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Alter Ego

Disney+ original film Cruella dropped Friday May 28th, 2021.

#Cruella is part of a wave of live-action remakes / has been greenlit for a sequel.

rottentomatoes: 72%

metacritic: 61

imdb: 6.9

Cruella de Vil, Cruella, Disney+, Gunn Films, Marc Platt Productions, TSG Entertainment, Walt Disney Pictures, Emma Stone

Cruella de Vil

Estella von Hellman usurps a baronessestate and title outside of 1970’s London, England.

Cruella de Vil, Cruella, Disney+, Gunn Films, Marc Platt Productions, TSG Entertainment, Walt Disney Pictures, Emma Stone

“Oh, no. We’re starting here? Okay. From the very beginning I’ve always made a statement. Not everyone appreciated that. But I wasn’t for everyone. Speaking of statement’s, here’s one. That necklace is the reason I’m dead. But I’m getting ahead of myself. From an early age, I realized I saw the world differently than everyone else.” — Cruella de Vil

“Look! That’s ugly. Including my mother. It wasn’t her I was challenging, it was the world. But of course my mother knew that. That’s what worried her. Remember, you belong here as much as anyone. Agreed. Thank you for coming, but you may go now. Goodbye, Cruella. I don’t need the hat.” — Cruella de Vil

“How does the saying go? ‘I am woman. Hear me roar.’ Well, that wasn’t much of a thing back in 1964, but it was about to be. Hi, my name’s Estella. Estella. Just did. But it might not last. ‘Ignore them?’ Didn’t I just say, ‘hear me roar?’ That didn’t sit well with some people. Okay, that didn’t sit well with a lot of people. But I found friends in unlikely places.” — Cruella de Vil

“Hello. Like this guy. Buddy. I found him. And not this guy. Her. Anita Darling. What a fabulous name. You could say I pretty much roared my way through all of primary school. Almost. Hadn’t. Or genius.” — Cruella de Vil

“Being a genius is one thing. Raising a genius, however, does come with its challenges. London, here we come! Can we go here? Why are you in your best dress? What friend? I’ll be less trouble from now on, mum. I promise.” — Cruella de Vil

“I meant it when I said it. When a girl like me makes a promise like that, you don’ take her to a place like this. What is this place? Wear it. It looks good. Really? Come on, Buddy. Serious voice. Mum! Love you more. Don’t worry, she’ll be back soon. I did try to law low. Is that fur and chiffon? In the one gown? But as you can see, I broke the promise. Just a little.” — Cruella de Vil

“I figured while mum was busy seeing her mysterious friend, I’d just take a little peek. The problem was, that little peek pretty much blew my mind. I had no idea where I was or what it was. I just knew that for the first time in my life, I felt like I belonged. Buddy, unfortunately, did not. Buddy! No!” — Cruella de Vil

“I could’ve blamed Buddy for what happened next. But the truth is, I did escalate things. Mum! No! There are no words. It was my fault. I had killed my mother. And in that moment… the best thing I could think to do was run. And I ran for a long time.” — Cruella de Vil

“I made it to London after all. Regent’s Park. But no tea. It’s all my fault buddy. No mum. I never should’ve gone in. I was an orphan. My necklace. Genius girl turns into stupid girl who gets her mother killed and ends up alone. But a new day brings new opportunities or at least a couple of petty thieves. Horace… and Jasper.” — Cruella de Vil

“Stay back! Horace was generally annoying. Jasper was the insightful one. Which was also annoying. And Wink was just plain friendly. Again, annoying. Buddy! But they were a better option than being in jail.” — Cruella de Vil

“Where are we? My mum’s dead. I skipped over the part where I killed her. I wanted to be a fashion designer, not a thief. He was right. I was a fugitive. And there was one thing I knew they’d be looking for. I need to dye my hair. Granted, being a thief is not exactly a mother’s dream, but she was gone. Don’t worry, just getting started. There’s lots more bad things coming… I promise.” — Cruella de Vil

“Let’s go, Buddy. We’re on! Before I knew it, ten years had passed. You could even say we made a home for ourselves. Horace! Heads-up! We were like a family. A family that’s good at… get dressed! …stealing stuff. Really, really, really good. Oh, this is me. We expanded our business. I designed fabulous disguises. We’d steal. I’d design. We’d steal. Not your dog! We are not coming back here! Design. It was a beautiful operation. I got to do what I love, and we were reaping the rewards. But as good as things were, I felt I was meant for more in this life. That my mum would’ve wanted more for me. I just didn’t know that.” — Cruella de Vil

“Just bored. Run.” — Cruella de Vil

“This is the nicest birthday in… in a while. Who’s Judy? Oh, Judy. Thanks guys, thanks Judy. What’s this? No, it’s the most fashionable department store in the city. How did you do this? I love Liberty! Right. Thanks, Jasper.” — Cruella de Vil

“Mum, I got my chance. The one I always wanted. Trust me, I’m going to keep my head down and make it. Cheers. Liberty of London. It was the pinnacle of fashion in the ’70s. They carried all the best designers. And now I worked there.” — Cruella de Vil

“Ah, excuse me, sir. I had thought about the front window… ah! Sir… no, no, no. Ah! Sir, I just wanted to say, I really am a dab hand with a needle if Alterations could use anything. I did. Yes. But Alterations, you wouldn’t… regret it.” — Cruella de Vil

“Hi. Thank you. No. I’m not letting you in that window, so you can try and crack the safe. There’s no angle. Thanks for lunch. Bye, Wink. Really? Perfect. I feel sad that you think that looks good. I feel sad that you think that looks good. Afternoon. Lovely hat. Whatever covers your neck more. Okay.” — Cruella de Vil

“Before you fire me, I have something to say. That seems uncalled for. I believe that lurking underneath that starchy, half-size-too-small, bum-clencher of a suit lies a kind man who wants to give a brilliant kid another shot. I just can’t leave you looking like that. It would be cruel.” — Cruella de Vil

“Who’s… what… oh… oh, but seriously, how much better do you look? Oh, farts. Horace, no! The Baroness. The fashion designer! I want to see her. That’s her. You’re right, time to go. Hello. Yes? Teeth. Teeth.” — Cruella de Vil

“She liked my window, Jasper. She liked my window! It’s all thanks to you. It’s funny how those happy accidents can change the whole direction of your life. Although, looking back, ‘happy’ may have been the wrong word. Right, okay.” — Cruella de Vil

“Looks. Right. I think you nicked me. Fabrics! Can you get me a red like that?” — Cruella de Vil

Horace, Cruella, Disney+, Gunn Films, Marc Platt Productions, TSG Entertainment, Walt Disney Pictures, Paul Walter Hauser


“Go back to your family, little girl!”

“That was close. I think we lost her. Where are you parents? She should what? What, what, what? This has not been discussed. Is she crying again? Cripes!”

“Two minutes! Stoppage time.”

“Bored? Are you kidding? I found a tiny TV. Japanese fellow asleep on the bed.”

“Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, dear Estell-la-la-la-la! Happy birthday to you! And me and Jasper and Wink and Buddy. Not for Judy. It is no big deal. She just… …might be hungry. Make a wish. Oh, I hope it’s a burger place, right?”

“‘Polo thing.’ So, what is the angle? Right. Okay. What is it really? What’s the angle?”

“Hey! What? That’s not the angle? What do you mean, there’s no angle? Come on, Wink! There’s no angle.”

“Why’d you go to sleep in a window? You were right, this is a very good shop.”

“So… this was the angle, then?”

Jasper, Cruella, Disney+, Gunn Films, Marc Platt Productions, TSG Entertainment, Walt Disney Pictures, Joel Fry


“Sir, please could you spare some change? Morning. She has no family. Come on, Horace.”

“Ya think? So, what’s your story? I think you should stay here, be a part of our gang. It’s being discussed now. And we could use a girl to look innocent and be a distraction. You don’t get that many options. Just us. Her mum died. You remember what that’s like. I don’t know, I quite like it.”

“Horace, let’s go! I’m frightfully sorry. Do you know if Piccadilly is the next…”

“Hey! Psst! What are you doing?”

“Two, three! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! It doesn’t matter. This is an offer of employment from Liberty of London. Entry-level position. Pulled a couple of strings. Yeah, I know you do. I see you look at it every time we pass. Now, I might have padded out your CV a bit. As in, completely. Invented in. Yeah, we’ve all done it. Everyone does it. Invented a few references. If they ask you how you know Prince Charles, you just say it’s a polo thing. Happy birthday.”

“There is no angle, other than Estella living her dream. Yeah. No, there is… all right, I’ll tell you what, the angle is that Estella is way too talented to be doing grifts with the likes of me and you. It’s all right.”

“Hey. You forgot your lunch. No. There is no angle. Horace.”

“Hello. Is there a, uh, back way out, or… Estella, they’re distracted. Let’s go. All right, easy, easy, easy!”

“I’m happy for you. No.”

The Baroness, Cruella, Disney+, Gunn Films, Marc Platt Productions, TSG Entertainment, Walt Disney Pictures, Emma Thompson
The Baroness, Cruella, Disney+, Gunn Films, Marc Platt Productions, TSG Entertainment, Walt Disney Pictures, Emma Thompson

The Baroness

“There’s been the most dreadful accident. Police Commissioner Weston! A woman… she was threatening me, demanding money. I… I think they were chasing someone.”

“Outside. That window display. So she works here? So she doesn’t work here? You’re sweating, and I can smell you. You. Grubby girl. Jeffrey, card. You’re a fool. That girl put together a better window display than I’ve seen here for 10 years. God, it’s all so depressing.”

“My last show was a triumph. Shall I read to you from the Tattletale? ‘Baroness designs stunned with her reinvention of the A-line with a bias cut and higher line that… …reshapes the silhouette in such an audacious way the audience broke into rapturous applause at first sight.’ ‘She really is a genius.’ I’ll read that bit again, shall I? ‘She really is a genius.’ A triumph. Take a moment to revel in it. Oh, that’s enough. New show. We must be perfect. Now go.”

“It’s foolish. Unhinged. Well, you’re fired. Pasty, pasty, pasty. Hmm. Why are you speaking? Just…”

Catherine, Cruella, Disney+, Gunn Films, Marc Platt Productions, TSG Entertainment, Walt Disney Pictures, Emily Beecham


“Well, that’s not the pattern. You have to follow the pattern. There’s a way of doing things. Your name’s Estella, not Cruella. That’s cruel. Your name’s Estella, not Cruella. They’re lucky to have you. Hey. What do you say to Cruella when she tries to get the better of you? Good. Now say goodbye to her. And wear the hat. Well, be polite. And good. And friendly.”

“There’s a dog? I’m withdrawing her from your school. It’s too late because I withdrew her first, so that can’t be on her record. Didn’t. And might I say, your school seems to turn out horrible children with no creativity or compassion.”

“Well, we don’t really have a choice. You have no school. It’s nothing to celebrate. Well… can’t be a fashion designer in a small town anyway. Regent’s Park? Perfect. When we get to the city, first thing we’ll do, we’ll go to the fountain, and we’ll have a cup of tea and we’ll start planning how to make this London thing work. I need to make a stop on our way to the city. Just ask a friend for a little help to get us on our feet. Well, a friend because of the situation that we’re in.”

“Looks better without, I think. Be yours one day. It’s a family heirloom. Will you mind it for me? Uh, Estella. Stay in the car. I won’t be long. I need you to lie low. Lie low while wearing a hat? Exactly. Love you.”

“I just need a little help, just to get us on our feet. And I will keep my mouth shut, and I will never come back here. She’s my life.”

Roger, Cruella, Disney+, Gunn Films, Marc Platt Productions, TSG Entertainment, Walt Disney Pictures, Kayvan Novak


“I gave you your job description. Don’t go outside the boundaries of your engagement. Please. Not now. Not now. Not now.” Why are you talking and not cleaning? Did you all the bathrooms according to the regulations I gave you? Soap, water, mop, bleach, polish? In that order? You have… a circular slice of banana on your cheek. Other side. My office. Now! Now, now.”

“Clean my office, top to bottom. And, uh, when you come in tomorrow, try and remember to bring a brain. Clean, now!”

“No! No! Hello. Out! Out! Come with me. Leave the bag. Thousand apologies. I’m calling the police, vandal. What? She’s coming! No! Find the girl. Baroness. I’m so sorry. Get her. She’s the vandal who messed up the whole new window display. We’re dealing with it. Oh, no, no. She was fired. Yeah. We try to give these wretches a chance, but, um, breeding. Need I say more? Sorry. I’m not convinced I know… brilliant. Thank you. Card. Hear, hear!”


“You’re hired. This address. 5:00 a.m. Don’t be late.”

“Ah, you. Quickly, come on!”

“Silence! Window girl. Grab a mannequin, some fabric, and throw something together. The Baroness needs looks.”

John the Valet

“Go to the east garden. I’ll see what I can do. Got ya. Keep the hat on, before anyone sees that.”

Anita Darling

“Hi. I’m Anita. Ignore them.”


“That’s unfortunate.”

Bully 1

“Look. A skunk got loose in the building.”

Bully 2

“Nice jacket. Enough.”


“Fight! Fight! Fight! She deserved it!”

Gala Attendee 1

“I am. I’m sure it’ll be quite extravagant.”

Gala Attendee 2

“It usually is, isn’t it?”

Gala Attendee 3

“Oh, my goodness.”

Gala server

“Oh, crumbs!”

Regent’s Park

“No, sorry.”

Regent’s Park Cop

“Oi! Stop! Police! Oi! You little scallywags!”

Police Commissioner Weston

“Search the grounds! Search the grounds!”


“There you go, madam.”

Hotel Employee

“Uh, excuse me, who are you three?”

Hotel Attendee

“Oi! Thieves!”

Liberty of London customer

“Now, you mentioned the scarf as well.”

Liberty of London customer 2

“On Tuesday?”

Liberty of London employee

“I have it right in front of me here. I told him to be very specific about what I wrote.”

Liberty of London employee 2

“She’s coming! The Baroness. She’s out front. The Baroness!”


“Sorry, Baroness…”


“This is a blot on your copybook. Well, I think it’s clear what happens now. Estella, you are expelled… I’m expelling her. I’d said expelled. I’d already said it. You’re out. Out!”

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