Catherine the Great, HBO, Home Box Office Inc., WarnerMedia, Sky Atlantic, Origin Pictures, Aesop Entertainment, New Pictures

Russian Empress

HBO original miniseries Catherine the Great drops its third episode tomorrow November 4, 2019.

#CatherineTheGreat is based on historical events.

rottentomatoes: 70%

metacritic: 60

imdb: 6.1

golden globes: 1 nomination

Catherine II, Catherine the Great, HBO, Home Box Office Inc., WarnerMedia, Sky Atlantic, Origin Pictures, Aesop Entertainment, New Pictures, Helen MirrenCatherine the Great

Catherine II usurps her husband Peter III‘s throne and defends it from numerous conspiring entities outside of St. Petersburg, Russia.

Catherine II, Catherine the Great, HBO, Home Box Office Inc., WarnerMedia, Sky Atlantic, Origin Pictures, Aesop Entertainment, New Pictures, Helen Mirren

Best Performance by an Actress in a Limited Series or a Motion Picture Made for Television

1 nomination: 2020

“Do you know who I am?  Do you know who you are?  Thank you.  I’ve seen enough.  I’ve seen you before… Lieutenant Mirovich.  With the guard here.  Yes, you made requests for money to my office several times.  And we told you to stop.  It’s a mistake to ask rich people for money.  How do you think they got rich?  By giving it away?” — Catherine the Great

“Did you appoint Lieutenant Mirovich to guard Prisoner Number One?  I don’t trust him.  Revisions?  This is my speech, Minister Panin, not yours.  I’ve been working on this for years.  You know how important it is to me.  I’ll be the judge of that.  Well, I can think of one place you can put it, but I’m not minded to be vulgar.  So give it back to Minister Panin.  Maybe he can nibble on it for his tea.  He’s always been very good at eating his own words.  Mm?  When I first came here from Germany, many years ago, I did not even speak the language.  I had little knowledge of the beauties of the Russian Church, and even less of the courage and the strength of its people.    But fell in love with this country, its spirit, its passion, its soul.  But in these more enlightened times, I believe we need laws… that everyone respects and obeys.  The rich and the powerful, as well as the poor and dispossessed.  And so… something needs to change.  Slavery does not have to be a Russian institution.  Is it right for a rich man to own another human being, which is still the case in this country?  I believe in reason.  I believe in progress.  And when the indomitable Russian people fight for these things, and fight to gain a new empire in which they will be universally acknowledged, then Russia, your Russia, my Russia, our Russia, will be truly and eternally great.” — Catherine the Great

“Not so much.  My son came late and looked bored.  ‘She took the throne, we can take it from her,’ that’s what they think.  Why was Mirovich outside causing trouble?  I told you he can’t be trusted.  Oh, well, that’s a colossal understatement.  But my son must never be told about this.  You and I.  And let us make sure it stays that way.” — Catherine the Great

“‘Divorce is possibly as old as marriage, although I suppose marriage is a few weeks older.’  Mm.  Oh.  My fault I suppose.  Men.  And what are you doing?  Yes.  Yes, that’s done.  That is approved.  Approved.  Don’t worry, I won’t.  Fire and death, and the wrath of Allah.  Take absolutely no notice.  Oh.  Where?  Oh, there’s always another gorgeous man around the corner.  Long enough.  Oh, that’s Lieutenant Potemkin.  I don’t think that’s strictly true.  Anyway, who is the Empress of Russia?  I think we should inspect him more closely.  Lieutenant Potemkin!  Are you lost?  What are you looking for, the office of the palace guard?  The gentleman of the bedchamber?  Well.  Here I am.  I have to go.  Well, you’re very well informed.  Yes, I’m thinking of trying it.  It’s a risk, but then life’s a risk, isn’t it?  I’ll enjoy speaking with you again, but now, as usual, I’m busy.  The Countess Bruce will look after you.” — Catherine the Great

“Lieutenant Potemkin.  You’re right, it was the day of the coup.  When I rode out in front of the troops, he bent down, and he picked up something I’d dropped.  Yes.  He obviously has a talent for picking up things.  We should invite him to the dinner.  You have an objection to that?  Don’t let’s have this conversation again.  We’ve had it so many times.  You know it’s impossible.  Well, what are you asking for, then?  You know you have that.  Public and private are two completely different things.  Thank you.” — Catherine the Great

“Is that suitable for your coming-of-age ceremony?  He’s about to become a man… …not a head steward.  Look, I just want you to be– be someone of whom I can be proud.  You understand?  Um… ah.  That one.” — Catherine the Great

“Why is my son so unattractive?  Yes, and now Paul wants to be emperor too…  the moment he was born, my mother in law took him away from me.  She left me on the floor, bathed in my own blood and sweat.  From that point on, I really… oh, I never saw him.  That’s Lieutenant Mirovich.  What’s he doing here?  Do you know him?  Oh– what was Lieutenant Mirovich doing here?  Would you tell my son I wish to speak with him after the ceremony?  Well, Lieutenant, we must pray too.” — Catherine the Great

“I was 16 when they married me to your father.  I didn’t know that men and women were any different under their clothes, if you understand what I mean!  I brought myself up so I’m afraid I think that maturity is just– its a decision that we make.  Oh.  You two are always in each other’s company.  Are you hatching some conspiracy?  Not?  Not…? Oh.  Not, not, not, not.  Not what?  Hmm?  Yes?  Might?  Might– might what?  Yes, what?  So many people want the Russian throne.  They die trying to get it, and sometimes they die trying to hang onto it.  People will tell you lies about what you are, Paul.  But remember, you are the son of Peter III.  You are the heir to the Russian throne.  One day.  Never forget that.  Now you’ve reached your majority, I think you should get married.  Aww.  Why don’t you run along and think about beautiful women?  Has he been speaking with the army?  How much does he know about what’s going on at Schlusselberg?  You never talk about the succession?  Or about power sharing.  Do you understanding me?  I want you to find out everything that’s going on at Schlusselberg.  I want to know about this Mirovich.  I do not employ you to foster my son’s illusions about himself, but to protect me from those who wish me harm, and there are many.” — Catherine the Great

“Ah.  So… to my son on his birthday in the expectation of wisdom!  To Paul.  Now, you may have noticed there is an empty chair.  I have invited one of the brightest and best of our young men, and he’s late!  Ah, bon apétit!  Lieutenant Potemkin, at last.  Well, you look quite ravishing.  No, no, no, no.  Before you sit down, everyone has to say something amusing, and we hear that you are very amusing.  Very good.  No one at y table is punished for making jokes.  The only crimes are stupidity, gnawing things… and yawning!” — Catherine the Great

“What on earth is that supposed to mean?  Look, I can talk to whoever I choose, in whatever manner I choose.  Do you know what I hold in my hand?  Absolute power.  Do you have any understanding of what that means?  Now you mind your language very carefully, Grigory.  Remember who I am now.  Have you forgotten?  You would do so at your peril.  I know who killed my husband.  I have it in black and white, in your bloody brother’s handwriting.” — Catherine the Great

“Uh, yes.  Yes, I was, but– maybe it’s best… …not to disturb her.  Unless, of course, you like that sort of thing.  Would you tell her that she and Lieutenant Potemkin are invited to play cards tomorrow night?  The lieutenant made a most favorable impression.” — Catherine the Great

“Violence is disgusting, but… no one else knows?  Anyone with a claim to the throne is a danger to me.  Even this… poor deranged creature.  Even– Paul is easily led.  There are unscrupulous people in Russia.  Fortunately, I am one of them.  So as you know.  ‘We?’  Are you suggesting that I offer him a pardon?  Hm.  Not always.  Ask the girl who does my hair.  It could be so.  I am inclined to mercy where I can be.  So do a lot of people.” — Catherine the Great

“Put your money down, gentlemen.  Bets on, bets on.  Quickly.  Ah, you all lose.  It seems everyone knows everything nowadays.  The Archbishop has somehow found out about the death of Prisoner Number One.  I’ve had him sent away before he does.  Well, Lieutenant.  Not only good-looking but clever, too.  I’m lucky to have found you.  Saint Augustine?  He reads as well!  No.  You may leave us, Grigory.  The rest of you can go, too.  I want to speak to Lieutenant Potemkin alone.  Tell me.  Mirovich.  Your judgement of him was accurate.  He has done something very foolish.  Oh, I like you, Lieutenant.  You know, Panin, has offered him a pardon; that was the minister’s idea, not mine.  Well, the danger is, you see, a man who is about to die may say anything he wishes.  He may throw around wild accusations on the scaffold.  Mm-hmm.  Very good, Lieutenant.  Quite.  I must say, I suspect Minister’s Panin’s sudden enthusiasm for a show of mercy… the truth is I’m running out of people I can trust, Lieutenant.  Do you know… I have never passed a sentence of death.  I always wanted to be a merciful, liberal ruler.  Mm.” — Catherine the Great

“Yes.  Yes, they are.  He isn’t.  Did I say that was what I’d done?  I never told him anything.  Isn’t it obvious?  I’m writing.  Ideas about equality for everyone under the law.  They’re just ideas at the moment, but… I will always love you… but it is over between us.  Because you have fallen out of love with me, and you don’t have the courage to say so.  Oh, I know all about those girls you screw, even if I choose not to comment on it, because I still care for you.  But you want something I cannot give you.  You want power.  Is that a bruise on your face?  Have you been fighting?” — Catherine the Great

“I think one of you looks like a lesbian, but I’m not quite sure which one!  How could that happen?  Mm.  Yes, very beautiful.  Very beautiful.  Lieutenant Potemkin!  I’m not going to ask who did this to you.  And let us not think about revenge.  Yet.  Come.  You know, we will do great things together.  And don’t you worry, you will have your day.  They will not go unpunished.  And you will blossom.  But not yet, ’cause the Turks are preparing for war.  We need men like you.  Now, let’s celebrate new beginnings.  I want something Russian!” — Catherine the Great

“Oh, what lies they tell about women in power.” — Catherine the Great

“I will not share my throne with anyone.  Grigory resented the power.  The power I seem to have.  He has no idea how difficult it is to maintain such a thing.  How many the dangers.  How varied the directions from which they emerge.  I’m not interested in debauchery.  I’m interested in love.  And honesty.  I need love.  I have an obsessive need for it.  I will confess that.  So if you want to be with me, you have to love me always.  And always tell me the truth.” — Catherine the Great

“Are you planning your own little coup?  Is that what this is all about?  Well, you won’t succeed, young man.  The army is loyal to me, and the peasants will do as they are told.  I’m sorry, but that’s the truth.  The mass of the people always obey orders.  It would be a terrible mistake to go against me.  Because I know more about politics than you will ever know.  I survive, as I have survived for half a century in a world that does not want me.  You would not last two minutes as the ruler of Russia.  And all your drilling with your little toy soldiers will get you nowhere at all.  You see, power… power is a balancing act.  You have to learn how to walk the line.” — Catherine the Great

Minister Panin, Catherine the Great, HBO, Home Box Office Inc., WarnerMedia, Sky Atlantic, Origin Pictures, Aesop Entertainment, New Pictures, Rory KinnearMinister Panin

“Your Majesty.  I’m not sure I was responsible for his appointment, Your Majesty.  Your Majesty, I’ve been looking at your speech and on pages 12 and 13, I’ve made some revisions.  All I feel, Your Majesty, is that some of it– that some of it… is too liberal.  Yes, Your Majesty.  Count Orlov.  I’m afraid I tried to warn your mother.  All of the audience here own serfs.  Most of them have thousands.  Russia’s not ready for change.  She just got out of that one.  Patriotism.  Always good.” — Minister Panin

“I honestly have no idea, Your Majesty.  And I can see that it makes him… potentially a risk, as far as the… very important person he was guarding.  Well, if you say you didn’t know, you didn’t know.  Of course not, Your Majesty, this is between– may I… make a suggestion?  I’m afraid since the coup your position is vulnerable, and anyone, however mad, even with a distant claim to the throne, is a great risk.  Therefore, can I suggest an order that states clearly that if there is any attempt at an escape, Prisoner Number One… is to be killed?  I know it goes against your liberal principles, but… it comes from me.  You had no idea it was in place.  It’s for your own protection.  We cannot risk a challenge to your throne.” — Minister Panin

“She loves a lot of things, Your Excellency.  She’s a very clever and well-read woman, sir.  As you know, she came here when she was 15, taught herself Russian by– we do not know that anyone killed your father, Your Highness.  You do not hate her.  She is your mother.  You love her.  Although sometimes, of course, you hate her.  This is only natural.  One day, you will succeed her.  No ruler lasts forever.  Your Majesty.  It is not to your taste?” — Minister Panin

“Praying, I assume, Your Majesty.  I really do not know.  I think our conversations may have touched on the fact that, at certain stages, some thought that when… Paul reached his majority, perhaps he might, um… many people had envisaged, Your Majesty, that… that you would act as regent until Paul attained his majority, after which… he would, um… take more responsibility, Your Majesty.  Nothing.  I swear it, Your Majesty.  Yes, Your Majesty.  I want responsibility for the boy.  That’s all, Your Majesty.  I have always been loyal to you, ever since we put his father from the throne.  Always loyal.” — Minister Panin

“They wanted you to see it had been done, Your Majesty.  Mirovich is under guard.  He knows they were under orders to kill Ivan.  I am afraid everyone will assume that… it came from you.  Your son, Your Majesty?  We could offer Mirovich a last minute pardon on the scaffold, on the condition that he does not say anything about the death of this gentleman.  It is obviously important to show firmness.  A public execution does that, but… I also know that you are inclined to be merciful.  Showing mercy would be popular, Your Majesty.  I hope by now, I… understand the way your mind works, Your Majesty.” — Minister Panin

“If he starts talking…” — Minister Panin

“A lively crowd, Your Majesty.  Our friend isn’t showing much concern, is he?  I’m glad Your Majesty has seen fit to show mercy in this instance.  What have you done?  I spoke to him myself.” — Minister Panin

“How do we look, Your Majesty?  Too much rouge on this side.  Your engageantes are not quite right.” — Minister Panin

Count Orlov, Catherine the Great, HBO, Home Box Office Inc., WarnerMedia, Sky Atlantic, Origin Pictures, Aesop Entertainment, New Pictures, Richard RoxburghCount Orlov

“Don’t you remember that young man?  Lieutenant Potemkin.  He was with us on the day of the coup, when we took your husband from the throne.  Peter allowed himself to be deposed, like a child being put to bed.” — Count Orlov

“Well, they didn’t seem to enjoy that very much, did they?  Yes, well, he wants your job, doesn’t he?  We’re not going to let them do that.  The army remains loyal to us.” — Count Orlov

“What about him?  He did.  A sword knot for your sabre.  How could I?  It’s not as if we’re married, is it?  I’m not asking to marry you.  Recognition.  Gratitude… for what we did for you.  But in public.  Your life is lived in public.  That wasn’t the deal.  I can’t do this.  I’m sorry, I just can’t.” — Count Orlov

“Do you mind?  Can I not have a little romance?  What do you think I get at home, Alexei?  I’ll just be a moment.  Well, she’s not the most exciting girl I’ve screwed in the last– is that any business of yours?  She’s never going to marry me.  All right?  God knows I’ve tried.” — Count Orlov

“Lieutenant Potemkin, looking very smart.  Who are you trying to impress?  Are you implying Her Majesty’s soldiers are disloyal, Lieutenant?  Sorry, Lieutenant, is this any concern of yours?” — Count Orlov

“But in the end, Lieutenant, the strong have the last word, don’t they?  Don’t men rule the world?” — Count Orlov

“So… you like this boy?  You made it fairly obvious.  Well… it can mean nothing at all.  May I remind Your Majesty that when we put you on the throne– we killed your husband.  Are you holding that over my head?  Still?  Because you do that, you watch, and you wait, and then you move against people.  Everything I do is wrong, isn’t it?  So, I yawn.  Sometimes, dinner with you can be a bit fucking dull!  You’re running out of friends.” — Count Orlov

“But will you fight for Her Majesty, not just feed her smart remarks?  Isn’t a war with the Turks coming any day now?  Will you fight for the Empress?  May I make a suggestion about this Mirovich?” — Count Orlov

“Potemkin.  The coming man.  Then let us play for money.  Fuck off.  He’s better off dead.” — Count Orlov

“What are you doing?  What about?  It feels like something has changed.  Between us… why?  This fucking thing… pushes my tits up too far.” — Count Orlov

“You should get rid of that Fool.  Whatever you’re paying for his jokes is too much.” — Count Orlov

Countess Bruce, Catherine the Great, HBO, Home Box Office Inc., WarnerMedia, Sky Atlantic, Origin Pictures, Aesop Entertainment, New Pictures, Gina McKeeCountess Praskovya Bruce

“Voltaire.  Oh, you’re working.  I just passed Count Orlov in the corridor, looking glum.  Men.  I was thinking of wasting your time… if that was all right.  What about the girl’s college?  Don’t mind me.  I came to tell you I saw the most gorgeous man.  In the courtyard round the corner.  If he’s still there.  He may have been snapped up.  How long have you got?  I saw him first.  You are, Your Majesty.  I obey.” — Countess Bruce

“It’s not me you’re interested in.  No, she is the one you want.  You’re clever.  She likes clever men.  Precisely.  She is the one you want.  I have good reason for wanting you to go to this dinner, and make a good impression.  You come in… right here.” — Countess Bruce

“It may be something to do with his father.  The Emperor Peter was the ugliest man east of Berlin.” — Countess Bruce

“What are you thinking about?  Seriously– stop, stop.  Seriously.  Seriously, Lieutenant, what are you thinking about?  I never know.  The fact that she happens to be the most powerful woman in the world is entirely incidental?  There!  There!” — Countess Bruce

“Well, I think your neckline may be too low, but… your poor thing.  You really are in love with her, aren’t you?” — Countess Bruce

Prince Paul, Catherine the Great, HBO, Home Box Office Inc., WarnerMedia, Sky Atlantic, Origin Pictures, Aesop Entertainment, New Pictures, Joseph QuinnPrince Paul

“That didn’t go down well.  Look at Orlov.  The man who put her on the throne, and now wants some of it for himself.” — Prince Paul

“Does it matter what I wear?  Does she care a damn that I’m reaching 19?  Does she love anything apart from power?  A lot of men.  Sleeping with a lot of Russian men.  That’ll do… for the service, I’m sure.  Where is she?  With the Orlovs, probably.  Murdering my father has made them close.  They kick him off the throne, then she becomes Empress, and then they kill him.  On her orders, probably.  Now she’s terrified they’ll kill her unless she’s sufficiently grateful.  Oh, there’s an official explanation?  You probably drafted it.  ‘Hemorrhoidal colic,’ wasn’t that it?  Terminal piles.  My God, I hate her.  One day soon.  How soon?  Mother.  If you’ll let me, mother.” — Prince Paul

“Is it?  We were not.  We were– I– I– yes, mother.” — Prince Paul

Grigory Potemkin, Catherine the Great, HBO, Home Box Office Inc., WarnerMedia, Sky Atlantic, Origin Pictures, Aesop Entertainment, New Pictures, Jason ClarkeLieutenant Grigory Potemkin

“What would Your Majesty like me to do with these?  Sounds like an interesting proposition.  Let’s listen.” — Lieutenant Potemkin

“I was once, Your Majesty, but not now.  It was you?  Your Majesty, you.  My regiment said I was to report to your private office.  Dimsdale being the doctor that inoculates against smallpox?  Yes.  From… what I’ve heard, the evidence supports your choice.” — Lieutenant Potemkin

“Oh, God.  I thought I expressed a great deal of interest.  Oh, Lord.  I’m interested again.  Madam, I’m a lieutenant of no great import.  All I have is a liberal education, and a great fucking interest… …and she is the Empress of Russia.  Yes, but the higher one climbs, the more visible one’s arse.  So that could.. come to my advantage, I’m told.  Huh?  Yes, the more she likes me, the better for you, yes?  But where do I come into all of this?” — Lieutenant Potemkin

“Is something troubling your majesty?  Yes, he’s a drinker and a gambler.  He owes money everywhere.  Seems in a hurry to leave.  The army is dangerous.  If they think they put you in power, Your Majesty, they’ll always think they can take it away.  I’m saying anyone can be manipulated.  Does the man know your son?  Yes, we must.  Sir.” — Lieutenant Potemkin

“I am so sorry to be late, Your Majesty.  Coming from the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, this is indeed a compliment.  What shall we say in such illustrious company to raise a laugh?  When I first came to this country, a long, long time ago, I knew nothing about it, but I fell in love with its people, their passions, their soul, the indomitable Russian spirit, and yet this country must change.  Slavery is not a Russian institution.  Only then can your Russia, my Russia, our Russia, become truly and eternally… great.  The history of women, Your Majesty, is the history of the worst tyranny in the world.  That of the weak over the strong.  Well, I’ll beg your pardon, Count Orlov, I believe all of us here in Russia are governed by a woman.” — Lieutenant Potemkin

“Gherkins.  What does any Russian think about when he makes love?  Gherkins, of course.  I’m thinking about her.  The Empress, of course.  I enjoy spending time in her company.  Yes.  I think the English had the right idea in the 16th century: getting rid of senior clergy and major nobility at the same time.  For those in power must learn to be criminal.  What is any kingdom but a great piece of highway robbery, after all?  Yes.  To the death… Your Majesty.  About?  Well, I know nothing about that affair, Your Majesty, and I certainly will not raise his name in conversation.  And why would he do that?  So… Minister Panin has led him to believe that he is to expect a last minute reprieve on the scaffold… …in order to buy his silence.  But I mean, if you pardon him anyway, what– if Mirovich is allowed to live, there’s always a risk.  Always there to be used by your enemies, to challenge your claim to the throne.  Must be a very difficult decision.  But one that, in the end, only you can make.” — Lieutenant Potemkin

“Success at court is the quickest route to failure, I’m told.  Very badly.  Tell you what.  If you give me a thousand now, if I miss I’ll give it straight back, plus an additional thousand.  If I sink it, you give me five.  What’s so funny?  You find that funny, do you?  What do you gentlemen take me for?  Hm?  Just another ambitious young man who’s come to court to make his money, to lie and deceive and flatter his way to power.  Huh?  Yes, you think I want to shine, eh?  The way the rest of you guys shine.  Like rotten wood.  Well, there you have it.  You owe me give thousand.  If you’re men of your word, that is– boys, boys, boys.  Huh?  You– did you both kill the Emperor Peter?  Or was it just you, Alexei?  All right.  All right– all right.  Get off.” — Lieutenant Potemkin

“Can’t go to the ball.  I can’t let her see me like this.  I can’t– like this?” — Lieutenant Potemkin

“Oh.  What the fuck are you two doing out here?  Ah.  And I suppose your little brother’s out here with his hand on his cock hoping to watch somebody having sex.  Probably the closest thing he gets to it.  A little like his hands-off approach to naval warfare.  Fancy trying for the other eye, do you, Alexei?  Huh?  You gonna join your brother and fuck off from court too, are you?  I don’t know how you can stay.  I mean, where’s your self-respect?  This little disgusting upstart has been away at war.  I dunno what you were doing but I’ve been cutting my way through Turkish hordes.  Given the opportunity, I will do the same to you.  I don’t think it’s got through your thick skull, has it?  I’m not here to use the woman or squeeze her to make money out of her.  No, hey?  I don’t want to use her as a stepping stone to my brilliant fucking career, am I?  I love the woman, huh?  Come on, I love her!  In the way a man should love a woman.  You want a bit of this?” — Lieutenant Potemkin

Alexei Orlov, Catherine the Great, HBO, Home Box Office Inc., WarnerMedia, Sky Atlantic, Origin Pictures, Aesop Entertainment, New Pictures, Kevin McNallyAlexei Orlov

“How’s my big brother?  Oh, is that what this is?  Can I talk to you for a minute.  How’s it going with her?  With her.  It’s politics.  You fuck it up with her, and what happens to us, and all that we’ve worked for?  We put her there.  Without us… and our armies, she’s nothing.  She owes us, Grigory, and she knows it.  Use that.” — Alexei Orlov

“We should keep out eye on Lieutenant Potemkin.  He’s dangerous.” — Alexei Orlov

“Grigory.  She’s fucking with you.  So is he.” — Alexei Orlov

“I hear you play billiards.  A thousand.  If you can sink it.  Oh, you’ve done it now.  You’ve killed the bastard.” — Alexei Orlov

“I should have killed him.” — Alexei Orlov

Court Fool, Catherine the Great, HBO, Home Box Office Inc., WarnerMedia, Sky Atlantic, Origin Pictures, Aesop Entertainment, New Pictures, Clive RussellCourt Fool

“Auntie, aren’t Christians supposed to turn the other cheek, especially when people are trying to kill them?  Ah.  Your Majesty Peter?  Still dead?  ‘Fraid so!” — Court Fool

“I’m a woman, Auntie, and I’m pregnant.  You can have my head whenever you need it, Auntie.  I keep a spare head.  I kept this one from my last job.  Oh, didn’t she like your jokes?  You handsome bastard.” — Court Fool

Archbishop Arsenius, Catherine the Great, HBO, Home Box Office Inc., WarnerMedia, Sky Atlantic, Origin Pictures, Aesop Entertainment, New PicturesArchbishop Arsenius

“The Son can do nothing of himself but that which he seeth his Father do.  When we come to man’s estate, we listen to the wisdom of our fathers, and claim what is ours by right.  A prosperous and peaceful life, health and salvation, and in all the best help give, Lord, to your servant Paul, and keep him for many years.” — Archbishop Arsenius

Party Goer

“Your Majesty!  Splendid you look!” — Party Goer

Party Goer 2

“Your Majesty, so nice to see you.  The Minister’s to the right, and your son is this way.  There.” — Party Goer 2

Party Goer 3

“Your Majesty!  Of course, nothing fitted me!  Could go through the whole wardrobe…” — Party Goer 3

Executioner, Catherine the Great, HBO, Home Box Office Inc., WarnerMedia, Sky Atlantic, Origin Pictures, Aesop Entertainment, New PicturesExecutioner

“By the grace of God, we, Catherine II, the Empress and autocrat of all Russia, have uncovered a conspiracy to put an illegitimate pretender on the throne, and have no hesitation in ordering the supreme penalty for this hideous crime.” — Executioner

Execution Crowd

“Catherine!  Catherine!  Catherine!  Catherine!  Catherine!  Catherine!  Catherine!  Catherine!  Catherine!” — Execution Crowd

Victor Hienrich Emanuel

“I am Victor Heinrich Emanuel, the Landgrave of Hesse Darmstadt the Landgrave of Hesse Darmstadt, Your Majesty.  I hear you’re looking for a wife for Prince Paul.  I have three attractive daughters… this is my wife–” — Victor Heinrich Emanuel


“Oh.  Were you looking for Countess Bruce, Your Majesty?  I’m a married woman, Your Majesty.  I’ve nothing to do with that– yes, Your Majesty.” — Chambermaid

Drill Sergeant

“Company!  Company, stand!  Shoulder arms!” — Drill Sergeant

Soldier 1

“Sir.” — Soldier 1

Soldier 2

“Sir.” — Soldier 2

Court Page

“Your most Imperial–” — Court Page

Court Page 2

“Your Majesty, the Turkish ambassador has sent a strong note to us, if we stray into their territory– of course, Your Majesty.” — Court Page 2

“Thomas Dimsdale has arrived, Your Majesty.” — Court Page 2

Court Lady

“Your Majesty.  What about the girls’ college?  Thank you.” — Court Lady

Court Official

“You will all be seen in good time.  Now, if you could just stand–.” — Court Official

Court Soldier

“She eats men alive.  You know that?” — Court Soldier

Ivan VI, Catherine the Great, HBO, Home Box Office Inc., WarnerMedia, Sky Atlantic, Origin Pictures, Aesop Entertainment, New PicturesShlisselburg Prisoner (Ivan VI)

“Ruler… I am Lord… of all Russia… cousin of Emperor Peter.  You stole the crown from him.  One morning… I heard… birds… sing… in my brain.” — Ivan VI

“Ruler!  Ruler!  Lord of all Russia!  I am rightfully ruler!” — Ivan VI

Shlisselburg Captain, Catherine the Great, HBO, Home Box Office Inc., WarnerMedia, Sky Atlantic, Origin Pictures, Aesop Entertainment, New PicturesShlisselburg Captain (Vlasev)

“What is?  Don’t listen to rumors.  The lieutenant will take you back to the boat.” — Vlasev

“Easy does it.  Orders are orders, Lieutenant.  My orders are from Empress Catherine.”– Vlasev

Lieutenant Mirovich, Catherine the Great, HBO, Home Box Office Inc., WarnerMedia, Sky Atlantic, Origin Pictures, Aesop Entertainment, New Pictures, Lucas EnglanderLieutenant Mirovich

“Great honor.  Her Majesty is paying us a visit at Schlusselberg.  Prisoner Number One.  Obviously someone very important.  I’ve heard rumors.  Obviously.  Your Majesty.  I’m sorry if I offended, Your Majesty, I can assure you it was never my–”  — Lieutenant Mirovich

“You helped her get rid of her husband, Peter III, correct?  And now she thinks she can do what she likes, but… does she have a right to the throne, I’m saying she’s a usurper.  Now, suppose there was a man with a legitimate claim to be the Emperor of Russia, I believe that man is a prisoner at Schlusselberg.”  — Lieutenant Mirovich

“Make way!  Make way, man!  We wait here til night comes.  Check your weapons.”  — Lieutenant Mirovich

“Let’s get closer.  Quiet.  You know who he is!  Free him!  Free him!  Free him!  No!  No, no!  He was Ivan VI, rightful ruler of Russia.  Catherine is a usurper!”  — Lieutenant Mirovich

“This is a mistake!  I was assured I would be pardoned!  This is a mistake!  I was assured I would be pardoned!  She murdered our true emperor!  You all know she did!  No!  No!”  — Lieutenant Mirovich

Execution Crowd 1

“You’re the traitor!” — Execution Crowd

Execution Crowd 2

“Come on!  Again, again!” — Execution Crowd 2

Shlisselburg Guard 2

“And?  What are you saying?  Present arms.” — Schlisselburg Guard 2

Shlisselburg Guard

“This way, your majesty.  Your majesty.” — Schlisselburg Guard

Dinner Crowd

“To Paul.” — Dinner Crowd

Princess Natalia, Catherine the Great, HBO, Home Box Office Inc., WarnerMedia, Sky Atlantic, Origin Pictures, Aesop Entertainment, New Pictures, Georgina Beedle

Princess Natalia

Tsar Peter III

Emelyan Pugachev, Catherine the Great, HBO, Home Box Office Inc., WarnerMedia, Sky Atlantic, Origin Pictures, Aesop Entertainment, New Pictures, Paul KayeEmelyan Pugachev

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