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Big Pharma original drama meet local lesbians dropped September 18, 2018.

#SorryForYourLoss has not yet been renewed for a second season.

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Leigh Shaw, Sorry For Your Loss, Facebook Watch, Facebook, Starkeeper, Suzy B., Brillstein Entertainment Partners, Big Beach, Elizabeth OlsenLeigh Shaw

Column writer and fitness instructor Leigh Shaw loses her clinically depressed husband Matt outside of Los Angeles, California.

Leigh Shaw, Sorry For Your Loss, Facebook Watch, Facebook, Starkeeper, Suzy B., Brillstein Entertainment Partners, Big Beach, Elizabeth Olsen“I had written myself notes.  I only have five minutes.  I didn’t want to spend the entire time rambling.  No, it’s not.  No, it’s not.  I don’t– it’s right here, so… um… I… I was online yesterday and, um,  a bunch of people had posted links to this infographic, and– sorry, does everyone know what that– it’s a– it’s a cartoon that illustrates statistics.  So, um… this infographic was about marriages, and, um, it said that if your spouse dies, it– it feels like losing $308,780 a year, which sounded crazy to me at first.  Like, how do you… how do you put a dollar amount on death?  Like, how is that even a thing with a price tag?  Um… but then I… I started to think about what it would feel like to lose… $308,780 a year.  And it would feel like– like a problem you could never fix.  It’s an impossible amount of money to lose.  Um… I don’t know if it’s that exact number.  The 780 at the end feels a bit weird.  Um… but I… would say that my… husband being dead… feels like the same kind of impossible thing.  That’s what I got.  Okay, you’re welcome.  I don’t really want them.” — Leigh Shaw

“No.  Hey, stop.  I’m not wearing pants.  I don’t want to be awake.” — Leigh Shaw

“Get up.  Get up.  Get up.  Get up.  Get up.  Get up.  Get up.  Mm-mm.  Mm-mm.  You need to take a shower.  You need to smell good enough to be around my family.  I promise you don’t smell okay.  Do you want to come?  Matt, please.  I need you.  You always make things better with my family.  I don’t, but you do.  Please, get up.  Thank you.  I love you, too.  I’ll love you more after you’ve brushed your teeth.” — Leigh Shaw

“Hello.  Hi.  What?  Oh.  No.  Wow.  Oh, right.  Of course.  Oh, my God, you’ve got to stop being a parody of yourself.  Are you serious?” — Leigh Shaw

“Yeah.  Everything she said.  Yep, it really, uh, screwed me up, too, when my husband died.  That’s exactly what you were saying– that my husband being dead is making it harder for you to stay sober.  You still said it.  What?  I’m breathing.  Whatever.  I’m gonna go to the studio.  How do you expect anyone to be in a good mood before the sun’s up.  Just think about that.” — Leigh Shaw

“Up and press.  Heels up like you’re wearing stilettos.  Come on, I know you girls have higher heels than that.  And up, and press.  Now, you’re gonna lower yourself three inches and hold.  Three inches.  You guys have zero inches.  Three inches.  Come on.  Here, you got this.  Come on, match me.  Match me.  You got this.  Right now.  One inch up.  One inch down.  We’re gonna pulse for ten seconds to tempo.  Mm-mm.  Yep.  You can do anything for ten seconds.  Mm-hmm.  And pulse.  Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.  And release.  Good job.  Good job.  Now we’re gonna go to butt school, ladies, and work those seats.  Okay.  Are you saying you love me because you have to ask me something?  What?  Mm-hmm.  Yeah, but it’s at my apartment.  A little before the funeral.  Yeah.  Yeah, I know.  Sure.  Yeah, sure.  You’re welcome.  I love you, too.” — Leigh Shaw

“Can you be my sounding board?  It’s for my column.  A high-school girl just got her heart broken for the first time, feels like she is dying.  What does she do?  Keeping doing your homework, you’ll be in love with someone new by Winter Formal.  No, I’m not gonna say that, but I just– I feel like she’s 15 and her heart is broken, and she’s going to use it as an excuse to be an asshole to her mom.  And I want to tell her not to do that.  Ooh.  I’m going to.  Um… ‘you’ve lost someone important to you, but there are people who still depend on you.  So help your friend with her mock-trial audition and your brother with his Latin homework and tell your mom you love her.  Even though you know she knows… she still needs to hear it.’  Thank you for being my sounding board.  You want to get ramen for dinner?  You’re always hanging out with your brother.  I don’t really like hanging out with regular Danny, and I don’t want to hang out with dumped Danny.” — Leigh Shaw

“It’s okay.  Mm-hmm.  Hey.  I slept for hours.  I look like a cadaver.  It’s ’cause I teach three barre classes a day and I only get to eat one fun thing a week.  Doughnuts at grief group.  I know.  Mm-hmm.  What?  I just don’t feel like the same person who wrote that anymore.  You’re a good editor.  And you’re a really good friend.  That’s an ‘I’ll think about it.'” — Leigh Shaw

“Yo, you just, uh, checked yourself out, didn’t you?  You know what?  I didn’t end up having time.  Right.  Well, I don’t know what to tell you, Jules.  You’re asking me to do something that I can’t do.  I don’t want this to be a thing.  Yeah, but you’re not helping.  I know what helping looks like ’cause that’s what I did for you for, like, a decade.  Sure, ’cause apparently you don’t remember the hundreds of times that I had to help you out ’cause you were too wasted to help yourself.  Okay, well, you never do anything nice for me at all.  I have an idea.  How about you go to my apartment to get my stuff, since you’re the one who wants it so badly?  These are my keys.  I got to go to grief group ’cause my husband died.  Smile about it.” — Leigh Shaw

“‘Everyone keeps telling me that I’ll get over him.  Everyone keeps telling me it’s not the end of the world, but if that’s true, then why does it feel like the end of the world?’  Are you here for group?  It’s not stupid.  Mm, yeah, this is my sixth, seventh week, something like that.  Yeah, that’s what I did.  I think that’s what everyone does.  I don’t own grief group.  Okay, well, just come, because I’m gonna feel bad if you don’t.  I don’t hate anyone.  I don’t hate you.  Are you coming?” — Leigh Shaw

“What is this?  Why?  So there’s just, like, no doughnuts?  Nope, I don’t want to talk to you.  I don’t even want to be here most of the time.  I just– I come here because usually it doesn’t make me feel better, but sometimes it does.  But… you know what?  Nothing makes me feel better enough!  All I wanted was a doughnut.  That’s, um… what was going to make me feel better.  Can you stop following me?  Just go back.  Do group.  It’s good.  Why don’t you go back?  I just literally had a psychotic break over carrot sticks.  That’s not helpful.  No, that’s okay.  I wasn’t crying.  Yeah, I know the same one.  I drive by it all the time, and I think about going in, and I never do.  That’s an ugly word with an ugly history.” — Leigh Shaw

“Yeah.  I hate how in the beginning, everyone wants to send you flowers and donate to, like, a foundation for your dead person.  And then they stop calling and writing and doing nice things for you because they’re over it, and they expect you to be over it.  Mm.  I hate running into someone I haven’t seen in a long time, and I know they know he’s dead.  But we have an entire conversation, and they never bring him up.  They never say they’re sorry.  They don’t ask how I’m doing. They just pretend like everything’s fine.  I hate that.  God, that’s so good.  No.  Yes.  Yes, I do.  I would love one.” — Leigh Shaw

“Jesus.  Oh, God.  Matt.  Matt.  Is Matt here?  Is Matt here?  No, he didn’t.  Was he okay to drive?  Well, he’s not picking up his phone.  You don’t know where he is.  I don’t know where he is.  So what am I supposed to do, Danny?  What are you doing?  I thought you were dead.  You can never die.  I’m serious.  I’m serious– like, ever.  Just do it after me.” — Leigh Shaw

“Why?  No, that’s not what– I actually mean why.  I’m having a shitty time, too.  Really?  How is that?  Okay.  Oh, wow.  I cannot believe you just said that.  Okay, this is why I never wanted to hang out with you.  right, and this is why I still don’t want to hang out with you.  So, Danny, thank you.” — Leigh Shaw

“Did you get my stuff?  Cool, that’s a no.” — Leigh Shaw

“‘Everyone keeps telling me that I’ll get over him.  Everyone keeps telling me it’s not the end of the world, but if that’s true, then why does it feel like the end of the world?  The reason everyone keeps telling you it’s not the end of the world is because it’s not the end of THEIR world.  They don’t have to figure out how to live inside a world that’s over.  You do.'” — Leigh Shaw

“Yep.  Whoa.  I love it.  I love it.  It love it.  I love it. I love it.  I love it.  I love it.  Okay, so my couch would go perfectly here and then my mom’s gonna get rid of, like, one of her couches and that, that could actually go here.  You don’t have a couch.  You have a futon.  Well, so will the fraternity that we donate it to.  Okay, well, if you’re serious about this apartment you can glue your toys to the ceiling so that they’re fighting each other in space.  Okay, so you’re in?  So you’re in.  So this is our apartment.  This is our home.  This is where we’re supposed to live.  I like this, yeah!” — Leigh Shaw

“Yes, you could have.  You’re being irrational.  Are you kidding?  Yeah, you are so– what, what are you talking about?  Oh, my God.  Oh, no.  Oh hey.  Come here.  Come here.  Come here.  Come here.  Come here.  Come here.  Come here.  Good girl.” — Leigh Shaw

“That’s definitely not the same thing.  Dad moved to an apartment.  Matt moved to a casket.  I… why don’t we just put everything in boxes and bags and… get it into storage.  But?  You said help like you were going to follow it with a but.  Okay.  So… why don’t you spend a week in this place respecting the objects because if I do that, I’m going to throw myself out a window.  That sounds great.  Ten points for Gryffindor.  Well, you know what?  Now I’m re-sorting you.  Oh, my God.” — Leigh Shaw

“Well, I am going to try.  What’d you do?  What?  You’re just gonna throw it in a drawer.  I see rocks every time I’m looking for a gas bill.  Be a good husband, brother, son, friend, teacher.  It is nice, but you already are all those things.  You have to think of actual aspirations for your vision rock, or else the solstice magic will not work.  No, you’re not okay, you’re amazing.  That’s what you should do.  Make that your aspiration.  Create a comic this year.” — Leigh Shaw

“What are you doing here?  I was gonna make you a box.  Okay.  Why?  Really.  They’re in the hall closet.  How?  Oh yes.  Do that.  What?  Oh, yeah.  That’s um… we– we kept that in the freezer in case of an emergency.  We never had an emergency that we could fix with the credit card so we never found out.  No, that’s… I-I just, I want to do that myself.  Great, thank you.” — Leigh Shaw

“I am obsessed with all of these.  I have no idea what I’m going to read first.  Thank you.  Okay, you’re up.  It’s a drafting table.  ‘Cause you remember at the solstice thing you said that you wanted to make your comic this year.  So I just– I thought that, um… it would help if you had, like, a designated space to do it.  Yeah, I take all that inner child stuff seriously.  Plus, unlike my mom’s past life regression bullshit, the inner child thing is actual psychology.  So can I just say one more thing about my gift?  I see how much you love reading comic books.  And your art’s so, so, so, so good.  That I just think of this as the year where you get to put it all together.  And this is the place where you get to make something great.  Hmm.  Yeah?” — Leigh Shaw

“Yeah?  Oh, I don’t know what they are.  Well, nothing makes me happy.  I know that you need to control everything in the universe, but can you try not to control my feelings right now?  I know that you’re trying to help.  That’s not what I meant.  Yeah… anything.  She’s been great.  Like she’s been body snatched.  I am.  The aliens sent, like, the best pod person to replace Jules.  Don’t freak out.  There was Vicodin in the medicine cabinet from when Matt dislocated his shoulder.  Yeah.  I– I can’t leave Danny in my home alone.  Okay.  What are you doing?  Oh, you want his boot?  Of course I knew.  I’m not an idiot.  Real good.  Hey.  No.  No.  No.  No.  No.  I gave him that.  Get out of there.  It was your dad’s.” — Leigh Shaw

“What are you looking for?  If you just tell me then I can help you find it and you can go.  No, you can’t have that.  Because it’s mine.  I-I got him to make it.  I just– I helped him set goals that he could get what he wanted in life.  I don’t know what you’re trying to get at, but I– what?  The what– this shirt?” — Leigh Shaw

“Hey.  Hey.  well, I was putting thing away and I just thought it was one of your random sketchbooks.  I-Matt this is amazing.  It’s so good.  Kay, well, there wasn’t a padlock on it.  So I did not know that.  Why?  What about the part where I just told you it was amazing?  Well, I’m not going to crush you under anything.  I’m– I’m going to be supportive and excited.  Can you not be mad at me?  Hey, I’m just– I’m proud of you.  You are doing the thing that you said you were going to do this year.  I didn’t– I didn’t run a marathon.  My column never went viral, but you are doing your comic.  Okay.” — Leigh Shaw

“Yeah, well, you say that now.  Maybe in a couple years you will.  Here.  I think you were right.  I think there was… a lot about him I didn’t know.  Did you know why he kept a credit card in the freezer?  Okay.  Okay.  No.  No.  I really like this shirt.  Not anymore.  Bye, Danny.” — Leigh Shaw

“You had this perfect marriage and your husband died a hero.  And mine died for nothing.  And I’m beginning to think I didn’t even know him.  I shouldn’t have yelled at you.  I’m sorry.  I’m just mad all the time.” — Leigh Shaw

“I’m sorry, did you say your dog’s on Prozac?  Okay.  Okay.  I’ve just been reading a lot of op-eds about how we’re over-medicated as a society, and are controlled by our Evil Overlord Big Pharma.” — Leigh Shaw

“Look, I have been reading up on this, and there’s still so much about the long-term effects of anti-depressants that we don’t know about.  And so I was talking to my mom about it– well, I’m really close with my mom.  Well, she had postpartum depression after I was born, and she said the things that really helped her were St. John’s Wort and Omega 3 fish oil pills.  Okay, well, you don’t need to be mean about it.  No, you know what, I’m just trying to help.  Cool, okay.  I’m sorry, I didn’t know that.  Okay, but you need to understand that I’m never gonna stop trying to take care of you.” — Leigh Shaw

“I wish I had a better understanding of what you’re going through.  You’re an English teacher.  Give me a metaphor.  I read an article that said it’s like a– like a fox descending over everything.  Like that?  Please just tell me if there’s anything I can do to help.  Anything.  Even if it’s giving you space which, you know, is the hardest thing you could ask me to do.  But I love you that much.  Then… I can start by taking a shower, and that will buy you ten minutes.  Mm, twenty-five.” — Leigh Shaw

Jules Shaw, Sorry For Your Loss, Facebook Watch, Facebook, Starkeeper, Suzy B., Brillstein Entertainment Partners, Big Beach, Kelly Marie TranJules Shaw

“Hey.  Okay, you guys I got to show you something funny.  Come on.  Look at what mom made.  Yes.  Mom, if you don’t want people to laugh at your vision boards, don’t put so much healing crystals.” — Jules Shaw

“Wait, say that all again?  I’m sorry.  I’m just, like, stupid excited to get my three-month chip tonight.  Just, like, these last few months, everything has been so emotional and stressful, and I could have fallen off the wagon so many times, but… I didn’t.  I handled it.  That’s not what I was saying.  I wasn’t saying it like that.” — Jules Shaw

“I’ll see you girls later.  Mmm.  I love you.  Oh, hey, real quick– I have to ask you something.  No, I love you, and I have to ask you something.  You’ve been wearing a lot of my workout stuff.  But you have your own stuff.  When’s the last time you went to your apartment.  It’s like, three months?  All your stuff is still there, and you’re still paying rent and utilities.  So maybe you could go by your apartment and get your stuff.  Okay, great.  Thank you.  I love you.  Mmm.” — Jules Shaw

“Yeah.  I did.  Did you get to go by your apartment?  You got to go over there.  I’m out of clothes.  I’m gonna have to teach naked.  I’m just trying to help.  Are you gonna list every mistake I ever made.  Should I get comfortable?  But I do remember that look that you always have on your face when you get to feel superior to me.  You never do anything nice for me without making me pay for it later.  How are you getting there?” — Jules Shaw

“I want to talk to you.  No, I really need you to listen to me.  I went to your apartment, and I stood outside the door, but I didn’t go in because I kept thinking about this thing that people say when they’re in the program… ‘suit up and show up.’  Even if you don’t feel like going to a meeting, you have to get dressed up and go.  How you feel about it doesn’t matter.  What matters is that you do it.  I can go with you.  I will.  I will sit with you for however long it takes for you to feel like you can go in, but I can’t go for you.  You have to show up for yourself.” — Jules Shaw

“Mom, she can’t do this for weeks.  Okay.  How do you want this to happen?  Great.  I’ll start with the kitchen so we can stop smelling the trash and the fridge.  I can’t tell if we’re smelling the trash or the fridge.  You said I was Slytherin, and it really hurt my feelings.” — Jules Shaw

“Read a book a week.  Learn to sew.  Have advice column go viral.  Run a marathon.  You’re gonna do all that this year?  I’m gonna cry.  That’s so nice.  Okay, pick a country that you want to go to, write it on the rock, and then go there.  If you can’t think of a country do Iceland.  I’m not, it’s just.  You always say inner child with this really serious face.” — Jules Shaw

“Want me to get rid of him?  Okay.  Mom has the kitchen covered.  Do you want me to start in the bedroom?  Okay.  I’ll do the bathroom.  Um… I’m gonna do a snack run.  Do you want anything?  Nope, I’m good.  I have the last 20 you gave me.  See you in a few.  Give what to you?  I threw them out with the rest of Matt’s bathroom stuff.  Search the trash.  It’s there.  Just seeing his toothbrush and his toothpaste and the towel he used last.  I don’t know.  No, I’m not actually.  Because she would say that I was being selfish, and that I was making it about me, so.  It’s okay.  I keep thinking I’m out of… this thing, but… it happened a few months before Matt died.  I had just gotten all my transfer rejection letters because none of the UCs wanted me.  I went on this huge bender at a warehouse party.  I didn’t want to call you or Leigh ’cause I knew you’d yell at me.  You yell with your eyes.  But I-I called Matt to pick me up and on the way home he said… ‘what’s it gonna take for you to get your life together, Jules?  Does someone have to get hurt?  Do you have to get hurt?’  And I… I keep thinking about him dying because… because that’s what it took.  I can’t believe that you thought I would choose today to relapse of all days.  I know.” — Jules Shaw

“No, I just need, like two minutes.  My brother-in-law died 3 1/2 months ago.  Matt was the glue that held us together.  I mean, everyone was just better when he was around.  And that girl, the teacher, she’s my sister.  Matt was her husband.  Look, I don’t know if you’ve ever lost anyone suddenly and had your entire worldview just fall apart over night.  So you get it?  Like, you lose this person who meant so much to you and you start spinning out in all these weird ways because you don’t even know who you are anymore.  My sister’s in freefall.  And she just needs some time to turn everything right side up again.  I know you think basically everyone in my family is crazy at this point, but if you could just give us a break and take down that review… thank you.” — Jules Shaw

“You know, they told me in rehab the hardest part about staying sober is the fact that the people in your life don’t believe you can change.  But I didn’t think that would be you guys.” — Jules Shaw

Matt Greer, Sorry For Your Loss, Facebook Watch, Facebook, Starkeeper, Suzy B., Brillstein Entertainment Partners, Big Beach, Mamoudou AthieMatt Greer, Sorry For Your Loss, Facebook Watch, Facebook, Starkeeper, Suzy B., Brillstein Entertainment Partners, Big Beach, Mamoudou Athie Matt Greer, Sorry For Your Loss, Facebook Watch, Facebook, Starkeeper, Suzy B., Brillstein Entertainment Partners, Big Beach, Mamoudou Athie Matt Greer, Sorry For Your Loss, Facebook Watch, Facebook, Starkeeper, Suzy B., Brillstein Entertainment Partners, Big Beach, Mamoudou AthieMatt Greer

“Babe.  I’m going back to sleep.  Mm-hmm.  I smell okay.  I didn’t know I was coming with.  I-it’s just been a long week.  I thought I’d take the morning to sleep.  You know that’s not true about you.  Oh, my God.  I love you.  Yeah, how about we try that all again?  I just love you and nothing else.  Yeah, there it is.” — Matt Greer

“What?  Well, I think this is really cool art.  What’s the story?  I mean, I hear that.” — Matt Greer

“You’re gonna say that.  Yeah, just say all that in a not-patronizing way.  Yeah?  I really like that.  Yeah, always.  Oh, I can’t.  I told my brother I would hang out with him tonight.  no, I’m always hanging out with you.  I live with you.  Well, he just got dumped.  It’s been hard on him.  You can hang with us if you want.  Okay, well, I just thought I’d offer, just in case.  All right, I’m gonna, um… head out in a few, all right?  Bye, bye, bye.” — Matt Greer

“Hey, hey, hey.  I was just waiting till I was okay to drive.  No.  No.  No, I won’t.  I think I have to someday.  Okay.  Okay.  Okay.  Hey.  Hey.  Hey.  I’m here.” — Matt Greer

“Oh ho.  Oh, my God.  Yeah, what about my couch?  I love my futon.  Aw, this mantle is freaking rad.  I can put a rotating display of my figures here.  Yeah, I wouldn’t use glue.  I would use sticky tack.  You know– of course.  I’m in.  This is our apartment.  This is our home.  This is where we’re supposed to live.” — Matt Greer

“Ooh.  I’m not being irrational.  You’re completely– fine!  Fine!” — Matt Greer

“Leigh, don’t read that.  Come on.  Sweetie, please.  Mm-hmm.  I wanted to make comic books when I was that age.  Yeah, I used to… draw and write pages for my brother.  And I still draw; I’m okay.  Well, I will when you give me back my vision rock first.” — Matt Greer

“They won’t actually let you be an English teacher if you suck at getting people books for Christmas.  You’re welcome.  Okay.  Oh.  Whoa.  This is a table for… grading papers.  Oh, wow.  Wow, no, this is so, so cool.  Ah, that is crazy that you remember that.  Well, I hope that past life stuff is real because your mom said she and I were Vikings, gladiators, and something else.  Medieval assassins.  I mean… oh, yes.  Yeah, say it.  Jeez.  Thank you.  No, thank you.  Yes.  This is, seriously, the nicest gift I’ve ever gotten.” — Matt Greer

“Oh, man.  Oh, wow.  What are you doing with this?  Okay, you weren’t– yeah, no, you weren’t supposed to– no one was supposed to see this.  Oh, you– you know, you don’t really get it.  This… this was hard enough for me to work on with no one knowing about it.  If you’re always gonna ask me questions and expect progress updates, I’m gonna be crushed under this mountain of pressure.  Yeah, well, for me that’s like the same thing.  Okay.  Okay, no, you’re right.  Thank you.  I’m glad you like my stuff.” — Matt Greer

“Look, we go in.  Have a nice pleasant dinner.  Ask your dad about the wine.  We ask Evie some horse questions.  We ask Sabrina about the landing probe on Mars, or whatever she’s working on.  And that’s it.  We go home.  And I’ll be there the whole time, pretending this is exactly where I want to be on a Tuesday night.  So what?  We all pretend all the time.  I don’t know.  All right, I pretend I love teaching.  On a lot of days I don’t.  I pretend I… I don’t notice when people stare at us at restaurants.  I pretend… getting up in the morning isn’t as hard as it is some days.  I… I pretend I’m totally cool with having sex with one person for the rest of my life.  Should I go on?  Well, you pretend too.  That’s marriage.  That’s being a person.  Leigh.  Got to let that go.  No, my dad never wanted to be in the same room as me, and now that he’s dead, he never has to ever again.  Richard’s not perfect, but he’s trying.  He wants to spend time with you.  That’s something.  Seriously?  We’re going home?  You hold people to impossibly high standards.  No one’s ever gonna pass your test.” — Matt Greer

“Hey, I would like to talk to you about something.  It’s, um… I, uh… yeah, remember when I told you Rogue was on Prozac?  Yeah, she’s not the only one.  I’ve been taking it on and off since I was in college.  For depression.  Well, I tried.  But when I told you about Rogue, you got all judgey.  Well, it does.  And I know exactly what to do to keep it under control.  I take my meds.  I have a good doctor.  But, you know, sometimes it gets bad.  Um… I get difficult.  Things get dark.  It’s just– it’s too much for some people.  Really?  What?  Oh, my God.  I am not… into cosplay.  Unless you are.  Oh-ho, then I definitely want to live with you, yeah.  Yeah, that seals it.” — Matt Greer

“You want to get Rogue off of her Prozac?  Mm-hmm, right.  Over-medicate.  We still talking about Rogue, here?  Wait, I’m sorry, no.  you told your mom about my meds?  I haven’t even told my mom.  Yeah, well, I’ve met her twice.  Yeah, I’m not gonna be able to fix whatever’s wrong with my brain by taking some pill some snake oil salesman sold to your mom.  I’m– you just taught my dog some stupid tricks so you could micromanage my mental health.  Do you have any idea how messed up that is?  I don’t want your help.  My whole life, everyone though I was lazy.  When I got diagnosed my sophomore year of college, it was one of the happiest days of my life.  My doctor telling me I had a disease instead of a character flaw.  I-I need you to understand that this isn’t fixable.” — Matt Greer

“I’m tired.  It’s Friday.  Oh, because I didn’t want to laugh at Rob’s jokes?  He said he was impressed with my self-sacrifice in being a teacher.  He’s in finance.  It was a dig about how little I make, Leigh.  Maybe because I’m just not interested in laughing at unfunny jokes and pretending to be interested in lame stories.  Yeah, really?  You would’ve let me stay home?  Yeah, going out doesn’t do that for me, Leigh.  You know, what also never makes me feel better is when my wife yells at me.” — Matt Greer

“I might want to finish it.  Um… Yeah, I mean– you know, it’s a comic that I want to read, so I wanna create it.  Oh, boy.  I… I want– I want– yeah.  I want everyone to read it.  Why is that so hard to say?  Okay, I want everyone to read it.  I want– I want everyone to read it.  Um, I… I want it to get published.  I want… I wanna– I wanna see it on my favorite shelf in my favorite comic book store.  I– I want some kid who’s like I was to pick it up and… and– and, uh… and– and love it so much they make their friends read it.  Uh, y–um, it’s not just finishing it, which I’m actually pretty close to.  It’s– it’s telling people about it.  I–I have to pitch my book with my online portfolio, which I– I set up… last year, and you’re now the second person in the world who knows it exists, and– and if I do all that, well, what if it gets published?  Hm… what if it gets published, and… it doesn’t make me feel better?  I mean, if… if that doesn’t work, then I don’t think anything could.  I just don’t know what else to try.” — Matt Greer

“Oh, it’s hard to describe.  I don’t know!  Mm.  Kind of.  Oh, yeah.  That is what I need.” — Matt Greer

“This is weird.  Sorry.  Um… I was procrastinating the other day and I was flipping through my phone, and I found this old credit card bill I hadn’t paid.  Um, I donated to this thing.  The last male northern white rhino was sick.  And I hid the emails because I didn’t want Leigh to find out about it, and I guess I forgot to pay it.  W-anyway, um… I hadn’t heard about the rhino, so I looked him up, and it turns out he died.  Months ago, actually.  Um… the whole world just didn’t care about him.  We killed off every single creature like him, and how he’s gone.  Uh, because I always donate to bummer things like that, and I shouldn’t be spending the money, and e– I’ll– I’ll just put the credit card in the freezer.  She doesn’t know what it’s really like.  She thinks it’s like a fog, because someone described it like that in an article or something but that’s– that’s not how it feels to me.  The opposite.  It feels like a bracing wind that blows– blows the fog away and reveals the whole truth of the world underneath, and it’s… everyone else is in the fog.  They can’t see it, but I can, and it’s all ugly and hopeless.  No, no, it’s me talking.  No, the disease isn’t dangerous because it tells me lies.  The disease is dangerous because it tells me the truth.” — Matt Greer

Amy Shaw, Sorry For Your Loss, Facebook Watch, Facebook, Starkeeper, Suzy B., Brillstein Entertainment Partners, Big Beach, Janet McTeerAmy Shaw

“Up.  Yes, come on.  You teach at 7:00.  No.  No.  No.  No ‘moms.’  Come on.  Your body literally came out of my vagina.  Do not talk to me about pants.  Come on.  I know, sweetie, but no one wants to be awake.  That’s how mornings work.  Here, there’s those pants you were so worried about.  Yeah.  Get up.  Get up.  Get up.  Get up.  Get up.” — Amy Shaw

“Leigh.  Leigh.  Honey.  You have the 7:00 and 9:15 classes… 9:30.  I’m at noon.  Uh, Jules, you have the evening slots.  You have group at 8:30.  And I have a date with a guy who seems nice, but you know, kind of boring on eHarmony.  So let’s hope he’s nice and kind of interesting in real life.” — Amy Shaw

“What?  What’s so funny?  Hey, that’s not cool.  I don’t make fun of your stuff.  They are not vision boards.  They are soul collages.  Thank you.  You collage a card for each aspect of you soul, and then you use the cards to answer your life questions.  So it’s sort of like a personalized tarot deck.  You don’t subscribe to my belief system.  That’s just fine, but you give some respect where it’s due.  Everything I have accomplished in my life is a result of believing that I could create my own reality, and that includes raising both of you by myself and running my own business, which also apparently employs you both.  So don’t make fun of my magic.  You should be respectful of it.  Thank you.  Thank you.  He is my favorite.  You’re my favorite.  See?  He’s nice.  Why are they so horrible to me?” — Amy Shaw

“Okay, so that’s Thursday.  Let’s do this.  Okay?  Come on.  Hmm.  You are a beast.  You’re kicking this thing in the teeth, and we could not be more proud of you.  Could we, Leigh?  Hey, you.  That’s enough.  Take a breath.  Now do it with some intention.  Come on.” — Amy Shaw

“You’re up.  You know, we can take as long as you need to do this.  If you need a few days we can take a few days.  If you need a few weeks we’ll take a few weeks.  No, I’m just saying that there’s no clock.  You know, when your father moved out– I’m not saying that that is the same thing as this, of course, but that took a month.  That’s why I said it wasn’t the same thing.  I don’t want to fight.  I’m here to help.  I don’t want you to rush this process and then regret it later.  Your belongings have meaning and they should be treated with the respect that they’re owed.  Okay.  Why don’t we make this as straightforward as this impossible thing can be?  Divide everything into three piles, keep, toss, and give away.  How does that sound?” — Amy Shaw

“Are we done with regrets?  Ready?  All right.  Cast out the past!  the solstice magic definitely will not work if you insist on making fun of it.  You know, I believe that we are all the ages that we’ve ever been.  So whenever I have a question that I don’t know the answer to I ask my inner child– don’t.  What?  Stop laughing.  That is because some of the profoundest truths of my life have come from asking the eight-year-old inside of me what she really wants.  so if I were to ask eight-year-old Matt what he really wanted, what would he say?  No.  No.  Say what you were gonna say.” — Amy Shaw

“Hey.  Come in.  How are you?  You okay?  ‘Course.  Hey, Leigh.  Come here.  What’s this?  Is this a credit card?  What emergency?  Huh.” — Amy Shaw

“Baby.  There’s got to be some things you want to keep.  Well… think about what makes you happy.  Well, I know right now, but think about a year from now, two years from now.  What are you gonna want to still have?  You’ve got to stop twisting everything that I say.  I’m trying to help.  Do you need a 20?  Be nice.  Was?  I got this.  Hey.  Are you– are you almost done in there?  What are you doing?  Give them to me.  Don’t do this, Jules.  Leigh told me there was Vicodin in the medicine cabinet.  Give them to me.  Then what are you doing out here?  You are allowed to feel what you feel. I was so focused on Leigh, I never thought about how hard this was gonna be for you or for me.  I’m sorry.  I don’t yell.  Matt was your sister’s person and we do have to be there for her, but he was our family too.  We’re allowed to feel heartbroken.  Jesus, today made me want to relapse.  I’m not even an addict.  Gimme that.  You look disgusting.  Blow your nose.  Oh, that’s disgusting.  You’re disgusting.  Blow it again.  Oh, my God.  This takes me back.” — Amy Shaw

“What do I want to manifest?  I am a successful businesswoman.  My daughters are independent and thriving.  I have a wonderful partner who fulfills all of my needs, emotional, spiritual… sexual.” — Amy Shaw

“I keep an orderly home.  I am a good mother.  I am patient.  Mm, I am patient even with my eldest daughter when she isn’t patient with me.  Or anyone else, for that matter.  I am a smart businesswoman who… sucked up to her landlady for over a decade, and priced herself out of the market.  I am… I am the one who holds everything together, and never got the chance to grieve my son-in-law, who was a hell of a lot nicer than either of my own kids.  I am… starting to wonder if this shit even works.” — Amy Shaw

Danny Greer, Sorry For Your Loss, Facebook Watch, Facebook, Starkeeper, Suzy B., Brillstein Entertainment Partners, Big Beach, Jovan AdepoDanny Greer

“Yeah, I was, uh, just gonna try it out, see if it was any good or if it was stupid.  You been going?  I just googled ‘grief group near me,’ and this is what came up.  You know what?  Uh, you been going.  This is your thing.  I don’t want to show up and screw with your thing, so I could– more than me.  I’ve seen worse.  I’m not trying to be helpful.  You want to get a doughnut?  You were just crying five seconds ago because you couldn’t have one.  Okay, come on.  I know a doughnut shop near here.  Okay.  So come on.  I will buy you a doughnut, and if you’re not being too much of a bitch, I’ll buy you two.  Now I’m only buying you one.” — Danny Greer

“I hate when people use the word ‘condolences.’  I hate it when people tell me that I’m in their prayers.  I hate it when people aks me if I was close to my brother… like they’re trying to decide how sorry they have to feel for me.  And they want me to say, ‘not close,’ as if that would make it better or whatever.  Do you want another doughnut?  Come on.  You want another one?  Yes, you do.” — Danny Greer

“Yes.  Wha– what time is it?  No, he went home.  Well, that’s what he said.  We walked back here from the bar, and I told him to crash, but he said he had to get back to you.  Y-yeah.  Don’t yell at me.  I didn’t do anything.  Leigh.  Leigh!” — Danny Greer

“Okay, then.  So you, uh, want to hang out sometime?  Never mind.  No, it’s okay.  Forget it.  You know… I’m having a shitty enough time without having to go through this whole thing with you, Leigh.  I’m having an objectively shittier time than you.  Yeah.  Because you can get another husband.  I can’t just get another brother.  It’s true.  ‘Cause you’re young.  You’ll find someone new.  You’ll be fine.  I’m the one who’s screwed here.” — Danny Greer

“Hello?  I’m good.  I’m good.  Thanks.  Your mom texted.  She told me I should come get whatever I wanted.  Thanks again.  It was really nice of you to think that I might want some things that belong to my dead brother.  Really.  I mean it.  Amy, thanks.  Well, I’m here now, so… make my own box.  Um… where his action figures?  I’m gonna sell them on eBay.  What were you going to do with them?  Hmm.  Yes.  Yes.  Nah.  Just this.  You didn’t know where he kept his stash?  Or you didn’t know that he had one?  Yeah, and he’s not going to be needing it anytime soon.  Calm down.  I don’t care about your vibrator.  Why does he have this?  Yeah, I know.” — Danny Greer

“Just, um…  I want the comic he made.  Why not?  That’s bullshit.  You don’t deserve that comic.  You took something that he loved and you turned it into a homework assignment.  And what was that supposed to be?  See, you think you knew him, but you really, you really didn’t know him as well as you thought.  Okay, what is that?  That is my shirt.  I’ve been– I’ve been looking for that shirt for years.  And Matt said he lost it and he just didn’t want to give it back.  Damn.  You know what?  Keep the comic.  Keep the shirt.  Keep whatever you want.  This is all just stuff.  Just stuff.” — Danny Greer

“What are you doing at my apartment?  I told you I didn’t want it.  No.  So… are you gonna give me my shirt back?  Does it smell like him?” — Danny Greer

Drew Burmester, Sorry For Your Loss, Facebook Watch, Facebook, Starkeeper, Suzy B., Brillstein Entertainment Partners, Big Beach, Zack RobidasDrew Burmester

“Hey.  You look pretty.  Super-hot cadaver.  What’s your fun thing?  Jesus.  Well, as long as you’re not having fun… there’s something I need to talk to you about.  Taylor wants to get the advice column going again.  I get it, but I’d love for you to still write it as whoever you are now.  And that is a yes?  Okay.  Thinking cadaver.  No, you don’t.  You’d be happy, ’cause you hate me, so… that’s what people say when they hate you.” — Drew Burmester

Claire, Sorry For Your Loss, Facebook Watch, Facebook, Starkeeper, Suzy B., Brillstein Entertainment Partners, Big Beach, Aisha AlfaClaire

“It’s okay if you ramble.  Yes, it is.  You still have a few minutes.”

“Oh, were switching up snacks.  I got a couple emails.  People are trying to cut out sugar.  Hey, we have a few minutes before we start.  Do you want to go outside and talk?” — Claire

Richard, Sorry For Your Loss, Facebook Watch, Facebook, Starkeeper, Suzy B., Brillstein Entertainment Partners, Big Beach, Don McManusRichard

“Sometimes when a person drowns they thrash around so much they bring down anyone trying to rescue ’em.  Even if they don’t mean to.” — Richard

Sorry For Your Loss, Facebook Watch, Facebook, Starkeeper, Suzy B., Brillstein Entertainment Partners, Big Beach

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