Uncut Gems, A24, Elara Pictures, IAC Films, Scott Rudin Productions, Sikelia Productions

Black Opal

A24 original film Uncut Gems dropped on Netflix Monday May 25th, 2020.

#UncutGemswas executive produced by Martin Scorsese.

rottentomatoes: 92%

metacritic: 90

imdb: 7.5

Howard Ratner, Uncut Gems, Netflix, A24, Elara Pictures, IAC Films, Scott Rudin Productions, Sikelia Productions, Adam SandlerHoward Ratner, Uncut Gems, Netflix, A24, Elara Pictures, IAC Films, Scott Rudin Productions, Sikelia Productions, Adam SandlerHoward Ratner

Howard Ratner owns KMH Gems & Jewelry LLC outside of 2012 Diamond District, New York City, NY.

Howard Ratner, Uncut Gems, Netflix, A24, Elara Pictures, IAC Films, Scott Rudin Productions, Sikelia Productions, Adam Sandler

“Yussi, I’m a block away.  I told you I’m walking already.  What the fuck’s going on?  Arno?  Tell ’em I’m coming up now!  Arvi, I need that.  It was good.  They’ll call me with the results.  Hi.  How are you?  He’s doing you a favor.  That guy’s a fuckin’ moron.  Yeah, Arno’s friends here.  I’m, uh… Yussi told me you were waiting on me, so I’m sorry about that.  I’m Howard.  You didn’t bring ’em any water?  this is… this is our own spring water.  We’re the first on the block to have that.  Your parents happy for you?  All right.  So, I gotta tell you I’m in  a bit of a rush.  I’ll get you that.  We’re on the same page.  Oh, yeah.  I’m 100% fine.  It’s all good.  I’ll handle it.  I’ll handle it.  It’s good.  He’s not answering.  I understand.  What we doing?  What the fuck– this is not necessary.  $1200.  Literally my last amount of cash… …that I have.  This is not mine.  Take the fucking watch.” — Howard Ratner

“Arno, what the fuck is this shit?  You’re sending collectors to fuck with me at my office?  Are you out of your fucking mind?  I’m literally minutes away from closing the biggest deal of my goddamn life, and when I do, you’re gonna be embarrassed.  Oh, and by the way, the watch they took from me, it’s worth $20,000.  I want that deducted from the 100 grand.  Do you understand?  Call me back!  Look at this.  What’s up, ladies?  She’s sleeping.  Bullshit.  Hey, how are you?  People coming in and out of the apartment.  You show up to work any time you please.  I’m sick of this shit.  You’re taking advantage of me!  It’s 10:30.  It’s time to wake up!  So you had a party last night?  Why didn’t call you me?  Because I fell asleep.  I was putting Beni to sleep.  I had to put him to sleep.  I’m not lying!  I fell asleep on the floor again!  I’m exhausted.  Oh, shut the fuck up with that.  I’m so goddamn stressed out.  Don’t, don’t, don’t.  You can’t just do that.  Yes.  Show me.  What was the shoot?  How much did you get?  And who’s this guy?  What the fuck is ‘The Weeknd?’  This guy looks stupid.” — Howard Ratner

“Hi.  Howard Ratner.  How are you?  Good to see you.  I have a piece.  You know this kid, The Weeknd?  That’s Michael Jackson there on the cross.  Gonna be a controversial piece.  Makes it more valuable.  The blacks are VS2s.  That’s platinum.  I got some bets.  24 Gs.  I want the old KC Lakers.  I want the fucking over, all right?  I want Kobe’s under ’cause– all of a sudden– he’s not scoring tonight.  I want the Sixers to cover.  The points– I gotta run these points.  Demany.  If he gets to the store before I do, you just fucking keep him there.  You promise me?  Kevin Garnett is coming to my showroom right now.  Right now!  Whoa, whoa!  Hey, hey, hey!  Get out.  I– I don’t know these fucking guys.  I– but I didn’t do anything.  I have clients in the office.  Disgraceful.  We’re good.  David, go back inside.  Everything’s fine.  That’s my… that’s my shop.  Hello!  Open the door.  Okay.  Jesus.  You with KG?  Okay, well, you gotta shut that door.  It’s KG, huh?  Is that closed?  Okay.  Listen.  Hey, thanks for the security, by the way.  Send those bitches back to Paramus or Bay Ridge, yeah.  Will you take that and charge it up for me.  All I got is fucking Yussi to protect me.  Yo, yo.  Hey, let us talk.  What’s up?  What’s up with the… did Amar’e have fucking time on the clock?  Come on.  No time on the clock.  You’re waving him off.  Come on.  I like the earrings.  Those look great.  Last time you cleaned ’em?  Let me clean this for you.  Let me throw ’em in the ultrasonic for you for free.  For free.  I’d think you’d have bigger rocks than that.  You’re a big guy.” — Howard Ratner

“Who’d win in a fight?  Ben Wallace or Tony Allen?  Oh, yeah?  What is that?  Furby!  Bling this.  I started this shit.  Yeah.  All right, so I did this.  So it fucks with you.  There it is.  How’s that?  How’s that?  It scares the shit out of people.  Listen… this shit was slamming.  That’s an 18, but I can get you a 14.  KG.  Doc know you’re here, by the way?  It’s game night.  You should be stretching.  Throw these in the ultrasonic.  No, now.  KG, I wouldn’t lean on that.  You’re looking for watches?  Let’s go to the wall of watches right there.  What are we talking?  AP?  Yeah.  The, uh, 16.  Yeah, you’re right.  Right.  Look at this, right here.  That’s a small watch for a big man.  No, I don’t have papers.  I don’t have either one.  What are you talking about?  I don’t remember that.  Of course.  If you don’t have the box or pap– it’s a moot point, Demany, because I don’t have these, all right?  So how about we move on to the diamonds here?  Listen, you got a girl?  Why don’t you get your girl a treat?  Hey.  What’s up?  I’m not doing that.  I told you, you can keep ’em in my safe.  I don’t want you selling ’em out of my showroom.  You understand me?  That’s not my problem.  No– he’s having a fucking ball here.  What are you talkin’ about?  You’re not taking them to Flawless.  KG, do me a favor.  Don’t lean on that, please.  Oh, my God.  Oh, my God.  Okay.  Buzz him in.  Buzz him in now.  Now.  Oh, my God.  Is this… This is it!  This is it.  Hey.  Okay, look at this.  Bring it in.  Go to my office.  KG?  Don’t you dare leave, okay?  What’s in this package is gonna blow your mind, KG.  Is it heavy?  Yes.  Yes.  Yes.  Oh, my God.  What you got?  Give me that.  What happened?  What did you say to piss them off?  That was stupid.  You shouldn’t have said that.  Here.  Take this.  That’s a Gucci shirt.  It’s $500.  It’s brand new.  The tag’s still on it.  Holy shit.  I’m gonna come.” — Howard Ratner

“Hey, yo, KG?  KG?  Yo.  Hey.  That’s fine with me.  Let me get a phone from you.  KG, you’ve gotta come here.  All right?  I gotta show you something.  I know.  Listen to me.  Okay, so I’m watching TV like a year ago, all right.  I’m watching one of those History Channel shows, trying to learn shit.  And I stumble… you ever hear of African Jews?  Yeah.  No?  Check this out.  I know, all right?  So these are black Jews.  All right?  They’re stranded in the middle of Ethiopia.  It’s deep shit.  Yeah, look.  They got nothing.  They don’t got cars.  They don’t got shit.  And I’m watching this, and I’m like, ‘what are these guys wearing?’  Look, it’s on the Torah there.  It’s everywhere, right?  It’s a fuck– where do these fucking guys get precious black opals?  That’s what it is.  I do my research.  These guys live near the Welo mines, which primarily is red opal which aren’t worth shit.  But these, you can’t get your hands on these things, you understand?  So, look.  I say to myself, ‘how do I get a hold of these guys?’  And I’ve managed to track these guys down.  I buy one from ’em.  What is that?  That’s right here.  That’s the rock.  That’s the rock.  That’s the stone.  I got this.  It took me 17 months to get this thing.  Just look at this.  Hang on.  Just go through my loupe.  Be careful.  That’s my best loupe.  Look at it.  Isn’t that the shit?  That’s history right there.  Understand?  A good, what, 4,00, 5,00 carats?  $3,000 a carat?  I’m not fucking bullshitting you.  That’s the thing.  They say you can see the whole universe in opals, that’s how fucking old they are.  I’m telling you.  That’s why I wanted you to see it.  From stone to stone.  Garnet’s a stone.  You know that.  That’s a million-dollar opal you’re holding.  Straight from the Ethiopian Jewish tribe.  I mean, this is old-school middle-earth shit.  The dinosaurs, that’s right.  The dinosaurs fucking stared at this thing.  It’s 110 million years old.  At least.  Some deep shit.  Can’t lean on the glass, KG.  Fuck.  You all right?  I told you not to lean.  You heard me.  I did tell him not to lean.  You all right?  Fucking glass.  It’s a lot of weight you were putting… listen, it’s not for sale.  I can’t sell it to you.  I can’t do it.  That… God damn it, it’s set for auction.  I was excited, decided to share it with you.  I can’t.  They’ll pull it from the auction.  I already– you’re going to @me at HowieBling.  30 fucking pics I want liked.  Let me get a fucking shot.  Come here.  So you hold it up.  Boom.  Cool.  All right.  I can’t just– give me the Celtic ring.  I want the ring.  Collateral.  Make sure he brings it back.  I know he’s good for it.  Wanna make sure he remembers.  Thanks.  All right.  I’ll keep it right here.  Next to my Knicks ’73, classic.  I appreciate your understanding.  All right, listen.  You meet me at…  you will fucking bring that stone to me 9:00 in the morning.  Listen to me.  No dicking around.  You’ll show up, you hear me?  Buzz ’em out.  The earrings.  Wait!  Bring it out to him.  KG, no.  Fucking I don’t know.  What the fuck– who’s gonna clean this fucking shit?” — Howard Ratner

“Eddie boy, what are you doing?  Look what I got.  Look.  You’re gonna love this.  Here, hey.  What’s that there?  Will you leave me alone?  This is Kevin Garnett’s ring.  Championship ring, NBA 2008.  I knew you’d freak out.  All right, I love you, my boy.  Alberto, you came to work.  Bronstein.  Hey.  Break out your tray.  Where is it?  Where is it?  I’d shake your hand, but I know where it’s been.  Look at this.  It’s Kevin Garnett’s 2008 Championship ring. Championship ring.  2008.  I wanna pawn it.  I wanna pawn it.  I don’t know what you’re looking for.  It was just on his finger.  Talk to the league… about how they cut their shit.  Take a look at this.  All right?  That’s from his Instagram.  It’s blowing up right now.  I figure that thing’s worth 80 grand?  Just loan it to me.  That’s it.  Float it to me.  I’ll be back Friday.  It is a memorabilia piece.  That’s why you’re gonna sell it, right?  Give me 50 Gs.  Just float it to me.  Eight percent?  Fucking– how about I give you a grand?  You can take a grand off the top.  I’m gonna come back Friday for it.  Last time wasn’t my fault.  We fucking went over that.  If I don’t bring it back Friday, I’m a dead man, so… all right.  Deal.  Mazel.  All right.  Mazel.  Go to the safe?  Thank you.  Good Pesach.  This is great.” — Howard Ratner

“Hey, handsome.  Where’s he at?  He’s in the back.  Hey.  You got him making meatballs in the back?  All right.  Gary.  Gary, sorry.  I know.  I gotta change the bet.  I got $21,000 here, so you add it onto the 19 grand.  $40,000 in all.  Scrap the whole bet.  I wanna make a six-way parlay, Celtics, Sixers game.  What’s the line out?  Plus one, I want the Celtics to cover.  I want the Celtics halftime.  I want Garnett points and rebounds.  Garnett blocked shots.  Celtics opening tip.  Do you take lightning bets?  Fine.  A thousand dollars a point, okay?  Take this, and this is a gift from me.  For just tolerating me for all this time, okay?  I don’t know.  I just know.  I disagree.  I disagree, Gary.” — Howard Ratner

“Shoot.  Let him shoot.  Let him shoot.  Yeah, go, go.  Go.  Oh, fuck!  Fuck!  Fucking– that’s five fucking steps he took.  Jesus Christ!  That’s it.  Tuck to KG.  Finish it.  Back him now.  Back him now.  Boom!  Fuck you.  Yes.  That’s it.  That’s it.  That’s my man!  Go.  Get up on him.  Get up on him.  Fucking… get the fuck up on him, God damn it!  Okay.  I’m coming up.  Did he brush his teeth yet?  Yeah.  That guys was in my shop earlier today.  Look at him.  Soft touch.  Hit that shit.  Boom!  Let me get up there.  I’ll be right there.  Okay, let me just get to a time-out.  This fucking ref is ridiculous.  All right!  All right.  I’m sorry.  I’m sorry.  God fucking damn.  Oh, no.  Oh, give ma fucking break.  Fuck… hi.  Hey, hey.  I know.  Beni’s sleeping.  Keep it down.  NBA’s always the last two fucking minutes, so let’s calm down.  Hit that, KG.  Your father bet a lot of money on this one.  You don’t wanna know.  Yes.  Put that shit in the fucking hole!  That’s right.  Go on.  You can dunk again.  Boom.  Boom.  Boom.  All right.  Fucking amazing.  That’s fucking amazing.  All right?  He’s down.  He’s asleep.” — Howard Ratner

“Can you flip– can you flip it to ESPN just for one sec?  This is a huge game.  That’s wh– that’s why he’s going so crazy up there.  You really wanna do that?  I don’t know how sensitive that is.  Thought we both agreed that we wait till after Passover?  Hey, I’m not opposed to waiting till after summer.  It’s a commercial.  Can you just put the game on for two fucking minutes?  Till my car gets here.” — Howard Ratner

Demany, Uncut Gems, Netflix, A24, Elara Pictures, IAC Films, Scott Rudin Productions, Sikelia Productions, LaKeith StanfieldDemany

“Yo, Howard.  What’s popping?  This my ***** Cash I’m always telling you about.  You all right?” — Demany

“Yo!  KG said any minute.  Better get here soon.  He’s gonna be– this is insane, they just beat Yussi up.  Howard, Howard, what the fuck is going on, man?  They tried to fuck Yussi up.  Look at his shirt… look at his fucking shirt.  Look at his shirt!  He can clean ’em real quick.  Won’t cost nothing.  The fuck you talking– nah.  This ugly motherfucker right here– …animal or some kind of fucking… some toy, or some shit, and he’ll just bling the bitch out.  Used to work with ****** on early music videos, all that shit.  He like the first ****** to start all that.  Show him the eyes.  It’s a fucking older model, but it’s dope.  Fucking insane, man.  No, he’s just a fucking crazy-ass Jew.  We got a ***** that’s– yo, yo, yo.  Kevin was just telling me you’re looking for watches.  I was thinking about the Prezi.  That one you got that crazy-ass deal for?  Boom.  Look at the detail in there.  Of course they have– you sold me this shit, dummy.  You find me one ***** with a KMH watch they call out.  Huh?  Howard, get the fuck over here.  What are you doing?  Why didn’t you bring the goddamn watches out?  The ***** would have bought one.  Fucking dumbass.  Where the fuck am I gonna sell ’em, *****.  On the goddamn street?  That ain’t you problem?  That ain’t– he don’t like shit in this dusty motherfucking tin-foil filled– what the fuck is he gonna buy?  A goddamn Furby, *****?  Fuck you.  All right?  I’mma take his ass to Flawless.  I’m not fucking with you today.  Since you acting like a bitch– you acting stupid.  ***** want everybody to be a Jew.  How you get this shit?  You’re into that motherfucker.  Your ass crazy, man.  You’ve got a motherfucking dinosaur gem in this.  Fuck basketball.  Get a towel or something.  Don’t cut your fucking self.  I’m going to the game.  I’ll grab it from you, then meet you at Adley’s tomorrow morning.  Come on.  Come on, man.  Man… that’s what I’m talking about.  This shit speaking to him.  Inspiring.  Shit.  Hear that?  You talking about @me.  That’s a good idea, my *****.  Get me in that bitch, too.  Come the fuck on.  No.  He’s good money.  I’ll meet your happy ass.  Yes.  Chill.  I’ll see you there, motherfucker.  Black Jew power, *****.” — Demany

Dinah Ratner

“Howard, what are you doing?  What are you doing?  Howard, Beni’s waiting for you.  It’s 25 minutes past his bedtime.  Go.  Brush his teeth?  I’ve sent you seven texts in the dark.  Howard!  It’s the first quarter.  I don’t care Howard.  Say goodnight to your son.  Now!” — Dinah Ratner

“You know what?  I’m tempted to wrangle the kids downstairs right now and get it over with.  Oh, you’re calling me insensitive?  Next, you’ll be saying you wanna wait until after the summer.” — Dinah Ratner

Julia De Fiore, Uncut Gems, Netflix, A24, Elara Pictures, IAC Films, Scott Rudin Productions, Sikelia Productions, Julia FoxJulia De Fiore

“Hey, Howie.  Howard, I was working all night.  Oh, Howard!  Oh, my God!  Howard!  You’re so extra.  I did not!  Did we have a party?  Okay, because I did call you, at around 9:30.  You said, ‘I’ll call you back in five.’  I waited for hours– that’s rude.  Here we go with the lies.  You’re so manipulative.  Well, I didn’t ask you to have kids.  It’s not my fault you have kids.  Look, do you wanna fucking stay mad, or do you wanna get in bed and cuddle?  I know you wanna cuddle, Howard.  Just come here.  Come here, baby.  Come on.  Come on.  I know you wanna come here.  I know you can’t resist me.  I know you can’t resist me.  Come on.  Mwah.  Just come here.  Just one kiss.  Wanna see the photos I took?  I took these pictures.  I think I have a future in that.  3,500.  It’s this guy.  The Weeknd.  He’s gonna be major, even though he’s from Canada.” — Julia De Fiore

“Wow.  He doesn’t have a girlfriend.  Says you.  ‘Cause you told me.  Just give it to him.  It’s one night.” — Julia De Fiore

Kevin Garnett, Uncut Gems, Netflix, A24, Elara Pictures, IAC Films, Scott Rudin Productions, Sikelia ProductionsKevin Garnett

“That’s my man?  What’s good with you, man?  You serious?  Referee right now?  You like these?  I was checking out some rings.  Talking about?  What’s this gonna cost me?  For real?  See what y’all got in here.  TA all day.  What’s that?  A gremlin?  Iced-out gremlin down here?  Are you serious?  Are you serious?  Look at that.  I gotta… what’s the length?  Let me see the chain on that.  Look like a Gremlin or something.  No, he doesn’t.  And let’s keep it that way.  What is he, a coach?  Uh-huh.  Right.  That one for 16.  That crazy one though.  You know?  The Prezi.  Right.  Yeah.  You got papers for this?  Listen, ****** call ****** out for this, man.  Says who?  How you know if I got a girlfriend?  I never said that.  I gotta leave soon.  I gotta get out.  African Jews?  Stranded?  It’s a black opal?  Okay.  Really?  Holy… what is that?  Look how it’s winking in the light.  Hang on.  Let’s see this… oh, wow.  What?  How many carats is this?  What?  Why’s it got so many colors in it?  Holy snap… I gotta have this.  Yeah.  Chill.  I’m good.  That’s a sign.  That’s a sign I need this.  That’s what this is.  Straight.  That’s a sign.  I need this.  I need this right here.  What do you mean, it’s not for sale?  Why the fuck would you show me something if I couldn’t have it?  The fuck would you bring this out?  Let me hold it for a night then.  Let me wear it to the game tomorrow.  Cool.  Boom.  Just like that.  It’s perfect.  You don’t understand.  This stone, I’m really connecting with this.  I feel like I’mma have 40 or 50 on this, man.  You understand?  Understand that?  I’mma destroy Philly tonight with this.  Bitch-ass ******.  This fucking thing make me feel like I could fly.  Yes.  Yes, I got you.  Phew.  Jump in here.  Boom.  Yes.  All right.  Know what?  That’s a deal.  I give you that.  Classic, I like that.  Gotcha, right.  All right, let’s roll.  Let’s do it.  I’m outta here.  Keep ’em till tomorrow, I’ll grab ’em.” — Kevin Garnett

Phil, Uncut Gems, Netflix, A24, Elara Pictures, IAC Films, Scott Rudin Productions, Sikelia Productions, Keith William RichardsPhil

“Phil.  I’m good on the water.  I don’t really need water.  Thank you, anyway.  I said, ‘no water.’  Didn’t I tell you ‘no water?’  I think it’s in your best interest that you find some time for you and I.  All right.  We’re on the same page.  Get that door.  Let him do his thing.  He knows your calling.  He doesn’t wanna deal with you.  I don’t think you do understand.  Come on.  It’s not a fucking soap opera.  Listen, listen.  Enough.  There you go again.  Stop fighting.  It isn’t?  We’ll be the judge.  Fuckin’ magician.  What about this?  Take the fucking watch.”

“We got every right to fucking be here.  Ask the owner.  Fuck you!  Fuck you, man!  You just got involved in something you shouldn’t have.  Hear me?  That’s on you, asshole.  You see this?  You’re dead, fucker.  You’re dead.  You think I’m playing games?  Get your laugh off now, asshole.  When I’m shoveling the dirt over your fucking head, we’ll see how funny it is then!”

“Just walking.  Now he’s stopping.  He’s slowing down.  He’s doing something.  Playing with his phone or something.  He’s playing with something.  I can’t make it out.  I can’t see him.  His back is to me.  I dunno.  We can’t see anything.  Oh!  Now, here he goes.  Here he goes.  He’s going again.  What’s he saying?  This fucking prick.  He’s got fucking money.  He’s turning in somewhere.”

Nico, Uncut Gems, Netflix, A24, Elara Pictures, IAC Films, Scott Rudin Productions, Sikelia Productions, Tommy KominikNico

“Don’t move.  What the fuck is this?  Fucking prick.  He’s hunched over.  You can’t see.  A restaurant.  Nino’s.”

Arno, Uncut Gems, Netflix, A24, Elara Pictures, IAC Films, Scott Rudin Productions, Sikelia Productions, Eric BogosianArno Moradian

“70th and 1st.  What the fuck is he doing there?  Why?  Wait.  I just got a text from him.  It’s a picture of money.  He says, ‘Arno… …I got your money right here.'”

Eddie Ratner

“What do you want, dad?  What is it?  Sick!  All right, bye.”

“Garnett’s killing it.  I’m sorry.  I’m just so hyped.  Okay.  ‘Bout to win money.  Jason’s about to pay me 25 bucks for the first half.  Double it up.  Last half, I’m making 50 bucks.  Really?  How much?  How much?  A lot though, right?”

Gary, Uncut Gems, Netflix, A24, Elara Pictures, IAC Films, Scott Rudin Productions, Sikelia Productions, Mike FrancesaSports Bookie (Gary)

“Turn around.  Don’t even step in my place.  Turn around.  24 Gs.  Where would you get 24 Gs?  Kobe under.  Just throw it in the ocean.. plus one.  Let’s finish the bet.  Hey, one thing at a time.  Come on now!  Can we finish the bet?”

“You have your romaine, croutons.  You have your eggs.  No carrots in the Caesar salad.  What do you want?  I already made your bet.  Scrap the whole bet?  Still plus one.  Right.  Yeah, but you don’t want any part of lightning bets.  What’s this?  No, no.  I already have a Rolex.  I don’t need your watch.  It probably fell off a truck anyway.  Listen.  Garnett this, Garnett that.  What do you know?  I’ll tell you what I know.  It’s the dumbest fucking bet I ever heard of.”

Ca$h Out

“Yeah, man.  Gotta cash out.  Congratulations.  Respect.  He took me to Flawless to come spend some money with you.  He told me you had the best prices.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.”

KG security 1

“You and your man get– get your man and get fuck out!  Get the fuck out.  What?  Turn around and walk away.  Turn around and walk away!  Let’s go.”

KG entourage 1

“…it’s a yellow… that’s why we’re here.  Look at this shit here.  Oh.  Shit.  Give him a napkin.  Make sure my ***** good.  Yeah, boy.  Let him get that.  You better have 50 tonight.”

KG entourage 2

“Oh, yo, yo, yo.  You could put that shit back.  That energy.  Yeah.”

KG entourage 3

“He’s so extra.”

Diamond District Employee 1

“They keep saying they’re friends of Arno.  How do you feel?  Howard, Yussi is gone.  Gone for good.”

Diamond District Employee 2 (Yussi)

“Where the fuck are you, man?  I got two guys, they said they’re gonna be watching the business.  Hey!  Who do you think you’re talking to?”

“30 inches.  That’s like about 35 carats in there.  That’s an SI1.  That’s a white gold.  Then right in the middle– get some face on.  We don’t do that here, sir.”

“Man, I can’t do this anymore, bro.  What happened?  Your street goons, they attacked me.  Listen, Garnett’s crew came in here, they took a look around, see these guys, they’re like, ‘who works here?  who doesn’t?  Who doesn’t, get out.’  I said, ‘these guys don’t work here.’  These guys grabbed me, dragged me over the counter, ripped my shirt got me looking like a fool.  Are you fucking serious right now?  It ain’t about the shirt.  I gave you eight years of my life.  Look how you treat me.  I put everything into this business.  I saved your ass a thousand times.  I can’t take this place anymore, man.  I can’t deal with your problems every other day.  There’s a lot of people on this block that would love to do business with me.  When you see me working with them, you won’t like it.  Gonna be jealous.  You’re not gonna like it, Howard.  Howard?  Hello.  I’m standing here, man.  There’s a lot of people I could be doing business with other than you.  You’re falling apart.  You’re looking like a fool out here in the Diamond District.  Looking through fucking fish.  Come on, man.  I gave you eight years of my life and you can’t even fucking talk to me and look me in the eyes, man to fucking man?  Hey, fuck you, man.  I’m finished with this shithole.”


“What’s up?  A package from Fishtonic.  Where you want this?  A package from Fishtonic.  Where you want this?  Yes.”


“Hey, Howard.  Got the tray, what you got?  Championship ring?  You wanna pawn it or sell it?  Let me take a look.  Steve, take a look.  But they’re worth less.  It’s his ring.  I understand.  I hear you.  So what do you need for it?  Last time, you left something here for six months.  We wanna make sure up front.  We have a deal?  Mazel.  Get him the money.  We’ll get the money.”

Jeweler 2 (Steve)

“Check the diamonds.  It’s single cut.  It’s not even full cut.  Number one, we both know what’s in here.  We both know the value is mostly because it’s memorabilia.  So, I tell you what.  I’m gonna give you $25,000, but I want an 8% vig on the ring.  I understand.  Let’s make it quick.  $21,000, 7% vig, and I want you to know, you say you’ll be back Friday.  If you’re not back Friday, it’s my ring.  Deal.  Mazel.”


Restaurant Employee 1

“He’s in the back.”

Diamond District Employee 3

“Fuck is going on?  Everybody back in.”

KMH Employee 1 (Roman)

“As soon as the other stuff is done.  I got his earrings.”

Man 2

“You hear that shit?  Good, man.”

Man 3

“Impressive piece.”

Julia’s friend 1

“Shh.  She’s sleeping.”

Julia’s friend 2

“Oh, my God!  Not this song.  Look.”

Jewelry Shop Attendee 1

“Hi.  Nice to meet you.”

Celtics game caster

“Celtics don’t have a point.  Jrue Holiday… …who came out for four games… …hitting four of six from three-point range.  Celtics feel that they stole game one… …jumpers that got him 29 points. …with the fall-away. …Kevin Garnett are gonna be… …with three minutes to go.  And Garnett will put it up with four on the shot clock… …and hit.  Garnett, vintage game one, for sure.  Fifteen points on seven for eight from the field.  Here’s Jrue Holiday from traffic with a turnaround…”

Colinoscopy Doctor Bluaman

“Now reaching the right side of the colon.  That looks pretty clean.  And there’s the ileocecal valve which is patent, and it looks fine.  Prep looks good.  Looks like he’s well cleaned out.  Going up the sigmoid colon.  A few scattered diverticula there.  Heading towards the splenic flexure now.  That looks clean.  In the mid transverse colon.  Wait a second.  That looks like a flat polyp there.  Probably about 2 cm.  Gonna take some biopsies of that.”

Gooey, Uncut Gems, Netflix, A24, Elara Pictures, IAC Films, Scott Rudin Productions, Sikelia Productions, Judd HirschGooey

Trinidad Jame$, Uncut Gems, Netflix, A24, Elara Pictures, IAC Films, Scott Rudin Productions, Sikelia Productions

Trinidad Jame$

Marcel Ratner, Uncut Gems, Netflix, A24, Elara Pictures, IAC Films, Scott Rudin Productions, Sikelia Productions, Noa FisherMarcel Ratner

The Weeknd, Uncut Gems, Netflix, A24, Elara Pictures, IAC Films, Scott Rudin Productions, Sikelia ProductionsThe Weeknd

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