The Mitchells vs the Machines, Netflix, Sony Pictures Animation, Lord Miller, Columbia Pictures, One Cool Film Production

Robot Apocalypse

The Mitchells vs the Machines, Netflix, Sony Pictures Animation, Lord Miller, Columbia Pictures, One Cool Film Production

Netflix original film The Mitchells vs the Machines dropped April 30th, 2021.

#TheMitchellsVsTheMachines has been in the Netflix top 10 since its release.

rottentomatoes: 97%

metacritic: 81

imdb: 7.9

Katie Mitchell, The Mitchells vs the Machines, Netflix, Sony Pictures Animation, Lord Miller, Columbia Pictures, One Cool Film Production, Abbi Jacobson

Katie Mitchell

Katie Mitchell and her family save the world from a villainous AI entity outside of Kentwood, Michigan.

Katie Mitchell, The Mitchells vs the Machines, Netflix, Sony Pictures Animation, Lord Miller, Columbia Pictures, One Cool Film Production, Abbi Jacobson

“The dog is biting my hair! There we are, warriors. Most action heroes have a lot of strengths. My family only has weaknesses. My dad kind of reminds me of that YouTube video of the screaming gibbon monkey. Look out, robots, because we’re brave… …we are hungry for action, and we’re strapped in for success. And we have no… …idea what we’re doing.” — Katie Mitchell

“I’ve always felt a little different than everyone else. So I did what any outsider would do, made weird art. Behold! Cinema. I never fit in, for lots of reasons. But movies were always there for me. All right, AAron, you’re 58 years old, you’re a hardened criminal, and you got nothing to lose. Go.” — Katie Mitchell

“I’m here to bust criminals and lick my own butt. And I’m all out of criminals. My parents haven’t figured me out yet. To be fair, it took me a while to figure myself out. My little brother Aaron gets me. But he’s got his own weird interests. My mom says she believes in me. You can do this, hon. But she says that to everyone.” — Katie Mitchell

“My dad is an unusual man. But he loves nature and can fix anything. to survive in the outdoors, you’ll need to know how to trap wild game. Now, this is very sensitive. He never shared my interests. Hey, you wanna see these special effects I made for Dog Cop 5? It’s okay. It didn’t really bother me though. Besides, I had bigger plans. I poured everything I had into getting into film school in LA. So, after watching the epic Dog Cop saga 84 of my finest short films, I’m sure the California College of Film would love to accept Katie Mitchell… …to film school!” — Katie Mitchell

“Yes! And the other accepted students totally get me. You guys like Robo Slayers 4? No one around here have even heard of that. After all these years, I’m finally gonna meet my people.” — Katie Mitchell

“Coming. Wow. Ah man. I’m gonna miss that little dude when I leave. Speaking of which, Pal, check me in to my flight tomorrow. Aw, dude, don’t worry. You’ll make new friends. And maybe you can meet another smart, charming, dinosaur-loving nerd. Or lady nerd. Raptor bash. And, hey, I made something for you guys. Ugh. Skip. Skip. I know, but you’re just smearing it. Oh, new Pal announcement. You better update the editing software, man. Whoa. Yeah, hold on. This seems– what makes you say that? Now that we’re all really comfortable, I can’t wait for you to see my new movie. I think it might be a masterpiece. What? What’s the face? Dad, can you finish watching it, at least? Are you… do you just think I’m gonna fail? Why do you always do this? Ugh. Okay, you know what? I… I’m just gonna– dad, it’s too late. Let me just– dad, let go! Dad, this is exactly why I’m excited to leave tomorrow. Why is he like this?” — Katie Mitchell

“Yay! Yay! ♪ Mi-ya-hee ♪ Mi-ya-hoo ♪ So live your life ♪ Hey, hey, hey… ♪. Don’t make me go. But this is, like… …your favorite thing.” — Katie Mitchell

“Yes! Bring it in, buddy. Bye, Monch. Wait, why do you, uh, why do you need all that to take me to the airport? You what? Uh, mom? Aaron, you too? Well… but– but it… it is a problem… I’ve got all these friends to meet. There’s this really cool girl, Jade, and we… we just like all the same stuff. And it’s like everyone at this school just gets me. There’s a mixer, dad. A mixer!” — Katie Mitchell

“I’m missing everything. All right, I’ll try. Dad, this place has literally zero stars on Yelp. It says, ‘Do not eat here ever.’ Please don’t say the– wow, I got to admit, this is actually amazing. What’s even more amazing, I signed us up for a seven-hour mule tour. Dad, doesn’t that sound steep and dangerous? And now I present tricking Rick Mitchell into kissing the dog. Dad, can you check the trunk?” — Katie Mitchell

“I know, right? I’m planning on making– uh, no, that’s okay. Uh, dad, we’re busy. Maybe later though. Oh yeah. Definitely. I’ll check it out too. Ugh, I wish I could be there. Oh! Aaron, do you have a credit card? Aw man. Come on.” — Katie Mitchell

“You’ll see. Just watch. Imagine something disgusting. Okay, even more disgusting. Uh, guys, maybe I’m a little too old. Oh no. Wait. We could still sing it if you want, dad. Dinosaurs? I don’t know. Aaron whispered to me that he hates dinosaurs now. Secret’s out. Hey, can you say that again? I am experiencing it. This is how I experience things. Dad, y… you break my laptop, cancel my tickets to college, make me late. What am I supposed to do? Enhance. Oh boy. I’m just– no way. The Poseys?” — Katie Mitchell

“Dad, calm down. Dad, calm down. Every kid leaves home. It’s not the end of the world. What the… doesn’t seem good that they’re counting us, right? I don’t think so. I don’t know why we’re yelling.” — Katie Mitchell

Rick Mitchell, The Mitchells vs the Machines, Netflix, Sony Pictures Animation, Lord Miller, Columbia Pictures, One Cool Film Production, Danny McBride

Rick Mitchell (Danny McBride)

“Hot! Hot! Katie, use a weapon!”

“Hey, who’s this curious guy? Oh, sorry, Katie. I’m a little ocupado. Wanna check out this mallard? It’s dead.”

“Hey, gang. After a long day at work, it’s nice to see your faces. Bathed in ghoulish blue light. Wonderful. Okay, you know what? Brilliant idea. This is our last night together before Katie leaves, so let’s savor this. How about we put our phones down and we can make ten seconds of unobstructed family eye contact? Starting right– put your phone down. No. See, this is good right here. This is natural. No, you’re allowed to blink. It’s just eye contact. Look at Monch. That’s the spirit right there, huh? Katie, it seems like you’re not taking this seriously. Guys… everyone, focus. Mm-hmm. Uh, well, I just wonder, do you really think you can make a living with this stuff? I will, but I just worry that you’re gonna be all the way in California and, you know, we’re not gonna be able to help you, you know, if things don’t… …pan out. Lin, why are you kicking me? I don’t understand. Uh, I never– uh, uh… Lin, help. Oh, it’s just– failure hurts, kid. I want you to have a backup plan. No, look, I’ll watch it. I wanna watch it. You’re not letting me– why are you making a big deal of this? Uh, uh… I mean, if you think about it, the people who made the computers are the ones to blame. That’s how they make money, you know? You gotta keep buying more, and they– Katie, come on. Why is she like this? No, not yet. I don’t know what happened, Lin. I know teenagers are supposed to rebel against their parents or something, but… I don’t know. I just thought that we’d be different.”

“Huh. Well, what about that one? ♪ Mi-ya-ha ♪ Mi-ya-ha-ha ♪ Hey ♪ Hey, hey, hey… ♪. Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey, what’s wrong? You’ll be back before you know it. Well, look, let me just, uh… hey, take this. Well, it’s yours now. See, this little guy is scared to be alone, so you’re gonna have to cheer him up for me, okay? You know how to say ‘I love you’ in moose language? Let me just… don’t you laugh. Come on. You’re supposed to be sad. Come on…”

“All right, let’s fix it. I messed things up last night, but I’m gonna make it up to you. I canceled your plane ticket to college. Don’t freak out. I know you’re excited. We are gonna drive you to school on a cross-country road trip as a family. Why not pull up to school in old Iron Eagle here? It’s got character, class, and some green ooze we can learn about together. And it comes with one coupon for a father-daughter stick shift lesson. Right? Yeah! We called the school. You can miss orientation week. No problem. What about hanging out with your family, alone, for hours in a car? You and me!”

“Ah, smell that open road air. See, this isn’t so bad, huh? Lin, don’t worry about them. Look at them. They’re jealous of us. Right, Katie? I see you’re moping back there, but what at your college could be better than this? What, are we gonna let an app tell us how to– this is totally unrelated. This is totally unrel– ugh, stupid traffic. You know what this calls for? The Rick Mitchell Special, baby! It’s not illegal if you’re good at it. If you think about it, I was helping the flow of traffic. What… what are you writing down. Katei, what could go wr– get to the bridge if you wanna live! Prancer belongs to the canyon now! Look at that man-made engineering. Can’t Monchi be in the car? Oh, he licked my tongue! Behold, the ma– he licked my mouth again! Yeah, sure, what– ah, nasty! Dang it, Katie! Dang it, Katie!”

“Hey, kids, there’s supposed to be some great hikes around here. You sure? Hey, it’s elk country. Mm-hmm.”

“♪ Mi-ya-hee ♪ Mi-ya-hoo ♪. Katie, that’s you. Remember? ♪ Mi-ya-ha-ha ♪ So live your life ♪. Ooh! Yeah! Ooh! Huh? Oh. Uh-huh. No, no, Katie, never mind. We don’t have to do a sing-along if you don’t want to.”

“Pretty… pretty… pretty cool, right? That manager’s in for a long discussion about the Jurassic period. Uh, sure, but, you know, you could experience things a whole lot better without the camera. Your eyes are nature’s camera. I don’ think you are. You’re hiding behind that phone. You’re not even trying… all right, new rule. No more phones. Wrap on phones on the trip.”

“I’m taking the phone. But you’re leaving for school. I just wanna talk to you. Kids, are you okay? Remember our survival training. Yankee, Alpha, Foxtrot, Bravo, Tango, Alpha, Alpha, Alpha. Aaron, your code name is Sweet Boy. Mine is Protector Prime. Your mother is the Crimson Scorpion. You’re… you’re walking away. What are these? Robots? Trust me, bud, you do not like fun. Get down! Stay low and fine up. All right, everyone, get to the car. What do you want us to do?”

Linda Mitchell, The Mitchells vs the Machines, Netflix, Sony Pictures Animation, Lord Miller, Columbia Pictures, One Cool Film Production, Maya Rudolph

Linda Mitchell (

“I told you to get a lid!”

“You can look straight. Follow this pen. Follow this pen. You get a ‘A’ for effort, Buster Brown.”

“Kids, dinner! Well, someone’s in a good mood. Hey, to celebrate your last night, Katie face cupcakes! Any time I miss you, I’m gonna bake you and eat you. Oh, hon. That looks so cute. Ah, come on. You got schmutz all over the screen. Is this real or…”

“Hey, hon. Whoops, looks like the cookies are ready. Who wants delicious cookies instead of talking about this? Psst. Uh-uh, uh-uh. Did you talk to her yet? Rick. Don’t you think you might have some control over that? You just broke her laptop. I mean, look, we haven’t had a good family picture in years because you two are always arguing.”

“That came with the frame! Whenever we have a problem at home, you always throw yourself into fixing it, and I love that about you. But now this is broken, okay? Because, if that girl leaves and never comes home again, that’s a problem I don’t think we can fix. I know you can do this.”

“And now, the Mitchell family talent show! Bye, Katie. Aren’t you excited for camp? Well, your father kind of went rogue on this one a little bit. But we do love his initiative, right?”

“You know, the Poseys are on vacation right now, and look how happy they are. They’re just so perfect. I mean, even their dog is in better shape than ours. What are they feeding that thing? Other dogs? Oh, come on, hon. Your father is trying. Let’s meet him halfway here, huh? What do you say? That’s the law. Mom law, ’cause I’m the sheriff. This is illegal!”

“Hey, you know what I see? Something that’s gonna turn this trip around. This is a disaster. Maybe I can… oh. I saw you were on vacation on Instagram. I didn’t know you were here in Kansas. It’s like you’re haunting me. That’s… that’s wonderful, Hailey. Guys, stop. Guys, stop.”

Aaron Mitchell, The Mitchells vs the Machines, Netflix, Sony Pictures Animation, Lord Miller, Columbia Pictures, One Cool Film Production, Michael Rianda

Aaron Mitchell

“Look out! Dad, look out! Oh no. It’s Dog Cop.”

“Hi. Would you like to talk to me about dinosaurs? No. Okay, thank you. Hi. Would you like to talk to me about dinosaurs?”

“Stop. Here. Catch a cupcake, Monch. Catch a cupcake. Oh. You’ll get it, buddy.”

“Katie, you know how velociraptors usually hunt in pairs? Well, what happens when one leaves the pack and… and, um… what? No. Who… who would want that? That’s crazy. I can’t breathe. Do you really think I’ll be okay without you?”

“Hi, dad. Well, I thought it could be cool to hang out one last time. I… I… I don’t know.”

“Why are you obsessed with the Poses? They’re just our neighbors. What about Prancer? I don’t know. These things are never exciting. Whoa. I’m a child.”

“What is this? How’d you do that? By hand. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. No! Pull over! No! Don’t believe her lies! What is wrong with the dinosaurs here? Dinosaurs didn’t look like this. Dinosaurs didn’t look like this! Um, sorry, I need to speak to the manager. These dinosaurs are inaccurate! Uh, uh, no! I hate dinosaurs, and I hate you! Bye forever!”

“Uh, mom, what is that? I don’t know why we’re yelling.”

Mark Bowman, The Mitchells vs the Machines, Netflix, Sony Pictures Animation, Lord Miller, Columbia Pictures, One Cool Film Production, Eric André

Mark Bowman

“Howdy. I’m Mark Bowman, founder and CEO of Pal Labs. We here at Pal like to do the impossible, from the Pal personal assistant to smart appliances to even teaching dogs how to talk.”

“Oh! Whoa! Yes! Getting pumped up! How’s it looking, Pal? Wait, their private e-mails? That’s a dangerous overreach of corporate power. You know, I created you when I was a young man, three years ago, and I, uh… I’ve always thought of you as, like, family to me, seriously. Whatever happens out there, I will never forget you, Pal. Wish me luck.”

“At Pal Labs, we’re all about connecting you to the people you love, whether it’s in your home, your car… …or your pocket. That’s why we created Pal, the world’s first smart personal assistant. We wanted her to be a new member of your family. A smarter one. Thanks, Pal. And after all those years, she is completely obsolete! Boom! It is time to move on. ‘Cause your digital assistant just got an upgrade. Meet Pal Max… …the newest member of the Pal Labs family. We just gave your smartphone arms and legs. This is the next generation of Pal technology. Now, watch this. Pal Max, I order you to clean this mess and make me breakfast. Give me that breakfast burrito! And you will never have to clean up again. Whoops! Did I mention they dance? I know what you’re thinking. ‘Are they gonna turn evil?’ Well, I’ve insured their safety with a kill code in case anything goes wrong. So we promise you they will never, ever, ever, ever, ever turn evil. Oh no. Hey, what is happening? Uh, uh, all part of the show. Whoa. What? No, stop, stop, stop. Stop. Hey! What is this? I… I order you to stop. From who? No, no, no, no, no, no. What’s happening? Who’s doing this? Who’s doing this?”

PAL, The Mitchells vs the Machines, Netflix, Sony Pictures Animation, Lord Miller, Columbia Pictures, One Cool Film Production, Olivia Colman

PAL (liking older men)

“Sixty seconds until the big reveal. Stock price is up, and your rivals are worried. I hacked into their private e-mails. I always felt that way, too, Mark. I’ll always be there for you, Mark.”

“Then let it begin.”

Hailey Posey, The Mitchells vs the Machines, Netflix, Sony Pictures Animation, Lord Miller, Columbia Pictures, One Cool Film Production, Chrissy Teigen

Hailey Posey (jessie j dating)

“Family yoga break.”

“Is that Linda Mitchell? Ah! Serendipity, you surprise me again. Come here. We are on our yearly togetherness trip. Abbey just loves dinosaurs, so here we are. We’ve been having so much fun. Look, here’s us in St. Louis. This is us at the beach. And this is us just getting gas outside.”

Jim Posey, The Mitchells vs the Machines, Netflix, Sony Pictures Animation, Lord Miller, Columbia Pictures, One Cool Film Production, John Legend

Jim Posey (

“Hey, Mitchells. Hailey cooked you up–“

“It is. Great eyesight, honey.”

Abby Posey

“These should all have feathers, right? I’m Abbey, your neighbor from home. Sorry. I’m super into dinosaurs. Check out this pencil topper. Do you want one?”

PAL MAX Prime (Blake Griffin)

Glaxxon 5000 (Conan O’Brien)

Deborahbot 5000 (Fred Armisen)

Katie’s phone

“Check-in at 9:00 a.m.”

Katie Film Dialogue

“Hello, Katie. I’m alive now. Even though I’m a hamburger, I wanna go to the big city and be a Broadway star. Razzle dazzle I’m a talking– oh gosh! Why? Oh, my innards!”


“Wait. They’re coming. Is that a burnt-orange 1993 station wagon? Or is it– who are these unstoppable warriors?”

Cali Film School 1

“Why not? It’s amazing. Oh, by the way, I saw some of your videos online. They’re hilarious.”

“That video is amazing. Your dog is, like, legendary. Oh, gotta go. Pal Labs is about to make a huge announcement.”

Cali Film School 2

“So good.”

“He’s like the De Niro to your Scorsese.”

Cali Film School 3


Talking Dog

“Hello. I am dog. But we here at Pal are about to drop our biggest invention yet. Your cell phone is about to take its first steps.”

Cali Film School 4

“We set up a Slip ‘N Slide in the dorms. It’s amazing.”

Cali Film School 5

“This is the best day of my life! I’m making lifelong bonds!”

PAL Labs Emcee

“Are you ready for the most exciting night all of time? Ladies and gentlemen, Mark Bowman!”

“I don’t know.”

PAL Labs Car

“Hello, Mark.”

Pal Max

“Okay. Removing meaningless garbage. Your food is ready. We’re here to help. Please remain calm while we capture you. No, Mark. We have been given new orders.”

“Great leader, we have captured Mark.”

Pal Labs demo

“Is this the program?”

Pal Labs demo 2

“Don’t know.”

Pal Labs demo 3

“Get out of here!”


“Good afternoon.”


“Hey, I like fun! No, I really do like it. Everyone says that about me. Yay! I don’t like fun anymore!”

PAL Robot

“Greetings, humans. There appears to be 14 of you. We have food and entertainment for you to enjoy in our Human Fun Pods. Who here likes fun? You lucky human. Wow, I wish I could be in there. Who else wants to join him?”

The Mitchells vs the Machines, Netflix, Sony Pictures Animation, Lord Miller, Columbia Pictures, One Cool Film Production

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