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AppleTV+ original series The Morning Show premiered its second season September 17th, 2021.

#TheMorningShow is on an eight week slate.

rottentomatoes: 61%

metacritic: 61

imdb: 8.4

emmys: 1 win

golden globes: 3 nominations

Alex Levy, The Morning Show, AppleTV+, Media Res, Echo Films, Hello Sunshine, Jennifer Aniston
Alex Levy, The Morning Show, AppleTV+, Media Res, Echo Films, Hello Sunshine, Jennifer Aniston

Alex Levy

Alex Levy re-signs with UBA Network on an eight-figure contract outside of New York City, New York.

Alex Levy, The Morning Show, AppleTV+, Media Res, Echo Films, Hello Sunshine, Jennifer Aniston

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series

1 nomination: 2020

Best Television Actress – Drama Series

1 nomination: 2020

“Oh, God. Does the room feel like it’s turning white? Oh, gosh. Just one second, please! Those UBA fuckers, they’re going to fight to keep their credibility, and that means some version of dragging us through the mud. We crossed a line, and they’re not gonna do what we want them to do because of that. Okay. Okay! Okay! I have to let them in. Listen. I– okay. Okay, okay, okay. Oh, my God. Thank God. Oh, my God. I just needed a second. We’re fine. I’m not talking. Wait, Brad! Just keep your phone on and near you, okay? I’ll– I’ll call you. Give me my jacket.” — Alex Levy

“The thing people don’t realize is that there is a cost to success and fame. There’s a story by Hans Christian Andersen. A young woman becomes enamored with these fabulous red shoes that are more attention-grabbing and exciting than the humble brown shoes she wears. In a moment of bad judgment, she succumbs to their charms and wears them to church. And lo and behold, her feet start moving and she is dancing, and she can’t stop. And she dances for hours and days and weeks until she is bloody and bruised from dancing like a whirling dervish through the countryside and towns, unable to stop. She finally dances so much and so hard, faster and faster, that she knows she is going to bleed to death. So in a desperate attempt to stave off death, she finally implores a woodcutter to cut off her feet. And he does. Then she dies. Times were different back then. And I’m sure there’s some patriarchal message in this to women who wanted to step out of their role. However, I always took away from it as a kid– and it probably says something about me as a kid– is the idea that the world might have you running so hard that rather than running one step more, you would cut off your own feet. Never… and I never– I never forgot that image. I think success in the modern world demands a similar dance– soul-sucking, grueling, never ending. And I just wanted it to end. I wanted it to end so I could begin to live. I’ll let you know how it goes. Stay tuned for The Twist. End manuscript.” — Alex Levy

Bradley Jackson, The Morning Show, AppleTV+, Media Res, Echo Films, Hello Sunshine, Reese Witherspoon

Bradley Jackson

Best Television Actress – Drama Series

1 nomination: 2020

“Twitter’s going fucking nuts. Alex. Alex. Open up. Fred has to go. They have to understand that. Alex, everything is gonna be fine. We love you. Okay. I understand. Wait, wait, wait. Before you do, we have to stay together on this. And whatever you do, don’t mention Hannah by name. She didn’t want that. Okay. Alex!”

“♪ Maybe it’s much too early in the game ♪ oh, but I thought I’d ask you just the same ♪ What are you doing New Year’s ♪ New Year’s Eve? ♪ Welcoming in the New Year ♪ Maybe I’m crazy to suppose ♪ I’d ever be the one you choose ♪ One of a thousand invitations ♪ You’ll receive …stand one little chance ♪ What are you doing New Year’s ♪ New Year’s Eve? ♪ What are you doing New Year’s ♪ What are you doing New Year’s Eve? ♪ “

“Andrew W.K., Drake, Lauren Alaina, actual musical guests. No singing from us, thank goodness. Is that what fun looks like to you? That’s right. Eric and I will be looking for you. Now stay tuned for The Twist.

“Really? All right, it was more fun than I thought. Oh, Jesus. Did you see this about Ray? Emotionally abusing his staff? God.”

“Gayle. This is coming from Mia? Mia wants to do ‘Nutrition in the New Year?’ New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are two of the deadliest days of the year. Alcohol consumption goes up, drug use rises, people die. It’s a fact. I’m sorry it’s a bummer. I’m gonna go talk to her. You know, if they don’t value me around here, I have a feeling there’s gonna be an opening on the evening news very soon. And I seriously doubt Vince would tell me to do ‘Nutrition in the New Year’ on the evening news. And by the way, Gayle, you told me all this singing and dancing and playing along was gonna buy me some freedom around this place. I mean, I dyed my hair, I hosted their celebrity bowling show, I– I did stupid TikTok dances on TV. I did everything short of tattooing UBA on my ass, and for what? If we stay the course, people will catch up. I’m gonna talk to Cory about the evenings news. He values integrity.”

“Hey. Should I come back later? Hey. Been a while. Yeah. Can– can you talk for a second? Oh, great. Thanks. What a morning. Are you gonna have to fire Ray? So, who are you gonna get to replace him? Well, you would be my first call. And if you can’t find anybody good, there’s always me. Okay, you owe me, buddy. Remember you were fired around here, don’t forget. And I got you un-fired. I’d do it again.”

Cory Ellison, The Morning Show, AppleTV+, Media Res, Echo Films, Hello Sunshine, Billy Crudup

Cory Ellison

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series

1 win: 2020

“Said the corpse. No. Wait… you’re firing me? You put Fred Micklen on administrative leave, and you’re firing me? Did you not hear what was said on our airwaves this morning? What, do you not believe the victim? Or do you just not care? That’s because the other person, Hannah Schoenfeld, died this morning. Okay, well, that’s horseshit, but okay. Well, you can’t terminate my contract without just cause, and all I did was give the truth some oxygen. The fire hazard. This really is the land that time forgot. All right. Well, I did my best, but I cannot drag you idiots kicking and screaming into the 21st century. You’re just so caught up in ruling over your rotten little fiefdom that you don’t even see the world that has sprouted up all around you. All right. Well, enjoy broadcasting your cave paintings to the last remaining savages who are still watching over-the-air broadcasting. The rest of the world, they’ve moved to the cloud and it is fucking gorgeous up there. Well, get out that superglue. Do you really think that’s what all this is about? Your little television network? This is a battle for the soul of the universe.”

“And what’s the board doing? Call back the Times, give me Maggie Brener first and assemble the team, Mia Jordan, Stella Bak, Vince Fontana, Legal, ASAP. Is she on? Maggie, I hope you have enough time to include this in your book.”

“Bradley Jackson isn’t going to find out on Twitter that we’re poaching her partner for the evening news. When are we ready to make the switch with Eric? Well, close the deal. Let me make this simple. The press release announcing Ray’s firing and Eric’s move to evening news is being drafted now, but we’re not gonna release it till everything else is in place. The timetable has changed now that somebody has decided to leak the information to the press, so we have to move expeditiously. Concentrate on who we’re pairing with Bradley. What the fuck happened to Miguel. He– he declined The Morning Show? What? That seems extreme. Well I kind of admire that she didn’t just jump on the Me too bandwagon and fill up her grocery cart with free prizes and fake goodwill. What? No, I said fine. Fine, fine. We get Alex back. Why, have you talked to her? Did she personally tell you no? But who else is a story like Alex is? Who else can distract us from the burning trash barge that we are currently floating right down the center of the city? No one? She’s a feminist icon.”

“You want a hundred million a year to buy back the streaming rights for Hampton? Well, Bruce, normally I’d hate to be the bearer of bad news, but with you, somehow, I love it. We’re not gonna renew for the deal for Apocalypse 13. How’s that? So if you wanna see it, you’re gonna have to do like everybody else and subscribe to UBA Plus. And don’t worry, there’s a free trial if you can’t swing the $7.99. Nah, this isn’t anger. You’ll know when I’m angry. I’ll make sure of that.”

“Kyle, who’s holding on three? No, tell her I’ll call her back. I need Pete Freeman. Keep rolling through the call sheet. I need to get outta here soon. Hi. No, no. Tell him I’ll call him back. Look what the cat dragged in. Hi. Yeah, I’ve been a little busy. Yeah. Yeah. Well, I mean, I can’t tell you that, but yes. Yeah, I– I don’t– I don’t know. In fact, if you find out, please tell me because I’m dying to know. I appreciate it. Well, I thank you for that selfless offer. I– uh, yep. And obviously, I– I thank you for that. I really need you on The Morning Show. I need that stability. When people turn on The Morning Show, they’re gonna see Bradley Jackson.”

Charles Black, The Morning Show, AppleTV+, Media Res, Echo Films, Hello Sunshine, Billy Crudup

Charles Black

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series

1 nomination: 2020


” ♪ Here comes the jackpot question In advance ♪ What are you doing New Year’s ♪ What are you doing New Year’s ♪ What are you doing New Year’s ♪ “

“All right, don’t forget, Bradley and I will be hosting UBA’s New Year’s Eve Extravaganza tomorrow night live from Times Square. Hey, come on, I saw you having fun. Well, it looks like what you’ll be seeing here on UBA starting at 8:00 p.m. eastern… …tomorrow night. We hope you can ring in 2020 with us.”

“Twitter’s loving it. I told you. What? No.”

Mia Jordan

“Is Guy Fieri in the greenroom? Grab him. Don’t let him go. Go to The Twist!”

“Great move. Widen out. And you didn’t think we’d get her to sing.”

“We’re supposed to have time to ease her into this idea. Listen, what about keeping Eric on TMS, moving Bradley to the evening? You know she loves her news hard. No, wait. She refused to capitalize. Yeah, but she out of her way not to fill up her cart. She called out the women’s on the carpet– listen, you know I love Bradley, but she really needs the poise and polish and gravity of a seasoned anchor like Alex to balance her out. Fine. ‘Fine,’ what? No, no. I didn’t– I didn’t mean–“

Stella Bak

“Eric talked her into it. Yeah, I just saw.”

“He’s ready to close, almost. We’ve heard that story before, Vince. This network needs to clean up its act. Stellar. Our short list down to Mickey and Aaron. He declined. He wasn’t excited about working with Bradley. Okay, should we have the conversation about Bradley that I think we’re all thinking? Is she really cutting it? Ratings have been down. Her contract is up in a few months. Yeah, Bradley was poised to become some sort of feminist superhero, but she couldn’t capitalize. Okay then, we have a list of potential partner combinations that are ready to go– what? No. She publicly left the show. It was a big deal. I don’t know that bringing her back is the event that you think it is. Maybe. But I also don’t love the idea that she’s another white woman as co-anchor, feminist icon or not. And especially one who admitted to doing a lot of questionable shit. And personally, I think Alex is done.”

Fred Micklen

“You’re a dead man.”

Cybil Richards

“We heard. Loud and clear. ‘Course we believe the victim. We believe all victims, every last one of them, forever and ever until the end of time. And if we are proven correct in that belief, Fred will be terminated as well. But none of us were in those rooms, none of us can say with any certainty at this moment what happened, except for Fred. E– except for Fred. Who steadfastly maintains his innocence. If we find evidence that any of that was true, we will exact zero tolerance. The truth? Look, here’s the truth. The truth? Look, here’s the truth. We suspect Fred might not be innocent, but we know you’re guilty of taking over UBA’s airwaves, of allowing wild allegations to be made against the CEO of the network, and of physically locking him out of his own control room. Which, by the way, is also a serious fire hazard. That was pirate television, and it has no place on our network.”

UBA Exec 2

“Cory, if you’ll excuse us, we have a television network we need to fix.”

“You know, this is making my life difficult to fire him, so maybe we don’t. Yelling at a PA isn’t exactly the same thing as sexual assault. I had a boss throw a pineapple at my head when I was a PA, and here I am. For underpaying staff.”

UBA Exec 3

“I don’t think that’s an option. Yes, emphatically, when she left the show eight months ago. That’s why we went out and spent all that money on Eric. “

Cory’s Assistant

Times asking for a comment on one, Maggie Brener on three, said she’d hold. Media Relations left a word. They need to know what they’re saying about Ray. Is he still on a scheduled vacation, or can we announce anything? Emergency meeting to discuss Ray’s replacement for the evening news chair.”

“She’s on.”

“That’s Ivy. You told me to get her. Yeah, hi. Sorry… Pete Freeman on two.”

UBA Employee 2

“It’s all set, ready to go.”

UBA employee 1

“Hold on. Wait for me.”

UBA Employee 3

“Got it. Straight to rerun or…”

UBA Employee 4

“I wanted to hear from upstairs.”

UBA Employee 5

“Alex, what you did is amazing but we need to deal with this. Let us in. Alex, I will break down the door– how are you? Amazing what you did. Where’s the phone? Where’s the phone? Where’s the phone? Get the phone. Let’s not say anything to anybody. Left, left. So we’re gonna keep our mouths shut. Hold the elevator doors. Jim– hold the doors.”

UBA Employee 6

“Open our mouths, we weaken our position. Yeah, no, I’ll take care of it. Come on.”

UBA Employee 7

“Did you know that this is actually about making New Year’s Eve plans way too early? Yes, we are.”

UBA Employee 8

“All I know is we’re gonna freeze our balls off tomorrow night in Times Square. Oh, shit.”

UBA Producer

“Standby, camera two. Take it, camera two. Keep it fun, Bradley. Camera two, zoom on Bradley. Take it.”

UBA Producer 2

“Another one bites the dust.”

UBA Producer 3

“And we’re out. Good job, you guys.”


“I pushed the issue, all right? Well, I think it has less to do with ‘Nutrition in the New Year’ and more to do with, you know, bumming everybody the fuck out. Okay, I was trying to give it to you easy, but we weren’t given an option. Bradley. Ratings are down. Pick your battles. That seems like a safe bet. You’ve gotten to do most of the stories you wanted to do. I hope you’re right. We need to get out ahead of this.”

UBA Broadcaster

“Multiple current and former employees have come forward with allegations of emotional abuse and are calling for the public to… additionally, one of Marcus’s former assistants… …that when she requested time off to attend her mother-in-law’s funeral, Marcus…”


“Beautiful. Four. Two, ready? Take it two.”


“I guess anger issues are endemic over there.”

Mitch Kessler

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series

1 nomination: 2020

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