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NBC‘s new coming-of-age slice-of-life dramedy This Is Us premieres the penultimate episode of its first season this Tuesday.

This Is Us has been renewed for 2nd and 3rd seasons.

Rottentomatoes: 89%

Metacritic: 76

IMDb: 8.9

emmys: 2 wins


Jack Pearson, NBC, This is Us, Milo Ventimiglia

Jack Pearson

Jack Pearson and his wife Rebecca adopt a young baby Randall when he shows up at the hospital after they lose a stillborn son delivering triplets in a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Jack Pearson, NBC, This is Us, Milo Ventimiglia

“The towel?  It’s absolutely terrible.  Yes, ma’am.  Only one I’ve got.  I see that.” — Jack Pearson

Quote1Tradition is tradition.Quote2 — Jack Pearson

“I’m sorry, baby, but it’s my birthday, and I would really, really like to see the dance.” — Jack Pearson

“Mm-hmm.  Mm-hmm.” — Jack Pearson

“Okay, okay.  I’m quiet.  Come on.” — Jack Pearson

Quote1Hey, big three, do you three know how much I love your mother?   I mean, do you even have any idea?Quote2 — Jack Pearson

“No.  No, no, no.  Birthday tradition is birthday tradition.  So close your eyes in there, kids, because daddy’s about to do some real terrible things to mommy.” — Jack Pearson

Quote1In any state, my wife, you arouse me.  There’s nothing you can say that’s…  Yep.Quote2 — Jack Pearson

“Hey, do you realize me and the kids are gonna have the same birthday?  Yeah.  Still, six weeks early is pretty early.” — Jack Pearson

“What the hell could this thing possibly be for?” — Jack Pearson

Quote1This is some kind of bad joke, right?Quote2 — Jack Pearson

“You’re gonna mean some of it.  Fair enough.” — Jack Pearson

Quote1We are walking out of this hospital with three healthy babies and one healthy wife.  I have three cribs at our new home that we bought specifically for our three children to grow up in.  My-my mother, my mother has already knitted three onesies.  And she’s a slow, no-talent knitter.  It also happens to be my birthday today, which tends to be a pretty great day in our house, a day when I get pretty lucky.  So I’m gonna need everyone in this room to believe me when I say that only good things are gonna happen here today.  Actually…  I-I don’t just want you to believe it.  I want you to know it.  Do you know it, baby?  Do you know it, doc?Quote2 — Jack Pearson

Quote1I need to be with my wife.Quote2 — Jack Pearson

Quote1You know, when I was a little boy, I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up.  Adults always ask little kids that.  I never had a good answer.  Not until… not until I was 28.  Till the day that I met you.  That’s when I knew exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up.  I wanted to be the man that made you happy.Quote2 — Jack Pearson

Quote1Not always.  Not lately.  From here on out, I’m gonna be an 11 for you, baby.  No… Screw that.  I’m gonna be a 12 for you, from here out.  I’ll be an 11 for the kids, but you get a 12.  Do you forgive me?Quote2 — Jack Pearson

Quote1All of our children are exceptional.Quote2 — Jack Pearson

“You know, your mom and me, we always try to treat you kids the same.  Always have.  Hasn’t always worked because, well, you’re not all the same.  You’re adopted, and we don’t talk about that enough.  ‘Cause to me, you are every part my son.  Maybe I… I don’t want you to feel like you stand out.  But I need you to know something.  I want you to stand out.  I want all of you to be as different as you can possibly be.  In all the best ways.  I love you as much as a human heart can, kiddo.  You are an exceptional young man.  So don’t let your dad’s poor choice make you feel afraid to be different.  Okay?” — Jack Pearson

Quote1Listen.  I would never let that happen.  I would never let that happen, okay?  I promise.Quote2 — Jack Pearson

“Yes.  I won’t stop.  I won’t stop.” — Jack Pearson

Quote1I bought it.  Yeah.  I scraped together some cash and I got a loan and I sold the Chevelle.  Um, and-and then Ken, he-he gave this to me for a really, really good price.  Well, we-we had… we had enough.  We had enough stashed away.  Come here.  Come look at this.  This place has got great bones.  Look at this kitchen, huh?  How great is this?  You can have, like, a full range, two counters.  I mean, we’ve got… we’ve got six months until the babies are born.  I mean, look at the fireplace.  I-I can get a lot done in six months, you know, at least get the-the downstairs and the bathrooms done so we could use ’em.  You need to see upstairs.Quote2 — Jack Pearson

Quote1What do you think?  We have a home.Quote2 — Jack Pearson

Quote1Sorry.  Yeah, I just… just keep thinking about my wife and how I just… want to get home to her, hang out with her, make sure she’s okay.  Which is crazy, because she’s at her absolute worst right now.  I mean, like, Excorcist level bad.  But I still don’t want to escape her.  Or my future vomiting, crap-riddled kids.  I just, I want more time with them.  I want to freeze time with them, so-so that I can get a little bit more.Quote2 — Jack Pearson

Grounded, hard-working, supportive, one who honors his commitments Jack Pearson is a Guardian.

Rebecca Pearson, NBC, This is Us, Mandy MooreRebecca Pearson

Rebecca Pearson subsequently confers with Randall’s biological father William, but conceals this relationship, and ultimately decides to commit to raising the boy as their own.

Rebecca Pearson, NBC, This is Us, Mandy MooreGolden Globe

1 nomination: 2017

“You promise you like your gift?  Suit’s on?  Your birthday suit.  I had to put the lingerie on top of my clothes.  It wasn’t a great moment for me.  Yeah.  But I’m gonna go ahead and spare us both the seductive birthday dance this year.” — Rebecca Pearson

“Your funeral.  Ready?  This is what you want?  A little of that.  A little of that, for you?  I will gag you dead with that towel.” — Rebecca Pearson

Quote1Happy 36th birthday to you.  Happy 36th birthday to you.  I have triplets inside of me.  I am shamu.Quote2 — Rebecca Pearson

Quote1Yeah, we do.  Now shut up  and let your fat-ass wife go to sleep.Quote2 — Rebecca Pearson

Quote1How could you possibly want me right now?  I bet I can make that go away.  My water just broke.  Yeah.Quote2 — Rebecca Pearson

“I know.  Yeah.  I know.” — Rebecca Pearson

“Oh, God.  No, I need Dr. Schneider ’cause he knows about…” — Rebecca Pearson

Quote1Baby, I’m sorry for anything I’m gonna say in the next two hours.  I mean none of it.  Very little of it.Quote2 — Rebecca Pearson

“I love you.  Yeah, I know it.  I know it.” — Rebecca Pearson

“Guys, breakfast!  Let’s go!” — Rebecca Pearson

Quote1Do not call him that.  I don’t care what everybody else does.  Randall is your little brother; you have to have his back.  No, sweetheart.  No,  no, no.  Your breakfast is over there, Kate.  Thank you.Quote2 — Rebecca Pearson

“Baby, we talked about this.  Good morning.  Jack.  Do you need me to show you where the coffee is?” — Rebecca Pearson

Quote1Are you comfy?  Okay, sweetness.  Good night.  I love you so much.  Yeah. babe?  You know I just want you to be healthy, right?  And I want you to be happy.  Are you happy?  Well, then, I’m happy, too.  Tell you what.  How about you and I find a healthy balance together?  How does that sound?  All right.Quote2 — Rebecca Pearson

Quote1Kev, bud, what is the deal?  Why are you always so hard on him?  You know it doesn’t matter what people think.  He is your little brother, Kevin.  You have to be there for one another.  Do you hear me?  I love you.Quote2 — Rebecca Pearson

Quote1I’ll see what I can do.  Hey.  Promise me you’ll always be good.  I love you.  Now get some sleep, please.  No more fighting.  Don’t make me come back in here.  Good night, I love you.Quote2 — Rebecca Pearson

Quote1And the thing is, I’m trying really hard to get us to a nine.  Because they are cute kids, and they deserve nine-parents.  And, the thing is, I feel like I’m there, Jack.  I feel like I’m operating at a nine.  Because I do individualized lunches and I do individualized tuck-ins for each kid so nobody feels gypped.  And…  When you’re home, and you’re you, you’re way better than I am.  You’re a ten when you’re you, Jack.  But you’re getting home later and later and when you do come home, you’re…  The drinking has to stop.  You have to rein it in, baby, because I won’t have it in my house.  I won’t.  So if it’s a problem, fix it.  Be a man, and fix it.  Because I’m done letting you lower our score.Quote2 — Rebecca Pearson

“You make me happy.” — Rebecca Pearson

Quote1You slept outside our bedroom door like a labrador.  Of course I forgive you.Quote2 — Rebecca Pearson

“Do you have the name of a barber?  Well, I would appreciate it.  Lotion.  Okay.  Thank you.  Do you think that my son could play with yours sometime after school?  And does he need sunscreen or not?  He does, right?  I thought he did.  I knew he did!  Can you tell my husband that, please?” — Rebecca Pearson

Quote1Promise me we are never having kids.  I think it’s time for shots.Quote2 — Rebecca Pearson

Quote1I think it’s great.  I think you should do it.  We’ll figure it out.  We’ll figure it out– we’ll send Randall to another school, we’ll get him a tutor, we’ll do whatever we have to do.  I just don’t want you to be unhappy.  I mean it.Quote2 — Rebecca Pearson

“No.  No one legally gave him up.  There’s not some sort of fire station paper trail out there, Jack.  His birth parents could have rights and I cannot, I cannot lose my son.  I can’t.” — Rebecca Pearson

Quote1We need to be enough for him.  We need…  to be… enough for him.Quote2 — Rebecca Pearson

“Dear William, I’m sorry for the pain it may cause, but… you cannot meet Randall.  This is for the best for him.  Because he has… an extraordinary father who gives him everything he needs.  I hope you take comfort in knowing just how loved Randall is.” — Rebecca Pearson

Quote1I forgot your birthday.  No, it’s not okay, ’cause you are the world’s greatest husband.  And you’re gonna be the world’s greatest dad.  And I promise you, me and the kids– we’re gonna make you those cheesy mugs every year for your birthday.Quote2 — Rebecca Pearson

Quote1Jack… you are the love of my life.  And our kids are… my everything.  That’s it.  I’m done having kids.Quote2 — Rebecca Pearson

Quote1I’m sorry, if Jack really loves me?  What is that?  You do realize my husband works ten, sometimes 12 hours a day, and he comes home absolutely exhausted.  And since I’ve joined this band, he’s picked up all the slack at home just so I could be here.  Both of my boys play football, and he leaves work early every time so he can be there for each and every one of their games.  And they’re on different teams, by the way.  Just so they know that someone’s in the stand there to support them and love them.  When we play that piano gig, and he’s already gone to bed, he always leaves me a glass of water on my bedside table, ’cause he’s worried I’m not drinking enough water, especially when I’m singing.  So, please, Ben, please do not tell me what Jack would do if he really loved me.  My husband’s a freaking superhero, and you have no idea what you’re talking about.Quote2 — Rebecca Pearson

“For the past 16 years, I have put everything and everyone ahead of myself, you and the kids!  And I just knew that if I were ever to tell you about this whole Ben thing, you would spin out about it and I needed to have something for myself without you getting in the way.” — Rebecca Pearson

Amiable, affectionate, compassionate, and considerate Rebecca Pearson is an Idealist.

Randall Pearson, NBC, This is Us, Sterling K. Brown
Randall Pearson

Randall Pearson is adopted by good Samaritans Jack and Rebecca Pearson after his biological mother dies in childbirth and father abandons him at a fire station.  Years later, he reunites with William, who has terminal stomach cancer.

Randall Pearson, NBC, This is Us, Sterling K. Brown


1 win: 2017

SAG Award

1 nomination: 2017

“Uh, I think she’s saving it for the second half.  How’s about her?  That’s my little badass.  Switch?  French braid.  Yes.” — Randall Pearson

Quote1I found him.  My father.  I, uh… I hired a guy.  It cost 1,500 bucks.  Now, I paid for it on the Amex.  You’re gonna see it.  It’s the personal Amex, not the business Amex.  I know.Quote2 — Randall Pearson

Quote1No.  Because she was a crack addict who died during childbirth, and he was the guy who left me at a fire station, probably because he couldn’t think of anything more cliché.Quote2 — Randall Pearson

“I don’t know, Beth.  I really don’t know.” — Randall Pearson

“Hey, clear my afternoon?  Thanks.” — Randall Pearson

Quote1My name is Randall Pearson.  I’m your biological son.  36 years ago you left me at the front door… No, hold on, just let me say this.  36 years ago you left me at the front door of a fire station.  Now, don’t worry, I’m not here because I want anything from you.  I was raised by two incredible parents, I have a lights out family of my own, and… that car you see parked out in front of your house?  Cost $143,000 and I bought it for cash.  I bought it for cash because I felt like it, and because I can do stuff like that.  Yeah, you see, I turned out pretty all right.  Which might surprise a lot of folks considering that 36 years ago my life started with you leaving me on a fire station doorstep with nothing more than a ratty blanket and a crap-filled diaper.  I came here today so I could look you in the eye, say that to you, and then get back in my fancy-ass car and finally prove to myself, and to you, and to my family who loves me, that I didn’t need a thing from you, even after I knew who you were.  Okay.Quote2 — Randall Pearson

“So is there something you want to say to me?  ‘Cause otherwise, I really need to get going.  No, I told you, I don’t want anything from you.  Just to tell you that.” — Randall Pearson

“You know what?  If you’re just gonna sit here and make excuses… Because there’s nothing you can say.  That’s ridiculous.” — Randall Pearson

Quote1If you think I’m gonna forgive you… No, you were right.  I did just want to say, ‘Screw you,’ and storm out of here.  Screw you.Quote2 — Randall Pearson

Quote1You want to meet your grandchildren?Quote2 — Randall Pearson

“Guys… …this is your, uh… William.  This is William.” — Randall Pearson

Quote1I should have called.  I didn’t know how to say it out loud.  I… I have no explanation, baby.  Like, everything I want to say or do around this man, I do the opposite.  It’s like a bad sitcom.  It’s like an episode of The Man-ny or What’s Happening!!  He left me at a fire station and I invited him into our home.Quote2 — Randall Pearson

“Sorry.  Just had to put the girls down.  My parents.  Well, my adopted…  They’re my parents.  From the start.  A fireman found me.  He took me to the hospital and they were there.  They said it felt meant to be.  Just one of those lucky breaks, I guess.” — Randall Pearson

“You’re sick?  Uh… I don’t know what to say.” — Randall Pearson

Quote1Since when do we censor ourselves with each other?  You know, Beth, we’ve been together for 17 years.  That’s almost half our lives.  I know your face, your hands, your soul better than I know my own.  You don’t have to censor yourself.  Ever.  Not with me.  What was your question?Quote2 — Randall Pearson

Quote1Damn.  You need to censor yourself, woman.  Beth, the man has stage 4 stomach cancer.  I’m just trying to get him to his first doctor’s appointment, make sure he’s gonna make it past Thursday.  Then we can take the rest from there.  Okay?  And he’s a former crack addict, by the way.  See?  You didn’t even think about that.Quote2 — Randall Pearson

“Hey, so I got good news.  I got you an appointment with an immunotherapy specialist.  No, it was nothing.  Guy at my firm had an in.  This guy is doing some really ground-breaking stuff.  You got it.” — Randall Pearson

“You know, don’t be silly.  We’re happy to have you.  Uh, we’ll let you get on with your day.  Oh, sure.  Sure.  Where you going?” — Randall Pearson

Quote1You’re home late.  Everything okay?Quote2 — Randall Pearson

Quote1I had this little notebook… and every time I met a new black person, I would put a mark in this notebook.  And every time I met a black man, I wondered if, somehow, if that man could possibly be my father.  But I couldn’t say that.  You know, I couldn’t say it out loud because I loved my father.  My white father.  And my white mother.  I’m a strong, successful, black man.  My wife and I give a lot of thought to how we raise our girls, believe that.  The fact that my daughter doesn’t find anything unusual about her playing Snow White?  That’s the whole idea.  Right?  Look, I-I don’t know everything, William.  I don’t.  But I wouldn’t change a thing about my parents, or the way that I parent, and I will not apologize for any of it.  Because I don’t.Quote2 — Randall Pearson

Quote1Trading commodity futures based on long-term weather patterns is not boring, okay?Quote2 — Randall Pearson

Quote1Daddy’s doing career day!  End of discussion.  And it’s gonna be lit.Quote2 — Randall Pearson

Quote1Uh, my dad put on a tie every day because he had to.  I put one on every day because I want to.  It’s important you know that.  Maybe I don’t run into burning buildings for a living, but to me, my work is challenging and exciting.  I will not apologize for the fact that it’s hard to explain to people.Quote2 — Randall Pearson

Quote1Have a great day, beautifuls.  Daddy loves you.Quote2 — Randall Pearson

“We will take care of everything.  I’m positive.  It’s all good.  All right.  Man, I am pumped.  My mom and biological father eating at the same table?  How great is this?!” — Randall Pearson

Quote1Oh, absolutely.  Pearson family tradition.  You’re gonna love it.Quote2 — Randall Pearson

“I have here a list of all the reasons I came up with in the past day for why you have destroyed me by keeping William a secret for 36 years, okay?  You kept that secret for 36 years.  That must have been incredibly lonely.” — Randall Pearson

Quote1What are you talking about?  It’s our family, William.  Look, this is your home now.  You’ve lived in this home, and… if it comes to that, you can die in it.  You’re not gonna be crawling underneath someone else’s porch like some dog.  I can take it.Quote2 — Randall Pearson

Quote1Do you want to stop the chemo, William?  Okay.  It’s okay.  Everything’s gonna be okay.  Okay.  We’ll stop it.Quote2 — Randall Pearson

Quote1Lots of names for it.  Anxiety attack, mental distress, nervous exhaustion, stress-induced trauma.  You choose.Quote2 — Randall Pearson

Quote1Too together.  Always been like that.  Just putting the pressure on myself, ever since I was a little boy.  My father, he kept it in check.  Whenever I’d get too in my head, he’d take his hands and put them on both sides of my head, and he’d just say… ‘There you go, breathe with me.’  And we’d just sit there, just breathing together… …until it passed.Quote2 — Randall Pearson

“Larger than life, I guess.  He had this really great laugh.  It’s like, when he laughed, it was like, uh, like it almost surprised him, you know?  Like it surprised him that he could laugh so freely.” — Randall Pearson

“Sorry, I was raised by white people.” — Randall Pearson

Overworked, kind, caring, a sufferer of stress and anxiety Randall Pearson is a Guardian.

Kate Pearson, NBC, This is Us, Chrissy MetzKate Pearson

Kate Pearson is the loving sister and personal assistant to her brother and famous actor Kevin Pearson.  She meets and falls for fellow plus sizer Toby Damon at a weight loss support group meeting.

Kate Pearson, NBC, This is Us, Chrissy MetzGolden Globe

1 nomination: 2017

“You suck.” — Kate Pearson

Quote1Well, this is a low point.  We’re 36.  We’re officially late 30s.  Like, we are deep in the threes.  How did I get here?  Like, how the hell did I get here?Quote2 — Kate Pearson

“You have got to stop with the Challenger explosion.” — Kate Pearson

Quote1You’re the only good thing in my life, Kev.Quote2 — Kate Pearson

Quote1I know.  That’s what makes it worse.  I had this… whole dream life that I envisioned for myself.  A real career.  I would marry a man like dad.  I would be a mom like mom.  But look at me, Kev.  Like, I ate my dream life away.Quote2 — Kate Pearson

Quote1Tell me to quit feeling sorry for myself.  I don’t know.  Tell me to wake the hell up.  Tell me, tell me to lose the damn weight.Quote2 — Kate Pearson

“Lose the damn weight.” — Kate Pearson

“I’m gonna lose the damn weight.  You are a lot smarter than you look.” — Kate Pearson

Quote1You kind of crossed the line.  Yeah.  That’s because I live across the line.Quote2 — Kate Pearson

Quote1Sure.  But I’m gonna lose the weight.  Okay.  I can’t fall for a fat person right now.Quote2 — Kate Pearson

“Oh, for God’s sake.  Madison, you weigh 105 pounds.  If you feel like a fat girl when you look in the mirror, why don’t you step on a damn scale?  And when the scale reads ‘One, zero, five,’ you know that you’re not fat.  And Laurie, that Wendy’s story, okay.  I’m sorry, but you’re just a litterer.  You’re just a littering damn litterer.” — Kate Pearson

Quote1My brother is making me go to this nightmare Hollywood party at his agent’s house tonight.  Yeah, I went to buy a dress, and nothing fit, literally nothing.  Everything looks terrible.  I’m not losing weight.  I’m starving.  I don’t know.  That’s what’s up, I guess.Quote2 — Kate Pearson

“I’m a big researcher.” — Kate Pearson

“I don’t know.  Why don’t you ask your spiritual guru, miss hardcore bitch?” — Kate Pearson

Quote1People trying to change their lives is not a joke.Quote2 — Kate Pearson

Flawed, human, conducive, prizing her family above all Kate Pearson is a Guardian.

Kevin Pearson, NBC, This is Us, Justin Hartley
Kevin Pearson

Kevin Pearson is a struggling thespian who grows weary of his superficial role on the sitcom’Man-ny’ so he seeks greener pastures in the New York theatre.  This sparks up a self-funded passion project The Back of an Egg.

Kevin Pearson, NBC, This is Us, Justin Hartley

“Huh?  Uh-uh.  No.  But, um, you know, you go ahead.  It’s my birthday today.  36 today.  Yeah, I do.” — Kevin Pearson

“You know when I think it all went wrong for me was 1986, second grade.  They were sending the Challenger up into space.  You remember the Challenger, right?  No.  Christa McAuliffe, right?  She was gonna be the first teacher into space.  She was actually gonna change the world.  I don’t know how, but you could feel that, you know?  At least, in second grade, you could… you could feel it.  Middle of the school day, the teacher brings in a TV, right?  We’re all just sitting there, watching the launch, a bunch of seven-year-olds just-just watchin’.  And all of a sudden, boom!  The whole thing explodes.  Little pieces of sweet Christa McAuliffe come raining down all over the state of Florida.  It was awful.  Maybe that’s when I realized trying to change the world just leads to being blown up into little pieces all over Florida.  Maybe that’s how I wound up as the Man-ny.  It’s my sister.  Kate?” — Kevin Pearson

“You… you didn’t have any ice, so…  Yep.  Remember second grade, the Challenger explosion?” — Kevin Pearson

“There’s something there.” — Kevin Pearson

“I’m not that great.  Come on.” — Kevin Pearson

“So what do you… what do you want me to say to you, huh?  Wh-What… Give me the magic phrase, sis, to say to make you feel better and I’ll say it.” — Kevin Pearson

“Quit feeling sorry for yourself.  All right?  That can start right now.  Wake the hell up.  And-and, you know… the… What was the… what was the third thing?” — Kevin Pearson

“You want to say that again?” — Kevin Pearson

Quote1That’s what Michael Bay told me.Quote2 — Kevin Pearson

“What can I do to make you feel better, huh?  You want me to breastfeed you?  Would that make you feel better?  If I breastfead ya?  Yeah?  Here we go.  Let’s try to…” — Kevin Pearson

Quote1I’m-I’m sorry, guys.  I need to cut.  Uh…  I’m sorry.  You know, I’m trying to understand, for my character, you know, um, are-are we suggesting, you know, that the Man-ny thinks a grown man can breastfeed a baby?  Are we saying the Man-ny’s got brain damage?  ‘Cause I could do a voice.  I do care about the character.Quote2 — Kevin Pearson

Quote1Ryan Gosling wouldn’t do this crap.Quote2 — Kevin Pearson

“Hey.  Alan.  All right.  Hey, thanks for doing this, man.  I really appreciate it.  I’m sure.” — Kevin Pearson

“Tell ya what, when the prick wants to, he can actually write.  All right.  Thank you, sir.” — Kevin Pearson

Quote1No, I get it.  That’s what you do, right?  My lightweight dad.  Don’t call me ‘son.’  Just go.  Just do your thing, get out of here.  I said don’t call me ‘son.’  I-I look at that little girl, I would do anything for her.  You understand?  Y-You show me a train, I’ll jump in front of it for her, no question.  And she’s not even mine.  I mean, you… you mosey in and out of my life the past 30 years like the way you have, I– I don’t understand that and I’ll never understand you, so just get the hell out of here.  Just get out.  I want you to get out and this time, I want you to stay the hell out of my life, okay?  Leave!Quote2 — Kevin Pearson

“Thank you.  All right, they must think we did it.  Thank you.” — Kevin Pearson

Quote1Listen, Ryan Gosling may not do this crap, and neither will I.  I quit…  I quit.  Great working with you, man.  I’m a huge fan.Quote2 — Kevin Pearson

Quote1Right.  Uh, the thing is I can’t because I got this rehearsal tomorrow and I really want to be off book, so… Off book.  Off book means, uh, means that I know my lines.  So, uh, you, uh… have grandpa be the judge.Quote2 — Kevin Pearson

Quote1Sometimes I… paint.  Now, no one knows this, not even your Aunt Kate, but… when I get a script, the first thing I do is just sort of paint the way it makes me feel.  Um…  I painted this after I read that play for the first time.  So… I think I scared you before.  Um, all that talk of ghosts and dying.  All that stuff we were reading about.  That’s some pretty confusing adult stuff.  So, uh, you know, I thought I wold come up here, show you my painting, tell you what I think my play is about.  Because I was thinking, um, that it might make us all feel a little bit better.  But you got to promise not to make fun of me, okay?  So, um… Yeah, I painted this because I felt like the play was about life, you know?  And life is full of color.  And we each get to come along and we add our own color to the painting.  You know?  And even though it’s not very big, the painting, you sort of have to figure that it goes on forever, you know, in each direction.  So, like, to infinity, you know?  ‘Cause that’s kind of like life, right?  And it’s really crazy, if you think about it, isn’t it, that, a hundred years ago, some guy that I never met came to this country with a suitcase.  He has a son, who has a son, who has me.  So, at first, when I was painting, I was thinking, you know, maybe up here, that was that guy’s part of the painting and then, you know, down here, that’s my part of the painting.  And then I started to think, well, what if… we’re all in the painting, everywhere?  And-and what if we’re in the painting before we’re born?  What if we’re in it after we die?  And these colors that we keep adding, what if they just keep getting added on top of one another, until eventually we’re not even different colors anymore?  We’re just… one thing.  One painting.  I mean, my dad is not with us anymore.  He’s not alive, but he’s with us.  He’s with my everyday.  It all just sort of fits somehow.  And even if you don’t understand how yet, people will die in our lives, people that we love.  In the future.  Maybe tomorrow.  Maybe years from now.  I mean, it’s kind of beautiful, right, if you think about it, the fact that just because someone dies, just because you an’t see them or talk to them anymore, it doesn’t mean they’re not still in the painting.  I think maybe that’s the point of the whole thing.  There’s no dying.  There’s no you or me or them.  It’s just us.  And this… sloppy… …wild, colorful, magical thing that has no beginning, it has no end… …this right here… I think it’s us.Quote2 — Kevin Pearson

“Fun?  No, Miguel, I’m not having any fun.  It’s emotionally brutal work.  But thank you for asking.” — Kevin Pearson

Quote1Forgive me for not learning in high school.  I was having sex, Randall.Quote2 — Kevin Pearson

Quote1Uh, nothing.  You know, I just, you know, got a couple hours before I either remake myself as a serious actor, you know, or destroy what’s left of my career.  So…Quote2 — Kevin Pearson

Raw, real, creative, a thespian, Kevin Pearson is an Artisan.

Outstanding Lead Actor

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