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HBO dystopian drama The Leftovers premieres its third season tonight.

#Theleftovers is based on a novel of the same name and will conclude after its third season.

rottentomatoes: 90%

metacritic: 65

imdb: 8.0


HBO, The Leftovers HBO, The LeftoversKevin Garvey, HBO, The Leftovers, Justin Theroux
Kevin Garvey

Kevin Garvey is Mapleton police chief in an alternate reality in which a small chosen percentage (two) of the human population undergoes biblical rapture, or vanishes into thin-air, presumably ascending into eternal afterlife.  This catastrophic event causes ripples among the remaining populace.

Kevin Garvey, HBO, The Leftovers, Justin Theroux Kevin Garvey, HBO, The Leftovers, Justin Theroux “Hi there.  Mrs. Tunney?  Chief Kevin Garvey.” — Kevin Gurvey

“Oh, no, uh, that was my dad.  Yeah, former chief.  Mrs. Tunney, I’m here this morning because I found your dog, Dudley, and I’m sorry to say that he’s, uh, well, he’s dead.” — Kevin Gurvey

Quote1I just thought you might want to– Sorry for your loss.Quote2 — Kevin Gurvey

Quote1Dennis, it’s me.  Are we anywhere on that pickup truck?  No.  Dennis!  Dennis!  No!  There were no plates.  If there were plates, I would have told– Dennis, from now on, just say, ‘I am sorry, chief.  As of now, I do now know shit.’  Now, I got an hour before the meeting, so I’m gonna head over to animal control and- No!  No.  They said noon.  Who changed it?  All right, look, all right.  All right, just stall them.Quote2 — Kevin Gurvey

“I’m late because her office gave me the wrong fucking time.  Your office told me noon.” — Kevin Gurvey

Quote1Not the remnant.  I would have said something sooner, but I was so riveted.  The whole town, the same place at the same time, on the anniversary.  You’re–you’re inviting them to show up.  You were at the homecoming.  They walked right onto the field.  They are trying to provoke us.  A year ago, these people didn’t even exist.  Now there’s almost 50 of them.  They– they bought up an entire cul-de-sac.  I don’t know shit, Lucy.  Do you?  Where did they come from?  What do they want?  You don’t even know who they are.Quote2 — Kevin Gurvey

Quote1They’re gonna come tomorrow, and when they do, somebody’s gonna get hurt.  Yeah… I want you to call it off.  You’re wrong.  Nobody’s ready to feel better.  Ready to fuckin’ explode.Quote2 — Kevin Gurvey

“Hey, Tommy, it’s your daddy.  Uh…just wanted to hear your voice.” — Kevin Gurvey

“Hear that, Jill?  Aimee thinks it’s awesome.  How was hockey practice?  There something you want to tell me?” — Kevin Gurvey

Quote1That’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said about my cooking.Quote2 — Kevin Gurvey

Quote1You’re not going, are you?  No, I’d rather you didn’t.  I would just rather you didn’t.Quote2 — Kevin Gurvey

Quote1You really want to go or you’re just busting my balls?  You have?  Where is this good time happening?  Dorfman?  Oh, good.  No drinking.  All right.  Uh, have fun.  Please don’t come tomorrow.  I would real–Jill, I would really appreciate it.  And if it’s a party, you better hope no one calls the cops.  Text me Dorfman’s phone number!Quote2 — Kevin Gurvey

“Jill, honey?  I got to go to the parade.  Where the hell are you and where the hell is my car?  Unless you are dead, you have exactly 10 minutes to call me back.  Do you understand me?  10 minutes!  Oh, fuck.” — Kevin Gurvey

“Jill took the car, didn’t come home last night.  No, I don’t want that.” — Kevin Gurvey

Quote1Mayor.  Securing the parade route.  Just a lot of people ready to feel better.  Talk to me in a few hours.  See if you still feel that way.  Yeah, they definitely are.  Yes, ma’am.Quote2 — Kevin Gurvey

Quote1Matt.  Really need to do this today?  Chief.  I will be sure and do that, Matt.  Thank you.Quote2 — Kevin Gurvey

“What are you doing?  Be done with it.” — Kevin Gurvey

Quote1Jill!  Where were you last night?  What friend?  I told you not to come here.  I don’t give a shit what you want.  Shit.Quote2 — Kevin Gurvey

Quote1Go home.  Now.  Now!  Hold the line.  Hold the line!Quote2 — Kevin Gurvey

“Christ, Mike, turn this shit down.” — Kevin Gurvey

Quote1Ours is not to reason why, Mike.Quote2 — Kevin Gurvey

“A woman hit me… with her shoe.  Really.  Mike, can I get another one?  Yeah, I am.  Thank you for your concern.” — Kevin Gurvey

Quote1I was at my house, cleaning out a gutter.  Where were you?  Hey… we’re still here.Quote2 — Kevin Gurvey

“Are you here of your own free will, Miss Abbott?” — Kevin Gurvey

Quote1You can call me night or day.Quote2 — Kevin Gurvey

Quote1All right.  Press charges, Matt?   There you go.  Here we are again.  Stop pissin’ people off.  Look where that got him.Quote2 — Kevin Gurvey

“You know, me and Jill are living in the old man’s place now.  Come over tonight, I’ll grill up some steaks, do a Sunday dinner like old times.  Mmm.  Sorry.” — Kevin Gurvey

Quote1Pass out the photos, Dennis.  All right, everybody.  Listen up.  As most of you are aware, a couple of years ago, our former chief started exhibiting some erratic behavior… following which he voluntarily remanded himself to a secure psychiatric facility which he has just walked out of.  I want patrols working all residential neighborhoods all night.  Work a grid.  Do not engage.  Just call me immediately.  Is that understood?  It doesn’t matter what he wants.  Then you have to stop him.  Dismissed.Quote2 — Kevin Gurvey

Quote1Hello?  Is he ok?  I’ll be right there.  I got to go.Quote2 — Kevin Gurvey

“Thanks for the advice.  Ask you what?  Dad, I don’t need this shit right now.  What the fuck does that even mean?  Damn it!  What the fuck!  Jesus fucking Christ.  Get the fuck out of my way.  Get out of my way!  Fuck!  Fuck!  Fuck!  Get out of my fucking way.  God damnit.” — Kevin Gurvey

Tough, resilient, altruistic, one who keeps the peace Kevin Garvey is a Guardian.

Matt Jamison, HBO, The Leftovers, Matt EcclestonMatt Jamison

Matt Jamison is Mapleton’s local preacher, who keeps a ledger of all the unscrupulous individuals who disappeared on October 14th so he can prove that what happened was not biblical.

Matt Jamison, HBO, The Leftovers, Matt EcclestonQuote1Why are you here?  It wasn’t the rapture!  They were no better than us!  I have proof!  Free of charge!  She beat her children!  Does that sound like a good person to you?  She beat her children!  It was not the rapture!Quote2 — Matt Jamison

“Especially today, officer.  Right.  Chief.  Sorry.  Hey, next time you see your dad, you tell him he’s off the hook.  You’re off the hook too, chief.” — Matt Jamison

Quote1This is the story of a–a little boy.  I’d say, ‘Stop me if you’ve heard this one before,’ but you have, and I don’t really want to be stopped.  This boy, he’s a good kid; not perfect, but good, and when he’s about 10 years old, his mom and dad tell him he’s gonna have a baby sister.    And the baby sister comes, and of course he loves her very much.  Bu..she’s getting attention.  His attention.  So he wishes–actually… he prays for that attention back and… a month later, he’s diagnosed with acute lymphatic leukemia.  And the– –cancer eats away at the boy until there is almost nothing left.  But he fights it.  He survives and… now he has a choice to make.  Does he decide that he was punished or that he was rewarded?  Will he be angry for having been made to suffer, or will he be grateful for that suffering because… it changed him?  This is the story of a little girl.  She’s 8 years old, and just over a week ago, she’s playing in the park.  She loves to go high on the swings, up to a point where you hang there for a moment, suspended, before the chains clink and gravity pulls you back down.  She’s been asleep… in a coma, for 9 days now.  Her brain activity is negligible.  Her outcome is undetermined.  The girl’s name is Emily… and so that little boy is asking for attention again now.  For Emily, let us pray.  You invite all who are burdened to come to You.  Allow Your healing hand to touch this girl.  Fill her heart with Your courage and infinite love for all that You create–Quote2 — Matt Jamison

Quote1Occupational hazard.  What are you gonna do?Quote2 — Matt Jamison

Quote1They need to hear the truth.  Your dad understood that.Quote2 — Matt Jamison

“Nights are tough for me.  See you next time, chief.” — Matt Jamison

Quote1How about you ask your wife to join you and your son for services this Sunday?  We’ll call it even.  Heh!  had to try.  If I don’t, who will?Quote2 — Matt Jamison

“May I show you something?  This… is Albert Wayne Studdard.  He abducted a young girl walking home from school.  Violated her sexually, strangled her to death.  On October 14th, he disappeared, right out of his jail cell.  And this man, this monster, is on the same list along with all the others who left us, along with the innocent and the good… along with your niece.  But someone has to expose these people for who they truly were and what they truly did because if we can no longer separate the innocent from the guilty, everything that happened to us, all of our suffering, is meaningless.  Can you help me?” — Matt Jamison

Quote1It means it’s easier to stay silent than it is to speak the truth.Quote2 — Matt Jamison

Quote1I say fuck, too.Quote2 — Matt Jamison

Hopeful, philanthropic, vigilant, and optimistic Matt Jamison is an Idealist.

Laurie Garvey

Laurie Garvey joins a peaceful silent evangelical activist movement group calling themselves the guilty remnant, who smoke cigarettes in order to tempt fate and perhaps join the dearly departed.

Meg Abbott, HBO, The Leftovers, Liv TylerMeg Abbot

“Mm-hmm.  It’s not, actually.  Well, it’s just a–a party, right?  Yeah, but… that’s not the wedding.  No, the wedding is picking fucking centerpieces.  I’m sorry.  It’s just like you said.  It’s… It’s overwhelming.  I’m really looking forward to it.” — Meg Abbott

“What the fuck do you want?!  Why the fuck are you following us?!  You’re everywhere!  You’re fucking everywhere!  Go away!” — Meg Abbott

Jill Garvey, HBO, The Leftovers, Margaret QualleyJill Garvey

Jill Garvey is the cynical teenage daughter of Kevin, discontent with her mother’s abandonment of her for the guilty remnant activist group.

Jill Garvey, HBO, The Leftovers, Margaret QualleyQuote1I’m fine.  Yeah.  As long as that cunt stays away from me.Quote2 — Jill Garvey

Quote1I say it all the time.  Cunts.  I got off with a warning.  But if my attitude doesn’t change, coach is gonna call my dad.  Really?  Stop.  Stop.  Maybe.  Stop.Quote2 — Jill Garvey

“Same old, same old.” — Jill Garvey

Quote1This meatloaf’s fucking spectacular.Quote2 — Jill Garvey

“You don’t want us to go?  Why not?  I would just rather you tell me why not.” — Jill Garvey

Quote1Busting your balls.Quote2 — Jill Garvey

“I don’t drink.  Come on, Aimee.  Yeah, yeah–” — Jill Garvey

“It’s cool.  Go for it.  Please.  Have fun.” — Jill Garvey

“We don’t have to do anything.  I mean, I won’t tell.” — Jill Garvey

Quote1She’s not coming back.  None of them are.Quote2 — Jill Garvey

“Fantastic, Max.  Thanks for asking.  Max, please stop talking.  Be my guest.” — Jill Garvey

“What?  I think my dad might have some flares or something.  It’s over.  Everybody’s either wasted or hooking up.  Yeah.  No.  Dudley.    Dudley is kind of a shit name.  He didn’t shoot him.  I have no idea.  He just wouldn’t shoot a dog.” — Jill Garvey

“That’s urban-legend bullshit.  I mean, I know loads of people with dogs, and none of them ran away.” — Jill Garvey

Quote1We’re sorry you got stuck with us.Quote2 — Jill Garvey

“At a friends.  Does it matter?  What are you doing?  I want to be here.  Why was there a dog in your trunk?  Guess you should go, do your…” — Jill Garvey

Quote1Stop copping me.Quote2 — Jill Garvey

Quote1Why was she here?  Let me know when it gets simple.Quote2 — Jill Garvey

“He’s under a lot of pressure, I guess.” — Jill Garvey

“I haven’t talk to him in a while.” — Jill Garvey

Quote1Anywhere that’s not here.Quote2 — Jill Garvey

Quote1There’s no need to be dramatic.Quote2 — Jill Garvey

Rebellious, passionate, adamant, and adaptable Jill Garvey is an Artisan.

Tom Garvey, HBO, The Leftovers, Chris ZylkaTom Garvey

“This is it, congressman.  Is it cool if I call you that?  You got something for me?  Cool.  Thanks.  Would you mind giving me your phone, please?  I promise you’ll get it back once you’ve talk to him.  Do you mind?” — Tom Garvey

“So, you’re from Texas, huh?  I was down there a couple years ago when I was looking at schools, and people were really nice.  I was.  Not anymore.  Didn’t see the point.  You know, Mr. Witten, you don’t have to be such a dick.  You’re gonna forget you ever felt this way.  Burdened.  Nope.  Sometimes I say ‘abandoned.’  He’s as real as it gets.” — Tom Garvey

“Hey, Pete.  Good, how about you?  Nope, took the long way up.  Oh, yes.” — Tom Garvey

“Yes.  Ask and ye shall receive.  Kaitlin got booted.  Yep.  Brian took her up on this hot air balloon and told her how he felt this amazing connection with her.  I mean, what woman can resist a hot tub and about 400 roses?  Jesus!  Try one at a time.  No, ma’am, I do not.” — Tom Garvey

“How’d it go?  All gone?  So you ready to go home?  To me?  Um…is every– is everything ok?  Do you know what it’s about?” — Tom Garvey

“W-Wayne.  How–how are you?  Oh, um, ok.  Isn’t she one of the girls that lives here?  W-Wayne, I–I swear– From what?  Yeah.  Three years?  That’s tomorrow.” — Tom Garvey

“I was abandoned by my father.” — Tom Garvey

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