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ABC Networks‘ anthology legal drama series American Crime premieres its third season tonight.

#Americancrime season 4 has not been confirmed.

Rottentomatoes: 97%

Metacritic: 84

IMDb: 7.7

Emmys: 2 wins

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Barb Hanlon, ABC Network, American Crime, Felicity Huffman
Barb Hanlon

Barb Hanlon loses her son to an apparent breaking and entering plus murder one, the police found pounds of packaged crystal meth and cannabis on the property.  Four suspects are arrested.

Barb Hanlon, ABC Network, American Crime, Felicity HuffmanOutstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series or a Movie

2 nominations: 2015, 2016

“Well, what are the police doing?  A — when was Matt killed, Sunday?  It’s Tuesday.  All they have is a description of a car?  Some illegal?  Why did they call you?  I don’t understand why they called you.” — Barb Hanlon

“No, I-I don’t understand why they called you first.  What about Mark?  Oh.  You haven’t called Mark yet?  Oh, my God, Russ.  I’ll call him.  I’ll call him.” — Barb Hanlon

Quote1I need to talk to the police.  I need to find out why they’re not doing anything.Quote2 — Barb Hanlon

Quote1There is a reporter who would like to do a story on us.  I think it’s very important for people to know who our children were and what happened to them.  And we have to keep what happened present.  That’s just — that’s — that’s a reality.  If we don’t keep talking about it, in a week o-or two, people will have moved on.  All you have to do is talk about her.  Eve… Just say what you said about holding her hand.  I’m trying to help.Quote2 — Barb Hanlon

Quote1I-I haven’t seen the body yet.  I…I don’t want to see it.  I’m — I’m not gonna remember him like that.  I’m not — I’m not gonna be one of these… ‘sit and look through scrapbooks crying.’  Now is when Matt needs me, and I have always been there for you two when you needed me.  And the police are doing nothing.  Oh, Russ said they’re… looking for some Mexican.  I just, uh — I really need you here.  I need you to get here, Mark.  I need somebody else here.  Oh, honey, I love you, too.Quote2 — Barb Hanlon

“It’s not real to me yet.  The phone rings I expect it to be Matt.  It’s people giving me condolences, but I can’t take them.  He’s not — it doesn’t… feel like he’s gone, so I — I don’t know how to take other people’s grief?” — Barb Hanlon

Quote1Yeah, he — yes, h-he enlisted right after 9/11.  He wanted to do his service.  He was in Iraq, and h-he did what was right for people.  Married a beautiful young girl — married his sweetheart.  She was a beauty queen, right?  She was literally — y– Gwen, uh, was miss — she was the runner-up for miss, uh, Modesto six or seven years ago after Matt’s service right when they moved out here.  Perfect couple.  He cared.  And he was happy.  Never mind that he did not have it easy growing up.  We’re divorced.  Me and the boys did not have a lot of money.  We didn’t have any money.  It was hard for me to provide, but Matt, his brother — um, Matt’s brother, Mark, he’s in the military, too.  H-he’s serving right now.  They both grew up knowing that they had to be responsible.  A-and for s-something like this to happen to Matt — Nothing.  And they’re not doing much of anything.  I know the one person they’re looking for is an illegal… or something.  It just f-figures — m-my son goes off to another country to fight, then he comes home to America, and he gets killed by somebody from another country.Quote2 — Barb Hanlon

“Say something that wasn’t true?” — Barb Hanlon

Quote1It must have been so hard.  Just stay out of my way!Quote2 — Barb Hanlon

“I read where, uh, with, the appeals and everything, it can take 12 years maybe to execute somebody.  Is that true?  I want to see him.  I want to see him.” — Barb Hanlon

“Who found drugs?  Who found drugs?  It’s not true.  You don’t know what?  How would you know anything about Matt?  Why would you spread lies to people?  And you know everything about Matt because you called up one of his friends out of an address book?  Go back to Arizona.” — Barb Hanlon

Quote1I reached out to you– to your organization because… I need help.  And that’s not easy for me to ask.  Everything I’ve done for m-my boys– I-I-I’ve done everything on my own.  On your website, I read that you will advocate in the court– no, I need something else.  I need…  Look, I’m gonna say what I’m gonna say, and you can react however you– if you had three whites who went into a black’s house and murdered him, raped his wife, you would have all these black leaders on Andersoon Cooper talking about how it’s a hate crime and how there ought to be some special treatment.  But… but it happens to my son and his wife?  Who’s out there for them?  I mean, nobody.  Because… you know, hate crimes can’t happen to white people.  They’re blaming my son.  They’re trying to blame my son.  I’m… I’m tired.  I’m–I’m tired.Quote2 — Barb Hanlon

Quote1It’s not about me.  All this is about my son.  I need help.  I need people with me.  But whatever I have to do, however I have to do it, there is nothing I won’t do for my child.Quote2 — Barb Hanlon

“Thank you.  Thank you.  This is about more than a murder conviction to me.  No, no, no.  My son’s murder wasn’t just about a robbery.  My son was targeted because of his race.” — Barb Hanlon

Quote1He said he hates white people, he said whites need to die, then he killed a white person.  What else does he have to do?  If a white person said he hated blacks, then shot a black, you know you would charge him with a hate crime.  You know it.  So one rule for them, one rule for us?  We don’t deserve to be treated equal?  Overzealous to who?  I haven’t buried my son yet.  His wife’s still in the hospital.  So I don’t see how you could be zealous enough.Quote2 — Barb Hanlon

“That man needs to be convicted for what he did to us.  That’s the message you need to send.” — Barb Hanlon

Quote1You’re really gonna drag our son’s dead body around just so you can feel good about yourself?Quote2 — Barb Hanlon

Quote1If Matt were using drugs, where did he get that from?  Who brought that into our family?  Who brought addiction into our family?  You’re awfully quiet.  Mark told me you lost your job.  I know you don’t have any money.  You were never good about money.  How long can you afford to stay here?  How long can you afford a lawyer?  You can’t, so you’ll run off.Quote2 — Barb Hanlon

Quote1That man has no judgment.  He can’t make a single decision on his own.  And when he does, it’s the wrong one.Quote2 — Barb Hanlon

Quote1Which leaves me as the only one to fight for Matt.Quote2 — Barb Hanlon

Quote1Your brother deserves better than this.  He was always there when we needed him.Quote2 — Barb Hanlon

“The system didn’t work.  It’s that simple.” — Barb Hanlon

Quote1Not from us.  Not from my family.  I-I have always been–and I think I taught my children– to be open-minded, to respect everyone.Quote2 — Barb Hanlon

“What does that matter?  Even if that were true, that makes it okay to murder someone?  If he were on drugs, it’s okay that my son was murdered?  You read all the time about a–black person who’s actually a criminal.  They get shot by the police.  People lose their minds.  A good white kid gets murdered in his home, well… …that’s okay because maybe he smoked a joint on the weekends.” — Barb Hanlon

Maternal, altruistic, benevolent, and cordial Barb Hanlon is an Idealist.

Terri LaCroix, ABC Network, American Crime, Regina KingTerri LaCroix

Terri LaCroix‘s son gets involved in a sexual assault lawsuit scandal while participating in a high school basketball team ritual that he was pressured into by several teammates.

Terri LaCroix, ABC Network, American Crime, Regina KingOutstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or a Movie

2 wins: 2015, 2016

Quote1$20,000 a year on that school.  You’d think he’d make better choices.  Oh, come on.  You know that girl is just — You know Kevin could do better.  You got lucky.  Yes, you are.Quote2 — Terri LaCroix

“You know, before — no, don’t do that, Michael.  Before that one started coming around, he could do his homework without the music on.” — Terri LaCroix

Quote1You know who he should be seeing?  Rhys Bashir’s daughter.  You know, the Indian guy.  Nicole — um… …Nicolette.  Yeah, you like her.  That’s a good family.  I’m telling you it’s a good family, Michael.Quote2 — Terri LaCroix

Quote1We’re you supposed to take that last shot?  So you were supposed to take it?  That was your ball.  He had a good enough shot.  You don’t just pass it off to somebody else.  I don’t care a thing about it.  I don’t, and that’s not even what I’m talking about.  That was your ball.  You take the shot.Quote2 — Terri LaCroix

Quote1You have something you want to tell me?  Sit down.  Do you have something you want to tell me?  What is that?  For what?  Do I really need to sit here and punk you?  Who?  You got her a $900 gift?  What, you thought I didn’t check your credit-card receipts, or you thought I would be okay with you spending this kind of money?  How long have you been seeing her?  A couple of months?  Maybe?  What was it, Kevin?  What did she promise you?  What did she tell you she was gonna do for that bracelet?  Okay, so, you got her a slick bracelet, and because you were so slick, she got back with you and it was all good?  Are you having sexual relations with her?  Well, how do you want me to say it?  What, you roll up on her?  Knocking the boots?  Gettin’ busy?  That’s what you all do?  Hmm, well, for $900, she could be.  That’s how it’s gonna be from now on.  Good looks, skills, you’ve got money.  There are girls out there, they’re gonna be coming hard at you for that.  They’re gonna be trying to be your baby mama just so they can get paid.  That’s how they are.  And the last time Val was anywhere near $900 — some of these girls out here are gonna hope that you are.  Well, does her family have any money?  Because if her family has money, then she doesn’t want anything from you.  But these other girls, running around here, broke, talking about, ‘I want me some rocks, show me the rocks,’ I… those are straight hos.  You can leave those for the WTs, ’cause you’re better than that.  You hear what I’m trying to say?  All right, now, you got to get it back.  She doesn’t get to keep a $900 bracelet.  What did you buy it with?  Are you serious?  You get it back, Kevin, and you get it back today.  If not, I will go over there myself with the police, because as far as I’m concerned, she stole it.Quote2 — Terri LaCroix

“Let me tell you something.  That boy will always get a benefit of the doubt that you won’t.  Yeah?  Young black men and the law — that’s all been worked out?  No, it’s not the same because we’re not gonna leave you for the police.  You get to go in there with a lawyer your father and I paid for.” — Terri LaCroix

Quote1Then doing the right thing is taking care of yourself because those other boys — they’re not gonna do anything for you.Quote2 — Terri LaCroix

“There are… For people of color, there’s a world that we live in that’s different than yours.  One you’ll never, ever experience.  And the way we express those experiences, out of context, can be taken to mean something that they don’t.” — Terri LaCroix

“That’s nothing compared to what my family and families like ours deal with daily… Money or not, status or not, we deal.” — Terri LaCroix

Skeptical, practical, reasonable, and intellectual Terri LaCroix is a Rational.

Hector Tonz, ABC Network, American Crime, Richard CabralHector Tontz

Hector Tontz faces extradition and murder charges back home in Sinaloa, Mexico so he testifies as a witness in the trial of Matthew Skokie.

Hector Tonz, ABC Network, American Crime, Richard CabralOutstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or a Movie

1 nomination: 2015

Quote1Opportunities?Quote2 — Hector Tonz

“Be somebody.  Be like you?  Living in a rat hole.  Rolling some other people’s weed… … and buying some stolen crap ’cause you too lazy to steal yourself.” — Hector Tonz

Quote1I didn’t kill nobody.  Why they got to shoot me?  I don’t do nothing violent.  I just needed wheels, needed to be mobile.  There’s this black dude.  Him and his girl are a couple of meth heads.  He’s a regular cust.  He’s always looking to buy.  He comes to me Sunday.  I get him some.  He starts trolling.  He wants more.  But he’s broke.  And I tell this fool I can’t do nothing for him.  And he starts getting puffed up, hyped up, talking about how he’s owed, how he needs to settle up a score.  Says there’s this white guy that owes him.  He tells me he can get me paid after.Quote2 — Hector Tonz

Quote1After shit that don’t matter to me.  So, I don’t know nothing about it.  All I had to do was run him over to Slauson.  Tell me — why they got to shoot me?  I ain’t going anywhere with no meth head.  I take him over to the mini-mall and hang out.  He goes off.  Dude comes back.  Cash, cards — I don’t know where he got it.  I didn’t ask.Quote2 — Hector Tonz

“You know why you shot me?  ‘Cause you don’t give a damn about me.  Yeah.  I know where he’s at.” — Hector Tonz

“Am I gonna see a doctor or what?  You hear me?  Huh?  Am I seeing a doctor or what?  You can’t hear me or what?” — Hector Tonz

Quote1So, what does that mean?  I get to walk?  I know where Sinaloa’s at.  No, I know it’s some bullshit.  I know that.  What about all this mess up here?  I’m a witness, right?  You got to do something to fight that.  What do you mean you can’t?  You’re a lawyer?Quote2 — Hector Tonz

“When are they gonna sign me outta here?  When my leg’s good, they’re deporting me.  Can you do anything?” — Hector Tonz

“That’s old news.  Maybe.” — Hector Tonz

Quote1Hell, yeah, they want to talk to me.  Now they do.  How bad, huh?  Real damn bad.  Delaying?  That was then.  Right now, that’s just where things start.  If they want Carter, come at me correct.  Ain’t nothing for free.Quote2— Hector Tonz

Quote1Get them in here.  Sit their pale asses down and let’s get to crackin’.Quote2 — Hector Tonz

“I hate this hell hole.  Get me out and some place I’m protected.” — Hector Tonz

Savvy, astute, bold, and resourceful Hector Tontz is an Artisan.

Alonzo Gutierrez, ABC Network, American Crime, Benito MartinezAlonzo Gutierrez

Alonzo Gutierrez is a hard working mechanic whos son Tony is sent to juvy for renting out a vehicle to some unscrupulous characters he met at school.  As a result of time spent on the inside he is forced to develop relationships that proliferate on the outside.

Alonzo Gutierrez, ABC Network, American Crime, Benito Martinez“You done?  ‘Cause if you’re done, he can go.” — Alonzo Gutierrez

Quote1Jenny, you know you’re not supposed to have anyone over during the week.  Homework?  Really?  No books?  Oh, you finished.  No, you didn’t finish, mija, so don’t tell me that.  All right.  Now everything’s a mess.  You got boys coming over.  Jenny, if you can’t follow the rules, then I guess you don’t get to go to your little party over the weekend or anything else you had planned.  Jenny.  Jenny.Quote2 — Alonzo Gutierrez

“Mijo.  How was your day?  So, the, uh — the starter came in.  Come by the garage tomorrow.  We’ll put it in.  So, you know this boy from school?  Well, does he get in trouble a lot?  What were they doing?” — Alonzo Gutierrez

“Roll me up.  Turn it off.  Turn it off.  All right, go ahead and close it up.  Tomorrow, I need you to take this out and blow out the soot, ok?” — Alonzo Gutierrez

Quote1If she wants to go to parties, she needs to follow the rules.Quote2 — Alonzo Gutierrez

“I freak out?  Mijo, I walked through the door, and she’s sitting on the sofa with some boy.  And don’t tell me they’re doing homework.  You know, I know you don’t believe this — I know you don’t — but I used to be a teenager, too.  I know how you think.  You know, mijo, one day — one day, you’re gonna have a little girl of your own.  And trust me — you’re gonna be the same way.” — Alonzo Gutierrez

Quote1Miguel.  Hey tell your boss the next time he sends me a car not to send it with chunts.  I don’t want gang tattoos around here.  I don’t want that around my business.  Just tell him.Quote2 — Alonzo Gutierrez

“Yes.  Yes, sir.  I tell him to drive it around the block when he has to, but he knows he’s not supposed to be on the street with that.  Sunday?  No.  We have the keys — nobody else.  No, he wasn’t at home.  Well, he told me he was working on the car.” — Alonzo Gutierrez

Quote1Yes.  No, no, it’s, uh, different.  We didn’t — If you have something to say, you say it.  Are you lying to them?  Are you lying?  So that wasn’t our car?  Everything he’s saying — that wasn’t our car?  Stop it!  Stop lying!  Do you want to go to jail?  Huh?  Do you want to be another cholo in jail?Quote2 — Alonzo Gutierrez

Quote1Then tell them the truth.  Tell them what happened.  What did you do?  Antonio, was that our car?Quote2 — Alonzo Gutierrez

Quote1We — we always told him — him and his sister — we always told them, ‘stay away from gangs.  Stay away from drugs.’  Roberta and I, we came to this country the right way — the right way.  And we always told him ‘do things the right way.’  So, he’ll tell you whatever.  Whatever it is, he’s gonna tell you.Quote2 — Alonzo Gutierrez

“You were renting our car?  W-what do you need that you don’t have?” — Alonzo Gutierrez

“And why did you erase those texts, huh?  The one’s from your phone?  ‘Cause you knew you were doing something wrong.  You knew it.” — Alonzo Gutierrez

Quote1I’m your father.  I want to know what’s going on in your life.Quote2 — Alonzo Gutierrez

“You don’t tell me what’s going on.  You never tell me anything.” — Alonzo Gutierrez

Quote1W-w-what’s going on?  W-what?  No.  No.  No, no.  He was driving.  No, he was driving the car!  That’s all he was doing!  You never said the words!  He just took the car!  He just took the car!  No, no, no, no.  No!Quote2 — Alonzo Gutierrez

“How come you didn’t answer your phone?  Didn’t you see it was me calling?  Well, you answer your phone when I call you.  What did you say?  Hey!  Hey, I’m talking to you!  Don’t walk away.  Mija, that was not my fault.  They lied to me.  Mija, I didn’t let him do anything.  Are you out of your mind talking to me like that?  Huh?  You need to stop running your mouth right now.  You’re not gonna stand here and tell me about me!” — Alonzo Gutierrez

Quote1Go talk to the other punk.  He’s in gangs.  He’s in drugs.  He’s illegal.   You see, those are the ones–  Always make the rest of us look bad.Quote2 — Alonzo Gutierrez

“There’s no reason.  He’s not in jail.  And that’s something I have to deal with.  See, that’s the reason I didn’t call you.  The hell you aren’t.  Jenny stands in there.  She’s screaming at me, telling me that I act all white, that I want to be white.  Where does she get that crap, huh?  She doesn’t get that from you?” — Alonzo Gutierrez

Quote1I don’t teach my kids to hate.  I don’t teach my kids to hate the police or anybody else… …because they are a different color skin.  Ah, but you don’t have kids.  How would you know what to teach them?Quote2 — Alonzo Gutierrez

Quote1That punk who got Tony in trouble– is he legal or no, huh?  And I’m supposed to forget that because we have the same color skin?  No.  I’m Mexican-American.  He’s just Mexican.  That’s the difference between me and him… and me and you.Quote2 — Alonzo Gutierrez

“Don’t come around here drinking beers in front of my daughter again.” — Alonzo Gutierrez

Humble, hard-working, protective, unsuspecting Alonzo Gutierrez is a Guardian.

Antonio Gutierrez, ABC Network, American Crime, Johnny OrtizAntonio Gutierrez

“Papi.  Good.  Well, ok.  Mm, not really.  I don’t know him.  Homework.  And then you came in.  That’s it.  I’m gonna watch tv.” — Alonzo Gutierrez

“Ok.  You should let Jenny go to the party this weekend.” — Alonzo Gutierrez

“Yeah, but you always freak out about everything.” — Alonzo Gutierrez

“No, ’cause when I have my kids, I’m not gonna freak out about everything all the time.” — Alonzo Gutierrez

“It’s my dad — well, his garage — I don’t have registration, but my dad told me to take this for — Yes, sir.  Yes, sir.  Go where?  What for?” — Alonzo Gutierrez

“What things?  Yes, sir.  Well, me and my dad, we work on it.  It’s just a hobby.  I mean, I was just supposed to blow out the soot.  I know I’m not supposed to be on the road with it.  Am I in trouble?  No.  No.  Nobody drove it Sunday.  I was at home.  It’s just my sister and my dad.  That’s it.” — Alonzo Gutierrez

“I was in the garage, so I didn’t get to watch the game.  I’m not sure.  Is my dad coming?” — Alonzo Gutierrez

“No.  I don’t know.  I want to go home.  I don’t know.  Nothing!  You never let us do nothing!  I just wanted to make some money for myself!  You’re gonna blame me?” — Alonzo Gutierrez

“He’s this kid at school.  I was showing him the car one day, and… he starts going off.  ‘That’s bad.  That’s sick.  I want to drive that.’  And, you know, I told him, ‘no, you can’t drive it.’  But then he pulls out $20.  I mean, $20 just to take it out riding?  I’m cool with that.  I mean, a week later, a couple weeks later, h-he comes back around.  Another 20 bucks just to take it out riding.  So it just got to be a thing.  I mean, he had friends and stuff, so I just started — he know this guy that’s looking for a car for the night.  And he’s wanting to front me $50.  I mean, $50.” — Alonzo Gutierrez

“He shows up.  He’s for real.  You know what I’m saying?  H-he was scary.  That’s all I know.  I mean, he gave me the money.  He took the car.  I thought he was gonna steal it, but he came back.  I mean, after that, he started texting me sometimes — looking for a car.  Every time, it was $50.  I erased them.” — Alonzo Gutierrez

“No, I always erase my texts.  I know you go through my phone.” — Alonzo Gutierrez

“You treat us like babies.” — Alonzo Gutierrez

“Why?  I didn’t kill nobody.  I didn’t kill anybody.  Dad!  Dad!  Dad!  Papi!  I didn’t kill — papi!  Aah!  Help me!  Help me!” — Alonzo Gutierrez

“No.  They said I was a bitch.  They said that was my name.  They kept telling me to move to a different bunk.  Move me to a different place.  I don’t need night lights!  I-I’m not a baby!  I just want to go home!  Ok.  Yeah.” — Alonzo Gutierrez

“English is cool.  They said you’re gonna talk to me.  You’re gonna put me in jail.  And what’s that mean?  No.  That’s what they told me before.  And they put me in here.  I didn’t know somebody got killed.  I couldn’t tell him.  ‘Cause everything–  everything we do– you got to work harder.  You got to try harder.” — Alonzo Gutierrez

“It’s not about being better.  It’s about being better than them.  He’s always telling you, ‘you’re just gonna be a Mexican to them.’  That ‘if you do drugs, if–if you get in trouble, you’re just gonna be a Mexican.’  So how am I supposed to tell him about this?  I cared.  But… …kind of made me happy, you know?  Happy that I was doing something that’ll piss him off.” — Alonzo Gutierrez

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