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Peculiar Occurrences

Netflix original sci-fi thriller drama Stranger Things won best episodic TV drama PGA and ensemble SAG awards last week.

Stranger Things season 2 is currently in production.

Rottentomatoes: 95%

Metacritic: 76

IMDb: 9.0

emmys: 3 wins


Mike Wheeler, Netflix, Stranger Things, Finn Wolfhard

Mike Wheeler

Mike Wheeler loses his close friend Will Byers in small 1983 midwest town Hawkins, Indiana.

Lucas Sinclair, Mike Wheeler, Dustin Henderson, Netflix, Stranger Things

Mike Wheeler, Netflix, Stranger Things, Finn Wolfhard

Quote1Something is coming.  Something hungry for blood.  A shadow grows on the wall behind you swallowing you in darkness.  It is almost here.Quote2 — Mike Wheeler

“An army of troglodytes charge into the chamber!” — Mike Wheeler

Quote1Wait a minute.  Did you hear that?  That…that sound?  Boom… Boom… Boom!  That didn’t come from the troglodytes.  No, that… That came from something else.  The demogorgon!  Will, your action!Quote2 — Mike Wheeler

“The demigorgon is tired of your silly human bickering!  It stomps towards you.  Boom!  Another stomp, boom!  He roars in anger!  Oh, shit!” — Mike Wheeler

Quote1Mom, we’re in the middle of a campaign!  Mom, wait, just 20 more minutes!  But that’ll ruin the flow!  I’m serious, mom.  The campaign took two weeks to plan.  How was I supposed to know it was gonna take ten hours?  Dad, don’t you think that 20 more–Quote2 — Mike Wheeler

“What are you talking about?  She’s always been a real jerk.  Four years ago!  Huh?” — Mike Wheeler

“That’s weird.  I don’t see him.  He probably just went to class early again.” — Mike Wheeler

Quote1I think it’s kinda cool.  It’s like you have superpowers or something.  Like Mr. Fantastic.Quote2 — Mike Wheeler

“So, did it come?  Yes!  Australia?  Hello, this is Mike Wheeler, president of Hawkins middle AV club.” — Mike Wheeler

Quote1We can show you, if you want.  We can help look.Quote2 — Mike Wheeler

Quote1We should be out there right now.  We should be helping look for him.  I don’t care what the chief said.  We have to do something.  Will can be in danger.  Mom!Quote2 — Mike Wheeler

“Wait, this is Will’s fault?  You’re just pissed off ’cause you wanna hang out with Steve.  Her new boyfriend.  What happens when what?  I’m the only one acting normal here!  I’m the only one that cares about Will!” — Mike Wheeler

“Lucas, do you copy?  It’s Mike.  Lucas?  I know it’s you.  And say ‘over’ when you’re done talking so I know you’re done.  Over.  I’m worried about Will.  Over.” — Mike Wheeler

“I was thinking.  Will could’ve cast protection last night, but he didn’t.  He cast fireball.  Over.  My point is… he could’ve played it safe, but he didn’t.  He put himself in danger to help the party.  Over.” — Mike Wheeler

“No.  We’re not going back.  Just stay close.  Come on.  Just stay on channel six.  Don’t do anything stupid.” — Mike Wheeler

Quote1Is there a number we can call for your parents?  Here, these are clean.  Okay?  See, over there, that’s the bathroom.  Privacy.  Get it?Quote2 — Mike Wheeler

“You don’t want it closed?  Oh, so you can speak.  Okay, well…  Um, how about we just keep the door… just like this.  Is that better?” — Mike Wheeler

Quote1At least she can talk.  So you just wanted to leave her out in the storm?  Who’s crazy now?  ‘Cause, we weren’t supposed to be out tonight, remember?  So if I tell my mom and she tells your mom and your mom…Quote2 — Mike Wheeler

“Exactly.  We’ll never find Will.  All right, here’s the plan.  She sleeps here tonight.  Just listen!  In the morning, she sneaks around my house, goes to the front door and rings my doorbell.  My mom will answer and know exactly what to do.  She’ll send her back to Pennhurst or wherever she comes from.  We’ll be totally in the clear.  And tomorrow night, we go back out.  And this time, we find Will.” — Mike Wheeler

Quote1Here you go.  This is my sleeping bag.  Hey, um, I never asked tour name.  Is that real?  I’ve just… never seen a kid with a tattoo before.  What’s it mean?  Eleven?  That’s your name?  Eleven.  Okay.  Um, well, my name’s Mike.  Short for Michael.Quote2 — Mike Wheeler

“Maybe we can call you ‘El.’  Short for Eleven.  Um, well, okay.  ‘Night, El.” — Mike Wheeler

Quote1Hey, you found my supercomm.  Pretty cool, huh?  I talk to my friends with it.  Mostly Lucas ’cause he lives so close.  Signal’s pretty weak.  Got you breakfast.Quote2 — Mike Wheeler

“So listen, this is gonna sound a little weird, but I just need you to go out there.  Then go to the front door and ring the doorbell.  My mom will answer and you’ll tell her that you’re lost and that you need help.  But whatever you do, you can’t tell her about last night or that you know me.  Understand?  Really, it’s no big deal.  We’ll just pretend to meet each other again.  And my mom, she’ll know who to call.  No?” — Mike Wheeler

Quote1No…. you don’t want my mom to get help?  You’re in trouble, aren’t you?  Who…  Who are you in trouble with?  Bad?  Bad people?  They want to hurt you?  The bad people?  All right, I’ll be back.  Just stay here, okay?  Stay here.Quote2 — Mike Wheeler

Quote1You want anything to drink?  We have OJ, skim milk… What else?  Um, we have…  Oh, this is my living room.  It’s mostly just for watching TV.  Nice, right?  It’s a 22-inch.  That’s, like, ten times bigger than Dustin’s.Quote2 — Mike Wheeler

“I guess.  That’s my sister Nancy.  And that’s baby Holly.  And those are my parents.  What are your parents like?  Do they live close?  That’s our lay-z-boy.  It’s where my dad sleeps.  You can try it if you want.  It’s fun.” — Mike Wheeler

Quote1Just trust me, okay?Quote2 — Mike Wheeler

“See?  Fun, right?  Now you try.” — Mike Wheeler

Quote1Ready are you?  What knows you of ready?  His name’s Yoda.  He can use the force to move things with his mind, like this.  Whoosh!  Oh, this is my dinosaur, Rory.  Look, he has a speaker in his mouth so he can roar.Quote2 — Mike Wheeler

“Oh, these are all my science fair trophies.  We got first every year.  Except for last year when we got third.  Mr. Clarke said it was totally political.” — Mike Wheeler

Quote1You know Will?  Did you see him?  Last night?  On the road?  We gotta go.  Just me mom!  One second!  In here.  I’ll be right back, okay?  Please, you have to get in, or my mom, she’ll find you.  Do you understand?  I won’t tell her about you.  I promise.Quote2 — Mike Wheeler

“It means something that you can’t break.  Ever.  Please?” — Mike Wheeler

“I just… I don’t feel good.  I woke up and my head, it hurt really bad, and my throat was all scratchy, and I wanted to tell you, but the last time I told you I was sick you made me go to school anyway, and–  Yeah?  No?” — Mike Wheeler

“Eleven?  Is everything okay?  El?  Is everything okay?  Are you sure?” — Mike Wheeler

Quote1We just tell our parents we have AV club after school.  That’ll give us at least a few hours for Operation Mirkwood.  Just trust me on this, okay?  Did you get the supplies?  Dustin, what did you get?Quote2 — Mike Wheeler

Quote1I thought we were friends, you know?  But friends tell each other the truth.  And they definitely don’t lie to each other.  You made me think Will was okay, that he was still out there, but he wasn’t.  He wasn’t!  Maybe you thought you were helping, but you weren’t.  You hurt me.  Do you understand?  What you did sucks.  Lucas was right about you.  All along.Quote2 — Mike Wheeler

“Will, is that you?  It’s Mike!  Do you copy?  Over.  Will, are you there?  Will!  Was that…  Was it…” — Mike Wheeler

“I think, somehow, she’s channeling him.” — Mike Wheeler

“I don’t know!  All I know is Will is alive.  Will is alive!  He’s out there somewhere.”

“That’s not true.  She helped us find Will!  Yeah, you know what I mean.” — Mike Wheeler

Quote1El is one of us now.Quote2 — Mike Wheeler

Kind, caring, willing to shelter those who have no home Mike Wheeler is an Idealist.

Dustin Henderson, Netflix, Stranger Things, Gaten Matarazzo

Dustin Henderson

Dustin Henderson and his nerd friends encounter an orphaned girl wearing a hospital gown who has clairvoyant capabilities.

Lucas Sinclair, Mike Wheeler, Dustin Henderson, Netflix, Stranger Things

Dustin Henderson, Netflix, Stranger Things, Gaten Matarazzo

“What if it’s the demogorgon?  Oh, Jesus, We’re so screwed if it’s the demogorgon.  Troglodytes?” — Dustin Henderson

Quote1We’re in deep shit.Quote2 — Dustin Henderson

“Too risky.  Cast a protection spell.  Cast protection.  Cast protection.  Oh, my god!” — Dustin Henderson

“Yo, hey, guys.  Does anyone want this?” — Dustin Henderson

Quote1There’s something wrong with your sister.  She’s got a stick up her butt.  Yeah, she’s turning into a real jerk.  Nuh-uh, she used to be cool.  Like that time she dressed up as an elf for our elder tree campaign.  Just saying.Quote2 — Dustin Henderson

Quote1Kiss your mom ‘night for me.  Race you back to my place?  Winner gets a comic.  Yeah.Quote2 — Dustin Henderson

“Hey!  Hey!  I didn’t say ‘go!’  Get back here!  I’m gonna kill you!  Son of a bitch.” — Dustin Henderson

“Yeah, he’s always paranoid Gursky’s gonna give him another pop quiz.  I told you a million times, my teeth are coming in.  It’s called cleidocranial dysplasia.” — Dustin Henderson

Quote1Yeah, except I can’t fight evil with it.Quote2— Dustin Henderson

“I bet you can talk to New York on this thing.  Hello, this is Dustin, and this is the secretary and treasurer of the Hawkins middle AV club.  Do you eat kangaroos for breakfast?” — Dustin Henderson

The Hobbit.” — Dustin Henderson

Quote1Hey, guys.  You feel that?  I think maybe we should go back.  Hey guys, wait up.Quote2 — Dustin Henderson

“This is mental.  She tried to get naked.” — Dustin Henderson

Quote1You got a lot of family there?  Like Michael Myers.  I think we should tell your mom.  Oh man.Quote2 — Dustin Henderson

“Do you really think she’s a psycho?” — Dustin Henderson

Quote1Mental.Quote2 — Dustin Henderson

“You’re gonna take out the demogorgon with a slingshot?” — Dustin Henderson

Quote1Well, alrighty.  So, we’ve got… Nutty bars, bazooka, pez, smarties, pringles, nilla wafers, apple, banana, and trail mix.  We need energy for our travels.  For stamina.  And besides, why do we even need weapons anyway?  We have her.  With her mind.  Are you kidding me?  That’s insane.  Imagine all the other cool stuff she could do.  Like… I bet… that she could make this fly!Quote2 — Dustin Henderson

Quote1Like the vale of shadows.Quote2 — Dustin Henderson

“Knock it off, you idiots.  Mike, get off!” — Dustin Henderson

Laid-back, non-judgmental, comedically talented, a social ice-breaker Dustin Henderson is an Artisan.

Lucas Sinclair, Netflix, Stranger Things, Caleb McLaughlin

Lucas Sinclair

Lucas Sinclair and his more academically inclined associates ultimately take in and befriend El and they all in unison try and rescue Will from the demigorgon.

Lucas Sinclair, Mike Wheeler, Dustin Henderson, Eleven, Netflix, Stranger Things

Lucas Sinclair, Netflix, Stranger Things, Caleb McLaughlin
“What is it?  It’s not the demogorgon.  Told ya.” — Lucas Sinclair

“Fireball him!  Don’t be a *****.  Fireball him!  Fireball him!  Fireball!  Where’d it go?  Is it a 13?  Where is it?” — Lucas Sinclair

Quote1It was a seven?  Did Mike see it?  Then it doesn’t count.Quote2 — Lucas Sinclair

“Yeah.  It’s because she’s been dating that douchebag, Steve Harrington.  Later.  Good night, ladies.” — Lucas Sinclair

“I’m telling you, his mom’s right.” — Lucas Sinclair

“Assholes.” — Lucas Sinclair

Quote1California?  Oh, man!  When Will sees this, he’s totally gonna blow his shit.  Sorry.  What are you doing?Quote2 — Lucas Sinclair

Quote1Meet me in ten.  Over and out.Quote2 — Lucas Sinclair

“Ah, man.  This is it.” — Lucas Sinclair

“Did you run away?” — Lucas Sinclair

Quote1She said ‘no’ and ‘yes.’  Your three-year-old sister says more.  There’s something seriously wrong with her.  Like, wrong in the head.  I bet she escaped from Pennhurst.  The nuthouse in Kerley county.  Bite me.Quote2 — Lucas Sinclair

Quote1Seriously though, think about it.  That would explain her shaved hair and why she’s so crazy.  She’s an escapee is the point.  She’s probably a psycho.  Exactly!  We should’ve never brought her here.Quote2 — Lucas Sinclair

“Yes!  We went out to find Will, not another problem.  I second that.  How is that crazy?  So?” — Lucas Sinclair

Quote1Our houses become Alcatraz.Quote2 — Lucas Sinclair

“Wouldn’t want her in my house.” — Lucas Sinclair

Quote1I’m telling you, his stupid plan failed.  Yeah, but obviously it was stupid, or he’d be here.  He’s in deep shit right about now.Quote2 — Lucas Sinclair

“No way.  Mike would never rat us out.  All that matters is, after school, the freak will be back in the loony bin, and we can focus on what really matters, finding Will.” — Lucas Sinclair

“What’s the weirdo doing?” — Lucas Sinclair

“Yeah.  Binoculars… from ‘Nam.  Army knife… also from ‘Nam.  Hammer, camouflage bandana… and the wrist rocket.” — Lucas Sinclair

Quote1First of all, it’s a wrist rocket.  And second of all, the demogorgon’s not real.  It’s made up.  But if there is something out there, I’m gonna shoot it in the eye… and blind it.Quote2 — Lucas Sinclair

“Seriously?  She shut one door!” — Lucas Sinclair

“Oh, well, if the weirdo heard him, then I guess–” — Lucas Sinclair

“Are you actually believing this crap?” — Lucas Sinclair

Quote1Did you guys not see what I saw?  They pulled Will’s body out of the water.  He’s dead!Quote2 — Lucas Sinclair

“So how do you know that?  Then what was in that water?” — Lucas Sinclair

Quote1The heathkit’s at school.  There is now way we’re gonna get the weirdo in there without anyone noticing.  I mean… look at her.Quote2 — Lucas Sinclair

Quote1How do you get there?  In real life, dummy.Quote2 — Lucas Sinclair

Quote1Theoretically.Quote2 — Lucas Sinclair

“Because she’s trying to sabotage our mission.  Because she’s a traitor.” — Lucas Sinclair

Quote1What did I tell you?  She’s been playing us from the beginning!  Find Will?  Find Will?  Where is he, then?  Huh?  I don’t see him.  No, I actually don’t.  Just think about it, Mike.Quote2 — Lucas Sinclair

Quote1She helped just enough just so she could get what she wants.  Food and a bed.  She’s like a stray dog.  No!  Screw you, Mike.  You’re blind… blind because you like that a girl’s not grossed out by you.  But wake up, man!  Wake the hell up!Quote2 — Lucas Sinclair

Skeptical, reasonable, pessimistic, a bit of a curmudgeon Lucas Sinclair is a  Rational.

Will Byers, Noah Schnapp, Netflix, Stranger Things

Will Byers

“I don’t know.  I’d have to roll a 13 or higher!  Fireball!  I don’t know!  Oh, I got it!  Does the seven count?” — Will Byers

“It was a seven.  The roll, it was  a seven.  The demogorgon, it got me.  See you tomorrow.” — Will Byers

“Any comic?  I’ll take your X-Men 134!” — Will Byers

“Hello?  Hello?” — Will Byers

“Password?  Yeah.  You may enter.” — Will Byers

“I… I thought I wasn’t allowed to see it.  No, I won’t.  I don’t get scared like that anymore.  No.  No.  Mom…  I’m not five anymore.  Stop.  That’s so stupid.  Mom!” — Will Byers

“Yeah, it’s cool.  Really?  Yeah, totally.” — Will Byers

“He’s not coming, is he?  No, but… I don’t know.  It’s fun to go with him sometimes.  I don’t know.  For real.  Definitely.” — Will Byers

“Fireballs.  I couldn’t find the red crayon, so that’s why it’s green.  Most of the time, yeah, totally.  But, sometimes the bad guys are smart, too.  You know?” — Will Byers

“Well, yeah, to burn them to a crisp.” — Will Byers

Joyce Byers, Netflix, Stranger Things, Winona Ryder

Joyce Byers

Joyce Byers tragically loses her son Will but communes with him intermittently through alphabetized Christmas lights.

Joyce Byers, Netflix, Stranger Things, Winona RyderQuote1Okay, sweetie, I will see you tonight.  Where’s Will?  Jonathan, you have to make sure he’s up!  I told you this a thousand times.  Will!  Come on, honey.  It’s time to get up.  He came home last night, right?  Did he come home or not?  You don’t know?  You were working?  Jonathan, we’ve talked about this.  You can’t take shifts when I’m working.  I can’t believe you.  I can’t believe you sometimes.Quote2 — Joyce Byers

“Hi, Karen.  It’s Joyce.  Was that Will I heard back there?  Will didn’t spend the night?  Um, you know what?  I think he just left early for… school.  Thank you so much.  Bye.” — Joyce Byers

Quote1I have been waiting here for over an hour, Hopper.  I’m going out of my mind!  No, not my Will.  He’s not like that.  He wouldn’t do that.Quote2 — Joyce Byers

“Look, he’s not like you, Hopper.  He’s not like me.  He’s not like… most.  He has a couple of friends, but, you know, the kids, they’re mean.  They make fun of him.  They call him names.  They laugh at him, his clothes–  I don’t know.  Does that matter?” — Joyce Byers

Quote1Look, he’s… He’s a sensitive kid.  Lonnie… Lonnie used to say he was queer.  Called him a ***.  He’s missing is what he is.Quote2 — Joyce Byers

“Uh, last I heard, he was in Indianapolis.  That was about a year ago.  But he has nothing to do with this.  You know, Hopper, he has nothing to do with this.  Trust me.” — Joyce Byers

Quote1What about the other time?  You said, ’99 out of 100.’  What about the other time, the one?  The one!  Okay, fine.  I will call Lonnie.  He will talk to me before he talks to–  A cop!Quote2 — Joyce Byers

“Just find my son, Hop.  Find him!” — Joyce Byers

Quote1Ring-a-ding-ding.  Anybody home?  Uh, Rada… Radaga– Radagast?  Thank you, sir.  So, guess what?  I got off early and… Ta-da!  Poltergiest.  I changed my mind.  As long as you don’t have nightmares for a week.  Oh yeah?  Not even of clowns?  What about my witch?  Ooh… But Will Byers…  I’m going to cook you up in my–Quote2 — Joyce Byers

“Will?  Will!  Will?  Will!  Where are you?” — Joyce Byers

Quote1Jonathan, wow.  You took these?  These are great.  Wow, they really are.  I know I haven’t been there for you.  I’ve been… working so hard and I… I just feel bad.  I don’t even… barely know what’s going on with you.  All right?  I am sorry about that.  Hey, what is it?  What is it, honey?  Tell me.  Tell me.  Come on.  You can…Quote2 — Joyce Byers

“No.  Oh, no.  You can’t do that to yourself.  This was not your fault.  Do you hear me?  He is… close.  I know it.  I…  I feel it in my heart.   You just have to… You have to trust me on this, okay?  Oh, look at this.  Look at this one.  Look at this one.  I mean, that’s it, right?  That’s it.  That’s the one.” — Joyce Byers

Quote1Who is this?  What have you done to my boy?  Give me back my son!Quote2 — Joyce Byers

Quote1What?  No, be careful of the poster.  I can’t eat.  Listen.  Listen, the Xerox place opens in, like, 30 minutes.  And I don’t want you to go alone… …so I’m gonna have Karen take you, ’cause I should be here.  We need to make, what, 200, 300 copies?  How much is a copy?  Ten cents?  If we… Ten cents–  I’m sorry.  I’m sorry.Quote2 — Joyce Byers

“We’ve been waiting six hours.  Six hours.  And?  God.  Oh, yeah.” — Joyce Byers

“The storm?  You’re saying that that’s not weird?” — Joyce Byers

Quote1No.  It was him.  It was Will.  And he was scared.  And then something–  Who would do that?Quote2 — Joyce Byers

“No, Hopper, it was not a prank.  It was him.  Come on, how about a little trust here?  What, you think I’m… I’m making this up?” — Joyce Byers

Quote1And you think I don’t know my own son’s breathing?  Wouldn’t you know your own daughter’s?Quote2 — Joyce Byers

“Oh, come on!  You’re wasting your time.” — Joyce Byers

“I’m not here to work.  The storm last night, I… I need a new phone.” — Joyce Byers

“I see Will the wise is back.  What’s that shooting out of his cane?  Oh, well… if he’s so wise, why does he need fireballs?  Why can’t he just, you know, outsmart the bad guys?” — Joyce Byers

Quote1Maybe I am a mess.  Maybe I’m crazy.  Maybe I’m out of my mind!  But, God help me, I will keep these lights up until the day I die if I think there’s a chance that Will’s still out there.  Now, get out!  Get out of my house!Quote2 — Joyce Byers

Intuitive, loving, hopeful, with a vivid imagination Joyce Byers is an Idealist.

Jim Hopper, Netflix, Stranger Things, David Harbour

Jim Hopper

Police chief Jim Hopper busts into Hawkins laboratories and discovers a growing toxic monstrosity unsuccessfully trying to be contained, he is tranquilized and wakes back up in his home.

Jim Hopper, Netflix, Stranger Things, David Harbour

“Oh, hey, morning, Flo.  Morning, everybody.  Oh, yeah?  Well, I looked better than your wife when I left her this morning.” — Jim Hopper

Quote1Oh, those garden gnomes again.  Well, I’ll tell you what, I’m gonna get right on that.  Mmm.  Okay, I’m gonna get on that.  Just give me a minute.  Well, Flo, Flo, we’ve discussed this.  Mornings are for coffee and contemplation.  Coffee and contemplation, Flo!Quote2 — Jim Hopper

“And I apologize again.  Look, boy his age, he’s probably just playing, hookie, okay?  Well, you never know.  I mean, my mom thought I was on the debate team when really I was just screwing Chrissy Carpenter in the back of my dad’s Oldsmobile, so…” — Jim Hopper

Quote1His clothes?  What’s wrong with his clothes?  Maybe.  Is he?  When was the last time you heard from Lonnie?  Why don’t you give me his number?Quote2 — Jim Hopper

Quote1Joyce, 99 out of 100 times, kid goes missing, the kid is with a parent or relative.  What?  Joyce.  Joyce, this is Hawkins, okay?  You wanna know the worst thing that’s ever happened here in the four years I’ve been working here?  Do you wanna know the worst thing?  It was when an owl attacked Eleanor Gillespie’s head because it thought that her hair was a nest.Quote2 — Jim Hopper

“What, a pig?” — Jim Hopper

Quote1I think I know that– I said I know it!  No.  no.  After school, you are all to go home.  Immediately.  That means no biking around looking for your friend, no investigating, no nonsense.  This isn’t some Lord of the Rings book.  Do I make myself clear?  Do I make myself… clear?Quote2 — Jim Hopper

“Hey!  I got something.  Yeah, he must have crashed.  Not so hurt he couldn’t walk away.  Bike like this is like a Cadillac to these kids.  He would’ve walked it home.” — Jim Hopper

Quote1Listen, I want you to call Flo.  I want you to get a search party together, all right?  All the volunteers she can muster.  Bring flashlights, too.Quote2 — Jim Hopper

“I always had a distaste for science.  Yeah, Ms. Ratliff was a piece of work.  You bet.  Oh, I believe it.  Mummies never die, so they tell me.  Sarah, my daughter… Galaxies, the universe, whatnot… She always understood all that stuff.  I always figured there was enough going on down here, I never needed to look elsewhere.” — Jim Hopper

Quote1I know.  I came as soon as I could.  A little bit of trust here, all right?  We’ve been searching all night.  Went all the way to Cartersville.  Nothing.  Flo says you got a phone call?  Storm barbecued this pretty good.  What else?  No, it’s weird.Quote2 — Jim Hopper

“No, it doesn’t work like that.  Now, uh, you’re sure it was Will?  Because Flo said you just heard some breathing.” — Jim Hopper

Quote1It was probably just a prank call.  It was somebody trying to scare you.  Well, this thing’s been on TV.  It brings out all the crazies, you know.  False leads, prank calls, uh…  Joyce.Quote2 — Jim Hopper

“I’m not saying that you’re making it up.  All I’m saying is it’s an emotional time for you.” — Jim Hopper

“You hear from, uh, Lonnie yet?  It’s been long enough.  I’m having him checked out.  I’m sorry?  Yeah?  Well cops are good at finding.  Okay?  Stay here with your mom.  She needs you.” — Jim Hopper

Quote1Kid’s missing, man.  Show a little class.  All right.  Come on, let’s go!  We got a lot of ground to cover.Quote2 — Jim Hopper

Quote1You ever feel cursed?  You know, the last person to go missing here was in uh, the summer of ’23.  The last suicide was the fall of ’61.Quote2 — Jim Hopper

“No, this isn’t hippie crap.  This is CIA-sanctioned research.” — Jim Hopper

Quote1Maybe Will was in the wrong place at the wrong time and he saw something that he shouldn’t have.Quote2 — Jim Hopper

“It’s a start.” — Jim Hopper

“I don’t have a problem.  I’m just a concerned citizen.” — Jim Hopper

Quote1They bugged my place.  They put a microphone in the light.  It’s because I’m on to them and they know it.  I don’t know… I thought they might be watching you, too.  I don’t know, the CIA, the NSA, Department of Energy… I don’t know.Quote2 — Jim Hopper

“You were right.  This whole time, you were right.” — Jim Hopper

“We’re gonna find him.” — Jim Hopper

Quote1Listen to me.  I’m gonna find him.  All right?  You gotta trust me on this.  I am going to find him.Quote2 — Jim Hopper

Conscientious, caring, diligent, one who repels bullies Jim Hopper is a Guardian.

Eleven, 011, Millie Bobby Brown, Netflix, Stranger ThingsEleven

Eleven 011 or ‘El’ for short has telekinetic abilities and suffers from PTSD, having slain multiple agents during her escape, and having been subject to a variety of unsavory conditioning and laboratory experiments.

She locks horns with the demigorgon in a bridge of Khazad-dûm type scenario.

“Eleven.  Eleven.” — Eleven

“No.  Yes.” — Eleven

“‘Night Mike.” — Eleven

“No.  No.” — Eleven

“Bad.  Understand?” — Eleven

“Pretty.  Yeah.” — Eleven

“Promise?” — Eleven

“Pop!  Papa!  Papa!  No!  Papa!  No!  No!  No!  Papa!  Papa!  Papa!  Papa!  Papa.” — Eleven

“Mike.  Promise.” — Eleven

“Will.  Hiding.” — Eleven

“Power lines?  Yes.  After school?  ‘Three-one-five.'” — Eleven

“Will.” — Eleven

“Mouth breather.” — Eleven

“Upside down.” — Eleven

“Right.” — Eleven

“It’s not… it’s not safe.” — Eleven

“Go.” — Eleven

“Mike… I’m sorry.  The gate…  I opened it.  I’m the monster.” — Eleven

“I’m sorry.  I can’t find them.” — Eleven

“The bath.  I can find them.  In the bath.” — Eleven

“Goodbye, Mike.” — Eleven

“No more.” — Eleven

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