USA Network, Suits

Corporeal Collusion

USA Network, Suits

USA Network corporate law drama Suits premiered its 6th season last week and is available on Amazon Prime here.

USA did very well for itself this year with Mr. Robot picking up its first six Primetime Emmy Nominations including Outstanding Drama Series.

Rottentomatoes: 83%

Metacritic: 61

IMDb: 8.7

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Harvey Specter, USA Network, Suits

Harvey Specter

Harvey makes senior partner at Pearson Hardman and puts up the $500,000 equity buy in.  He originally worked in the mail room but Jessica sent him to Harvard Law to get a bar.  He comes back and becomes an infamous closer and a key rainmaker for the firm.

Harvey makes a bold decision and hires a non-Harvard graduate into the firm one Michael Ross.

Rachel learns of this indiscretion and tries to fire Mike.  Eventually Harvey has to stick his neck out and say he is willing to walk away from the firm for Mike.  Rachel relents to keep the peace.

Harvey serves as Jessica’s right-hand-man in the firm’s civil war against old founding partner Daniel Hardman.  Ultimately Harvey, Jessica and Mike find flaws in Hardman’s affairs and exploit them to take back control of the firm.

Harvey harbors resentment towards Louis for his behavior during these trying times.

Jessica and the firm merge with British national Edward Darby.  Harvey dislikes the merger because he wants his own name on the front door so he again threatens to walk.

Harvey switches sides and colludes with Darby on ousting Jessica.  His machinations get him the title of name partner.

Harvey and Jessica reconcile and collude against Darby.  They manipulate a case so Darby loses his bar in New York and therefore technically can’t be a name partner and the firm becomes Pearson Specter.

Pearson Specter Litt is subpoena’d and comes under investigation by the U.S. attorney’s office for conspiracy to commit fraud based on the actions of Mike Ross.

Harvey helps Mike as much as he can in court but Mike accepts a plea deal for two years in federal in prison.

Harvey Specter, USA Network, Suits

“Wrong.  That’s the adult table in there and you haven’t earned the privilege yet.” — Harvey Specter

Quote1I told you this before and I’ll say it again.  I don’t play the odds.  I play the man.Quote2 — Harvey Specter

“I’m not gonna lose a minute’s sleep over it.” — Harvey Specter

“Star Trek.  Captain Kirk.  He wins a no-win situation by re-writing the rules.  Hey, Captain Kirk is the man ok I don’t wanna hear another word about it.” — Harvey Specter

“Because a charging bull always looks at the red cape, not at the man with the sword.” — Harvey Specter

“I’m against having emotions, not using them.” — Harvey Specter

“I refuse to answer that on the grounds that I don’t want to.” — Harvey Specter

“I don’t pave the way for people.  People pave the way for me.” — Harvey Specter

“A piece of advice : when the big dog asks the puppy something like that, it’s a rhetorical question.” — Harvey Specter

“You know I make a living learning how to read people, Mike.  So if I saw it, Jessica did too.  Is that the kind of impression you wanna leave around here?” — Harvey Specter

Quote1Don’t go to trial if you’re not going to win.Quote2 — Harvey Specter

Quote1Look we can sit here and posture about the strengths and weaknesses of our cases, but frankly that’s gonna bore the hell out of me.Quote2 — Harvey Specter

“The most important asset an attorney has is his ability to always be self-assured.” — Harvey Specter

“You’re right I am a piece of shit.  But that doesn’t make what I’m telling you any less true.” — Harvey Specter

“This habit of empathizing with every client, it’s not getting you anywhere.  You wanna work at this firm?  You need to deal in facts, evidence, information that can hold up.  That’s what a real lawyer does.” — Harvey Specter

“Can we please skip the recruiting?  I work better alone anyway.” — Harvey Specter

“If you can’t think for yourself maybe you aren’t cut out for this.” — Harvey Specter

“Let me tell you something.  This isn’t elementary school.  This is hard work.  Long hours.  High pressure.  I need a grown goddamn man.” — Harvey Specter

“You read books I read people and potheads smoke pot.  That’s what they do.” — Harvey Specter

Quote1Winners don’t make excuses when the other side plays the game.Quote2 — Harvey Specter

“One client doesn’t make a firm.” — Harvey Specter

“I’m emotionally attached to me.” — Harvey Specter

“I didn’t smile.  I was thinking of a funny joke.” — Harvey Specter

Quote1I’m not about caring.  I’m about winning.Quote2 — Harvey Specter

Quote1Being a lawyer is like being a doctor.  You keep pressing until it hurts.  Then you know where to look.Quote2 — Harvey Specter

“I’m not interested in getting your business I’m interested in keeping it.” — Harvey Specter

“Gloating’s fine you just have to not suck at it.” — Harvey Specter

Quote1Good lawyers worry about facts.  Great lawyers worry about their opponents.Quote2 — Harvey Specter

“Look, you were giving me shit this morning because I come and go when I want to.  You know why I can do that?  Because when I got here, I dominated.  They thought I worked 100 hours a day.  Now, no matter what time I get in, nobody questions my ability to get the job done.” — Harvey Specter

Quote1Get it through your head, first impressions last.  You start behind the eight ball, you’ll never get in front.Quote2 — Harvey Specter

Succinct, incandescent, relentless, bold, audacious, adaptable, craving impact and a stone cold killer in litigation Harvey Specter is an Artisan.

Mike Ross, USA Network, Suits

Mike Ross

Mike was a very smart kid from a young age but experienced some unfortunate legal and educational setbacks and was orphaned at age 11.

Mike takes a meeting with Harvey Specter under the false name of Rick Sorkin on the run from the cops.  He just passed the BAR for someone else.

Mike quickly proves his intellectual capacity and determination excelling as a researcher.  Technically he never passed the bar under his own name and never went to law school.

A hacker client Lola Jensen hacks Harvard’s graduating roster and slips one Michael Ross into it.

Mike takes an investment banking job for a short while as partner with Jonathan Sidwell.  This career choice doesn’t pan out and Mike gets fired.  He is about to take another job offer from big-time local financier Charles Forstman when Louis convinces him otherwise.

Mike gets back into the firm with the assistance of Louis, who then discovers his secret and is made partner as a result.

Mike makes junior partner at the firm.  Soon after he is arrested for conspiracy to commit fraud.  He makes bail.

Mike takes lead counsel on his own criminal case.  He accepts a plea deal from U.S. attorney Anita Gibbs for two years in federal prison.

He almost marries Rachel before heading on over to the fine facilities at Danbury Federal Prison for intake.

Mike Ross, USA Network, Suits

“What if I told you that I consume knowledge like no one you’ve ever met and I’ve actually passed the BAR?” — Mike Ross

Quote1I told you I like to read.  And once I read something I understand it.  And once I understand it, I never forget it.Quote2 — Mike Ross

“It was my dream to be a lawyer.  I needed some money and Trevor convinced me to memorize this math test and to sell it.  Turns out we sold it to the dean’s daughter.  I lost my scholarship I got kicked out of school. I… I got knocked into a different life.  And I have been wishing for a way back ever since.” — Mike Ross

“I made the best out of a bad situation which is what you hired me to do in the first place.” — Mike Ross

Quote1See that’s funny because you actually expect these people to believe that I never went to law school at all and yet still somehow managed to convince the smartest lawyers in the world to make me their youngest partner ever.Quote2 — Mike Ross

Quote1I’m good with numbers.Quote2 — Mike Ross

“That’s okay.  I don’t really have much of a social life.” — Mike Ross

“I’ve been working so hard I forgot what day it is.  That used to happen to dad.” — Mike Ross

“You give me this and I will work as hard as it takes to school those Harvard douches and become the best lawyer you have ever seen.” — Mike Ross

“Those happen to be E.P.A. calculations based on a full life expectancy.  Adjusted for a plaintiff who’s expectancy is just a fragment of this, yields a value of $143,427.  Approximately.” — Mike Ross

“Trust me, I did my homework.” — Mike Ross

“I’d say that’s fair.  Sometimes I like to hang out with people who aren’t that bright.  You know just to see how the other half lives.” — Mike Ross

“No, what I’m gonna do is hire a private investigator to look into every aspect of your life from the day you were born until next Tuesday.  And then I’m gonna use whatever it is they find to make you wish that your biggest problem was keeping this job that you seem to hate so much.” — Mike Ross

“You can’t bet me like I’m chattel, Louis.” — Mike Ross

“Yeah, I’m not like every other lawyer, Glenda.” — Mike Ross

“That’s just it.  I’ve only ever had one person who told me what I needed to hear.  Maybe it’s time I started trusting somebody else.” — Mike Ross

Quote1Your best asset is your mind.  They can’t take that away from you.Quote2 — Mike Ross

Astute, inventive, tranquil, resolute, intellectual, strategic and a talented researcher with an eye for patterns Mike Ross is a Rational.

Jessica Pearson, USA Network, Suits

Jessica Pearson

Jessica catches wind of Mike Ross’ potential lack of educational merit so she digs into it and tries to get him fired.  Her attempts to fire Mike are unsuccessful.

She confronts Mike and questions him personally.  Reluctantly she decides that he can continue on at Pearson, Hardman.

Jessica vets a potential merge with British national Edward Darby and his firm.  This goes through and Pearson Hardman becomes Pearson Darby.  Harvey is upset by this and threatens to quit.

Harvey engages in several aggressive machinations that put his name on the front door making it Pearson Darby Specter.

Harvey and Jessica reconcile and ax Darby while absorbing his client base.  Jessica brings her paramour into the firm one Jeff Malone whom Louis is apprehensive of.

Jessica is forced to slap Louis’ name on the front door after he discovers Mike’s secret.  The firm becomes Pearson Specter Litt.

Jessica’s paramour Jeff Malone leaves the firm as a result of her disingenuous nature regarding Louis and his promotion to name partner.

Jessica, Harvey and the firm are hit with a PR barrage after Mike’s fraudulent behaviors come to light.

Jessica Pearson, USA Network, Suits

“Harvey speaks for the firm.” — Jessica Pearson

“Louis, your billables are outstanding.  You’ve landed three high-profile clients in a month and I want to show you my appreciation.  And I’m very happy that you’re excited.” — Jessica Pearson

“You don’t wanna tell me, and I don’t really care because you and I share the same trait of keeping our personal lives personal.” — Jessica Pearson

Quote1It is a question of doing what is right.Quote2 — Jessica Pearson

“I’ve never known you to be particularly forgiving either.” — Jessica Pearson

Quote1We just have to have faith.Quote2 — Jessica Pearson

“And the way to get to know your family is by being with them when their loved ones are in trouble.”  — Jessica Pearson

Quote1For a partnership to work there has to be trust between number one and number two.  You don’t have to agree with me, but you have to trust that I listen to you, that my decisions are reasoned, and that I am doing what I think is right.Quote2 — Jessica Pearson

Quote1When you work with tigers once in a while they’re gonna take a swipe at you.  I like working with tigers.  Of course, when they get out of hand, you have to put them down.Quote2 — Jessica Pearson

“What I can do is take what you’ve been giving to so many for so long and have you channel it into one.” — Jessica Pearson

Quote1Our little baby’s growing up.Quote2 — Jessica Pearson

“Harvey, before you say another word to me, I want you to think about the fact that I just ate a big bowl of shit because you brought that kid into my house.  And I had to take it.  So you’re going to take it.” — Jessica Pearson

“I am not the principal.  You two are gonna have to work your shit out on the playground.” — Jessica Pearson

“Because you don’t let the children know that Mommy and Daddy are fighting.” — Jessica Pearson

“That offer was bullshit and you know it.  You hired that kid to amuse yourself, and now I’m vulnerable.  And after everything that’s happened, you still couldn’t put me ahead of you.” — Jessica Pearson

“You’re actually starting to believe your own bullshit.” — Jessica Pearson

“I will get past this.  I will move on.  And I will accept that at the end of the day, that I am alone in this.” — Jessica Pearson

Quote1However, if I’m going to accept this situation… then I want to know everything there is to know.Quote2 — Jessica Pearson

Quote1Well then I guess I should give the kid the benefit of the doubt from now on.Quote2 — Jessica Pearson

Quote1That kind of behavior cannot exist in my firm!Quote2 — Jessica Pearson

“It happened when you were at Harvard, didn’t work out.  We were too dedicated to our careers, and that’s all I’m going to say about it.” — Jessica Pearson

“I’m not an idiot.  Don’t treat me like one.  You pawned off the case.” — Jessica Pearson

“I heard your speech to the associates and I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was.  I always knew you were the right man for the job, so it feels good to see it in action.” — Jessica Pearson

“For all his faults Quentin has never lied to me before, and he’s not lying about this.  So stop questioning his ethics and start winning this case.” — Jessica Pearson

“We are going to swallow our pride and we are going to wait until we can make a move from a position of strength.” — Jessica Pearson

Quote1I’m gonna defend you either way because I took this case and that’s what I do.  But if I’m gonna stake my reputation on this, then I need to know if there are any other lies that are gonna come up and sandbag me.  And I need to know right now.Quote2 — Jessica Pearson

“But you didn’t get away with it.  And I can’t justify handing you a promotion on the same day that you lose a huge client.” — Jessica Pearson

Diplomatic, discerning, elegant, refined, altruistic, empathetic, intuitive, and harmonizing with an uncanny ability to utilize human resources in an optimal manner Jessica Pearson is an Idealist.

Louis Litt, USA Network, Suits

Louis Litt

Louis Litt’s caliber of attorney rivals that of Harvey’s.  His ferocious knowledge of the law and aggressive nature have made him a valuable asset to Pearson Hardman.

However, the political nuances and intricacies of the job have always somehow eluded him.

A civil war takes place at the firm and Louis tries to jump ship when he is promised a Senior Partner position by Daniel Hardman, who’s leverage back into the firm turns out to be spurious.

The firm merges with Darby and Louis locks horns with his British counterpart Nigel Nesbitt.  This conflict relieves him of his tenure over the associates.  As reprieve Jessica grants him a mentorship over one associate, he seeks out Mike but receives Katrina Bennett.

Louis’ paramour Sheila Sazs is head of admissions at Harvard Law and leaves him alone at a complete alphabetic record of Harvard graduates.  Louis finds Harvey’s graduation picture and mocks it briefly.  He looks for Mike Ross’s but can’t find it.  

Ultimately Louis relents as he realizes Mike’s shared passion for the law and value to the firm.

‘Get Litt up’ is a moniker Louis made up as a result of his relatively combative nature.

Louis has a heart attack in court while giving an opening statement.  Him and his fiance Sheila Sazs break up after having a disagreement about procreation.

Louis resigns humiliated after a professional blunder, but the same exact day discovers Mike Ross’ full secret and leverages it into a partner position at the firm.

The firm becomes Pearson Specter Litt.

As a result of the PR barrage that Pearson Specter Litt is forced to endure during Mike’s trial Louis opens up the firm to talent from the other top law universities in the nation.

Louis Litt, USA Network, Suits

“It’s 9:30 nice of you to show up two hours after we open for business.  And I see that you’re also trying to look like a pimp.” — Louis Litt

Quote1Pearson Hardman is my life.Quote2 — Louis Litt

“We found common ground.” — Louis Litt

“This is gravest day I’ve ever known.  Jessica, let me handle this.” — Louis Litt

Quote1I have a lot of work that needs attending to.Quote2 — Louis Litt

Quote1I refuse to operate in a duplicitous manner.Quote2 — Louis Litt

“It’s been pointed out to me that I have certain proclivities that need to be adjusted.” — Louis Litt

“Because Mike, it was the only way to get justice.” — Louis Litt

Quote1Your right.  I’m not the same person.  I used to be a man of my word, but you people taught me that doesn’t mean a thing.Quote2 — Louis Litt

“Penepole Cruz, Zoe Saldana, Audrey Hepburn– What do they all have in common?  No, dumbass.  They all owe their success to ballet because it gives them discipline and grace, it embodies our emotions, it’s breathtaking in its beauty, and most importantly, it expresses what cannot be put into words.” — Louis Litt

“Now relevé your ass back to work.” — Louis Litt

Quote1Just get it done.  And the next time I ask you to do something do it without asking any stupid questions, you got it?Quote2 — Louis Litt

Quote1This isn’t a favor.  This is your goddamn job.  So get me what I ask for pronto or the next time I’ll stop by and bring you a warm bag of shit.Quote2 — Louis Litt

“I will never ever forget it until the day I die.” — Louis Litt

Quote1I did what I did for the integrity of the firm.Quote2 — Louis Litt

“But I have a reputation that I value.  And I’m not gonna be putting my reputation on the line for something that I do not believe in…” — Louis Litt

“My ethics are beyond reproach.” — Louis Litt

“I know exactly what it’s like to bust your ass every day at a company and be overlooked for a promotion time and time again.  It just… hurts.  Just physically hurts.  Right here.  Give 110% every day and for what?  So they can just… chip away at your dignity?” — Louis Litt

“Um… unless I can’t hear the sound of my own voice, I believe that’s what I just frickin’ said.” — Louis Litt

“You I know who you are.  Question is, what are you doing here?  And the answer is, I don’t give a shit.” — Louis Litt

“All right let me explain something to you.  We’re at war.  And in times of war, a private does not question his commanding officer.” — Louis Litt

Quote1Because I’m ‘name partner’ which means when I say I need something your response should either be: ‘how high?’ or, ‘can I have another?’Quote2 — Louis Litt

Quote1You see my loyalty.  Yet you refuse to acknowledge my value.Quote2 — Louis Litt

“Oh, I think you’ll find nothing’s beneath me.” — Louis Litt

“Every single one of your assignments was completed by me last night.  What else do we have left to do?  Filing.  Doc review.  Spell check.” — Louis Litt

“Yes, grunt work.  Because that’s your job.  Let it be known that I can do your work faster and better than any one of you without shedding a tear or breaking a sweat, but I don’t because writing briefs and recommending arguments is how you learn.” — Louis Litt

“Jessica I deserve that promotion.  My billables destroy his.  And I’m here night and day doing whatever’s needed instead of swanning in and out of here whenever I please.” — Louis Litt

“I detect a whiff of slacking, you are done, get it?” — Louis Litt

“Well in that case it was for the good of The Watch.” — Louis Litt

Quote1I take a lot of pride in my work.Quote2 — Louis Litt

Quote1Chain of command is everything to me.  If I don’t know who to answer to, I might as well be living naked on a kibbutz in the middle of Africa.Quote2 — Louis Litt

“I don’t care if a burning bush told you, Mike.  The only commandments you need to focus on right now come from me.” — Louis Litt

Quote1Look Mike I know I can come across a bit…. prickly.  But we’re a team here.  That means I’m here to help.Quote2 — Louis Litt

“Let me just get something straight, okay?  When I ask you a question, I just expect an answer.” — Louis Litt

Quote1The rules dictate you must be precise, as the law is a very precise endeavor.Quote2 — Louis Litt

“You’re a smart kid.  And I really wanna see you succeed.” — Louis Litt

“You know ten years ago before these dot-com millionaires, there were men of substance in this club.  You know, men who understood how business gets done.” — Louis Litt

“You work for me, too.  And that means when Harvey is not here you gotta listen to what I say, Mike.” — Louis Litt

“I’ve invited a representative from the law school to see firsthand how joyful you all are under my tutelage.” — Louis Litt

“I want you to convince this woman that Pearson Hardman makes you shit rainbows.” — Louis Litt

“Anyone else have any stupid questions?” — Louis Litt

“Harvey this is non-negotiable.  You owe me now.” — Louis Litt

“Consider it done.” — Louis Litt

“It’s pee in a cup time.  Drug test.  Follow me.” — Louis Litt

Hard-working, attentive, cautious, circumspect, moral, stoic, authoritative, concerned, serving as an undaunted gatekeeper Louis Litt is a Guardian.

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