Wonder Woman 1984, Atlas Entertainment, DC Comics, DC Entertainment, The Stone Quarry, Warner Bros.

Amazonian Princess

Warner Bros. original film Wonder Woman 1984 dropped on HBOMax Christmas day December 25th, 2020.

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Diana Prince, Wonder Woman 1984, HBOMax, Atlas Entertainment, DC Comics, DC Entertainment, The Stone Quarry, Warner Bros., Gal Gadot

Diana Prince

Diana Prince saves the world from a villainous entity outside of 1984 Washington D.C.

Diana Prince, Wonder Woman 1984, HBOMax, Atlas Entertainment, DC Comics, DC Entertainment, The Stone Quarry, Warner Bros., Gal Gadot

“Some days, my childhood feels so very far away. And others, I can almost see it. The magical land of my youth, like a beautiful dream of when the whole world felt like a promise and the lesson that lay ahead yet unseen. Looking back, I wish I’d listened. Wish I’d watched more closely and understood. But sometimes you can’t see what you’re learning until you come out the other side.” — Diana Prince

“I can do it. No! No! That’s not fair! No. No. But… but… no. But that… but I would’ve won, if you didn’t… when?” — Diana Prince

“We won’t be doing that today. Hold tight. I hate guns. Shh.” — Diana Prince

“No. Just me. No, thanks. I’ll wait.” — Diana Prince

“Good morning. Diana Prince, cultural anthropology and archaeology. Oh, wow. Sometime we do. Have a nice day. I, uh… I have a lot of work today. But maybe some other time? Great. Front for what? Have a nice day.” — Diana Prince

“Oh, the Empress of Siam. Originally found in the wreck of the Nuestra Senora de Atocha. Sorry. I couldn’t resist coming to see. What is it? Fakes aren’t my forte, but let me see. Mmm. Latin. Or a purchase from a stall on the Ponte Veccchio last week. You never know. ‘Place upon the object held but one great wish.’ Yeah. Yeah. Languages are a hobby. Yeah, I guess. If only. I do. Well, um, anyway, sorry to bother you. If you need anything, I’m around. Yeah. That’s okay. It’s my job. And I’ll look into it more when I have a chance. You know, we could go and grab early dinner and talk about exactly how lame that stone is. Yeah, I mean, citrine? Who are they kidding, right? Dorky.” — Diana Prince

“Wow. You’re so funny. Wow. I mean, no one’s made me laugh in like this in such a long time. I mean, it’s true, I don’t get out much socially. No, not really. No. You haven’t? You’re so personable. So… free. I mean, honestly, I gotta say that I envy that. Barbara, my life hasn’t been what you probably think it has. We all have our struggles. Uh… yeah. A long, long time ago. You? He, uh… he died. But I still think sometimes that I see him up there in the sky. He was a pilot. He was all kinds of things, but he was great. It was true.” — Diana Prince

“Forgot my keys. Lucky. Simple self-defense. Used his own momentum against him. I’ll teach you. Honestly, it takes no power at all. Are you okay? Good. Of course. Go home, okay? Good night.”

“Hey, good morning. Hi. Oh, I don’t have a TV. I’ll stick to the one I don’t have. But thank you. I actually tend to skip these events. I find that our benefactors with a true eye towards philanthropy prefer to stay out of the spotlight. To let the museum’s work garner the attention. Great, so, thank you so much for coming. Bye. Have a good day.” — Diana Prince

“No, thank you. Excuse me. That’s great, Carl. Excuse me, I don’t even know you, so please stop following me. Good night. Why did you say that? Don’t say that to me. You don’t even know me. Steve? But how? Oh, my God. It’s you. I missed you.” — Diana Prince

“So what do you remember? Mmm-hmm. Where? A futon, yeah. Yeah. Eighty-four. 1984.” — Diana Prince

“Oh, so this is how you found me. So you went to my apartment? I can’t say the same thing about you. He’s great, but all I see is you.” — Diana Prince

“Come here. Good morning. This place? Yeah. This room is the most amazing place I’ve ever been in, in my entire life. I really don’t want to. Okay. Let’s just stay here. Forever. Although… I should probably go and figure out how a stone brought my boyfriend back in someone else’s body.” — Diana Prince

Barbara Minerva, Wonder Woman 1984, HBOMax, Atlas Entertainment, DC Comics, DC Entertainment, The Stone Quarry, Warner Bros., Kristen Wiig

Barbara Minerva

“Oh, my. Hey, Jake. Jake, hi. Can you… hi. I know, walk much? The latch of my… hi. Thank you. Barbara Minerva. Geology, gemology, lithology, and part-time cryptozoologist. I kept busy in college. Sorry. It’s these heels, you know. It’s stupid. I don’t know why I was gonna wear heels. Scientists don’t wear heels. Right. Right. Those are cool! I like those. Animal print. Do you want to get lunch? Not now, obviously. It’s morning. But later today, or whenever. Like, around… like, at lunchtime? Oh. Yeah, I’m busy today, too. Oh, hi, Carol. Hi. It’s me. I’m Barbara. Remember? You hired me. Started last week. Yes. And zoologist. We had a couple interviews. The FBI? They’re coming here? My help? Yeah, I’ll help the FBI with whatever they need. Yes, I would, um… I would love to assist you. We’ve met. Bye, Diana.”

“Okay, item number 23. Shoot. That’s not it. Wow. Oh, it’s okay. Here it is. Um… uh… I can’t tell. Some light. I think the technical term here is ‘extremely lame.’ Um… it’s… it’s citrine. A classic stone used in fakes throughout history. I can’t imagine this is worth any more than $75. What do you think? At least it’s an antique, right? Mmm-hmm. You read Latin? So maybe it’s a lucky charm or something? You’re funny. Did you see that? Oh… can you imagine? Hmm. So many things, I don’t even know what I would wish for. Oh, yeah, I’m good. But thank you for… okay. Well, thanks for… talking to me. I’m… I’m sorry, uh… I mean, I’m fine. Really? So lame. That’s, like, the lamest of lames.”

“Oh. Thank you. You don’t get out much? I’m sorry. I’m just surprised. Because you just seem like the kind of person who’s, like, always out. Like, people are asking you to go out all the time and you live out. You’re just out. Like, you never get in. You just seem like you’d be really popular. And I would know because I’ve never been popular. What? You envy me? That doesn’t make any sense. Oh, my gosh. People think I’m weird. They avoid me and talk behind my back when they don’t think I can hear them. I’m like, ‘guys, I can hear you.’ Yeah, we do. Have you ever been in love? Mmm. So many times, yeah. All the time. Often. So what happened? Where’d he go, your guy? Oh! I get it. Well, cheers to us. Wishing us better luck, I guess.”

“Hey, Leon. Yeah. Going back to work. I wanted to bring this to you while it was still hot. It’s not a problem. Stay warm. No, I’m fine. Thank you. It’s okay. I wear these heels all the time. I’m not going home. What are you doing? Let go of me! Let go of me! Let go of me! Let go! How did you… yeah. Yeah. Thank you. Yeah.”

“I do know what I’d wish for. To be like Diana. Strong, sexy, cool. Special. Oh… oh, it’s okay. Oh. Hi, Jake. Oh, thanks. Hi. Oh. Uh, it’s ‘doctor,’ actually. Um… have we met before? You look familiar. Oh, my gosh. From TV. Oh, my gosh. You’re the oil guy. That’s right. Oh. Me? Wow, okay. We do. Uh… oh, let me just drop his off in my office, and we’ll go.”

“Oh! Oh, gosh. Don’t look in there. It’s such a mess. So, I thought maybe we could start upstairs. I love that ruby. Oh, no. Be careful with that. That’s very… hey, have you seen my friend? Where’d he go? You are. Thank God. Oh, wait. You’ve got a little dust on you. Sorry. Oh, hi. Oh! Uh… this is the one and only, Mr. Maxwell Lord. It’s him. He’s from TV. You’re so generous. Um… headline… uh… Mr. Lord took a tour of the entire Smithsonian while considering partnership, and guess what he decided to do? Give his entire donation to our department. He’s announcing it at tonight’s Member’s Gala. It’s going to be an amazing party. Oh, my gosh. You’re such a good dancer. I love it. I know that I’m a terrible dancer. No, I’ve got a hip injury from high school. Oh, yeah. See you tonight. I’ll find you. What? I like him.”

“Yeah, I’m just not so great with heels. Okay. Hmm. They do fit well. Huh. Yeah, I like it. Do you think it’s too tight? Wow. I’ll take it. thank you. Thank you so much. I… you know, we have to go to these sort of things for work a lot, so I’ve probably worn this dress a million times. Um… actually, no. I… I just bought this today. I never look like this. Um, not even close. Took me a long time to get ready. Yeah, no. Oh… yeah. Yes. Um… uh, it’s nothing special, really. But the FBI did ask me to help them identify it. Though it certainly has me stumped so far. Roman antiquities. I really shouldn’t let it go out of the museum.”

Queen Hippolytta, Wonder Woman 1984, HBOMax, Atlas Entertainment, DC Comics, DC Entertainment, The Stone Quarry, Warner Bros., Connie Nielsen
Queen Hippolytta, Wonder Woman 1984, HBOMax, Atlas Entertainment, DC Comics, DC Entertainment, The Stone Quarry, Warner Bros., Connie Nielsen

Queen Hippolytta

“Your time will come, Diana. When you’re ready. Look to the Golden Warrior Asteria. She did not become a legend out of haste. She did it through true acts of bravery. Like patience, diligence, and the courage to face the truth. One day, you’ll become all that you dream of and more, and everything will be different. This world is not yet ready for all that you will do.”

Antiope, Wonder Woman 1984, HBOMax, Atlas Entertainment, DC Comics, DC Entertainment, The Stone Quarry, Warner Bros., Robin Wright


“I’ve seen this contest humble even the most seasoned warriors, Diana. Just do your best. And remember, greatness is not what you think. Pace yourself and watch.”

“You took the short path. You cheated, Diana. That is the truth. That is the only truth, and truth is all there is. But you didn’t. You cannot be the winner, because you are not ready to win, and there is no shame in that. Only in knowing the truth in your heart and not accepting it. No true hero is born from lies.”

Maxwell Lord, Wonder Woman 1984, HBOMax, Atlas Entertainment, DC Comics, DC Entertainment, The Stone Quarry, Warner Bros., Pedro Pascal

Maxwell Lord

“Welcome to the future. Life is good, but it can be better. And why shouldn’t it be? Everything we’ve ever dreamed about is right at our fingertips. But are you reaping the rewards? Do you… …have it all? Welcome to Black Gold Cooperative. The first oil company run for the people, by the people. Think about finally having everything you’ve always wished for. For a low monthly fee, you can own a piece of the most lucrative industry in the world. And every time we strike gold, you strike gold. no matter who you are, no matter what you do, you deserve to have it all. Do you have everything you’ve ever wanted? Aren’t you tired of always wishing you had more? Join me today. Operators are standing by. You don’t need a pile of money or some business degree to get started. You don’t even have to work hard for it. At Black Gold Cooperative, all you need is to want it!”

“A pleasure, Ms. Minerva. No. Life is good, but it can be better. ‘The oil guy.’ I’ll take it. Well, what can I say, Doctor? Your reputation precedes you. And apparently we share a passion for gemology.”

“What? I’m right here. Life is good, but it can be better. Well, I have a great relationship with Sears. I can get you a brand-new TV by the end of the day. Nineteen inches. No strings attached. Okay. I hope you have something nice to wear. I agree. Except, I like to party. You like Latin dancing? No, I doubt that you’re a terrible dancer… you know, I really should be going. Thank you for the four. I will have to see you tonight.”

“Thank you, John. Ladies. Now now, Raquel. My supplements? How? How! Yes, clearly. Alistair. It’s not done yet. But it doesn’t matter. You just have to be patient. I told you the pool, the helicopter, you’ll have it all. But remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, was it? No. Well, it takes time to become a great, great, number-one man, like your dad is going to be. Simon. These offices aren’t ready for guests yet. Alistair, go wait with Raquel. Simon. I know it’s hard to see right now, but we are finally right at the edge of turning this thing around. No! I have a big… I have something in the works. And it’s no scheme. Simon, we have millions of acres of potentially oil-rich land. I am not a con man! I am a television personality. And a respected businessman with a plan. With… with… with a great plan. You’re going to regret this. Simon, wait. Simon, wait. I am not a loser. He’s a loser! And don’t you ever believe a word that man said. He’s a liar… and he’s wrong. And he will rue the day he walked away from me. And you… you are going to be so proud to be my son. You’ll see. Everyone will.”

“Dr. Minerva. You look breathtaking. Mmm. Biotin. You should try it. Makes you glow like a teenager. Reverses the clock. Never accept the limitations of nature. Especially not a beautiful woman like you. God, it’s so loud in here. Can we go somewhere? Just me and you? Hmm… your office? Oh, wow! Look at all of this stuff. It’s so… it’s so beautiful. Like you. What is that? Wow. Let me help you. Max is here. No need to be stumped ever again. I have a dear friend in Roman antiquities. Could give it a look, if you like? It is Latin, isn’t it?”

“‘One great wish.’ I’ve been waiting. I wish to be you. The Dreamstone itself.”

“Thank you, Belinda. I’ll have your money, Simon. Today, I’m here for an apology. I’m sorry. I messed up. I messed up. I lied. And I’m sorry. You know, the truth is, I knew we were going to sink a long time ago. The wells were coming up dry. And no data suggested that was going to change. I should have folded then. But all the people that bought in, that believed in me. I wanted to do right. Simon, don’t you understand that I wished for better? That with every ounce of my being, I wished that Black Gold would change the world for all of us. And I know you wished that, too. Then your wish is granted. And in return, I’ll take all of your shares… and full control of Black Gold, after you are somehow magically removed from my path… …forever. Ow.”

Simon Stagg

“Are you lying to your son, like you lie to everyone else? It’s over, Max. I don’t want to hear it anymore. I’m out. ‘Turning it around?’ There is no oil. There never was. So how are you gonna turn it around? Get more sucker investors, like me? It’s called a Ponzi scheme. You have oil rights on land that everyone else passed on already. Now, it didn’t take much digging to find that out. I should have done some digging on you, too, Maxwell Lorenzano. Didn’t take long to find out you’re nothing but a lowlife con man. Come on. Oh! ‘If you can dream it, you can have it.’ Something like that? You have 48 hours to get my money… …or the FTC gets an anonymous report. Loser.”

“Oh, God. You’d better be here with my money. Are you out of your mind? I’m not going to apologize. Oh, come on. Max, look, you don’t have to… of course I wished that, too. You’re gonna what? Max! Hey, Max! Get back here! Max! What the hell is going on?”

Thymescerian crowd

“Come on!”

Amazon Rider

“Come on!”

Amazonian Gladiator 1

“I’m gonna miss out.”

D.C. driver 1

“Slow down, dude. Dude!”

D.C. driver 2

“No way. Dude!”

80’s kids

“Oh, my gosh. Guys! Let’s go!”

Store Owner





“Hey, move it. It’s my turn.”

Arcade 2


Antiquities clerk

“Good morning. What do you want?”

Flat Top

“Good morning. Don’t even think about it. None of this junk. Word is on the street you got a nice little black market side business going on back there. If you don’t tell, we don’t tell. Move, move, move! Hey, what are you doing? Put the kid back. Listen to me. Listen to me! No! Pull her back. Pull her back in! No!”

Buzz Cut

“We get what we want, and we go. Yes, yes, yes! Oh, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Yes, yes, yes! What are you doing? What? Who? What? We… we… we should go…”


“Shut up! Please! Come on, dude. Can’t hide. Let’s get out of here! Get back, man. I’ll do it! I’m not going back! Just chill out. Just chill. Stand back! I’m not going back! Gonna let her go! Yo. I’m sorry, lady. I’m sorry. Okay? It was his idea.”

Robber 4

“Whoa, whoa! Hey. Whoa, whoa, whoa! No. Dude, dude, calm… it’s okay. It’s gonna be okay. No, no, no! Don’t do it! No, no! We’ve got to go now. Come on.”

Mall Goer

“Sir, are you all right?”

Mall Goer 2

“Gun! He’s got a gun!”

Security Guard

“Stop! Mall security! No, no, you, you, right there! Right there! Freeze. Stop! Chief, they’re running up the escalator. We have several armed assailants running free. We need the police here, right now.”

Security Guard 2

“Hey! Stop! Freeze! Freeze! Freeze! Freeze! Freeze!”


“No! Hey! Hey, what are you doing? What are you doing? No, no, no! no, no, no!”

Shopper 2

“Whoa. Oh, my gosh!”

TV Reporter

“And the authorities still have questions. In fact, the first is a real doozy, which is, who exactly even stopped this crime? If the story around here is to be believed, it wasn’t the police, but a mysterious female savior that multiple witnesses saw. If this sounds familiar, it should. We’ve no had more than a half-dozen similar sightings across the greater D.C. area in the last year. Which, of course, begs the biggest question of today, who is this woman and where did she come from?”


“Excuse me. Are you waiting for someone?”


“Taxi! Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t see you there. Hey, we could share, if you like?”

Smithsonian Jake

“Yeah. Hey, Barbara. Wow. Looking good. Yeah.”

Smithsonian Carol

“Ah! Diana, do you happen to know who a Barbara Minerva is? Oh! Gemologist? Yeah. Well, the FBI are gonna drop off some artifacts later this afternoon. Yeah. Yes. The mall heist yesterday, apparently they were using a jewelry store as a front. Black market. Stolen jewels and art meant for private buyers. But we could use your help identifying one in particular. Is that a yes? Wonderful. It’s nice to meet you.”

“This is our Earth Sciences Lab. Oh, Barbara! Perfect. I have someone I would like you to meet. Do the thing. Do the thing. Mr. Lord is considering becoming a Friend of the Smithsonian at the Partner level. Which entitles him to a handful of private tours of our facilities, and he asked for you by name. I’ll leave you to it.”

Smithsonian 1

“Strange. I really wish I had a coffee. What? Yeah, I’ll take one. Ooh, hot! Hot, hot!”

Smithsonian 2

“Hey, I got Erika a coffee, but she’s out sick. Does anybody want this?


“Hey there, Barbara. Late night? Oh, you’re too good to me.”

Drunk Man

“Hey, there, sweetheart. You need some help? ‘Cause, uh, you know, you look as though you’re having a little bit of trouble walking in those heels, huh? Hey, come on. Let me walk you home. Hey, I’m just trying to be nice here. Huh? Come on. Hey, hey. Hey, hey! Hey, hey! I’m just trying to help you!”


“Oh, no! Oh! Sorry. Barbara, thank God you’re good in heels.”

Black Gold Clerical Raquel

“Mr. Lord. On your desk, but Mr. Lord. Mr. Lord. Mr. Lord. Mr. Lord. Mr. Lord. It’s your weekend.”

Alistair Lord

“Dad! Where’s the pool, daddy? Hasn’t it been a lot of days? Okay.”


“These are known for a terrific fit. Just try them. Come out and show me. Ah. You look amazing. I think it’s just right. Yeah.”

Smithsonian Gallery

“Hey there. How are you doing?”

Smithsonian Gallery 2

“Those shoes are incredible.”

Smithsonian Gallery 3

“What a beautiful dress.”

Smithsonian Gallery 4

“You look fantastic.”

Smithsonian Gallery 4

“Hey, there, beautiful.”


“Oh, Diana. Hoping I’d see you. Hey, do you know I’m at the White House now? Yeah, that’s right. Interning, but requested by name, so… listen, I’ve had my eyes on you for some time. So if you ever need…”

Gym Goer



“Mr. Stagg?”

FBI Agent

“We have a warrant for Simon Stagg. No, sir. Federal taxation crime. It doesn’t concern you. Move along.”


“Send them through.”

Steve Trevor

“Diana. Diana. But… I wish we had more time. Yes, I do. I can save today… but you can save the world. Diana. I don’t know.”

“I remember… I remember taking the plane up… …and then… nothing, really. Nothing. But somehow, I know I’ve been someplace since then. Someplace that’s, uh… I can’t really put words to it. But it’s… it’s good. And then I, uh… I woke up here. I ended up in a bed. Uh… strange, strange pillow bed with slats. A futon? Yeah. Well, not comfortable. And really a bit backwards if I’m being really honest with you. I mean, for a futuristic time like this. Nineteen… that’s amazing. Would you like to see my futon?”

“Yeah. Um… you don’t have to tell me. The place is a mess. Cheese on demand. I spent all morning cleaning his bedroom, but he seems to me to be an engineer. Lots of pictures of himself. Not what I would do, but to each his own. Yeah, the phone book. I guess some things are just future-proof. Yeah, I tried to use the bike at first. I couldn’t really figure out how to get it going, so I ran over and saw you come back. And I was stunned. There you were. So I just, uh… followed you, like a creep. Diana, look at you. It’s… it’s like not one day has passed. Right, right, right. Right. Yeah, he’s, uh… he’s got it. No, I like him.”

“Hi. Good morning. Been eating Pop-Tarts all morning, and I’ve had about three pots of coffee. This place is amazing. Yeah. You know, if I really think about it, I don’t think I’ve ever been in a room more amazing. It’s true. It’s the most amazing place, right? So let’s stay. We shouldn’t go. So, let’s not. Okay. That’s a fair point. Let’s go.”

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