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Cattle Rancher

Netflix original film The Power of the Dog dropped November 17th, 2021.

#ThePoweroftheDog led Oscar nominations with 12.

rottentomatoes: 94%

metacritic: 89

imdb: 6.9

oscars: 12 nominations

golden globes: 3 wins

SAG awards: 3 nominations

Phil Burbank, The Power of the Dog, Netflix, See-Saw Films, Brightstar, Max Films International, BBC Films, Cross City Films, New Zealand Film Commission, Benedict Cumberbatch

Phil Burbank

Phil and George Burbank operate a cattle ranch outside of 1925 rural Montana.


1 nomination: 2022

Best Actor – Motion Picture Drama

1 nomination: 2022

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role

1 nomination: 2022

“Have you figured it out yet, fatso? How many years since we took over the ranch from the Old Gent and Old Lady? Oh hell, think about it. No, I have not. Early up tomorrow, brother. Big old drive.” — Phil Burbank

“There’s a dead cow. Keep out cattle away. Anthrax. Don’t touch. Well, guess this is it. What’s ‘it?’ All right, fatso, I’ll tell you what ‘it’ is. Twenty-five years since our first run together. Nineteen hundred and nothing. Well, not too damn long. Know what we should do? Go camping again in the mountains and shoot ourselves some fresh elk liver. Cook it right there on the coals like Bronco Henry taught us. You got a sore gut? You act like it pains you to hitch two words together.” — Phil Burbank

“Jake. He there? Nope. Not without my brother. Where were you? I couldn’t make the boys hold back forever. Twenty-five years ago, where were you, Georgia Boy? Hmm? I’ll tell you. A chubby know-nothing too dumb to get through college. People helped you, fatso. One person in particular taught you and me ranching so we damn well succeeded. Hmm. So… so, to us brothers, Romulus and Remus, and the wolf who raised us. Il Lupo.” — Phil Burbank

“Well, well… ain’t them purdy. Oh, yeah. Well… I wonder what little lady made these. Oh, well, do pardon me. They’re just as real as possible. All right. Now, gentleman, look. See, that’s what you do with the cloth. Ooh, you got that, boys? Only for the drips. Now get us some food. No, he did not. Uh, back then we had herring at the slaoon and a whole lot of alcohol. I remember this one time, Bronco made this wager that he could jump any horse over the table and chairs of the saloon piled up in the street. Well, we chose him a nag all right. It didn’t bother him. He took off his saddle, walked the horse up to the tables and chairs, talking to him all the while, stroking his big, ugly head while the horse sniffed. And then he swung on and rode him back and… flew over. Put it down to amour. What do you say, George? Amour? Do you mind quietening? We’re eating. Shut that down, or I will! Settle in the morning.” — Phil Burbank

“Brother. Where have you been? She had her ear to the door? What the hell? I said her boy needed to snap out of it and get human. Pointed it out, that’s all. She should damn well know.” — Phil Burbank

“I never saw him out on a lunge, that’s a fact. Not if you can’t see it, there ain’t.” — Phil Burbank

“Run into any snow down below? Well, I guess I’ll roll me a smoke since I’m woke up. How far did you get? Beech? Whatcha doin’ down there, Georgie Boy? Little tomcatting? Oh, yes. She cried on your shoulder. Give her half a chance, and she’ll be after some dollar for Miss Nancy’s college fee. Remember how the Old Lady brought those girls out to the ranch as soon as we could get hard-ons? Oh my God. Remember the tomato soup queen? Wasn’t it her that wrote you, ‘I always will remember the western moon?’ Well, guess you could taken her out without first putting a sack over her head. Unlike some others. It’s a piece of ass, you’re after, fatso, I’m damn sure you can get it without a license.” — Phil Burbank

“Hold it. Goddamn. George has… …got himself… tangled with a suicide… widow… …and her half-cooked son.” — Phil Burbank

“A little desk for your big desk. Yep, got you, old-timer. Did you write to the Old Lady? Yeah, I dropped ’em both a line. Yeah, Rose… well, you know as well as I do what the Old Lady would feel if she thought you were getting mixed up with her. She’d likely have hemorrhage. Come again.” — Phil Burbank

“Oh, hello there. Search me. I’ve been hanging around for you all day. There’s a deed the Old Gent wants sent to him. I’m perfectly fine, George. I’m not your brother. You’re a cheap schemer. ‘We had such a nice trip.'” — Phil Burbank

George Burbank


1 nomination: 2022

“What? Why? You ever try the house bath, Phil?”

“What’s ‘it,’ Phil? That’s a long time. What’s that? No.”

“That’s fine. Uh… checked the power, and it’s held up. Not coming till morning. Oh, no, thanks. Phil, they’re ready for us next door at the Red Mill. Dinnertime, boys. With you. Bronco Henry. Bronco. Much obliged.”

“Yes, ma’am. Fine. What… I don’t know what you’re talking about. Go on over. I’ll settle up. I’ll be along. Shall I settle up now, Mrs. Gordon, or… please, you can… send the bill, and I’ll post a check.”

“What you said about her boy tonight, Phil… made her cry. She was crying, Phil. Nah, not him.”

“Hello, Mrs. Gordon. I really just came to see you. ‘This most wholesome sauce is excellent with meats, fish, and cheese.’ I’d say they have more in them than wine. Sounds like booze. I see… I see the Herndon doctor and the undertaker, Mr. Weltz. Afternoon! Uh, looks like I’m the new waiter. Doctor. Mr. Weltz.”

“None to speak of. Beech. That’s where I aimed for. I was speaking to Mrs. Gordon. So she did. Well, night, Phil.”

“Phil. Did you say something about Rose? The Old Lady would feel as one Mrs. Burbank would feel for another Mrs. Burbank. We were married Sunday. She got rid of her property in Beech.”

“Hey, ho. Take the rest for later. I’ve been thinking we should have some sort of dinner party to introduce you to my parents. And perhaps we could invite the governor and his wife too. I saw them in Herndon today, and, uh, I… I kind of already mentioned it to them. Uh, maybe you’d be kind enough to play something on our old piano. You are plenty fine for us. The Old Lady can’t play a note, so… a good spot for what?”

“You are marvelous, Rose. What’s happening? Sorry, I… I really can’t. I really can’t dance. I… I just… I wanted to say how nice it is not to be alone.”

“Go on up and get out of the cold. Hello, Phil. You remember Rose? Hello. Something wrong with the furnace? I’ll go down and shake it up. Well, I figure that can go till morning. You all right? Come on in. This is the bathroom. Just make yourself at home.”

“Hey, ho. I’ve been thinking we should have some sort of dinner party”

Rose Gordon


1 nomination: 2022

Best Supporting Actress – Motion Picture

1 nomination: 2022

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role

1 nomination: 2022

“Do you know what they’d prefer to eat?”

“I’m going to need your room. What are you doing? Is that an album? May I? Too much to clean. Oh, she’s beautiful. I like her flowers. Oh, that’s clever, Peter. They’re so lovely. For the tables? I need three chickens. Can you do them? You’re gonna have to move your stuff to the shed. I’ll make a bed for you on the floor.”

“I can’t! Is everything all right? Are you all right, Peter? Where are you going?”

“Hello, Mr. Burbank. How can I help you? Oh. I’m quite busy. They have wine with them. I wish they wouldn’t do that. I don’t like drinking. They’re early. I should have never put the pianola in there. Here’s the water. Oh, goodness. I wish Peter were here. He should be serving the salad, and I need to fry the chicken. Sometimes if you get the food on the table… um, Mr. Burbank, I’m gonna run and get Peter.”

“But, George, I’m not very good. I only played for the moving pictures. If that’s what you want. This looks like a good spot. Pull over here, please.”

“Stand beside me, George. Follow me. Left foot forward. One, two, three. And to the side. One, two, three. And back. One, two, three. To the side again. One, two… you’re dancing. Here. This foot forward. Don’t think. One, two, three. To the side. One, two, three. And back. One, two, three. I told you I’d teach you. Forward, two, three. Side, two… what is it, George?”

“Well, brother Phil, we had such a nice trip– yeah, that’s fine. All right. Mm-hmm. Maybe you’d like to come to the ranch sometime.”

“Take the rest for later.”

Peter Gordon

Best Supporting Actor – Motion Picture

1 win: 2022

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role

1 nomination: 2022

“When my father passed, I wanted nothing more than my mother’s happiness. For what kind of man would I be if I did not help my mother? If I did not save her?”

“Yes? All right. Nothing. Not really. Sure. Do you like the mansion? You wouldn’t have to clean it. There would be cleaners. Thanks. Sure. All right.”

“Actually, I did, sir. My mother was a florist. So I made them to look like the ones in our garden. It’s really just for wine drips.”

“May I keep some of those petals? “


“You’re not eating?”

“He’s gone again?”

“My school boarders eat dinner at 6:00 p.m. sharp. No dish-washing duty if he has homework. Oh. No shoes inside. Maybe you’d like to come to the ranch sometimes. Won’t that be nice?”

Ranch Hand

“What happened? I hold it. Gotta be an animal.”

Ranch Hand 2

“Nope. Bronco Henry.”

“He’s got it!”

Ranch Hand 3

“You gonna say something? Bronco Henry. Boss is leavin’.”

“Did Bronco ever eat here? So where did you eat?”

“He was better before. Come on, Phil. What is it? There is something there, right?”

Ranch Hand 4

“Let’s get a move on. Bronco Henry. Dinner, boys.”

“He’s getting there. Is that how Bronco Henry learned it? What is it you see up there, Phil? Are animals up there? Has anyone else seen what you’ve seen, Phil? George?”

“Do you cut ’em up or something?”

Ranch Hands

“Bronco. Mmm. No. What? He jumped it? But to get a nag to jump… ain’t heard of. Come over here. I love you. What do you do with these?”

Restaurant Employee

“There’ll be 12 for tonight. They like the fried chicken dinner.”

Red Mill Patrons

“Rose? Rose, play piano for us please. Play! Play! Play! Come on! I can play the piano. ‘I’ve never seen a woman behind the wheel of a car.’ I said, ‘have you never seen a lady drive a car before?’ He thought the dog was driving. No. No. No!”

” ♪ Please, oh please, Oh, do not let fall ♪ You’re all mine I love you best of all ♪ You must be my girl Or I’ll have no girl at all ♪ There’ll be a hot time In the old town tonight ♪ When you hear The bells a-dinglin’ ♪ All join ’round And sweetly you must sing… ♪”


“Mr. Burbank.”

British GQ

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