FX Networks, The Americans

Duplicitous Patriotism

FX Networks‘ cold-war espionage period drama The Americans bagged it’s first Outstanding Drama Series nomination this year and is available on Amazon Prime here.

The Americans is all set for a 13-episode Season 5 to air in 2017 and a 10-episode sixth and final season to air in 2018.

Rottentomatoes: 96%

Metacritic: 78

IMDb: 8.3

Emmys: 2 wins 10 nominations


Elizabeth Jennings, FX Networks, The Americans

Elizabeth Jennings

Elizabeth Jennings was born Nadezhda (Russian: Надежда) in Smolensk, Russia USSR in 1943.  She is a socialist, communist, and Soviet Union loyalist sent to the Washington D.C. area with her comrade Mikhail to carry out a deep-cover long-term counterintelligence and espionage operation for the KGB.

Her and her husband Philip operate under the guise of being wholesome American travel agents working at Dupont Circle Travel.  They even have two native born American children Paige and Henry.

The couple reports to and takes orders from ‘the centre’ in Moscow.  Soon after arriving in D.C. Lizz and Philip take a short romantic hiatus as a result of their high-stress environment.

American top brass engages in several aggressive off the book assassinations of Russian generals as a result of political tension most notably General Viktor Zhukov.

Lizz detains Richard Patterson the man she believes responsible for the death of General Zhukov who was her mentor and recruiter to the KGB.  She has a change of heart, doesn’t kill him and lets him go.

Patterson debriefs FBI agent Frank Gaad and informs him that they have two deep cover KGB agents working in the area one male one female.

Gaad makes a play to bait out one of these criminals and nearly detains Elizabeth but Philip picks her up and they escape narrowly.  FBI agent Stan Beeman puts several bullets through their windshield.  They make it to a safe house and change cars/disguises.

Liz takes a bullet in the gut.  Philip moves back inand Moscow tells the both of them that they need to start priming Paige as a KGB recruit.

“It will destroy her.” — Philip Jennings

“To be like us?” — Elizabeth Jennings

Elizabeth Jennings, FX Networks, The Americans

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series

1 nomination : 2016

Quote1The mission comes first.Quote2 — Elizabeth Jennings

“I’m sorry captain.” — Elizabeth Jennings

Quote1It was the right thing to do.Quote2 — Elizabeth Jennings

“I’m ready.  But when someone appears suddenly, promises big intel, and sets their own meeting, I worry about a setup.” — Elizabeth Jennings

“Listen, Paige.  The hardest thing we do in our jobs, is trust.  We never know for sure if other people are telling us the truth.  But the one thing Dad and I have is we tell each other the truth.” — Elizabeth Jennings

“Do you ever wonder what it looks like, now?  Back home?  It could be totally different.” — Elizabeth Jennings

“To make the world a better place.” — Elizabeth Jennings

Quote1Because I’m your mother.Quote2 — Elizabeth Jennings

“But at least she’ll know who she is.” — Elizabeth Jennings

Quote1I prefer working with people who believe in what we’re doing.Quote2 — Elizabeth Jennings

“It is like this.  We didn’t take a vow to be unhappy.” — Elizabeth Jennings

Quote1We have to live this way.  For our job.  For our cover.Quote2 — Elizabeth Jennings

“You do not get to speak to me like that.  Are we clear?” — Elizabeth Jennings

“You were supposed to put this family first.  That is what you are supposed to do.” — Elizabeth Jennings

“I would appreciate it if you didn’t make surprise appearances, especially when we are adjusting to new routines.” — Elizabeth Jennings

Quote1Do you know what my mother would have done if I talked to her like that?Quote2 — Elizabeth Jennings

“I like to keep my wits when I’m handling snakes.” — Elizabeth Jennings

Quote1She’s just doing her job.  Like the rest of us.Quote2 — Elizabeth Jennings

“We’ll die before we’ll talk.” — Elizabeth Jennings

“Philip, I don’t need you to fight my battles for me.  It’s over let’s just go to bed.” — Elizabeth Jennings

“I’m sorry I didn’t kill you.  That’s my apology.” — Elizabeth Jennings

Quote1I can handle it, it’s my job.Quote2 — Elizabeth Jennings

Quote1We need to get this to Moscow.Quote2 — Elizabeth Jennings

“The longer we’re here with her, the more at risk we are.” — Elizabeth Jennings

“Remember me, captain?” — Elizabeth Jennings

Quote1Old habits are hard to break.Quote2 — Elizabeth Jennings

“You know what I wish as I fall asleep every night?  That I’ll wake up and not be worried.” — Elizabeth Jennings

“I won’t tell if you won’t.” — Elizabeth Jennings

“I missed you too honey.  And things are gonna get back to normal now.  They are.  But we have to be able to trust each other, okay?” — Elizabeth Jennings

“You know we have to do all sorts of things for our work, and it requires being a certain way.” — Elizabeth Jennings

“I could’ve cracked him in 30 seconds.” — Elizabeth Jennings

Quote1We work for our country.Quote2 — Elizabeth Jennings

“I was 17 when I joined the KGB.  Never had a boyfriend.  When we got here I was 22 years old.  I was living in a strange house in a strange country with a strange man.” — Elizabeth Jennings

Quote1There’s a weakness in the people.  I can feel it.Quote2 — Elizabeth Jennings

“We won’t let you down, General.” — Elizabeth Jennings

“If there is a war, we’re not the ones who started it.” — Elizabeth Jennings

“You don’t know what’s best for you, and I do.” — Elizabeth Jennings

“Lied?  What does that even mean to us?” — Elizabeth Jennings

Quote1I’m not making the decisions.Quote2 — Elizabeth Jennings

Quote1I think the Americans are capable of anything.  Do you listen to what they say?  What they say about us?Quote2 — Elizabeth Jennings

“We have no choice.” — Elizabeth Jennings

“It happens Philip, we lose agents.” — Elizabeth Jennings

“These are the people that dropped the atom bomb.  Twice.” — Elizabeth Jennings

“This is why we’re here.” — Elizabeth Jennings

“You’re not the only one who got hurt today, okay?  I was ripped from my house.  I was attacked by the people I believed in, the people I trusted most my whole life.” — Elizabeth Jennings

“Everybody lies Paige, it’s… a part of life.  But we’re telling each other the truth now.  That’s whats important.  You’re gonna get through this.  We will.  I promise.” — Elizabeth Jennings

Quote1It’s what the centre ordered.Quote2 — Elizabeth Jennings

“But Paige…. I worry about her.  She’s delicate somehow.” — Elizabeth Jennings

“They shouldn’t ask us to do impossible things.” — Elizabeth Jennings

Quote1Because I am a KGB officer.  Don’t you understand that, after all these years?  I would — I would go to jail, I would die, I would lose everything before I would betray my country.Quote2 — Elizabeth Jennings

Stern, intrepid, cautious, loyal, patriotic, unwavering, stouthearted, indomitable, staunch, brave, tough, valorous, chivalrous, gritty, and valiant Elizabeth Jennings is a Guardian.

Philip Jennings, FX Networks, The Americans

Philip Jennings

Philip Jennings was born Mikhail nickname mischa (Russian: Михаил) in Tobolsk, Siberia USSR in the early 1940’s.  Mikhail is essentially the Soviet Union’s #1 in-field operative.

Philip maintains a close friendship with his neighbor Stan Beeman but is forced to dispatch his partner FBI agent Chris Amador.

He convinces his asset Martha Hanson to plant a bugged pen in FBI agent and head of counterintelligence Frank Gaad’s office.  The FBI finds Martha’s bug in agent Gaad’s office and starts to investigate her.  

Philip successfully exfiltrates his long time asset and spurious wife Martha Hanson.  This gives him more time around the house with his kids.

“Start getting used to more Dad.” — Philip Jennings

Philip Jennings, FX Networks, The Americans

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series

1 nomination : 2016

Quote1We work… for our country.Quote2 — Philip Jennings

“I’ve been running an agent for several years.  I think she’s in danger.” — Philip Jennings

Quote1Conditions in the field won’t support that.Quote2 — Philip Jennings

“You know how guys like him kill people?  They plan it for weeks, and they always come up from behind.” — Philip Jennings

Quote1I’m telling you…. it didn’t feel right.Quote2 — Philip Jennings

“Every morning, I wake up with this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.” — Philip Jennings

“You ever try and pull her in this job and she gets even a whiff of some of the shit we really do.  She’ll figure out we killed him.” — Philip Jennings

Quote1Well that’s the way you had to be.  After the war, people didn’t have much.  It wasn’t about what you liked.  It was about hard work and protecting your family.Quote2 — Philip Jennings

“I’m looking for something good in all of this.” — Philip Jennings

“None of this is what I wanted.” — Philip Jennings

“There’s no way around this.  We go to work.  We hold our breath.  She won’t do anything stupid.  She won’t.” — Philip Jennings

Quote1She’s not equipped to deal with this shit.Quote2 — Philip Jennings

Quote1I don’t need permission to see my kids.Quote2 — Philip Jennings

Quote1We can get past this.  It doesn’t have to be like this.Quote2 — Philip Jennings

Quote1The world is an ugly place, Martha.  And it is full of brutish, cruel, nasty people.Quote2 — Philip Jennings

“Can’t complain.  Do.” — Philip Jennings

Quote1No if we mess up, we’re dead.  So I’ll wait for word from the centre.Quote2 — Philip Jennings

“We just killed a security guard down the street from the Secretary of Defense.  We’re riding around with enough explosives to blow up half the government buildings in D.C.  We’re mapping sniper shots to take out key U.S. leadership.  If anyone’s escalated things, it’s us.” — Philip Jennings

Quote1Trust me this is the better move.Quote2 — Philip Jennings

“She’ll know.  I don’t know how but she will.” — Philip Jennings

Quote1Site was clear, transmission was good.  Radio news was quiet on the way home.Quote2 — Philip Jennings

Quote1She’s trained for this, so am I.Quote2 — Philip Jennings

Quote1My winning personality.Quote2 — Philip Jennings

“It just decoded into another name and phone number.” — Philip Jennings

Quote1I had a… thing last night.  Finished up an operation with some Afghans.  Went bad.Quote2 — Philip Jennings

Quote1It’s been a tough time at the office.Quote2 — Philip Jennings

“No.  We go to the centre, ask for orders.” — Philip Jennings

“I don’t lie to you Elizabeth.  I never have.” — Philip Jennings

Quote1I mean it’s worked up until now why change things, right?Quote2 — Philip Jennings

“I fit in, I fit in like I was supposed to and yes I liked it.  So what?  I was supposed to be able to trust you, and I did.  And I shouldn’t have.  I never should have.” — Philip Jennings

“I would do anything for my daughter.  I would do anything for my daughter.” — Philip Jennings

“My people are dying in Afghanistan.” — Philip Jennings

Quote1I’ll win any way I can.Quote2 — Philip Jennings

Quote1You know where I come from, you leave you lose.Quote2 — Philip Jennings

Quote1They must be after something very, very big.  Something that changes things.Quote2 — Philip Jennings

“So you’re saying that the CIA officers that we’re in the middle of, aren’t necessarily looking for us?” — Philip Jennings

“You’ve been following me since I stepped outside.  Now I’ve circled around and you don’t have a support team, so whoever you are you’re on your own right?  You have 60 seconds to tell me who you are and what you want, or I will snap your neck and move on with my day.” — Philip Jennings

“I think we should at least try and finish the mission the way it was assigned.” — Philip Jennings

Quote1She’s not cut out for this.Quote2 — Philip Jennings

Quote1I think this is turning to shit.  But we’ll know more tomorrow.Quote2 — Philip Jennings

“Some clients aren’t worth the hassle.” — Philip Jennings

“I am sorry we don’t have more of a family, but your mother and I have worked hard to create this one.  I lost my father when I was 6.  6 years old.  Do you understand that?  You’re lucky to have what you have.” — Philip Jennings

Quote1Well if there is a war we might have fired the first shot.Quote2 — Philip Jennings

Quote1You wanna kill him? Put a scope on a rifle.  Take him out.Quote2 — Philip Jennings

“We’re one block from where we took him, and we’ve been seen by the police.  I have a mossad agent in the other room.  I’m not interested in ‘your best’.  I need results, so start by getting me a new safe house.” — Philip Jennings

“That’s bullshit you’re putting yourself in danger because you’ve made it personal do you see that?” — Philip Jennings

Quote1Nothing’s easy.Quote2 — Philip Jennings

“You’re not dead, yet.” — Philip Jennings

“I can help.  I can make this go away.” — Philip Jennings

Quote1Well if she’s not, I’m walking into a room full of FBI agents.Quote2 — Philip Jennings

“We would be exposed from the first meeting.  We don’t know anything about the target.  How are we supposed to get her to do it without understanding her?” — Philip Jennings

Quote1We’ll be fine.  Don’t forget we’ve been doing this a long time.Quote2 — Philip Jennings

Quote1Let’s see what we hear tomorrow.Quote2 — Philip Jennings

“And now my job is to look after my family.  Because no one else will.” — Philip Jennings

Grounded, visceral, austere, downbeat, earnest, grim, grave, deadly, fatal, lethal, prudent, sensible, tactical, and impulsive Philip Jennings is an Artisan.

Stan Beeman, FX Networks, The Americans

Stan Beeman

Stan just got out of a 3 year undercover job in-the-field with a white supremacist bank robbing militant group out of southern Arkansas.

Stan starts working a Russian embassy employee at the rezidentura one Nina Sergeevna Krilova as an informant.

Beeman starts to experience marital issues as a result of his strict work schedule.  He starts having an affair with his informant Nina Krilova.

Beeman’s partner Chris Amador goes missing and he aggressively pursues all suspects to no avail.  He even slays a random Russian embassy worker Vladamir Kosygin after detaining and questioning him off the books.

Stan and the agency put together a composite sketch of the KGB agent couple operating somewhere in the DC area.


Stan’s wife leaves him and Nina is sent back to Russia for a trial facing charges of treason.  Beeman then starts handling a Soviet defector by the name of Zinaida Preobrazhenskaya.

Stan collars ‘defector’ Zinadia Preobrazhenskaya who was actually KGB, and begins to suspect agent Gaad’s secretary Martha Hanson.  Martha escapes to the USSR and Stan gets a new boss, agent Wolfe.

Beeman and his squad pick up William Crandall, a Soviet biological weapons specialist and directorate S operative for many years.  While he’s dying of a biological weapon he briefly mentions a comrade couple who are living the American dream.


Quote1Actually, I work in counterintelligence now.Quote2 — Stan Beeman

“I’ll tell you one good thing about bank robbers they speak English.  They got me in beginning Russian four days a week.” — Stan Beeman

“I got to uh, peek at the file of the guy who shot the president — Hinckley.  And he is totally nuts, 100%.” — Stan Beeman

Quote1Our office is a target of the illegals.  The best most dangerous officers the K.G.B. has.  Now they got to somebody inside and it wasn’t me.  Work on that.Quote2 — Stan Beeman

“I’m not much on war stories.  But I’ll take the beer.” — Stan Beeman

“Well, that’s a matter of interpretation.  My boss thinks I should be executed.  But his boss thinks I should get a medal.” — Stan Beeman

Quote1I’m not a hero, Henry.Quote2 — Stan Beeman

Quote1I can stop him.  But the god damn bureaucracy is killing us.Quote2 — Stan Beeman

“This job takes it’s toll, you know.  There’s a lot I can’t share with her.  I wouldn’t want to put her through that anyway.  Seperate lives.” — Stan Beeman

“Thing are a little unsettled… at home.” — Stan Beeman

Quote1Uh-huh.  FBI doesn’t exactly work like that.Quote2 — Stan Beeman

“Look I’m not sure how they will approach you but I am sure that they will.” — Stan Beeman

“Get me all the files and physical evidence connected to those murders also.” — Stan Beeman

Quote1I think I can’t rule anything out.Quote2 — Stan Beeman

Quote1I’m sorry I haven’t been getting much sleep.  I’m feeling kind of… we’re in the middle of dealing with this disaster at work the last three days.  If it turns out how it looks like it’s turning out… won’t be enough beer in the world.”Quote2 — Stan Beeman

“You tell them what they want to hear — over and over and over again.” — Stan Beeman

Quote1People love hearing how right they are.Quote2 — Stan Beeman

“Well I didn’t work for them sir, entirely different dynamic.” — Stan Beeman

“Because that is where their power lies — in secrets.  If they can keep you afraid and ashamed, then they can keep you silent.  And if they can keep you silent, they can control you.” — Stan Beeman

“We’re gonna go through your file and go over all the parts of your life that make you the most vulnerable to them — financially, emotionally, sexually.” — Stan Beeman

Quote1Great guy.  Now he didn’t give a shit how we got the job done, just long as we stopped the Russians.Quote2 — Stan Beeman

Quote1They are masters at exploiting weakness.  We all have weaknesses.  We all do.  And they will find yours.Quote2 — Stan Beeman

“Single gunshot wound nothing stolen no criminal history.  He was shot two miles from where we were surveilling the rezident.  Looks like… right around the same time.” — Stan Beeman

Quote1Do you have any idea how long it’s been since I’ve been on a date?  I don’t — I don’t know what we would talk about.  I couldn’t talk to Sandra and I lived with her.Quote2 — Stan Beeman

“Listen to me — your illegal with a ‘Morticia Addams hair and the hot skirts’ is a fantasy you’ve been jerking off to as far as we can tell.  She doesn’t exist.” — Stan Beeman

Quote1She’s in over her heard, sir.Quote2 — Stan Beeman

“I’ve never been very good at waiting, sir.” — Stan Beeman

Quote1I believe the KGB has kidnapped a scientist to work on some kind of project of theirs.  I need the code-word clearance to look into it.Quote2 — Stan Beeman

Quote1Well that would depend on your sense of humor, sir.Quote2 — Stan Beeman

“Task force in Arkansas all got medals.  I never picked mine up.” — Stan Beeman

“I was living with psycho militants for too long ok?  I don’t know.” — Stan Beeman

“Exfiltration is coming soon, but we’re not there yet.  And in the meantime, we just have to keep working for the good of all concerned.” — Stan Beeman

“No it’s a movie, Nina.  I thought you’d like it.” — Stan Beeman

“The guy’s a gambler but I don’t think he’s a bluffer.  We should make the deal.” — Stan Beeman

“We worked out of the midwest bank robbery squad together.” — Stan Beeman

Quote1You know I told him he’d be out of here in an hour.  Let’s just let him sit there.  No one goes in.  At some point, he’s gonna start shouting at the glass that he wants to talk.Quote2 — Stan Beeman

Quote1Call it what you may, these people are the illegals we’ve been chasing.Quote2 — Stan Beeman

Quote1The differences are superficial, sir.Quote2 — Stan Beeman

Quote1I got things on my mind.Quote2 — Stan Beeman

Quote1It’s just… the world that we live in is a little darker and a little uglier than I think you know.Quote2 — Stan Beeman

“I’m sorry if this is extrajudicial… I would rather stay away.” — Stan Beeman

Quote1Nothing beats American fast food.  It’s probably filled with all kinds of nasty shit that’ll kill you but man… it sure tastes good.Quote2 — Stan Beeman

“When is the right time to exfiltrate a source?” — Stan Beeman

Quote1We’ll figure it out.  I’ll find a way.Quote2 — Stan Beeman

“She has held up her end of the bargain.  We cannot just feed her to the wolves.” — Stan Beeman

“A Visiotech employee just happens to get shot at the exact same time that we’re tracking the KGB rezident?  That’s a hell of a coincedence.” — Stan Beeman

“Yeah my bank robbery assignment last three years, I was undercover.” — Stan Beeman

Quote1If I can’t locate a travel agent staying in a motel under his own name, then I’m in the wrong line of business.Quote2 — Stan Beeman

“Counterintelligence yeah but we were worried that the Russians might have been involved, so we had to check that out.  But it turns out that they weren’t which is a good thing because you know that uh… well that could have started World War III.” — Stan Beeman

Quote1We debriefed the surveillance guys they said it happened at a choke point.  Like she knew.Quote2 — Stan Beeman

Quote1Okay I’m feeling like I need a crystal ball for this conversation.Quote2 — Stan Beeman

Quote1She slipped away from a full FBI surveillance detail.  Sounds like a directorate ‘S’ operative to me.Quote2 — Stan Beeman

“We’ll put a surveillance team together.” — Stan Beeman

“We have a team watching, you’re ok.” — Stan Beeman

“Yeah, I barely saw my family.” — Stan Beeman

Quote1It was a little deeper than that.Quote2 — Stan Beeman

Quote1See the thing about racquetball is it’s not about power or speed.  It’s about strategy, about making your opponent move too fast, tire out, and then make a mistake.Quote2 — Stan Beeman

Quote1You know we got a real shit storm brewing looks like I’ll be working seven day weeks for the foreseeable future.Quote2 — Stan Beeman

Calm, reasonable, resolute, deductive, autonomous, practical, and utilitarian Stan Beeman is a Rational.


Paige Jennings

Paige Jennings begins to suspect that her parents aren’t being totally 100% forthcoming with everything that is going on in their lives.

She engages in a youth group for kids and the Reed Street Church and becomes embroiled with a Pastor Tim and his wife.

Paige confronts her parents and they tell her the truth.  She remains generally apprehensive on the matter and in a moment of desperation divulges her parents secrets to Pastor Tim.

Paige sparks a romance with her neighbor and family friend Matthew Beeman.

Paige Jennings, FX Networks, The Americans

“There’s just something ghoulish about constantly showing this.” — Paige Jennings

“It’s history, which repeats itself.  So he does have to worry about it.” — Paige Jennings

Quote1Sometimes don’t you just wish you could go back to being a little kid again?Quote2 — Paige Jennings

“You’re incorrigible.” — Paige Jennings

Quote1We believe in social action and making the world a better place.Quote2 — Paige Jennings

“Going to church is being true to myself, dad.” — Paige Jennings

“I’m a prisoner in my own house how am I supposed to act?” — Paige Jennings

“When Henry and I fight, you tell us to stop.  if we can why cant you?” — Paige Jennings

“People think church is all about feeling sorry for yourself, but it’s not.  Not at my church, anyway.” — Paige Jennings

“You just killed a man in front of me.  I might as well know everything.” — Paige Jennings

“Do you trust me or not?” — Paige Jennings

Quote1It’s okay dad, I’m fine.  I really wish you guys would stop worrying about me.Quote2 — Paige Jennings

“Do you really think it makes a difference?” — Paige Jennings

Quote1I don’t know if I can do this mom.  I don’t think I can do it.  Go home and — and lie to Henry about everything.  All my friends, everyone in my life.  To lie for the rest of my life.  That’s not who I am.Quote2 — Paige Jennings

“I’m so sick of this Henry breaks into the neighbor’s house, and it’s not big deal.  But I want to be a better person, and I’m the bad guy?” — Paige Jennings

“I still don’t know really what you guys do.  I know your spies and everything but… do people get hurt because of things you’re involved with?” — Paige Jennings

“So was he a criminal or wasn’t he?” — Paige Jennings

“Dad I want you to come home, we both do.” — Paige Jennings

“You’re doing laundry in the middle of the night?  I don’t hear the washing machine.” — Paige Jennings

Quote1It’s not all you.  Why I’m reading the bible, going to the youth group — it’s not you, it’s me.Quote2 — Paige Jennings

“He’s gone a lot.  At night.  How do you know?” — Paige Jennings

Quote1It’s called civil disobedience, dad.  I’m not talking about the idea of it.  I’m talking about doing it, making a difference.  I don’t expect you to understand.”Quote2 — Paige Jennings

Quote1Swimming and hiking.  And they teach you teamwork and social values.Quote2 — Paige Jennings

“‘Cause I missed you, mom, and I’m sorry.” — Paige Jennings

Quote1They’re just people and…. shit happens, you know?Quote2 — Paige Jennings

Quote1This moved me, okay?  I mean, this is the whole point of the church.  It’s not all about Jesus and the Bible.  It’s about what he represents — that he was willing to sacrifice himself.  Quote2 — Paige Jennings

Quote1He was willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good.  And that inspires me.Quote2 — Paige Jennings

Quote1I mean I love them I do.  But it’s like I don’t even know who they are.Quote2 — Paige Jennings

“All I know is, I don’t believe a  word that comes out of their mouths anymore.” — Paige Jennings

“I’m not a liar mom.  I told you that.” — Paige Jennings

“That’s not fair.  You put me in this position.  You did this to me.” — Paige Jennings

“This isn’t normal.  I’ve felt it for a long time now, and I thought it was me.  I thought I was crazy.  But it’s not me, it’s you.  I talked to Pastor Tim and he agrees.  I need to know the truth I don’t care what it is, but if you really love me, then just please tell me.  Are you in the witness protection program?  Did you kill someone?  Are you drug dealers?  Am I adopted are we aliens?  What?” — Paige Jennings

Quote1Well it’s going to better use there.  They’re feeding refugees, building houses.  You guys don’t help anyone!Quote2 — Paige Jennings

Quote1Homework awaits.Quote2 — Paige Jennings

Quote1Well I don’t want to lie to you.  I’m not a liar.Quote2 — Paige Jennings

Quote1I don’t wanna fight for his feelings mom.  Either he’s into me or he’s not.Quote2 — Paige Jennings

Quote1Is that what happened with you and dad?  Did you need to see something in him that wasn’t really there?Quote2 — Paige Jennings

Credulous, naive, vigilant, altruistic, empathetic, seeking identity Paige Jennings is an Idealist.

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