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Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer; Preacher _ Season 1, Gallery - Photo Credit: Lewis Jacobs/AMC

AMC clergical/fantasy drama Preacher‘s first season has opened to pretty strong critical praise as AMC looks to fill the large void left by ratings giants Breaking Bad and Mad Men.

Preacher is based on the DC graphic novel series of the same name.

Rottentomatoes: 89%

Metacritic: 76

IMDb: 8.4

Jesse Custer, AMC, Preacher

Jesse Custer

Jesse preaches a small congregation in rural west Texas.  Not all of his sermons are pure gold.

Jesse learns of a case of local domestic violence and investigates the situation.  The woman Betsy Schenck admits that her husband Donnie beats her but refuses to go to the sheriff.

Donnie shows up at Jesse’s bar with a few of his confederate war re-enactment buddies and braces Jesse.  Jesse handily defeats the men in hand-to-hand combat and breaks Donnie’s arm.

Jesse makes bail and concludes he will stop preaching.  He stops by the church and asks for a sign to help guide him.  Nothing happens and he starts leaving at which point a spirit attacks him and knocks him out.

Jesse decides to continue preaching and makes a stronger self-commitment to doing it well.  It becomes evident that he has been gifted with the powers of persuasion.

Two self proclaimed ‘government workers’ or angels Fiore and Deblanc begin tailing Jesse and investigating him, claiming the gift he has been given needs to be returned and sealed away not to be used.

He uses the power to convert Odin Quincannon a local financier into the faith.  He also uses it to reconcile two locals Eugene Root and Terri Loach.  He then encounters Fiore and Deblanc personally.

The trio encounter a ‘seraphim’ or angel of the first order…. keeper of the peace.  They flee but encounter it again and restrain it in a motel.

Jesse refuses to give up the gift ‘Genesis’ and commands its custodians Fiore and Deblanc to leave him alone.

His congregation is booming as a result of his powers but he loses his composure and condemns an innocent boy Eugene Root to eternal damnnation with his powers on accident.

Quincannon goes after Jesse’s church after he realizes that he was manipulated somehow.  This turns violent and Quincannon shows up at Jesse’s church with a regiment of confederate war re-enactment buddies/workers.

Jesse Custer, AMC, Preacher

“Why not just open your heart?  Be honest with her.  Tell your mom to call you back after you’ve eaten.” — Jesse Custer

“Someday the light of the lord will reach.  And when it does something will happen.  Somethin will change.” — Jesse Custer

“He’s mean to your mom, so you want me to talk to someone?” — Jesse Custer

“True.  So if I’m wrong and God wants Genesis back… he can come and take it.  Till then I’ve still got a job to do.  Sorry about the mess.” — Jesse Custer

“I don’t have to listen to anyone but God.” — Jesse Custer

“God doesn’t make mistakes.” — Jesse Custer

“I’ve let you down,  Week after week I’ve been just another man that hurts by not helping.” — Jesse Custer

“The bottom line is that I have been a bad preacher and for that I am sorry.” — Jesse Custer

“But ‘I’m sorry’ doesn’t change anything.  My shortcomings they’re not news to anyone.” — Jesse Custer

“I made a promise.” — Jesse Custer

“If I don’t keep my promise if I don’t do everything I can to save this town, I have to answer to it.” — Jesse Custer

“But what if you’re wrong.  What if there’s judgement.  What if we’re held to account for our actions?  What if there’s punishment?  What if there’s fire?” — Jesse Custer

“I made a promise.  That’s what this is for.  I’m gonna open those doors.  I’m gonna make them see the light and fulfill my promise.  Then I will be free.  That’s what I’m gonna do.” — Jesse Custer

Quote1You deserve better.  You deserve a good preacher.  And that’s what your going to get.  As of today.  As of right now I’m going to fight.  I’m going to do what all good preachers have done since the Serpent and Man’s Fall — pray for the sinner.  Offer peace to the restless.  Avenge the innocent.  Cool the wrathful.  Welcome those who are lost.  And last but not least… speak forth the Word of God.Quote2 — Jesse Custer

“A man’s heart plans his way… but the lord directs his steps.” — Jesse Custer

“I’m done with that life.  I don’t want it.  I don’t miss it.” — Jesse Custer

“Why don’t you understand?  I’m trying to do something here.” — Jesse Custer

“Taking your life back, it can be scary sometimes.” — Jesse Custer

Quote1Work hard, help others, preach the Gospel.  Be one of the good guys.Quote2 — Jesse Custer

“If anyone were listening I would.  Believe me.  I’d pray.” — Jesse Custer

“I imagine there’s worse things that could happen” — Jesse Custer

“Be honest with her Ted.  Open your heart, tell her everything you’re tellin’ me.” — Jesse Custer

Quote1No matter what you’ve done if you need Him, He has to be there for you.  That’s the whole point.  God doesn’t hold grudges.  If you get down on your knees and you listen — and I mean really listen… He’ll say somethin’.Quote2 — Jesse Custer

“For the last time Ted.  Be brave.  Tell her the truth.  Open your heart.” — Jesse Custer

“The boy.  Don’t touch him.” — Jesse Custer

“For all this… I am responsible.  I am that preacher.  This is my answer.  This is why I’ve come home.  To save you.” — Jesse Custer

“We leave him to God.” — Jesse Custer

Inspirational, courageous, vigilant, and faithful Jesse Custer is an Idealist.

Proinsias Cassidy, AMC, Preacher

Proinsias Cassidy

Proinsias Cassidy is a 119-year-old vampire from Dublin City currently on the run from a group of vampire-hunting religious vigilantes who keep tracking him down.

Cassidy slays a few people in an airplane and then jumps out of it.  He lands in Annville, Texas.  He communes with his employer and they tell him to lay low for a while so he starts working for Jesse and his family.

Cassidy encounters angels Fiore and Deblanc which he slays several times to no avail.  They tell him they aren’t after him, they are after the preacher who has come into possession of something he shouldn’t have.   They want to return that possession to its domicile which is a metal coffee can.  He more or less tries to relay this message to Jesse but is unsuccessful.

They confront him again and he prunes money off of them and spends it on drugs.  His immortality gives him a propensity for substance or so he says.  The ‘angels’ confront Jesse and Cassidy tracks them all down.  The four of them detain a seraphim in a motel and part ways after Jesse refuses to relinquish ‘Genesis’.

Cassidy advises Jesse to listen to Fiore and Deblanc and voices concerns in disobeying angels but Jesse is convinced that he can do some good with ‘Genesis’ and continues preaching.

Proinsias Cassidy, AMC, Preacher

“Nevermind Padre, as you were.” — Proinsias Cassidy

“Can I have a bottle of your 10-year whiskey, if you have it.  Otherwise I just suppose I’ll choke down a bottle of… “Ratwater” — Jesus Christ.” — Proinsias Cassidy

“Now, look, I’m not one to back down from losing a fight or making a bad decision, but there’s asking for trouble and there’s bloody begging for it.” — Proinsias Cassidy

“God may not make mistakes but people are bloody famous for it.” — Proinsias Cassidy

“Ah, the old mischief here or there.” — Proinsias Cassidy

“Nothing to worry your head over.” — Proinsias Cassidy

“From here on out let me be your middleman.  I’m just gonna impress upon him the importance of your mission and I’ll just bring him to you here.” — Proinsias Cassidy

“I went through a period of low impulse control.” — Proinsias Cassidy

“Nice try boys, nice try.  I don’t know how you keep finding me but next time you do, you need to drive a different truck you pair of idiots.” — Proinsias Cassidy

“Shite now I’ve got to clean em’ up all over again.  Bollocks.” — Proinsias Cassidy

“I just need an advance, for services rendered like.” — Proinsias Cassidy

“I’m in the middle of southwest nowhere here, alright?  I have no money.  I have no transport.  I’m runnin’ dangerously low on drugs.  And I’ll do somethin’ desperate, I swear to God…..  I’m jokin’ about.  Don’t be like that.  Aw, Christ.” — Proinsias Cassidy

Quote1Was that an un-Christian thing to say, was it?Quote2 — Proinsias Cassidy

“He has a plan for you, does He?” — Proinsias Cassidy

“Right, let me just get this straight.  The Lord all powerful.  He’s took time out of his busy schedule, sat behind his pearly little desk there, and gone ‘Right angels, here’s my plan for Jesse Custer.” — Proinsias Cassidy

“Do you know what he has a plan for me too.  His plan for me is to let you know that his plan for you is the dumbest, most boring plan He’s ever come up with.” — Proinsias Cassidy

Quote1I doubt everything all the time, all right?  It’s the only way to live.Quote2 — Proinsias Cassidy

“They were like… government agency clones, I think.  Or like androids with human innards, or — honestly I don’t know how they do it.  The technology’s incredible right?” — Proinsias Cassidy

Skeptical, calm, categorical, and subjunctive Proinsias Cassidy is a Rational.

Tulip O'Hare, AMC, Preacher

Tulip O’Hare

Tulip and Jesse were business partners, renegades, and lovers.  This way of life went south and Jesse started preaching.  Tulip is convinced that Jesse’s talents are better used making illicit money.  She locates a person who wronged both her and Jesse, Carlos and they decide to get revenge.  Jesse has a change of heart on the way after being confronted by Donnie Schenck.

After several unsuccessful attempts to get Jesse back over to the dark side Tulip befriends Emily Woodrow and starts working at the church.

Tulip O'Hare, AMC, Preacher

“Don’t worry father.  I ain’t gonna shoot you.” — Tulip O’Hare

“Tell me you don’t want to.  Tell me you don’t miss it.” — Tulip O’Hare

“Carlos.  We lost everything ’cause of him.  Took two years to track him down.  Now I have.  Now I found him.  Alls that’s left to do is go over there and get him, tie him to a table, cut his freakin’ balls off, and over and over stab him in the face with a screwdriver.” — Tulip O’Hare

“’72 Chavelle SS.  Crate 350 with a cowl induction hood, 4-11 gears.  Flowmaster.  TA tires.  ”

“So you’re gonna keep going with this preacher thing huh?” — Tulip O’Hare

“How’s that working out for you?” — Tulip O’Hare

“I hear you pretty much suck at it.” — Tulip O’Hare

“But I’m done cryin about it ya know?  We did what we did.  We are who we are and that’s it, you know?” — Tulip O’Hare

Quote1Why waste another minute wishing we were different?Quote2 — Tulip O’Hare

“How am I ever gonna compete with all this excitement?” — Tulip O’Hare

“Now that is predicamental.” — Tulip O’Hare

“And it’s only a matter of time till you’re you all over again.” — Tulip O’Hare

“Cuz I know you Jesse Custer I know that deep down you’re a bad bad man.  And sooner or later, my Bad Man’s gonna come back around, and he’s gonna say yes.” — Tulip O’Hare

“That was the day, Dany…. for me.  For Jesse and me.  That’s the day it all turned bad.  And someone’s gotta pay.” — Tulip O’Hare

“I think first thing is we take a hammer and break every bone in his body.  And I mean seriously like every single one.  Then maybe something with battery acid.” — Tulip O’Hare

Wild, enticing, illustrious, and smooth-talking Tulip O’Hare is an Artisan.

Emily Woodrow, AMC, Preacher

Emily Woodrow

Emily Woodrow is a waitress and mother of three.  She also serves as the church organizer and bookkeeper.  She passes out flyers, takes suggestions, and counts how many attend Sunday Mass.  She has feelings for Jesse but is very busy and hasn’t been able to articulate her feelings yet.  She begins to suspect that Jesse might be up to something.

“Jesse, this doesn’t feel like you.” — Emily Woodrow

Emily Woodrow, AMC, Preacher

“It’s kind of your job, ain’t it?” — Emily Woodrow

“I know there’s things I don’t know about him things that would surprise me.” — Emily Woodrow

“Since when did people require Frappuccinos to come to church?” — Emily Woodrow

“Dinner’s on.” — Emily Woodrow

“What services?” — Emily Woodrow

“Yep.  No, he’s all of a sudden really popular.” — Emily Woodrow

“A casserole, people like it when you show up with something.” — Emily Woodrow

“Maybe I should reschedule.” — Emily Woodrow

“Los Angeles AND Hollywood that’s cool.” — Emily Woodrow

“The van keys are in the closet I look forward to you doing something helpful.” — Emily Woodrow

“Barge in, away.” — Emily Woodrow

“Oh I have to check my notes but I think 22, including infants.” — Emily Woodrow

“But after the baptism and the outreach we did, I bet it’s more.” — Emily Woodrow

“You guys are supposed to be getting ready for soccer practice.” — Emily Woodrow

Quote1Patience and hard work.  We’re just getting started Jesse.Quote2 — Emily Woodrow

“I mean I could ask Gary if he could donate a Flavour Station gift certificate.” — Emily Woodrow

“For a thousand-dollar model we can in no way afford, yeah they’ll come runnin’, Jesse.” — Emily Woodrow

“Jesse what is this.  What happened?  Did you do something?” — Emily Woodrow

“Nevermind I know your business is your business it’s just for me I’ve been feeling things were gettin’ on an overall, you know nice track at the church with us and I just… I worry about you sometimes.” — Emily Woodrow

“I appreciate the help.” — Emily Woodrow

Quote1Yeah…. I just worry.Quote2 — Emily Woodrow

“Have you ever watched kids before I mean… do you have any experience?” — Emily Woodrow

Intrepid, realistic, concerned, and dependable Emily Woodrow is a Guardian.

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