Atlanta, FX Networks, 20th Century FOX TV, MGMT Entertainment

Stationery Gentleman

Atlanta, FX Networks, 20th Century FOX TV, MGMT Entertainment

FX Networks‘ original comedy Atlanta bagged six Primetime Emmy nominations this year.

#Atlanta season 2 will premiere in 2018.

rottentomatoes: 97%

metacritic: 90

IMDb: 8.6

emmys: 2 wins

golden globes: 2 wins

Atlanta, FX Networks, 20th Century FOX TV, MGMT Entertainment

Atlanta, FX Networks, 20th Century FOX TV, MGMT Entertainment

Atlanta, FX Networks, 20th Century FOX TV, MGMT Entertainment

Alfred Miles a.k.a. Paper Boi, Atlanta, FX Networks, 20th Century FOX TV, MGMT Entertainment, Bryan Tyree HenryAlfred Miles a.k.a. Paper Boi, Atlanta, FX Networks, 20th Century FOX TV, MGMT Entertainment, Bryan Tyree HenryAlfred Miles a.k.a. Paper Boi, Atlanta, FX Networks, 20th Century FOX TV, MGMT Entertainment, Bryan Tyree HenryAlfred Miles a.k.a. Paper Boi, Atlanta, FX Networks, 20th Century FOX TV, MGMT Entertainment, Bryan Tyree HenryAlfred Miles

Alfred Miles a.k.a. Paper Boi gets involved in an altercation with an assailant outside a liquor store in Atlanta, Georgia and is taken into custody briefly for disorderly conduct.  This incident ends up on the local news and allows him to gain traction and kickstart his career in the recording industry.

Alfred Miles a.k.a. Paper Boi, Atlanta, FX Networks, 20th Century FOX TV, MGMT Entertainment, Bryan Tyree Henry


1 nomination: 2018

Quote1What the– we ain’t even– hey, man!  Hey, man, I’m gonna need some cash for this mirror, man.  Hey, hello?  Hello?  Man, I know you hear me talking to you, man, I’m speaking English.  No, no, no, no no.  I think I’m being more than fair, calmly asking for compensation.  So let’s go, bro.  Bitch, will you please shut the hell up?  I’ll talk to whoever however I want, if you got a problem with it, we can settle it, but my car was not involved, man.  Yo, worry about this mirror, man.  You know it.  Man, you know what it is, I explained in the hood, nigga.  Why we even talking, man?  Why– shit, what’s going on?  What’s good?  Nigga, what are you doing?Quote2 — Alfred Miles

“Drinking.  That’s Darius.  You want in on Paper Boy.  Please, man.  People ain’t just nice, Earn.  When was the last time you were nice to a girl you weren’t trying to smash?  You talking about your daughter, man, that’s gross.  Manage?  You know where the word ‘manage’ come from?  Probably, but I’m gonna say no for the purpose of my argument.  ‘Manage’ come from the word ‘man,’ and, uh, that ain’t really your lane.  Yeah, man, I need Malcolm.  You too Martin.  You know what they did to him?  They killed him.    Fair point, let me rephrase what I’m trying to say.  Oh, damn, man, we late.” — Alfred Miles

Quote1Since when?  Hey, you want to manage a rapper, but you can’t do business hot?  How’s Princeton, by the way?  Still on that year off?  Three years is a long year off.  I think I know what happened.  Man, I’m fine with talking– you should be, ain’t you homeless?  Don’t be racist, man.  That make you schizophrenic, that don’t make you homeless.  Rappers need managers.  I’m just trying to get paid right quick.  I sell sex, man.  Hey, track 28.  Oh!  Come on.  See, the concept is a massage– yeah, mine are really good.  Well, toy not my manager, Earn.  Oh, boy, you think you slick.  You coming in here, acting like you saving me, when really, I’m saving you again.  Man, nigga, I ain’t seen or heard from you since my mom’s funeral.  And the first thing I hear out your mouth is ‘let’s get rich.’  Walk, man.Quote2 — Alfred Miles

“What’s up, uncle Riley?  Man, you know.  Hey.  Hey, auntie.  Oh, hey, Lottie.  Hey, bring Lottie over here, let me say hey to my cousin.  Contact high– that’s that new leather you smelling.  You smelling it wrong.  Say what?  You got a weird wife, you know that, huh?  Not right now?  That basically means no, man.  Look, I got a question.  So Earn want to manage me.  And I don’t trust him, no offense.  That’s what’s messed up.  I don’t really think I know Earn anymore.  Like, what happened at Princeton?  I never asked.  No.  Earn is good at keeping his mouth shut.” — Alfred Miles

Quote1Hey.  Hey, man, you hear that?  Hey, turn it up, man.  Turn it up.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  ‘Paper boy,’ boy!  Hey, man, look, you should come down here.  We need to talk right quick.  No, nigga, like I would with a calm yo ass down!Quote2 — Alfred Miles

“You want some dots?  Hey.  Later, Dave.  Hey.  Hey!  Hey, girl.  This is me on the radio.  Well, same to you, stank-ass broad.  Whatever.  Kind of hate this song.  What the f– really, man?  Hey, man!  Hey!  See, these niggas in the streets, man, they– hey, man!  Hey!  Hey.  Hey, man, I’m gonna need some cash for this mirror, man.  Hello?  Hello?” — Alfred Miles

Quote1Like, he gon’ keep talking to me the whole ride too, man.  He was like, ‘so, uh, how you doing back there?’  I was like, ‘Well, I’m going to jail, nigga, not great.’  ‘Well you know you need to own up to what you did.’  Like, what did I do, man?  There was no victim, nigga.  Get the fuck out my face.  Word?  Man, you see?  You see how they do?  Yeah.  Should’ve ditched that weed, though.  Well, it’s not as good as not getting arrested for weed, huh?  Look… that’s Gina Simms, man.  That’s Gina Simms from that T-Pain video.  Oh, shorty is bad.  Damn.  Wonder what she’s doing here now.  No, no, no, no, no.  That is definitely her, man.  I know that ass anywhere.  You know what I mean?  Gina!  You see?  See, I told you.  I do not know what you’re talking about.  And now is definitely not the time.  All right, man, stay up.Quote2 — Alfred Miles

“So what?  I’m free to go?  Well, hold up, what about my cousin?  Earnest Marks?  Well, what’s the charge?  I hate this place.  Oh, man!  Yo, what’s up, man?  What it do?  Damn.  Wait, for real?  Man, that’s what’s up.  I need some food.  I ain’t eat in there.  Man, not in the system yet.  She said I can’t bail him out ’cause– Paper Boi, man.  Yeah.  I fucking hate this place, man.  I guess rent money too.  I guess… yeah, so, um… I guess I’ll see you later.” — Alfred Miles

Quote1They’re taking a minute, man.  Mm, man, I don’t like people watching me eat, man.  Make me feel like I’m in a zoo.  Plus, we can’t smoke weed in here, so… hey, man.  Last night was crazy, right?  Shit happened so fast.  I really should be high for this.  Thank you, man.  Mmm.  Hmm?  Thanks, man. Oh, snap.  Lemon pepper wet?  Cool. Cool, cool, cool.  Cool, yeah, man.  Cool.  Boom!  Yeah, man.  Yeah.Quote2 — Alfred Miles

“Uh, let me get a… four pack of them Swishers and put the rest on pump five.  I don’t need a bag.  Yo, I’m gonna go get me a Cow Tale.  Cool.  Nah, man, I don’t know, man.  I’m not feeling it.  I don’t feel like being around people today.  I just… getting this weird, like, energy today.  Yeah, maybe.” — Alfred Miles

Quote1 ♪ Paper Boi.  Paper Boi, Paper Boi  ♪ All about that paper boy ♪ Hey. Well–no, I’m from around the way, so… look, I ain’t mean to get in your business.  Hey, guys.  Oh, all right.  Okay, oh– it’s a family portrait, okay.  Um… oh, okay.Quote2 — Alfred Miles

“I just went out for a second.  I did get this girl’s number, though.  Yeah.  Yeah.” — Alfred Miles

Quote1You only get paid a commission, though, right?  You might as well sell drugs.  I sell drugs.  It’s lucrative.  Mm-hmm.  Sell it till you get rich.  How else you pay for studio time, clothes, videos, and weed without a lame-ass job?  We’ll be careful out there, man.  Highway.  Got to see the Mexicans.  Every day.  Noted.Quote2 — Alfred Miles

“‘Cause I have to.  I scare people at ATMs, boy.  So I have to rap.  I mean, that’s what rap is– making the best out of a bad situation, brother.” — Alfred Miles

Earnest Marks, Atlanta, FX Networks, 20th Century FOX TV, MGMT Entertainment, Donald GloverEarnest Marks, Atlanta, FX Networks, 20th Century FOX TV, MGMT Entertainment, Donald GloverEarnest Marks

Princeton University dropout Earnest Marks manages his cousin Paper Boi after helping him resolve some legal issues.

Earnest Marks, Atlanta, FX Networks, 20th Century FOX TV, MGMT Entertainment, Donald GloverOUTSTANDING DIRECTING FOR A COMEDY SERIES

1 win: 2017

1 nomination: 2018


1 win: 2017

1 nomination: 2018


2 nominations: 2017, 2018


2 nominations: 2017, 2018


1 win: 2017

Quote1Hey, Alfred!  Alfred!  Hey, hey, hey!  All right, cool.  Let’s just keep it cool, okay, guys?  No, don’t do that to us.  Well, you trying to get in the club before 10:45, which means you trying to get in before 11:00, which means you also broke.  Nobody’s stunting on anybody here.  No it is not!  Stop it.  Nigga, what are you doing?  Wait.Quote2 — Earnest Marks

“I had a weird dream.  I was swimming in this pool, but it was like the ocean and I was swimming with the seaweed, but it wasn’t seaweed, it was, like, hands.  And I was swimming with this girl.  And she was saying if the hands grab you, they pull you down and drown you, so swim above them.  I know.  I think it’s about society, ’cause, like– I don’t know.  She was fat.  And not interesting.  You jealous?  I never said we were making out.  Yeah.  Yeah, we were.” — Earnest Marks

Quote1No, you don’t know me.  What?  Oh, I love it.  What is that?  Curry?  Like a very deep curry?  Ooh, I like that.  I love that.  I don’t care.  ‘Cause you always say that, and I’m always, like, ‘of course.’  I love you.Quote2 — Earnest Marks

“Uh-oh.  She’s awake.  She’s gonna kill us all with her cuteness.  Hey, there.  Of course I did.  I did not.  I promise she won’t be at my parents’ house.  I’ll pick her up after work.  I’ll get it to you tonight.  What time are you coming back?  11:00?  11:00’s a little late.  You, uh, taking the parents to Magic City’s?  Follies?  You know, Cheetahs is actually a better spot for that.  You’re with daddy tonight.  Mommy’s going on a date with some corny dude.  Yeah, some corny dude.  What?  No, this is a great environment for you.”

Quote1Excuse me, sir– I know, right?  Van’s dating other people.  She’s gonna kick me out the house.  I’m also broke and I can’t sign anyone up ’cause I’m not an old lady.  That’s really rough.  That’s more rough.  I haven’t really been keeping up, man.  I don’t know who that is.  That’s my cousin.  No, Paper Boy.  Paper Boy is my cousin.  Is that a real offer?  All right, man, I’ll catch you later.Quote2 — Earnest Marks

“Hey, dad.  Where’s mom?  Hey, mom.  How are you?  I’m good.  You gonna invite me in?  Why not?  Come on, you really think I’m here for money?  I’m looking for Alfred.  Also, could you pick up Lottie from Kaya’s?  I’m getting a job and Van’s on a date.  Yes, I got a job.  And thanks, mom.  I’m your son, Earn.  I used to live in there with you, remember?  That wasn’t me.  Did you break it up with a stick?” — Earnest Marks

Quote1Your peephole’s for real.  Thanks.  So, Zoo Tycoon– what?  No.  This morning.  No, it’d be gross if I was trying to smash.  I don’t want a handout, I want to manage you.  ‘Manus,’ Latin for hand.  My lane?  Didn’t they kill Malcolm, too?  That’s how funerals work.  Alfred, you already Malcolm, okay?  You have that already.  What you really need is a silent wild card, somebody who’s about the money, the opportunity, who can play both sides if needed.  Oh, like Don Lemon.Quote2 — Earnest Marks

“No.  I’m doing business.  I guess.  I really think you don’t.  Look, man, is there somewhere we can talk for real?  ‘Cause… I’m sorry, who is this dude?  No, yeah, I remember who you are.  Look, I’m not asking for money.  Not real homeless.  I’m not using a rat as a phone or something.  Is he your manager?  This isn’t about rap.  If we do this right, your kids can live good, my kids can live good, Darius’s kids.  I’m sure I’ll find out why when the time’s right.  Right now, apparently.  Look, I’m not dumb.  You’re older, you have no real fan base.  You’re not white and/or selling sex.  I got the concept.  Okay, 28 tracks?  Lot of skits.  I’d cut ’em.  I’d still cut ’em.  I still know people at Diamond House.  Promoters.  People who manage big time artists now, man.  Nigga, I’m trying to help you.” — Earnest Marks

Quote1What’s up, dude?  Yo.  Good.  No.  How are you?  Uh, yeah, I’ve been low-key, man.  No!  You actually said that?  Cool.  You know that song ‘Paper Boy?’  Y’all should play it.  Yeah.  You guys should really play it.  Well, slide it past him.  How much?  $500?  Am I buying the station?  then introduce me.  I’m not every dude.  Look, I don’t have $500.  I make 5.15, plus commission.  I got to pay rent tonight and my parents won’t let me in the house.  It’s like those drug commercials, only not funny.  Then what’s in it for you?  Why am I so lucky?  What’s your cut?  Hey.  That guy ever say nigga around you?  Right.  Hey, um… what’s your name?  For real?  Hey, how late are you here tonight?Quote2 — Earnest Marks

“I just keep losing.  I mean… some people just…supposed to lose?  For balance in the universe?  I mean… like, are there just some people on Earth who… supposed to be here just to make it easier for the winners?  Like, really.  No, no, I’m not going out like that, but thanks for the advice.  No, I’m good, man.” — Earnest Marks

Quote1Hello?  Hear what?  Wow.  That was quick.  Like you would with a manager?  Yeah.  Ah.  You found us.  ‘Sup?  It’s all about who you know.  I knew somebody.  Can’t be that pissed– they’re playing this on the radio right now.  Hey, man, this is Dave.  He works at 106.5.  He likes your stuff, so he’s got good taste.  Actually, to a fault.  Yo, tell them that Flo Rida story.  It’s so funny.  Yo, tell them.  Yeah, I don’t know.  Say hello to KP for me.  It’s a good song, man.  Don’t mess with the money.  Alfred!  Hey, man!  God damnit.  Hey, hey!Quote2 — Earnest Marks

“My cop tried to get me to snitch on you.  Yeah, he was like, ‘We both know whose fault this is.  What was he thinking?’  It was like, what– a total trap.  Never been arrested before, man.  Yeah, there was a lot going on, so I kind of forgot to do that.  It was just, like, half a blunt.  Like, you’ve been arrested for weed.  It’s not that bad, right?  I don’t know man, I don’t think that’s her.  Nah, man.  No, she was trying not to look.  Like a deer in the headlights, like– you think he’s dead, man?” — Earnest Marks

Quote1Hey, Van, um… I know you’re probably mad at me.  I know you probably think I’m pretty irresponsible, but, um…I’m working on something that I think could be really big for me.  And you… too.  Yeah, I can explain all of it when I get home.  Also, I was thinking maybe you could bail me out?Quote2 — Earnest Marks

“But… you have to sleep.  Everybody– everybody has always slept.  Um… that’s messed up.” — Earnest Marks

Quote1Nah, this is all you.  He’s in here every week?  Why is he in here every week?  He looks like he needs help.  I can move, if you want.  No, I– no problem.  I can move, if you want– nah.  No, I– sexuality is a spectrum.  You can really do whatever you want.  I’m not– I’m trying– no, man, I’m just sitting here.Quote2 — Earnest Marks

“I’m him.  Thanks for bailing me out.  Hey, mama.  She won’t remember this.  It’ll be like… ‘hey, remember that time we had to pick up daddy from jail?  Me neither, ’cause I’m a baby and I don’t remember anything.  And my brain isn’t developed yet.’  I know.” — Earnest Marks

Quote1Um, can I get a kid’s meal?  Can I get a kid’s meal?  Can I get a kid’s meal?  Yeah, I don’t have a kid with me.  I’m gonna eat it.  That’s not true.  I know that’s not true.  So a kid has to wait in line and order a kid’s meal.  A kid can’t get an adult meal?  Look, you don’t have to be a kid to get a kid’s meal, okay?  Do you have to be Evander Holyfield to get the champ?  Okay, do you have to be fucking Chubby Checker to get the Chubby Decker?  Do you need to have a long foot to– that one doesn’t translate, but you know– this is ridiculous, okay?  Can I just please get a kid’s mean?  Can I get a cup of water?  Thank you.Quote2 — Earnest Marks

“We need to get a new revenue system.  I’m getting paid direct deposit tomorrow, but it’s not gonna be a lot.  I barely signed anyone at the airport.  Yeah.  How do you make money?  Yeah, but, you know, you’re more famous now.  Your profile’s risen, which means more risk, you know?  You can’t go to jail, man.  Out where?  Yeah, well just– just try not to die.” — Earnest Marks

Quote1I’ve been inconsiderate.  I get it.  I’m sorry.Quote2 — Earnest Marks

“I know I have a daughter.  And I know she deserves the best.  But I don’t think I have to compromise what I want out of life to do that.  Especially if I think it’s gonna provide for her.  You know me, Van.  I can do this.  I just gotta do it my way.  And if you can’t do this out of love for me… do this out of love for her.” — Earnest Marks

Darius, Atlanta, FX Networks, 20th Century FOX TV, MGMT Entertainment, Lakeith Stanfield


“Hold on, hold on, man, I’m getting crazy déjà vu right now.  Okay, where’s the dog with the Texas on him?  Oh, there he is.  That’s a trip, man.  This is so weird, man.” — Darius

“Hey, is this milk any good?  What you using it for?  Yeah, no, man, don’t use that to drink.  Cookie?  Oh, no, they say that.  But ain’t nobody seen the body since the funeral.” — Darius

“VH1 is hiring interns.  And that sound like a joke, but they actually, they tweeted that this morning.  Darius, man.  When you first walked in; I gave you cookie.  Wait, wait, not if it worked, man.  No, if you could use a rat as a phone, man, that’d be genius.  I mean, there’s like five rats for every one person in New York alone.  Everybody would have an affordable phone.  Yeah, man, I mean, it’d be messy, but… worth it.  Yeah, man, rap is D-E-D.  Ded.  I can’t have kids.  When is an appropriate time to talk about my balls getting smashed?  Yeah.  Uh.  No, but his is different.” — Darius

“Hey, um… hey, look, I know you don’t know me– my name’s Darius.  Um, I was just wondering, could I measure your tree?” — Darius

“Hey, man, tell him I sketched Uncle Riley’s–” — Darius

“I don’t know, man, I like Flo Rida.  I mean, moms need to enjoy rap, too.” — Darius

“Is that Paper Boi?  Thank God, man.  yo, you know y’all made the news, right?  Yeah.  Yeah, but 106.5 The Jam be playing ‘Paper Boi’ all morning.  Mm-hmm, yeah.  Good.  The food in here is genetically modified to make you lie.  Where’s Earn?  Why?” — Darius

“I don’t know why we ordered our food to go.  Should’ve just ate it here.  Us humans are always close to destruction.  Life itself is but a series of close calls.  I mean, how would you know you were alive unless you knew you could die?  Oh, my God.  Yo, you got that juice, baby!  No.” — Darius

“Hey.  Hey, brother.  Uh, ‘XXL’ just picked up your story.  And… oh, it look like ‘Complex’ got you as song of the month, brother.  Yeah.  Man, that don’t sound like you think it’s cool.  We should go out.  Them crazy girls that be over at Edgewood, man, they– they love a thug.  You gonna clean it all up.  Well, yo, maybe we could go shoot some pool, all right?  They cool up there.  Plus, you know, you could talk to that little waitress, you know, with the hair thing going on.  Yeah, buddy.  Oh.  Hey, bro.  I got a google alert set up on you, and it look like ‘Vibe’ wrote one.  It says… ‘Is Paper Boi Atlanta’s Tupac?’  They said no.  But, apparently, John Boyega is the new Magic Johnson.  Huh.” — Darius

“Oh, what it do, man?  Where’d you go?  I didn’t even notice you left.  I know you did.  ‘Cause you, you got that juice.  Mm-hmm.  Uh, yeah?  You too hot.” — Darius

“Yeah, man, it’s easy.  People are addicted to them.  Going to see the Migos.  You know I’m going strapped.  Yeah, just so y’all know, there’s probably a bullet in here somewhere.” — Darius

“Everything’s made up, nigga, stay woke.” — Darius

Vanessa Keifer, Atlanta, FX Networks, 20th Century FOX TV, MGMT Entertainment, Zazie BeetzVanessa Keifer, Atlanta, FX Networks, 20th Century FOX TV, MGMT Entertainment, Zazie BeetzVanessa Keifer, Atlanta, FX Networks, 20th Century FOX TV, MGMT Entertainment, Zazie BeetzVanessa Keifer, Atlanta, FX Networks, 20th Century FOX TV, MGMT Entertainment, Zazie BeetzVanessa Keifer, Atlanta, FX Networks, 20th Century FOX TV, MGMT Entertainment, Zazie Beetz

Vanessa Keifer


1 nomination: 2018

“Oh, my God.  Why are you up?  Hmm.  That’s deep.  Who’s the girl?  What she look like?  Okay.  I’m disappointed in your story, ’cause you’re first saying that she’s fat and annoying, and then you all of a sudden turn around and you’re making out with this bitch.  Were you making out?  Oh, man.” — Vanessa Keifer

“I know you.  Mmm–oh, no.  My breath.  Are you kidding me?  That is not–that’s, like, some freaky shit.  What are you– you’re so stupid.  Mm.  Tell me you love me.  Why did you just laugh?  Then why don’t you just say ‘I love you?’  You remember you have Lottie tonight, right?  ‘Cause I have parent teacher conferences.  also, I don’t always want her at your parents’ house.  She lives here.  And if you’re gonna be staying here, I’m gonna need your help with rent.  I don’t know, probably like 11:00?  I have a date.” — Vanessa Keifer

“The bottle?  Thank you.  Idiot.” — Vanessa Keifer

“You can shut up now.” — Vanessa Keifer

“Hey, what’s up?  All right, honey, time to go to bed.  No, don’t get up. I wouldn’t want you to have to pick up Lottie and ruin all that you’re doing.  Honey, is it really that hard to help me out every once in a while?  I even have to take her to your parents’ place myself.  Really, Earn?  Please, you really think you’re the first boy I’ve bailed out of jail?  Yeah?  You smell like work.  What is that?  Kush?   Nigga, don’t.  No, you roll your eyes at me and you call me crazy any time I try to tell you something.  I guess that’s just me, right?  I’m crazy-ass Vanessa.  Whatever.  No, it’s too late.  Yeah, you messed up.  You know what?  You’re lucky that I like corny-ass dudes.  Mm-hmm.  Talking about you.  Why are you always turning me into the angry black woman?  Are you kidding me?  I’m the stereotype?  While your ass, you can’t even take care of your own goddamn kid?  Really?  I don’t know about all that.  You like it.” — Vanessa Keifer

“I don’t know.  This is kind of a weird street.  I think we should just valet.  Wait, here?  No, I don’t think so.  Oh.  Oh, no.  I don’t know.  Oh, I know.  I know.  Okay, I’m sorry, but, like, what kind of a parking lot is this?  Because this seems janky as hell.  Oh, uh-uh.  Earn, you are taking my car to valet right now.  I’m sorry, this is ridiculous.  I’m sorry.  Good night.” — Vanessa Keifer

“I get the whole ‘follow your dreams thing, but, um, our daughter needs all the tools to survive, and… that includes you, Earn.” — Vanessa Keifer

“It’s weird that your card didn’t work the first two times they swiped it.   Wait, wait, wait.  You’re not tipping her?  Come on, it’s not enough that she makes less than you because you got a dick?  Have some class.” — Vanessa Keifer

“There is a security job at the office building, so you could save for a car, and then you wouldn’t have to take our daughter on the bus with weirdos.  Well, you’re doing that already.  You know, being a rapper is something that a high school kid wants to do.  That’s some dumb shit.  That’s some dumb-ass shit, Earn.” — Vanessa Keifer

“Hi, baby.  How are you?  Oh, it’s good to see you.  It’s Boucheron.  I’m sorry I’m late.  It’s good to see you.  You look really good.  Really?  Thanks.  I went to this place that I found in Midtown.  Hmm.  How much does Fernando charge?  Okay.  Well, who’s paying for yours?  Because I actually have to pay for mine.  I don’t know if you remember what that’s actually like.  Yeah, actually, I would like some wine maybe,  Like a Charddonay.  Great.  Yeah, um… I mean, I am, if you are.  I just didn’t want to hold us up.  I’m gonna have the pad Thai with chicken.  Okay.  Thank you.  I’m so glad I got to catch you.  When do you leave tomorrow?  Oh.  Damn, that’s a short trip.  When did you get in?  You got in, what, yesterday?  You flew Delta.  Oh.  Oh.  Where you gonna go?  You gonna go home?  London?  Wow.  And you’re gonna go with a friend, or– okay.  I got it, but it’s not the same NBA player… that you’re visiting here?  Mm-hmm.  It’s beautiful.  You look beautiful.  Girl.  I have a daughter.  I can’t leave.  Yeah, I’m sure.  I’m sure as soon as you find the right guy.  Mm-hmm.  So how have you been?  Sorry.  You go, I’m sorry.  I’m, um, I’m busy.  I’m busy.  I’m good.  Thank you.  Yeah.  On facebook, it said she was in a car accident.  You know, can I actually get some chopsticks when you get a chance?  Um… yeah, I don’t we got any.  What?  I just like chopsticks.  It sounds cool, but I can’t.  I have Lottie.  I also have work in the morning.  I’m not calling Earn.  I don’t know, he’s busy.  I have a daughter.  I mean, I still go out, but– when he can afford to, yes.  Oh, okay.  I’m sorry?  Wait, what are you asking me right now?  Whatever.  I know what my worth is.  I don’t want to be out here dating a million football players– that’s your style.  That kind of black and white mentality might work for you, but for those of us who don’t live on whether a linebacker swipes left or right… on my goddamn ass, then there’s a gray area.  Oh, so what?  So what?  You don’t think that I’m going out on dates?  You don’t think that I’m running around?  You don’t think that I ever decline his calls because I have some guy wrapped around me with his tongue down my throat?  I mean, come on!  Really?  Wait, what?  Jayde.  Wait, what?  Vanessa.  I’m gonna go to the bathroom, okay?  Mm-hmm.” — Vanessa Keifer

“It’s fine, have fun being valuable.  I told you, I don’t feel like it.  Exactly.  And do you remember that, in old times, you always used to hook me up with the uglier dudes?  I’m more valuable than that shit.  Mm-mm.  No.  Hell no.  I have work in the morning.  Yup.  What about your friend?  Shit.  Is this that elephant shit you gave me at Rihanna?  Mm.  You want flash, right?  All right.  Girl.  You look like an Instagram escort.  You should be proud of that shit.  I know.” — Vanessa Keifer

“Oh, fuck.  Jayde, I’m fucked.  My whole life is fucked.  I have a drug test today.  Girl, I’m being serious!  I don’t know.  Can you ask someone?  Can you hurry?  Because I got to be at work in two hours.   Shit.  Hey.  I’m tired.  I just had a long night.  She’s good.  She’s going to New York, and then she’s going to London.  I can’t keep up.  Right?  No, not yet.  You sure?  You don’t have to do that.  All right.  Hey.  Could I get Alfred’s number?  Thanks.  Uh, a friend of mine wants to meet him.  A lady friend.  Here.  I’m taking a shower.” — Vanessa Keifer

“Hey, Alfred, um, it’s Van.  Yeah, I know.  Um… I need your help.   smoked last night.  Weed.  That thing you sell.  How do you pass a drug test?  Yes.  Alfred, I am allowed to smoke.  Listen, I am calling you because I need your help.  Alfred, you have to help me.  You know good and well that you ain’t paying Earn any time soon.  Listen, I can’t lost my job because I am all that we have.  Okay.  I mean, is there anywhere I could even buy urine at this point?  All right.  Let me know.” — Vanessa Keifer

“Alicia, hey.  Uh, yes, I’m supposed to.  Yeah.  Why was he in white face?  Um… okay, just send him to Mr. Halford ’cause he loves him.  Bring Mr. Halford down, and he will talk him to ISS, okay?  Girl, I got to go.  Okay.  Just… fuck!  I smoked weed.” — Vanessa Keifer

“Are you high?  Jesus.  You have to put it up.  My hair,  Leave it.  This is really important, okay?  I’m being serious.  Monique is really good for me.  She knows people, and they’re all gonna be there.  It’s also good for Lottie.  Why else do you think I’d be here?  Oh, thank you so much for having us.  This is Earnest.  So, do you want to get me a drink?  Anything?  Like a vodka cranberry?  Girl, quit playing– thanks, Mo.  Where have you been?  Yes.  Earn.  Hmm?  Do you think that I am happy here, having to prostitute myself for an opportunity?  Do you think that I’m happy that I need you here in order to do that?  Can we, for once, just pretend that we aren’t who we are?  I mean, because we both know that you’re good at pretending.  Mm.  Well, as I always say, we have to laugh to keep from crying.  The quality… of theater is just not there.  It’s just not there.  Anymore.  A-men!  Mm.  I don’t think we really have the time to be church people.  Yeah, you kind of say that– often.  Thank you.  I’m so sorry, um… will you excuse me?  I… what am I doing?  What the fuck am I doing?  You’re mean.  Don’t be.  I’m getting drunk.  Well, girl, you married him.  Do you ever wish that you actually had somebody to confide in?  Uh… it just seems really obvious that you don’t think Craig understands you.  Are you sorry that you can’t have understanding and security?  That’s from ‘For Colored Girls.’  They must be confusing you.  Confused with someone else.  Babe, please.  Okay.  I’m sorry.  We’re gonna head out, right?  I’m sorry.  Pull over.” — Vanessa Keifer

“Look what daddy cooked us.  That actually smells good.  Want a little piece, baby?  Where did you learn to cook like this?  Yeah, that was like– you want some, baby?  Oh.  It is.  He didn’t inhale.  No.  Hi, Justin.  So y’all were wasted last night?  What is that?  You a drug dealer now?  Earn, are you kidding me?  Are you– yo, you are fucking wack.  I hate you.  You’re a good daddy.  You know you can stay the night, right?  Okay.  Have a good night.  Okay.” — Vanessa Keifer

Loretta, Atlanta, FX Networks, 20th Century FOX TV, MGMT Entertainment, Avis-Marie BarnesLoretta

“Thank you very much.  You have a nice flight, now.  Well, of course you can, honey.  I’ll even give you an extra flight.  As long as you keep flirting with me.” — Loretta

Swiff, Atlanta, FX Networks, 20th Century FOX TV, MGMT Entertainment, Harold House MooreSwiff, Atlanta, FX Networks, 20th Century FOX TV, MGMT Entertainment, Harold House MooreSwiff

“That was just rude, man.  Hey, yo, Compound was lit last night.  Man, my cousin had, like eight bottles up in that bitch.  They fought with, like, three ho’s a piece, my nig.  Shit was crazy.  Hey, we gonna hit $2 Tuesday at the Ultimate, you want to roll?  Earn.  Hey, yo, Earn.  Gotti.  How you look when you high at work.  This bitch is amazing.  I don’t know, I would watch.  Hey, yo, you heard that new Paper Boy mixtape, man?  I heard it’s coming out this Friday, man.  His last one was hot.  Man, get out your little cave, little boy.  Hey, look, check it out, here we go the video right here.  Hey, yo, that’s fly, right?  damn, she is thick as fuck.  Is that weird for you?  That’s your cousin, man, you gonna want to get in there before he gets signed, man.  Offering that boy seven M’s on the table.  That’s a real offer, them real M’s.  Where you going?  You going to talk to him?  Hey, tell him I said ‘what up.’  Is that really your cousin in the video with the big tits?  You don’t know Paper Boy.” — Swiff

Raleigh Marks, Atlanta, FX Networks, 20th Century FOX TV, MGMT Entertainment, Isiah Whitlock Jr.Raleigh Marks

“Son.  Good.  How’re you?  Good.  No.  I can’t afford it.  You got a job?  Used to?  There was a turd the size of my arm waiting for me when I got home yesterday.  You supposed to be so smart, you can’t remember to flush?  Alred’s at the Glenwood Apartments.  Love you, son.” — Raleigh Marks

“Hey, what’s going on, Al?  Hey.  No, not right now.  Really?  I understand.  He’d tell you before me.  Earn trying like the rest of us.  But when he wants to do something, he does it.  On his terms.” — Raleigh Marks

Mrs. Marks, Atlanta, FX Networks, 20th Century FOX TV, MGMT Entertainment, Myra Lucretia TaylorMrs. Marks

“Hey, Earn.  We do, yes.  Hey, good for her.  It was you, I checked.  You better eat something real.  Instead of all those candies and cookies and whatever stuff was in there.” — Mrs. Marks

“That’s okay.  She’s getting a contact high from here.  Yeah, well, I’m smelling it ’round your head.” — Mrs. Marks

“Lottie’s in her crib, Earn had some business.  You out of wine.” — Mrs. Marks

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