FX Networks, Fargo

Legitimate Misconduct

FX Networks‘ decorated anthology crime dramedy Fargo based loosely on real Minnesota murder cases premieres S3E2 this Wednesday.

#Fargo season 4 has not officially been confirmed.

rottentomatoes: 98%

metacritic: 85

imdb: 9.0

emmys: 5 wins


Gus Grimly, FX Networks, Fargo, Colin Hanks

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or Movie

1 nomination: 2014

Lester Nygaard, FX Networks, Fargo, Martin FreemanLester Nygaard

Lester Nygaard is a timid life insurance salesmen, who happens upon, consults with, and unwittingly commissions the services of, a professional hit-man Lorne Malvo to take care of an old highschool bully Samuel Hess after sustaining several abrasions following an altercation.

Lester Nygaard, FX Networks, Fargo, Martin FreemanOutstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or Movie

1 nomination: 2014

“So what’s that, hon?  Sounds, uh, different today… Don’t ya think?  Like, angry?  Huh…” — Lester Nygaard

Quote1Bet that set them back a penny.  Oh!  Heh heh heh.Quote2 — Lester Nygaard

“Well, it’s just slow now at the shop.” — Lester Nygaard

Quote1Well… Better get back to it.Quote2 — Lester Nygaard

“You gave me this tie.” — Lester Nygaard

Quote1So that’s, uh… Like I said, there’s two kinds of policies you should be thinking about.  You got your whole life and… Your whole life plus, which covers the same benefits of whole life plus… a heck of a lot more.  Oh, yeah?  Well, uh… Even more– All–all the more reason to, uh… Because what happens… What happens if you have an accident at your job?  What happens if you have a car crash and go out the windshield? O-or say you’re up a ladder, cleaning out the gutters, and you fall off the darn thing and break your neck?  These things happen every day.  And people fall asleep smoking in bed.  They burn to death.  What I’m saying is the morgue is–is full of guys thought they didn’t need life insurance.  For–for peace of mind, I’m saying, to know that your little boy… Right.  Or little girl is taken care of.  Oh!  O-okay.  Well, at least let me give you a brochure.  Or–or I got these pens.  I got these nif-nifty pens.  Look at that, huh?  With most of the colors– Okay, well, if you change your mind then, uh, give me a… Aw, heck.Quote2 — Lester Nygaard

“Oh, hey, Sam.  Now, come on, Sam, it–it’s Nygaard, just like in high school.  Oh, yeah, real good.  Yeah.  Oh…Ahem.  It’s Pearl, yeah.  We’re married now.  Going on 18 years.  Yeah.  Oh, well, I– Yeah, well, uh… I should get back to it.  Oh, come on.  Yeah, I– it’s a long time ago, but– oh, what a day.” — Lester Nygaard

Quote1Excuse me…miss?  Do you think, uh… will it be much longer?  This thing hurts like the Dickens.  Been here an hour already.  Hmm?  Oh.  Heck, take the whole can.  Can’t drink the darn thing without a straw.  Oh, it was, uh… It was just a… Misunderstanding.  Pardon?  Oh, no, what I’m saying… It’s, uh… It’s not good to dwell on these things.  Pardon?  Uh… Well, I was–ahem– I was outnumbered, if you wanna know the truth.  Three to one.  I mean, big–big guys too– well, one of them.  Other two were just kids, but big for their age, you know?  If I was any kind of man, I’d have shown them what’s what.  Hess.  The bully in high school, and he’s a bully now.  Well, his–he had his sons with him and… No, that’s not– heck.  Just– heck.Quote2 — Lester Nygaard

“Sam–no way.  Mm-mm.  I mean, I don’t think… It just, uh… I guess I, uh, embarrassed him in front of his boys.  Yeah.  By, uh… He was telling me about a time where he and my wife, they were, uh… hmm.  But he didn’t know she was my wife is the thing, and when I told him– wha–  Uh-uh.  Not slept.  No, they didn’t, uh… He said it was just– she has soft hands, see, and, uh, I guess– Well, now… Come on.” — Lester Nygaard

Quote1Four years.  Gave me an ulcer.  You know what, one time, he put me in an oil barrel and rolled me in the road.  Yeah, okay, but, uh… Here’s the thing.  Well, heck.  I mean, o-okay.  Okay.  But… What am I supposed to do?  Heck, you’re so sure about it, maybe you should just kill him for me.Quote2 — Lester Nygaard

“No, that was– I was joking.  Uh, y-yeah, that’s me, Ju–o-one second.  We–we–we–we’re just two fellas talking, right?  We’re just… Blowing off steam.  Like I said, one second.  No, just–just once second.  That is not–” — Lester Nygaard

“Yeah!  Aah!  Yeah, I’m coming, for… Pete’s sake.” — Lester Nygaard

Quote1It was ice.  I slipped on ice.  We should have canceled.Quote2 — Lester Nygaard

“Yeah.  Real good.  Yeah, I said I heard.  You’re gonna have to marry that ham.  You get any more familiar with it.  Now, hold on.  That’s not true.” — Lester Nygaard

Quote1There’s a–a spot over by the fire station– It’s always icy.  Don’t know what the heck I was thinking.Quote2 — Lester Nygaard

“Hmm?  Aw, jee– what is that?  Are you allow– c-can you even have that?  Oh.  Oh, geez.  You should’ve told me it was so heavy.  Is it okay?  Hey, now.  Oh, come on!  That’s…Not… How I may or may not be feeling.  And for your information, I hadn’t had a lot of sleep the night before, so–so the toothpaste, that was just nothing!  Yeah.  Yes.  I-I told you, outside the fire station.  You know they run the hoses and wash the trucks, and it gets all slippery and wet.” — Lester Nygaard

Quote1Oh, hiya, Bo.  You know that spot near the fire station?  Yep.  Slipped on the ice.  On…Who now?  Oh, yeah?  Sure.  Uh… Sure.  Y-you know I went to high school with him?Quote2 — Lester Nygaard

“Uh…  Did you… Jeez.  Did you really kill him?  Sam?  Well, I mean– of course, it’s, you know, a tragedy.  Now hold on a second!  I never– I never said yes.  No.  That won’t– come on.  That won’t– in a court of law– I just mea–  I–jeez.  And he had a wife, you know, and those boys.” — Lester Nygaard

“How do you figure?” — Lester Nygaard

Quote1In the basement.  Oh.  I’m, uh, trying to fix the darn thing.  It looks like the motor mount broke.  Seems pretty straightforward.  So wanna give her a try?  For–for a test, I’m saying.  Turn it off.  No, I was– it was the– the tide, you know?  I-I was, um, standing up to the– I was… I was being a man.  Take that back.Quote2 — Lester Nygaard

“Now, hold on!  That is you not facing me!  Oh!  Hmm.  You take that back.  Aw, jeez.  Aw, jeez.  Oh, jeez.  Oh, God, I’m sorry.  Oh, God.” — Lester Nygaard

Quote1Uh, yeah, it’s me.  You gotta help me out.  I’ve done something bad.  Oh!  Hi.  Can I have room 23 please?  Yeah.  Yeah, it–it’s me.  It’s Lester.  Uh…She’s, uh– my WI–my wife, she’s, uh–oh, hell.  Um… Look, I think I, uh… She’s in the basement dead, and, uh, look, I’m freaking out here.  I don’t know what to do.  Ha– jeez.  Yeah.  The hammer and, uh…look– can you come over?  I’m on Willow Creek Drive.  Number 613.  Please!  Please?  Thank you!  Thank you.Quote2 — Lester Nygaard

“I didn’t do nothing.  I didn’t do nothing.  I just came home.  I just came home.  Mm-mm.  Nothing.  He asked about Sam.  No.  Mm.” — Lester Nygaard

Quote1It’s for protection.  It’s not loaded.Quote2 — Lester Nygaard

“Look, I’m sorry… About… Electrocuting you.  I was just– This is obviously… A misunderstanding.  ‘Cause like –like I said, I’m just an insurance salesmen.” — Lester Nygaard

Quote1You know, you can go through your whole life without a care, and one day it all changes.  People die.  They lose their homes.  They go to prison.  It’s calamity, huh?  I know it, ’cause I lived it.  And if this year has taught me anything– And believe me, I’ve seen it all– It’s that the worst does happen.  And you need to be insured.  Thank you so much.  It’s a great honor.Quote2 — Lester Nygaard

Hardworking, humble, accommodating, too nice for his own good Lester Nygaard is a Guardian.

Lorne Malvo, FX Networks, Fargo, Billy Bob ThorntonLorne Malvo

Lorne Malvo is the alias of a professional mercenary assassin who offers up his services to a local townsman Lester Nygaard after meeting him in the hospital of Bemidji, Minnesota.

Lorne Malvo, FX Networks, Fargo, Billy Bob ThorntonOutstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or Movie

1 nomination: 2014

“Could I have a sip?  Whew.  Obliged.  What happened to your nose?” — Lorne Malvo

Quote1Now, was this you misunderstanding the other fella, or him misunderstanding you?  Who misunderstood whom?  Why?  Why is it not good to dwell on these things?  Especially things that put you in the hospital.  Sam?  So why didn’t ya?  Show him what’s what?Quote2 — Lorne Malvo

“You let a man beat you in front of his children to send them a message?” — Lorne Malvo

Quote1You’re asking me to kill this man.  Sam Hess.  Just one word.  Yes or no.Quote2 — Lorne Malvo

“You’re doing it wrong,  You need to press your forearm into the back of his neck, grab your elbow with the other hand to choke him right out.” — Lorne Malvo

Quote1Sign outside says Hess & sons.  Which one’s the older boy?  Sam Hess?  Me.  I was just talking to your boys.  I think the younger one’s a little dim.  His IQ seems low, I’m saying.  Have you had him tested?  I just wanted to have a look at ya.  Okay.  That’ll do it.Quote2 — Lorne Malvo

“It’s me.  I got delayed.  Car troubles.  Fixed now.  Of course.  Soon.  I took a detour.  It’s personal.  Shouldn’t be more than a day or two.  All right.” — Lorne Malvo

Quote1I need a room.  Pardon?  What difference does that make?  What if I got a fish?  Would a fish cost me $10?  Or what if I kept spiders or mice?  What if I had bacteria?  Could be.  I just wanna know the policy.  You see, I’m a student of institutions.  Oh, no.  It’s just me.Quote2 — Lorne Malvo

Quote1Why do you let her talk to you like that?  Son, she compared you to a clam.  A guy insulted me once.  I pissed in his gas tank.  Car never drove straight again.Quote2 — Lorne Malvo

“Oh, yes, ma’am, I’m looking out my window, and there’s a young fellow urinating in the gas tank of a red cavalier.” — Lorne Malvo

Quote1Mickey?  Lewis Grossman.  Your dad’s estate attorney.  First of all, I’d like to say how sorry I am for your loss.  Next thing is I’m responsible for overseeing the dispersal of your dad’s vast estate.  Right.  Money, real estate, holdings, automobiles and, uh… Well there’s no delicate way to put this.  The will was very clear.  Your dad decided to give everything to your younger brother Moe.  I know it’s hard to hear.  But the will was very specific.  ‘I leave the entirety of my vast estate to my second-born and favorite son Moe.’  That’s sweet.  He must have really loved that boy.  Anyway, that’s it.  Once again, I’m sorry for your loss.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call me.Quote2 — Lorne Malvo

“Oh, my God.  Is Sam dead?  How do you feel about that?  Well, why’d you kill him then?  Well, actually, you did.  Remember, yes or no?  Didn’t say no.” — Lorne Malvo

Quote1Who said anything about a court of law?Quote2 — Lorne Malvo

Quote1Lester, he put you in a barrel and rolled you in the road.  Your problem is you spent your whole life thinking there are rules.  There aren’t.  We used to be gorillas.  All we had is what we could take and defend.  The truth is, you’re more of a man today than you were yesterday.Quote2 — Lorne Malvo

Quote1It’s a red tide, Lester, this life of ours.  The shit they make us eat… Day after day, the boss, the wife, et cetera, wearing us down.  If you don’t stand up to it, let ’em know you’re still an ape deep down where it counts, you’re just gonna get washed away.Quote2 — Lorne Malvo

“Yeah?  Lester, have you been a bad boy?  Sure, Lester.  I’ll be right there.” — Lorne Malvo

Quote1Any more?  Lester, are there any more cops?  What did you tell him?  You got any more shells for this thing?  Is that the basement?Quote2 — Lorne Malvo

“Am I gonna need to come back there and find it myself?” — Lorne Malvo

“I’m a minister, apparently.  You have a blessed day.” — Lorne Malvo

Quote1It’s already dog-eat-dog, friend.  Not sure what worse a bunch a zombies could do.Quote2 — Lorne Malvo

Quote1Yeah, Frank Peterson.  I’m the minister up in Baudette.  Go, Bears.  Yeah, Baudette Lutheran, six years now– Frank Peterson.  Before that, Aberdeen.  So, you know, I’m not used to having a firearm stuck in my face, which I know the Lord tests you in all kinds of ways, but, oh, partner, that’s a heart-stopper.  No, sir.  I think I’d remember that.  Plus, Tuesday’s bingo night at the church.  We had a full house.  Florence Nightgarden won the entire pot, if I’m not mistaken.  Oh, sure, yes, sir.  You could call Florence herself.  Or Jim Avery– He’s our alderman.  Oh, that’s the fella, deputy Grimly.  Pulled his pistol, pointed it right at me.  Thought I was gonna have a heart attack.  But, you know, after he told me about those homicides over Bemidji, I thought, ‘Frank, I mean, you can’t blame the guy for being a little jumpy, a horror show like that.’  Me?  No, sir.  I have a cousin lived in Bemidji back in the ’90s, out near Leech Lake, but he moved to Anchorage in ’03.  I said, ‘What, Minnesota’s not cold enough for you?’  We had a good laugh about that.  No, sir.  I’m a cautious driver by nature, on account of my eyesight.  Glaucoma, they say it is.  But, you can’t be too careful.  That’s what I tell my parishioners.  Deputy Grimly– Forgiveness– That’s the heart of the good book.  Turn the other cheek, second chances, amen.  So, no, I don’t hold a grudge against the deputy, though I’m lucky I had my nitroglycerine pills with me, I tell you, Uffda.  Oh, you just–just pick a name out of the phone book.  Everybody up there knows me.Quote2 — Lorne Malvo

“What’s that, son?  I sure hope you catch that fella killed all those people.  I’ll be praying on it.” — Lorne Malvo

Quote1Did you know the human eye can see more shades of green than any other color?  I said, ‘Did you know that the human eye can see more shades of green that any other color?’  My question for you is, why?  When you figure out the answer to my question, then you’ll have the answer to yours.Quote2 — Lorne Malvo

Quote1I don’t have any friends.Quote2 — Lorne Malvo

“We’re only as good as the promises we keep.” — Lorne Malvo

Quote1‘Cause there are no saints in the animal kingdom.  Only breakfast and dinner.Quote2 — Lorne Malvo

“Never heard of a deaf hit man.  Carolina Murphy had his tongue cut out by an Indian back in the ’80s.  He worked a little after that but never quite the same.  And Buzz Mead– You know Buzz?  He was born with just a socket.  Used to take his glass eye out at parties and drop it in his drink.  He was a shit shot, though.  Now, the other fella, your partner, he could hear just fine.  We had a kind of little chat before I cut his throat.  You’re unemployed now, by the way, in case you don’t read the papers.” — Lorne Malvo

Quote1I watched a bear once.  His leg was in a steel strap.  It chewed through bloody bone to get free.  It was in Alaska.  Died about an hour later facedown in a stream.  But it was on his own terms, you know?  You got close.  Closer than anybody else.Quote2 — Lorne Malvo

“I don’t know if it was you or your partner, but look.  If you still feel raw about things when you heal up, come see me.” — Lorne Malvo

“Yeah, that’s Lester, all right.  Nicest guy you’ll ever meet.  You got any idea how I can find him?” — Lorne Malvo

Trained, talented, instinctual, a stone cold killer, Lorne Malvo is an Artisan.

Peggy Blumquist, FX Networks, Fargo, Kirsten DunstPeggy Blumquist

Peggy Blumquist accidentally commits vehicular manslaughter on a man named Rye Gerhardt, whom was sprinting full speed from the scene of a multiple homicide he had just committed, and happened to be the offspring of a major local organized crime family.

She panics and drives home, with Rye unconscious on her windshield, subsequently her husband Edward slays Gerhardt with a gardening shear and together they attempt to conceal this transgression, unsuccessfully.

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or Movie

1 nomination: 2016

“In the kitchen.  Hey.  Uh, hon, you’re getting blood on the tile.  And tater tots.  Oh, hon, don’t.  Oh, hon, don’t.  I just got that stuff organized.  Well, sit there, huh?  I’ll move that stuff tomorrow.  Promise.  Bon appétit.” — Peggy Blumquist

“So I’m getting excited about this seminar.  You remember, hon.  It’s next weekend.  Constance is taking me.  Lifespring.  Everybody’s doing it.  I really think this course is gonna help me actualize, you know, fully.  Re-examine old reflex patterns — the ones that keep my life from working.  Oh, yeah.  I just mean me, you know?  As a person.  Yeah.  Mm.  Just had the end of the year, huh?  Yeah, that’s — we talked about that.  We’re trying, but it takes time, you know?  Did that last weekend, didn’t we?  Hon.” — Peggy Blumquist

“Oh, shoot!  Here, hon, let me — no i-it’s fine — I’m — I’m such a bumble sometimes.  I-I love you, too, hon, so, so much.  Maybe we should… maybe do it right now.  No, silly.  In the bedroom.  Come on.  We can — I’ll wear that nightie you like.” — Peggy Blumquist

“Didn’t I tell you?  I kind of hit a deer.  Yeah, no, I-I’m just, you know, shook up, mostly.” — Peggy Blumquist

“Actually, I — I think I need to sit down, hon.  Can we go in the kitchen?  Hon, don’t.  Hon.  Hon, don’t.  Hon!  Come back!  Don’t.  Hon.  No, it’s — I’m fine.  You got to believe me.  I-I thought he was dead.  When I hit him, I thought he was — ” — Peggy Blumquist

“He ran out into the road, hun. What was I supposed to do?  I panicked, okay?  No.  No, no.  No.  I — I — Hon, listen to me.  I ran over him.  Hit and run.  And — and then you stabbed him with a gardening tool.  The cops — do you think they’re gonna believe us?  But — but look.  Look.  I-I was careful.  I-I drove the back way all the way home.  Well, that’s why we have to clean it up and — and tell people I hit a deer or… We could run.  Go to California.  Well, start again, I’m sayin’.  Okay, then… Then, hon, look at me.  If we’re gonna get clear of this, then we’re gonna have to clean it up.  Pretend it didn’t happen.  ‘Cause if this comes out, if this — then all the things you want, that we want — that’s over.  I go to jail and maybe you also.  And then there’s no shop and no family.  No kids.  We clean it up.” — Peggy Blumquist

“Gonna be late for work, huh?  Well, got to keep up appearances, though, right?  You said.  Aw, no, it doesn’t hurt.  It just — it looks bad.  Well, maybe I should stay home, too.” — Peggy Blumquist

“Oh, thank you.  Hey.  Yeah, he had — at dinner last night — I think it was some bad clams.  Tomorrow for sure.  Bye.” — Peggy Blumquist

“Sorry, Mrs. Colson.  The car wouldn’t start.  I’ll ditch the coat and get you squared away, okay?  Huh?  Oh, no, it’s, uh, just a migraine.  Did I… Oh, yeah.  I don’t know.  It’s a lot of money, and we’re saving up right now.  So Ed can buy the butcher shop.  No, I just… We got a plan, you know?  Dragons?  Yeah.  The what’s that?” — Peggy Blumquist

“Ed?  Oh, no, it’s nothing.  Uh, just a dust-up.  Ed had a few too many last night and hit a tree.  Uh, he’s fine, though.  Just shook up.  Me?  Oh, no.  I-I wasn’t — I was home.  Those bills aren’t gonna pay themselves.  Oh, it’s nothing.  I just bumped it is all.” — Peggy Blumquist

“Thanks for the ride, okay?  I just — I-I got a real bad headache, like I said before and maybe I-I’ll just see you at work tomorrow, okay?” — Peggy Blumquist

“My cousin had a melanoma — didn’t lose a single hair.  Lost her eyebrows, though.  So I decided.  I want to do it.  The seminar.  I thought about it, and I think I should.  Yeah, and I just, you know, I want to be the best me I can be, ya know?  We were busy.  Okay, Mrs. Blaycock.  You can head to the dryer.” — Peggy Blumquist

“I’m sorry, but that just don’t make sense.  I mean, how come the motorist don’t stop?  If they hit a person — run ’em over, I mean?” — Peggy Blumquist

“Hey Noreen.  Ed, we got to — get your coat.  Noreen, hon, we’ve got a — well, it’s a family crisis is what it is.  So I need to — will you tell Bud I’ll have him back after lunch, okay?  They know.  About the accident.  There’s a theory — Betsy Solverson.  She said hit and run, we got to deal with the car.  I can’t slow down.  The clocks goin’.  Like I said, there’s a theory.  So we got to deal with the car.  Now — today.” — Peggy Blumquist

“You want me to do it?  It’ll work.  Like I said, my uncle used to drive his truck and drink Old Milwaukee.  And, you know, insurance don’t want to pay for accidents when you’re drunk, so he came up with this plan.  Every crack-up, he’d drive his truck to some deserted spot till he sobered up, fake a new accident to cover the damage he did drinking.  So that’s what we do.  We cover the damage, file a report, and then, I mean, that should do it.  We got rid of the — I mean, the guy’s all ground up, and you burned his clothes, you said, so, once the car’s fixed, it’s — we’re free.” — Peggy Blumquist

“You been a real paladin.  It’s like a knight.  My knight.  Okay.” — Peggy Blumquist

“I mean, what are the odds?  Black ice and you doing a 180, hitting a tree with the back?  You could run that scenario 1,000 times and never end up with the same circumstances.  Yeah, you did.  Come on, hon.  If they ask, I backed into the garage door, okay?” — Peggy Blumquist

“What’s that, hon?  It worked.  It worked.” — Peggy Blumquist

“Ed.  I got to pee.  What’s that, hon?  What?  A cheaper course?  Well, what?  So I can be a less-good me?  It’s not a knittin’ class.  It’s gonna help me reach my full potential.” — Peggy Blumquist

“Geez, hon.  Where’s your coat?  What happened?  Something with the car?  Did they find blood?  The car — Hon.  W-well, we never — you told me, but I never… Well, he can’t do that,  You shook on it.  Well, if you mean y-you talked and then I also talked, then, yeah, I guess.  But not really sure you heard anything I said.  Hon, I’m sorry.  I am.  But, you know, this course, the one I’ve been telling you about, Lifespring, it’s real important.  Maybe?  I mean, to me.  Ed, it’s –” — Peggy Blumquist

“I need the money back for the course.  I need it back!  Ed says we could lose the shop.  I… I don’t know.  A girl?  $600 a month.  Ed and I put away one-third every week, minus the occasional — No more.” — Peggy Blumquist

“I could make some coffee.  My fault, really.  I was going on about something.  Oh.  Well, Ed hurt his neck… …but no blood.  Ed.  He’s scaring me.  We hit some ice.  And — That’s all.  I mean, it could’ve happened to anyone.  Ed wasn’t even speeding.  I-I mean, we were arguing, and Ed turned his head.  It happened in a flash.  This is — you’re out of line.  I mean, we… we want you to leave.  And no offense, but we’re asking you to leave.” — Peggy Blumquist

“Sorry.  Are we out of coffee.  What?  I know.  I was just thinkin’.  What we should take.  When we go.  To California.  When we run, I mean.  I-I mean, if we’ve just messed things — if I’ve just messed things up from the starts, if — if this is still not over, just the tail of the snake… I mean, what was he even doin’ in the road, for shit sake?  That fella.  All those dead people, and… and he had a car, so why was he standing in the road?  But… Constance saw.  The car, after ya cleaned it, but before we crashed it again.  She knows about the accident.  She drove me home the night I… the night you got rid of the… and, uh, had to use the bathroom.  I was gonna walk her right out, but then I heard music coming from the garage, and she came up by me and saw.  I… I don’t think she’ll tell, but how can we know for sure, ya know?  And plus now the law enforcement askin’ question, suspectin’.  And — and these ghouls on the come, Lou said.  Hon, we can’t stay here.  Hon?  I know.  Hon?  Hon, you got — you gotta be realistic.  But…how?  It’s too late to get the money back from the course.  And — and — and you said Bud had to have it by Friday.” — Peggy Blumquist

“I just — I’m here for my car.  Okay.  I wrote out a check.  Maybe don’t cash it till the end of the week, though, huh?  Payday.  Well, I guess so.  You know, for the best.  Just… Wait till the end of the month to cash that check, okay?” — Peggy Blumquist

“You wanna buy my car?  Well, you said it was sweet, and you know, we gotta buy the shop, the butcher shop, so we could use the money.  Decided not to go.  Moments ago.  Okay.  Yeah, well, $700 today is better than $1,400 tomorrow.  So, can we do it now?  Like, right now?” — Peggy Blumquist

“Hon?  Hon?  I got a surprise for ya.  No, we don’t gotta go, no, listen I wanna talk to ya.  I been thinkin’ a lot about what you said and how I’ve been and — and sit, sit.  No, this is important.  What I’m trying to say is, you were right.  I mean, we were both right, but — but you also is what I’m — not just me, in other words.  And — and what you said about the shop and the money, that was — it was selfish of me to… without even askin’.  And also, we — we gotta fight, fight for what we want.  You know, and I can see that now, so… ta-da!  I sold the car.  My car.  I-I went to the shop, and — and — and Sonny, you know, he said how much he loved it, and so I… and I-I know that, um, I could have gotten more for it, but it’s enough is what matters.  Enough to buy the shop… because you were right.  This was our dream, you know, and so now… now we can do it.  What?  Okay, okay.” — Peggy Blumquist

“Ed, no.  This is — you’re so out of line!  You can;t just ruin people’s lives!  Parade them around Main Street for something they didn’t do.  Falsely accused.  No.  Mnh-mnh.  No.  You’re not gonna prove my Ed did anything wrong!  It’s unprovable!” — Peggy Blumquist

“I got coffee from this mornin’.  I could heat it up.  No.  Actually, no.  Those are my — no!  No, put them down.  I just got that organized.  No, not collect.  I… I gotta stay up with the latest trends, you know, in my line of work.  Well, there’s more to life than Minnesota, you know.  Do you think, uh — I-I know there’s a lot of questions, but I just — I got a, um, I got this seminar tomorrow, Lifespring, and, uh, I gotta drive up to Sioux Falls first thing, so… No, I mean, that’s terrible.  But what can Ed — I mean… attempted robbery and those two men — you don’t know that for sure, sheriff.  You’re just trying to be dramatic, trying to scare me.  Stop saying that.  Me and Ed — we’re just bystanders.  Not even.  Uh, disconnected — him with the shop, and — and me just trying to actualize fully, ya know.  Be the best me I can be because these are modern times, you know, and a woman — well, she just doesn’t have to be a wife and a mother no more.  She can be… there’s nothing she can’t be.  What?  Well, you know, if you mean I got dreams, then yeah.  And… maybe I don’t see it all like everybody else, but I got plans.  We — we got plans, and you can’t just come in here… …and derail — Well, I mean…look, right?  Ed — he really… he loved that place.  But, life’s a journey, ya know?  That’s what John Hanley Sr. says.  He’s the founder of Lifespring.  Life’s a journey, and the one thing you don’t do on a journey is stay in one place, right?  So maybe we’ll… I don’t know, go to California or… …someplace, now that the shop’s gone.  No.  I mean… y-you can’t do that, of course, without permission from the owner, you know, so — No.  No, you can’t.  That’s… hold — hold on.” — Peggy Blumquist

“You say it like these things happen in a vacuum.  Like it’s a test.  Check ‘a’ or ‘b.’  But it’s like… decisions you make in a dream, ya know?  I’ll tell you what, if it was me, and we had to run… I wouldn’t look back.  For what?  The dazzle?  This house?  This is Ed‘s house.  He grew up here.  His mom washing his undies, his father taking his paper to the commode.  You ask me how come I buy all these magazines?  I’m livin’ in a museum of the past.  Sheriff?  What about you?” — Peggy Blumquist

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