Army of the Dead, Netflix, The Stone Quarry

Zombie Apocalypse

Netflix original film Army of the Dead dropped Friday May 21, 2021.

#ArmyoftheDead garnered 72m views.

rottentomatoes: 70%

metacritic: 57

imdb: 5.9

Scott Ward, Army of the Dead, Netflix, The Stone Quarry, Dave Bautista

Scott Ward

Scott Ward and his compatriots try to knock $200m off a zombie-infested casino outside of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Scott Ward, Army of the Dead, Netflix, The Stone Quarry, Dave Bautista

“Hey. You’re Bly Tanaka, right? You want to see me? Working at a burger joint. Mr. Tanaka, I am well aware of my situation. Un-spendable.” — Scott Ward

“Mr. Tanaka, I’m in a tough spot. I don’t like you very much. So I hate giving you the satisfaction of taking the job, but…” — Scott Ward

“So you think it’s a bad idea? You’re out? You’re in? But you’re intrigued. I mean, think about it. Everything we did, all those people we saved, look what it got us. But what if.. what if just once, we did something just for us? Yeah, we’ll probably die. Some of us at least. Fifty million. Figured you, me and Vanderohe will take 15 million each, assuming he’ll do it. Everybody else who isn’t family… now you’re getting it.” — Scott Ward

“So where’s your head at? Peters! What’s up? How’s the job? Well– well, if it pans out, you make two million dollars for one day’s work. But–you sure you don’t want to know? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Thanks. Nice seeing you, bud. Nope. Still weird as ever.” — Scott Ward

“Mikey Guzman. Name rings a bell. Kid’s crazy. Mikey Guzman. What would you say about making 500 grand? I love him.” — Scott Ward

“What are we doing here? How would you like to make 250 grand for one day’s work? Can you crack it? Yeah. Okay. Scott Ward. Scott Ward. Okay. Welcome to the team. No, we need the kid to open the safe. We lose him, we got nothing. Mr. Tanaka, team’s all here.” — Scott Ward

“Oh, Jesus. Is there anybody else here who hasn’t killed a zombie? Well, we all know the basics. Zombies, shamblers, when it comes to killing them, it’s all about the brain. One comes at you, shoot it in the brain. It’s that simple. Any questions? Yeah. Yeah, that, uh… that also would still be targeting the brain, so that would work. Sorry, Mr. Tanaka, please continue. Amateurs. All right, team, grab your load-out bags. See you at 6:00 a.m. sharp. You’re insane. You know that, right? But if it’s a choice between dying on the Strip and spending another day flipping patties at the Lucky Boy, I’ll gamble on a few million. Yeah.” — Scott Ward

“Hey. Kate. I need to talk to you. Wait. Whoa! Just hear me out. Hear me out. I have an opportunity, and I need your help. Look. I know this is gonna sound crazy. But do one thing for me. Do this one thing, and I can give you $15 million. Fifteen… if you do this one thing for me, I will. I know this is not gonna make up for what I did… …or what type of father I was. With $15 million, you can help these people. You can go back to school, do whatever you want. Whatever you do with this money, I know this will be the right thing.” — Scott Ward

“Here comes our ride. Yeah. What? It’s not, all right? Trust me. She’s a volunteer at the camp. She’s got connections. She’s just giving us a ride into the quarantine zone. You really think I’d take her inside the city? Dieter, try not to piss Van off. Hey. What the hell’s going on? The hell are you doing? No, you’re not. We’re not having this conversation. You’re not coming. Well, tell us what she looks like. We’ll look out for her. Kate! You’re not coming! Come here. Listen to me. As someone who’s seen what this looks like, this is not the path you wanna go down. I’m not gonna let you try. You’re gonna stay put. We’ll look for your friend. I’ll see you when you get out. Okay? Kate. If we see your friend, great. But you are not to run off looking for her. This is life or death. And if you screw around, some of these people are gonna die. You understand that? And they’ve got families, too. So you are never, ever to leave my sight. Those are my terms. Are we clear? Guys, this is Kate, newest member of the team.” — Scott Ward

Kate Ward, Army of the Dead, Netflix, The Stone Quarry, Ella Purnell

Kate Ward

“Hey, guys. Hi. I can’t breathe. You guys excited for for the big move? What do you mean? What could happen? Geeta, that is not an option. Geeta, people that go in there, they don’t always come back. Hey, wait, wait, wait, Geeta come on. Well… what, you don’t have anything better to do? Okay. No, I didn’t say anything. I… I’m fine. I’m fine. I’m… I feel fine. I know, I’m… I just… he… look, it doesn’t matter. I’m sorry. I just… I need you to promise me that you’re not gonna do anything stupid. Geeta, it’s… it’s not worth the risk. Thanks.”

“Mom! What are you doing here? No. No! For you? Fifteen million? You don’t have $15 million. Yeah. What one thing?”

“Criminals, meet your coyote. All right, I’ll leave you guys to it. Try not to get nuked or murdered by the undead. Hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. What’s wrong? What did you do? Stop! Get off me! Stop! You took her in. You took in Geeta. She didn’t come back. She has two kids! Did you see her die? I’m coming with you. Yes, I am. There are two kids whose mother is lost in there. Two kids that I help look out for. You think I trust you to do that? I’m not asking you! I’m telling you what’s gonna happen. No. No, not okay. You listen. I’m going in either way. I can go in with you, and you can keep me safe. Or– or… I’ll just sneak in after you, and I’ll probably die. The choice is yours. What’s it gonna be, dad? Yeah. We’re clear.”

Bly Tanaka, Army of the Dead, Netflix, The Stone Quarry, Hiroyuki Sanada

Bly Tanaka

“Excuse me. May I talk to that gentleman, please? Mr. Ward. It’s not every man who saves the secretary of defense from a horde of flesh-eating monsters, earns the Medal of Freedom, only to end up… here’s the thing. There’s $200 million in the basement vault beneath the Strip. Two hundred million the insurance company already reimbursed me for, un-taxable, untraceable. That’s where you come in. With 96 hours left, the government has already moved more than half of its military presence out of the quarantine zone, which makes it vulnerable. I want you to put together a team and get it out. In exchange, 50 million is yours to divvy up amongst whomever you take in with you. Intrigued? Don’t give me an answer. Think on it for the night. We’ll talk soon, Mr. Ward.”

“Yes? You’d best gather your team. You’ll need a helicopter pilot and safecracker. I’m gonna text you an address. Be there at 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. He’s in.”

“Let’s go, guys. Bring it in. Lovely to have you all gathered here today. Meet your target. The Vegas Bly. You can’t fly into Vegas. It’s restricted airspace. But you can fly out. There is an abandoned rescue helicopter on top of the north tower, Sodom. If you coordinate and communicate, this should be a simple in-and-out. You will enter the city with a 32-hour window. Whatever zombies are still walking should be no problem for a gang of tough hombres such as yourselves. From there, you move down the Strip. You’ll reach the casino in less than two hours. You go in and find the generator. The safe, beneath the south tower, Gomorrah… is at the end of a hallway. There, you’ll find several nonlethal deterrents. You’ll have to find a way to trigger them. Meanwhile, our fearless pilot-slash-mechanic fuels the helicopter. Back at the main door, our safecracker gets to work. Like a surgeon or a painter, his masterpiece rendered in barely audible clicks. Finally, she succumbs to the sheer dominance of his gentle touch. Then, all you have to do is load the money on the helicopter and fly off into the sunset. All this… …a full day before the nuke ever leaves the launchpad. Easy peasy Japanese-y. Yeah, but I’m– as you wish. Easy Peasy lemon squeezy. Take a look. Oh. Okay. Good job. Good job. How’re you feeling? Have you given any thought to how you’ll get in?”

Maria Cruz, Army of the Dead, Netflix, The Stone Quarry, Ana de la Reguera

Maria Cruz

“Don’t worry, I’ll fix it. Don’t worry about it. Careful, I’m all greasy. Sharkey, give her the white loaner. Say hi to the kids. Fuck. Hey! Come on, Scotty. It’s not matter of ‘think.’ It’s a matter of ‘is,’ and it is a bad goddamn idea. I didn’t say that. I didn’t say that either. That much I’m guessing your ass knew before you even walked in. We could die. Hmm. Fifty million dollars. What’s the split? Even however many ways? Nobody needs to know our cut. Who else is on your crazy-ass list?”

“We are putting together a crew for a job. You don’t want to know the risks or– she hasn’t changed, has she? Come on. This next one’s on me.”

“Mikey Guzman. Mm-hmm. Check this out. There are Reddit forums devoted to this guy. Qué onda, güero?”

“You told me you needed a safecracker. Might be your missing piece. Mmm. Yeah. Oh, good. You want some water? You’re kidding. What is this? I swear to God, if this whole mission is some insane way for you to reconnect with your daughter–“

“Does coyote girl have a name?”

Vanderohe, Army of the Dead, Netflix, The Stone Quarry, Omari Hardwick


“So I see you had a visitor. Talk to me. How’d it go? I’m sure that she appreciates you, even if you don’t realize it. I mean it. And if she doesn’t… …screw her. That’s, uh, some heavy shit. You know, when we were in it, like, when we were really in it, I never thought about the faces of all the countless monsters but now just realized, you know, were people. But now their faces, that’s all I see. I don’t know if being back in would be better or worse. God, I can’t figure that out, but I guess there is a chance that it could be… cathartic. There it is.”

“Scott, you want to tell me what’s up with the kid? Look at him. No offense, but he doesn’t look like zombie killer material. Are you kidding me? Roger that, Cap. Hey, don’t point a gun at me.”

“Here. Yes, Dieter. If I give you something bigger than that, you’re already dead. Auf Wiedersehen, dead. Give me a fucking break. Really?”

Marianne Peters, Army of the Dead, Netflix, The Stone Quarry, Tig Notaro

Marianne Peters

“Would you look at that. They should have nuked Vegas in the early ’90s, but… this is great. Holy shit. What the hell brings you here? Sucks ass. What’re you guys doing here? Yeah, what does it pay? Two million dollars? That’s my share. Just for me? Two million dollars if it pans out? Hundred percent. I’m in. Yeah. Why would I want to know the risks? Two million dollars? That’s a lot of cash. Listen, I hate my life so deeply, if I had two million dollars, my life would change drastically. Yeah. Thank you. Yes. Uh… I bet it has something to do with a helicopter. I’m the helicopter guy. Yeah. Where do I sign? I’m in.”

“I think it’s fine if he’s Japanese-y. How’s it going?”

Mikey Guzman, Army of the Dead, Netflix, The Stone Quarry, Raúl Castillo

Mikey Guzman

“Come on. Shit. that’s it, baby. That’s what I’m fuckin’ talking about! this is your boy, Mikey Guzman, taping live from East Las Vegas. We got a group of… I counted at least five, but let me double-check. Hold on. Seven. We got seven shamblers. Boom, motherfucker! Double headshot. Shit! Swagger, baby! Swagger, man. Hell, yeah. That’s how it’s done. Thank you very much. @GuzmanOfTheDead420. Make sure to like and subscribe. Yo, that motherfucker has a Rolex. That’s ten grand at least.”

“Hey! Yo, what’s up? I’d say, ‘who the hell do I gotta kill?'”

“Scott, this is Damon. That’s Chambers. They’re with me. They’ll be on my dime. Yeah, bro, what’s going on? I thought you were cool with it. You were always talking about how, if you saw a zombie, you’d fuck his shit up. What? Jesus Christ. Hey, Damon. Wait, man.”

Dieter, Army of the Dead, Netflix, The Stone Quarry, Matthias Schweighöfer


“Oh, my God. Can I crack it? Can I crack it? This is like showing me a picture of Botticelli’s Madonna of the Magnificat and asking me if I want to fuck her. Okay, the man who designed this wonderful work of art, Hans Wagner, he named it Der Gotterdammerung for the final chapter in his namesake, Richard Wagner’s epic opera, Der Ring des Nibelungen. Can it be opened and by me? I don’t know. I honestly don’t. Watch your fingers, Mr. Big Hand. But of the world’s living locksmiths, do I represent your greatest chance of opening it? I can, with humility, say yes. It’s a doorway to another realm, my friends, and providence has brought you to me. We go through it together. By the way, what’s your name? Sorry? Dieter, Scott Ward.”

“Hi, my name is Dieter, and I’m going to open what cannot be opened.”

“Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! My apologies. How precisely do we do the zombie killing? Brain. Yes. What if I took a big rock and smashed it into the head? Would… would that work? Copy that. Sorry, sir. We’re not allowed to say that anymore. It’s ‘lemon squeezy’ now. 0600?

“Okay, I get it. I understand. I understand what a beautiful little machine. Sorry. Sorry. Whoo!”

“Um… question. You don’t think I need something bigger? Dead? Um, this belongs to where? Thank you, sir. Hey. Hello.”

Lilly, Army of the Dead, Netflix, The Stone Quarry, Nora Arnezeder


“Lilly, but ‘coyote’ sounds cool. You can just call me that if you want. What do you mean? Yeah. I took her in. Her and two others. I take a lot of people in. They need that money to get out of here. You know that. Well, not everyone does. They know the risks. She didn’t tell me that. Listen, if I knew she had kids, I wouldn’t have taken her. No. They went ahead. I… I hung back. They never came out. I’m sorry. I waited, Kate, as long as I could, but at the end of the day–“


“How’s it going? Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Hold on. This is the real plan? It’s zombies? That was bullshit, man. Fuck this. I’m out. This is crazy. You all are gonna die. Sorry, brother.”


“Don’t talk to me. I don’t trust these people, especially you. You stay the hell away from me.”

Vanderohe client

“Well, first time she’s come to visit me in six months. We can’t make small talk for more than 35 minutes without it turning into a fight. Still, she seems happy. That’s what matters, I suppose. Mmm.”

Cruz coworker

“I hate to ask, but… I have to take the kids to school, and if I can’t get to my job– thank you, Maria. Okay. Bye.”


“In good faith.”

“Now, hold up, hold up. My name’s Martin. I’m Mr. Tanaka’s head of security. Anything you need, you talk to me. I can access any hardware you might want. I’ll also be accompanying you on this job because of my extensive knowledge of the casino. Any questions? Good. See you at 0600.”

“Hey, how you doing? I don’t think we’ve officially met. My name’s Martin. Oh. Yes, ma’am. Ooh.”


“Kate, let the kids finish packing. Go on. Come on. Kate, I need you to promise me something. In case anything happens to me in the next few days, just make sure the kids make it out to Barstow. Okay? You know her, don’t you? Kate, she helps people get in, crack a slot machine, slip back out. Before anyone even knows, you’re gone. That money is our ticket out of here, or we’ll be trapped in Barstow forever. Listen, these guards, they don’t give a shit. But for five grand, I can buy my way out, me and my kids. I have to get the kids out by Friday, and I will do whatever it takes to protect my family. Just forget it. Just let it go, okay? Kate… she didn’t say anything. Kate. Don’t. Asshole. What were you thinking? Do you know how easy it would be for him to make you disappear. All he has to say is that you dropped a degree, and nobody would question it, nobody. You know? No, you’re right. I won’t. I promise. Okay?”

“Hey. Please! Hey. Hey. You’re the coyote, right? Take us in. Please. Please.”


“Hey. Everything okay here, ladies? The fuck did you say to me, volunteer? Is that right, volunteer? Shut the fuck up! Shut the fuck up! What? Were you saying something to me? You know, the first sign of infection is belligerence and actions outside of social norms. Look at me and hold still. Clear. Your turn. If you want, I could use my rectal thermometer. Oh. You’re down a couple of decimal points. You sure you’re feeling all right? You sure you’re not infected? Well, you’re both within the margin of error, but watch it. You better be on that bus, volunteer.”

Area 51 Dispatch

“Gatekeeper, this is Mothership. The Four Horsemen are on the gallop. You are a go to open the stable door. I repeat, open the stable door. The payload is secure, and the Horsemen are en route.”

“Copy. Go ahead, Horsemen. Copy, Horsemen. What is the nature of your emergency? Copy that, Horsemen. Dispatching medevac now. Keep your comms open while I contact the medevac. Horsemen, what is the condition of the payload? Stand by, Horsemen. All right, listen carefully. Gather whoever can walk or move and get away from the payload immediately. Shut the fuck up and listen to me. Get your men out of there, Horsemen. If they can’t move, leave them. You understand? Get away from that location now! Do you copy?”


“Make sure I look cute. Get in here. Vegas! We did it! Get out of here! I’m a wife, bitches! I got you a little present for making an honest woman out of me. You are in trouble now, mister.”


“Whoo! Vegas, baby. Go, baby. Yeah. Yeah. I think it went. Go, baby. Let’s go. Let’s go. Whoo! Yeah! Love, love, love… what are you doing? Get in here. I feel it! Okay. What? Wait, what are you talking about? Oh. Oh, yeah. Okay. Oh, wow. Oh, my God!”

Soldier 1

“Any idea what the hell we’re hauling? Why we need all this firepower to protect it? Right. Or like, uh… …Bigfoot. So, the less you know, the better. All right, I’ve got one. How about the lunar lander that was supposedly left on the moon? So you’re saying there’s a chance. Chance we’re hauling a… well, you know. The Holy Grail. Not the ‘Grail’ Grail but the Holy Grail of things we shouldn’t be hauling. You’re gonna make me say it out loud? Area 51. Secret hangar. Autopsy. All right, I’ll say it. It’s an alien. Look out!”

“We need to go back. They need our help! Wait, wait, wait! Wait! We’re far enough away now. It’s okay. All right, all right. What was that? Holy shit. Are you kidding me?”

Soldier 2

“Could be anything from a briefcase nuke to the original copy of the Constitution but the one written in the Founding Father’s blood. I was thinking more like headpiece of the Staff of Ra or, uh, Amelia Earheart but alive. True. Yeah, I like the thematic extraterrestrial reference, seeing as we’re just coming from, uh… well, you know. Chance of what? Yeah, could be the Grail. I honestly don’t… I mean, you’re being cryptic.”

“Let’s get this thing out! Mothership, this is the Four Horsemen. Do you copy? We’re in an emergency situation, Mothership. Requesting support. We’ve been in a serious accident, Mothership. We got numerous fatalities for sure. We need a medevac ASAP. The payload. Uh… yeah, payload is compromised. Looks like it’s busted open in the middle of the highway. Wait, what are you telling me to do? Yeah, yeah, I copy. Hey! Hey! Leave it. They said to stay away from it. They said stay…”

“Hey, we gotta go. You heard what they said. We need to move now! No. There is no ‘they.’ You understand? Everyone’s fucked. Come on. No, no, no. We can’t stop. We got to keep moving. It is so not okay. It’s hunting us. It’s getting further away. Let’s go. That really scared me.”

Soldier 3

“Blackwing’s hurt. Come on, guys. Hustle up. Hurry up! Never mind. They’re dead in there. Let’s get to this one. Come on. What? What?”

Soldier 4

“Get this one. Hustle, hustle.”

Soldier 5

“Multiple DOAs, sir.”

Soldier 6

“Guys, get to the payload two!”

Soldier 7

“Copy that!”


“Are ya ready, boys? A one, two, three, four…”


“Thousands of protestors marched on the Capitol this morning in response to yesterday’s historic Congressional vote that narrowly ratified the controversial proposal to wipe out the last remains of the so-called Zombie Wars, which drew to a dramatic end with the US military suffering massive casualties and being forced to retreat as Vegas was walled off with the zombies left inside to haunt the abandoned city. This will mark the culmination of the president’s efforts to fulfill his campaign promise to exterminate Vegas’ undead population by taking extreme action of dropping a low-yield tactical nuclear bomb on the city of Las Vegas in four days’ time, coinciding with sunset on the Fourth of July holiday. The executive order has prompted the full evacuation of the McCarran quarantine camp, which has long been the target of civil rights groups who have argued that no evidence of infection has been detected in the camp.”

Lucky boy Burgers

“Hey, Scott, you got a visitor.”

Reporter 2

“You should just be happy that this is essentially a government-funded health care solution that will put an end to all of this. We’ve tested thousands of nukes in the Nevada desert. This is no different.”


“Come on, Sean. You know they’re not infected. If they were, they would be zombies already. They’re political prisoners, just people the government doesn’t want on the streets. You know as well as I do, if you have questionable immigration status, advocate for gay rights or abortion, the next thing you know, they have a temperature gun at your head or dragging you out of your house or your car under the guise of public safety.”

Camp PA

“Attention detainees of Las Vegas McCarran quarantine camp. This facility is in an active evacuation. Board the shuttle bus for Barstow. Have your current temporary health clearance card to present to officials as you board the shuttle. Reminder, shuttles will be leaving every 15 minutes.”

“Volunteers and temporary workers, employee shuttles leave in five minutes. …employee shuttles leave in five minutes.”

“Recent arrivals require a full health inspection. Barstow Quarantine Center is a zero-tolerance facility. Without a green health clearance sticker on your key card, you will not be permitted in common areas.”

“Detainees at the Las Vegas McCarran Quarantine Center, this facility will be closed by the end of the day. No personnel…”

Camp Daughter

“Hey, guys. Yeah!”

Geeta’s daughter

“Mom’s gone.”

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