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Cabin Fever

AMCtv original thriller The Terror premieres its 4th episode tomorrow.

#TheTerror is based on 92%

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Captain John Franklin, The Terror, AMC, AMCtv, Scott Free Productions, Entertainment 360, Emjag Productions, AMC Studios, Ciarán HindsCaptain John Franklin, The Terror, AMC, AMCtv, Scott Free Productions, Entertainment 360, Emjag Productions, AMC Studios, Ciarán HindsCaptain Sir John Franklin

Captain John Franklin and his English Royal Navy expedition crew get icebound stranded while charting the Northwest Passage in the Canadian Arctic in 1845.

Captain John Franklin, The Terror, AMC, AMCtv, Scott Free Productions, Entertainment 360, Emjag Productions, AMC Studios, Ciarán HindsCaptain John Franklin, The Terror, AMC, AMCtv, Scott Free Productions, Entertainment 360, Emjag Productions, AMC Studios, Ciarán Hinds

“Well, magnetic north wanders miles every day.  We’re within its circle now.  No.  Tell Francis, James and I will be joining him for dinner.  Word has it, they’ve not yet run out of beef tongue on Terror.” — John Franklin

“Mr. Reid and I chatted about the ice today.  He tells me we’ve strted sailing past slabs he thinks are not part of the summer break-up.  He’s not concerned.  He thinks we’re close to an intersection with some bigger channel coming down from the north, bringing bergy bits with it.  But it means our little summer strait is likely coming to an end.  It has yet to be named, and I thought… Sir James Ross could be honored thusly.  You approve, Francis?” — John Franklin

“None of the three who died at Beechey showed any sign of it.  And, even if it’s the case now, we will be in the Pacific before it has a chance to don it’s undertaker’s weepers.  Is it scurvy?  Dr. Stanley should examine him.  Perhaps he can discern something more.  No, no.  There’s no need.  We’ll take him with us.  Yes.  Wrap him up well and have our boat readied.  Bit of cool air will freshen him.  He’ll be tucked up just the same in half an hour’s time.  Oh, Francis.  Tell your cook ‘yes’ to the cow’s head, ‘no’ to the capers he cooked with it.  For future visits.  We should be better friends to him, James.  I’ll not have you speak of him uncharitably, James.  He is my second.  Now, if something were to happen to me, you would be his second.  You should cherish that man.  For all your sakes, let’s hope you’re wrong.” — John Franklin

“So, is it blocked?  Good.  I think that’s all for now, then, Graham, since we don’t appear to be sinking.  Wake me if that should change.” — John Franklin

“Bravo, gentlemen!  Bravo.” — John Franklin

“You’re about to surpass us all, son.  You’re going somewhere no man has ever been – not even a native.  If it is ice wedged behind the propeller, and you can pry it out, well, you’ll have grabbed the ring twice in one morning.  You’re a pilgrim to the deeps.  And remember… God lies in all realms.” — John Franklin

“Capital job, Mr. Collins.  Graham, let the engineers know and signal Terror.  Have Captain Crozier bring is lieutenants over.  We need to confer about the ice that’s in front of us now.  I envy you, Mr. Collins.  I have long wanted to move below.  What was it like?” — John Franklin

“News is in about Erebus.  While she can still make headway under stream, the flagship’s efficiency has been compromised.  As well, we know that the ice ahead is increasing dramatically, both in thickness and amount.  But we must be nearly in sight of King William Land.  Then it isn’t but another 200 miles before we can pick up the western charts and draw in this final piece of the puzzle once and for all.  Please, go ahead, Francis.” — John Franklin

“I’ve been to the Arctic, Francis.  On foot.  A captain is due his candor.  So, what would you propose instead?  Wait out winter here?  Yes, but east would add miles.  We might not be out this year after all.  That is an interesting… speculation.  But, of course, we will not be abandoning Erebus – nor Terror, should she suffer some minor misfortunes.  We are almost there… it’s certainly good to see color in your cheeks again, Francis.  But we are two weeks from finding the grail.  And it is my belief that God and winter will find us in safe waters by the end of the year.  The Sandwich Island or even further.  I shall continue to command from Erebus, but due to her injuries, I’m putting Terror in lead position.  she may not be the better ice-breaker, but she’s the more powerful ship now.  Bury your boy – Young – and we’ll be on our way.  West around King William Land as planned.  Yes.  A mercy.  It was a long night.” — John Franklin

“And Jesus saith unto Thomas: ‘Because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed… but blessed are they that have not yet seen but still believe.’  And just as David Young is at the gates… so too are we.  And now is our moment to stride through them, to our glory, and to our destiny.  I have set a course south south-west.  We will see the North American mainland within a fortnight, gentlemen.  We must now begin our last and best efforts to reach her, as we become the greatest Argonauts of our age!  We should earn our loved ones’ cheers and embraces at our return.  Onwards, men!” — John Franklin

“Our Lord and Father will see us through.  Whatever morning brings.  Get the ice anchors up.  We’re part of it now.  Fix our position with care, Mr. Reid.  I want to know exactly where we are in relation to King William Land.  When the men are fed, have them begin pulling the tarp up.  Mr. Gregory can start drawing down the engine for winter.  Your demeanor should be all cheer, gentlemen.  You understand?  It’s going to be tight, but that’s what we signed up for – an adventure for Queen and Country.  An adventure of a lifetime.  That’s what you tell the men.” — John Franklin

“You’ll lose.  Graham crosses to land and covers twice the distance.  I might poach that for my journal this evening.  I hope he does.  Perhaps it’ll give him a lift, seeing the parties off.” — John Franklin

“Scour the ice, with providence as your sure-footed guide, and return safely with news that our long winter sojourn will soon lie behind us.  And we can finally raise our sails again and force this passage.  Graham.  I appreciate you taking the cylinders.  Be sure to come back with a story.  Francis!  Is there anything you’d like to say?  Right.  Good luck, men.  Company, three cheers!” — John Franklin

“Thank you.  Where?  That is 800 miles, Francis.  No… ..I do not grant permission.  You are suggesting it because you are a man who’s happiest with a glass of knock-me-down in one hand and an alarm bell in the other.  I will not allow it.  What signal would that send to the men?  That is how you already see us?  In need of saving?  Yet your prediction last year about the terrifying winter we’d spend in the pack did not come true.  Oh, so, now I must hear you instruct me in a Captain’s duties.  I have lost six men on this expedition to date.  Six!  And you ask me to risk more than doubling that number trekking over distant ground where you know I have lost men in years past.  I’ll have no more of this.  I will not lose another man, Francis.  You are the worst kind of second, Francis.  You abuse your freedoms.  You complain in the safety of speculation, you claim foresight in disasters that never happen, and you are weak in your vices because your rank provides you privacy and deference.  You’ve made yourself miserable and distant, and hard to love, and you blame the world for it.  I’m not the sailor you are, Francis, never will be.  But you will never be fit for command.  And, as your Captain, I take some responsibility for that.  For the vanity of your outlook.  I should have curbed these tendencies, rather than sympathized with them, because you seem to have confused my sympathy with tolerance, but there is a limit to how much I can tolerate, and that is where we are presently standing!  There are some things we were never meant to be to one another.  I see that now.  Friends… on my side.  Relations on yours.  So let us turn our energies back to being what the Admiralty, and life, have seen fit to make us.  We should give that our best.  There can be no argument between us there.  Now you must excuse me.  I have a Service to finish writing for tomorrow.  It will have to act as the only eulogy our boy Graham will be given out here… ..and I intend it to sing.” — John Franklin


Captain Francis Crozier, The Terror, AMC, AMCtv, Scott Free Productions, Entertainment 360, Emjag Productions, AMC Studios, Jared HarrisCaptain Francis Crozier

“Of all the hardships of the Discovery Service, this may be the toughest.  It’s three courses tonight and a dessert.  Not if Fitzjames is with us.  We’ll have to hear his whole saga of policing that massive guano deposit off Namibia.  I’m inclined to put the food in my ears.  More open water, clear to the Pacific.  And then we can go home.  Careful how you use that word, ‘close.’  This is the Discovery Service.  ‘Close’ is nothing.  It’s worse than nothing.  It’s worse than anything in the world.  Rockets.  Tell us about Birdshit Island, why don’t you, James?  That’s a capital story.  Old ice?  He’ll be very pleased.” — Francis Crozier

“I don’t want to be the first one to say the word, Sir John, but we’re all thinking it.  Your confidence is reassuring, of course.  In this place, technology still bends the knee to luck, James.  I’ll send a gig for him.  Young?  In his condition?” — Francis Crozier

“Did that disturb you?  I have a question for you later.  But you’ll hear me out?  And seen a dentist as well, apparently.” — Francis Crozier

“It’s pack ice.  There are leads but… how was the cold last night?  Is Erebus aware?  If Sir John doesn’t convene a meeting of the officers by ten, I’ll do it myself.” — Francis Crozier

“How badly compromised?  Half-power, more or less?  Our situation is more dire than you may understand.  That it is not just ice ahead.  It is the pack.  And you are proposing that we cross it, in September.  Even with leads, it could take us weeks of picking our way through it.  We may not have weeks.  You’ve seen the sun dogs, Graham?  How many have there been now?  It’s already a colder year than last.  And you nearly starved.  Not all of your men returned.  I say this with all due honor.  No.  The exact shape of King William Land is unknown.  As we discovered with Cornwallis land, it could be King William Island, with a chance to sail around its eastern shore.  But only because Erebus is lame.  If we consolidate all our coal on the less-damaged ship, we’d have enough to go for broke and get east of King William Land – probably around it – before winter.  It’s our best, and probably only, chance.  If it is a dead end, we can over-winter in complete safety out of the pack… in some sheltered harbor.  We retrace our steps come spring… tired of one another, no doubt, but alive.  Hear me, John.  It won’t matter if we’re 200 or 2,000 miles from safe water.  If the leads close up and we are out there in it, we’ll have no idea where the current will move the pack, of which we will be a part.  We could be forced onto the shallows on the weather side of King William and crushed to atoms, if we’re even upright by then.  As a trusted friend once put it… this place wants us dead.  Sir John, myself, Mr. Blanky and Mr. Reid.  Only four of us at this table are Arctic veterans. There’ll be no melodramas here.  Just live men… or dead men.  If you’re wrong, we are about to commit an act of hubris… we may not survive.  You know what men are like when they are desperate.  We both do.  Bury?” — Francis Crozier

“Sir.  Travel well.” — Francis Crozier

“You weren’t sleeping either?  I was thinking about Tad.  The first of Parry’s boat-hauling reindeer.  We brought those deer a thousand miles north from Norway.  Only to slaughter them on the ice.  The deer couldn’t haul on it.  We knew that in a day.  But we kept them anyway.  Ferrying deer from ice floe to ice floe… boat, thinking we could use them by and by.  Rowing reindeer in our sleigh boats!  Like proper little ladies… ostrich carts.  Is that us… now?  Confused, out of our depth?  This is different.  Either you’re a clairvoyant or I’m not doing half the job I think I am concealing my thoughts.  What will it do to us, the ice?  If no leads get found and we have to spend another winter here.  It’ll push the boats up.  Can we survive that amount of pressure?  Snap our beams and crush us at the waist.” — Francis Crozier

“My condolences, Sir John.  Amongst everything else, I know you mourn a friend.  I apologize for the timing of this request.  But its virtue’s in its speed.  I’d like permission to send a sledge party out.  South.  Not for leads this time.  For rescue.  The Hudson Bay Company outpost on Great Slave Lake.  If the party leaves now, they’ll have three full months to get there before winter comes in force.  At least tell me you understand why I’m suggesting it.  I’m suggesting it because… if this cold continues and we find ourselves overwintering again in this ice, help must already be on its way, come spring… if we are to survive.  I’d rather send out eight men now, for a long, unnecessary walk, than risk a necessary one for all of us in a year.  It’s not the men I’m concerned about signaling.  No one knows where we are?  I do.  Not to the degree I feared, but that will change, should there again be no thaw.  It is a Captain’s duty, after all, to mind for the worst case, not for the one he hopes for.  It’s only eight men, Sir John.  And there is just enough time.  We may lose all our men.  That is what my alarm is ringing now, Sir John.  And I… I am at a loss why yours is not.” — Francis Crozier

Commander James Fitzjames, The Terror, AMC, AMCtv, Scott Free Productions, Entertainment 360, Emjag Productions, AMC Studios, Tobias MenziesCommander James Fitzjames

“Daily observations starting to make for bizarre reading, sir.  It’ll be tall headlines for the men.  Hello, boy.  The brigades already ashore were catching every kind of fire, so I was bringing out the Congreves.  Yes.  Ironic, considering it was the Chinese themselves who had pioneered the things.  We shot the marksmen down off the city walls and we started up.  As I climbed the ladder, I was thinking of… Caesar crossing the Rubicon.  We reached the top and I saw the city of Chingkiang laid out before us, wavering in the morning heat.  And the soldiers in the alleys below started using their matchlocks on us, those muskets for which you carry a lit taper at all times.  But in such dry conditions, when we’d shoot one of them, they would fall down on top of these tapers and they would catch fire like tinder piles.  So, soon the whole city was dotted with these lone columns of personal smoke and the whole view smelled of roast duck.  And then we rushed down into the streets to assist the 49th, which we could hear was under attack.  We came upon a pack of Chinese behind a street barricade.  And I’d… I’d just loaded a rocket and aimed… when I was pierced.  Single musket ball.  Size of a cherry.  Passed clean through my arm and kept on in, making a third wound here, entering my chest. And, had it not used up most of its energy on my arm, yes, I might have ended same as he.  Hear, hear.  Would that he were here with us now.  But for being a newlywed.” — James Fitzjames

“You’re not confident with all our progress?  I don’t know why.  We’ve all but found the passage in a year.  We’re not rowing drakkars after all.  That’s a vivid description.  Good night, Francis.  Try to shake the Brown study.  All is well.  There is nothing worse than a man who has lost his joy.  He’s become insufferable.  And he’s a lushington to boot.  I can’t work out why he’s even here.  He despises glory.  Even the glory of a good pudding.  And he looks down on we of the wardroom.  I tell you, one glance from him… I have to remind myself I’m not a fraud.  Sometimes I think you love your men more than even God loves them, Sir John.” — James Fitzjames

“Is there anything else to report?  Sir.  Dramatic opening shot.  What, weeks at most?  For God’s sake, Francis.  Abandon Erebus?  Is… is that what you’re saying?  Who is this friend?  Does he also write melodrama?” — James Fitzjames

“My crown’s on Le Vesconte.  West is surely the first place ice will open.  Then you’re both on.  I had an aunt on Brighton.  Used to go and see her on holidays, from London Bridge Station.  I have almost certainly been pulled back and forth by that very engine.  Look at her now.  From footnote to lead paragraph.  It would be an honor, sir.  And as we’re in a wagering spirit, shall we put odds on Francis favoring us with his presence?  I only wish I could join in the outing.  Hip-hip!  Hip-hip!  Hip-hip!” — James Fitzjames

Dr. Henry Goodsir, The Terror, AMC, AMCtv, Scott Free Productions, Entertainment 360, Emjag Productions, AMC Studios, Paul ReadyDr. Henry Goodsir

“The lemon juice is not a cure-all.  Well… ..that… that was for the good of the crew.  We needed to know if it was scurvy killed John Hartnell– if Sir John orders it done, we must do.  You may be  warning of things to come.  Now, hold… hold fast, David.  Do you know… sometimes… when people are near passing… I’ve heard they speak of a radiance… a million daybreaks all in one.  In which loved ones are there to welcome them over.  Then… then there will be the angels… with songs… lovelier than you’ve heard.  Yes.  You… you’ll see the Passage first, then, as you go.  Try… try to call back and let us know where it is.  Do not fear it, David.  I… I have been there when souls have passed.  A great peace descends.  I… I can ask cook for some grease.  Or I have an oil of castor– you have my word.  There’s nothing to be afraid of.” — Henry Goodsir

“David.  David.  No!  Sorry to disturb you.  David Young has passed.  Some… some… I-is it necessary?  Something… ..transpired… at the end.  He… he was seeing something I couldn’t see.  holding its gaze as if it was in the room with us– he had no fever.  He was clear-eyed.  Mm.” — Henry Goodsir

“You wouldn’t call this cirrhotic.  And there’s gall.  I don’t see scurvy.  I don’t see anything at all.” — Henry Goodsir

“Dr. MacDonald’s been kind enough to lend me his journals from his time on Cumberland Sound.  It was they who brought back the Esquimaux, back to Aberdeen.  Imagine.  I don’t recall his name, but he was on the Inuk tribe.  Lt. Gore, do you recall that Inuk man’s name?  It was long and… terribly Esquimaux.  Please let me take my part, Lieutenant.  You said to watch for three days and I’ve done it.  Now let me relieve someone who’s earned it.  Oh.  Sorry.” — Henry Goodsir

Henry Collins, The Terror, AMC, AMCtv, Scott Free Productions, Entertainment 360, Emjag Productions, AMC Studios, Trystan GravelleHenry Collins

“Billy, take this one up with you and don’t let him down till he can do his becket bends with both his eyes closed.  Terror is signaling, sir John.  Captain Crozier requests an ice report.  Shall I send Mr. Reid back?  Yes, sir.  Mr. Terry!  Open the flag box!” — Henry Collins

“Like the shot that killed Lord Nelson Trafalgar.” — Henry Collins

“Ready to let go the bowlines!  All hands on deck!  All eyes on the man in the water!  Let me try!  Billy Orren, that’s who it is!” — Henry Collins

“Right.  Observe my signals.  One pull on the tube means half a fathom’s slack.  Two means the tube is kinked, likely on the gunwale.  Three… pull me up.  If water floods the suit it will be exponentially harder to lift me and exponentially more urgent, so all of you be ready on the line.  There should be a surgeon here.  They’re just below, Mr. Collins.  Proceed.” — Henry Collins

“Ah.  Propeller’s bent.  One of the blades… I pried some ice from behind.  I think she’ll spin now, sir.  No, sir.  Like a dream.” — Henry Collins

Thomas Blanky, The Terror, AMC, AMCtv, Scott Free Productions, Entertainment 360, Emjag Productions, AMC Studios, Ian HartThomas Blanky

“Look at the snow on those bergy bits.  That’s not summer break up.  That’s coming down from the north.  It dropped.  20. Well, no flags as yet.  But no doubt they woke thinking of their propeller.” — Thomas Blanky

“If only sleep were as simple as closing your eyes.  Tad!  What made you think of that poor sod?  That was the ice that made me want to be a master.  The way it kept moving us back.  Mm.  It was rough ice.  They were so confused.  We’ve seen worse than this, you and me.  And I know you saw much worse south, with Sir James.  I’ve heard other versions than yours.  I know them to be reliable.  Aye.  You trusted Ross and you trusted Parry.  No, it’s just that I know you.  without a thaw to clear last winter’s ice, it will start to back up and then pile up high.  Like one whole country being squeezed into the borders of another.  Aye, I’ve seen boats forced 20, 30 feet in the jam.  If it drives us up, yeah, we’ll ride it.  It could also drive us under.  Let’s pray for the former, then.” — Thomas Blanky

David Young, The Terror, AMC, AMCtv, Scott Free Productions, Entertainment 360, Emjag Productions, AMC Studios, Alfie KingsnorthDavid Young

“If we’re that near the pole, we’ll see King William Land any day, then.  Mr. Farr showed me on a chart.  Past King William Land we get to the American coast and it’s all mapped out again from there.  I don’t know.  That’d make him a… AB.  Or a Marine.” — David Young

“I’ve been getting headaches all me life.  Didn’t think nothing of it.  And we’ve been drinking that squeezed lemon every night.  I didn’t want to disappoint Sir John.  I don’t want you to do to me what you did to Tom Hartnell’s brother.  I want to go to my grave as I am.  Don’t cut me open.  Do you promise?  If Sir John orders it… I will do it.  We grew up at the Foundlings.  I never knew me father… or me mum.  Will I fly?  Up to God?  I wanted to be ‘ere… when we found it.  They are glass.  But the ring is plate.  It won’t fetch much but my sister should have it.  It’s a nasty jar but… ..but I can’t get it off.  No.  When you’re sure I’m gone… ..find a way.  And don’t tell Sir John I was afraid.  No.  No!  No.  No.  No!  No!  Run!  Run!  He wants us to run!  No!” — David Young

Cornelius Hickey, The Terror, AMC, AMCtv, Scott Free Productions, Entertainment 360, Emjag Productions, AMC Studios, Adam NagaitisCornelius Hickey

“What rank is that dog?  You ever wonder that?  But he can walk the quarterdeck, so that makes him a Petty Officer at least.  Right?  And some nights he’s back there in officer’s country.  Petty officers can’t sleep aft so that be considered a Wardroom Officer?  What would that be?  A Mate?  A Lieutenant?  It’s of consequence, though, isn’t it?  Puttin’ a dog above a man.  Who serves who in that arrangement?” — Cornelius Hickey

“All this when we could have just dropped him overboard and been done with it.  I’d say an impractical one.  Me?  Well, it would be to this boy’s father, wouldn’t it?  Hm?  Help a mate up.” — Cornelius Hickey

Thomas Evans, The Terror, AMC, AMCtv, Scott Free Productions, Entertainment 360, Emjag Productions, AMC Studios, Joe HurstThomas Evans

“Sir John’s a spiritual man.  Are… are we just gonna leave it like that?” — Thomas Evans

Solomon Tozer, The Terror, AMC, AMCtv, Scott Free Productions, Entertainment 360, Emjag Productions, AMC Studios, David WalmsleySgt. Solomon Tozer

“Careful there.  Pull up the ropes and fill it in, Mr. Hickey.  Mr. Hornby tells me you have the most duty owing.  Didn’t tell me why.  Grousing, probably.  Unless you want to climb in there and fix it, yes, we are.  Hop to it, Mr. Hickey.  Mr. Hickey… it’s not important.” — Solomon Tozer

Magnus Manson, The Terror, AMC, AMCtv, Scott Free Productions, Entertainment 360, Emjag Productions, AMC Studios, Stephen Thompson

Magnus Manson

“What, is that some kind of treason, Sergeant?  They shoulda run more nails through that lid.  Sergeant Tozer said it’s not important.” — Magnus Manson

George Hodgson, The Terror, AMC, AMCtv, Scott Free Productions, Entertainment 360, Emjag Productions, AMC Studios, Christos LawtonGeorge Hodgson

“Sir.  We’ve given the boys a Dover’s powder.  Settled his spasms.  He’s resting now.  As he can.  But he has a dark blood in his stool.  Digested blood.  He’s bleeding above his colon.  Though I see nothing to mark it as such, I can’t rule it out.  But if I were to wager a guess at this point, I’d say the patient’s consumptive.  Doesn’t always attack the lungs.  I… I would hesitate to move him, sir.  I don’t frankly know how much spirit the boy has left in him.” — George Hodgson

Dr. Stephen Stanley, The Terror, AMC, AMCtv, Scott Free Productions, Entertainment 360, Emjag Productions, AMC Studios, Alistair PetrieDr. Stephen Stanley

“What I fail to understand is why you chose not to speak up when you began feeling this take root.  Wide.  Crew’s under strict orders to come forward if unwell.  I’d think burying three of your mates on Beechey was sufficient motivation.  Well, he can praise your loyalty as he buries you.” — Stephen Stanley

“Come. As if that weren’t plain. Cover him and get some rest, Mr. Goodsir.  You can do the post-mortem in the morning when the men go up.  Sir John has a flea in his ear about scurvy.  Do I really need to explain what is an hallucination?  Good night, Mr. Goodsir.” — Stephen Stanley

Lt. Graham Gore

“We can’t spin the propeller nor retract it.  Mr. Reid is certain we must have caught a growler at the surface.  Yes.  Mr. Gregory thinks there must be ice wedged up in the prop well.  But we won’t know till first light.  He all but assured me if we can clear out a jam, we’ll be under way.  He will ask.” — Graham Gore

“It will be an honor, sir.  To lay our first footprints upon King William Land and deliver your words.  Joyfully, sir.” — Graham Gore

“I do not, Mr. Goodsir.  Whoa!  Whoa.  Hartnell, let him spell you.  There’s nothing more natural than pulling weight, Dr. Goodsir.  Watch Morfin here in front, and me with the corner of your eye.  Match our strides.  You’ll take to it.  I know you will.” — Graham Gore

Sir James Ross

“He met them?  Ask him… ..if one of these men is the one… he’s calling… Aglooka.  Tuunbaq?  Someone was pursuing them?  An Eskimo?  I don’t understand.  Is he describing a man?  What did Francis say?  Aglooka?” — James Ross

“If you believe that depiction, you’ve dropped a stone at least since we’ve been back.  Get up, old man.” — James Ross

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