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Starz pirate drama Black Sails premieres its fourth and final season tonight.

Rottentomatoes: 81%

Metacritic: 58

IMDb: 8.2

Emmys: 3 wins


Captain James Flint, Starz, Black Sails
Captain James Flint

Rogue British naval officer Captain James Flint during a raid happens upon the nautical course schedule of royal Spanish treasure galleon L’Urca de Lima harboring an immense fortune in gold worth $5 million which can permanently pull him and his pirate crew out of a rut.

Captain James Flint, Starz, Black Sails

“Where’s the schedule?  Everyone was searched.” — James Flint

Quote1Royal navy.  The Scarborough.  Not today she doesn’t.  She’s got the wind of us.  Cut us loose.  Get us under way.Quote2 — James Flint

“You said it would never get to this.  I thought you said you put loyal men in all the right places so the crew would never turn.  Don’t give me that shit.  I told you there would be some lean days while we track Parish’s ship, you told me the crew would weather it.” — James Flint

Quote1I don’t trust them with the truth.Quote2 — James Flint

“Singleton.  They think he has any idea how to put money in their pockets?” — James Flint

Quote1I just need a few more days.Quote2 — James Flint

“Then I’ll forget about the schedule and go back to hunting fat, lazy merchantmen and everyone will be content.” — James Flint

Quote1What does the crew think of me, Billy?  You’re the ship’s boatswain. You know what’s said behind my back.   I know they’ve always found me aloof, too educated.  But now it seems they feel I’m–  Too…  I was gonna say unlucky.  So that’s the thinking.Quote2 — James Flint

“Let me tell you a story, about a Spaniard named Vazquez.  A few weeks ago he staggers into a tavern in Port Royal.  Takes a seat next to an English merchant captain.  Vazquez, it turns out, is dying.  Bleeding to death from a knife wound to the belly.  This knife wound was courtesy of his former employer, la Casa de Contratación, in Seville.  Naval, more specifically.  One of their top agents in the Americas.  Responsible for the security of one particular ship.  A ship with a cargo so rich, the king of Spain is very anxious to see it launched.  Vazquez warned that it was too late.  Storm season was upon them and no escort could be mustered to guard her.  But his superiors demanded that he sign off.  They advised him that if he couldn’t arrange for an escort, he should plot a course for the ship unknown to anyone but her captain and consider that route to be a state secret of the highest order.  When Vazquez refused and threatened to report his concerns to the court, things got ugly.  The ship in question… L’Urca de Lima.  The largest Spanish treasure galleon in the Americas.  According to Vazquez, total cargo in excess of $5 million.” — James Flint

“A spy in my employ in Port Royal who overheard the conversation.  I must admit, I harbored my doubts as to its authenticity right up until yesterday when I took the merchant captain’s ship and found Vazquez’s story neatly written into his log.” — James Flint

Quote1Not quite entirely resolved.  A page was torn from the log with the Urca’s course and schedule written on it.  Now I could recreate it from what’s left, but I’d need help.  Someone with expert knowledge of Spanish operations.  Your man in Havana.  I need you to make an introduction.Quote2 — James Flint

“Five million Spanish dollars.  When we take that ship, you stand to gain–  The risk is all mine.  Let me make myself plain.  I will have that name.” — James Flint

Quote1Think carefully.  What lies ahead, Mr. Singleton cannot see you through.Quote2 — James Flint

“There’s a war coming, Billy.  One ship isn’t what’s coming.  That man Hume, the captain of the Scarborough told you as much.  When a king brands us pirates, he doesn’t mean to make us adversaries.  He doesn’t mean to make us criminals.  He means to make us monsters.  For that’s the only way his God-fearing, taxpaying subjects can make sense of men who keep what is theirs and fear no one.  When I say there’s a way coming, I don’t mean with the Scarborough.  I don’t mean with King George or England.  Civilization is coming and it means to exterminate us.  If we are to survive, we must unite behind our own king.  I am your king.” — James Flint

Quote1I’m sorry.  For the short hauls.  For the trouble I’ve caused.  But most importantly, for the disregard it seems I’ve shown you.  The most important element of a healthy ship is trust.  Trust between men.  Trust between captain and crew.  Without it, the ship is doomed.  For the past few months you and I have been on the trail of a prize so rich, it could upset the very nature of our world.  And for that reason, I felt it necessary to keep it secret.  I didn’t trust you.  And that was my mistake.  Right now I would like to tell you that that prize is within our grasp and we are close.  So close.  But it would appear that my concerns about secrecy had merit.  Someone on this crew discovered my plans.,. and tore from this log the very page necessary to discover that prize.  Stole it for their own gain.  Stole it from us.  And then stoked your resentment to cover his crime… and make himself your captain.Quote2 — James Flint

“Friends, brothers… the prize that you and I have been pursuing… is L’Urca de Lima.  The Hulk.  A prize of almost unimaginable value.  Now with this page securely in our possession, we can begin our hunt.  And we will succeed no matter the cost.  No matter the struggle.  I will see that prize is yours.  I’m not just gonna make you rich.  I’m not just gonna make you strong.  I’m gonna make you the princes of the New World.” — James Flint

Quote1Turns out Mr. Singleton was unfit for command.  We have more pressing matters to attend to.  Shall I wait?Quote2 — James Flint

“They’re not animals, Mr. Scott.  They’re men starved of hope.  Give that back to them, who’s to say what could happen?” — James Flint

Quote1In the end, that’s all I want.  To walk away from the sea and find peace.Quote2 — James Flint

“Mr. Gates and I will begin our search for a consort.  This is not a task we’ll be able to complete without the assistance of another ship.  We’ll need some additional items that will exceed our normal demands.  100 casks of powder.  1,000 rounds of shot.  New guns, 12-pounders.  At least a dozen of them.  When we fire on the Urca, we’ll need to do more than make a scratch or we’ll have no chance of success.” — James Flint

Quote1I have fought and bled alongside my men.  I have sacrificed more than you could possibly know for their futures.Quote2 — James Flint

Quote1Absent their worst instincts, their pride, their greed, their suspicion, in the light of pure reason, who says no to this?  They’ll be rich men in a safe place rather than dead thieves on a long rope.Quote2 — James Flint

Quote1Let’s not tempt fate.Quote2 — James Flint

“There’s no way out of this.” — James Flint

Quote1Come right a few degrees.  We only get one shot at this.  We miss, we die.Quote2 — James Flint

“There’s simply no way of stealing that gold.  But there might be something else you can steal.  The fucking warship.  Too many soldiers on the beach, which means that the watch on the ship is spare.  Two men approach quietly, evade a handful of sentries and eliminate the watch on the mainmast.  Now at this point, while the sun is failing but before the night watch arrives, an assault could be made.  That ship is your only means of escape.  And that ship is your only means of taking anything of value out of this ordeal.  And once it is in your possession– you will be invincible.  Now the risk falls almost entirely on the first two men out.  I would volunteer, in exchange for your pardon.  That leaves one man to go.  One volunteer–” — James Flint

Quote1What do you get?  You get what we all get– a future.Quote2 — James Flint

“If you’re looking for something more immediate, then how about your own survival?  If we cannot agree to do this together, then I walk out of here and I lead my men in cutting down what remain of yours.” — James Flint

Quote1That’s a good one.  My seamanship, my prospects for garnering plunder, my skill in a fight, the sound of a my voice, the sound of another man’s eating.  I suppose at the end of the day, they’re all functionally equivalent.  A man casts his vote for the same reason he does anything in his life.  Because it feels good.  Thee votes, four votes.  30 of them will change their minds before they raise their hands tonight.  The thing that will decide this vote hasn’t happened yet.  I think I’ve got a pretty strong case.  His way, a lot of them will die tonight.  My way, they won’t and we’ll gain the favor of a man who could move this place a step closer to sustainability.Quote2 — James Flint

Autonomous, resolute, pragmatic, with a keen navigational mind Captain Flint is a Rational.

Captain Charles Vane, Starz, Black Sails

Captain Charles Vane

Charles Vane takes command of Captain Hornigold’s fortress overlooking Nassau bay.  Subsequently he and his crew are able to commandeer Flint’s Spanish man-o’-war.

Starz, Black Sails

Captain Charles Vane, Starz, Black Sails

Quote1You’ll live.Quote2 — Charles Vane

“Why would I do that?” — Charles Vane

Quote1Eleanor, your father sells my cargo.  Whatever it is you’re so upset about, I doubt he feels the same.Quote2 — Charles Vane

“Remind you that Flint hasn’t been your biggest earner in quite some time.  You’ll also be reminded of what you’ve always known but never accepted.  That if forced, your father will always choose profits over daughters.  Hate your father?  I wouldn’t blame you.  Hate me too, if you’d like.  And if you feel the need, cling to Flint and his legend and a past the rest of us have long outgrown.  But make no mistake about it, whatever future this place has left, I’m it.  And if you ever challenge me again in front of my crew, I may just forget that I loved you once.” — Charles Vane

Quote1Charles Vane of the Ranger.Quote2 — Charles Vane

“But fun nonetheless.  I’d like a word in private.  We have some business to get sorted.” — Charles Vane

Quote1You expect me to believe this is about business?Quote2 — Charles Vane

“Be careful, Eleanor.” — Charles Vane

“Be honest.  Are you as surprised as I am… that I’m the only one here behaving myself?” — Charles Vane

Quote1The terms are fine.  Her word is good enough for me.  And it’s good enough for you, too.Quote2 — Charles Vane

“You’re too clever for your own good, Jack.” — Charles Vane

Quote1What do I get?  If this, if that.  Yet it all relies on an asset you do not possess.  Show it to me.  Hand me my future here in this room.  What?  It isn’t just your words, is it?  The promise of a thing hard to define and impossible to deliver– that is what you’re suggesting I get in exchange for surrendering an asset worth what that girl is worth?Quote2 — Charles Vane

“This girl is so valuable to you, and you would risk her death just to punish me?  You want her?  You have two choices.  Try and take her and hope she survives the fight or pay me what she’s worth.  One Spanish Man of War.” — Charles Vane

Quote1Among the men she is surrounded by right now, I am quite certainly the most reasonable one.  I believe my terms are clear.  You know where to find me to deliver your response.Quote2 — Charles Vane

Quote1Eleanor, when I take something from a man, his ship, his money, his life, I don’t hide behind a clerk.  I don’t hide behind the law.  I don’t hide behind anything.  I look him in his eye and I give him every chance to deny me.Quote2 — Charles Vane

“Whatever remorse I have or do not have is my own.” — Charles Vane

Visceral, impulsive, tactical, a strong negotiator Captain Vane is an Artisan.

Eleanor Guthrie, Starz, Black Sails

Eleanor Guthrie

Eleanor Guthrie appropriates her own merchandise fencing enterprise on the island of Nassau, Bahamas after her father abandons it.

Eleanor Guthrie, Starz, Black Sails

Quote1If you want to hunt, my door is open.  But if the mere whiff of the navy is too much for you, then God bless and get the fuck out.Quote2 — Eleanor Guthrie

“I wish you’d get control of your men.  They come in here, spouting off they’ve seen his majesty’s navy out there and I have three crews pulling orders because they haven’t got enough balls to get back in the water.” — Eleanor Guthrie

“Flint’s got morale problems what do you want me to do about it?” — Eleanor Guthrie

Quote1How much would you need?  Take this to Virgil.  He’ll see that you get what you need.Quote2 — Eleanor Guthrie

“It’s my money isn’t it?  Must I answer for how I spend it?  Well, then I suppose it’s a good thing that my father isn’t here.” — Eleanor Guthrie

Quote1You fucked me tonight.  Flint, his captaincy, I had an interest.Quote2 — Eleanor Guthrie

“You’ll make it right.  ‘Cause if you don’t, you’re finished here.  I won’t sell another ounce of your cargo.  See how long you’ll last as captain when your crew can’t get paid.” — Eleanor Guthrie

“I started it.” — Eleanor Guthrie

Quote1When my father still lived here, this place was a fucking mess.  Men just fucked in tents, threw their shit in the streets.  I wonder if he didn’t notice everyone living like animals or if he just didn’t care.Quote2 — Eleanor Guthrie

“A man-o’-war was spotted yesterday.  Royal navy.  What if today’s the day?  What if Scott is downstairs right now waiting to give me the news?  The British are back.  Decamp from Nassau.” — Eleanor Guthrie

“Then they block off the island, choke off trade.  A few crews will resist, but how long can they survive without my father’s support?  One by one their numbers will dwindle.  The fort will be abandoned.  Soldiers will storm the beach.  By the time the smoke clears, my father will have arrived.  First time he’s set foot here in five years waving the royal commission that his bribes purchased and lording over the place.  Round of applause, the new governor.” — Eleanor Guthrie

Quote1I’m his daughter.  I run the operation here alongside my retainer Mr. Scott.  We pay in coin, trade, or credit the moment your goods enter my warehouse.  And while we’re off selling it at rates you couldn’t hope to match, you and your men get to enjoy the many pleasantries Nassau has to offer.Quote2 — Eleanor Guthrie

Quote1Around four reales on the dollar.  At first.  But the more you earn, the better the terms.Quote2 — Eleanor Guthrie

“Wonderful.” — Eleanor Guthrie

“Your men are undisciplined.  Unruly.  For as much money as they bring in, they cause twice as much damage.  They’re fucking animals.  You encourage it.  And that makes you a poor investment.” — Eleanor Guthrie

Quote1I don’t give a fuck what you believe.Quote2 — Eleanor Guthrie

“Fuck you, Charles.” — Eleanor Guthrie

“Captain Vane was just leaving.” — Eleanor Guthrie

Quote1Because I’ve spent my life trying to build something here.  It’s all I have.  I can’t just walk away.Quote2 — Eleanor Guthrie

“My father doesn’t know about this.  But you have my word these terms will be honored.” — Eleanor Guthrie

Quote1Gentlemen, you all heard my father this morning, that the Guthrie trading operation here in Nassau is dead.  To that, I just have this to add– fuck him and fuck that.  Mr. Frasier, you hold a charter from the Massachusetts Bay Provincial Authority to ship rare items abroad is that correct?Quote2 — Eleanor Guthrie

Quote1And, theoretically, that charter should pass muster at any customs house in the colonies, yes?  Gentlemen, by my count, the Black Hind and the Intrepid have accumulated prizes totaling approximately 1,600 pieces of eight since the new year.  That’s gross.  That’s both ships.  That barely exceeds your operating costs over the same time.  It’s not an insult, it’s a fact.  You command the two least profitable ships on the island as a function of basic arithmetic.Quote2 — Eleanor Guthrie

“But they are ships, and large ones at that.  At this table, we have a legitimate front.  We have ships and crews that can ferry heavy cargo.  We have relationships with the merchants and customs men that kept my father’s trade moving.” — Eleanor Guthrie

Quote1They’re my relationships now.  We’re going to recreate my father’s system here… without my father.  A consortium, with all of you sharing the profits.Quote2 — Eleanor Guthrie

Quote1How so?  Yes, but they’re bad at it, Geoffrey.  What good is that doing anyone?  I’m amazed they haven’t voted you out already, given the shit prizes you’ve been chasing.  Your men will earn three times as much in half the time… not facing a single word or pistol in the process.  You’re telling me that you can’t sell that?Quote2 — Eleanor Guthrie

“None of this matters unless we can get people to agree to sell through us.  We need a respected captain to stand up and bless it.  And we need a strong captain to ensure that no one dares fuck with is.  You’re both.  You know that I want nothing more that to make this place strong and stable.  I think you want the same things.  Bless this endeavor and we can have them.” — Eleanor Guthrie

“I think you misunderstand.  I wasn’t asking you to help me.  I was granting you the opportunity to help me.  But now, because of your tone, I’m disinclined to be so generous.  Now you’ll beg me for it.  All those days ago when you first proposed this arrangement of yours to Flint– remaining with his crew, holding onto the last piece of the schedule to ensure you weren’t disposed of– when he asked you what’s to stop him from killing you when all’s said and done, do you remember your answer?” — Eleanor Guthrie

Quote1I believe you said, ‘We might be friends by then.’  You’ve spent enough time with the man now.  Does he strike you as one who would ever under any circumstance leave a loose end like you walking around?Quote2 — Eleanor Guthrie

Quote1The way I see it, I may be the only person in this world who can dissuade him from killing you.Quote2 — Eleanor Guthrie

“You know I’ve never seen you that way.” — Eleanor Guthrie

Quote1You told me to keep emotion from clouding judgement.  To act in everyone’s best interest.  I believe that’s what I’m doing.Quote2 — Eleanor Guthrie

“Where the fuck were you today?  You wanted to be a partner in the consortium, did you not?  You wanted to take Hornigold’s seat at the table?  Then that means you assume Hornigold’s responsibilities, first among them– turning up for the fucking meetings.” — Eleanor Guthrie

Quote1This morning somebody killed two watchmen and stole 500 pounds’ worth of cargo from the warehouse.  Don’t be sorry.  Do your fucking job.  Hornigold provided security for the consortium’s operations.Quote2 — Eleanor Guthrie

Vigilant, diplomatic, altruistic, well-versed in the nuances of social graces Eleanor Guthrie is an Idealist.

Anne Bonny, Starz, Black Sails

Anne Bonny

Anne Bonny and her compatriot Jack Rackham start out on Vane’s crew.

After several disagreements with him they conceive their own swashbuckling operation with partner madame Max, a joint venture which comes into direct possession of the Urca gold.

Starz, Black Sails

Anne Bonny, Starz, Black Sails

“Thought you could sweet talk them all, did ya?” — Anne Bonny

Quote1Once, one of them came and put his balls on my shoulder whilst I was asleep.  Thought it was funny.  Last time he put them anywhere.Quote2 — Anne Bonny

Quote1If you take it, they’ll give it.Quote2 — Anne Bonny

“Only thought they’d kill you.” — Anne Bonny

Quote1Another step and I’ll show you.Quote2 — Anne Bonny

“Don’t call her that.” — Anne Bonny

“Good evening, cunt.  If I wanted to kill you, I’d have done it already.  What a piece of shit you are.  Nose in the air.  Spoiled cunt playing at our business.” — Anne Bonny

“Pains me being this close to you.  Should tell you how fucking desperate I am.  Your help.  Your friend on the beach.  She fucked us and that needed answering.  But then that night, she told you to go fuck yourself.  Should have toasted her.  If she had a cock, we probably would have.  What Hamund’s been doing to her… ain’t right.” — Anne Bonny

Quote1You could kill him.  I’d do it myself, but the men saw us feuding.  I go near him, I’ll have them all at my throat and no one at my back.  Now’s the time.  Captain’s gone.  Don’t know how long for.  I don’t know.  I don’t much give a shit.  Left alone on a skiff this afternoon.  But if he returns, he’ll be another one standing at Hamund’s side.Quote2 — Anne Bonny

Quote1You fucking coward.  ‘Cause for all your shit, all your posturing, you won’t lift a finger to help her.Quote2 — Anne Bonny

“You said my plan was too dangerous.  Then what the fuck would you suggest?  There’s eight of them.  Their guard is up.  It’s impossible.” — Anne Bonny

Quote1The fuck is your problem?Quote2 — Anne Bonny

Quote1Stay the fuck away from me.Quote2 — Anne Bonny

Quote1I’m gonna deal with it my way.Quote2 — Anne Bonny

“Why just you?  Island full of murdering, thieving fucks and you were the only one they can’t forgive?  How does that make any sense?” — Anne Bonny

Quote1When was the last time you fought in a vanguard?Quote2 — Anne Bonny

Prudent, adept, intrinsic, and lethal Anne Bonny is an Artisan.

Billy Jones, Starz, Black Sails

Billy Jones

Billy Jones gets caught in a tug of war between his loyalty to the captain and his loyalty to the crew.  He started as boatswain, gets promoted to quartermaster, and subsequently takes a dive overboard.

Months later he resurfaces and reboards the crew.  Eventually the redcoated British navy storms Nassau beach.

Billy Jones, Starz, Black Sails

Quote1Landfall.  We’re home.Quote2 — Billy Jones

Quote1We have no kings here.Quote2 — Billy Jones

“Yesterday when you sent me with the captain to Harbour Island, you told me to restrain him if he tried to go too far.  Singleton wasn’t a thief.  Flint baited him into that fight, then he killed him.  That’s not going too far?” — Billy Jones

Quote1That’s not the point.  The point is I lied to my own crew to protect the captain.Quote2 — Billy Jones

“Our crew is less than a day yet removed from a mutiny.  I don’t care how much gold you dangle in front of them, that hatred doesn’t just disappear.  And Flint wants to just put him back on board?” — Billy Jones

“What if he tells the wrong person the truth?  I think we need to canvass.  No, ’cause then we’ll at least know who to watch out for and who to keep Silver separated from on the watch.” — Billy Jones

“You, come with me.” — Billy Jones

Quote1I should have stopped Flint.Quote2 — Billy Jones

“Gentlemen… I think we all know what we’re up against today, so let’s just get to it.  As we close the distance to the Andromache, the captain  believes Bryson will attack port and set himself for a clean broadside volley.  He’ll loose his guns, pay off downwind, and continue running.  Now, ordinarily, we would either match him and return fire or slip into his wake and make a run at his stern.  Unfortunately, we’re too outgunned for the former, and Bryson is too skilled a captain for the latter.  He’ll just keep shooting and delaying and shooting and delaying until nightfall, at which point he’ll just slip away.  So–” — Billy Jones

Quote1Have you ever been tortured?  Suffered pain applied by men who saw you as less than a man?  Saw you as an animal?  ‘Cause it isn’t the pain they’re inflicting that’s the most frightening part of it.  It isn’t the fear of future pain.  It’s the knowledge that even when the pain stops, even if they were to let you go, that they’ve changed you.  That pain, that fear, that despair… has made you someone else, someone you barely recognize.  Against your will.  I said what I had to say to get out of that place, but I have no intention of honoring their offer.  10 pardons.  I would fight to the death to ensure not a single one of my brothers ever has to face what I faced.  Now if there’s a man on this crew that feels differently, that feels as though he’d be willing to accept another brother suffering that fate so that he might avoid it, then that’s a man I need to remove from my crew.Quote2 — Billy Jones

Quote1Right now, Mr. Dufresne here has identified you men as the most likely to represent such a problem.  Was he right?Quote2 — Billy Jones

Quote1I believe you were right.  I believe that for what comes next, the men of this crew will need your leadership.  So I will do what needs to be done to preserve it and protect it.  Mr. Gates turned his back on you.  Don’t think for a second I’ll make the same mistake he did.Quote2 — Billy Jones

Tough, hard-working, grounded, loyal to a fault, Billy Jones is a Guardian.

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