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Washed Up

Columbia Pictures original film Once Upon A Time In Hollywood began its theatrical release July 26th, 2019.

#OnceUponATimeInHollywood is up for best picture.

rottentomatoes: 85%

metacritic: 83

imdb: 7.8

oscars: 2 wins

golden globes: 3 wins

SAG awards: 1 win

Rick Dalton, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Columbia Pictures, Bona Film Group, Heyday Films, Leonardo DiCaprioRick Dalton

Rick Dalton confronts the apex of his acting career outside of 1969 Los Angeles, California.

Rick Dalton, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Columbia Pictures, Bona Film Group, Heyday Films, Leonardo DiCaprioACTOR IN A LEADING ROLE

1 nomination: 2020

Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture

1 nomination: 2020

Male Actor in a Leading Role

1 nomination: 2020

“‘Not when there’s three of them and one of me.  I’m looking at an ugly owl-hoot about to get his jaw busted.  Amateurs try and take men in alive.  Amateurs usually don’t make it.'” — Rick Dalton

“It’s our pleasure, Allen.  Well… actors are required to do a lot of dangerous stuff.  Say Jake Cahill gets shot off his horse.  Now, can I fall off a horse?  Yes, I can, and yes, I have.  But say I fall off wrong and I sprain my wrist or I– or I twist my angle.  Now, that can put an undue burden on production because now maybe I can’t work for a week.  So Cliff here is meant to help carry the load.  Well, it’s my pleasure, Mr. Schwartz.  And thank you for taking an interest.  Ah.  G-goddamn it to hell.  I’m-I’m sorry about that.  It’s my pleasure, Mr. Schwarz.  Marvin, call me Rick.  Yeah.  My son?  No, that’s my stunt double, Cliff Booth.  Yeah.  We’ve worked together since the last two seasons of Bounty Law.  My car’s in the shop, so he gave me a ride.  Oh, fuck.  Oh, well, that’s nice.  Thanks a lot.  Oh, well, that’s both flattering and-and embarrassing.  What’d you see?  I hope the, uh, Rick Dalton double feature wasn’t too painful for you and the– and the missus.  Oh, that’s nice.  Good picture, yeah.  A lot of killing.” — Rick Dalton

“‘Anybody order fried sauerkraut?  Burn, you Nazi bastards!  Ha-ha-ha!’  Oh, you bet your sweet ass it was.  Yeah.  And let me tell you, that-that’s one shit-fuck crazy weapon y-y-you do not wanna be on the wrong side of.  Boy, oh, boy.  You know, I practiced with that dragon, uh, three hours a day for two weeks.  Not just because I wanted to look good in the picture, but because I was–  I was shit-scared of the thing, to be honest.  Mike fucking Lewis!  Crisping them Nazis to hell!  Oh, shit, that’s… all right, that’s too hot.  Anything we can do about that heat?  Yeah.” — Rick Dalton

“‘Jody Janice, wanted for cattle rustling in the state of Wyoming, $425 dead or alive.  I don’t eve know where here is.  It was just the closest place.  Caught up with him about five miles outside of town.  Hmm.  Who’s Major Nathin Maxwell Janice?'” — Rick Dalton

“♪ There’s an old piano ♪ And they play it hot Behind the green door ♪ Don’t know what They’re doing ♪  But they laugh a lot Behind the green door ♪ Wish they’d let me in ♪ So I can find out What’s behind the green door ♪” — Rick Dalton

“Yeah.  Yeah.  I’m doing a pilot f-for CBS right now.  It’s called– it’s called Lancer.  I play the heavy.  Did a, ahem, Ron Ely Tarzan.  I did a Land of the Giants.  Green Hornet.  I did that show, uh… Bingo Martinwith that kid Scott Brown.  Yeah.  F.B.I.  And I got that-that airs this Sunday.  Y-yeah.  Mm-hm.  Yeah.  Well, not– not– Land of the Giants or F.B.I., but the rest, yeah.  Yeah,  Yeah, of course.  I’m– I’m the heavy.  Mm-hmm.  Right?  Hmm.  Uh-huh.  Yeah.  Right.” — Rick Dalton

“Well… it’s official, old buddy.  I’m a has-been.  He told me the goddamn truth, is what he told me.  I’m sorry about that.  Sorry about that.  Well, if coming face-to-face with the failure that is your career ain’t worth crying about, then I don’t know what the fuck is.  No.  He wants to help me get into Italian movies.  I gotta do fucking Italian goddamn movies!  That’s the fucking problem.  Fucking bullshit!  It doesn’t matter whether I cry in public.  Nobody remembers who the fuck I am anyway, huh?  Fuck!  Take me home, Cliff.  Come on, take me home.  Fucking hippie motherfuckers.” — Rick Dalton

“Five years of ascent.  Pfft.  Ten years of-of-of treading water.  And now a race to the bottom.  Heh.  What are you talking about?  You’re my stunt double.  Come on, now.  Shit.  Come on, now.  You ever seen an-an Italian Western, huh?  They’re awful.  It’s a fucking farce.  I’ve seen enough, all right?  Nobody likes Spaghetti Westerns.” — Rick Dalton

“Nah, nah.  I’m– I’m– I’m too insecure now to score come pilot season.  Screen Gems ain’t gonna have nothing good to say about me.  You know that.  Nobody’s gonna forgive me for that last season.  No matter what I do– –I’m always gonna be the horse’s ass that got Bounty Law cancelled because I wanted some fucking rinky-dink movie career.  Holy shit.  That was Polanski.  That was Roman Polanski.  He’s lived there for a month now.  First time I seen him.  Ha-ha-ha.  Holy shit.  Goddamn it.  What do I always say?  Most important thing in this town is, when you’re making money, you buy a house in town.  You don’t rent.  Eddie O’Brien taught me that.  Hollywood real estate means you live here.  You’re not just visiting, not just passing through.  You fucking live here.  Here I am flat on my ass, and who I got living next door to me?  The director of fucking Rosemary’s Baby, that’s who.  Polanski, the hottest director in town right now, probably the world.  He’s my next door neighbor.  I mean, shit.  I mean, who knows what could happen?  I could– I could be one pool party away f-from starring in a new Polanski movie.  Aw, yeah, yeah.  Sorry about all that.  Oh, come get them, fucker.  Come– all right, all right, Audie Murphy, relax.  There you go.  Nah, nah, nah.  I got a lot of lines to learn for tomorrow.  All right.  Seven-fifteen.  Out the door.” — Rick Dalton

“‘Rick Dalton rehearsal tape starting in five, four, three, two, one.  Pepe, get your behind behind that bar!  I got a guest.  Johnny says… Spanish, Spanish, Spanish.  How’s the beans?  I’ve had worse.  Johnny says… Spanish.  A toast.  To my wife and all my sweethearts.  May they never meet.  Senor Madrid, care to join me at my table where I entertain my guests?  I would be delighted, Monsieur Dakota.  Take the bottle with you.  And Pepe comes over.  Hey, where’s that chili pepper daughter of yours with the fiddle?  She’s asleep.  Well, wake her the heck up, and get her down here with her fiddle and her bow, and entertain my guests.  Si, senor, but please don’t hurt her this time, I beg you.  I ain’t gonna hurt her.  Just want her to play the fiddle. Fetch her and tell her I’ll give her little chili pepper heart out.  So, Johnny, what else you heard about me?  I heard you’re pushing Lancer pretty hard, but Lancer has money.  At some point, he’s gonna hire some guns and push back.'” — Rick Dalton

“Go ahead.  Hey.  Ahem.  I think the wind blew down my TV antenna last night, so while I piss-fart around with wardrobe, you mind going home and fixing it?  Yeah.  Ahem.  I’ve been meaning to tell you.  The guy who gaffs this, he’s best friends with Randy, the gaffer from The Green Hornet– –so there ain’t no point.  I don’t need you.  Not today.  Go home, fix my antenna, do whatever.  See you at wrap.  Hey, hey.  Hey, buddy, I’m Rick Dalton.  You know where I’m supposed to go?  Where’s the makeup trailer?” — Rick Dalton

“Oh, my God.  Hey, Sam.  Sorry about the wet hand.  Oh, well, thank you, Sam.  I– I appreciate it.  It’s a good part.  Uh, not yet, no.  No.  Mm.  Mm.  Well, it sounds exciting.  Mm.  Hi.  Howdy.  Mm.  Mm.  What about my hair?  Huh.  What?  You want me to look like a hippie?  Right.  Say, Sam– Sam.  Sam, uh… if you got me covered up in all this… this junk, uh, how’s the audience gonna know it’s me?  Mm.” — Rick Dalton

“Look, man, just put him in the wardrobe, all right?  What’s it gonna hurt?  Then if you need him, you got him.  Look, Randy, I’m asking you to help me out, man.  If the answer’s no, the answer’s no, not no with excuses.  Hey, and if your dudes were a better match for me, I’d say ‘okay, you got me,’ but-but that’s not the case, and you know it.  He’s a great match for me.  Throw him off a building right, right?  Light him on fire.  Hit him with a fucking Lincoln, right?  Get creative.  Do whatever you want.  He’s just happy for the opportunity.  Yeah?  What, is there some old beef between the two of you?  What?  What?  Come on, man.  You don’t believe that old shit, do you?  Yeah.  H-he’s a goddamn war hero.  Fuck.  Yeah, appreciate it.” — Rick Dalton

“Oh, no worries, honey.  I got my book.  Say, say, where’s the bad-guy saloon?  Thanks, honey.  Hello.  Hello.  Would– would it bother you if I sat next to you and read my book too?  I’ll try not to.  Sorry.  Sorry about that.  Ahem.  You don’t eat lunch?  Yeah?  Who are you?  Mar– Marabella what?  No, no, come on, come on.  What’s your real name.  I thought it was pronounced Caleb ‘Dakota.’  Decoteau.  Mm.  Decoteau.  Decoteau.  Hmm.  What are you reading?  What are you, 12?  Just a Western.  Pretty good.  I haven’t finished it yet.  Well… ahem, it’s about this guy who’s a bronco buster.  It’s the story of his life.  Guy’s name is Tom Breezy, but everyone always calls him Easy Breezy.  Now, when Easy Breezy was in his 20s and-and-and young and good-looking, he could– he could break any horse that you could throw at him.  Back then, he just had a way.  Now he’s into his, uh, late 30s and he takes a bad fall, and it messes up his hip.  He’s not– he’s not– he’s not crippled or anything like that, but– but he’s got spine problems he never had before, and he spends, uh… more of his days in pain than he ever did before.  Yeah, it’s not bad.  Mm.  About midway.  Uh, he’s, um… he… he’s not the best anymore.  In fact, far from it.  And… he’s coming to terms with what it’s like to be slightly more… use– slightly more useless each day.  About 15 years, you’ll be living it.  Nothing, pumpkin puss.  I’m just… I’m just teasing you.  You know something?  You… you might be right about this book.  I think it hits harder than I gave it credit for.” — Rick Dalton

Cliff Booth, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Columbia Pictures, Bona Film Group, Heyday Films, Brad Pitt

Cliff Booth


1 win: 2020

Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role

1 win: 2020

Male Actor in a Supporting Role

1 win: 2020

“What, carrying his load?  Yeah, that’s about right.  I try.” — Cliff Booth

“All right, what’s the matter, partner?  What are you talking about?  What did that guy tell you?  Oh.  Whoa.  Oh, shit.  Hey.  Here.  Put these on.  Don’t cry in front of the Mexicans.  Son of a bitch.  What’s got you so upset, man?  Right.  That guy in there turn you down?  Then what’s the problem?  Come on.  Thank you.  Hey, let’s go.” — Cliff Booth

“Look, I never had much of a career to speak of, so I can’t say I really know how you feel.  Rick, I’m your driver, man.  I’m-I’m your gofer.  I’m not complaining, man.  I like driving you around.  I like doing shit around the house and house-sitting in the Hollywood Hills when you’re gone.  But I haven’t been a full-time stuntman for a while now, and from where I’m standing, going to Rome to star in movies does not sound like the fate worse than death that you seem to think it is.  Yeah, how many you seen?  One?  Two?” — Cliff Booth

“Oh, hell, man, stay in L.A.  Give it what fer next pilot season.  Shit.  You made Bounty Law.  Ah.  Heh.  So you’re feeling better now.  Give me my glasses back.  You need me for anything else?  Shit.  All right.  All right.  I’m gonna get my carcass on home.  All right, 7:15 a.m.  Out the door.  In the car.  All right, see you then.” — Cliff Booth

“Hello, coming in.  Hello.  Hello, darling.  Hello.  Mm.  Mm.  Come here.  Hello, sweetheart.  Mm.  How was your day?  Hmm?  Wait till you see what I got for you.  Wait until you see what I got for you.  Look what I got for you.  Gonna blow your mind, man.  Come here.  Come here.  Ta, ta, ta.  Oh!  Was that a whine?  What did I tell you about whining?  You whine, you don’t eat.  I’ll throw this shit in the trash.  You understand?  All right.  Yeah.” — Cliff Booth

“Oh, here we are.  You can talk to him.  Just talk to him.  I can.  You talk to the stunt gaffer about me today?  That way I’ll know if I’m working this week or not.  If you don’t need me, I’ll pick you up at wrap.  Hey!  You’re Rick fucking Dalton.  Don’t you forget it.” — Cliff Booth

“Still here.  Yeah.  Just knock.  Appreciate the opportunity, Randy.  I won’t let you down.  Yeah.” — Cliff Booth

“Me?  My name’s Cliff.  I’m Rick Dalton’s stunt double.  Yeah.  That’s what they tell me.  Yeah, you kind of did.  Look, man, I don’t want any trouble.  I’m just here to do a job.  What I think is… you’re a little man with a big mouth and a big chip, and I think you should be embarrassed you’d be anything more than a stain on the seat of Cassius Clay’s trunks.  Anybody accidentally kills anybody in a fight, they go to jail.  It’s called manslaughter.  And I think all that ‘lethal weapon’ horseshit is just an excuse so you dancers never have to get in a real fight.  That’s a great idea, Kato.  Not bad, Kato.  Try that again.  You’re right, Janet.  I’m sorry about that.  Hey, Randy.  I think that dent in the car says something different.  I threw this little prick into it, but I did not know it was her car.  Fair enough.” — Cliff Booth

Sharon Tate, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Columbia Pictures, Bona Film Group, Heyday Films, Margot RobbieSharon Tate

“I missed you.  Oh, good boy.” — Sharon Tate

“I met him?  Why?  Well… don’t even joke.” — Sharon Tate

“It’s okay.  I think Steve’s gonna be there too.  Oh, look.  They’re here.  Oh, Cass!” — Sharon Tate

“Aw.  What’s the matter?  Are you afraid I’ll tell Jim Morrison you were dancing to Paul Revere and the Raiders?  Are they not cool enough for you?  Who is it, Jay?” — Sharon Tate

Marvin Schwarz, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Columbia Pictures, Bona Film Group, Heyday Films, Al PacinoMarvin Schwarz

“Gina, Gina, Gina.  The face in the misty light.  Hello, Gina.  I, uh… I have a meeting with a very handsome cowboy man.  Ah.  Well… since I just finished watching a Rick Dalton fucking film festival.  I think I know who you are.  Put it there.  Schwarz, not Schwartz.  Call me Marvin.  Rick?  Oh, is that your son?  Good to meet you.  Yeah?  Well, sounds like a good friend.  Mm.  I wanna send you greetings from my wife, Mary Alice Schwarz.  We had a Rick Dalton double feature in our screening room last night.  Thirty five mm prints of Tanner and The Fourteen Fists of McCluskey.  Oh, no.  ‘Painful.’  Stop.  What are you saying?  Mary Alice loves Westerns.  Our whole courtship, we watched Westerns.  Here you go.  And we thoroughly enjoyed Tanner.  It’s really good.  And anyway, she goes to bed.  I open up a box of Havanas.  I light up, I pour myself a cognac and I watch… The Fourteen Fists of McCluskey.  What a picture.  That is so much fun.  All the shooting.  I love that stuff.  You know, the killing.  Lot of killing, yeah.  That’s you operating the flamethrower, isn’t it?  So I came to the office early today, and I watched two episodes of Bounty Law on 16 mm.  Then a couple of the jokers over in archival sent over a kinescope of a little treat featuring you.  So, uh, you’ve been doing guest shots on episodic TV shows the last couple of years?  You, um… you always play the bad guy on these shows?  So, and they have a fight scene at the end of them?  Yeah.  And you lose in the fight?  Oh, that’s an old trick pulled by the networks.  Now, you take Bingo Martin, for example.  So you got a new guy like Scott Brown.  You wanna build his bona fides, right?  So you hire a guy from a cancelled show to play the heavy.  Then at the end of the show, when they fight, it’s hero besting heavy.  But what the audience sees is Bingo Martin whipping Jake Cahill’s ass.  You see?  Then next week, it’s Ron Ely.  And next week, it’s Bob Conrad, wearing his tight pants, kicking your ass.  Now, in another couple of years, playing punching bag to every swinging dick new to the network, that’s gonna have a psychological effect, on how the audience perceives you.  So, Rick, who’s gonna kick the shit out of you next week?  Mannix?  The Man from U.N.C.L.E.?  The Girl from U.N.C.L.E?  How about Batman and Robin?  Ping.  Pow.  Choom.  Zoom.  Down goes you.  Down goes your career as a leading man.  Or do you go to Rome and star in Westerns and win fucking fights?” — Marvin Schwarz

Roman Polanski, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Columbia Pictures, Bona Film Group, Heyday Films, Rafal ZawieruchaRoman Polanski

“Tom.  My friend.  No, you haven’t met him.  You won’t meet him because I don’t think you’d like him.  A joke?  But they’re scared.” — Roman Polanski

“Oops, sorry.  I’ll open the door for you.  You look good.  Oh, yeah.” — Roman Polanski

“Argh.  Fuck you, Dr. Sapirstein.” — Roman Polanski

Randy Miller, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Columbia Pictures, Bona Film Group, Heyday Films, Kurt RusselRandy Miller

“Cliff.  So you’re still with Rick, huh?  But then I gotta have a conversation with that wardrobe assistant, and, man, she’s a fucking bitch.  I just don’t– please, I– hey, man.  This ain’t a fucking Andy McLaglen picture, you know?  I can’t afford to hire a bunch of guys to smoke cigarettes and sit around talking to each other all day on the chance that I might use them.  I got a four-man team here, Rick.  If I need more than that, I gotta get it approved.  And, you know, I gotta look after my dudes.  Yeah, no… Rick.  I don’t dig him.  And I don’t dig the vibe he brings on a set.  Oh, come on, man.  The dude killed his fucking wife.  Yes, Rick, I do.  And I work with my wife, and she believes it.  She doesn’t want his creepy ass around.  Okay, you horse’s ass.  Let’s get you over to wardrobe.  Now, I’ll put you in wardrobe, but you don’t stunt, I don’t pay you.  you know my wife Janet, don’t you?  Steer clear of her.” — Randy Miller

“Hey.  What’s up, babe?  What?  Cliff.  What the fuck, man.  What the fuck did you do to her car?  Janet.  I will handle this.  Cliff… get the wardrobe off, get your shit, and get off the lot.” — Randy Miller

Bruce Lee, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Columbia Pictures, Bona Film Group, Heyday Films, Mike MohBruce Lee

“Now, I admire Cassius Clay, I do.  What I admire is, in his sport, there’s an element of true combat.  When Cassius Clay meets Sonny Liston in the ring, that’s not two athletes posturing.  That’s combat.  Two men trying to kill each other right now.  If you don’t beat him… he kills you.  That’s beyond athletics.  That’s beyond Wide World of Sports, you know?  That’s two warriors engaged in combat.  That’s what I admire.  In martial arts tournaments, they won’t let you fight like that.  It’s very frustrating.  You stand in front of a guy, and you just wanna let him have it.  Ha!  But you can’t.  So you gotta do this playacting, patty-cake version.  Cassius Clay.  Sonny Liston.  Joe Louis.  The colored boxer, not that white kickboxing asshole.  They do what they need to do to win.  They unleash as much punishment as they have to to defeat the other guy.  But in martial arts tournaments, I do to win what they do to win.  I unleash all my power.  I kill people.  Well, that would never happen.  I’d make him a cripple.  Hey, you.  What’s your name?  Yeah, you.  Stuntman?  You know, you’re kind of pretty for a stuntman.  So did I say something funny, stuntman?  What’s so funny?  But you’re laughing at what I’m saying.  But I’m not saying anything funny.  So, what do you think is so funny?  Brother, you’re the one with the big mouth.  And I would really enjoy closing it, especially in front of all my friends.  But my hands are registered as lethal weapons.  That means, we get into a fight, I accidentally kill you, I go to jail.  Okay.  How about a friendly contest?  No punching in the face.  Two out of three.  Who puts who on the ground first?  Nobody tries to hurt anybody, just who ends up on their butt?  That guy?  For what?  That guy?  Let me just say, nobody beat the shit out of Bruce.  It was a friendly contest.  He barely touched me.” — Bruce Lee

Stunt Worker

“If you fought Cassius Clay, who would win?  But if you did, what do you think would happen?”

Back Lot Crew Member

“You know, Bruce, that guy’s kind of famous.  Killed his wife and got away with it.  That guy.”

Janet Miller, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Columbia Pictures, Bona Film Group, Heyday Films, Zoë BellJanet Miller

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.  What the fuck is going on here?  Hey, jackass, this is our series lead.  What the fuck are you thinking?  Don’t fucking ‘Janet’ me, you prick.  What’s up, Randy, is that your loser asshole, wife-killing buddy boy here was beating the shit out of Bruce.  Oh, my God!  What the fuck did you do to my car?!  Get the wardrobe off, get your shit, and get fucked!  What?  Then fucking handle it, Randy.”

Jay Sebring

“Who’s this shaggy asshole?  Hello?  Can I help you?  Well, Terry and Candy don’t live here anymore.  This is the Polanski residence now.  I’m not sure, but the owner of the property, Paul, might.  He’s in the guest house.  It’s okay, honey.  It’s a friend of Terry’s.  Yeah, just take the back path.”


“Oh, yeah.  Hey, man.  I’m looking for Terry.  I’m a friend of Terry’s and Dennis Wilson’s.  Really?  He moved?  Dang.  Uh, you know–?  You know where?  Thank you kindly.  Ma’am.”

Mary Alice Schwarz



“Hello, Mr. Schwarz.  He’s waiting for you in the bar.”

Trudi Fraser, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Columbia Pictures, Bona Film Group, Heyday Films, Julia Butters

Trudi Fraser

“Hello.  I don’t know.  Would you bother me?  Sit.  Ah.  I’ve got a scene after lunch.  Eating lunch before a scene makes me sluggish.  I believe it’s the job of an actor– and I say ‘actor,’ not ‘actress,’ because the word ‘actress is nonsensical.  It’s the actor’s job to avoid impediments to their performance.  It’s the actor’s job to strive for 100 percent effectiveness.  Naturally, we never succeed, but it’s the pursuit… that’s meaningful.  You can call me Marabella.  Marabella Lancer.  When we’re on set, I’d prefer to only be referred to by my character’s name.  It helps me invest in the reality of the story.  I’ve tried it both ways, and I’m always just a tiny bit better when I don’t break character.  And if I can be a tiny bit better, I want to be.  You’re the bad guy, Caleb DeCoteau.  I’m pretty sure it’s ‘Decoteau.’  It’s a biography on Walt Disney.  It’s fascinating.  He’s a genius, you know.  I mean, a once-in-every-50-or-100-years kind of genius.  I’m 8.  What are you reading?  What does that mean?  Is it good?  What’s the story?  I didn’t ask for the whole story.  What’s the idea of the story.  Jeepers, this sounds like a good novel.  Where are you in it?  What’s happening to Easy Breezy now?  I-it’s okay, Caleb.  It sounds like a really sad book.  Poor Easy Breezy.  I’m practically crying, and I haven’t even read it.  What?  I don’t like names like ‘pumpkin puss,’ but since you’re upset, we’ll talk about that some other time.”

Billie Booth, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Columbia Pictures, Bona Film Group, Heyday Films, Rebecca GayheartBillie Booth

“You know, this is probably the shittiest weather ever.  The shittiest weather on the shittiest boat with the shittiest person.  Natalie, my sister, said ‘he’s a loser.  He’s a loser.’  They all said it, ‘he’s a fucking loser,’ and I didn’t believe them.  So I guess I’m the fucking idiot.  And now you’re not gonna talk to me?  What, you don’t feel like fighting?  Well, I feel like fucking fighting because I’ve been up here by myself for four hours on this fucking shithole of a boat.”


“That’s a big fucking lie.  Rick got his driver’s license taken away for too many drunk-driving tickets.  Cliff drives him everywhere.”

Bounty Law Announcer

“This man is worth $500, and this man’s going to collect.  He’s Jake Cahill.  And he lives by… Bounty Law.  Whether you’re dead or alive, you’re just a dollar sign to Jake Cahill in Bounty Law.  Thursdays at 8:30, only on NBC.”

“Bounty Law.  Starring Rick Dalton.”

Allen Kincade

“This is Allen Kincade on the set of the exciting hit NBC and Screen Gems television series Bounty Law.  Now, if you think you’re seeing double, don’t adjust your television sets because, well, in a way, you are.  To my right is Bounty Law series lead and Jake Cahill himself, Rick Dalton.  And to my left is Rick’s stunt double, Cliff Booth.  Welcome and thanks for taking the time to visit with us.  So, Rick, explain to the audience exactly what a stunt double does.  Is that how you’d describe your job, Cliff?  Join me next week on the set of The Dick Van Dyke Show, where I’ll be talking to comical cutups, Morey Amsterdam and Rose Marie.  Till then, this is Allen Kincade signing off from Hollywood.”

Bounty Law Sheriff

“You don’t ever bring them in alive, do you, Jake?”

Bounty Law Thug

“What are you looking at, bounty killer?”

Sheriff Hacket, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Columbia Pictures, Bona Film Group, Heyday Films, Michael MadsenSheriff Hacket

“And you brought him here to collect.  So, bounty killer, the name of this town is Janicetown.  And that boy you killed… was Jody Janice.  He was the baby boy of Major Nathin Maxwell Janice.  Well, I’ll be sure and introduce you when he gets here.”

Airport Patron 1

“The black one and the flowers.  And there’s the small one.”

Airport Employee

“Flowers, Ava, flowers.  Can I see your tickets?”

Axis Officer

“Now, gentlemen, the plan is, we reverse our forces and drive the Allies back into the sea.”

Axis Officer 1


Axis Officer 2

“Panzer divisions come in, and we drive them here to the ocean.  They’ll be up against the wall.  They will have nowhere to go.”

Axis Officer 3

“Yes.  This is the spot…”

Axis Officer 4

“Hermann!  Open the curtains!”

Stunt Professional

“Rick, it’s a flamethrower.”


“Ticket, senor?”

News Reporter

“…at the Hall of Justice here.  The defense will try to prove the killing of Kennedy was the product of a sick mind. …as early as next Wednesday.  More than 1000 Communists dead are reported in new, large-scale fighting in South Vietnam.  U.S. losses are said to be… …and bases with rockets and mortar fire.  As President Nixon was flying to Europe, he received details of that fighting by radio.”

Street Woman

“That’s swell, man.”

Hippie Group

“♪ Always is always forever ♪ As long as one is one ♪ Inside yourself For your father ♪ All is one, all is one All is one ♪ It’s time we put Our love behind you ♪ The illusion Has been just a dream ♪ The Valley of Death And I’ll find you ♪ Now is when On a sunshine beam ♪ It’s time we put Our love behind you ♪  For sure They shall surely see ♪ No clothing, no tears No Hunger ♪  You shall see, you shall see You shall see ♪ Always is always forever ♪ As long as one is one ♪ Inside yourself For your father ♪  All is one, all is one All is one ♪”


“Hot dog buns!”

Peggy (on TV)

“I waited at the bar till closing time, but he never came back.  I don’t know.  Everything was fine.  We had dinner at my house.  And afterwards, you know, while I was doing the dishes, tsk, tsk.  He and Tobey played.  And then, at the club, Gabe was doing great.  Then, wham, a sudden change.”

Man on TV

“Okay, Peggy, what happened?  You know how musicians are.  They’re temperamental cats.  Who knows what got into him?”

Playboy Mansion Valet

“Welcome to the Playboy Mansion, Mr. Polanski.”

Steve McQueen, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Columbia Pictures, Bona Film Group, Heyday Films, Damian LewisSteve McQueen

“Hey, how are you doing, baby?  I’m gonna tell you a story.  She was engaged to him.  Then she flew to the UK… to make a film with him, and broke off her engagement with him and married him.  Then they moved to Los Angeles, and the three of them have been inseparable.  Jay loves Sharon, that’s what’s up.  And he knows… as sure as God made little green apples… that one of these days, that Polish prick’s gonna fuck things up, and when he does, Jay’s gonna be there.  Yeah?  What’s that?  Yeah.  I never stood a chance.”

Connie Stevens, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Columbia Pictures, Bona Film Group, Heyday Films, Dreama WalkerConnie Stevens

“Really?  What’s up?  Mm.  Well, one thing’s for sure.  Sharon absolutely has a type.  Cute, short, talented guys who look like 12-year-old boys.”

Michelle Phillips

“Hey!  Heh.  How are you?”

Set Worker

“Tell transpo!  Gonna need to move all that out!”

Set Worker 2

“Just a sec.  Hold on, guys.  Get that set in place.”

Back Lot Crew Member

“They’re waiting for you in the makeup trailer.  Straight back the way you came, hard right.”

Make Up Artist Sonya

“All right, that’s an hour!  Hey, Rick!  I know they just broke for lunch, but you need to wait at least an hour before you can eat.  Give that glue a chance to dry.  You just go straight through the Western town, take a right and a left, and you see it right there.”

Sam Wanamaker, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Columbia Pictures, Bona Film Group, Heyday Films, Nicholas HammondSam Wanamaker

“Rick Dalton.  Sam Wanamaker.  Oh, don’t worry.  I’m used to it with Yul.  I want you to know, I’m the one who cast you.  And I couldn’t be more delighted you’re doing this.  Yeah, it is.  Have you met Jim Stacy, the series lead?  Well, you guys are going to be dynamite together.  Yeah, lightning in a bottle.  Mm.  Now, you met Sonya, makeup and hair?  And this is Rebekka, who does costumes.  I want a whole new look for Caleb.  I don’t want this Western costumed the way they costumed The Big Valley Bonanza for the last decade.  I want a zeitgeist flair to the costumes.  I mean, nothing anachronistic, but where does 1869 and 1969 meet?  Especially when it comes to you, Caleb.  First off, I want to give him a mustache.  A big, droopy, Zapata-like mustache.  Now, about his mustache.  I want to give him a hippie jacket.  Something he could wear into the London Fog tonight and look like the hippest guy in the room.  That’s my girl.  Heh.  Now, Rick, about your hair.  I want to go with a different hairstyle.  Something more hippie-ish.  Well, think less hippie, more… Hells Angel!  Get me the– I hope they don’t.  I don’t want them to see Jake Cahill.  I want them to see Caleb.  I hired you to be an actor, Rick.  Not a TV cowboy.  You’re better than that.”


“Hello.  Hi.  Far out.  We got a Custer jacket.  Fringes all down the arm.  It’s tan now, but I dye it dark brown, he could hit the Strip in it tonight.”

Business Bob Gilbert, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Columbia Pictures, Bona Film Group, Heyday Films, Scoot McNairy

Business Bob Gilbert

James Stacy, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Columbia Pictures, Bona Film Group, Heyday Films, Timothy Olyphant

James Stacy

Wayne Maunder, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Columbia Pictures, Bona Film Group, Heyday Films, Luke Perry

Wayne Maunder

Squeaky Fromme, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Columbia Pictures, Bona Film Group, Heyday Films, Dakota Fanning

Squeaky Fromme

Pussycat, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Columbia Pictures, Bona Film Group, Heyday Films, Margaret Qualley


Flowerchild, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Columbia Pictures, Bona Film Group, Heyday Films, Maya Hawke


Quote1When I asked Quentin how he wanted us to play two aging movie guys who were on their way out, he said ‘Just be yourselves.’Quote2

Brad Pitt

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