в красивых платьях на премьере, но… в этом году «река меняет русло» ⠀ «Евровидение: История огненной саги» (Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga) уже на @netflix! Приятного просмотра 😘 ⠀ #netflix #EurovisionMovie

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