Vikings: Valhalla, Netflix, MGM Television, MGM/UA Television

Scandinavian Warlords

Netflix original drama Vikings: Valhalla dropped February 25, 2022.

#VikingsValhalla has been renewed for s2 and s3 / has 234m+ hours viewed.

rottentomatoes: 89%

metacritic: 70

imdb: 7.1

Harald Sigurdsson, Vikings: Valhalla, Netflix, MGM Television, MGM/UA Television, Leo Suter
Harald Sigurdsson, Vikings: Valhalla, Netflix, MGM Television, MGM/UA Television, Leo Suter

Prince Harald Sigurdsson

A contingent of Norse armies march on London following the St. Brice’s Day Massacre.

Harald Sigurdsson, Vikings: Valhalla, Netflix, MGM Television, MGM/UA Television, Leo Suter

“Where are you going? I thought you’re seeing me to the boat. Brother. I don’t know. Perhaps… when I hear a good reason.” — Harald Sigurdsson

“No. It’s not him. No. How many have we lost?” — Harald Sigurdsson

“Where are you from? What kind of journey was it? Five weeks across open ocean in this? I’m impressed. Not true. My standards are quite high. No, from Ringerike. I’m Harald Sigurdsson. Who are you? After a long voyage on such a small boat, I would think a hot bath would sound good to someone with high standards.” — Harald Sigurdsson

“Are you always like this when you come off a boat? Not at all. Just… curious. Something wrong? I am the great-grandson of Harald Finehair. Why are you in Kattegat, Freydis from Greenland? Who did that to you? What happened? What is this criminal’s name? Perhaps I can help you find him.” — Harald Sigurdsson

“Olaf! Olaf. And Gunnar Magnusson. Brother. Welcome. I thought the storm had claimed you. Come. Uh, it’s not a far journey. Eat something.” — Harald Sigurdsson

“Your Highness, may I present, Olaf Haraldsson and Gunnar Magnusson. King Canute of Denmark. We are both ambitious. Our plan is to surprise the English, send the sea force up the Thames. Are you insane? What you suggest would start a civil war.” — Harald Sigurdsson

“May I come in? No. Our brother, Sten. Do not tell me you’re not close to him. You served together in the Kingsguard. You’re godfather to his children, both of whom were killed in the slaughter. But you do not feel even the slightest obligation to avenge their murders? Your Savior has no problem with English gold, however. You know more about the English than just their defenses. You know about their wealth. Canute will not change his plans to accommodate your piety. And when he conquers England, he will use those riches to expand his empire. And what will all your saintliness have achieved for you? I urge you to take a broader view of your Christian mission, half-brother. It may better serve you and your Savior in the long run.” — Harald Sigurdsson

“Gorm! Enough! Jarl Gorm! You say you’ll never fight with Christians. But what am I? Did I not spend every summer of my youth with your family? Did you not love me like a son? Jarl Nori, a pious Christian. I saw your sister the night of the massacre. What would she say about your refusal to fight with your brothers here? Would she not all you a coward? That your God is Odin or Christ means nothing to me! Only your honor does! Only your courage does! This blood… it’s not my blood. It is our blood, it is Viking blood! And it will always be!” — Harald Sigurdsson

“Eriksson! From Greenland. Not the son of Viking warrior, Erik Thorvaldson, banished from Norway and Iceland for murder? I suppose when you have a father like Erik the Red, you learn to fight like that. I’m Harald Sigurdsson. We met yesterday. Did I move you? Freydis said you captained your boat all the way from Greenland. Could use good ship captains who can fight. I can promise great glory if you join us in England. We are. But true Vikings always reach for glory. It’s what defines us. By the way… your sister. An amazing woman. I want to learn more about her. We’ll see. Keep an eye on him.” — Harald Sigurdsson

“Whatever you are planning, do not act in it. I’ll kill you if I must. I believe her! I believe her! You must show them. Let her up. He did this to her! If he were alive, he would be forced to admit it.” — Harald Sigurdsson

“Jarl Haakon, may I speak? Jarl Olaf makes an excellent argument. Gunnar was an important part of our strategy, and his loss will indeed cause hardship. But my brother may have also offered a better solution. Since this woman cost you a vital element to our mission, should she not be forced to render something of equal if not greater value to our endeavor? Her brother, Leif Eriksson. Son of the Great Berserker, Erik the Red. One of, if not the best ship captain in this room. He piloted his ship across open ocean from Greenland through a storm that killed scores of others. I can personally attest to his fighting skills. But should we doubt his motivation, he will be fighting for the life… of his sister.” — Harald Sigurdsson

“It was my father’s ship. It’s fast and tough. And now it’s yours. I’m glad you find it so, but that is the ship I covet. Someday.” — Harald Sigurdsson

Leif Ericksson, Vikings: Valhalla, Netflix, MGM Television, MGM/UA Television, Sam Corlett

Leif Ericksson

“Reverse! Pull back, now! Row into the wave! Freydis, secure yourself! Pull! Pull! Row! Come on! Push! Hold on! Hold on!”

“Did any ships from the west make it in last night? Toke, Ulf, you stay here with the boats and resupply. Freydis, check with the captains at the harbor. Rest of you will come with me to search the town. No, you’ll get your moment. Njal… you, Yrsa and… Liv! Spread out and search the market. I’ll check the great hall and see if they paid homage. I’ll meet you back at the boat.”

“I did. We didn’t. It caught us at sea. Leif. Leif Eriksson. Ah. First time in Norway. No, Greenland. No, I don’t know what you mean. I’m looking for a Viking who wears this cross. This… is what it cost me. Double would have killed me. No… Alfrun. Go away. I’m sorry. I meant no disrespect. It is my business.”

“There’s a ship coming. Isn’t that the man– not now. Toke, Yrsa. Go get our things.”

“Then you break your oath to my father, mm? And you would be dead. I didn’t come all the way from Greenland to make Father proud. I came here for you. I’m asking you to trust me.

“And what is that to you? My father’s history has nothing to do with me. You’re making a mistake. You’re wrong. If I was like my father, you would all be dead. The same. My name is Leif. Yes, I remember. And I heard you last night. You’re a good speaker. You moved many. Glory? I thought you were going to England for revenge. Like I said, you’re a good speaker. I’ll think about it. I think once she learns that you’re a Christian, you’ll find out all you need to know.”

“I’m not the one you should be worried about. No! No!”

“Do you feel justice? Good. Because now they intend to kill us. Father was wrong. He’s a stranger to this world, Freydis. He doesn’t know much has changed since he left. She is also in a difficult position. If she releases us, she will start a war. Christians will burn down Kattegat and many of her people will die. It’s in her best interest to have us killed. But regardless… I am proud of you. I do.”

“It’s a good boat. King Harald of Norway. Mm?”

Freydis Eriksdotter, Vikings: Valhalla, Netflix, MGM Television, MGM/UA Television, Frida Gustavsson

Freydis Eriksdotter

“Pull! Pull! Leif! The fjord! The fjord! Push! Push! Push! Harder! Push! Push! Push! Push!”

“And bigger. I’m coming too.”

“Greenland. Long. Five weeks. No stops. Then you are easily impressed. So are mine. Are you from Kattegat? My name is Freydis. After a long voyage on a small boat, a lot of things would sound good.”

“Are you complaining? No. Just wondering how it is you’re not from Kattegat but have a tub. I don’t know who that is. Is this his tub? I’ve come to find someone. The person I’m looking for. When I was younger, a man came to our home when my father and brothers were away. He told me he was a Christian Viking. I had never heard of such a thing before. When he learned I was alone, he attacked me and knocked my unconscious. When I woke, I was naked on my stomach, tied to a bed and he was on top of me. He raped me many times and beat me and called me a Pagan whore. I didn’t even know what a Pagan was. When he finally finished, he took out his knife, carved it on my back, saying he was converting me. I’ve never seen it, but I know it’s a cross.”

“It’s him. Yes. It was. It changes nothing. If I have to, yes. They are Viking… just like you.”

“You shouldn’t have stopped me in the harbor. It would be done. Then I’d be in Valhalla with the other Einherjar, feasting with Odin and the Gods. And Father would be proud. So, what are you trying to tell me? That it’s hopeless? Because I will not stop until I get my revenge and you know that.”

“Freydis. Freydis Eriksdotter. No. In Greenland, where we live. I am on a mission. I can say no more. Is Leif back? The army is moving. No. He already told me what to do. We go to Kattegat.”

“Hello, Christian. Now it’s my turn to give you a cross. As do I! A do I. That man raped me. He was judged guilty of his crimes in Greenland. I am within my right to take revenge.”

“Yes. I do. I feel cleansed. I don’t believe that. Father said– then I believe in Jarl Haakon. She will not allow it. She’s strong. Thank you. Did I put the scar on my back? The Gods know the truth. A trial by combat. If I am lying, the Gods will not protect me.”

Olaf Sigurdsson, Vikings: Valhalla, Netflix, MGM Television, MGM/UA Television, Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson

Prince Olaf

“Harald! Brother. Well, we were spared by the grace of Christ. We saw the early signs and waited it out in Riska. We should go before we lose light. Thank you, Your Highness. As have I. We share the same mother. He’s my younger, ambitious brother. Well, Harald has told me of your plan to attack England and avenge King Aethelred’s murder of our people. How may we be of service? Not just knowledge, we built them for King Aethelred. Gunnar placed them himself. Not yet. I have a problem that must be resolved first. You have gathered many tribes here, King Canute. I must admit, I am impressed by the number of men under your flag. A great many of those tribes, however, are Pagans. But I do. And I refuse to fight with them. My God and Savior Jesus Christ would not sanction such a union, as it would be sacrilege and doomed to failure. I have. A mass conversion. What better time than now, when the leaders of all the Pagan tribes are gathered together? King Aethelred would not have attacked the Danelaw if he didn’t believe in the superiority of his defenses. Defenses we built. And without that knowledge, any attack you make is blind. That is my offer.”

“Have you come to tell me Canute has changed his mind? Then what do we have to talk about? Half-brother, like you. Yes. And I pray for their souls every night. Revenge is the motive of the heathen. My Savior, Christ, forbids it. Ah! Yes! Come on! Oh! Mm.”

“Get her! Do you allow murder? You all witnessed it. I demand justice! Lies! Punish her now or we burn this city to the ground!”

“Silence! Any one of your lovers could have done that to you! False Gods! Combat? With me? King Canute. This woman’s actions have robbed you of a valuable part of your arsenal. Not having Gunnar puts the lives of everyone in this room, Christian and Pagan, at risk. Therefore, I implore you and the noble ruler of Kattegat to acknowledge that debt and make her pay for it with her life.”

King Canute, Vikings: Valhalla, Netflix, MGM Television, MGM/UA Television, Bradley Freegard

King Canute

“Jarl Olaf, I’ve heard much about you. Please, you must be hungry after your trip. Harald tells me that you are related. I understand that you hae knowledge of the English defenses, especially around London. Then your skills are invaluable to our cause. Let us hear your strategy then. Then, by all means, voice it. Jarl Olaf, this invasion is to avenge the murder of our people. All Viking people. I draw no distinction between Pagan or Christian. And yet here you are. Therefore, you must have considered the remedy. Than I am sorry for you, Jarl Olaf. You have come all this way for nothing.”

“Welcome, friends! Over a hundred years ago, a great Viking army set off for England to avenge the death of Ragnar Lothbrok. It achieved its goal. And after many great victories, our people were invited to settle into communities there. With time, we sent our loved ones to live and work there. The Danelaw became their home. A year ago, all that changed. And a slaughter began. A massacre. Unknown in the long history of our people. An attack. Not warrior to warrior. But waged on innocent women and children. Waged for only one reason. To cleanse England of our people. You have been summoned here for a purpose, to avenge the death of our people and to show the English that they cannot murder Vikings and expect us to do nothing! Our ancestors would not. Ivar ‘the Boneless’ and Bjorn ‘Ironside’ would not. I will not. Will you? You are here for your families! You are here for your honor! You are here because you are Vikings!”

“Jarl Haakon. I have come to request that my army may camp outside your walls and depart for England from your harbor. You have my word that your laws will be obeyed. Forward.”

“I knew your husband, Jarl Haakon. He was a good man. It takes a strong person to keep your city opened after what happened to him. Friends! This is a historic occasion. Our thanks to Jarl Haakon for opening her city to our righteous cause. It is an honor to be here in Kattegat, in the great hall of Ragnar Lothbrok and his sons. To eat from the same table as Lagertha and all the heroes who came before. We are humbled and inspired by their legacy. But now is our time to make history. To show the coward in England that the Vikings, despite our differences, are still one people. One heart. One soul. I stand with Jarl Haakon. We will await her ruling. Take them away.”

“Hmm. Such as?”

Jarl Haakon, Vikings: Valhalla, Netflix, MGM Television, MGM/UA Television, Caroline Henderson

Jarl Haakon

“What is your name? Erik… from Jaren? Do not worry. I was a friend. Where is he now? With the army on the plain below? You’re a long way from home, Freydis. What is your business here? This is no longer a land safe for believers in the old ways. Only Kattegat is safe. When you see your father again, tell him hello from Estrid Haakon. He will remember me.”

“King Canute. Then your army is welcome. You and your men will be my guests.”

“Do not confuse tolerance with forgiveness, King Canute. My eyes are always open. This is not your house, Jarl Olaf! Only I render judgment here. Tell me again what I must do. Silence! I will render judgment in the morning.”

“Freydis Eriksdotter, you are accused of murdering a man you claim attacked you. Have you a way to prove this? Silence! Silence! In the old ways, you would be within your rights to take revenge. But we live in different times. There are those gathered among us who feel that your claims require further proof. Can you provide it? You are her accuser. Are you afraid? Leif Eriksson, I ransom your sister to King Canute. To repay her debt, you must pledge service to his cause. Do you accept these terms? Then… it is done.”

Jarl Gorm

“We will fight the English, but not with Christians! Christians killed my family. They are my true enemy. Worship this! As are we. Yes!”

“There’s only one false God! Your Christian God.”

Jarl Nori

“And you are mine, Pagan. These men are nothing but idolaters. Worshippers of Satan.”


“Kattegat… it is more beautiful than I ever imagined.”

“What do we do? Should we wait for Leif?”

Gunnar Magnusson

“That won’t work. The Thames is fortified from the estuary to the city. And the English have a string of lookouts along the coast.”

“He knows you well.”

Queen Emma

King Aethelred II

“Sten. My faithful guards. I know it is Saint Brice’s Day and you havbe undoubtedly left feasts with family. So, please join me. Over a hundred years ago, in an effort to ensure lasting peace with your people, my predecessors established the Danelaw. Exactly. They probably feel they are Saxon. But that’s the problem, you see. This is not their home. When the cockle grows amongst the barley, there is only one way to purify the field. Therefore, tonight, I order that all Vikings living on this island… be exterminated.”

“One year ago, on my orders, a decree was sent out that all Danes living on this island be destroyed in a most just extermination. On that fated day, a group of Norse entered this sanctuary of God and purposefully set fire to it, destroying it. And ultimately themselves in an act of futile retribution. Today, we witness the resurrection of this house of worship. Restored to its original glory by me, Aethelred. And by God’s blessing.”

“You know something which you are not sharing with me. Damn the nobles. They swore the Norse were too busy fighting among themselves to bother with us. And I believed them. Yes, but it’s not their heads the Vikings will want on a pike. It’s mine. She was right. She knew they would come.”

Earl Godwin

“Our spies in the north say the Vikings are preparing for an invasion. You did what needed to be done to keep them in line.”


“Good friends! Good friends, tonight on Saint Brice’s Day, we say goodbye to my baby brother, Prince Harald Sigurdsson, the someday King of Norway. He thinks he’s graced us with his presence but we know it’s him who’s been made better by his visit. Skol! May the Lord guide you back to Norway, brother. Stay safe till I see you again. I know. But the King has summoned us. We’re off to London. But I’m sure you’ll find a better send-off than me. Hmm?”

“Your Highness, we came as soon as we could. You said it was urgent, sire. Is there a threat? Yes, sire. We’ve been here so long, many of us no longer remember our own language. Yes.”


“Skol! Prince Harald! Prince Harald. Travel well. All hail Prince Harald.”

Danelaw 1

“So, when are you coming back to England, Prince Harald?”


“Here. Bring it across. Yeah. How in Odin’s name did you avoid the storm? No, just two ships before the storm.”

“There are so many. There’s another one. Help me move these. We need more space here tonight. We need more wagons! Fragrance! Smell! Fragrance! Perfume!”


“The line? It’s possible.”

“He must be important. He hasn’t come out of the main tent. What do we know of this place? Trees, cities, and giant armies? These Norse are not our people.”

“What is this?”

Greenlander 2

“By the Gods. It’s an army.”

“This changes things. Really? What is your plan then? Go down there and simply take your revenge? I won’t be a part of such a plan. I didn’t promise your father to be a part of foolishness. No. We are Greenlanders, as are you. Until this morning, no one among us had seen more than 40 people together in one place. Now I look at more men than in Iceland and Greenland together. We must be able to admit that what we came here for is now hopeless.”

Harald’s homie

“Prince Harald, the boat’s waiting. We must leave. Prince Harald? Hundreds of them.”

Kattegat 1

“Greetings, brother. Did you just arrive? Join us. And tell us your name. First time in Kattegat? The massacre on Saint Brice’s Day. The murder of our people by the English King. That is what this is. Calling of all Vikings for revenge. If you’re not here for the gathering, Greenlander, what has brought you to Kattegat?”

“You fight like that, but you’re not here for the gathering. What does this man and his cross mean to you?”

“That’s close enough, Greenlander.”

Kattegat 2

“Through that storm? Where did you shelter? From Iceland? To have come that far, you must have had family killed in the slaughter like us.”

“It is an English cross, Greenlander. You can tell by the detail. Only a Viking who has spent time there would wear a cross like this.”

“We are with you, Harald Sigurdsson.

Kattegat 3

“Hey, where did you get this coat? I want it. I’ll double what it cost you. You know who I am? I’m Alfrun from Trundelike, and if I say I want your coat, your answer is, ‘yes, Alfrun. Right away, Alfrun.’ Do you understand?”

Kattegat 4

“Stop! Do you not know where you are? This is sacred ground.”

Kattegat 5

“What are you doing over here? Come with me before one of these damn Christians spots you. Go. If that Jesus bunch caught you prowling around over there, you’ll be lucky to get back. Here, help me with these.”

Kattegat 8

“Greenlander. You are not allowed in. Stay out!”

Kattegat 6

“It’s him, all right. It’s Eriksson. Our name is Becken. Your father killed our brother Sven. Your father is a killer. Ran away to escape justice. It has everything to do with you. You heathen bastard. You’re just like your father.”

Kattegat 7

“Your father is Erik Thorvaldson, yes? Erik the Red? No, Eriksson. The mistake was yours.”

Vikings: Valhalla, Netflix, MGM Television, MGM/UA Television

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