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Devout Deviation original miniseries hookup services garnered two Golden Globe nominations this year.

#TheSinner has been renewed for a second season.

rottentomatoes: 94%

metacritic: 71

imdb: 8.1

emmys: 1 nomination

golden globes: 2 nominations


Cora Tannetti, The Sinner, USA Network, NBCUniversal TV, Iron Ocean, Universal Cable Productions, Jessica BielCora Tannetti, The Sinner, USA Network, NBCUniversal TV, Iron Ocean, Universal Cable Productions, Jessica BielCora Tannetti, The Sinner, USA Network, NBCUniversal TV, Iron Ocean, Universal Cable Productions, Jessica BielCora Tannetti

Cora Tannetti opens a man’s jugular Frankie Belmont on the beach in Dorchester, New York while experiencing a post-traumatic episode.  She is subsequently detained and pleads guilty to second-degree murder.

Cora Tannetti, The Sinner, USA Network, NBCUniversal TV, Iron Ocean, Universal Cable Productions, Jessica BielGolden Globes

1 nomination: 2018

“Well, once I put the order in, it usually takes about a week.  No, that’s for the order to come in.  We just need a day for the installation.  No, I won’t be there myself, but I promise you he’ll do a great job, and you’ll be nice and cool for the rest of the summer.  How does that sound?  I’m–I’m sorry, what– yeah, yes, that’s right.  All right, great, well, I will be in contact with you next week to confirm.  Okay, thanks, Ms. Rosas.  Yep, all right.  Okay, bye.  I’m still waiting on that quote from Anna, so I wasn’t able to finish the O’Neil list.  Come on, stop.  Yeah, it’s in there.” — Cora Tannetti

“I don’t think you have the guts.  Well, then do it.  Do it–prove me wrong.  Mason, we’re with your dad all day long, and then it’s dinner with the two of them every night.  And I–I just don’t think it’s the end of the world if we ask for a night off.  Or two, even.  Oh, my God.  You’re such a mama’s boy.  You are.” — Cora Tannetti

“There’s my sweet pea.  Hi, pokey.  Hi, let me get you out of there.  What did you do with grandma today?  Bye.  Bye, mom.” — Cora Tannetti

“Hmm, hmm.  Oh, I don’t know.  I–I… I am.  I’m just… okay.  Yeah.  Yeah, just give me a minute.  I just–I just need a minute.  I just need a minute.  Mm.  I’ll be right in.  Ooh.  Yeah.” — Cora Tannetti

“Hmm?  It’s gonna be crowded.  I want to get a good spot.  Mm.  What do you mean?  Why’d you do that?  Mason, you didn’t really.  Come on, please, please, I don’t want to be late.  Come on.  Stop it.” — Cora Tannetti

“Hey.  You’re–you’re already here.  No, no, we’re gonna go sit up on the beach.  We’ll come back and visit.  Okay.  Okay, I have some right here, actually.  Got some right here.  There you go.  Got some.  You got some.  Hey, I’m gonna go for a swim.  Can you watch him?  What?  What’s the matter, baby?  What’s the matter?  You okay?  You hungry?  Yeah.  I just kept swimming.  I wanted some quiet.  He’s fine at his swimming lessons.  His teacher brings him right out into the water.  He doesn’t cry at all.  Here, honey.  Good?  Stop it!  Get off her!  Stop!  Stop it!  Stop it!” — Cora Tannetti

“Where’s my husband.  I need to speak to him.  My son needs to eat.  His rhythm gets thrown off.  He won’t sleep.  My husband forgets.  Mason!  Mason!  Mason!  Mason!  Mason, please!  Mason!” — Cora Tannetti

“And blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus.  Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.  God bless mama.  Amen.  Oh, yes, and God bless Phoebe.  Amen.  I don’t want mama to come back.” — Cora Tannetti

“Uh, three years.  No, they’re both dead.  Can you please tell me what’s gonna happen to me?  I don’t want a lawyer.  I know.  I don’t want a lawyer.  I’m sorry.  I already confessed.  I… just go ahead.  Yes. I don’t understand why we have to keep going over this.  I told somebody at the beach, and I just told a woman here before you.  I stabbed him with the knife I was using to peel fruit for my son.  I’m sorry, um… I sta– in his neck… and in his throat.  And maybe his face.  I don’t know him.  No, I’ve never met him before in my life.  No, I don’t know him.  I’m telling you, I’ve never met him before.  ‘Cause they were playing that music, and they kept turning it up.  I realize that.  I don’t know.  I just– I just did it.  And I don’t know why.” — Cora Tannetti

“What about my husband?  I’ve been here for hours, and no one has told me anything.  No, what do you mean?  You said that you’d tell me when he came.  You promised.” — Cora Tannetti

“Please, help me.  I can’t sleep, and I don’t have my pills.  I need something.  You don’t understand.  I need it.  Please!  I won’t tell anyone.  Hello?  Hello?  Stop it!  Ahh!  Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee.  Blessed art thou amongst women… pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.  Amen.” — Cora Tannetti

“Hi.  How’s Lane?  Is he–is he okay?  Is he… I think there’s something wrong with me.  I give my statement.  And they’re gonna take me to my hearing in a few hours.  Then I’m gonna plead guilty.  A lawyer can’t do anything.  I did what I did.  Mason… whatever you have to do now, because of what happened, I won’t blame you.  Because you’re gonna have to move on.  And this is not your fault.  You were such a good husband to me.  I never thought that I would have a normal life, and I did.  I really did.  And it’s because of you.  Mason.” — Cora Tannetti

“Yes.  Guilty.  Yes.  Yes.  I just know that I did it, and… I just want this all to end.  What does that mean?” — Cora Tannetti

“No, I didn’t.  What makes you think I want my life back?” — Cora Tannetti

“Sorry.  Here you go.  You had–you had the beer, right?  Beer.  Food.  And your other stuff will be out in just a few minutes.  Yeah, is is that obvious?  I’m originally from upstate– from Ellenville.  You do?  Oh.” — Cora Tannetti

“That’s really the only reason I got the job– my Aunt Margaret knows– knows Laura, the owner, and, yeah.  She hired me as a favor.  Just wanted a change.  I’m terrible.  Yeah.  I… I can’t remember anything, I… spill everything.” — Cora Tannetti

“You’ll pray for her?  Thanks, Aunt Margaret.” — Cora Tannetti

“I met Frankie on July 3rd.  It was five years ago.  It was at a bar on route 6.   Carl’s Taproom.  But I didn’t know him as Frankie… he told me his name was JD.  I didn’t realize that he was lying until later.  2012.  4th of July weekend.  He was there at the bar with some friends– with a couple of guys.  JD had some pills and we all took ’em.  And then we got in his car and went to somebody’s house.  He has a truck.  A black truck with a white top.  I’m not sure.  We just ended up there.  I remember this orange carpet.  And that song… Frankie just… they played it over and over and over again.  It was from a band that he was in.  And he just seemed so confident.  Like he was on his way somewhere.  And we spent the night together.  Two weeks later, I found out I was pregnant.  And I didn’t know what to do.  He…he had my phone number.  I didn’t have his.  So, I tried to track him down, and that’s when I found out that he didn’t even give me his real name.  I grew up Catholic.  I couldn’t get an abortion.  I couldn’t tell my parents.  I just wanted to die.  And then I woke up… in the hospital, with a fractured hip and a concussion, and… I wasn’t pregnant anymore.  I used to pray a lot when I was little… praying for my sister Phoebe, praying for my mother, for myself.  Hours and hours, I would…I would beg God to help us, and for what?  What kind of a God… kills your baby but lets you survive?  When I heard that song at the beach, then I– then I realized who he was.  Something inside me just snapped.” — Cora Tannetti

“Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.  I indulged in temptation and risked my sister’s life.  Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned– I wanted to stay.” — Cora Tannetti

“Hey.  Come up here, come up here.  Yes.  Please.  Please.  I don’t know.  Oh, my God, are you okay?” — Cora Tannetti

“No, thanks.” — Cora Tannetti

“She’ll be okay.  We’ll keep praying, and God will make her better.  Because I’m a sinner and I took the chocolate from Aunt Margaret.  Sorry.” — Cora Tannetti

“I didn’t go to the hospital.  The driver of the car who hit me took me to his home for treatment.  Are you?  But you’re a detective and you’re not supposed to be helping me, so… why?  You’re so full of shit.  I told you.  We met on July 3rd– I don’t know.  Turn it off.  I’m not doing this.  Turn it off.  Screw you.  Stop.  Stop it!  I’m gonna kill you.  I’m gonna kill you!  I’m gonna kill you!” — Cora Tannetti

“Doesn’t matter anymore.  Is Lane okay?” — Cora Tannetti

“I grew up with God in my house.  All He brought was more pain.” — Cora Tannetti

“Sorry.  She depends on me.” — Cora Tannetti


Mason Tannetti, The Sinner, USA Network, NBCUniversal TV, Iron Ocean, Universal Cable Productions, Christopher AbbottMason Tannetti, The Sinner, USA Network, NBCUniversal TV, Iron Ocean, Universal Cable Productions, Christopher AbbottMason Tannetti

“Come here, babe.  Dad, I’m gonna go home and wash up.  I’ll meet you there, all right?” — Mason Tannetti

“Oh, no fun.  Well, maybe I will.  Yeah.  All right, all right.  You’re right, you’re right.  I just… no, listen, no, come on, I just think it’s weird to come home and just take Lane from mom after she’s watched him all day, cooked us dinner.  Having dinner with us is her reward, you know?  Just feels mean to do that.  Oh, come on, stop saying that.  I hate–I hate that term.” — Mason Tannetti

“Hey, mom.  Smells great.  4 1/2.  Mm-hmm.  Yeah.  I know, but if you want in, you should call him right now.  All right, see you later, mom.  Mom, I love you.” — Mason Tannetti

“It’s Friday night.  What?  I thought you said you were feeling better.  Really?  Yeah?  Okay.  Okay.  See what you do to me?  Oh, like that?  Like that?  Yeah?” — Mason Tannetti

“Hey.  All right.  Oh, by the way, I told mom that we’d come over for dinner tonight after we go swimming.  Just ’cause I love her so much, and I just can’t– just can’t stay away.  No.  She asked and I said no.  ‘Cause I’m awesome.  Okay.  It’s all right.  No, we don’t.  Say, ‘bye.’  Say ‘bye.’  No time, mom.” — Mason Tannetti

“Oh-ho.  Heather.  How are you?  Hey.  Mm-hmm.  Whoa, avalanche!  Oh, uh, important business.  I don’t know– said she went for a swim.  I don’t see her, though.  Yeah, all right, we’ll do that.  Let’s go look for mama.  Bring your shovel.  Well, we’re looking for her.  Cora!  Cora!  Cora!  Hey, what–what’s going on?  Are you okay?  What were you doing out that far?  We couldn’t see you.  What?  He’s too attached.  He’s got to toughen up.  Right, buddy?  Want some lotion?  Oil you up?  They’re just having fun.  You’re torturing me.  You know that, right?  Hey!  Hey, hey, hey!  What are you doing?  What are you doing?  Huh?  What are you doing?  Hey, hey, hey, hey.  Hey.  Hey, hey.  Hey.” — Mason Tannetti

“I should go to the station.” — Mason Tannetti

“Yeah.  That’s the way Cora likes it, so… I–I mean, I’m going– I was going.  I am.  I will.  Nope.  I mean, I don’t really know what to say to her, to be honest.  The look on her face, and the, uh, the things that she said, I, um… I mean, it was like she was someone else.  No… ’cause it didn’t really make any sense.  After she, um… after she attacked the guy… she started going towards the girlfriend, the one that turned on the music.  Mm-hmm.  She said something like, ‘you’re okay’ and ‘you’re safe’ and ‘he’s gone now.’  I mean, yeah.  That’s what it looked like.” — Mason Tannetti

“Hi.  Yeah, he’s fine.  He’s just, uh… he’s confused.  I’m sorry I– I didn’t come yesterday.  I mean, I– I’m going over everything in my head, and… it doesn’t make any sense.  And I’m just trying to figure out why, you know?  No, I just– maybe it was just, like– just like a moment, you know?  Something that happened, and that’s it.  Something.  So what’s gonna happen now?  Yeah.  Okay, and then what?  And that’s it?  Can’t… can’t you do something?  What about a lawyer?  Cora– I got to go, okay?” — Mason Tannetti

“Cora.  What are you doing?  What are you doing?  How are you?  Oh, yeah, no– I remember.  You know anything?  Like what they’re saying about her, or… or why she did it, or… no?  Well, I’ll– I’ll see you around then.  Yeah, I’d like that.” — Mason Tannetti

“Did you cut his hair?  What are you doing?  Cora likes it longer.  You know, it’s… yeah.  I told you I was.  I’m not gonna stick around here all day.  I’m gonna go out the back, though.” — Mason Tannetti

“I had the beer.  Thank you.  You, uh… you– you’re new here, right?  Oh, no, no, you’re doing fine.  I just– I hadn’t seen you here before.  Oh, yeah, I know it.  I live in Dorchester.  Yeah.  I’m just–I’m picking up some inventory here, but… that’s where I live.  Oh.  Well, why’d you come to Inwood?  How’s the waitressing thing working out for you?  No.  No.  Nah, it’s just… you know, you should be a hostess at a fancy spot downtown.  Where they charge $30 for a salad.  I’d pay 30 bucks… if you were working there.” — Mason Tannetti

“Hmm?  No, no, no, no.  No, I want to.  I really want to.  What was that?  Yeah, don’t worry.” — Mason Tannetti

“How did she know Frankie?  Did she date him or something?  No, I… I told you guys that already.  No.  JD?  As JD?  No.  What else did she say about him?  You know, I’m sitting here all day, with this stuff circling around in my head, and it’s driving me up a wall, okay?  I feel like I’m going nuts.  So, don’t treat me like I’m just a witness to something.  You know, how long have you known me?  Please.  Nobody’s saying anything to me.  Give me something to go on.  Don’t–you know, you can’t just leave me in the dark about it.  I need– I need anything.  Please, anything to go on–” — Mason Tannetti

“They said you had gotten pregnant.  Is that true?  Don’t you think that’s something that you should’ve told me?  Cora?  Why did you lie to the cops about Frankie?  I know the guy you were talking about.  I know JD.  He’s got that truck.  I knew some of his friends before we met.  Was he the one that got you pregnant?  Did he hurt you?  It… it does matter.  Because you’re talking to the cops about it, it does matter.  No, Lane is not okay.  And I’m not okay.  Our world is turned upside-down right now.  And you won’t even talk to me.” — Mason Tannetti

“You still hang out with Mitch?  Yeah.  Hey, you remember this guy from back then–JD?  He drove that black truck, hung out with Jason and these dudes?  Okay.  You think you can… just hook me up with him?  I just wanna meet him.  You know.  Work stuff, maybe.  You think you can introduce me?” — Mason Tannetti

Ron Tannetti, The Sinner, USA Network, NBCUniversal TV, Iron Ocean, Universal Cable Productions, Robert FunaroRon Tannetti

“See you later, man.  I’m staying in tonight.  You did the Jacksons?  That’s all we need.  I know, I’m leaving too.  I got to say, these look good.  Pretty soon, I won’t even need to come into work.” — Ron Tannetti

“What’s the spread?  4 1/2?  With who, Manny?  Oh, God.  What an idiot.” — Ron Tannetti

“You really coming to work?” — Ron Tannetti

Lorna Tannetti, The Sinner, USA Network, NBCUniversal TV, Iron Ocean, Universal Cable Productions, Patti D'ArbanvilleLorna Tannetti

“Oh, finally.  Hi, baby.  Oh, no, no, no, no.  He hasn’t finished his dinner.  I told him he could get down as soon as he finishes his food because those are the rules, sweetheart, right?  Good night, Lane.  Hey, I’ll feed him tomorrow if you two want to sleep in.” — Lorna Tannetti

“Don’t let him get too much sun, okay?  You have sunscreen, yes?  Oh, come on.  Seatbelts.  Bye, Lane. Bye-bye.  Whoo-ooh!  Bye!” — Lorna Tannetti

“You need to eat something.” — Lorna Tannetti

“I trimmed it–barely.  Oh. Well, I think it looks nice, because he has ears for one.” — Lorna Tannetti

Laine Tannetti, The Sinner, USA Network, NBCUniversal TV, Iron Ocean, Universal Cable Productions, Grayson EddieLaine Tannetti

“I need some more water.  I got some.  Can I do it right here?  Right here?  That one’s grandma.  Then there’s mommy, my daddy.  Oh, whoa.  Mommy!  Mommy!  Mommy!  Mommy!  Mommy.  Mommy!  Mommy!” — Lane Tannetti

Leah Belmont, The Sinner, USA Network, NBCUniversal TV, Iron Ocean, Universal Cable Productions, Terri WybleLeah Belmont

“Careful… oh, I almost forgot.  I have a surprise for you guys.  Ha.  No, it’s– a band I heard about.  They’re, like, amazing.  I’m serious.  Okay.  I have my ways.  This is Frankie’s band when he was in med school.  That is Frankie on the drums.  No, no, it’s so good!  Come on.  Wait, okay, okay, okay.  Honey–oh, wait.  Let me play this one last song, and then I’ll stop.  I promise.  This one’s my favorite.  Guys, this one’s my favorite.  Come here.  Ooh.  Oh!  Ow!  No!  No!  No, get the–get away!  Get away!  Oh, my God.” — Leah Belmont

“I didn’t even notice her.  None of us did.  I remember I… I changed the music, Frankie was in a band when he was in med school, and I had the… the tracks on my phone to surprise him.  We were just kidding around, and… next thing I know, shes’s there, screaming.  I don’t know.  I don’t remember.  He only ever talked about his colleagues– residents from the hospital.  You mean, was he cheating on me?  Is that what you’re asking me?  There was a girl… that Frankie mentioned.  He wouldn’t talk about it with me, but… he told his friends, once, that he had some sort of intense connection with her, but there was something wrong with her.  And then some sort of accident happened, and…it almost ruined his life.  Five, six years ago.  Before we met.  His friends say that’s when he changed.” — Leah Belmont

Detective Harry Ambrose, The Sinner, USA Network, NBCUniversal TV, Iron Ocean, Universal Cable Productions, Bill PullmanDetective Harry Ambrose, The Sinner, USA Network, NBCUniversal TV, Iron Ocean, Universal Cable Productions, Bill PullmanDetective Harry Ambrose

“So how’s it going?  Where’s the suspect?  Post Miranda?  Yeah.  Oh, uh, I just had to pick up a couple things at the house.  Yeah.  IT’s tow years, yeah.  Guy in Gardner killed his wife.  Pinus strobus.  See those white pine across there?  They got a blight.  an ecosystem out of balance.” — Harry Ambrose

“A lawyer could reduce your sentence even if you decide to plead guilty– Mrs. Tannetti, I realize it isn’t easy being here.  It’s normal in this circumstance to be scared.  I’m guessing that this isn’t where you thought you’d be when you woke up this morning, is it?  Think you would agree that people don’t usually stab other people because they’re playing their music too loud?  And you can tell us anything.  Whatever you can.” — Harry Ambrose

“So we got everything except for why.  Oh, Dan, come on.  I’m telling you, you know, when women kill, it’s people that they’re– that’s not what I’m saying.  I’m saying the whole thing, right?  She attacks him in public, and there are knife wounds all over the place.  That’s an impulse killing.  It’s emotional.  That’s why this doesn’t make any sense.” — Harry Ambrose

“I couldn’t sleep.  How about you let me in?  Thank you.  Did you miss me?  Hmm?  So you’ve been having some company, huh?  Two of ’em, huh?  How does that work?  At the same time?  Mary… ah!  I keep thinking about you.  I’m sorry, I… I cannot…” — Harry Ambrose

“Well, everything’s kept in good order.  You haven’t gone to see her yet.  Have you two been having trouble?  Something’s keeping you.  What’d she say?  You didn’t mention anything about it in your statement.  The girl, Leah, right?  Like she was saving her.” — Harry Ambrose

“Yeah?  I slept in the office.  Look, I’ve just been talking to the DA’s office about Cora Tannetti, and now I’m on my way to see Leah Belmont.  Look, if I can get Leah Belmont to confirm that Cora Tannetti was in some kind of delusional state, then I’m gonna bring that to Judge Baird.  She’ll never accept that guilty plea.  Yeah.  Yeah, no, I know, I know.” — Harry Ambrose

“Yeah, I’m Detective Lieutenant Harry Ambrose.  Right.  So how’s she doing?  So did you hear her say anything?  Either during or after?  How about with Leah Belmont?  Did Mrs. Tannetti have any kind of interaction with her?  It’s a Hevea brasiliensis.  It’s a rubber plant.  It needs more light than it’s getting.  Yeah.  Do you work out?  It looks like you’re in great shape.  I’m just saying, you know, it makes me wonder why you didn’t try to stop her.  Mason Tannetti, he got up from where he was sitting, and he ran– from my measurement, it was about 15 feet– and then he tackled her, and you were, what, 4 feet away, and you never got up off your towel.  So what was that?  Just slow reflexes?  What part of getting stabbed seven times is under control?  At what point?  So why didn’t he?  Go ahead.  What are you remembering?  Tell me.  You think he knew her?  And then he let her kill him?” — Harry Ambrose

“I called, made my case.  Thanks, I’ll be good.  I know you knew Frankie Belmont.  You’re pleading guilty.  Why are you doing that?  You could at least try to help yourself.  If you work with your lawyer, plead temporary insanity, you might reduce your sentence.  It could take a while, but eventually, you could be with your family again.  And you could get your life back.” — Harry Ambrose

“There’s an explanation there somewhere.  Did Cora say anything during any of this to you or anybody else?  What about before all of this?  Did Frankie ever mention Cora’s name, or any other women that you might not have met?  Well, maybe he knew her, but he didn’t tell you about it.  Fact is, most people have secrets– even the most unlikely ones.  When was this?” — Harry Ambrose

“Yeah, I’m coming.  What’s that supposed to mean?  I was taking a break.  Why is your wife looking out the window at 3:00 in the morning?  That’s the question you should be asking.” — Harry Ambrose

“Now, that’s not fair.  We’ve already been over this.  Anthracnose.  The nurse had said– the nurses had said that it’d beat least an hour before she came out of it, and I thought I could pop over and I could pop back, and– that was a bad call.” — Harry Ambrose

“We can do this all day if you want.  And we can come back tomorrow and do it all over again.  I know there’s a story between you and Frankie.  And I’m gonna keep digging.  You are not mentally ill, and sane people, they have motives for what they do, whether they hide it or not.  And me coming here is not going to stop until I hear something out of you that makes sense.  There is someone out there that knows something.  Maybe it’s a friend or one of your family.  They’ve got TV cameras following them every minute of the day because of you.  And they’re in pain.  And you’re just gonna leave them there for the rest of their lives with no explanation for what you did.  Is that what you want?  Where were you?  What year was this?  What kind of car did Frankie drive?  Where was this house?  And then what?” — Harry Ambrose

“Smiling on the inside.  With salad instead of fries.  I know.  I’m sorry.  the thing is, I can’t come see you anymore.  The last time was a mistake.  I’m trying with Faye.  I really wanna try.  Well… to tell you.” — Harry Ambrose

“That’s it.  Get that tape right on the corner.  Yeah.  Go ahead, tear it, tear it, tear it, tear it.  And… well, I thought he could these on our hikes, you know, and if he could see the birds, he might be more interested.  That right, kiddo?  Now, be honest with me.  Have you ever wanted to go up to that kid and just… just a little bit?  All right, just get the LEGOs.  It’s nice to be here with you.  It feels natural.  I know how to do this.  But why?  Why can’t we just live together?  You want to still.  And… I want to.  Look around you–there are so many sad stories out there.  We’re lucky.” — Harry Ambrose

“Oh, this… do you know how to get the music off of this?  When was it that she was here?  This other girl– what did she look like?  Uh… was it him?  This isn’t the guy who was with Cora Tannetti that night?  Okay, thanks.  I’ll be in touch.  Thanks.” — Harry Ambrose

“And he never mentioned anything about a girl, or an accident?  Young guy Frankie’s age, it often happens that they have lives their parents aren’t aware of.  Did you ever hear him go by the nickname JD?  You knew he was in a band?  Well, that’s what we’re trying to understand.  It’s gotta be hard on both of you.  We think it was 4th of July weekend.  Yeah?  What do you mean?” — Harry Ambrose

“Yeah?  I was just gonna call you.  Okay.” — Harry Ambrose

“Cora!  Cora.  Why did you lie to me about your parents being dead.  And the pregnancy.  That isn’t true, is it?  How about the hospital?  Do you even realize that I’m trying to help you?  Yeah, I’m trying.  Nobody else gives a damn, but… I’m here.  The truth is my job– know the truth.  Good, we have something in common, don’t we?  How do you know Farnkie.  No, don’t.  Don’t screw around with me.  Why did you kill him?  Yes, you do know.  And I know that you know.  You don’t get to do what you did and not know.  What happened on the beach?  Huh?  You were sitting there with your husband, and you were slicing up a pear for your son, and Frankie and his friends were 15 yards away, and somebody was playing music.  And you heard that music, didn’t you?  It reminded you of something, didn’t it?  No, we are going through this.  We are going through this step by step.  Why?  He did something to you, didn’t he?  What did he do?  I’m sorry, I can’t hear you.  I can’t hear you.  How do you know Frankie.  I’m all right.  I’m all right.” — Harry Ambrose

“Hey.  And you sit on those cushions?  Well, it sounds interesting.  You gotta do something about the reflection.  Hey, that’s a good… come back.  You’re gonna be okay.  Come back.  Come back.  You came back.” — Harry Ambrose

“Dan, thanks.  I appreciate this.  Look, I wanna show you something.  Yeah, yeah.  Cora, right?  That song I played triggers her somehow.  When she hears it, something happens.  Look at this.  Okay, where she hit me?  The pattern.  One here, one here, and one here.  Look at the stab wounds on Frankie Belmont.  Same exact places.  She stabbed Frankie seven times, right?  Look at this.  Look how many times she hits me.  One…two…three…four…five…six…seven.  She’s repeating exactly what she did on that beach.  She doesn’t even know it.” — Harry Ambrose

Detective Dan Leroy, The Sinner, USA Network, NBCUniversal TV, Iron Ocean, Universal Cable Productions, Dohn NorwoodDetective Dan Leroy, The Sinner, USA Network, NBCUniversal TV, Iron Ocean, Universal Cable Productions, Dohn NorwoodDetective Dan Leroy

“It’s going.  We’re moving her to the station.  She already confessed. Yeah, got all that.  It’s crazy, man.  She just seems to normal.  Just a mom with her kid.  Where were you?  Right.” — Dan Leroy

“Hi, Mrs. Tannetti.  I’m Detective Dan Leroy.  This is Lieutenant Detective Harry Ambrose.  I’d like to ask you a few questions.  Thank you.  You are a resident of Dorchester.  Is that right?  And how long have you been married?  Any other family in the area?  Parents?  Well, when we’re done here, we’ll be moving you to county jail in Kingston for booking.  You’ll be held there until your arraignment, which is when you and your lawyer will be able to make your plea to the judge.  The–the state will provide a public defender, free of charge.  Well, Mrs. Tannetti, we have a pretty clear-cut situation here.  I mean, we have signed statements from multiple eyewitnesses at the crime scene.  Can you confirm that you stabbed Frankie Belmont today at Mottowa State Park?  Can you say yes or no for the record?  Can you describe how you killed him?  I realize that.  We just need to confirm the details.  Where did you stab him?  Mrs. Tannetti?  What’s your relationship with Frankie Belmont?  You had no interaction with him before today.  Did you expect to see him there at the beach?  Then why kill him?” — Dan Leroy

“No history of mental illness.  She takes sleeping pills sometimes, but that’s it.  Drug test is clear.  Do we need it?  I mean, we have a confession and, like, 20 eyewitnesses.  Intimately involved with.  I know, I get it.  That’s the profile, but look at her.  She’s not the profile.  I mean, people keep things bottled up, and then something sets them off, and some poor shit takes the brunt of it.  Look, Harry, I get what you’re saying.  I do.  But how does this play out any other way?  All right.” — Dan Leroy

“Hey, man, where you been?  Did you ever make it home last night?  Harry, what’s going on, man?  I thought we were done with all this.  You know you only have two hours, right?  The arraignment’s at 4:00.” — Dan Leroy

“Did you put Judge Baird up to this?” — Dan Leroy

“Hey, Harry, get up here.  I’m making breakfast.  And then you add some chive, blueberries, sprinkles– whatever you want.  I’m sorry, baby.  Just teaching the temporary bachelor how to survive.  Bye, little man.  So, uh… you doing all right?  You know, you kind of scared the shit out of Mia last night– you’re in the yard, 3:00 in the morning, in your underwear.  You doing more of that… plant-whispering shit?  From what, sleeping?  Next time, you wear some pants.  How about that?  Stop showing your wang to my woman.” — Dan Leroy

“Thought you should know this.  Been trying to track down Cora Tannetti’s hospital records after that car accident.  You know how she says she went to Saint Amelia’s?  They have no record of her.  Checked all over the state.  Nothing.  And you know how she said in her interview that her parents were both dead?  Guess what?  They’re alive and well, a half hour away in Ellenville.” — Dan Leroy

“Harry.  I hope you got something good, ’cause I only got about 4 hours of sleep left.  Okay.  Who, Harry.  Yeah.  Mm-hmm.  Sweet Jesus.” — Dan Leroy

Police Chief, The Sinner, USA Network, NBCUniversal TV, Iron Ocean, Universal Cable Productions, Adam LeFevrePolice Chief

“You want to know what’s crazy?  I just got a call from my daughter.  She knows Cora Tannetti.  Says she doesn’t seem like the type– a friendly mom, volunteers at the Y.  So what the hell we got going here?  She off her meds?  What?  so you think she’s lying?  You think she knows the guy?  Well, maybe she just lost it.  Well, the DA’s got more than they need.  I mean, you know?  And I’m already getting too many calls on this, so you call them.  Get it filed.” — Police Chief

“We made the ‘Times,’ too.  DeStefano’s already worried about foliage season.  And he thinks the case’ll scare away the leaf peepers.  Well, it’s not like we’re gonna get caught with our pants down.  And we got a case.” — Police Chief

“Jesus Christ.  Well, Lopez will be happy, at least.  We got a story.  Kinda all makes sense now.  Doesn’t it?” — Police Chief

Frankie Belmont, The Sinner, USA Network, NBCUniversal TV, Iron Ocean, Universal Cable Productions, Eric Todd

Frankie Belmont

Maddie Beecham, The Sinner, USA Network, NBCUniversal TV, Iron Ocean, Universal Cable Productions, Danielle Burgess

Maddie Beecham

J.D. Lambert, The Sinner, USA Network, NBCUniversal TV, Iron Ocean, Universal Cable Productions, Jacob Pitts

J.D. Lambert

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  1. Yes, JB, sorry about our slime of a president. Secondly, congrats on such a successful project. Thirdly, WHERE THE HELL IS JACOB PITTS???????
    Here is who held that show together and made it finally go from OK but you get to see Pitts half naked and making out to fabulous. The last couple of shows (not the finale) were you, JD, Frankie and Phoebe. The four of you were mesmerizing and I cd think of more positives but my husband is snoring very loudly and my positive accolade adjective collection is stuck on loud nasal bleating.
    So the point: why wasn’t Pitts featured more in press? I know he hates that sh*t but you could probably talk anyone into anything so…why?
    And the biggest question….IS JACOB PITTS COMING BACK NEXT SEASON? Say yes and you will make millions of fans from NY to Bahrain to an island off the coast of Italy very very happy. Also, if you cd make my husband stop snoring, that’s be great, too.
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