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Chivalrous Custodians

Netflix / Marvel superhero team-up drama The Defenders premieres Friday.

#TheDefenders season 2 has not been confirmed.

rottentomatoes: 76%

metacritic: 63

imdb: 8.9

***Spoilers Ahead***

Marvel Entertainment, ABC Studios, Netflix, The DefendersMarvel Entertainment, ABC Studios, Netflix, The DefendersMarvel Entertainment, ABC Studios, Netflix, The DefendersMatt Murdock, Daredevil, Marvel Entertainment, ABC Studios, Netflix, Charlie CoxMatt Murdock, Daredevil, Marvel Entertainment, ABC Studios, Netflix, Charlie Cox Matt Murdock, Daredevil, Marvel Entertainment, ABC Studios, Netflix, Charlie CoxMatt Murdock / Daredevil:

Columbia Law graduate summa cum laude and Hell’s Kitchen, New York defense attorney Matt Murdock is also a blind masked vigilante and son of pro boxer battlin’ Jack Murdock.

Jack Murdock, Marvel Entertainment, ABC Studios, Netflix, John Patrick Hayden

Matt Murdock, Daredevil, Marvel Entertainment, ABC Studios, Netflix, Charlie Cox“Dad.  No, no, no!  Just– Dad, what happened?  What happened?  Oh, dad!  Oh, it burns!  Dad!  Dad!  Dad!  Dad.  Dad.  Dad.  I can’t see.  I can’t see.  I can’t see!  I can’t see!  I can’t see!” — Matt Murdock

Quote1Bless me father, for I have sinned.  It’s been, uh… it’s been so long since my last confession.  My dad, he used to come to this church back when I was a kid.  He was a fighter.  Old school.  Boxer.  Lost more than he won.  Had 24-31 record before he, uh… but he could take a punch.  Jesus, he could take a punch.  Sorry, Father.  Yeah, guys he went up against used to say it was like hitting oak.  And nights when he was outmatched, my dad’s strategy was to let ’em hit him till they broke their hands.  He never got knocked out, my dad.  Knocked down, sure.  But he, uh, always got back up.  He was always on his feet when he lost.  Every now and then, though, uh… every now and then, he’d get hit and…something inside of him would snap.  My grandmother, she was the real Catholic.  Fear of God ran deep.  You’d have liked her.  She used to say, ‘Be careful of the Murdock boys  They got the devil in ’em.’  And you;d see it sometimes… in the ring.  His eyes would go dead, and he’d start walking forward real slow… hands at his sides, like he wasn’t afraid of anything.  And the other guy, he’d see that look, and he’d try to get away from him.  Nah.  My dad, he’d catch him and… trap him in the corner.  Let the devil out.  Yeah.  Now, I didn’t understand it, you know?  What he was feeling deep inside, I didn’t understand it.  Not back then.  I;m not seeking penance for what I’ve done, Father.  I’m asking forgiveness… for what I’m about to do.Quote2 — Matt Murdock

“Head towards 48th.  Stay in the lights.  Flag down the first officer you see.  Now!” — Matt Murdock

Quote1Yeah, yeah.  Hello.  What time is it?  Violent.  That’s a horrible thing to say, Foggy.  Ah, Foggy.  Uh, he can have the view.  Of course not.  Matt Murdock.  Well, it’s nice to know chivalry isn’t dead.  Susan, would you mind walking me around the space?  ‘The incident?’  Is that what we’re calling it now?  Shorter, too.  We’ll take it.  My partner and I are having some disagreements over the direction of Nelson and Murdock.  I believe were here to defend the innocent.  He tends to use fancy terminology.  At this point, I’d settle for just one.Quote2 — Matt Murdock

“We’re her lawyers.  Uncuff our client and give us the room, please.  Thank you, detective.  Miss Page, my name is Matt Murdock.  This is my associate, Foggy Nelson.  Do you mind if we sit down?  We understand you’re in some trouble.  We, uh, may be able to help.  Who appears to be the victim of a homicide, and currently, you’re the only suspect, Miss Page.  Our practice is relatively young, Miss Page, and we are aggressively pursuing new clientele.  You gotta stop giving Bess cigars.  What time is it?  About seven hours.  I was going from when we got our own desks.  If you were to hire us, then, yes, you would be our first client.  You don’t have any money and we don’t have any clients.  Maybe we can help each other.  Tell me, how did you know Mr. Fisher?  You asked him?  I believe you, Miss Page.” — Matt Murdock

Quote1We’re not taking a deal.  I don’t think she did it.  They don’t want this to go to trial, either.  Why hasn’t she been charged yet?  They’ve got the evidence.  You just laid it out yourself.  This is a good arrest, Foggy.  We should already be reading about it in the papers.  There’s something not right about this case.  I can feel it.  How would I even know if she’s a beautiful woman?  All right, I don’t disagree with anything you’re saying.  But I need you to back me, anyway.  Agreed.  We need to take another run at our client.  It doesn’t make any sense.  ADA had everything they needed.  Unless they had too much.  Maybe someone else was in her apartment last night.  Maybe they have evidence.  Only if she were charged.  She hangs herself in her cell, this all goes away.Quote2 — Matt Murdock

“I’m gonna make this easy, detectives.  Get the ADA in here to release Miss Page and we’ll recommend to our charming, media-friendly client that she not plaster the airwaves with how she was nearly killed in your custody.  Besides the fact that you were required to do so four hours ago… if you were gonna do it at all?  Yeah, we’d like to speak to Mr. Farnum about that, as well as what– get my client released.  Don’t make me ask again.” — Matt Murdock

Quote1We have tea now?  How are you holding up?  Which means it’s crucial you don’t speak to anyone other than the two of us about what happened.  Do you have somewhere you can stay tonight?  Miss Page, our immediate priority is to keep you safe.  And in order to do that, we’re gonna need to have a frank discussion.  Do you know who’s trying to kill you?  Do you know why they’re trying to kill you?  Yeah, the world watched half of New York get destroyed.  that’s a lot of sympathy.  I’m guessing it wasn’t the pension fund.  What did you do with the file?  So, how did Daniel Fisher figure into this?  We can protect ourselves, Miss Page.  She can stay with me.  Just for tonight, until we figure something out.  I’ll keep you safe, Karen.Quote2 — Matt Murdock

“I don’t have much in the way of food, but there’s a Thai place on the corner.  If we order now, it should get here by the time I make up the bedroom for you.  I never… uh, light switch is on the wall to your left.  So, uh, want some food?  Then don’t tell Foggy.  Let me grab something for you.  From what I understand about my living room, that might not be true.  Went up a year ago.  I’m told the co-op nearly rioted, some oversight from the developer’s agreement.  Upside is, nobody wanted it and I got a corner apartment at a hell of a discount.  I haven’t always been blind.  That or, ‘How do you comb your hair?’  Honestly, you just– you hope for the best.  You wanna sit?  Car accident.  When I was nine.  No.  I made it through.  I, um… yes, I remember.  You know, I’m supposed to say I don’t miss it.  That’s what they teach you in trauma recovery.  Define yourself by what you have, value the differences, make no apologies for what you lack.  And it’s all true, for the most part… but it doesn’t change the fact that I… I’d give anything to see the sky one more time.” — Matt Murdock

Quote1Do you mind if I ask you some questions now?  You just nodded, right?  Okay.  Here’s what I don’t understand.  I’m the man in charge of the pension funds and I find out one of my secretaries has discovered my illicit activity.  To make matters worse, she’s now telling people about said activity.  Which, obviously, I can’t have.  So I decide to take action.  But why don’t I kill you?  Yeah, the second time.  In the jail.  But the first time, they left you alive.  Why?  What were they trying to do?  Frame you?  Now, the second time, maybe that’s a change of plan.  Something doesn’t go their way, something sloppy at the crime scene.  Two lawyers show up out of the blue before their people can get to you.  So they figure, okay, maybe Karen hangs herself in her cell, and this thing gets swept under the rug.  But the first time… the first time, they’re not trying to kill you.  They’re trying to discredit you.  They’re trying to scare you.  And the only reason that they would do that… is if you have something they want.  So, I’ve been trying to think about what that could be… and the only thing I’ve come up with… …is the Union Allied pension file.  Did you keep the file, Karen?  Ah, well, it was just a thought.Quote2 — Matt Murdock

“I’m tired, dad.” — Matt Murdock

“I’ll get this into the right hands.  Then we tell everyone.” — Matt Murdock

“Hmm.  I thought I detected a whiff of virtue in there.  We’re just glad you’re okay.  Hmm.  Job’s easy when your client’s innocent.  All you did was tell the truth.  Is this place messy?  Yeah, you’re hired.” — Matt Murdock

Quote1You can leave the lights off.Quote2 — Matt Murdock

“No, no calls.  No.  They’ll kill everyone.  The men who did this.  They’ll kill everyone in the hospital to get to me.  I have to leave.” — Matt Murdock

Quote1Dad!  Gotta keep your gloves up.  Does it hurt?  You should of had him.  Price is a bum.  Even Price?  Sorry you lost, dad.  Gotta get in there.  You don’t want it to get infected.  Oh, yeah.  Really?  Oh!  Oh, it burns!  Don’t move.  Got it done first.  I’ll do it tomorrow.  Before school?  Okay.  Dad?  You gonna have enough this month for Mr. Morris?  You got all this for losing?  It ain’t how you hit the mat… it’s how you get up.  Can I take the bottle?Quote2 — Matt Murdock

“Where am I?  Who are you?  You’ve seen my face.  Great.  Yeah, it’s a work in progress.  Do I have to pick one?  The less you know about me, the better.  Probably.  Ah!  No.  No hospitals.  Are you a doctor?  Most people, they find a bleeding masked man in the garbage… they call the police.  Why are you helping me?  Ah.  You got a name at least?  Mike?  Thank you, Claire.  I can’t breathe– can’t… they kidnapped a boy.  The Russians.  They’ve been running a human trafficking ring out of Hell’s Kitchen.  Took over when the Italian’s folded up.  Two days ago, they pulled a kid out of the back of a van.  Beat his father while he watched.  I knew the kid would still be alive.  At least until they took him out of the city.  I tracked the Russians to a warehouse not far from here.  I thought I was being smart, how fast I found them.  Turns out, I wasn’t.  And I walked right into it.  Yeah, I’ve been making their lives… difficult lately.  There are other ways to see.  It’s one way of putting it.  Ow!  Yeah, well, you’re catching me on an off night.  No, he wasn’t there.  I barely made it out myself.  I was careless.  Stupid.  Someone’s coming.  There’s someone in the building, a man, going from door to door.  Shh.  He’s on the third floor already.  Smells like Prima cigarettes and discount cologne.  You’ll smell him soon enough,  He really likes that cologne.  You’re looking at me like I’m crazy, right?  There are something things I haven’t told you about me, Claire.  That part I got from my dad.” — Matt Murdock

Quote1I can’t see!  I can’t see.  Everything’s so loud.  Everything– I can’t see.  Dad, I can’t see!  I can’t–Quote2 — Matt Murdock

“How’d you do?  I’m working on it.  Each grid is six possible dots, so each letter is a combination of those dots.  You have to feel for what’s not there as much as what is.  Well, you know where a punch is going before it’s thrown sometimes, right?  I’m starting to.  Here.  Dot in the right corner, that’s a ‘c.’  Upper left, ‘a.’  ‘T’ is hard.  I get it confused with ‘q.’  Well, they say this is faster once you get the hang of it.  ‘W’ is really tricky.  Braille was created in French, and they don’t have ‘w.’  I already read Braille faster.” — Matt Murdock

Quote1This is all you got?  He’s at your neighbor’s door.  That’s what the knife’s for.  Okay.  There’s someone else one floor up watching us.  Oh, no.  He’s young.  He’s scared.  He’s seen my face, too?  Claire, go upstairs and get him.  We’re gonna need help carrying Detective Foster to the roof.  Less chance of someone in the building hearing him scream.Quote2 — Matt Murdock

“You find anything?  I’m not.  What exactly do you think that was?  Oh, yeah?  That simple?  He’s out.  He’s not.  The last part’s the Catholicism.  You don’t carry a masked man bleeding to death into your apartment on faith.  You knew which side you were on the moment you found me.  Why’d you help me, Claire?  I know you’re afraid.  You can’t give in to the fear.  If you do… men like this win.” — Matt Murdock

Quote1‘There is a price to be paid for division and isolation.  Democracy cannot flourish amid hate.  Justice cannot take root amid rage.  We must dissent from the indifference.  We must dissent from the apathy.  We must dissent from the fear.’  It’s Thurgood Marshall.  You know who Thurgood Marshall is.  How’s it look?  Can I?  Good thing about red… …they can’t tell how much you’re bleeding.  We’re Murdocks.  We get hit a lot.  But we get up.  Right, dad?  We always get up.Quote2 — Matt Murdock

“Here’s how this is gonna work.  I’m gonna ask you some questions.  You’re gonna answer them.  If you’re lying to me… trust that I will know… and I will be unhappy.  Where’s the boy?  This is what unhappy looks like.  Where’s the boy?  Why did you take him?  And after I was dead?  I know.  Who do you sell the children to?  Where’s the boy?  Where is it?  Hold still.  I might do some serious damage if you squirm.  How will I know when I find it?  You’re right… what you said before.  I kill you, somebody takes your place, but they’ll end up back here just like you, and sooner or later, one of you is gonna tell me what I need to know.  This is important.  Shh!  Listen, I need you to know why I’m hurting you.  It’s not just the boy.  I’m doing this ’cause I enjoy it.  Where is he?  Where is he?  It’s all right.  He landed in the dumpster you pulled me out of.  He’ll live.  You need to get your things and leave.  Don’t tell anyone where you’re going.  He wakes up, he’ll be back… and he won’t be alone next time.  This was just for effect, to scare him.  He knew you were lying when you answered your door.  Do you have somewhere you can go?  What’s the address?  I’m thinking if I make it through the night, I may need some help getting patched up.  Hey.  Thank you, Claire.” — Matt Murdock

“Get him, dad!  Get him!  Yes!  Yes!  Yeah, dad!  Yeah!  I think that’s my dad.  Dad?  Daddy!  Daddy!  Daddy!  Daddy!” — Matt Murdock

“Hi.  I know you’re scared.  But I’m here to help you.  Okay?  You don’t have to be scared anymore.  Let’s get you home to your dad.” — Matt Murdock

“That seem fair to you?  I have to get to work.  Some other time, maybe.  Take care of yourself, Father.” — Matt Murdock

Quote1Hi.  Yeah.  Yeah, I’m fine.  I just wasn’t paying attention last night.  It’s my fault.  I’m not getting a dog.  Someone’s at the door.  Uh… Karen?  Why are you approaching us?  Why not a larger firm, Mr., uh… it’s not what I was asking.  Oh.  So, why us?  Then forgive me for being blunt.  What is that line of work exactly?  Like Foggy said, we’re particular about our clientele.  You, uh, give us a minute, please?  How did you know about Miss Page’s situation?  She was never charged.  There was nothing in the papers.  Yeah, what harm would it do?  He didn’t even give us his name, Foggy.  Yeah, maybe you would if you couldn’t.  I’ll meet you there.Quote2 — Matt Murdock

“Sorry I’m late.  We’d be happy to represent you, Mr. Healey.  We’re taking the case.  Uh… why don’t we start from the beginning?  Tell me everything you know.  Would you like us to reiterate the terms of attorney client privilege, Mr. Healy?  Then you know anything you tell us stays in this room.  You must be a very important man.  Statement.  It’s not every day a global investment firm picks up the tab for a murder suspect.  I wonder if you could shed some light on the man that hired us to represent you.  Can’t or you won’t?  Just trying to build a solid defense, between Mr. Healy and the man that came to our offices might just help prove his innocence.  Mabe they’re old friends.  Maybe he’s a character witness.  Or maybe you were in his employment at the time of the incident.  You go bowling often, Mr. Healy?  And the deceased, he had no motive that you recall?  Are you at all afraid of what might happen if we lose this case, Mr. Healy?  Doing what? You’re the one that keeps saying we need real clients.  We agreed to represent him, Foggy.  We’re gonna try this case and let the jury take it from there.  Mr. Healy…  uh… I suggest we waive criminal procedure law 180.80, give the DA more time to explore a plea.  In the meantime, the best thing for you to do is to be forthcoming with us.  Together, we’ll confront the charges honestly, openly and within the moral confines of the law.  Does that sound good to you?  You’ll need to testify.  That simple?” — Matt Murdock

Quote1If we want to keep the lights on, we gotta take some cases for money.  You were right about that.  Sometimes we have to do things we aren’t proud of.  Yeah, I know.  I got carried away.  I’m sorry, Foggy.  So?  And what about Prohaszka’s men?  Since when do the victims of an assault not give a statement?  So, you open, I’ll sum up.  And we should cash that check, have Karen see what she can find out about Confederated Global.Quote2 — Matt Murdock

“Let’s pull section 35.15 of the Penal.  Then we’ll take our facts and fit them to the CJI and the statute.  Got the insights?  We need better everything.  It’s not about that, Foggy.  You find out anything on Confed Global?  There’s your money.  Oh, hey, no more long lunches until this is over, okay?” — Matt Murdock

Quote1Stay down.  I said stay down.  What do you have on her?  What’s on it?  You get rid of it.  It’s not a discussion.  Who do you work for?  I want a name.  You tell her to get excused from the jury.  Personal reasons, whatever it takes.  After that, she never sees you again.  Then you’d better leave my city… tonight.Quote2 — Matt Murdock

“Yes, your honor.  Thank you.  Sorry, your honor.  Ladies and gentlemen of the jury forgive me if I seem distracted.  I’ve been preoccupied of late, with, uh questions of morality… of right and wrong, good and evil.  Sometimes the delineation between the two is a sharp line.  Sometimes it’s a blur… and often it’s like pornography.  You just know when you see it.  A man is dead.  I don’t mean to make light of that but these these questions… these questions… are vital ones… because they tether us to each other… to humanity.  Not everyone feels this way.  Not everyone sees the sharp line, only the blur.  A man is dead.  Um… a man is dead.  And my client, John Healy… took his life.  This is not in dispute.  It is a matter of record… of fact… and facts have no moral judgment.  They merely state what is.  Not what we think if them, not what we feel. They just are. What was in my client’s head when he tool Mr. Prohaszka’s life, whether he is a good man or something else entirely, is irrelevant.  These questions of good and evil, as important as they are, have o place in a court of law.  Only the facts matter.  My client claims he acted in self-defense.  Mr. Prohaszka’s associates have refused to make a statement regarding the incident.  The only other witness, a frightened young woman, has stated that my client was pleasant and friendly, and that she only saw the struggle with Mr. Prohaszka after it had started.  Those are the facts.  Based on these… and these alone, the prosecution has failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that my client was not acting solely in self-defense.  And those, ladies and gentlemen of the jury… are the facts.  My client, based purely on the sanctity of the law which we’ve all sworn an oath to uphold… must be acquitted of these charges.  Now, beyond that, beyond these walls… he may well face a judgment of his own making.  But here… in this courtroom… the judgment of yours… and yours alone.” — Matt Murdock

Jessica Jones, Marvel Entertainment, ABC Studios, Netflix, Krysten RitterJessica Jones, Marvel Entertainment, ABC Studios, Netflix, Krysten RitterJessica Jones, Marvel Entertainment, ABC Studios, Netflix, Krysten Ritter Jessica Jones:

Jessica Jones is a private investigator based out of New York City, New York.

Jessica Jones, Marvel Entertainment, ABC Studios, Netflix, Krysten RitterQuote1New York may be the city that never sleeps, but it sure does sleep around.  Not that I’m complaining.  Cheaters are good for business.  A big part of the job is looking for the worst in people.  Turns out I excel in that.  Clients hire me to find dirt.  And I find it, which shouldn’t surprise them, but it does.  Knowing it’s real means they gotta make a decision.  One, do something about it.  Or two, keep denying it.  Tell me I’m getting off on ruining their already shitty lives.  Option two rarely pans out.  People do bad shit.  I just avoid getting involved with them in the first place.  That works for me.  Most of the time.Quote2 — Jessica Jones

“Calm down.  Shoot the messenger.  And then there’s the matter of your bill.” — Jessica Jones

Quote1Yep.  Yep.  Got anything for me?  Well– whoever he is, he’s not as good as me.  Wasn’t personal.  I just prefer freelance.  No ties.  Okay, is being drunk an excuse?  Effective.  You brought me eight jobs no one could deliver on.  You’re not protecting me.  You need my methods.  I’m not gonna beg you for a case.  I will ask you, though, very strongly.  And you’re repping who?  The poor, brain-damaged dancer.  And?  Phew.  I questioned my whole world view for a second there.Quote2 — Jessica Jones

“Hi.  I’m calling from Cal, Jamshahi’s office.  My name is Karen.  Karen Accord.  Yes, it is.  Yes!  Oh, my God, Magda!  Thank God.  You have to help me.  Jamshahi is screaming about some meeting he has with Mr. Spheeris, and I don’t know where or when.  No, it’s not a meeting, it’s… I don’t know, a lunch, a dinner?  I can’t read his handwriting.  Oh, no.  Now, here he’s coming.  That has to be it.  Where?  Thank you so much, I’ll call you back.  Shit!” — Jessica Jones

Quote1In my line of work, you gotta know when to walk away.  But some cases just won’t let you go.Quote2 — Jessica Jones

“Two minutes on a treadmill.  Twenty minutes on a quarter-pounder.  Ew!  Main Street.  Birch Street.  Higgins Drive.  Cobalt Lane.” — Jessica Jones

Quote1God damnit, Malcolm.  You scared the shit out of me.  This is my apartment.  I hadn’t noticed.  And yet you’re still here.  Now go the hell home.  Yeah.  My phone’s been acting up.  Yes, I’m a private investigator.  Come on in.  Wouldn’t be the first time.Quote2 — Jessica Jones

“Start at the beginning.  The police referred you to me?  Not at all.  Has Hope had an problems in the past?  I charge hourly, plus expenses.  Shlottmans.  Bob, general contractor.  Barbara, accountant.  Not wealthy, but legit.  Son, Owen.  Daughter, Hope.  Track, track, more track.  Jesus, more track.  Friend.” — Jessica Jones

Quote1It was open.  Stop shooting.   Riveting.  You’re pissed at her.  Seriously, lose the camera, Coppola.  Look at that, I found a cut.  Mercy killing.  Where’s Hope’s stuff?  There’s a guy?  She didn’t mention him to her parents.  This guy have a name?  A job?  You turn that thing on, I’ll pull your underwear through your eye.Quote2 — Jessica Jones

“Excuse me.  I said excuse me.  Do you know the way to the Chrysler building?  You know, you’ll spend less settling this lawsuit than you did on those hair plugs.  It’s people like you that give people you a bad name.  Take the damn summons, Spheeris.  Do I look like I’m hiding?  No.  You want to know why?  Because no one wants to know.  They want to feel safe.  They’d rather call you crazy than admit that I can lift this car, or that I can melt your insides with my laser eyes… which won’t leave a trace.  Mr. Gregory Spheeris, you’ve been served.  ‘Laser eyes.’  Moron.” — Jessica Jones

Quote1Birch Street.  Higgins Drive.  Cobalt Lane.  You work this late so you can return calls without actually reaching people.  So cut a check.  Pathetic.  Yep, with my laser eyes.  And he believed that bullshit.  I could have said my hands were blenders.  Clearly, there’s no IQ test for owning a strip club.  Look, if you’re gonna call me volatile or whatever else, I’m really not in the mood.  Was that a compliment.Quote2 — Jessica Jones

“This whiskey’s not good enough to put in a glass.  I buy in bulk.  No, it’s not.  Why?  Still ladies’ night?  Make it a double.  I don’t get asked on a lot of second dates.  How long you been doing this?  You from around here?  You got family here?  Friends?  They’re all hard.  I did that.  I’m working the new work.  I’m still waiting on answers.  I’m just trying to make a living.  You know, booze costs money.  Usually.  It’s the only thing I’m good at.  A natural.” — Jessica Jones

Quote1Well, I can tell by the residue on this bar that four years ago, a man named Horace had buffalo wings.  I stand in dark alleys and wait to take pictures of people boning.  Force of habit.  I don’t flirt.  But you do.  Not for sport.  It’s got purpose.  Like getting customers to drink more.  Tip more.  All right.  A drunk spills on your shirt, pukes on your shoe, and you roll with it.  But break or scratch something?  He’s toast.  I’ve never seen a dive bar this clean.  Because you care about it.  More than anything.  Maybe anyone.  There’s history here.  Memories.  Something personal, but private.  So no photos or memorabilia.  But you also like women.  Temporarily, at least.  And they like you.  Again, I don’t flirt.  I just say what I want.Quote2 — Jessica Jones

“It’s okay.  It’s okay, I won’t break.  Here.  Sorry.” — Jessica Jones

Quote1Assholes!  Alias Investigations.  Yeah.  Yes.  Hi, I was just… no, it was just a long night researching your case.  Um, Hope made some recent charges on her credit card.  So she didn’t mention wanting to buy anything special?  Nothing unusual.Quote2 — Jessica Jones

“Hope’s going over board to make her boyfriend happy.  She’s either an idiot in love, or she’s being conned.  Which amount to pretty much the same thing.” — Jessica Jones

Quote1No way.  Didn’t this used to be Il Rosso?  Have you seen this girl?  I’m a private investigator.  Any more?  So she was here.  Was she alone?  Just tell me what happened.  No, that’s not possible.  Amatriciana.  Birch Street, Higgins Drive… shit.Quote2 — Jessica Jones

“Who gave you my name?  Which police officer told you about me?  Did you get the cops name who referred me?  You said someone at the station… what did he say?  Pack.  Go home.  Get the hell out of here.  Don’t let anyone near you, just go!” — Jessica Jones

Quote1I need one coach ticket on the next flight to Hong Kong.  I’ll take it.  Okay, it’s a Mastercard.  The number is 5-2-7-4-9-3-3-4-0-6-8– that’s Hope Shlottman, two T’s.  Shit!  Okay.  Can you just hold the ticket for me?  Okay.  I need to get paid for the Spheeris job now.  Okay, then I need a loan.  I don’t have any goddamn friends.Quote2 — Jessica Jones

“I need money.  Thanks, Malcolm.  You keep it.  I figured.” — Jessica Jones

Quote1I wasn’t sure you’d answer.  It’s important.  It’s for a case.  You’ve been keeping tabs on me?  I need money.  It’s important.  I needed breathing room.  This was a bad idea.  He’s back.  It’s not my goddamn PTSD.  That quack that had me reciting street names from back home?  Two hundred bucks for ‘Birch Street, Cobalt Lane, Bullshit Drive.’  Jesus Christ, Trish!  He’s back.  He sent clients to me, this couple from Omaha.  He took their daughter.  A gifted athlete, maybe.  Next best thing?  I dont know.  But remember I told you he had that one month anniversary night?  And now one month from the day he took Hope, he’s doing… the lingerie, the gift, the restaurant.  They can’t help, Trish.  You know what he can do.  You know what he made me do.  Yeah, I sure as hell am.  If he gets a hold of me again… Trish… what would you have me do?  What exactly should I do?  We?  He’s coming for me, not you.  You don’t.  Tried and failed.  That’s what started this.  I was never the hero that you wanted me to be.Quote2 — Jessica Jones

“I need to make a stop uptown.  59th and Fifth.  Is he here?  Is Kilgrave here?  How long?  When did he leave?  We have to get you out of here.  Let’s go.  Get dressed.  Mr. Shlottman, I found Hope.  You have to get her as far away as you can.  Check out of your hotel, and go directly to my office.  Just do it!  We’ll meet you there.  Come on, let’s go!  He told you not to move.  Okay.  Come on.  Let’s go.  Come on.  Hope!  Come on, come on.  Come on.  I don’t want to hurt you.  Yes, you can.  Come on!  His control, whatever it is, it wears off.  But it takes time and distance, so we’re both getting out of here.  What street did you live on as a kid?  What was the name?  Picture the sign.  And the next block over?  Listen to me.  None of it is your fault.  I know.  Okay?  I know.  I want you to say it.  ‘None of it is my fault.’  Say it back to me.  Good.  That was good.  She’ll be okay.  You just have to keep her away from the man who took her.  He… escaped.  And right now your only concern is putting Hope in a car and driving west and don’t stop until you hit Omaha.  It’s fine.  Go!  I’m right behind you.  No!” — Jessica Jones

Quote1Knowing it’s real means you gotta make a decision.  One, keep denying it.  Or two… do something about it.  My clients expect discretion.  This is bad for business.Quote2 — Jessica Jones

“I’m not sure what else I can tell you.  I work odd hours.  I’m used to it.  Wouldn’t you be?  Hard to forget.  Referral.  Followed the clues.  Credit card statements.  Couple of interviews.  Is that a question?  Pennsylvania.  Great antiques.  The older the better.  If I did, I would have stopped her.  Clearly she wasn’t, given the bullets in her parents.  Walmart?  Maybe some asshole gave it to her.  You went into my office without a search warrant.  The door isn’t related to the Shlottman case and neither are these pictures.  I want them back.  I’m licensed.  My paperwork is up to date.  The only thing that you can charge me with is trying to make a goddamn living in this city.  So unless you have something else?  I didn’t think so.” — Jessica Jones

Quote1Shit.  I told them that you had nothing to do with that girl.  Just let me explain.  I’m a private investigator.  I was hired.  By a man who suspected his wife was cheating on him with you.  Gina.  I know that she takes her ring of before she comes to see you.  You can look up the marriage certificate online.  I shouldn’t have done that.  Both.  I just–Quote2 — Jessica Jones

“It’s better, being alone.  It’s safer… with Kilgrave out there.  He cheated death.  How?  Start at the beginning.  Hope… you were the last one to see Kilgrave alive.  Did he tell you anything?  Where’s he been?  Why he’s back?  Was there anything about the way he looked?  Where he took you?  Was anyone else there?  God damn it.  Why?  It’s not your fault.  So he’s mad.  He wants to make me suffer.  How?  How did he suffer?  From the accident?  Is he injured?  Hope, I need to know so I can get him.  Stop it.  Stop it!  Calm down.  Hope.  I won’t let him, okay?  I won’t let him.  Probably.  But I’m the only one that know knows you’re innocent.” — Jessica Jones

Quote1She wasn’t in control.  She was abducted.  Hope Shlottman is not responsible.  Brainswashed, mind-controlled, whatever you can sell.  How about the truth?  Take Hope’s case.  There’s precedent?  Massages make me tense.  I can prove that Kilgrave exists.  God damn it!  This is not a joke.  I’m resourceful.  But if I can convince you, will you represent her?  I’ll owe you a favor.  If you do this, I’ll owe you a favor.Quote2 — Jessica Jones

“My phone’s dead.  Something came up.  Don’t… have feelings, okay?  No, no way.  Okay.  Dissatisfied customer.  You think it’s a dump.  I know your voice.  It’s not an insult.  It’s the cash I owe you.  That accident didn’t kill him, but he took a hit.  I find his weakness, I find him.  I don’t know.  I find him, I prove that girl’s innocent, he goes away.  I’ll die before I let that happen.  You think I’ll be safe there?  I’m not safe anywhere.  Every corner I turn, I don’t know what’s on the other side.  I don’t know who’s on the other side.  It could be the cabbie who’s gonna drive me into the East River, okay?  It could be the FedEx woman.  It could be a talk show host who was my best friend.  I’m life-threatening, Trish.  Steer clear of me.  Please.  I can’t risk you.  The door.  Alias Investigations.  I had made it special.” — Jessica Jones

Carl Lucas, Luke Cage, Marvel Entertainment, ABC Studios, Netflix, Mike ColterCarl Lucas, Luke Cage, Marvel Entertainment, ABC Studios, Netflix, Mike ColterCarl Lucas / Luke Cage:

Luke Cage is an indestructible bar owner based out of Harlem, New York.

Carl Lucas, Luke Cage, Marvel Entertainment, ABC Studios, Netflix, Mike Colter“You could drink that out of a glass.  Yeah?  I’ve got better stuff in there.  I’ve seen you around here, but you never come inside.  It’s ladies night.  New promotion I’m running.  It is now.  You’r e  local, you’re hot, drinking alone.  Tends to attract customers.  But hey, don’t do me any favors.” — Luke Cage

Quote1Be good, Roy.  Last call.  Lot of booze for such a small woman.  A while.  I got regulars.  Hard day at the office?  Pops always said, if you don’t feel good going to work, you should find new work.  Yeah?  What kind of business you in?  Right.  You only ask questions.  Ladies first.  You’re a P.I.?  There’s a better ways to hustle than digging in people’s business.  How good?  Yeah?  So what have you detected?  His name was Melvin.  Except you been watching me like a hawk since you walked in.  Or it’s your way of flirting.  So what else ya got, Sherlock?  See, now that sounded like flirting to me.  And what do you want?Quote2 — Luke Cage

“My bad, my bad.  Yeah, you will.” — Luke Cage

Quote1We’re not open.  I don’t need police up in my shit.  That’s the answer to a different question.  By who?  I don’t mess with married women.  I don’t do drama.  You don’t know shit.  So that night you came to my place, that was all just part of this job?  Because it’s messed up, or because you got caught?  Get out of here… and stay the hell away from me.  I’m serious.  Go.Quote2 — Luke Cage

“All out.  I don’t play with liars.  You could put your wedding ring back on.  I stay away from complications.  I really– I don’t wanna hear it.  He cared enough to hire a private investigator.  Jessica Jones.  She’s good.  I’ve seen the pictures,  Go home and ask him.  Door’s right there.” — Luke Cage

Danny Rand, Iron Fist, Marvel Entertainment, ABC Studios, Netflix, Finn Jones Danny Rand, Iron Fist, Marvel Entertainment, ABC Studios, Netflix, Finn JonesDanny Rand, Iron Fist, Marvel Entertainment, ABC Studios, Netflix, Finn JonesDanny Rand / Iron Fist:

Manhattan, New York

“That’s my building.  Hi.  I’m, uh… guessing June doesn’t work here anymore? Doesn’t matter.  Uh, I’m here to see Harold Meachum.  I’m Danny Rand.  The son of Wendell Rand.  I’ve, uh, been away a long time.  Yeah.  Okay.  I used to ride my skateboard around in here.  Oh, thanks.  Whoa.  This is new.  Danny Rand.  Oh, wait.  Uh, I… I’m Danny Rand.   Come, on guys.  Just call Harold.  I just want to talk to Harold.  Come on.  Who are you?  Where’s Harold?  Ward?  Joy?  It’s Danny.  Danny Rand.  The elevator.  I, uh… I came to see your father.  No, this is definitely the right place.  Wait, no.  It’s me.  Look, I know it sounds crazy, but let me just talk to your dad, okay?  Then I can leave you guys alone.  What?  I… I didn’t know.  When?  I’m sorry to hear that.  All our parents are gone now.  What?  No, no, no.  I guess I need to talk to you, then.  Look, uh, i’s me.  Seriously.  Why don’t we just wall walk over to the Stage Deli?  We can have a cup of tea.  We can talk about this.  It… it doesn’t matter where we go, okay?  I just want to talk.  I know this is strange, but– Ward… you need to calm down.  Ward, you need to back off.  Look, I don’t want to leave.  I’m sorry.  I… I didn’t mean to… look.  It doesn’t have to be like this, okay?  I’m not dangerous.  Look, Ward, don’t do this.  You’re gonna feel real stupid once all this is cleared up.  Come on!” — Danny Rand

“I’m okay.  I’m okay.  Yeah I… I’m good.  You know, you… you remind me of Billy.  He was, uh… he was head of security when I left.  Yeah.  I guess he retired.” — Danny Rand

“It’s all right.  I, uh… I don’t really spook.  Danny. Uh, I’ve, uh… been away a while.  Yeah.  Kinda.  Nice.  Yeah?  Look up Danny Rand.  Yeah.  Look up Harold Meachum.  Thanks.  Yeah.  Sort of.  Okay.  Oh, nothing,  It’s just, uh… I’m guessing people think we’re pretty much alike.  Yeah.  Exactly.” — Danny Rand

“Hey, Joy!  Joy, hey.  Hey, hey, hey.  Hey.  I’ve been waiting to talk to you… it realyl is me.   Oh, hey, come on.  I promise, I’m not gonna hurt you.  Joy, hey– Joy, come on.  Hey, look, it’s… we used to be friends.  It’s me.  Daniel Thomas Rand.  Born April 1st, right here in Manhattan.  We were on the same soccer team.  The Bombers.  I played the goalie.  You… you’re living in my house.  Yeah.  Yeah, it seems that way.  Your dog’s pretty scary.” — Danny Rand

“Thanks, but I, uh… I wasn’t asking for money.  Wow.  Is this you?  Cool.  I;m Danny.  Colleen Wing.  Oh, uh, I’m sorry.  Um… I was just wondering if… maybe I could get a job with you.  No, wait.  I meant–” — Danny Rand

“I just wanted to talk.  I didn’t know any other way to get to you.  Sorry.  I, uh… haven’t driven since my dad put me on his lap and let me drive around our place in the Hamptons.  Ward, I just need to talk.  Put the gun away.  Look, I just want to talk, okay?  I’ve been met with nothing but anger and hostility since I’ve been home.  And honestly… it’s kind of aggravating.  So I’m going to ask you one last time.  Please… put the gun away.  How does it feel?  Huh?  Not so good.  Bang!  Who said anything about money?  I want answers.  I want to know what happened.  To me, to my parents… to the company that has my name on it!  Yeah.  Okay.  I’m listening.  Keep going.  Oh, come on.  I know you know more.  Yes, I am.  I have no living relatives.  I… I was ten when we crashed.  I never had fingerprints taken.  Oh, man.  you know what?  You were a dick as a kid, and you’re still a dick now.  No.  You used to lock me in the freezer at the Rand cafeteria.  At one of the company picnics… you put a dead frog in my sandwich.  You would kick me in the balls every chance you had.  This sound familiar?  Yes, it is.  You wanna know what it’s like?  Hmm?  It feels like this… when you’re a ten-year-old boy and you watch your mother die… and you know you and your father are next, it feels like this!  Yeah!  Yeah, maybe.  I’m… I’m sorry.  I… I… I didn’t mean to… oh… I know.” — Danny Rand

“Thanks.  Where all what went wrong?  Yeah.  You’re lucky, then.  Buddha said, ‘Your purpose in life is to find your purpose.’  Yeah.  To protect K’un-Lun from all oppression.  Honor the sacrifice of Shou-Lao the Undying.  All right, man.  Thanks for the food.” — Danny Rand

“What can $2 get me?  Hmm.  I never had coffee before.  Oh.  I’m, uh… I’m okay.  I, uh… I want to challenge your master.  It’s protocol.  I visit your dojo, I need to challenge your master.  Oh.  Okay, um… do you, uh… do you teach kung fu lessons?  You should.  You’d probably get more students.  I could teach a couple classes.  I mean, that’s what I was asking when I was talking about work.  I’d be cheap.  No hassle at all.  K’un-Lun.  You, uh, can’t really get there from here.  Well, if you– this is just a practice sword.  It doesn’t have an edge.  I already do.  Ask Master Lei Kung the Thunderer.  I apologize for any inconvenience.  Thanks.” — Danny Rand

“You’re the security guard from Rand.  Why are you… who sent you?  Who sent you?” — Danny Rand

“Hey.  Al, are you awake?  ‘As long as the cycle of existence lasts, may your happiness never decline.  May you attain the constant joy of the bodhisattvas.'” — Danny Rand

“This was always my second home.  I knew all the ins and out.  Your brother tried to have me killed last night.  Can we finally talk?  I’m not gonna hurt you.  Your security guy came after me.  With two other guys.  With guns.  Mmm.  Very sure.  Yeah.  This time.  Either way, it… doesn’t make a difference.  Meaning?  ‘If you wish to see the truth… then hold no opinions.’  It’s a Zen saying.  Yeah.  Please.  It’s… it’s all kind of crazy.  I don’t even know where to start.  We were in our jet.  Flying over the Himalayas.  Then… things started to… to go bad.  We were, uh… we were flying too low.  And the… the plane… it started to come apart and, uh… and, um… and, um… and then, uh… you…  what?  Why would you…” — Danny Rand

“Where am I?  What?  I shouldn’t be here.  Can you loosen these straps?  I’m not dangerous.  I need to get out of here.  No.” — Danny Rand

“I was meditating.  Hmm?  I was trying to focus my chi so I could get myself out of here.  It didn’t.  It’s the drugs.  You need to let me out of here.  Can… can you at least unstrap me?  Yeah.  Danny Rand.  I am that rich kid who died in a plane crash.  Okay, obviously I… I didn’t die.  We… we crashed.  And then… I woke up.  I was in this huge snowdrift.  I was hurt.  It was snowing.  I was cold.  But I could see pieces of the plane scattered over the mountainside.  I… I had to go and check.  I found the cockpit first.  Both pilots were dead.  Then I found the main fuselage. My dad was inside.  Yeah.  No.  I don’t know.  I didn’t want to leave my dad.  But I was so cold.  I was thirsty, hungry.  I… I had to try.  To survive.  I stepped out, but the… the snow was so deep, the wind, I… I kept on falling, and… suddenly I looked up, and… there were these two men standing above me.  Chodak and Tashi.  Monks.  Order of the Crane Mother.  They were warrior monks.  Who’s that?  I… I’ve never seen that before.” — Danny Rand

“What’s he doing here?  You gonna try and stab me?  I’ll be out in 72 hours.  I need to get out of here.  For… for what?  That’s just stupid.  Remind me what’s wrong with this one again.  He started it!  Why?  It’s nothing.  It’s just… you’re the first person to call me Danny in here.  I need to get out of this place.  No.  Is there a phone I can use?” — Danny Rand

“Hey… it’s Danny.  Danny.  You, uh, you met me at the park.  Uh…  I looked you up at your dojo.  I’m at the Birch Psychiatric Hospital.  Uh, I need your help.  You’re the only person I know in New York who doesn’t want to kill me or put me in a mental hospital.  No, listen.  I’m not crazy, okay?  They drugged me.  They… they… they brought me here against my will.  You saw me being attacked the other night.  You know there’s something going on. You’ll have to ask the Meachums, okay?  Yeah.  Yeah, they do.  No, Colleen… you are the only person who can help me.  No, please…” — Danny Rand

“Drugs make me feel like I’m under water.  I lied…about the passport.  I bought the passport in Morocco.  It’s stolen.  I know it’s a federal crime, but… it’s the only way I could get back into the States.  I’m not John Anderson.  I’m Danny Rand.” — Danny Rand

“Right after we shot this, we all went to the circus in Madison Square Garden.  I didn’t want to do the commercial.  It’s how dad talked me into it.  The circus.  Yeah.  The acrobats were amazing.  And I sat next to my mom.  Joy was on the other side.  We had popcorn.  I am Danny Rand.  I don’t care what you think!” — Danny Rand

“Harold?  Um… ‘Danny boy.’  Right?  I thought you were dead.  I didn’t die.  Yeah.  How did you know?  K’un-Lun.  It’s one of the Seven Capital Cities of Heaven.  I probably never should have left.  At least I understood my place there.  I was a warrior.  Only in the middle of a fight did I fully come alive.  The harder someone hit me, the… the more everything came into focus.  I became one in a long line… of Immortal Iron Fists.  Living Weapon.  The sworn enemy of the Hand.  The sworn enemy of the Hand.  It is my duty to destroy the Hand.  I am the only one who can do it.  Please…  Harold, you have to get me out of here.” — Danny Rand

“What is it?  Is it Joy?  No.  They have me on all kinds of drugs.  To keep me safe.  Didn’t expect to see you.  You figure out a way to get me out of here?  Because the family thinks I’m a threat to them.  I’m guessing because I’m Danny Rand and I probably own more than half the company.  Yeah.  It is simple.  They got plenty of money.  You gonna sign the papers?  To them?  Very dangerous.  No, of course not.  You must know that.  Otherwise, why would you come here to see me?  Every word I have ever told you is the truth.  Okay.  I understand.  Uh, just one last favor. Deliver these to Joy Meachum.” — Danny Rand

“My 72 hours are almost up.  Time to let me go.  Um… down the hall to our library.  I was homeschooled.  My, uh… my mom taught me.  There was, uh, Mrs. Valdez for art.  Mrs. Krol for music.  Mr. Miller, PE.  How does what make sense?  I’ve… I’ve been away.  Yeah.  In… in K’un-Lun.  It exists in another dimension.  Yeah.  It only appears on this earthly plane every 15 years… give or take, depending on the celestial tilt.  Yeah.  If I can focus my chi, then I can summon the Iron Fist.  The Iron Fist is… it’s me.  Can I go now?  I’m… I’m both.  I, uh– I… I… I don’t think I understand.  Wait, no.  No, you need to let me out of here.  I’m telling the truth.  I have the power of the Iron Fist.  If I can summon my chi, I can… I can focus my energy into my hand, creating a powerful weapon.  I am the Iron Fist.  I can’t.  Not… not until you take me off these drugs.” — Danny Rand

“Where am I going?” — Danny Rand

“I’m sorry, they, uh… they broke the lock.  Listen, I’m gonna make this up you, I promise.  I haven’t broken any laws.  There won’t be any more trouble.” — Danny Rand

“Very clear.  I’m worried for your safety.  Are you sure?  Because the fat one who smelled like toe fungus landed a blow.  Still… he never should have gotten that close.  You see, the tiger form uses internal force, and not external strength.  So it’s not necessary to use charging momentum.  You’re working too hard.  Too much external force.  It’s internal force you want to master.  Leopardr Punch.  But again, all this power derives from the harnessing of inner force.  Your chi can be focused and brought into the fight to overcome any obstacle.” — Danny Rand

Marvel, Netflix, The Defenders

Marvel Entertainment, ABC Studios, Netflix, The Defenders

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