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Rom Com

Netflix original film The Perfect Date dropped April 12, 2019.

#ThePerfectDate reportedly garnered 48 million unique views in its first four weeks.

rottentomatoes: 69%

metacritic: N/A

imdb: 5.9

Celia Lieberman, The Perfect Date, Netflix, Ace Entertainment, AwesomenessFilms, Laura MaranoCelia Lieberman

Celia Lieberman navigates young adult life outside of Greenwich, Connecticut.

Celia Lieberman, The Perfect Date, Netflix, Ace Entertainment, AwesomenessFilms, Laura Marano

“This is stupid!  Get out!  Reece’s bitch?  Relax, he knows I’m kidding.  Right, slum?  I’m not wearing the shoes.  Listen to yourself.  Thanks, mom.  Thanks for the assist back there.  Reece let you use his car.  Man, he was really desperate to get out of this, wasn’t he?  Uh-huh.  Oh, that’s cute, but I can open my own doors.  Thanks.  Wow, you provide quite the service.  Don’t tell me you’ve got individually wrapped Mentos and Tyler water bottles in your glove box.  Oh, my God, you do.  Fulfilling my fantasy of dating my Lyft driver.  No, you’re gonna keep on the straight.  No, don’t listen to robots, listen to me.  You need to make a left here.  Okay, so now pull over, and here we are.  Wouldn’t it be weird if it was?  Okay, so you can swing back and pick me up in a few hours.  Yes.  Oh, my God.  Yes.  Yes, I would.  Gigolo.  Sure.  Okay, let’s define terms here.  I’m not your responsibility, because Eisenhower isn’t in office anymore.  Secondly, you’re being paid to hang out with me.  Imagine how that makes me feel.  Like, really, really, imagine it.  Now do as I say.  You’ve clearly never been to my highschool.  Fine.  What?” — Celia Lieberman

“Center for culinary participation.  Don’t let the glossy sheen fool you, the food still sucks.  You think people actually go to a dance to dance?  No, they come here to take photos for their Instagram.  I’m sure that’s why people have babies too.  No.  No, no, no.  No.  Definitely Bing.  No.  No.  No.  No, no, no, no!  Oh!  Ouch!   Yeah.  You just made me twist my ankle, you dipshit.  It’s fine, whatever, just now I’m on medical leave.  Hey, do not touch me.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Uh, yeah, I’m fine.  But now I can’t run the charity 5K for canine diabetes this weekend.  Okay.  well, what do you say there, Brooksie, my boyfriend, my protector, my forever love, shall we get the hell moving?” — Celia Lieberman

“I mean, a baby in a gas mask?  Oh!  Street art is a public disservice.  It’s like streaking on a baseball field.  Yeah.  Trashbug, he’s just some bored, privileged white dude, I know it.  You’re a real professional.  Like, is this your stock-in-trade?  It should be.  I’m telling you, you’re really good at it.  Troubled rich girls in need of a chaperone, it could be big business here.  No, I’m joking.  But, wow, you are super serious about it, huh?  Okay, you know I could… I could provide a testimonial for your website.  Celia Lieberman says, ‘Brooks Rattigan stepped on my ankle, but… he get me ice.'”

“You seriously do not have to do that.  Huh?  Miracles happen every day.  One of my more likable qualities.  My fake ankle injury was not dumb.  My fake ankle injury was strategic and adorable.  You should be thanking me.  You do not belong at Shelby’s party.  Whoa, I didn’t even need to try to push that button.  We met, like, four hours ago, remember?  I don’t know where you’re from.  I meant you don’t belong there, because you seem normal.  Disappear.  Ugh!” — Celia Lieberman

“Look, I’m not good at apologies, but I feel like I owe you one, because you’re a gentleman and pretty fun to be around.  You were just doing your job, but you were pretty smug too, so it shouldn’t be a whole apology, but a half apology, so I’m half sorry, is that cool?  Oh, jeez,sorry, it’s Celia.  So do you accept my half apology or not?  Well, good, because I’m in desperate need of your services.  Aha.  No, yeah, that’s pretty accurate.  No, there’s this boy I like, Franklin.  Is that so hard to believe?  Just because I’m a little weird, doesn’t make me less human, in fact, it makes me more human.  So, there’s this party at Shelby’s house tonight– whoa, reel it in there, cowboy.  Yeah, so I’m thinking, listen, we show up as a hot couple, get Franklin a little jealous, maybe you can stir up some attention from Shelby.  So, pick me up at seven.  Oh, my God, you didn’t?” — Celia Lieberman

“Okay, this is way more than a mints and tiny bottles of water.  This is a full-on bespoke concierge service.  Okay, so what’s the weirdest Brooks Rattigan you’ve been thus far?  My God, that is the perfect date.  You know, Shelby’s dad’s basically Batman, if Bruce Wayne was a sleazy hedge fund manager with a questionable sense of finance law.  Oh, he’s kidding, obviously.  Brooks is from Darien.  Hey, this is Shelby Pace we’re trying to impress here.  Either go big or go home, son.  Oh, my God, that’s Franklin.  Abort, let’s go.  I know, but I just didn’t expect to see him so soon, I thought I’d have some time to, I don’t know, like clutch my bearings.  Yes, stop being so obvious.  Stop it.  Pretend to have a conversation with me.  Fine, whatever, you start.  Uh, University of Michigan.  Please, you see this?  This is the precise number of shits I give about the the Ivy League.  I know, I’m working up to it.  Stop it.  You are such a brute.  I like music and records.  Yeah, I’m always saying that.  Music should only be listened to on melted and then pressed vinyl discs.  They don’t know what they’re missing, or worse, they do.” — Celia Lieberman

“Yo.  Don’t knock vanilla, okay?  It’s a… it seems a little boring, I give you that, but there’s a lot of nuance flavors hiding inside.  Mm.  Kind of like you.  Yeah.” — Celia Lieberman

“Oh, God, I feel bad for you.  You’re just relying on external factors for your happiness, waiting for people to accept you instead of accepting yourself.  I mean, what could go wrong?” — Celia Lieberman

“Well, we’re not shit-eating beetles, though.  We’re actually gonna be breaking up very soon.  In fact, very soon.” — Celia Lieberman

“Dad, no.  I don’t want to go with anybody.  Not Brooks Rattigan, not Franklin Volley, nobody.  Okay?  No, mom, can you listen?  I have the rest of my life to get hung up on relationships and dating, and ‘is he really into me?’ and ‘what does this text mean?’  And all that bullshit.  Why is high school the time of your life that you’re expected to be good at everything?  I just wanna be whatever I am.  And I’m proud of that.” — Celia Lieberman

“No.  No, we didn’t.  You know, he’s not really my type.  Turns out I’m more into oblivious, self-absorbed pricks, you know.  No.  No, I wouldn’t.  Because I’m not your backup.” — Celia Lieberman

Brooks Rattigan, The Perfect Date, Netflix, Ace Entertainment, AwesomenessFilms, Noah CentineoBrooks Rattigan

“Dear Office of Admissions,  my name is Brooks Rattigan, but I don’t just want you to know that, I want the world to know that, because I wanna change the world.  Like my heroes before me, Jobs, Jordan, Musk, game changers.  World changers.  These are big lives, glamorous lives.  My dad lived a pretty big life.  Now he… doesn’t.  You can’t change the world alone.  Every Jobs needs a Watts, every Jordan has a Pippen, every Musk has… well, actually I think Musk will probably end up on Mars by himself.  I’ve got Murph.” — Brooks Rattigan

“And?  It’s good that they’re not all bad.  On to the next one.  Another crucial lesson I’ve learned from my heroes and from Murph, ‘always be improving.’  I invoke this lesson daily in my current profession… purveyor of the culinary arts.  Without vision, we succumb to the average, and what I want is the extraordinary and the support of an extraordinary unive–” — Brooks Rattigan

“But there’s actually five more pages.  Okay.  So what do you think?  You hate it.  I bare my soul on these pages and you hate my soul.  Say more about that.  The world needs changing and I’m sure that you can agree with that.  You’re really going full-blown Shark Tank on me, and I have to say that I appreciate it.  Yes, more than anything in the world.  Thank you for noticing.” — Brooks Rattigan

“Uh, yeah, sure.  No, I think I’m just gonna grab something from work.  Really?  I feel like that’s pretty much all we do.  It was good.  She told me that Yale’s competitive.  Did you know that?  Dad, I already told you not to worry about the money.  I’m gonna figure it out.  UCONN is like the girl down the street who eats food in bed and smells like it.  I love Patty, she’s fantastic, but she’s not Yale.  Yale… she is… she’s smart, she’s stylish, but not flashy.  She’s cultured, she speaks multiple languages, probably knows how to sail.  You got accepted by her, that means you’re somebody special.” — Brooks Rattigan

“Murph, do you wanna write my admissions essay for me?  We could do it like a thought exercise.  Give me inspiration.  What’s your core theme?  That’s genius.  Do you wanna hear what I got?  ‘My name is Brooks Rattigan.’  I don’t know, man, I think my life’s interesting.  I just don’t know to articulate it, you know?  That’s a really short essay, actually.  Dad got bucked off the publishing horse instead of getting back on it, and chasing after his cowgirl, he decided that sitting in the mud was good enough for him.  No, I think in truth she left this town, and I can’t hold that against her.” — Brooks Rattigan

“Italian sub for the Italian guy.  No, yeah, I know, just no self-respecting Italian would turn his back on the tomato.  I’ll take your cousin.  I’ll take your cousin to the dance.  No,this is Greenwich, so I would dress the part.  I get the payment you’re talking about.  And I get to take your car.  Come on, man, you’re gonna tell me that you really wanna give up the chance of spending an entire night all alone with Maddison when her parents are out of town?” — Brooks Rattigan

“Woo!  I cannot believe he said yes, Murph.  This is incredible.  You have no appreciation for the finer things in life.  Because I need the money.  Who knows, maybe stepping outside of myself, becoming someone else for the night, it might help me finish my essay.  Whatever she wants me to be, which I’m pretty sure is what every other girl wants me to be.  Some knight in shining armor, some Prince Charming to open doors for her and compliment her hair.  So, did you know that Michelle Obama got paid to go on a date with Barack and look how great that turned out.  I don’t know.  I’m not a presidential historian, but it could be true, and that is my point.” — Brooks Rattigan

“Hello, sir.  Brooks Rattigan.  No, I actually know that you ran a background check.  I found out when I ran one on you.  Sure.  Hi.  Brooks Rattigan.  Good evening.  I am– well, I happen to think that heels are an outmoded display of female oppression.  Let’s do this, so we can stop doing this.  Yeah, no, just part of the job.  No, he wanted to go with you.  He thought we would have more fun together.  Here.  There you are.  Okay.  Shall I put on some music?  The navigation said– this is not your high school.  You’re telling me that you would rather hang out at a… café book store than go to a high school dance?  Celia.  Brooks.  My name’s Brooks.  Look, you are my responsibility, and I cannot let you out of this car.  Compensation aside, I think that you and I could have a really good time tonight.  Wow.  Your hair looks really nice.” — Brooks Rattigan

“Wow, this is your cafeteria?  I admire your ability to ruin moments.  You do it with panache.  Why is nobody dancing?  What, is dancing just a poor person thing now?  Okay, let’s go shred some hardwood.  Yes.  Yes.  Okay.  What do you got going on over here?  I can’t tell if you’re Chandler Bing or Napoleon Dynamite.  It’s a good choice.    Come on.  Come on.  Come on.  Hey!  What happened?  Are you okay?  Sorry, I was kind of blinded by an angelic light.  Hey, come on, let me help you.  Yeah.  Yeah, I mean, that’s… she’s, you know, but rain check?  Brooks.  Hi.  Yeah.  It was nice to meet you.” — Brooks Rattigan

“Trashbug?  I see his stuff everywhere.  I’m pretty sure his next piece is gonna be the Mona Lisa, but with the fangs.  How you doing, temperature wise?  Are you comfortable?  No.  You really think so?  Much appreciated, thank you.” — Brooks Rattigan

“Wait, hold on.  Let me help you.  Wait, come on.  Hold on.  I insist.  You shouldn’t have to walk to that door by yourself, especially not with that ankle, which has miraculously shifted tot he other leg.  I had to break into the kitchen to get you packs of ice.  You’re a sadist.  I cannot believe that I missed Shelby’s after party because of your dumb, fake ankle injury.  Oh, really?  Poor kid from Bridgeport doesn’t belong at a Greenwich after party?  Whoa.  Phew.  The highest compliment one can receive.  It was good.  Oh, thanks for asking.  Your daughter is a very… well, there’s still the matter of the… are you sure?  That’s a lot of money.” — Brooks Rattigan

“I don’t get it.  Reece, we go to the same school, your parents aren’t rich, how did you afford this thing?  Yeah, my bad.” — Brooks Rattigan

“Come on, it is classic quid pro quo.  I get the app I need, and the money I need to go to Yale, and you get to practice your craft, the art of coding.  Yet.  Look, worst case scenario, I take the money, and I get ownership stake in this here fine establishment.  I can finally live out my eighth-choice dream of being a fast food restaurant owner.  Okay, so I’ve been thinking and I think that every date would be custom built by the user, meaning that they could pick my personality, my interests, whether I’m a listener or a talker, if I’m funny or serious.  Basically, I am a stand-in for whatever it is that they want.  Their dream come true.  So does this mean that you’re in?  Yes!  I love you so much, Murph.  Uh… I didn’t hear a ding.  why are you rushing me, man?” — Brooks Rattigan

“Is it done?  Is that it?  The Stand-In.  Murph, this is… this is perfect.  MyTraxx.  There’s little Brooks riding it in there, he looks so innocent.  What?  No, I’m not.  I’m a– no.  I am not gonna be sleeping– okay, Murph, first of all, I don’t have any new friends.  Okay?  And second of all, I’m offering my services as a chaperone.  Whatever, man.  What do we do now?  What is a Reddit?” — Brooks Rattigan

“What’s going on?  Why?  Pancakes.  Thank you.  What is going on?  I haven’t seen this look on your face since mom let you buy a motorcycle.  Dad, you teach a continued ed night class, two Wednesdays a month.  I don’t think you had anything to do with… look, I’m sorry, I just… I haven’t worked my ass off for the past three and a half years to go to a public college, dad.  Look, I gotta get to work.” — Brooks Rattigan

“Dear Office of Admissions, my name is Brooks Rattigan of House Wreck.  Murph, you prince of Connecticut, you king of Reddit.  And of course, the whole abstract impressionist movement really gained notoriety from Jackson Pollock, whose, you know, influence is clearly present here.  No, no, no, no, you’re doing great.  This is one small step for man.  Talk about what you want to talk about, not what you think I want to talk about.  So, what do you want to talk about?  Oh, my God, I… I love it when that happens.” — Brooks Rattigan

“Howdy.  Hola.  Hey.  Brooks.  Yeah, I’m sorry, who’s this?  Well, you are half forgiven, but fully admired for the effort.  Oh, God, what’s your mom making you go to this time?  Is it a debutante ball?  Ice cream social?  Wait, let me guess.  Is it a horse auction?  Hold on, Celia, you have a crush?  Yes, it is.  That’s why you’re hearing disbelief in my tone.  Yes.  Oh, my God, yes.  A hundred times, yes.  I mean… I barely wanna go.  It’s a date.  And Celia, next time you require my services, could you use my app?  Oh, but I did.” — Brooks Rattigan

“Yes, ma’am.  I had a date the other night, where I had to just sit on this girl’s couch and listen to her talk for four hours straight, and all I was allowed to say was, ‘yes, I agree,’ and ‘there’s no other way to see it.’  There’s no other way to see it.  Hey, thank you.  Son, a couple of things.  The shifter sticks a little bit, and the passenger window doesn’t close all the way, so watch out for that.  And there’s a spring in the seat cushion, so do not lead all the way back.  Wow.  What, does Bruce Wayne live here?” — Brooks Rattigan

“Hey.  Uh, your place is amazing.  It really makes me reconsider the allure of living in a three-room house with a view of Target.  I wouldn’t want to get lost.  Darien?  Really?  This is the whole reason that we’re here.  Relax.  Okay, which one is he?  Is he the guy in the yellow shirt?  He’s cute.  We could also have a real conversation, that might be way less weird.  Um… where are you planning on going to college?  Wait, you’re not going Ivy League?  Isn’t that, like, your birthright?  Uh-huh.  Well, I give many more shits than that.  You know, if you want to go talk to him, you should just go talk to him.  This is ridiculous.  You’re making it worse by making a scene.  It’s one of more likable qualities.  Have you seen this collection?  She is a music fiend, always going on and on about bands.  Bands that I’ve never heard of, so you know they’re cool, right?  Not in  like a mainstream way cool, more like a subversive.  Tell him.  Yeah, it’s okay, we trust each other.  I’m not really the jealous type.  Well, I aim to refresh.  Me?  Well, you can, I’m obviously living proof.” — Brooks Rattigan

“Dear Admission Office of the University of Celia Lieberman, first off, I just want to say what an honor it is just to be considered as a potential attendee at your fine institution.  And secondly, this feels really creepy writing to you as if you’re a university and not a person, so I’ll stop that now.  A few months ago, I was a guy who carried around this empty feeling.  Then, I thought that it could be filled by driving the nicest car, dating the most popular girl, or going to the fanciest school.  But the closer I got to having any of these things, the deeper the empty feeling got.  I’ve been so many people these past few months.  A cowboy, an art connoisseur, an amateur beekeeper, a prep school wannabe, a bad friend, an obnoxious son and a self-obsessed prick.  But through it all there were little pockets of air when I felt like I was truly myself, and that was when I was with you.  I don’t know if you’re accepting applications right now, but if not, I am totally willing to be wait-listed.” — Brooks Rattigan

Shelby Pace, The Perfect Date, Netflix, Ace Entertainment, AwesomenessFilms, Camila MendesShelby Pace

“Are you okay, Celia?  Oh!  Funny.  So, I’m having this intimate after-party thing at my place.  You guys should come.  That’s shame.  I’m Shelby, by the way.  Hi.  Yeah, you too.  Bye.” — Shelby Pace

“Excuse me.  You guys made it.  Oh, thank you.  Oh, my God, I love it there.  It’s just so beautiful, it makes this neighborhood look like a shanty town.  Could you excuse me for a moment?  It seems the family dog escaped his room.  Don’t go anywhere.  Dad.” — Shelby Pace

“You know your girlfriend is over there talking to Franklin Volley?  How refreshing.  You’re funny.  Most guys I know don’t realize they can be both rich and funny.” — Shelby Pace

Franklin Volley, The Perfect Date, Netflix, Ace Entertainment, AwesomenessFilms, Blaine Kern IIIFranklin Volley

“Me too.  I mean, vinyl is the only pure delivery method, right?  There are kids our age, they’ve never even heard a vinyl record before.  Everything is so compressed on digital, it’s like drinking a frozen OJ instead of fresh-squeezed OJ.” — Franklin Volley

“I watched this Nat Geo doc about dung beetles, how they find their mates by analyzing the movements of a prospective mate’s wings, and if they move in the same specific way, they know they found their mate.  Watching you and Brooks, you move the same, like a couple of adorable dung beetles.” — Franklin Volley

Charlie Rattigan, The Perfect Date, Netflix, Ace Entertainment, AwesomenessFilms, Matt WalshCharlie Rattigan

“Hey, he’s home.  Good thing I got a second box here.  Wait, wait, wait.  No, no, no.  Don’t go.  I feel like we don’t talk anymore.  You met with the counselor today, right?  How did that go?  I thought we agreed on UCONN?  Faculty scions only pay room and board.  Okay, you’re right.  Why am I worried about money?  College is free, right?  I don’t get it.  It’s a great school.  Patty Munchwrath?” — Charlie Rattigan

“Breakfast for two.  Because families eat breakfast together, even really small ones.  Next year, when you’re off to college, I’ll be a family of one, so now we eat pancakes.  Mm-hmm.  I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself.  I saw it in the mail this morning and I just had to open it.  UCONN, you got in, full ride.  I know, you think you got in because I teach there.  I don’t know how you managed it, but you ruined pancakes.  That’s impressive.” — Charlie Rattigan

Murph, The Perfect Date, Netflix, Ace Entertainment, AwesomenessFilms, Odiseas GeorgiadisMurph

“The reviews are in.  Someone wrote… oh, ‘this app made me poke my eyes out, thanks for nothing.’  But someone else wrote ‘groovy app,’ so… I guess it’s net neutral.  True.” — Murph

“I’m good, cos I’m writing mine, because people write their own.  I’m writing about my struggles with dylsexia, and I’m writing it backwards.  I like it.  It’s raw.  Honest.  Why don’t you write about your mom leaving?  That’s interesting.  Yeah, but she left you too.  Nothing is good enough for you.  I think I can respect that.  Yeah, what?” — Murph

“It’s just a car.  Speaking of things I don’t have appreciation for, remind me again, why you agreed to do this?  And who are you gonna become?  You’re getting paid to take a girl on a date.  Is that true?” — Murph

“You haven’t even been accepted yet.  What would you need exactly?  If it was successful, that would look good on my college application.  Wait, what time, what time is it?  Oh, tuna melt on seven grain!  Did you hear a ding?  I think the cheese delivery is here, would you go check?  No, I did, yeah.  I definitely hear it.  Go.  Now.  Of course you will.” — Murph

“Have you ever tried to program an app on custom Objective-C infrastructure?  Your’e lucky I was able to salvage some of this code from another project.  It is done.  Uh-huh.  In terms of functionality, think GrubHub, but instead of ordering Pad Thai, they’ll be ordering you.  And check it out, I created a secondary app that tracks your progress.  As you make more money, your avatar gets closer to your goal.  I’m calling it MyTraxx.  Yeah, but that’s all in the past because you’re a hooker now.  I guess that makes me your pimp.  A high-tech pimp, but a pimp nonetheless.  I’m a gay teenage pimp, wearing a secondhand hoodie.  My life as I envisioned it.  Yeah, I know, because if you did, we’d both go to jail, which rhymes with Yale and yet is so different, but you have your new rich friends to bail you out.  What one does when bringing a new product to market?  Talk about it incessantly on Reddit, until it sounds really important.” — Murph

Harvey Leiberman, The Perfect Date, Netflix, Ace Entertainment, AwesomenessFilms, Joe ChrestHarvey Lieberman

“Brooks Rattigan.  Reece told us about you.  Just your name, but that’s all I needed to run the background check.  Jerry Lieberman.  Come in, Brooks.  Before you have a chance to change your mind.  I’m kidding.  I like to joke about things.  so, welcome to our humble abode.  As you can see, all original flooring.  Honey, our guest has arrived.  There are no ‘the shoes,’ there’s just shoes.  Is she wearing shoes?  It’s a miracle she agreed to do this.  You kids have fun.” — Harvey Lieberman

“Hey, you’re back.  So, how was the dance?  Right.  Do not try to define her, Brooks, it will mess up your early 40s.  The bounty.  Yes.  You know what, take all of it.  Yeah.  You lasted three hours longer than we predicted.  You earned every Benjamin.” — Harvey Lieberman

Lillian Lieberman, The Perfect Date, Netflix, Ace Entertainment, AwesomenessFilms, Carrie LazarLillian Lieberman

“I swear, Jerry, the wrinkles that girl has caused me in places I didn’t even know could wrinkle.  Lillian Lieberman.  She won’t wear the shoes.  Celia!  Oh, sweetie, you look so beautiful.  But they go.  Fine.” — Lillian Lieberman

Reece, The Perfect Date, Netflix, Ace Entertainment, AwesomenessFilms, Zak SteinerReece

“Wanna take it for a spin, Rattigan?  Yeah?  Yeah.  No.  No!” — Reece

“My aunt and uncle keep begging me, and it’s like I’m not gonna say, ‘no.’  Dude, I’m not dating my cousin.  I’m escorting her to a semi-formal like Greenwich Prep, that’s it.  Plus my uncle is paying me too, so… what up, Rattigan?  Italian sub on wheat, no tomatoes.  I’m Swedish.  Anyway, I mean, dude, it’s like the worst timing ever too.  Like, Maddison’s parents are gonna be gone for the night and we’d have the house to ourselves.  What?  Oh, yeah, sandwich boy?  Yeah, you gonna be wearing those plastic gloves too?  Cos my aunt would love that.  Why?  What would you get out of it?  No, you’re not taking my car.  You got a suit?” — Reece

“All right, the exterior looks okay.  I mean, you got a couple of smudges right here, but, it’s not too big of a deal.  Hey, dude… dude, some questions shouldn’t be asked, okay?  I’m kidding, bro bro, I’m kidding.  Calm down.  Honestly, it’s in the hustle.  It’s all in the hustle.” — Reece

Cartelli, The Perfect Date, Netflix, Ace Entertainment, AwesomenessFilms, Ty ParkerCartelli

“You say, ‘no,’ because she’s family and dating your cousin is weird.  Word.  Is your cousin hot?  I’ll take her if she’s hot.  Yeah, what?” — Cartelli

Marjorie Strack, The Perfect Date, Netflix, Ace Entertainment, AwesomenessFilms, Maureen BrennanMarjorie Strack

“Okay.  That’s enough.  That’s plenty.  I think… I think all the words were there.  You didn’t bare your soul.  That’s what I hate about it.  You wanna change the world?  What about it?  Ugh!  You talk about creating the next big thing.  What thing?  And you wanna be a game-changer.  What is the game?  Yale’s the goal, correct?  You have the grades.  But they’re not just looking for good grades.  If you wanna stand out, you’re gonna have to rework your essay.  You’re gonna have to look real deep inside and ask yourself, ‘who is Brooks Rattigan?'” — Marjorie Strack

Tuna Melt on Seven Grain

“Hi.  I’ll take a tuna melt on seven grain, please.” — Tuna Melt on Seven Grain

Art Date, The Perfect Date, Netflix, Ace Entertainment, AwesomenessFilmsArt Date

“Hmm.” — Art Date

Tennis Date, The Perfect Date, Netflix, Ace Entertainment, AwesomenessFilms, Krystal TomlinTennis Date

“Suck it, Bill and Claire!” — Tennis Date

Leah, The Perfect Date, Netflix, Ace Entertainment, AwesomenessFilms, Autumn WalkerPractice Date (Leah)

“So, sports, right?  Isn’t it interesting how many there are?  And how some use balls and some… don’t?  And pucks.  There’s pucks.  Okay, I’m terrible at this.  I should just never go on a real date, ever.  Yeah, okay, that makes sense.  Uh, well, this morning I did see a very large man walking a very tiny dog.  Me too.” — Date Practice

Shelby’s Dad

“What?  I’m in trouble.” — Shelby’s Dad

Mrs. Milligan, The Perfect Date, Netflix, Ace Entertainment, AwesomenessFilms, Rhonda Johnson DentsMrs. Milligan

“I guess you think this is pretty pathetic… going for a walk with some old lady.  My granddaughter set this up.  I don’t know the first thing about apps, unless it’s the Bloomin’ Onion at Outback Steakhouse.  Now that’s a good app.  My husband and I did this every day for the past 20 years.  He passed away in June.  Oliver.  That was his name.  He was ugly as sin.  His face was weird.  He had the right sized face on the wrong sized head.  Ol’ smushy face, that’s what I called him.  I didn’t care what he looked like.  He made me laugh, and I liked being around him.  You want to know how you can tell if you’re meant to be with someone?  It’s simple.  Just sit and have a conversation.  Some people when you talk to them, it’s like trying to listen to classical music on a radio with no antenna.  You can push that dial back and forth all you want, but you only get static.  But when you’re meant to be with someone, and they truly are the one, you just sit, start talking, and a Beethoven sonata will begin to play.” — Mrs. Milligan

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