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Money Heist

Netflix original series La Casa De Papel dropped its fifth and final season last Friday September 3rd, 2021.

#LCDP5 is the most watched non-English show on Netflix.

rottentomatoes: 95%


imdb: 8.3

Tokyo, Money Heist, La Casa De Papel, Netflix, Atresmedia, Vancouver Media, Úrsula Corberó


Silene Oliveira and her compatriots try to lift €2.7B in gold off a royal bank outside of Madrid, Spain.

Tokyo, Money Heist, La Casa De Papel, Netflix, Atresmedia, Vancouver Media, Úrsula Corberó

“For Nairobi.” — Tokyo

“But there’s 31 tons left. The plans to melt it all.” — Tokyo

“How long did they keep you under interrogation in the tent? No, for me, no. For you, I don’t know. Maybe you saw a badge and you felt nostalgic. And after that, you told them how we’re getting out the gold. He’s probably working with Marseille outside. In 20 minutes we should get a check-up call. I obey your orders, Mrs. Professor.” — Tokyo

“Your jumpsuit, the towel, and… a pair of Helsinki’s panties. It’s a fucking joke. Sorry, I was out of line before. I just needed to see your reaction. You don’t seem tense. Oh, yeah? How? That’s really nice. In love, heists can get multiplied. Well, ’cause every moment could be your last one. I’ve known that every since the first time I was kissed in the moment before a heist. Your heart pounds.” — Tokyo

“I’m ready. You walk in… come on, wallets out! Come on, goddamn it! Do it! Hands up! …and you spread chaos. Get out. Get out of here! Now! And in the middle of the turmoil… …you look at him in the eyes and realize you’re so fucking happy. Wallets out! Come on, come on, come on! Faster, faster, faster! Come on, come on, come on! Leaving with a backpack full of cash, screaming on the motorcycle. Feeling… …indestructible. And holding him while driving at 180 kilometers per hour. You cross the border and you’re in Portugal. And you stop anywhere, because you want him so bad you can’t resists it any longer. You just want to devour time before it slips away. And that makes every moment become so magical. Before him. He was killed during a heist. I was there. After that, I knew I’d never find a love like that again. Because he was the love of my life.” — Tokyo

The Professor

“Yes! Come on! Listen to me. This war, we’re going to win it. For Nairobi.”

“What are you going to do to me?”

“After the Plan Paris? Then we immediately begin Plan Rome. Mm-hmm. Yeah. What? Of course not. I meant it as a reference of the burning of Rome during the reign of Nero. If we release the only person they were able to capture and get them in the bank right under everyone’s noses, it’ll be so humiliating that they’ll try and destroy us as soon as possible. They’ll resort to using maximum force.”

“One battalion, maybe two. I don’t know. And moreover, they’ll go in thirsty for blood and the killing of hostages won’t matter that much anymore. Our only chance will be to extract the gold we’ve managed to melt up until that moment. It’s not the first time someone’s threatened to shoot me. We’re going to turn it into ingots, into pellets. Two millimeters so we can safely get it out. Through the only way possible. Through the bank sewage system. It’ll come out broken up, mixed with the water. It’ll pass in front of them, covered in mud, and they won’t see it.”

“Turn me into the police. If you push, you’ll never clear my name. What will you give them? A smashed corpse, full of bullets? They’ll think you’re completely insane. You’re the one who doesn’t get it. I’ll never turn my gang in. Do you get it now? Never! Listen to me. The plan is designed to survive any setbacks, including my death. So just do it. So just let me fall! Or even better, shoot me! Empty the entire clip on me! Come on, I can’t wait! Just do it! Come on!”


“And who’s gonna do that?”

“Checkmate, you son of a bitch. If you move an inch, I’ll shoot you. And trust me, I’d love to see you dead. People who used to love me think I’m a torturer. All thanks to you. And the only reason I’m not emptying my clip into your brain is because someone’s gonna need me for the next 18 years. But it’s a really fine line. And if you make me cross it, I’ll do it with a smile on my face. This is where you’ve been. This is your hideout. In the most vile put in all of Madrid, of course. This place fits who you are. You’re a rat. You’re gonna tell me the whole plan so I can deliver you on a platter. I’m gonna make sure you’re charged with terrorism, sentenced to life in prison, so you don’t ever see sunlight for the rest of your life. Because listen to me. Your sentence will be our salvation.”

“What is Raquel doing in there? How did Raquel get into the bank? How are your buddies coming out? How are you getting the gold? Okay, either you talk… …or I’ll shoot you. Oh, okay. No threats then. Jesus, the self-control. We better talk now, before I decide to shoot you again. Okay? You’re melting the gold. What for? I knew it! How’s it coming out? You think I’m a total idiot, don’t ya? The sewers in the underground are filled with police officers. Tell me the truth. So then, if you’re gonna get it out through the sewers… why are you here? What are you doing here? Come on!”

“Tell me what this looks like. This. No. If I take you to the police, you’ll escape. If I take you to prison, you’ll escape. If I take you to the police, you’ll escape. If I take you to prison, you’ll escape. Wherever I take you, you’ve got a fucking plan and you’ll escape. Tell me. Answer my fucking question. Where are you taking the gold out? How are you taking it out? Gold. Fair enough. Bombs away. You get it now? Do you grasp the situation? I’d love to.”


“For Nairobi.”

“And after that, what? Mm-hmm. No. Rome? Seriously? That’s wonderful! Hey, what’s happened to you? You used to be stone cold. You’re not turning into a romantic, are you? And what happens after we go to Rome? Plan Venice? Nero? That doesn’t sound very sexy. Go ahead. Military. And so then what?”

“How’s it going downstairs? Connect the pump, Palermo. Let’s begin extraction. I’m here, so the plan’s changed. The priority now is to get it out. Oh. I can’t believe you got me excited about Rome. Three or four hours. They’re close to figuring out our plan. The helicopter’s still in the air.”

“Lisbon to Professor. Do you copy? Lisbon to Professor. Do you copy? Lisbon to Professor. Do you copy? Thirty hours. Why? Is that too long to keep your mouth shut? At least I didn’t shake my ass at every man with a pulse in Panama. Professor, this is Lisbon. I need the response. But if we have 20 minutes, I need to take a shower. And get me a jumpsuit.”

“Thank you. Mm-hmm. And? And how did I do? I know they’re coming for us. But I can’t help thinking this situation is also romantic. He dug a 12-meter tunnel to get me out of the National Court. He took me for a ride all over Madrid in an attack helicopter. And then, he got me into the reserve of the Bank of Spain while 3,000 cops watched. Yeah. Is that so? What do you mean? It does feel a tad more romantic than going shopping on a Friday. You’re not talking about Rio, are you?”


“Fifty-nine tons are already melted. And how long do we have?”

“Attention, gentlemen! There’s a change of plans. I repeat, a change of plans. Get all the ingots that are left and plug in the extractor pump. Let’s go, right now! The melting is secondary. Now it’s about extraction. Lisbon’s in the bank now. That will force them into an intervention we can’t handle. Either we take the gold out now or we’re done, brother. Understand? Come on, I didn’t know fucking shit! I’m not the one giving orders.”


“Come on! Move it, move it. Quit sitting around. Eight more hours at full blast and we can melt it all. They said we had to melt 90 tons so we could get out alive but now 60’s enough? Did you have that information before? That Lisbon’s rescue would jeopardize our plan? Of course not, damn it! Because we never agreed to that. If getting someone out of jail puts the plan at risk, then they stay in jail, period. And that goes for everyone. You were before, damn it. Now what? You run the errands? Palermo, looks like we’re starting to improvise, and that’s how people get killed in a heist.”


“Oh, Alicia… now the only way out is by taking the blame. For the CNI, Prieto. For the police, you. Shit’s gonna hit the fan in every possible scenario. Be strong. We’re with you on this.”

“Look at the civility. The beautiful people. And here we are together, father and son. So poetic. Yes, but I forgive you. For being born. Your mother and I had an incredible relationship. Exceptional woman. And you stood in the way of our happiness. I wanted to take her to dinners, go traveling, make love to her in the most beautiful places in the world. And then you showed up and ruined it all. You were like a nuclear warhead. You completely destroyed our dreams. Hmm. Look at those lobsters! Oh, we should go eat here. Maitre!”

“Two Danish aquavits and the menu, please. Rafael. Rafael, we’re here so we can have a fresh start, hmm? We’re not here to dwell on the past or our resentments. Oh, Tatiana. A little family honeymoon, just the three of us. My love, the things that actually matter in life always come unexpectedly.”

Berlin’s son

“Sure. Well, it’s not like our relationship has been ideal, dad. You forgave me, for what? I don’t know, lots of people have kids. You could’ve adapted.”

“You’re right, dad. The past is the past, and it doesn’t really make sense to… keep bringing it up, so, that’s it. I’m really glad that we’re here, the two of us together again. Really. I’m here for a fresh start with your girlfriend? I guess I’ll go to the bathroom.”


“Something wrong? Well, did you tell him he’s here for a heist?”


“The government gave the orders. The National Intelligence Agency, chief of police, and Ministry of the Interior. All of them, absolutely all of them knew about it. Professor. Lisbon, we’ve got Lisbon! I’m the wife of a dead man. I’m a disgraced police officer.”


“Package delivered, professor. I’m out in two minutes.”


“Lisbon! Welcome to the Bank of Spain. For Nairobi!”

“Stitch him up. Make sure he shuts up. Manila did what she had to do. It’s never Arturo’s fault. No matter what he does. I mean, even if he has an M16, or rubs himself against you with a hard-on, or abuses hostages… it’s always somebody else’s fault! Look, if we lose Cincinnati, we’re the only ones to blame. We came in here because we wanted to, so cut the shit out. And get back to work.”


“Okay, hero.”


“What the fuck did you do, Manila? You came in here under one condition: you wouldn’t reveal your identity. Just a hostage with hostages. Arturo had the M16 and he’s useless. Arturo with a bazooka is useless! There was a protocol. If they caught us, you’d stay with Cincinnati. That was the deal. You were give your orders, and you blew it. And now my son has no plan B. No. We trusted her with the mission of raising our child, and she wiped her ass with it.”


“Did you see the guy holding an M16? You know I kind of saved your life. Maybe you could at least thank me for it.”


“What’s up, Maserati?”

Colonel Tamayo

“Where the fuck is the helicopter going?”

“Let’s prepare to intervene immediately. Leave brainstorming for later. Get them and take them to Puerta del Sol square. I hear someone’s dressed up and picking pockets! Only the army can fix this. It’s a matter of national security. I’m bringing the military in. They’ll come out victorious or come out dead. Martinez, get me Major Sagasta.”

“Where is that helicopter? No. That pilot’s useless to us if he’s dead. That helicopter’s gonna land. The moment it does, we’ll be there.”

“Sagasta, Tamayo speaking, in charge of the Bank of Spain operation. I want you to lead a group in. Sagasta, this is a really, really bad time to be fucking with me. Yes, what’s why I called you. What? The mosquitoes? First, because it’s an order. Second, for you country. Isn’t that enough? They’re attacking the national reserve. You pledged allegiance to the flag!”

“As soon as they know about Murillo, and they will, it’ll be like a salad bowl full of shit, the centerpiece on the table, and someone will have to eat it. We can share it. Each of us would get our own nice little portion. Or we can make someone else eat it. No, Pope Francis. You fucking idiot. Of course it’s a colleague. A former officer. A traitor, Sierra. She ran away. Obviously she’s working for the Professor. I don’t know. It’s likely there’s a mole here. It’s going to be her. Proof? What proof? Proof can be fabricated when it’s for a greater cause. Are we new to this or what? Martinez, get a hold of Sierra’s emails, okay? We need to prove that she leaked Prieto’s conversations with Osman and the stuff about Algeria. Create a fake location signal from her phone, near the National Court. Irrefutable evidence of her agreement with Murillo. The phone carriers will do what CNI tells them to. Antonanzas, go to forensics and stop Nairobi’s autopsy. An army doctor should assume the report. There should only be a single bullet wound. By Gandia. We’ll state that When Sierra ordered to shoot, Nairobi was wearing a vest. Come on, let’s set up a farce. With all that, I think we’re gonna be covered. Where do you think you’re going, Calimero? Who are you going to report? The only one who’s a fraud here is you! You found the Professor’s hangar. You could’ve stopped his escape but didn’t. Don’t try to play Gandhi now! I have all of your phone recordings. You seemed a little drunk.”

“She was arrested under your nose and you didn’t have the balls to cooperate because all you were was her little bitch. Yes or no? Answer me, Angelito. Then get negotiating. ‘Cause if you don’t, you’ll go to prison before Rio, Tokyo, Albuquerque. Okay, you’re promoted. Inspector negotiator. If you do good, you can become commissioner. ‘I’m not gonna do anything illegal.’ You just negotiate. We’ll do all the hard stuff ourselves. Hurry them up. I wanna block all of the roads. The air deployment continues.”

General Sagasta

“Is something wrong? Hmm… negative. I’m on leave. You’re familiar with me. Afghanistan, Yemen, the pirates in the horn of Africa, Boko Haram… do you know what all those missions have in common? They’re undercover operations. They happen abroad. There’s no witnesses. Why would I meddle in a civil manner with Spanish civilians and the prosecutor’s office watching me? Listen. Let me tell you a couple of things, Colonel. Actually, three things. Firstly, I couldn’t find the right moment during this conversation to tell you that I’m taking a shit. And it doesn’t matter now. Secondly, I’ll be there in 40 minutes. And the last thing, I’ll go in with my operational team that I trust. The ones from from Afghanistan, Yemen, and Mali. I want them all.”


“I need to talk to you. I need backup. I need intervention officers from Catalonia and the Basque country. I want Urroticoetxea!”

“How do we know that?”


“Wait a minute, this is a civil matter. This is an issue for the police.”

“Colonel, we’re breaking the law. More than they are. And I believe in the law. So I’m leaving. I’m leaving. If I stay, I’ll report anyone who takes part in this fraud. You better watch what you say to me. I was waking up from a damn coma!”

“After 15 years together, by your side, like a fucking idiot. I’m not answering anything. If I’m gonna be the negotiator, we’ll do it my way. I’m not gonna do anything illegal, Tamayo.”


“It’s heading southwest from Guadalajara. We’re 11 minutes behind.”

“Colonel. The helicopter is slowing down. Grounds units will be there in seven minutes.”


“I can send an F18 from the base in Torrejon and shoot it down. Of course.”


“Who, a cop? We can’t assume without proof.”


“I’ll need the phone carriers to cooperate.”


“Bear 21. Bear 21, this is Bravo 03. Land at once. I repeat, land at once.”


“Don’t even think about touching me! The wound is next to the femoral artery. I’ll only be worked on by a surgeon in a hospital!”


“The official magistrate of Madrid has initiated proceedings against Alicia Sierra… and put out an order for her arrest. Great idea.”


“Ready? Nobody move, motherfuckers! Fucking hands up! Hands up! Wallets! Come on! Fucking goddess! Open the fucking cash register! Come on. Now, now, now! Come on, come on, come on! Move! Yeah!”

La Casa De Papel, Netflix, Atresmedia, Vancouver Media

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