Unbelievable, Netflix, CBS Television Studios, Timberman-Beverly Productions

Sexual Assault

Netflix original crime drama Unbelievable dropped Friday September 13th, 2019.

#Unbelievable is based on true events and Pullitzer Prize winning literature.

rottentomatoes: 97%

metacritic: 82

imdb: 8.7

Marie Adler, Unbelievable, Netflix, CBS Television Studios, Timberman-Beverly Productions, Kaitlyn DeverMarie Adler

Marie Adler is attacked by a masked assailant in her home outside of Lynnwood, Washington.


Marie Adler, Unbelievable, Netflix, CBS Television Studios, Timberman-Beverly Productions, Kaitlyn Dever“I was raped.  Um… okay, I was… I was asleep.  It was late.  I didn’t– I didn’t go to sleep till four.  No, I was here.  I went to bed early, but then Connor called, and we got to talk– a friend.  A couple hours.  Yeah.  And then he raped me.  He said if I screamed, he’d kill me.  Then he– he took this thing out of his backpack and blindfolded me with it.  Yeah, um… … a condom.  He tied my hands.  No, um… first he tied my hands.  Shoelaces.  No, they were mine.  Not his fingers.  Then he… he put something on my stomach and took a picture of it.  Uh… because there were… flashes.  And he said if I told anybody, that he’d post the picture.  He… said that it wasn’t as good as how he pictured it in his head.  Um, he had on a mask, so I can’t– tall.  White.  I don’t know, like… light, like, not… brown.  He had a gray sweater.  I already told him.  Okay.  I– I was asleep.  I was on the phone.  Bye.  I don’t know.  He left.” — Marie Adler

“Again?  I already told the cop.  Two cops.  I was asleep.  You should go.  No, go.  It sucks when no one’s there to pick you up from school.  Mm-mm.  I have a headache.  But I already told you everything.  It was late.  I was in bed.  I stayed up talking to Connor.  And then at, like four, I fell asleep.  I don’t– uh, just normal.  No, just a voice.  Uh, a hoodie.  I mean, yeah.  Um, vaginally.  Um, around that, yeah.  He left.  No, not, like, right away.  He took the blindfold off, then packed up his stuff.  Mm.  Uh-huh.  Yeah.  What?  Oh, she’s… ’cause she’s my– she’s my friend.  What the… so, the whole thing?  Sir, my… sorry, I’m just really tired.  And my head is just kinda killing me.  Okay.” — Marie Adler

“It’s just really important to lock your doors.  You’ve gotta lock them.  And your windows.  You have to.  You just have to keep yourself safe.  Oh, Ty said I’ll probably get a new apartment tomorrow.  No, my foster mom.  Not the one that was here, another one, Colleen.  Oh, like… a million.  Colleen was a good one.  Hi.  It’s me.” — Marie Adler

“Hey.  Not good.  Mm.  It’s okay.  No, it’s all right.  Uh… I just, um… I’m just… taking some stuff upstairs.  So… yeah.  Yeah, upstairs.  Yeah.  Um… okay.  I know, I just… I, uh, I’ve got to pack and Ty loaned me all these bins, and he needs them back by this afternoon, so… I’m trying to hurry and stuff.  Uh… I’m looking for ones that I had.  They were right here.  Um… hi, excuse me, um… do you know where the green sheets with the little daisies are?  They were just here.  Really?  You had tons of them, like, three months ago.  Can you just go check in the back?  Well, that’s what they say at my store, but sometimes there’s one or two of something left.  It’s not enough to put on display, sot he manager just sticks it in the back.  I don’t really want another set.  I want my set.  I want the set that I had.  Well, they might.  In back.  I’m just asking you to check.  So you’re not even gonna look?  I am?  What about her?  Seriously, you’re siding with her right now?  I don’t want these.  I want my sheets.  Well, you’re not me!  It’s fine.  It’s fine.  Oh.  Come in.  Good.  Look, I’m all moved in.  Mm.  No, I’m good.  Thanks.  Okay, cool.  Thanks.  Nothing, I’m good.  I… kinda just wanna put all this stuff away.  No, I’ll talk about anything.  I just wanna… I just kinda wanna get this done.  Okay, will do.  What?  Why do I have to–” — Marie Adler

“Can I go now?  Yeah.  Yeah.  You’re welcome.  Um… I’m sorry.  Uh, shoot.  Wh– where do these go again?  Hello?  Why?  Am I in trouble?  I– I don’t know anything about that.  Again.  Okay, I… was in bed, asleep.  Why?  Oh.  Sometimes– sometimes it was good.  I don’t really like to think about that.  I just try to be as… happy as I can be.  And as happy as possible, so– I dialed with my hands.  I don’t… maybe I did.  Well, it’s… I don’t… it’s– it’s confusing.  W– what do you mean?  Who?  She said that?  What– what about it?  He said that he didn’t believe me?  I don’t– wh– why would he– why would he say that?  But there was.  No.  Can I go now?  I can take the bus.  No, that’s okay.  I can have these?  I’m pretty positive that it happened.  M– maybe I blocked it out.  I should get counseling?  Okay.  Okay, I’ll write the statement now.” — Marie Adler

“Like you helped me with the police.  Let go.  I wasn’t lying.  I told the truth the first time.  I don’t know.  I was really tired, and they just kept pestering me.  Yeah.  Like, asking me the same question over and over again.  ‘How come your story doesn’t add up?’  ‘How come people don’t believe you?  Is there really a rapist out there?’  I just, I–I– I wanted to go home.  But I gotta go to work.  Yeah.  No.  Yeah.  I remember him on top of me.  I could– I could take a lie detector test.  Um… maybe… maybe I was, um… hypnotized.  Wait, why?” — Marie Adler

“Amelia.” — Marie Adler

“Well, yeah, you have to be smart and brave and strong-willed.  And you have to be careful of who you can trust.  Because the danger in a zombie apocalypse is actually the people.  Because, yeah, the zombies are gonna kill you, but they can’t help it.  They’re just trying to satisfy their hunger for human flesh.  But the people… they’ll just take advantage when things go haywire, and they’ll just take advantage of the chaos.  And they start doing, like, fucked-up things to each other.  But they don’t have an excuse.  They know better.  Well, they should, anyway.  Yeah.  Well, I don’t know, maybe– maybe not.  Maybe some stay decent, but you never hear about them.  Yeah.  Yeah.  They won’t.  They won’t.  You’re on your own.” — Marie Adler

“Okay, I– I– I know what I’m supposed to say, if I had to do it over, I wouldn’t lie.  But the truth is… I would lie earlier… and better.  I would just figure it out on my own… by myself.  No matter how much someone says they care about you, they just don’t.  Not enough.  I mean, maybe they– they– they mean to or they try to, but… other things end up being more important.  So, yeah, I guess I’d– I’d– I’d start with that.  Lying.  ‘Cause even with good people… even with people that you can kinda trust… if the truth is inconvenient… and if– if the truth doesn’t, like, fit… they don’t believe it.  Even if they really care about you… they just… they just don’t.” — Marie Adler

“Well, at first, I was like, ‘$500, cool.’  But then I got to thinking that there were other things that I lost because of this.  Like… my job, my housing, free counselors.  Plus, you know… friendships.  And I know, it’s, like, ‘hey, $500 that you didn’t have yesterday,’ but my whole life, I’ve just been, like, ‘take what you get, and just be happy that it’s not worse.’  But something about this made me feel like… maybe that’s not good enough this time.” — Marie Adler

“So, I got my $500 back.  And I got more money from the City, as you probably know.  You know what I never got… ever… from anybody?  An apology.  Even I know, when you mess up, you apologize.  And when you mess up so bad, when your one stupid mistake ruin’s a persons entire life, you apologize more.  Next time… do better.” — Marie Adler

“Hi, um… I don’t know if you know who I am, uh… this is Marie Adler.  I hope it’s okay that I’m calling.  I got your number from my lawyer.  I’m okay.  I’m, uh… I’m at the beach, actually.  Yeah, it is.  Um… hey, I just, um… I– I was calling to say, uh… to– to thank you for, you know, everything that you did.  You did… totally.  You know, the thing is, I’ve spent my whole life… trying really hard to believe that most people are basically good, even when the ones I knew weren’t.  I don’t know, I guess it just… gave me hope or something.  Then this thing happened.  The rape and… I don’t know, it just became harder for me to… believe that there was really any good in the world.  And I think that that was the hardest part of this whole thing.  Waking up feeling hopeless.  and I would think things like, ‘well… if the world is this bad, do I… do I even wanna be in it?’  You know?  But then, out of nowhere, I hear about these two people in some completely other part of the country, looking out for me and making things right.  And… I don’t know, more than– more than anything else, more than him getting locked up… more than the money I got, it was hearing that, about you guys, that just changed things completely.  And I– I wake up now, and… I can imagine good things happening.  So, anyway, I just… wanted you to know that you– you did that for me… and to say thank you.  Yeah, you bet.  Uh, hey, you have a good day, okay?  Okay.  Bye.” — Marie Adler

Judith, Unbelievable, Netflix, CBS Television Studios, Timberman-Beverly Productions, Elizabeth MarvelJudith, Unbelievable, Netflix, CBS Television Studios, Timberman-Beverly Productions, Elizabeth MarvelJudith

“Here.  It’s water.  I was gonna make tea, but you don’t have any.  Go on, honey.  Take a sip.  Here they come.  Here comes help.  hi, come in.  I’m Judith.  I’m Marie’s foster mom.  Well, her former foster mom.  She called me, and I came right over.  Yes, thank you.  Um… come in.  She’s right over here.  He used to be a boyfriend.  Honey, you need to be more specific.  That’s Marie’s.  I helped her buy it.  She has a set– hey, Becca.  Officer Curran.  I don’t want to leave you, honey.  Well… okay.  I’ll check back in soon.” — Judith

“Would it be okay if this stayed between us?  I’d rather it be in confidence.  I don’t want it getting back to Marie.  I love her, I do.  She was with me the last two years.  She came here from Colleen’s.  Another foster mom.  Marie was with Colleen for a couple of weeks before she came to me.  It was an emergency thing.  The home Marie was in before was… well… they had to get her out of there.  so, she went to Colleen’s, but Colleen had a full house, so she couldn’t keep her long-term.  Right.  And she was my first foster child.  I thought they were gonna give me an infant.  I had a crib and everything.  and then this 16-year-old shows up.  Oh, I was fine with it.  I love teenagers.  I work at a high school in the principal’s office, so… I see a lot of them all day long.  So, you know, her behaviors, what she was going through, it was all pretty familiar.  I– I hope it did.  My point is, she’s had a hard life.  And not just the home she came from.  But… some of the foster homes too.  Some, yeah.  And that makes for a very complicated young woman.  Then you add this move, being on her own for the first time.  About six months ago.  It’s change.  And change is stressful.  So, yeah.  She has been a little needier.  A little more acting out.  It’s got one of those deals with the hotel and rent.  That’s inappropriate.  Marie!  Marie!  Honey, settle down.  Marie, that’s enough.  Marie.  Hey, hey.  Get off the table!  Marie!  Marie, there are children present.  Enough!  Off the table.  Right now!  Right now!  Just a whole lot of what I call look-at-me behavior.  It’s okay, honey.  And overly sensitive overly contrary.  All normal, given the circumstances.  I didn’t think she was ready for it.  But she insisted, so I supported her.  So, anyway, yesterday morning she called me and told me what happened.  Yes.  And I was just horrified.  Angry, upset, worried… all of it.  I went straight over there, right away, and… I don’t know.  The whole thing just felt… off.  Just not right.  How she was acting and re-acting.  Well, you saw her.  She was detached, I guess.  I know, believe me.  I have my own experience with it.  I was sexually assaulted in my 20s.  A guy I was dating.  Thank you.  My point is, I know about this.  And given the way she was acting and everything else, I don’t know, it just all felt… and then those weird details.  He brought a blindfold but nothing to tie her with.  Would a shoelace even hold her?  And then that thing about him taking the picture.  Well… just hypothetically.  say she’s gotten herself into a situation with some boy.  And there is a compromising picture out there, or she thinks there might be.  I am not drawing any conclusions.  I just… I woke up this morning with all this stuff spinning around in my head, and I thought you guys should have the whole picture.  The context.  I might not have even called, but then I talked to Colleen, and she said she was feeling weird about it too.  Not doubts.  I just thought since I had this… feeling… maybe I had an obligation to share it with you.” — Judith

“Marie?  What are you doing?  Careful.  You’re gonna scratch the do– just wait a second, will you?  I’ll back the car out.  Just let me help you.  Marie.  What– what does that mean?  What does that mean?  I don’t know what you were told or what you heard, but I did not do… I didn’t do or say anything.  Listen.  This sounds like a big miscommunication.  I didn’t tell the police anything other than some background on you.  I told them about where you’d been and what you’d been through.  That’s it.  I may have told them you’ve been sensitive lately.  But it’s true, you have been.  Now, don’t do that.  Don’t pull a big disappearing act.  We are having a conversation here.  Don’t just abandon it.  Marie!  Marie.” — Judith

Detective Parker, Unbelievable, Netflix, CBS Television Studios, Timberman-Beverly Productions, Eric LangeDetective Parker

“What do we got here?  Hi, Marie, I’m Detective Parker.  This is Detective Pruitt.  We’re in charge of the investigation.  Um… I know this is hard, but I need to ask you some questions about what happened.  That’s good.  Curran’s a good cop.  But I’m lead detective on this, so I need to hear what happened directly from you.  Okay?  And my partners need to collect some evidence for the crime lab.  Is that okay?  Okay.  Let’s start at the beginning.  Uh, last night before all this happened, what were you doing?  And before that?  Sorry to interrupt.  Uh, just to be clear, the blindfold and the condom were from his backpack, but the laces and the knife were yours?  Got it.  How long did the assault last?  And what happened when it was over?  Thank you, Marie.  Um… I’ll need to ask you some more questions down at the station a little later.  But right now, you need to go to the hospital.  They’ll have to examine you.  You’ll need a change of clothes.  Uh, I’m sorry, ma’am, you can’t touch that right now.  All right, just tell the investigators what to get for you.  Prints?  What’d the neighbors say?” — Detective Parker

“Hi, Marie, how you doing?  I’m sorry.  I’ll try to get you out of here as fast as I can.  I just want to go over the incident once more.  I know, it’s tough.  A lot of times, as a victim talks about a crime, new details come out.  Uh, sometimes important ones.  I really want to find this guy.  I want to make him pay for what he did to you.  And I want to make sure he never does it to anyone else.  So… I need all the details I can get.  So, let’s start at the beginning.  All right, before the assault.  How would you describe his voice?  No accent, no defining characteristic?  Okay.  What next?  Hang on.  Did you say a hoodie or a sweater?  You’re sure?  Okay.  And the actual assault.  Did he penetrate you vaginally, anally, both?  Hang on.  Five minutes?  Okay.  And after that?  Right away?  The blindfold and the condom, but he left the knife and the shoelaces.  And then he left.  And what did you do then?  So, the call to the neighbor, that came after you talked to Judith?  And you called her because…?  I’m just wondering why you also called Amelia.  Got it.  Okay.  Just two more things.  Um, this is a medical release.  By signing it, you give us access to the information from the exam they did on you over at Snohomish.  And, uh, this is  a witness statement.  I just need you to write out the statement you just told me.  Yeah, we need it in your own words.  Okay.  Okay.  Um… sign the medical release now.  Take the statement home.  All right, just fill it out in the next day or two… and get it back to me.” — Detective Parker

“Oh, Barlow.  I need a copy of a DCFS file.  It’s for the victim of that sexual assault at the Oakdale.  Thank you.  Parker.  Right, sure.  How, uh… how you doing today?  You don’t want me to take notes?  Sure, I can do that.  Who’s Colleen?  Isn’t that kind of, um, a short stint?  So, she came to you.  Must have been a surprise.  Got it.  Well, it must have made it, uh, easier.  For me, I don’t know if it did for her.  Has she been in situations you’d call, um… abusive?  How long ago did she move out?  And the transition’s been hard.  Acting out how?  Yeah, sure it sounds like, uh, a big change.  Right.  The rape.  Off, how?  I think there’s a range of reactions to this kind of thing.  Hmm.  Your own experience.  I’m sorry.  Off.  What– what about it?  Are you saying you think Marie made up the attack?  So, you both have some doubts about Marie’s story?” — Detective Parker

“Sure.  Here, I’ll walk you out.  Let me ask you one thing, so I’m sure I understand.  Uh, in your statement you wrote that you tried calling Connor, then called Judith, then cut yourself free.  In that order.  All right, thanks again, Marie.” — Detective Parker

“She told us you were the first person she called after the attack.  So, you two are close?  Friends, more than friends?  Are you and she sexually active?  When she called, the morning of the assault, did she leave a message?  Can I confirm that on your call log?  Thanks.  And then, uh, when was it you finally talked to her?  And what did she tell you?  And did she give you any specifics?  Did she describe him physically.  Did she say what happened next?  With her toes?  You sure about that?” — Detective Parker

“The hard evidence we have: the shoelaces are from her shoes, the knife’s from her kitchen.  Uh, great.  Thank you.  Yeah.  Aw, man.  Marie, it’s Detective Parker.  Oh, hi.  Listen, I was wondering if we could meet again.  She asked if she was in trouble.  Yeah.  They usually are.” — Detective Parker

“Okay, I’m gonna cut to the chase.  I found some inconsistencies in your statements and those of other witnesses.  How about you walk me through it again.  Tell me exactly how the assault happened.  One more time, yes.  Marie, I’d like to back up a little and talk about what came before all this.  DCFS shared your file with us.  We wanted a clear picture of who you are beyond this assault, as a person.  You’ve been through a lot.  You’re a real survivor, aren’t ya?  I mean, no dad, uh… unreliable mom with not-so-nice boyfriends.  Then foster care, which wasn’t always much better, I’m sure.  My point is.. you’ve made it through some very difficult stuff.  Sure, I get that.  So, help us out.  There are inconsistencies in your story.  I mean, the dialing alone, we have four different versions: tied, untied, with your hands, with your toes… then why’d you tell Connor you used your toes?  You just told us you didn’t.  What?  For us too.  And we’re not the only ones.  There are other people who don’t know that what you told us about the rape… that it’s the truth.  Well, Judith for one.  And Connor’s statement.  It’s also inconsistent with yours.  So, he knows the version you told him.  And then he finds out it’s not what you told us.  It makes it very hard for him to believe you too.  And then there’s the crime scene.  I mean, we couldn’t find any physical evidence there was anyone else in your apartment that night.  Absolutely not.  Right, so… I’m gonna tell you a version that does fit together.  Okay?  A young woman, been through a ton of bad stuff, on her own for the first time, just broke up with her boyfriend, feeling isolated, lonely, might… on the spur of the moment, come up with something, without thinking it through, that would get her the attention she needs.  ‘Cause you haven’t gotten enough attention in your life.  I can see that.  You haven’t been cared for or protected, and… that’s not your fault.  Marie, we can’t leave here till you give us an answer.  There was no rapist?  No one came in your apartment?  And the… shoelaces, the knife… you did that?  Okay.  Thank you, Marie.  Right.  Uh… since your other statement’s already in the file, we need you to write a new one… with this new information.  Okay?  Jesus.  I tell ya, I’m glad we caught it early.  Remember that case over in King County last year?  College student and the history professor?  Guy spent a week in jail before she admitted she made it up.  I think he did, yeah.  I feel for her though.  I mean, Christ, feeding a little girl dog food.  Who does that?  You can’t take care of a kid, use a fucking condom.  Simple.  Oh, God.  You have a ride home?  You sure?  We can give you a lift.  Yeah, all yours.  Pretty positive or positive?  Hmm.  What do you think should happen… to someone who would… lie about something like this?  Okay, what?” — Detective Parker

Detective Pruitt, Unbelievable, Netflix, CBS Television Studios, Timberman-Beverly Productions, Bill FagerbakkeDetective Pruitt

“Body fluids?” — Detective Pruitt

“Dialing with your toes?  Not really a detail you’d be inclined to forget, you know?  No sign of forced entry.  No identifiable prints.  No body fluids.  Is that hers?  Jesus.  What?  Hmm.  In my experience, when someone asks, ‘am I in trouble?’  Marie, I want to be really clear about something.  We don’t think you’re a bad person.  And I also don’t think this was some big, thought-out thing, but given the inconsistencies in your story and the lack of evidence, this is becoming a puzzle that is hard for us to piece together.  So, Marie… tell us.  We need to know.  It’s our job.  Is there really a rapist running around that we should be looking for?  Marie?  Say it.  We need a statement.  Here.  Same deal.  Fill out with what you just told us, and then, yeah, you can go home.  Well, that’s that.  Yeah.  Didn’t he sue her?  I don’t blame him.  God.  Change?  There you go.  Hang on.  What is this?  This is not what you just said.  ‘I dreamed that I was raped.  When I woke up, it felt so real, I believed that it had happened.’  Marie, what’s going on?  You just said there was no rape.  You just said that.  Sit down.  Come on, sit back down.  Let me explain something.  Our job, mine and Detective Parker’s, is to protect the public.  That’s it, that’s the whole gig.  Time in here with a witness, that’s time that we could be out on the street, keeping people safe.  Now, that’s part of the job, it’s fine.  We’re happy to do it, as long as our time here is valuable.  If it’s about something real.  This is not a worthwhile use of our time.  This is a waste of our time.  Marie.  You’re a smart young woman, clearly.  You must understand the way you’re handling this… you say one thing, you write another.  There is a rapist, there isn’t one.  It’s a dream, it’s a blackout. You’ve told us four different versions.  At this point, regardless of what the truth is, the only thing we know for sure is that you have told us at least three lies.” — Detective Pruitt

“You wanna take back your statement, taking back your statement.  All right, let’s do this again.  Detective Parker isn’t in today.  This is Sergeant Rheinhart.  So, let’s back up a little.  Talk about what caused this turnaround.  Did something happen last night when you went home?  Did– did they give you a hard time about lying?  Really?  ‘Cause those guys downstairs, are they your counselors?  Yeah, uh… they seemed kinda pissed off.  And I get that.  They put all this time and energy into thinking this horrible thing happened.  And then find out it didn’t.  I mean… Marie… I know this is hard.  And I’m sorry about that, but I have to remind you of what’s already happened.  You already told us you lied.  You already said you staged evidence.  You swore to it.  You signed your name.  So, given that… how are we supposed to believe you now?  Yeah, yeah… that’s right.  You could.  That’s an option.  But you need to know, if you take it and fail, that’s called making a false statement.  It’s a crime.  So… do you wanna go downstairs for the polygraph?  Or do you wanna just… clear this all up with us, in here?  You know what?  Fine, let’s do the polygraph.  Let’s go.  But here’s the thing, Marie.  The guy running it, he’s not going to ask, ‘we’re you hypnotized into thinking you were raped?’  ‘Did you dream a rape?’  He’s going to ask you one question.  ‘Were you raped?’  That’s it.  And if your answer turns out to be a lie, I have no choice but to arrest you and put you in jail.  I also suspect your living situation, with the counselors and the stipends and all that… you lose all that if you have a record, right?  But, like I said, if you want to do a polygraph, you’re free to do one.  You need to know the risks.  But, yeah,  the decision is yours.  Nope.  Totally made up.  Says she didn’t think it would turn into such a big thing.  So, we’re gonna close the case.  Call me if you have any questions.” — Detective Pruitt

Detective Karen Duvall, Unbelievable, Netflix, CBS Television Studios, Timberman-Beverly Productions, Merritt WeverDetective Karen Duvall

“What’s her O2?  Use the nebulizer.  Okay, one more hour and then nebulize.  I mean it.  Okay, bye.  Go for 12.  Ten-four, I’m en route.  Hey, what do we got?  Where is she?  Never mind.  Amber?  Hi.  I’m Detective Karen Duvall.  I’m fine.  How are you?  Are you injured physically?  Would you like to see a paramedic?  Let me know if that decision changes.  Sometimes pain can sneak up on you.  They’re right here.  And they’re here for you.  If it’s all right with you, I’d like to ask you some questions.  It’s a little busy out here.  Would you be comfortable talking in my car?  Okay, good.  That’s me right here.  You okay?  You comfortable?  Amber, all our research has shown that the sooner a victim of a crime talks about it, the better his or her recall is, so… if it’s all right with you, I’d like to dive right in.  Let’s start with background.  That’s your building there?  How long have you lived there?  What are you studying?  Smart.  A lot of work in that field.  Where’d you move from?  You miss it?  You live here alone?  Okay.  Now about today.  My colleague Detective Wilson, he says the assault happened this morning.  Before the assault, can you tell me a little about where you were, what you were doing?  I do.  What’s your boyfriend’s name?  Have you told him what happened?  No parents?  No friends?  No.  Amber, you don’t have to explain yourself to me.  Who you choose to tell, when you choose to tell them, that is entirely your decision.  Just wanted to know.  So you were asleep?  In your bed, on the sofa?  Got it.  Then what?” — Karen Duvall

“Take your time.  And once you realized he was gone, what’d you do then?  Even though he told you not to?  Do you know roughly what time it was?  You’re right.  It does.” — Karen Duvall

“Uh… that’s just a little reminder.  What I’m doing, I guess.  It’s from Isaiah.  God shows up… looking for someone to be of service.  Clean things up a bit.  He says, ‘whom shall I send?'” — Karen Duvall

“I’m the kind of person who stays ’til the end of the party.  It may not be healthy, but it’s how I do the job.” — Karen Duvall

“My first year on the job… I got called out to a domestic disturbance in Englewood.  Nice little Tudor house where the husband had just… beat the lights out of his wife.  There’s blood gushing from her nose, and her eye’s swollen shut.  So, we arrested the guy, and I tried to send the woman to the hospital, but she wouldn’t go.  So, the paramedics patched her up… and then we left.  And it didn’t feel right… so I made a mental note to go back later and check on her.  So… I finish my shift, and I head back to the station… and all the guys are wantin’ me to go out for a beer.  And I tried saying no, but you know how that goes.  It’s, ‘come on, Duvall, don’t be a lame-ass.’  All that nonsense.  So, I caved.  I went.  I was a good sport.  And guess what?  While I was out having my beer with the fellas, the guy made bail, and he went back home… and he finished what he started.  He shattered her leg, and he fractured her skull.  And he left her with permanent brain damage.  So, when I hear that little voice inside me saying, ‘don’t go home yet…’ I pay attention.  We think we have McCarthy… and it looks like we have him… but you know as well as I do… a million things can go wrong between where we are now… and where we wanna be.” — Karen Duvall

Amber, Unbelievable, Netflix, CBS Television Studios, Timberman-Beverly Productions, Danielle MacdonaldAmber

“Oh.  Hi.  How are you?  No.  They checked me out already.  I’m fine.  Okay.  Sure.  Yeah, that’s fine.  Thanks.  Yeah.  I’m good.  Sure.  Um, where would you like me to start?  Uh, yeah.  Apartment B-4.  Three months.  I moved out here for school.  I’m at Tabor College.  Computer science.  Mm-hmm.  Chicago.  Yeah.  But it’s– it’s nice here too.  Yeah.  Mm-hmm.  Early.  Um, I was sleeping.  I stayed up really late.  My boyfriend was visiting from Chicago and he left yesterday.  I always do that when he leaves, stay up late.  It’s like, all of a sudden, I can’t sleep without him, you know?  Eric.  Eric Llewyn.  Mm-mm.  I, um, I haven’t told anyone.  Just you.  I mean, 911.  Is that weird?  Just, the thing is, um… Eric’s super protective of me, so as soon as I tell him, he’s gonna be– okay.  In my bed.” — Amber

Detective Grace Rasmussen, Unbelievable, Netflix, CBS Television Studios, Timberman-Beverly Productions, Toni Collette Detective Grace Rasmussen, Unbelievable, Netflix, CBS Television Studios, Timberman-Beverly Productions, Toni ColletteDetective Grace Rasmussen

“Oops, did I scare you?  Oh, sorry about that.  You know what’s funny?  I was just asking myself the same question.  What the fuck?  What the fuck is a grown man doing crawling through the woods, dressed head to toe like a goddamn SWAT team member, in the middle of night, behind a building where a woman was raped last month?  Grace Rasmussen, detective, Westminster PD.  More importantly, friend, who the fuck are you?” — Grace Rasmussen

“So, you’re out there– because?  According to who?  Okay.  So you were moving the rocks from– why were you doing it at night?  Why not during the day?  Oh, then I’ll just cut to chase.  Why don’t you tell me where you were on the night of April 22nd?  Anyone who can confirm that?  Do you have a wife, Mr. Graham?  Or girlfriend or sisters?  Or… do me a favor.  Take a second to imagine how you’d feel if one of those sisters was tied up and raped at gunpoint.  Think about the commitment you would expect from the detectives working the case.  Now think about the witnesses they brought in for questioning.  How you would hope that they would do anything they could to assist in the apprehension of the monster who would inflict such irreversible harm on your sister.  Thank you for your extremely valuable time.” — Grace Rasmussen

“Spoiler alert, the percentage of cops who self-report as domestic abusers -40.  Yep.  Almost half our brothers in blue.  How about that?  Are you?  Must be nice there in Golden.” — Grace Rasmussen

“No sweat.  You’re not the first person who finds me disagreeable.  Listen, uh… I know I’m not exactly a constant ray of sunshine, but you can’t take it personally.  It’s just me.  There are lots of good cops who celebrate every little step in the right direction.  I’m just not one of them.  I don’t get jazzed about little things.  The sneaker, the glove.  They’re positives.  Yeah, helpful… but they’re also nothing.  There’s only one thing to get excited about: catching the guy.  And we haven’t done that yet.” — Grace Rasmussen

Connor, Unbelievable, Netflix, CBS Television Studios, Timberman-Beverly Productions, Shane Paul McGhieConnor

“Yeah, she told me that too.  I felt so bad.  I didn’t hear it.  I don’t sleep with my phone in my room.  Yeah.  Friends.  We… we used to date, but… um… not– no, not, not– no.  Mm-mm.  She just hung up.  Oh, uh, sure.  Here it is.  She called that night.  10:48.  That, um, she had been raped.  Yeah.  She said that she woke up, and a man was there with a knife.  Uh-uh.  But I guess after the, um… the rape… um, she said he left.  Yeah.  I guess she was still, uh… um, tied up.  so, she dialed the phone with her toes.  I mean, yeah, that’s what she said.” — Connor

Officer Curran, Unbelievable, Netflix, CBS Television Studios, Timberman-Beverly Productions, Jon BeaversOfficer Curran

“I’m Officer Curran.  Thank you.  Marie, I’m Officer Curran.  I’m here to help you.  Can you tell me what happened?  Okay.  Everything you tell me everything that happened?  Everything you remember.  Do you know what time this was?  So, you were up late.  Were you out?  Conner, is that a friend or boyfriend?  And how long did you talk?  And you fell asleep.  What then?  Let’s go back to when he was standing by your bed.  Did he say anything?” — Officer Curran

“Police.  Anything else?  Then what happened after he blindfolded you?  Using what?  Also from the backpack?  And then what happened after that?  And then?  Did he also penetrate you anally?  Was the penetration with his penis or his fingers?  So, when it was over, what happened then?  You were still blindfolded?  How’d you know he was taking a picture of you?  Did he say anything else?  Can you give me a physical description of him?  Anything that you remember will help.  Was he short, tall?  Race?  Eyes?  Uh, don’t touch that.  Sorry.  Sir, I, uh, got an initial statement from the victim.  She’s shaken up.” — Officer Curran

Amelia, Unbelievable, Netflix, CBS Television Studios, Timberman-Beverly Productions, Olivia WelchAmelia

“I was asleep when she called.  She was really upset, so I called 911.” — Amelia

“You can stay as long as you want.  So soon?  I kinda like having you as a roommate.  Are you calling Connor?  How many did you have?” — Amelia

“No.  Okay?  Just, no.” — Amelia

Colleen, Unbelievable, Netflix, CBS Television Studios, Timberman-Beverly Productions, Bridget EverettColleen Doggett

“She was raped.  Last night, in her apartment.  Some guy broke in.” — Colleen

“Oh, my gosh, honey.  I’m so sorry.  I didn’t mean to scare you.  It wasn’t locked.  They got you a new place?  Oh, that’s good.  Wait.  Hey, hey, hold on a second.  Hey, come here.  Come here.  How are you?  You know it’s okay to not be okay.  Marie.  Marie, easy.  Well, which do you like?  Hmm, maybe they don’t have ’em anymore.  Honey, she said everything they have is out.  Let’s just pick another set of sheets.  Well, they don’t have them.  Marie, you’re being unreasonable.  It’s okay.  I’m not siding with anyone.  Let’s just choose some sheets and get outta here.  After what happened on them?  If I were you, I’d never wanna see those sheets again.  Marie, come on.  Your shoes.  Honey, it’s brand new.  Hi, Ty.  Marie, come on.  Get up.  Thanks, Ty.  Marie.  Honey.  What can I do for you?  What do you need?  Sweetie.  What happened to you, it’s a very big deal.  I just want to be sure that you’re getting the support you need.  So you don’t wanna talk about it?  All right.  You call me if you need anything, okay?  Hey, Judith, it’s me.  Yeah, I’m just leaving her place now.  Honestly, I have no idea how she is.  She seemed… I don’t know, fine.  Like– like nothing had happened.  It was weird that I was even visiting her or something.” — Colleen

Evelyn, Unbelievable, Netflix, CBS Television Studios, Timberman-Beverly Productions, Treisa GaryMarie’s Boss (Evelyn)

“Marie?  Marie!  What are you doing?  That’s cookware.  These are vacuums.  Forget it.  Rami.” — Evelyn

Ty, Unbelievable, Netflix, CBS Television Studios, Timberman-Beverly Productions, Charlie McDermottTy

“Marie, it’s Ty.  Hey, Colleen.  How you doing, Marie?  You, uh, need anything else right now?  Okay.  If that changes, you know where to find me.  You bet.” — Ty

“Marie.  Could we talk a sec?  so why did you tell the police it wasn’t?  Marie.  This is important.  So, what’s the story?” — Ty

“Guys, let’s try to put this in terms of feeling.  Marie, do you want to say anything?” — Ty

Sergeant Rheinhart, Unbelievable, Netflix, CBS Television Studios, Timberman-Beverly Productions, Rif HuttonSergeant Rheinhart

“How you doing, Marie.  Making a false statement is a crime for a reason.  It impedes our ability to do our job, to keep the public safe.  That’s why we enforce it.  That’s why we prosecute it.” — Sergeant Rheinhart


“Yeah.  Got it.  I’m on it.” — Barlow

“Hey, Detective, here’s that Child and Family services file.” — Barlow

Al, Unbelievable, Netflix, CBS Television Studios, Timberman-Beverly Productions, Brent SextonFoster Dad (Al)

“So, how’s she doing?  Jesus, seriously?  How– how is she?  Is she hurt?” — Al

Becca, Unbelievable, Netflix, CBS Television Studios, Timberman-Beverly Productions, Patricia Fa'asuaBecca

“Excuse me.  What’s going on?  I work in there.  It’s okay, I’m her counselor.  Are you okay?  Come here.  I’m so sorry this happened.  I’m so, so, so sorry.  Hey, Judith.” — Becca

“What do you mean?  When you said you were raped?  You’re saying that was true?  Pestering?  If there is a rapist running around and you’ve told the police there isn’t, you need to go back and clear that up, now.  Right.  Yeah, thank you.” — Becca

Assailant (Christopher McCarthy)

“You scream, I’ll kill you.” — Christopher McCarthy

“You scream, I’ll kill you.” — Christopher McCarthy


“No sign of forced entry.  Gotta assume she left the door unlocked.  Collected two small stains from the sheets.  Also found a couple of loose hairs on the floor.  Lifted two partials off the slider.  We’re knocking on doors.  So far, nothing.” — Forensics

Forensics 2

“Probably the sliding one.  Not enough to enter in the AFIS.” — Forensics 2

Nurse, Unbelievable, Netflix, CBS Television Studios, Timberman-Beverly Productions, Deborah PuetteNurse

“Okay, you can turn around.  Sorry, you’re almost done.  I know, sorry.  We need it for our records.  It’ll be a total of 12 swabs.  Four from the vagina, four from the rectum, and four from the area between.  I’m also going to need to use a speculum to collect your vaginal discharge.  I have to ask if you’ve had consensual intercourse in the last 72 hours.  Here we go.  Now, I’m going to apply a dye to your genital area.  It shows the difference between healthy tissue and injured tissue.  Oh, not yet.  Almost done.  One more thing.” — Nurse

Nurse 2, Unbelievable, Netflix, CBS Television Studios, Timberman-Beverly Productions, Nancy WetzelDischarge Nurse

“Your signature, here and here.  Thanks.  These are your antibiotics in case you’ve been exposed to any STDs.  Four pills, you’re gonna take ’em all at the same time with water.  This is your morning-after pill.  Just one, also with water.  This is for you.  Now, if you experience any of the following: excessive bleeding, vaginal discharge, shortness of breath, trouble swallowing, hives, thoughts of killing yourself… there’s a number there I listed it on your instructions.” — Discharge Nurse

Bedding Store Employee (Rowe)

“Everything we have is on the floor.  It is.  We don’t do that.  I know what’s there.  I’m back there all the time.  The only thing back there is more of what’s out here.  It’s okay.” — Rowe

Nicole, Unbelievable, Netflix, CBS Television Studios, Timberman-Beverly Productions, Alison JayeNicole

“I’m so sorry.” — Nicole

“Why did you do that?  Why would you freak us out like that?  That’s… angry, really, really angry.  That’s insane.” — Nicole

Jolene, Unbelievable, Netflix, CBS Television Studios, Timberman-Beverly Productions, Jamila AllenJolene

“We’re all here for you.” — Jolene

“It’s sick is what it is.  You’re sick, you are.  Disgusted.” — Jolene

Maddie, Unbelievable, Netflix, CBS Television Studios, Timberman-Beverly Productions, Tess AubertMaddie

“You knew how scared this would make us.  Betrayed.” — Maddie

Group member 1

“I’m feeling mad.”


“Excuse me, miss.”

Canvassing Officer #1

“What’s your name?”

Canvassing Officer #2

“Go ahead.”

Witness (Ann)


Civilian #1

“I dunno who they’re looking for.”

Sarah, Unbelievable, Netflix, CBS Television Studios, Timberman-Beverly Productions, Vanessa Bell Calloway


Doris Laird, Unbelievable, Netflix, CBS Television Studios, Timberman-Beverly Productions, Jayne Taini

Doris Laird

Lilly, Unbelievable, Netflix, CBS Television Studios, Timberman-Beverly Productions, Annaleigh AshfordLilly

Detective RoseMarie, Unbelievable, Netflix, CBS Television Studios, Timberman-Beverly Productions, Dale DickeyDetective RoseMarie


















Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send?”

And I said, “Here am I.  Send me!” — Isaiah 6:8


Unbelievable, Netflix, CBS Television Studios, Timberman-Beverly Productions












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