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#Dark has been renewed for a 3rd and final season.

rottentomatoes: 94%

metacritic: 61

imdb: 8.7

Jonas Kahnwald, Dark, Netflix,Wiedemann & Berg Television, Louis Hofmann Jonas Kahnwald

Jonas Kahnwald traverses iterations of his past and future self outside of Winden, Germany.

Jonas Kahnwald, Dark, Netflix,Wiedemann & Berg Television, Louis Hofmann “You and I are perfect for each other.  Never believe anything else.” — Jonas Kahnwald

“Those without faith are already dead?  They are all dead, my family, my friends.  Everybody dies!  In my time, in six days.  I don’t need your fucking paradise.  I just want to go home.  What’s behind that wall?” — Jonas Kahnwald

“The way to stop this all from happening is for me to stop the very beginning.” — Jonas Kahnwald

“Eastern front.  I know this sounds strange.  But what year is it?” — Jonas Kahnwald

“What is this place?  I don’t want to begin anything.  I want this to finally end.  All of it!  Who are you?  That can’t be.” — Jonas Kahnwald

“I just want to know how to get home.” — Jonas Kahnwald

“In the future there’s a prophecy about a new world.  That Sic Mundus will lead mankind to paradise.  Is that this?  A religion?” — Jonas Kahnwald

“If that’s the case, if everything is tied forever in this knot, if nothing can change… then haven’t you already had this conversation?  But if that’s correct, if there is an escape, why is everything happening again, why have you changed nothing?” — Jonas Kahnwald

“That’s why I’m here.  That’s what you want from me.  The way to stop this all from happening is for me to stop the very beginning.  The 20th of June, 2019.  The day before it happened.  Before my dad committed suicide.  Before it all went to chaos.” — Jonas Kahnwald

“Because I know, dad.  I know everything.  I know your real name is Mikkel Nielsen.  It’s okay.” — Jonas Kahnwald

“I need to ask you for something.  Not to do it.  It’s Ulrich and Katharina’s anniversary.  You didn’t go along, like always.  You stayed here.  But something was different.  I should’ve noticed something was up.  Don’t lie to me!  I know!  God fucking damn it!  I know you’ll hang yourself in the studio.  Have you already written the letter?  The letter you write to me.  Not to me, to the younger me.  The one marked: ‘do not open before November 4, 10:13 p.m.’  The very minute you vanish.  I’m here so you don’t do it.  It’s all intertwined.  Like an endless loop.  But you… you killing yourself, that’s the start.  Promise me you won’t do it.  Dad, you have to promise me.  Please.  Promise.” — Jonas Kahnwald

“It took me a long time to accept that I had to help start the disaster I wanted to avert.  The past 12 months.  You taught me everything about the future and the past.  Everything that has happened.  Everything that will happen.  There are two parties.  Adam and Sic Mundus want a new world.  You and I want to save this one.” — Jonas Kahnwald

“We’ve got to go.  We don’t have much time.  I know what you did.  She told me.  But she also said it didn’t have to happen that way again.  Next time.  To the future.” — Jonas Kahnwald

“My future me tried to shut the hole.  To reverse it all.  He shut the passage, but hadn’t broken the loop.  But you said we can change a small part of the equation, so he… so I will be successful next time.  Then none of this sick shit will ever happen.  Mikkel won’t disappear.  Michael won’t die.  Your father won’t die.  Big and small things don’t abide by the same laws.  Maybe nothing big can be altered… but small things can.  We’re changing a grain of sand.  And with it, the whole world.” — Jonas Kahnwald

Magnus Nielsen, Dark, Netflix,Wiedemann & Berg Television, Moritz JahnMagnus Nielsen

“Does your mother talk at home?  About the investigation, I mean.  So we just sit and wait.  And nothing happens.  We’ve been clueless for eight months.  Sometimes I think it’d just be better if they were dead.  Where are you going?” — Magnus Nielsen

“What’s that?  A door.  In the caves?” — Magnus Nielsen

Franziska Doppler, Dark, Netflix,Wiedemann & Berg Television, Gina StiebitzFranziska Doppler

“Not to us.  Hey, don’t say that.  I better go.  Elisabeth’s staying at her friend’s.  I’ll call you later, okay?  Nothing is more reliable, cheaper or as safe.” — Franziska Doppler

Martha Nielsen, Dark, Netflix,Wiedemann & Berg Television, Lisa Vicari

Martha Nielsen

“There’s a lot going on.  I wanted to talk.  I have for a while.  What?  What does that have to do with it?  We hardly ever see each other.  I don’t… you’ve really changed.  I… I’ve been thinking that you’re hiding something  I… I have no idea what’s going on with you.  And why the hell not?  The shit you’ve been dealing with?  In case you forgot, my father and brother are still missing.  My mother is crazy and doesn’t give a shit about me.  And you’re telling me about how much shit you’ve been dealing with?  It’s better this way.” — Martha Nielsen

“Mom?  Mom didn’t lock it.  Dad’s stuff.  Police documents and maps of the cave.  That’s why mom goes in there every day.  I think she’s looking for this.  It goes to the nuclear power plant.  They all know something we’re not supposed to know.  Mom, Bartosz.  The police.  Each with their own shitty secret.” — Martha Nielsen

The Stranger, Dark, Netflix,Wiedemann & Berg Television, Andreas PietschmannThe Stranger

“It’s my key.  I know this is all going to sound like it makes no sense.  But hear me out.  Do you remember the yellow bike?  The bike you and dad gave me for my eighth birthday.  I drove it into a ditch on the very first day.  I got that cut on my arm, here.  Here.  Dad was making pancakes here.  He dropped the pan and spilled the hot oil here.  I vanished from your life six months ago.  You found me over 33 years ago.  I knew it was you right away.  It was raining that day.  You and grandpa wanted to drive me there in the car.  You said there was still acid raid because of Chernobyl.  I was wearing my yellow jacket.  It’s me.  It’s me, mom.” — The Stranger

“You could say that I exist infinitely.  I’m here now, and I exist for every second between my birth and my death.  But I am always Jonas.  I’m the same as I was, and yet not the same.  Just as you’re not the same person who came through that door an hour ago.  In the future.  Yeah.  But he can’t get back.  I tried to destroy the passage, but I only managed to close it.  That’s why he’s still there.  To put an end to everything.  Once and for all.” — The Stranger

Hannah Kahnwald, Dark, Netflix,Wiedemann & Berg Television, Maja SchöneHannah Kahnwald

“Hello?  Who are you?  Why are you here?    What are you saying, your key?  How did you have a key?  Get out.  Jonas.  How can it be you?” — Hannah Kahnwald

“But where is Jonas?  Where is my Jonas?  In the future?  So why are you here?” — Hannah Kahnwald

Girl From the Future, Dark, Netflix,Wiedemann & Berg Television, Lea van AckenGirl From the Future

“‘Any passage into the dead zone is forbidden.  Any attempt will result in the death penalty.  Those are the rules.  We are the future!  Sic Mundus creatus est!’  ‘Where were you?’  ‘There is nothing out there.’  ‘Our only purpose is in the passage.  Those without faith are already dead.  The prophecy will be fulfilled.  The passage will open and lead us to paradise.'” — Girl from the Future

Noah 1921, Dark, Netflix,Wiedemann & Berg Television, Max SchimmelpfennigNoah 1921

“Sic mundus creatus est.  And thus the world is created.  You’ve stopped believing the prophecy?  Adam says that all things must happen in the same manner they always have.  We have to bear the cross, no matter how hard it may seem.  In six days this will be paradise and hell on earth will end.  Adam was right.  You’ve lost your faith.” — Noah 1921

“Adam… why did he take us in?  How do we know what’s right and what’s wrong?  What’s good and what’s evil?” — Noah 1921

Noah, Dark, Netflix,Wiedemann & Berg Television, Mark WaschkeNoah

“There are no coincidences.  Every path is predetermined.  Everything happens when it is supposed to.  At the right time.  At the right place.  As if the world was a carpet made up of a network of infinite threads.  Each in its place.  But only a handful of people know where their journey will take them.” — Noah

“You’ve taken your first step.  Adam will be proud of you.  I had that same feeling.  It will pass.  Certain things are still hidden from you.  But they will come to light.  Little by little.  It’s all a matter of timing.  By listening to our inner voice.  And choosing not to follow anyone but ourselves.  Our true character shows not only in our deeds, but also in their purpose.  I am you.  I am your inner voice.  Never forget.  Everything’s connected.  You, me, the past and the future.” — Noah

“It’s remarkable that people don’t go crazy knowing the futility of their own existence.  And endless cycle of life and death.  What is the origin of all this suffering?  One burns it all down.” — Noah

“Are you ready?” — Noah

“God is never wrong.  Sometimes we need faith that things will get better for us again.” — Noah

“We’re not free in what we do.  Because we’re not free in what we desire.” — Noah

Mikkel Nielsen, Dark, Netflix,Wiedemann & Berg Television, Daan Lennard LiebrenzMikkel Nielsen

“At the hospital, something you said… about God and how he has a plan for everyone.  What is God doesn’t know what he’s doing?  If the plan is wrong?  If God is wrong?” — Mikkel Nielsen

Adam, Dark, Netflix,Wiedemann & Berg Television, Dietrich HollinderbäumerAdam 1921

“Did you show Bartosz?  And he doesn’t suspect anything?  He was always naive by nature.  The apocalypse must come to pass.  Do you have doubts?  What must one do with a dead forest so that new trees may grow?  There’s very little time.  You must find the missing pages.  Six days left.” — Adam 1921

“Traveling doesn’t leave one unscathed.  The human body isn’t equipped for it on a continual basis.  Shall we begin?  Don’t worry.  It will end.  That is inevitable.  Your end.  My end.  Upon closer examination, everyone’s end.  Don’t you know?  I am you.  Every stone is once again where it belongs.  Everyone in the place they were destined to be.  Now all that’s needed is a little push.” — Adam 1921

“Isn’t it peculiar that we feel the most repulsion for the very people who are most similar to ourselves?” — Adam 1921

“We’re the exact antithesis of that.  We’ve declared war on time.  God is our antagonist.  We are creating a new world.  Without time.  Without God.” — Adam 1921

“In short, the god mankind has prayed to for thousands of years the god that everything is bound with, this god exists as nothing other than time itself.  Not a thinking, acting entity.  A physical principle with which you can no more negotiate than you could with your own fate.  God… is time.  And time is not compassionate.  The instant we’re born our lives start to trickle away, like the sand in this hourglass.  Death is always inevitable.  Our destiny is nothing but the connection of cause and effect.  In light, in shadow.” — Adam 1921

“Mikkel, Michael, our father, is just a small part of a knot that is infinitely greater and more convoluted.  The entire universe is nothing but a giant knot from which there is no escape.  And asked that very question.  All my life I was convinced that… this moment here could never be repeated this way.  I would never be able to say the words that my older self said to me back then.  Because I couldn’t understand how I could ever want what he wanted.  Now, 66 years later, I understand.  There are moments that change us forever.  There is pain you never forget.  But there is also a way… that leads out of all this gruesome, senseless futility.” — Adam 1921

“Every development is built on its predecessor.  First there is the wheel, then the automobile.  I cannot be me without having been you first.  You have seen the passage yourself, the bunker, the chair, the device, the thing in the future.  But that’s not the end of the chain.” — Adam 1921

“It’s not the same as what lies in the future.  It is, in a manner of speaking, it’s twin.  It is a part of the infinite.  It pervades everything.  People have given it a myriad of names over the centuries, ether, dark matter, the Higgs field.  The one in the future, via the disaster in two days you so dearly want to prevent.  This one here we produced ourselves.  It is the end of a technological evolution.  And… it will be the end of the knot.  This right here will take you to the exact day that you want to travel to.  It breaks the 33-year cycle.” — Adam 1921

“That is right.  The question is, when is the beginning?  And what sacrifice must we make?  If you can prevent him from taking his own life, then nothing that follows will occur.  Mikkel won’t travel back.  You… I… will never be born.  But everyone else will live.  Martha will live.  If you succeed, we will reorder the whole world.” — Adam 1921

“People are peculiar creatures.  All their actions are driven by desire, their characters forged by pain.  As much as they try to suppress the pain, to repress desire, they cannot liberate themselves from eternal servitude to their feelings.  As long as the storm rages within them they can find no peace.  Not in life, not in death.  And so, day after day, they will do all that must be done.  Pain is their ship, desire their compass.  All that humankind is capable of.” — Adam 1921

“We can’t escape our fate, none of us.  Neither you nor I.” — Adam 1921

“It’s time who plays games with us.  You think it’s your destiny to kill me, but that’s not your fate, just as it isn’t mine to die here and now.  Only when we’ve freed ourselves of emotion can we be truly free.  Only when you’re willing to sacrifice what you hold dearest.” — Adam 1921

“This knot can only be undone by destroying it completely.  We cannot escape our fate.” — Adam 1921

“I am the trigger for… only what will make you what I am today.  Some pain you can’t forget.  You’ll carry this pain all your life.  Until you are finally ready to let go.  Of her.  You can stop me.  Or you can try to save her.  You’ll know what you have to do.” — Adam 1921

Franziska Doppler 1921, Dark, Netflix,Wiedemann & Berg Television, Carina WieseFranziska Doppler 1921

“Adam, they’re waiting for you.” — Franziska Doppler 1921

Man in Cave 1921, Dark, Netflix,Wiedemann & Berg Television, Roman KnizkaMan in Cave 1921

“The beginning… and the end.  I think it seems a strange idea that maybe there’s no difference.  Sic mundus creatus est!  I believe in the irony of fate.  Sometimes I ask myself whether paradise and hell are one and the same.  And is that why he sent you?  I’ve waited for this moment for ages.  Interesting that it should be you.  I hope eventually a day will come where you won’t believe everything Adam tells you.  You should… ask why he took you in.  And why he chose to call you Noah.” — Man in Cave 1921

Elisabeth Doppler, Dark, Netflix,Wiedemann & Berg Television, Carlotta von FalkenhaynElizabeth Doppler (Sign Language)

“Why did mom keep it all?  Great-grandpa died ages ago.  It’s a shame I never met grandpa and grandma.  Does mom remember them?” — Elizabeth Doppler

“That’s the man!  The man with the watch.  That’s Noah!” — Elizabeth Doppler

Peter Doppler, Dark, Netflix,Wiedemann & Berg Television, Stephan KampwirthPeter Doppler

“I think it’s because it’s the only thing that reminds her of her family.  some things it’s impossible to let go of.  Your mother was still little when they passed away.  Come.” — Peter Doppler

“Which man?  Noah?  That’s Noah.  Elisabeth found it.  In a book.  It was at the store.  She said that was the man who gave her the watch.  These people, who are they, Charlotte?  Why does your grandfather have this?” — Peter Doppler

Charlotte Doppler, Dark, Netflix,Wiedemann & Berg Television, Karoline EichhornCharlotte Doppler

“My grandfather was.  He was the one who raised me.  No.  Who?  My grandfather?  No.  Why?  Nothing.  He misdialed.  No.  I had them set up an office for you.  Just down the hall.” — Charlotte Doppler

“I have to go.  Yes.  ‘January 8, 1921.  Sic mundus creatus est.’  I don’t know.” — Charlotte Doppler

Claudia Tiedemann, Dark, Netflix,Wiedemann & Berg Television, Lisa KreuzerClaudia Tiedemann (Recording)

“My name is Claudia Tiedemann.  I’m one of the few survivors of the apocalypse on June 27, 2020.  Almost three months have passed since the catastrophe.  It’s unclear what exactly caused the events in Winden.  But the God Particle… if we can stabilize it, it might provide a way back.  Back to the past.  Maybe we can save them.  All of them.” — Claudia Tiedemann

“We’ve managed to stabilize the God Particle and consequently the resulting mass.  In a stable state it seems to create a kind of portal, which possibly allows for time travel.  Supplied with sufficient voltage the matter can be kept in a stable state in the long term.  Sending objects through the stabilized matter has proven possible.  A generator has to supply sufficient AC current for that.  Despite lengthy observation, we have yet to determine the matter’s energy source.  It would appear to be running entirely on its own.  The readings indicate that there is no loss of energy.  It seems to be a recursive, self-sustainable system.  Radiation emanating from the matter is above control values.  Yet there are no signs of deterioration.  This is consistent with the principle of conservation of energy, yet contradicts the second law of thermodynamics.  The matter seems to exist independent of external temperatures… in solid, liquid and gaseous states simultaneously.  It’s molecules are continually rearranged in a cyclical process.” — Claudia Tiedemann

“I’ve waited a long time for the moment we’d meet again.  There are two sides out there.  He is the darkness.  I don’t follow him, I follow the light.  He lied to you.  He brought you here to trigger everything so it happens as it always has.  No, he does not.  He doesn’t want to fix things.  He wants to destroy them forever.  Your role in all of this is much greater than you believe.  Only you alone can put an end to all this.  We’re at war, and you have to wage it against yourself.  Against Adam.  I’ve seen the world without you.  Believe me, it isn’t what you’re expecting.  There are times in life when you must see that the decisions you make affect more than your own destiny.  This isn’t just about you and Mikkel.  This is about everyone.  Your friends.  Martha.  You alone can save them.  We all have to make sacrifices.  Your father must make sacrifices too.” — Claudia Tiedemann

Aleksandr Tiedemann, Dark, Netflix,Wiedemann & Berg Television, Peter BenedictAleksander Tiedemann

“Energy creates community.  Nuclear power was, is, and always will be the only viable option.  Nothing is more reliable, cheaper or as safe.  The outside world, however, demands progress.  In seven days our plant will close for good.  This will be a life-altering adjustment for all of us.  I would like to thank you for your loyalty.  Without all of you the Winden plant as we know it could never have existed.  And so, for the last six days, let us fill this place with the spirit of our community, as we always have.” — Aleksandr Tiedemann

“And the decommissioning?” — Aleksandr Tiedemann

Bartosz Tiedemann, Dark, Netflix,Wiedemann & Berg Television, Paul LuxBartosz Tiedemann

“I tried calling you these last few days.  Don’t worry about it.  I think it’s better this way.  I guess… that’s it, then.  It’s cause of him.  Because of Jonas.  What do you mean?  For fuck’s sake, my mom is dying.  That’s what’s going on.  And… there are things I just can’t tell you.  I just can’t!  Okay?  If you had any idea of the shit I’ve been dealing with.  I mean…” — Bartosz Tiedemann

Man on Radio

“Morning, sleepyheads!  It’s the first week of the summer holiday.  The weather couldn’t be nicer for a day at the beach.  In local news, more than half a year after the mysterious disappearance of four teenagers, a senior citizen and a local police officer from the town of Winden there are no clues as to their whereabouts or what might have happened.  A federal police task force will now assist with the investigation.” — Man on Radio


“How are you today?  Still having joint pain?  Nausea?  To be honest, your lab results are worrying me a bit.  I think we should admit you again.  Fine.  We’ll wait for the results of the last MRI.  We may have to stop the hormone treatment and switch back to chemo.” — Doctor

Regina Tiedemann

“No.  Of course not.  I’m staying at home.” — Regina Tiedemann

Investigator Clausen Dark, Netflix,Wiedemann & Berg Television, Sylvester GrothInvestigator Clausen

“‘He that has eyes to see and ears to hear may convince himself that no mortal can keep a secret.  If his lips are silent, he chatters with his fingertips.  Betrayal oozes out of him at every pore.’  That was Freud, and I’m Clausen, head of the task force for Winden.  As of today I’m in charge of the past year’s unsolved missing cases.  This task force’s aim is to reinvestigate the case from the beginning, to assess all the circumstantial evidence and make sense of the secrets that remain hidden, undiscovered until we find them.  In the coming days some of you will receive subpoenas to appear for another round of questions.  Yes?  Myself and Mrs. Doppler.  Who is still assigned to these cases.  Ten people who see an elephant from ten different angles will give you ten different descriptions of the size and shape of that elephant.  But a single person who looks at that same elephant from all ten different perspectives instead will be able to piece together all of his observations and eventually arrive at the only reasonable conclusion.” — Investigator Clausen

“Were you born here?  Is your grandfather still alive?  Have you considered it could’ve been him?  No.  Your colleague, Ulrich.  He called you shortly before he vanished.  The call lasted exactly 12 seconds.  Probably a voicemail message.  What did he want?  Do you still have the message.  Of course not.  Expectations lead to disappointment.  ‘Have hope,’ my mother used to say, ‘not expectations.  You might just be surprised, but not disappointed.’  You expected a different kind of colleague and got me instead.  Coincidence?  I don’t believe in them.  I believe things come together as they’re supposed to.  Shall we?” — Investigator Clausen

“Watch out for the tiniest deviations in their statements.  Every detail is important.  Something wrong?  I don’t have a driver’s license.  I assume it’s okay if I ride with you tomorrow?” — Investigator Clausen

Torben Wöller, Dark, Netflix,Wiedemann & Berg Television, Leopold HornungTorben Wöller

“These are the parents’ statements.  Sure thing.” — Torben Wöller

“Thanks for the coffee.  Call mom again.  Okay?  Bye.” — Torben Wöller

Jürgen Obendorf, Dark, Netflix,Wiedemann & Berg Television, Tom JahnJürgen Obendorf

“You keep saying ‘we.’  What do you mean by that?  Six people have been missing for months.  And this is what they send us?  This is what you call a task force?  One person?  And the woman who hasn’t found anyone.  My son is still gone.  The next time I need to find an elephant, though, I’ll be in touch.” — Jürgen Obendorf


“I’m on my break.  Whatever.  Blow job is 40 euros, anal is 85.  Kinky games are extra.  But first I need to eat.  Go on, take them off.” — Beni

“I’m glad to get rid of that thing.  Ciao.” — Beni

Woman in Crowd

“She hasn’t done anything.  That’s right.” — Woman in Crowd

Nuclear Power Plant Employee

“Everything is ready for transport on schedule.  What is at ground level will be untouched and become part of the greenfield.  Any radiation will be traced back to the previous use of the pools.”

Post Apocalypse Crowd

“Sic Mundus creatus est!”

“And if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.”  — Friedrich Nietzsche

Michael Kahnwald, Dark, Netflix,Wiedemann & Berg Television, Sebastian RudolphMichael Kahnwald

“God doesn’t err.  He has a plan.  For each of us.” — Michael Kahnwald

“Dear Jonas, by the time you read this everything will have already happened, irrevocably.  It can no longer be changed.  I would have liked to explain things to you sooner, but I hope once you understand how everything is connected, you will understand my decision.  The truth is a strange thing.  You can try to suppress it, but it will always find its way to the surface.  We make a lie into our truth in order to survive.  We try to forget.  Until we can’t anymore.  We don’t know even half the mysteries of this world.  We are wanderers in the darkness.” — Michael Kahnwald

Regina Tiedemann, Dark, Netflix,Wiedemann & Berg Television, Deborah KaufmannRegina Tiedemann

Katharina Nielsen, Dark, Netflix,Wiedemann & Berg Television, Antje TraueAgnes Nielsen

Katharina Nielsen, Dark, Netflix,Wiedemann & Berg Television, Jördis TriebelKatharina Nielsen

Egon Tiedemann, Dark, Netflix,Wiedemann & Berg Television, Sebastian HülkEgon Tiedemann

Ulrich Neilsen, Dark, Netflix,Wiedemann & Berg Television, Oliver MasucciUlrich Nielsen

Elisabeth Doppler 2053, Dark, Netflix,Wiedemann & Berg Television, Sandra BorgmannElisabeth Doppler 2053


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