Inventing Anna, Netflix, Shondaland

Scam Artist

Netflix original miniseries Inventing Anna dropped February 11, 2022.

#InventingAnna is based on true events. / cracked the top 10 at 481m+ hours.

rottentomatoes: 64%

metacritic: 57

imdb: 6.9

Anna Delvey, Inventing Anna, Netflix, Shondaland, Julia Garner

Anna Delvey

Anna Sorokin poses as a German heiress to try and secure some business loans outside of New York City, New York.

Anna Delvey, Inventing Anna, Netflix, Shondaland, Julia Garner

“This whole story, the one you’re about to sit on your fat ass and watch like a big lump of nothing, is about me. Ew! Not her. Me. Everyone knows me. I’m an icon. A legend.” — Anna Delvey

“That part’s all lies, you know. I did nothing wrong. This is bullshit. Anna Delvey’s a masterpiece, bitches, and they can all just fu– I work for my success. I earn my accomplishments. Pay attention. Maybe you’ll learn how to be smart like me. I doubt it, but you can dream.” — Anna Delvey

“Vivian. It’s Anna Delvey. Vivian, thank you so much for coming. I’m okay. I’m just really glad you came. I know you said you would come, but but then I was told media visits take a long time to schedule, so… but it didn’t take you any time at all. Hmm. So this is just a regular visit? Oh, okay. So, I know you want to do an interview and I just… I don’t, um… I don’t know if I like, I just don’t want… okay. Yes, McCaw. McCaw is painting a public picture of me as a dumb, shallow, superficial person who’s just after money. I want you to know that’s not me at all. I’m not some party girl. I’m trying to build a business. I mean, even the name thing. She said I was using an alias. It’s crazy. Delvey isn’t an alias. It’s my mom’s maiden name. You said this was off the record until I agreed? Money is not an issue for me. And if the prosecutors are doubting me, if they think I don’t have money, ‘oh, she can’t pay for anything,’ why not give me bail and see. If I was such a fraud, it would be such an easy test. ‘Can she bail herself out?’ Try and see. Instead, I’m in here. Um… I wake up in the mornings now, and every time I think I had the most horrible dream. And then there’s a noise or a smell, or I… I… I catch a glimpse of the bars out of the corner of my eye, and… I realize this is… this is really happening. This place is just, it’s… it’s… it’s very different from real life and I’m not talking about a certain standard of living. I’m not spoiled. There are girls in here who are criminals, like, they’re dangerous people. Vivian, I didn’t do anything wrong. I didn’t do what the prosecutor is saying I did. This… this whole thing is some kind of… misunderstanding. I… I don’t belong in here. I don’t know if I can make it. Vivian? Are you… are you… are you pregnant or are you just so very, very fat? Okay. The back left corner of the office, that part that gets no sunlight. Full of the old crankies, who are, by the way, amazing writers. That is Scriberia. Everybody knows it. Paul certainly does, and he sent me there and he’s waiting for me to die. I am bubble-wrapped from any good stories. Landon–” — Anna Delvey

“You’re here on a regular visit again? Regular visits, media visits. You’re here on a regular visit. On a media visit they put us in a private room. You don’t believe me? Oh. Did you ride the bus? The bus. Did you take that white Rikers bus here? You don’t have to take the bus on a media visit. They drive you, it’s VIP. Who exactly did you talk to, and what did they say? On a media visit, they let you bring in papers and notebooks. On a media visit, they even let you bring a recording device, and our visit time isn’t limited to 40 minutes because it’s VIP. You rode that bus. Don’t you know how VIP works? I have a question. I read some stuff about you. Well, I have a question. What? No, why is your face like that? That wasn’t my question. I looked at some stuff about you from the Internet and I see some pictures, and I wonder what do you wear? Why do you dress like that? Like that? What are you wearing? You look poor. No, you need to get better clothes. You could get Scalia, Herrera, Dior, Valentino, mmm, maybe, and Chanel makes perfect flats. Your feet are too fat for heels. But this, no. You look broke-ass. I’m in prison, but I still accessorized it and had it pressed. I haven’t agreed to be interviewed by you yet, but still, mmm, what’s the words… on background. You know, Todd told me McCaw’s offering me a plea deal. I’m considering it. It’s pretty good. I might take it. I hate to, but it could be the smart way to go. Bye. VIP is always better, Vivian. You just have to be willing to do the work.” — Anna Delvey

“I’m not doing the interview. I’m taking the deal. Todd told you. If I go to trial and lose, Todd says that I could go to prison for at least 15 years, maybe more. And if I take the deal, I’m out in four and they deport me. Why wouldn’t I take the deal? Oh. What? So, now you care about me? And what do you think I want?”– Anna Delvey

“No. They will not call Anna Delvey a dumb socialite. I’m smart. I’m a businesswoman. We do this. Okay? I want to be heard in court. I want a trial.”– Anna Delvey

“And what do you think I want? To re rescued? To be found innocent?”– Anna Delvey

Vivian Kent, Inventing Anna, Netflix, Shondaland, Anna Chlumsky

Vivian Kent

“No assignments on the board yet. I might have a story. I was thinking, ‘what the hell, go in there and pitch it.’ Okay. Okay, fuck it. I’m going in. Yeah.”

“I know, and before you got too far, I wanted to put in a bid for my next story. Her name is Anna Delvey, or Anna Sorokin, no one’s sure. She’s either a mega rich German heiress, or she’s flat broke and maybe she’s Russian. That’s the point, no one knows. Whoever she is, the DA’s office just extradited her from LA and she’s being arraigned today. I’m going down to the courthouse now, so I’m already late. I’ll be on that. And do I really need to be? Mmm. That story is– yeah, thanks. I’m asking to be on this instead, Landon. Okay, but this is a cover story. Just give me a chance to get an interview. The indictment reads like a novel. The charges, the arena, the players are insane. We’re talking big banks, financial advisors, hedge funds, law firms, real-estate developers, philanthropists, galleries, art dealers, all of Fashion Week, and half of New York society, and she’s 26 years old. I couldn’t tie my own shoes at 26. You know I give good story. Let me do this. Fine. No problem.”

“You put up a good fight in there. I can’t imagine a young woman her age having to spend time at Rikers like that. I didn’t notice if she had family in the courtroom. I didn’t ask for one. Just wondering if you have any idea how she got mixed up in all of this. Those are some pretty serious charges and they involve two of the world’s largest banks, not to mention Fortress. Fortress is true power player private equity. That is not a sandbox most 26-year-olds would ever play in, would ever even know existed, but she did. How did she know Fortress? I just… I would really love an opportunity to sit down with Anna. The Post has done two stories calling her a ‘wannabe socialite.’ Jurors read The Post, and The Post is making fun of her. Dumb socialite? There’s no way they have it right. That girl is not dumb. I don’t know what, but not dumb. She deserves to have her story told. One interview. All I’m asking is that you talk to her. Let her decide. Vivian Kent. Vivian.”

“I’m sorry. I’m so, so, sorry. Again, I am sorry. I just… just got caught up. It’s a good story. Anna’s really a… I don’t know. She’s remarkable. This was worth missing an appointment about genitals. Fortress. No one gets into Fortress without keys, and the only keys are money or power. If Anna did it, she displayed some amazing financial talents. Even if she didn’t do it she displayed some amazing financial talents. Plus, she was in New York society. That’s, like, a closed world. Either she truly belonged there or she fooled her way in. One way or the other it’s a real story. You should’ve seen Paul’s face. ‘Wall Street, #MeToo.’ Bleurgh! Oh, my God, please don’t start. I’m not. Okay? Drop it.”

“Dear Anna, I’m a features write at Manhattan Magazine. I read a bit about your story. The papers have not done you justice. The few details I can find are so compelling that I’m sure there has to be more to the story. I know there is a brilliant and interesting woman behind– too much? … brilliant and interesting woman behind all of this. If you are amenable, I would love to meet and talk for a potential story. I hope you’re doing okay under the circumstances and that we can meet soon. My phone number is below. Best regards, Vivian Kent.”

“Hello? Yes. Yes, I will accept a call from Rikers Island. Hello, this is Vivian Kent. Another bus? Wondering how long the wait will be? It’s just ’cause the baby gets hungry. Me, that’s me. Oh! Hi, Anna. It’s nice to meet you. How are you doing? Are you okay? I didn’t come on a media visit. It’s so much red tape. Yes. It’s so much quicker. See, with a media visit, a journalist needs all kinds of permissions, but really, any regular person can visit an inmate. So I just got on the bus and here I am. You don’t have to agree to anything now. We’ll just talk on background, meaning I can’t quote you or give you any indication that we spoke. We’ll just get to know each other and then you can decide. Okay? That woman, that prosecutor? The ADA, Catherine McCaw? Okay. Of course. Anna, if you could give me some names, people I can talk to, friends, business associates, anyone who could corroborate your side of things, it would really help the interview. Right. It’s just, I thought if there was a way to help prove you have the funds you say you have– Anna, are you okay in here? I mean, are you safe? It’s going to be okay. It might not seem like it now, but it will be okay. It’s gonna be okay. Yes? Pregnant.”

“Nothing. At the doctor’s. No, I also interviewed people for the Wall Street piece. A lot of #Metoo stories. I needed to take it all in. Keep your voices down. These are the court records on Anna so far. They tell me nothing. I have no leads, no real idea who she socialized with, who her friends are. I need to find someone who can talk to me about Anna. I need sources, I need names. It’s all John Does in here.”

“I’m not asking you to talk about the trial, or give me a witness list, or anything official. I’m just looking for some color on the case. The banks listed in the indictment. Anna Delvey, or maybe it was Anna Sorokin? She was a client of yours. Thank you, yes, I’m happy to hold. I was just speaking with you, and maybe something happened when you put me on hold because… well, I… sure, I’ll hold. Vivian Kent again. No, do not put me on hold. Do not put me on… no. No, I do not want to hold. I am done with the holding. I… Anna hasn’t even agreed to the interview yet.”

“Sorry. I was chasing a Wall Street lead. Yeah, a great one. Super #MeToo. Yes, it’s, um… you know what? I’ll take care of it. Thanks, Fatima.”

“I wasn’t trying to– can we talk about that though? I don’t brag. How can you justify doing that story? Nothing, but the women of Wall Street are not proclaiming #MeToo. They are scared to death for their jobs, and seeing therapists, and trying to cope with handsy assholes and you want to launch a woman journalist grenade to bully them into telling their stories to the public until these women are traumatized and their careers are pulverized. I’m not against the women. I’m against you using them for clickbait. He was your guy on Harvey and he said there was nothing there. Who looks at Harvey and finds nothing? Jodi and Megan and Ronan found a fucking Pulitzer’s worth. And now, after everyone else has done #MeToo, ever daily, weekly, monthly, hell, Oprah came out of retirement, Time’s Up… now he wants in? Now? When it doesn’t matter. When there’s a comfortable bandwagon to get on. I’m not doing it. I want a real story with teeth. I went to Rikers, Landon. I interviewed Anna. I’m telling you, there’s something there. Paul never assigns me anything decent. Paul moved my desk out to Scriberia. Where you send old writers to die. There is no history. There is no history. It was nothing. You know that. It was nothing. It was Paul. Give me a month. One month on this Anna story. Let me do this before someone else beats us to it. You owe me one. This is my one.”

“I do not like you face. People forget, but people use Google. And Google… what? What do I always say about Google? Google never forgets. You know this. No other news outlet is going to hire me, Jack. I’m getting the interview. Okay? Okay.”

“I thought of that. The Beekman, the W… there’s a bunch of ’em listed as filing charges for not being paid, but she was in and out of each one. A few days at most. Nobody there knew her enough to remember if she had guests.”

“Yeah, this is bigger than my apartment. $1,700 a night. Anna’s bill must have been huge. And she paid it? Did you know her? Can you remember any friends or people who visited her?”

“Hi, I’m calling because I’m doing a story on Anna Delvey. I know that you and Anna got together socially a number of times. Oh, because it’s on Instagram. On Instagram. No, it’s definitely you. I’m sure. Hi, I’m Vivian. I’m sure. Over 30 photos of the two of you together on Instagram. Instagram. Instagram. Instagram. I’d hate to link you to Anna in an article without hearing your point of view. I will, but I’d hate to. Great. I’ll see you there.”

“How much of the nursery did you paint? Huh. Selfies from Instagram. This is Anna, and this is Anna. And this is Anna, and this is Anna, and this is Anna, and this is Anna. Anna, Anna, Anna, Anna, Anna, Anna! All taken within the last five years. Who is she? How many Anna’s is she? Who the hell is Anna Delvey?”

“Lose it. Got it. Bus marked ‘Rosie?’ I’m sorry? Yes. Like I said before, there are procedures for getting a media visit. So a regular visit is the fastest, easiest to– I think we’re good, not that many people in here today. So, anyway, I just had some questions. Is that okay? I’ve been trying to get some other interviews to help corroborate your story. It’s not that. It’s just for a story like this, a journalist needs other sources. To give the story credibility. So I made progress. I spoke to a number of your friends and associates. You know some very interesting and accomplished people. They all had lots to say about you, but there did seem to be some confusion over certain things. What? Well, yeah. Okay. Anna, I want to clarify some of this confusion. Everyone I spoke to, every single person, describes you very differently. Almost as if all of them were talking about a lot of different people, instead of just one person. What do you think about that? I don’t have my notes, so I can’t say exactly. I’ll keep that in mind. They were talking about things like how you dress. Totally varying descriptions. Do you have any idea why that would be? Or your dating habits? Here’s a big one. Everyone told me a different story about where your family money comes from. If we could clear– I do know, but VIP comes with rules. For a media visit, I would have to put in an official written request and then wait for approval and that can take weeks. Sometimes, VIP isn’t better. Anna, can you answer any of these questions? Just talk a little bit about why everyone has a different description of you? Okay. Lots of people have read some stuff about me. That’s not a question. Okay. Nothing. Fine, you looked me up and you read some stuff about me, and now you want to ask me a question. That’s not new. I usually get either ‘what happened to the kid in the story?’ ‘Where is he now?’ Or I get ‘did Bloomberg really offer me a job and then after everything came out, take it back?’ It’s always some version of one of those. And, yes, I can tell you they took the job back, and, no, I don’t know what happened to the kid. That answer your question? Because I would love to move on to you. What do you want to ask me? Huh? Like… I… this is a nice… I’m… I’m pregnant. Maternity clothes are hard to… I’m dressed down for prison. Anna. You’re wearing, what are those? Coveralls? Anna, can you answer some of my questions? Anna. Anna.”

“All I have is what she said on background. I can’t do the story with that. So what do I do? I’m not giving up. I’m not going in there and telling Paul that he wins, I’ll do #MeToo. So what? I go back there and convince her to say yes to giving me an interview. What? What are you talking about? I still have time with her if she takes the deal. I can do that. Why can’t I do that? Oh, fuck.”

“Okay. Obviously. The direction? The direction? Oh, Todd. Can I call you Todd? I’m gonna call you Todd. Your client is out of her fucking mind. There was no direction. My direction was nowhere. I have no idea who Anna Delvey, Anna Sorokin, whoever, is. The more I know, the less I know.”

“Fuck, fucking, fuck, fuck. Fuckety fucking fuck. Fuckety fucking fuck fuckers. She’s real. I thought I was going to have it fixed, my reputation… before there was a tiny person I’m required to keep alive and pay attention to. I want her, I do. It’s… I thought I would have my career saved. I thought it would be repaired, breathing, on its feet, before who I get to be changes. Look. She’s real. I’ve run out of time. And if you tell me my joy at having a daughter is supposed to make up for the loss of my career, the loss of the thing that lights up my brain, I swear to God, I will smother you in your sleep. Thank you. I am happy that it’s a girl.”

“How did you and Anna become friends? Why’d you lie about knowing her? Would you mind if I interviewed you? Can I ask why? There’s a bunch of photos of you and Anna and these two women. You were all good friends. What happened? Anna’a taking a plea. Did you know? I guess I just don’t want to see Anna throw her life away. Neff, listen. This could be an important story about financial institutions, the way women are treated, and how society admits only those elite few– I need this interview. I want… I want the career I was supposed to have. I don’t need you to convince Anna. If she’s going to respect me, I’m pretty sure I have to do that myself. But I need to know, what does Anna want?”

“Sit down. Have some tea. You’re wondering why I’m here. He did. But I just can’t stop thinking, why? It’s just this whole thing. Everyone’s calling you a scam artist, a dumb socialite, a joke. They’re all deciding who you are. When you take the deal, that’s it, you’re agreeing with them. You’ll be a dumb socialite forever. The trial and everything leading up to it is your one chance to defend yourself, to restore your reputation. I’m surprised you’d give that up. No, I’m not your friend. You don’t need to like me, I’m a journalist. I want something from you. I want this story. In return, I can give you what you want.”

“In return, I can give you what you want. No. You want to be famous. If you let me, I will tell the world your story and I will write the hell out of it. I will make you famous. Everyone will know the name Anna Delvey.”

Jack Kent, Inventing Anna, Netflix, Shondaland, Anders Holm

Jack Kent

“I was sitting in a waiting room full of pregnant women, by myself. I spent the afternoon looking like some molesting pregnancy fetish pervert to everyone at Dr. Harris’ office. Forks. Not enough. Anna’s in jail. You know what’s remarkable? Pulling yourself up by your bootstraps, working for what you have, showing up to ultrasound appointments. All right. Go. You know, you don’t have to put up with Paul. I’m just saying, maybe you’re overestimating how big a deal it was. Just trying to help. What…”

“What about this? You tell Paul to go fuck himself… take the year off, have a baby, and then get back out there and look for a job. People forget. Google never forgets. Okay.”

“Just the one wall. Why? Holy shit.”

“So, uh, what is it? Vivian. Yes! It’s a girl. Vivian! Vivian? Yeah. Hmm. Um, Vivian, I am trying to think of something comforting to say to you. Uh, because I can sense you’re upset. But I don’t want to because you are ruining one of the best moments of my life. Start explaining. You never have to thank me. I know. What do you want to do?”

Catherine McCaw, Inventing Anna, Netflix, Shondaland, Rebecca Henderson

DA Catherine McCaw

“The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office is pleased to announce the indictment of Anna Sorokin. Miss Sorokin is also known by the alias Anna Delvey. Miss Sorokin is charged in a New York State Supreme Court Indictment with two counts of attempted grand larceny in the first degree, three counts of grand larceny in the second degree and one count of grand larceny third degree, and theft of services. Anna Sorokin committed real white-collar felonies while posing as a socialite in an attempt to steal millions and millions of dollars. Investigations into her further criminal activity are ongoing. If you believe you may have been a victim of this defendant, I urge you to call the financial fraud hotline. Thank you.”

“We want her remanded, Your Honor. Your Honor, we all know the reason she is in court is because you allowed us to hunt and capture her. Remand is warranted, Your Honor. She’s a flight risk. DA’s office will ask for a substantial prison sentence in this case. Remand is more than appropriate in this case.”

“Come on, Spodek, I’m living my life. Why do you come here? There are phones. Want me to answer that in front of your kid? Oh, but I do. She’s a criminal. She stole from the biggest banks and hotels in the city. That is a load of bull– bull-shorts, fine. Todd, come on. These banks, these hotels, she embarrassed them. I can’t drop the charges, SI would have my head. Also, I don’t want to. She is everything that is wrong with America right now, and she’s not even American. She’s a little… bit of a scam artist. Now, that is sexist. Anna is what a criminal looks like. Todd, have you thought about helping her get a different attorney? I don’t mean to be insulting, I don’t. You know me. It’s just, I know your wheelhouse and I respect it, but it’s not this. I’m concerned. There are over 11,000 pages of discovery. I have seven people on this legal team. This is deep water. I’m trying to throw you a lifeline.”

“No. Color on the case? No. Okay. Okay.”

“We do, Your Honor. Defendant pleads guilty to all counts. Four years conditional parole, with deportation.”

Todd Spodek, Inventing Anna, Netflix, Shondaland, Arian Moayed

Todd Spodek

“No bail? Come on! Your Honor, she’s– my client has every intention of coming back to court. Your Honor, she’s a young, vulnerable, nonviolent offender. Set a reasonable bail and I will surrender her passport, and then she will be able to assist me in her down defense, which will take a tremendous amount of work, given the financial charges.”

“Thanks. Happens. I have no comment. But you were going to. No comment. No comment. That won’t happen. No one reads The Post. Look, I– who are you? Vivian Kent, Vivian. I’m going to keep walking in this direction, and you are not.”

“It’s a nice day. Because you need to see this face. Look at this face. Who could say no to this face? Catherine, you don’t want to try this case. Allegedly. And everyone hates banks and everyone thinks hotels overcharge. Shorts! Someone repeats all kinds of words, so ‘bull-shorts.’ No one’s going to convict her. She’s a Robin Hood, she’s a folk hero. She’s a sweet, nice girl. I don’t think you have this one right, for what it’s worth. But okay, I tried. Daddy tried, right? See you in court. No, Catherine, I have not. Flake you, Catherine. What? I’ll get a plea offer, you take it to her, we close this whole thing up quickly. Avoid a flaking trial.”

“Hey. Kids? What are we doing? Right. McCaw offered me a deal. It’s a good deal. Probably the best she can hope for. I haven’t told her about it yet. Saturday. I know the law. Obviously, I’m going to take it to her. Forget it. I’m just… I’m just tired. What are you doing? I thought we were late. You work at a big firm. And I work in a WeWork. My last big client was a woman who claimed she was the love child of a president. She was a joke. Mags, this case. It’s a complicated case. There are financial documents and international banking statements, and it’s just me and Alexi in the office. You know how much discovery that is to discovery? We can’t handle that kind of volume. Whatever the deal is, she should probably take it. She should. Catherine’s decent. Knowing her, it’ll be a good deal. A deal worth taking. Sometimes I put on that tux, I go with you to these events, and even though I’m with Margaret Vanderburn-Porter of the New York Porters, and even though that tuxedo cost more than some people make in a month… …even then, I still feel like one of the valets. Like I’m back in Long Island, and I’m… parking cars to help my ma pay the rent. Like our friends should be tossing me their keys and giving me tips. Anna doesn’t need her car parked.”

“I stuck to the facts, I laid out all the details of the plea agreement and let her decide. Take the plea or go to trial, her choice. I mean, she’s thinking about it. Yes. She’s gonna call me when she knows what she wants to do. So… if she takes the plea, I don’t have to try the case. Is it better to go to trial? Yeah, if I win, for both of us. It’s amazing if I win. But if I lose… the plea, it’s… it’s safer. Anna at least knows when she’s going to get out. I know I didn’t do anything to keep her in there longer. Publicly, I don’t take a hit. Is that better for Anna’s future? Maybe? I mean, I honestly don’t even know what I’m rooting for. I know. No.”

“She’s taking the deal. Yeah. McCaw offered, and it’s a pretty good deal. Anna has asked me to tell you that she’s not interested in doing the interview. She just didn’t like the direction you were headed. Sure.”

“Yes, Your Honor. She does. She does. Anna. What? Okay. My client wishes to reject the plea offer, Your Honor. She wants a trial, so we’re going to trial.”

Margaret Vanderburn-Porter, Inventing Anna, Netflix, Shondaland, Caitlin Fitzgerald

Margaret Vanderburn-Porter

“You’re late. Uh, your mother took them. Ula put out clothes for you. It’s black tie. Opening night at Ailey. Sorokin case? That’s great. Is she taking it? When did you get the offer? Saturday? Babe, you have a duty as an officer of the court. It could be considered malpractice to withhold– we are late. But clearly we need to figure some shit out. Start talking, mister. I work for my father’s firm. Hey, she did look a little like him. Mmm. So… why don’t you want her to? Don’t be gross. Mmm. Honey. Hey.”

“Hmm. And? What do you want her to do? What do you hope she’ll do? Hmm. It’s Aggie and popsicles. She never knows if she wants purple or red, so she lets Brian choose, and the minute he does, she gets a feeling. She’s either happy or mad. Anna will make a choice. And then you’ll know how you feel, one way or the other. Do you think we’ll get to sleep in our bed?”

Judge, Inventing Anna, Netflix, Shondaland, Debra Mooney


“Miss Sorokin, Mr. Spodek asked me to consider bail. I am. I have. I have no confidence whatsoever in you returning to this jurisdiction to face the music. None, zero. I am remanding you to Rikers Island until trial. Remand, take charge.”

“I understand we have a plea agreement. The defense has advised the defendant? And the defendant understands the details of the plea? And she agrees?”

Nora Radford, Inventing Anna, Netflix, Shondaland, Kate Burton

Nora Radford

“We need to drink about Anna. Did you see that article. Darling, it was in the papers. This could turn into a big, uh, thing. I have no desire to be humiliated. Hmm.”

“Her family is the Delvey family. The one big in antiques. German. There’s a trust fund. That’s all I know.”

“Anna scares the shit out of me. I still have nightmares.”

“There’s going to be a trial. A reporter tried to talk to me. Did you talk to her? Oh, me too.”

Neff, Inventing Anna, Netflix, Shondaland, Alexis Floyd


“Yeah. I could get in a lot of trouble for this, you know. Mmm-hmm. It’s $1,700 a night. Not even one of our suites. She paid, every dime. And she tipped with $100 bills. I read they’re saying she’s a scammer, but… Anna Delvey is a legend around here. We saw that money. I don’t fraternize with guests. I don’t fraternize with guests. It’s against the rules. I got to get back. So you want to take a selfie or what? Anna took selfies all over this place.”

“Wait up by the loading dock. Going on break. Hell no, you cannot deny me a break. Union. Do I need to say it twice? Okay then. I work here, Anna lived here for months. We just clicked. I did not lie. I just did not share. No. Thank you. I don’t sell out my friends. Goodbye. Anna’s not dumb. If she’s taken a plea it’s because she’s decided that’s the right thing to do. Is that why you’re here? To see if I knew about Anna? You don’t care about Anna. You care about your story, and I don’t know why, but obviously if Anna takes a plea you somehow don’t get your story. So the answer to my question ‘why are you here?’ is me. You came here hoping I would go convince Anna not to take a plea so you can have your story, right? Whatever. I am not new. I am not stupid. This is New York. I work in the New York people business. Everyone here is running a game. Everyone here needs to score. Everyone here is hustling. Everyone here wants something. Money, power, image, love. You want something. You want to take from Anna. Be bold enough to admit that. That, I could maybe respect. This, you showing up with a latte and a smile, hoping I’ll help you because you care about women and society? No. Not today, Satan.”

Rachel Williams

“I can’t believe it. How do you think they caught her.”

Kacy Duke

“Are you reading it? That girl’s back in New York. Karma, honey. The universe corrects all wrongs.”

“She’s Russian, her father’s a major money guy. Something about solar. Very rich, that’s what she told me.”

“Rick Owens, Zara off the rack. For someone with money, I didn’t understand it. But she had more clothes than anyone ever, so… she told me everything, and I’m telling you, Anna Delvey had no use for sex. She was into it. Anna was from another planet when it came to normal bodily urges.”


“I never met her. We never met her. It was one story, one reporter. The Post of all places. I mean, no one else is going to pick this up. Who on Earth would be interested in lowly Anna Delvey?”

“I’ll say this for Anna. The bitch knew how to dress. Chic. Parisian. Couture. Her face was basic, peasant face, which is how you know she was legitimately wealthy. No one who looked like that could get away with being poor, not in our world.”

“That bitch didn’t take a plea. No, no. I absolutely refused.”


“You see anything? I miss writing about the Obamas. Go for it. Why not? You got it.”

“‘Brilliant and interesting?’ Flattery will get you everywhere.”

“Fuck me. You went to Rikers. Anna answered your letter and you went to Rikers. Fight the power, woman. He’s not gonna catch her. Stop humping your Pulitzers and get over here and help. What do you need? Anna’s not giving up info?”

“What about the hotel? Not the hotels that filed charges, I mean the one that didn’t. 12 George Hotel. According to this, Anna stayed there for months.”

“What our woke friend means to say is that the young woman may be suffering some mental health issues. Don’t you say that to her. That is unethical. But he’s right, you need the time. You need to interview her over and over again. You need to build a story, talk to sources. Come back to her again. You need time with her. If she takes a deal, she’s what? Immediately sent Upstate to serve her time? You’re not going to be able to drive two, three, four hours to and from some prison every week to see her.”


“I’m saying it now. They give me Melania, I’m jumping. I will not write any more Melania stories. Yeah, get in there. Go.”

“What you up to, kid? Yes. You went rogue. Good girl.”

“No one’s gonna just talk, not rich people. You have to smoke ’em out.”

“The bitch is psycho screwing you. Chick is a nut job looking for a pound of flesh. That’s some Hannibal Lecter, lambs-are-screaming shit. That’s not enough. It’s not just that she needs to give you the interview. I didn’t say this, I never said this! But she needs to not take the deal. But she takes the deal, she’s gone. I know we all pretend like it’s not happening, but you do actually understand that a baby’s going to come shooting out of your hoochie pretty soon, right?”


“Take a shot. Come on. Oh, no. I can’t watch.”

“Where were you yesterday? Follow-up question, all day? I’m impressed. Paul’s gonna grind your bones for bread when he catches you, but still. The one person who knows all the names behind the Does is the prosecutor. How loose is the ADA on the case. Have you called the asset managers to see if they’ll break? There’s usually one set of loose lips.”


“Barry! Stories come, stories go. Both of you… Viv, you’re… yeah. Obviously, she can’t take the deal. You need the trial. No trial, no story. Hey. Maybe you’ll get lucky. Maybe she won’t take the deal.”


“Yeah. Yeah, that sounds good. Landon… she’s on the Wall Street #MeToo story. Why are you complaining this time? I gave you something riveting and provocative. A dumb socialite. I don’t think so. Wall Street, #MeToo. I want copy in three weeks.”

“Fatima, what are they doing?”

“You’ve been out a lot. Where were you? You got anything good?”

“She deliberately defied me. You misled me. She’s supposed to be on the Wall Street #MeToo story. Right, tell me, Vivian. What can you possibly have against the women of Wall Street proclaiming #MeToo? This is what I mean. She thinks she’s above the rules. That’s not fair. You gave in.”

Landon Bloom

“Vivian. Uh, we’re having a meeting. What am I looking at? Vivian, I– Vivian! Paul assigns your stories. Vivian, uh… Paul assigns your stories. She can’t just assign herself stories and brag about it, like she knows best.”

“Can we have the room? Paul? One minute. Why is everything so difficult? That’s not fair. That’s not your call. She gave you an interview. Before trial? Paul assigns the features. Scriberia? We don’t have a place we send writers to die. Paul is perhaps being cautious. Given the history. There is a history. The article. It was something. It was something. We’re going to have to continue to disagree. Vivian– two weeks, but make good. An exclusive interview with this woman, and be well-sourced. Two weeks. Show me something. Or I will let Paul reassign you. A couple more months, she’ll be out on maternity leave.”

Art Curator

“This is the situation. Her family had some impressionist painting that was supposed to be sold for about 42 mill when Anna turned 25, and she and her brother were going to split the proceeds. It was real. I saw the piece. I think I did. She wore the same black dress over and over. My God, all this time she was a fake.”


“She looked like this little Barbie Doll. Cute. She had something, you know? She came for a meeting at our office. She used my bathroom and I didn’t have any toilet paper, and she did a number two. She came down and spent time in the meeting and the odor was incredible. The odor was so bad, I said, ‘there is something wrong with this human being.’ In a sick way, I wish I knew her better.”

Instagram Model

“She and I made out a couple times and I can tell you, I wasn’t the first girl she’d been with. She’s hot.”

Spodek’s daughter

“Daddy tried.”


“Heartbeat is strong. Can’t tell yet. This kid of yours doesn’t want to turn around for me. Right there. It’s a girl. I’m gonna be back in a minute. Yep.”


“Nora. Hello, dear.”


“Well, I mean, they’re writers. So, writing.”

“Vivian, there you are. Listen, the DA’s office called Landon about some fake socialite case. He wasn’t in, but I guess the ADA wanted to… I wrote it down. ‘Following a visit from Vivian Kent, I want to formally register that the DA’s office has no comment on the case involving the scam artist known as Anna Sorokin, AKA Anna Delvey.’ Does this make sense?”

Riker’s Island

“Place your thumb on that scanner. Go wait for the bus marked Rosie. A lot of buses here.”

“Pass. It takes as long as it takes. It takes as long as it takes.”

“Sorokin. Sorokin.”

“Right over there.”

“No touching.”

“You’re good. Your visitor pass. Do not lose it.”


“Vivian? I’m Beth, the Rikers media liaison. Get in.”


“The fake heiress allegedly scammed her way through thousands of dollars in gourmet meals, luxury hotel rooms and private jet flights. Sources say she also conned Manhattan’s glitterati, leaving egg on the faces of society’s biggest players from the art world, real-estate, fashion and Wall Street.”

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