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Divine Burden

AMC‘s original graphic-novel-based drama Preacher drops its second season this week.

#Preacher season 3 has not been confirmed.

rottentomatoes: 93%

metacritic: 76

imdb: 8.1


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AMC, Preacher, AMCtv, HuluAMC, Preacher, AMCtv, Hulu AMC, Preacher, AMCtv, HuluAMC, Preacher, AMCtv, HuluAMC, Preacher, AMCtv, Hulu

John Custer, AMC, Preacher, AMCtv, Hulu, Nathan DarrowJohn Custer

John Custer resides over a humble congregation in Annville, Texas.  After his untimely death he passes his land and church onto his son Jesse.

“You promise me?” — John Custer

Quote1Jesse.  Much bigger things are comin’ for you.  Much bigger things than this here.  So you got to be one of the good guys.  ‘Cause why?  you promise me?  You stop that.  We Custers don’t cry.  We fight.Quote2 — John Custer

Quote1Peace be with you.  Let us pray.  Guide us, O God, bu your word and Holy Spirit, that, in your light, we may see light, in your truth, find freedom, and in your will, discover peace.Quote2 — John Custer

Quote1Come on.  People look to you.  It’s important to make an example for others to learn from.  You understand?  Jesse, do you understand?Quote2 — John Custer

“Come on.  Some people just can’t be saved.” — John Custer

“Explain yourself.  What?  All right, let’s go.  Where’s your mother?  Where’s your uncle?” — John Custer

Quote1Hey!  Homework?  All of it?  Tulip?  Good.  Dishes do themselves now, do they?  She’s stubborn, strong-willed… mm-hmm.  Mostly welfare.  It’s a lot for anyone to take on.  Jesse!  I know you don’t understand — I know it’s hard.  Look — because she’s an O’Hare, all right?  There’s always gonna be trouble.Quote2 — John Custer

“Jesse, much bigger things are coming for you, much bigger things than this here.  So you got to be one of the good guys.  ‘Cause why?  You promise me?  You stop that.  We Custers don’t cry.  We fight.” — John Custer

Quote1Hello?  Mr. Quincannon, it’s the middle of the night.  What happened?  Mr. Quincannon?  Mr. Quincannon?  You in there?  Oh, my God.  What have you done?  What have you done?!  Odin, you have experienced a terrible loss.  Your entire family — gone.  Let God help you.  Odin.  Enough.  Come on.Quote2 — John Custer

The Cowboy, AMC, Preacher, AMCtv, Hulu, Graham McTavishThe Cowboy, AMC, Preacher, AMCtv, Hulu, Graham McTavishThe Cowboy

“Tonight.  Don’t.” — The Cowboy

“I love my horse.  I love my wife.  And I love my little girl.  And as for Jesus… he can join us all in Hell.  I want you to finish the song.” — The Cowboy

“It ain’t.  Today.  No.  I want you to finish the song.” — The Cowboy

“What job?  What job?  Who?” — The Cowboy

“Preacher.” — The Cowboy

Sheriff Hugo Root, AMC, Hulu, Preacher, AMCtv, W. Earl BrownSheriff Hugo Root

Sheriff Hugo Root, AMC, Hulu, Preacher, AMCtv, W. Earl Brown“It’s his dinner.” — Hugo Root

“Preacher!  Enough.  Your little weirdo friend, too.” — Hugo Root

“Eugene!  Who said that?  Who said it?” — Hugo Root

Quote1It’s a wild world out there.  Barrel of  bonkers from Bangor, Maine, to Tampa, St. Pete.  But, this being a small town, I make it my business to know who’s who and what’s what.  So, I got to ask you boys, who are you?Quote2 — Hugo Root

“Dear Lord.  When you… when you say ‘got loose’ … are you talking about a prisoner?  Is this an escaped lunatic sort of situation?  Dear Lord.  El Paso Gazette.  Young family in Indiana take their children to an amusement park.  Three kids.  They’d been there for about an hour, playing, having fun.  Parents turned around, one of the kids is gone.  The little one.  The parents is frantic.  So they leave the two older kids with this fella sellin’ pretzels.  And they go in search.  About a half-hour, they found him.  He was cryin’ his eyes out over by the spinnin’ teacups or some such.  Well, the parents was ecstatic.  They was full of ‘thank yous,’ ‘praise the Lords.’  Celebratory ice cream for everybody.  However… the other two kids… took three days to find the one, naked, stuffed in a drainage ditch down by the interstate.  And the hard part in this from a law-enforcement perspective was the old man.  He worked in that park for 30 years sellin’ pretzels.  Never a single complaint or incident.  That third baby, they never found at all.  This world.” — Hugo Root

Quote1Oh, a lot going on.  No, you stay away from her.  You stay away from the whole family.  Wanna get yourself killed?  Then smarten up.  Prancing around like everything’s polka dots and moonbeams.  It is a monster swamp.  Murders, mayhem, escaped lunatics.  Gol-darned monster swamp.Quote2 — Hugo Root

“Well, you heard him.  Show’s over.” — Hugo Root

“Who’s back there?  Come on out, now.  Just go to bed, Eugene.  You went to Tracy’s didn’t you?” — Hugo Root

Quote1Cut up my food?  Why?  It’s fine, Eugene.  Stop it!  If you really want to help maybe you should do like they said and go ahead and finish the goddamn job!Quote2 — Hugo Root

“Sorry.  I was knockin’.  Miss Woodrow.  I hate to interrupt your supper, but I was hoping… well, I’m — I’m looking for Eugene.  A-And I was hoping he’d run off to spend time with you, like he sometimes does.  But I reckon not.  It’s the darndest thing.  Have you seen him?  Have you seen Eugene?  Yeah.  All right.  Well, um… I will get out of your hair.  When I saw him this morning before church, he said he was gonna come by to find you.  It’s the darndest thing.  All right, then.  Sorry to have bothered you.” — Hugo Root

Quote1Good Lord!  Dick being shot off, but… what the heck’s going on?  What?  H-He called me, said he had my boy.  What?  Preacher say anything?  Any idea what he wants?  I know who.  I like this better.  Leave it to the professionals.  Besides, I don’t want Eugene getting caught in the crossfire.  Gosh, I tell you.  These last few days… me and Eugene — we’ve had our challenges, but at the end of the day, I-I-I don’t know what I’d do without him.  How’d it come to this?  Regardless of the state of Custer’s mental faculties, taking church land?  With all due respect, that church is holy ground.Quote2 — Hugo Root


Donnie Schench, AMC, Preacher, AMCtv, Hulu, Derek WilsonDonnie Schenck

“Preacher!  Nice try.  And it’s General.  Talk to my wife without talkin’ to me first?  Whole town’s been hearin’ stories about, uh, you’re a tough guy.  So show us.  The moral of this sad-ass story is don’t believe what you hear.  Hey.  I know the little snitch who told you, too.  Looks like I got another whoopin’ to attend to.  What did you say?  Or… what would happen?  No, no, no, no, no, no.  You — you– you got me curious now.  Let’s just say, for the sake of argument, that, uh, that I don’t listen.  What then, huh?  Oh.  Ooh, golly gee.  Oh, a noise?  That’s some scary stuff right there.  Everybody watch.  I’m gonna beat the living shit out of the preacher.” — Donnie Schenck

“Let’s go.” — Donnie Schenck

“Come over here.  L-listen, uh… whatever you think you hear sometimes… …through the bedroom walls, whatever… look, I don’t hurt your mom.  I do, but sh– grown ups are complicated.  So just… I love your mom.  Good.  W-we’re gonna miss the bus.  Who said that?” — Donnie Schenck

“‘As the great naturalist John M-Muir once said, ‘When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.’  We feel this presents a great opportunity for both our businesses, and so look forward to your response.  Yours, Jerry Cutler.’  You want me to pay this guy a visit?  Kick his ass and make him cry?  These Green Acres guys breathing down our backs — what can I do?  I’ll get Ms. Oatlash.” — Donnie Schenck

“Hey, preacher.  Hey.  Who’s the bunny in the bear trap now, huh?  Turn around.  Get on your knees.  Now it’s your turn to make the sound.  Whee!  Come on, come on, come on.  Whee, whee!  Come — come on God damn it.   I said squeal!  No?  Well, then, you’re gonna die for me.  What the hell?” — Donnie Schenck

“It’s moved into my chest.  Yeah, one more day.  All them years I was a knocker, watchin’ those cows wind their way through maze, turnin’, turnin’, marchin’ into the kill floor.  But just at the last second, at the very last second, ‘fore they get the bolt and drop, they get a look in their eyes, ’cause they know what’s comin’ and they’re realizin’… all the ‘don’t wanna’ in the world is not gonna change this, ’cause they’re ‘gonna.’  Ugh.” — Donnie Schenck

“You went to church, sir?  Jesse Custer’s church?  What’d he say?!  Preacher.  What’d he say?  What’d he say to you?!  Sorry.  Yep.” — Donnie Schenck

“Yeah.  We were working on some new deal.  I don’t — I don’t really know what… did you know Mr. Quincannon was at church on Sunday?  Preacher’s got a power.  A power.  He made me do things, and — and… Linus t-the bus driver, and, um, I think Mr. Quincannon, too.  I-I don’t know how he does it, but there’s — there’s nothing I can do, Bets.  There’s n-nothing.  He made me put a gun in my mouth, and I couldn’t stop him.  I was just a puppet.  I was just a… a c-c-cow in a maze.  No, no, no.  I put the gun in my mouth, and — and he made me do it.  I — I cocked the trigger, and I-I was gonna pull it, but his power — it made me in my mind!  Please don’t screw Russell from accounting.” — Donnie Schenck

“All right, tell us everything.  What did he say?  What — what happened?  No.  No, no, no, no, no.  I’m– what happened? What’d he say?  God Damn.” — Donnie Schenck


Fiore, AMC, Preacher, AMCtv, Hulu, Tom Brooke

Fiore, AMC, Preacher, AMCtv, Hulu, Tom BrookeFiore, AMC, Preacher, AMCtv, Hulu, Tom Brooke

“On to plan B.  Yes!  Yeah!  Come on, yeah, huh?” — Fiore

“Don’t tell anyone.  And leave us alone.  That’s right.  What you think?  Just try again?  With the can?  You sure it’s there?  So we wait until dark.  Find the preacher, try again.  Only this time…no surprises.  Mmm-hmm.  I said… ‘Ready to go’ … … is what I said.” — Fiore

“First the can, then the preacher.” — Fiore

“We’re from Heaven.  We don’t even know what that means.” — Fiore

“You said you’d bring him to us.  Cut him open.  That’s right.  Well, where are you going?  Be specific.  I don’t trust him.  It’s time to let them know what’s going on.” — Fiore

“Hello?  Checking out?  Very soon.  I’m hungry.  One big as Texas burger, please.” — Fiore

“Hello.  ‘Hello.  It’s me.’  ‘Hello.  It’s me — Fiore.  Just wanted to let everyone know we’re on top of the situation.  There was a slight –‘ ‘A slight massive security breach –‘ ‘Just massive security breach, but everything’s under control, and we’ll be back very soon, so… …don’t worry.’  I messed up the middle bit.  I know.  ‘Hello.  It’s me — Fiore.'” — Fiore

“Yeah.  Let’s do this.  Thank you.  You can go now.  And the black beauties.  We’ve been patient.  And you’ve been using it — a lot.  You are in possession of an enormous power.  It lives in there.  I think he thinks… No.  None of your business.  Just give it back.  Well, don’t.  Deblanc.  Traitors.  Disgusting.  Traitors.  Came to be.  Seraphim.  Going for her phone.  Excuse me.  Excuse me.  Sorry.  Hello.  You got a phone in there?!  Not yet.  Get her phone.  I left my car keys inside.  Not Like this.  This one’s a direct line.  What?  What is that?  Or.  Probably just the towels.  It’s not.  Don’t!  Are you dying?  Shh.  Shh.   I think she’s — Oh.  Ugh!  My dentist.  Shite!  Restrain it!  Oh!  She’s got an ax!  Preacher, kill me.  Help!  No!  Aah!  Tie her legs!  Yes!  Grab the sheets!  Grab the sheets!  She’s clawing my face off!  I’ve got her legs!  I disarticulated her.  We take care of it.  It escaped.  We’re just custodians.  And you’re just a person — a sinful human being.  Course there’s the other option.  Who’s ‘us?’  Yes.  Dangerous.  They exploded.  We don’t know.  No!  Now lie down.” — Fiore


Deblanc, AMC, Preacher, AMCtv, Hulu, Anatol YusefFiore and Deblanc, AMC, Preacher, AMCtv, Hulu, Tom Brooke, Anatol YusefFiore and Deblanc, AMC, Preacher, AMCtv, Hulu, Tom Brooke, Anatol Yusef

“It’s here.” — DeBlanc

“Doesn’t make sense.” — DeBlanc

“Ahem.  Wynken, Blynken, and nod one night Sailed off in a wooden shoe Sailed on a river of crystal light Into a sea of dew ‘Where are you going and what do you wish?’ The old moon asked the three ‘We’ve come to fish for the herring fish That lives in this beautiful sea.’ Sea.  Doesn’t make sense.  Aah!  Ohh!  Get him off!” — DeBlanc

“We’re from the government.  Something got loose.  We don’t know how.  It ended up here.  We’re not sure why.  What we do know is that our work is dangerous.  Men have died.  If we fail, if our mission is unsuccessful… many more dead will follow.  You have to understand that we work undercover.  This is important.  If we need anything, we’ll call.  No, no.  In a way, that’s right.  We’ll call if we need anything.  I think we’re running out of time.  I think we need to try again.  Yeah.  It’s there.” — DeBlanc

“You ready to go?  It’s getting dark soon.  What?  You mumbled.” — DeBlanc

“Va– vampire?  No, no, not at all.  We just want what’s inside the preacher.  Nothing.  Not to be used at all, ever.  That’s why it was put in here in the first place.  We’re from the government.  You’re sure the preacher will listen to you?” — DeBlanc

“The plan is simple.  The preacher comes to us, we remove what’s inside of him, and take it back with us.  We can’t say.  Right.  Although, we could try to draw it out with a song again.  ‘Wynken, Blynken, and Nod.’  His favorite.  We scoop it out and get it back into its domicile.  Put it back into its domicile, take it home — where it belongs — and that is the plan.  No.  No, no, no, no.  Not at all.  Payment — as in money?  You need to bring him to us.  When will you be back?  Fiore, what you doing?  And if they find out that we’re down here without permission?  Why we’re down here without permission?  We can’t call them.  We’re on our own.  No choice but to trust him.” — DeBlanc

“Don’t.  Do not answer that phone.  Where you going?  The ‘hello’ is crucial, remember?  Sets the tone.  Again.  ‘A massive security breach.’  Just ‘massive.’  We get this wrong, it’ll be the end of us, both of us.  Remember, you’re the sweet one.  They love you up there.  Try again.” — DeBlanc

“‘On top of the situation.  Don’t worry.  We’ll be back soon.’  Remember, they love ya.  Ready?  You know what it’s about.  We gave you money for the drugs and the whoremongering.  We gave you everything you wanted, but now we’re out of time.  We need what’s inside of you, and we told you this repeatedly.  Not you.  We told your… best friend.  We told him it’s not to be used.  Exactly?  We’re from Heaven, both of us.  Is there another?  We’ve watched you.  We waited.  Now we’re here.  We need it back.  No, no, no, no.  You don’t understand.  What’s inside of you, it isn’t God.  It’s a mistake.  That’s right.  The domicile.  Oi, oi.  You listenin’?  We told ou what’s going on.  Like we said, it’s none of your business.  You mustn’t use it.  Do you understand?  Never, under any circumstances.  It’s called Genesis.   It began with Heaven and Hell.  Two armies fighting, two sides hating for as long as we can remember.  That’s right.  The Endless War.  One day — thought to be impossible — but somehow, a solider from one side and one from the other became drawn to each other.  Strictly forbidden.  They didn’t care.  Snuck off.  Met in secret and conjoined.  And then after a time, Genesis, a thing never meant to be… … ya know.  If by ‘baby,’ you mean the most powerful entity ever known, the singular force that could shift the balance of power, threaten all of creation, then, yeah, it’s a baby.  Now you understand why we need it back?  We’ll be right back.  Don’t fool us.  We just need one more day.  Yeah, we’re not messing about.  See her?  Okay, body in the car.  Time to go.  Come on.  No, we didn’t.  What?  Do you have your car keys?  It was one of the Seraphim, Angels of the First Order.  What all Seraphim want: order and control.  ‘Peace.’  It’s called reinvigoration.  Lubbock’s the nearest phone for us.  We’ve got two, maybe three hours.  No.  You couldn’t.  You need angel hands.” — DeBlanc

“There are rules for coming down here to Earth.  We don’t have permission.  We don’t have much time before she calls in reinforcements.  Right now, they;re just looking for us, but if they find Genesis, too… Genesis isn’t a power.  It’s a scandal, an embarrassment to both sides.  An agreement was made — an agreement was made at the highest levels.  Genesis must remain a secret.  The other angels and demons find out about it, they’ll want it for themselves.  It’s not for you… or anyone else to have or use.  Do you understand?  It was our first time.  We didn’t know what we’d need.  I sing to it.  I’ll sing to it.  It will come.  No.  If we don’t die, we can’t come back.  Watch out.  She’ll be back.  Just happens.  Don’t feel like anything.  We just come back.  Sometimes immediately in the exact same place.  Other times — remember — don’t kill.  Restrain it.  Shh.  Ugh!  Restrain it.  Is she alive?  Fiore!  Hold tight!  We gotta work together, otherwise we don’t stand a…  Stab her gently.  I said stab her gently you — Fiore, don’t.  That’s good.  We need Genesis back now.  Correct.  No, no.  We’re its custodians.  We dunno.  We don’t know that, either.  What?  You can’t keep it.  Listen, please, we need it back.  We’ll give you anything you want.  God does not want this.  No.  Oi!  Oi!  We can’t let you do this!  Consequences, preacher.  Unwelcome, unforeseen consequences.  This?  This is just the beginning.  We can’t let you do this.  No!” — DeBlanc

“We can’t, remember?  Yes.  That’s right.  Who else knows about this?  No.  It’s… difficult.  But listen.  No one’s getting out of Hell till we get what we came for.  It chose a lot of people.  We don’t know.  Lie… down.  Preacher, we have a question for you.  Genesis, the greatest power ever known, and you’ve had it all this time right there at the tip of your tongue.  And what good have you done with it?” — DeBlanc

Quote1Preacher, listen.  You’re just a speck of dust passing through the glory of Creation.  Give it up.Quote2 — DeBlanc

Odin Quincannon, AMC, Preacher, AMCtv, Hulu, Jackie Earle HaleyOdin Quincannon

Odin Quincannon, AMC, Preacher, AMCtv, Hulu, Jackie Earle HaleyQuote1All right.  Zero sum — meaning to add we must subtract.  A plot subtracted is a hectare added and so on and so forth and et cetera.  All right, 2.47 acres of feedlot space brings 25, 30 units online.  That’s per quarter, not annum.  All right, more units, more positions.  You got your packers, your — your sorters, your — your herders… … butchers… …and the like.  Any how… uh, Donnie.  Put your mark right there.  Shall we?Quote2 — Odin Quincannon

“You can clear my tray.  I’m done now.  You can do it.  Never mind, Donnie.  Thank you.  A right hand man with no right hand.” — Odin Quincannon

“Where’s Donnie?  Hello?  Uh… thank y’all for coming out today.  Uh, there’s some lessons to be learned.  Um… first, you — you boys need to watch your roughhousing, ’cause this is what can happen.  And, uh, you ladies… …if you’re gonna be out here in the middle of the night, you — you need to watch where your walking.” — Odin Quincannon

“Hm.  Right.  Plain as pie.  How was Austin, Mr. Mayor?  Threadgills restaurant, Austin, Texas.” — Odin Quincannon

Quote1‘Profitability problems with water, earth, sun solutions.  Sustainability silos.  Business brawn of the bean curd?’  My grandfather — Jodas Quincannon… one time, the Gormann Brothers, a pork concern out of Las Cruces, were hoping to move in on his territory.  They were pressuring wholesalers, something like that.  Uh, anyway, Jonas found out about it.  He took care of it.  He took care of them.  Didn’t ask, didn’t warn, didn’t get angry.  Just got what needed doing done.  Nobody said a damn word.  Yeah.  His father — same way.  His father — same way.  My father.  All of ’em.  No one said boo.  Yeah.  Don’t look at me.  Plain as pie.Quote2 — Odin Quincannon

“Poor bastard.  No idea what’s coming for him.  Here with Bowie.  Nope, fell back with Jim Bowie.  Met his end manning a 12-pounder in the chapel there.  Yeah, of course.  Did you?  Hmm.  No, thank you.  Church service?  A long time.  Yeah, you know the rules.  I don’t talk how my meat gets made.  You don’t talk about your magic man in the sky.  Not ashamed.  And I know what comes next — nothing.  Judgement.  ‘What if there’s ice and darnkess?’  What if there’s beasts with cloven hooves and tortured children and screams that curdle your blood?  What if they tear you apart real slow like, with chains and spikes?  Or it’s deeper than that, like some say, and you spend all eternity living your worst memory over and over and over?  Or what if you feel nothing ‘cept for all the pain you caused everybody else?  Eesh.  Nope.  Seems to me you are, preacher.  That wouldn’t be very Christian of you.  It’s more than 20 hectares, isn’t it?” — Odin Quincannon

“Right.  No.  Now, I heard you the first time.  Oh, for God’s sake.  I win, preacher.  It wasn’t even close.  Now, I’m tellin’ you…  Of course I will.  Yes, sir.  Yeah.  Of course.  Yeah.  I will.” — Odin Quincannon

Quote1I’ve been up all night thinking about the mistakes I’ve made in my life.  Right?  I’ve been selfish.  I’ve been shortsighted.  Long time ago, I slipped into despair and I lost my way.  Since then, I haven’t been my best self.  But, now, that’s no excuse, because now it’s high time to make amends.  And you, Mr. Mayor, you really raked me over the coals.  Yes, you did.  Yes, you did.  But — but you were right.  This town is in trouble.  It needs help.  Now, I-I’m sorry I wasn’t able to that at the time.  I got defensive, I pulled my pants down, and… I reacted.  It was childish.  I meant to reach out after church Sunday, but with the crowds and all, I — busiest I’ve seen it in a long time.  Yep.  Yes, I did.  Now, your, uh — your Green Acre people, you think they’ll meet with me?  I’ve asked around, and, you’re right, they’re highly regarded.  You know, there comes a time when we all need to move into the feature and, uh… now it’s my time.  Who?  He said to serve God, Donnie, which I will from this day on.  That okay?  Any more questions you care to shout at me in front of the mayor?  So, I can come to them they can come to me, whichever’s easiest.  Thank you.  To a new beginning, Mr. Mayor — for me and this town.  Oh, how the sun shines when you take time to look at it.Quote2 — Odin Quincannon

Quote1Well, here they are!  Welcome.  Come in, come in.  Pleasure, pleasure.  Jerry Cutler, nice to meet you.  Okay.  And you all know Miles Person, VP of Takin’ Care of Business.  Well, come on in!  Take a seat.  Uh, it’s after 6:00 p.m., so, uh, unfortunately, the brandies are mandatory.  Listen, I’m really glad you all are here.  I’ve been thinking and, uh — well, heck, this is just something. we should have made happen a long time ago, don’t you think?  It’s my fault.  Lack of vision on my part.  I was just a foolish old man who didn’t want to face reality.  Young lady.  And I agree.  Quincannon Meat and Power has finally seen the light.  So, how was the drive up from Austin?  Good, good.  Uh… what do you think?  Should we wait?  Well, maybe not.  What do you say?  Let’s get started.  Yep.  We grow or we die, Miles.  We grow or we die.  Yep.Quote2 — Odin Quincannon

Quote1Business looks good.  Might I have a word.  Right.  So, I did it.  I finished the model.  Topped off the south wall, placed the last of Santa Anna’s men.  Yeah, well, I’ve, uh… I’ve been busy.  Have you ever been to Brazil?  There’s a slaughterhouse there in a place called uh, Mato Grosso.  Processed 5 million head of cattle last year alone.  That’s 5 million head.  They say you can hear the sounds of ’em all the way down to the Cuiaba River.  I, uh… I’ve done a terrible thing, preacher.  When I inherited Quincannon Meat and Power from my father, we were the largest packing plant in Texas.  Now we don’t do in a year what we used to do in a month.  Hell, what my granddaddy did in a week.  I neglected my birthright.  Let my family down.  I couldn’t agree more.  That’s a deed of transfer for your church and land, as agreed upon.  It’s all aboveboard.  Had Miles take a look at it last night?  I’m sorry — you need a pen?  Yes you did — in my office.  If I agreed to come to church — and I did.  I came to church.  Jesse, you should know better than anyone that I’m no Christian.  No, I’m not.  Well, I’m sorry, preacher.  You saw wrong.  Sign.  We made an agreement.  Yeah.  You know, toward the end there, William Travis wrote a letter one of them cold nights of his up behind the garrison walls.  When I was a boy, I kept a copy folded under my pillow.  ‘I have answered the demand with a cannon shot.  I shall never surrender or retreat.’  Exactly right.  I’ll be back.Quote2 — Odin Quincannon

Quote1Preacher, there’s been a terrible… s-something terrible.  Y-you need to see it for yourself.  Just… come — now.  I’ve been conducting an experiment, and I’m sorry to report the results aren’t good.  We were lied to.  All along — lies.  Oh, yeah.  Good.  You and God can help me with a question, something that’s been consternating me all night.  Which is my daughter… and which is the cow?  Exactly.  There is no difference.  It’s all meat!  I’ve looked.  There’s nothing else.  There’s no… spirit.  There’s no soul.  There’s nothing.  You need to let the people know.  You need to stand in that church and you need to… … t-to denounce Him.  You need to shout.  You need to scream.  You need to spread the word.  Okay, preacher?  You need to denounce Him.  John Custer!  Denounce Him!Quote2 — Odin Quincannon

“Where the hell are your weapons?  All right, now.  Listen up.  Now, the packinghouse is gonna be right over there.  All right.  You got your cooling, cutting, deboning.  Now, I came up with an idea for a cafeteria, serving all sort of food from all sorts of locales and originations — what the hell’s a food court?  Well, that’s right — a food court.  Mex, Tex-Mex, Oriental — yours to pick and choose each and every day.  But there ain’t gonna be no sushis, chimichangas, or pizza pie — no nothing until you boys march up that hill and drag that preacher out of my church!  What the hell are you boys doing?!  Why are ya runnin’?!  What are ya — ya pansies?!  Get back up there!  Those are warning shots!  He’s a preacher, for Christ’s sake.  He’s not gonna hurt anyone!  I’m afraid our preacher’s finally lost his mind.  Your boy?  You mean with the, uh… you know, the ass face.  Sunscreen and a sandwich.  Looks like we’re gonna be here for a while.  Oh, and, uh… call an ambulance for Clive.  He’s gonna spook the men.  The Asians?  Anyone know who the hell he’s talking about?  You’d figure it out.  Ooh.  Is there, uh, mustard?  Ah.  I see it.  Thank you, Ms. Oatlash.  No, sheriff.  That church is nothing more than wood and paint and bits of colored glass.  It’s a lie, sheriff, and I’m gonna tear it down peg by peg.  Grind it into dust.  ‘Holy ground,’ my ass.  All right, enough of this.  All right, listen up.  We’re gonna give Jim and Joe Friday just a few more minutes of diplomacy, and then we’re going in one last time.  Now, just so everyone understands, this is gonna be a night assault over open ground against an expert marksman in an elevated position, so… you know… drink lots of water.  Lighten up, boys.  I was joking.  Water ain’t gonna make a damn bit of difference.  Now, this time, I want a cordon of men approaching from the north.  Those of y’all with bludgeoning instruments — I’m talking your, uh, your bats, your hammers, your wrenches, your clubs, billy and otherwise — you’re gonna be on the front line.  Now, I don’t want you to feel like you’re human shields, but… let’s not mince words.  You are human, and you’re gonna be acting as shields of a sort.  Waves consisting of 15 men each will be interspersed at one-minute intervals, liable to change at my jurisdiction.  Now, the success of our assault relies on numerical superiority, so when a man falls grievously wounded, don’t stop and offer assurance or assistance.  The more active targets we can ofer the preacher, the more likely we are to overwhelm him with our faceless wave of humanity.  Again, to clarify, I don’t say ‘faceless’ in a pejorative meaning so much as a practical sense, as it will be night and your faces will be indistinct and immaterial.” — Odin Quincannon


Betsy Schenck, AMC, Preacher, AMCtv, Hulu, Jamie Anne AllmanBetsy Schenck

“Money’s always tight, but I’ll see what I can do.  Donnie’s up in Pecos reenactin’ the Battle of Fredericksburg.  Donnie’s fine.  Mm.  He… hurts me all the time.  Well… he beats me.  He, um… bites me…punches me, and hits me with a jump rope.  Yesterday, after he came home from work, he scalded me with the tea kettle.  The sheriff?  Oh.  Oh.  I don’t — I don’t want that.  Uh, no.  No, you don’t understand what’s goin’ on with us!  With me and Donnie.  I like it.  It.  When he…hurts me.  I like it.  Yes, I do.  I like it.” — Betsy Schenck

“Feeling better?  One more day?  Hon… you got to go to work.  You’re Odin Quincannon’s right-hand man.  He relies on you.  You’ve won a lot of bar fights in your time.  Sooner or later we all get a whuppin’ — no shame in it.  The south will rise again.  Do you remember Russell in accounting,  always givin’ me the eye?  If you don’t get outta bed right this second, I’m gonna go in there, take him into a bathroom stall, and screw his brains out.” — Betsy Schenck

“It’s good to be back, right?  Yeah, I heard.  You’re moping, Donnie.  What is it?  Baby, what’s going on?  Speak.  What?  Wait, preacher put a gun in your mouth?  Shh.  It’s okay.  It’s okay.  I won’t, baby.  Don’t you worry about preacher.  Sooner or later, your moment will come, and he’ll get what he deserves.” — Betsy Schenck

Eugene Root, Arseface, AMC, Preacher, AMCtv, Hulu, Ian CollettiEugene Root

Eugene Root’s grim visage is the result of eating a shotgun blast to the face in an unsuccessful suicide attempt.  Subsequently he is sent to Hell by his preacher Jesse.

“Preacher!  What’s up man!  It’s good to see you!  Here come in, sit down.  Chill.  Whatever.  Sorry, you want some?  It’s actually pretty good.  Yeah… yeah, and um… sorry that I… that I haven’t been in church.  It’s just… my dad thinks that I’d be a bit of a distraction.  He’s usually right about those kinds of things.  I want to be there, it’s just I don’t think that God wants me there.  He’s mad at me.  ‘Cause of what I did.  Yeah.  I’m so so sorry.  I don’t know though ’cause like I used to pray to Him and I would hear him talk back.  But now it’s just … it’s just real quiet.  Do you ever think that there are some things so bad even God won’t forgive?  He doesn’t hold grudges?  You promise?  Thanks, preacher!” — Eugene Root

“Please, guys.  Please, stop!  Ow!” — Eugene Root

“I do.  You washed away my sins preacher!  I’m saved!  I’m saved!” — Eugene Root

“Seriously, it’s okay, mister… pretty much happens all the time, so- see ya later.  Dad- it’s okay.  Let’s just go.” — Eugene Root

“Sorry.  I was knocking.  Oh my gosh… you okay?  Who did that to you?  You don’t have like a key or something?  I lied to you, Preacher.  The other day, after the baptism when I said I was changed, I… I lied.  I felt better at first, it’s like… You know, I could hear God even but then I think that… you know, I think that… that I might have just made myself think that.  Because I wanted to.  Because after a while I just felt bad again.  Maybe I just didn’t do it right?  Like maybe I didn’t say the words right or something… is there any way we cpi;d just try the baptism one more time?  But, preacher… what if this is the me that God wants?  No matter how hard I try it’s just… I stay the same.  I’m always the same… you get what I mean, preacher?” — Eugene Root

“How was your day?  Did you ah, did you hear about that Tracy Loach thing?  She opened up her eyes.  Preacher came over and prayed for her and the next thing you know she just… opens them up.  I was thinking it might be good for her to have some, some visitors.  No, sir.  Yes, sir.” — Eugene Root

“Was it the lunatic?  I thought I heard something too.  Love you.  Dad!  Can you come up here… they must have come in when we were outside.  I’m sorry.” — Eugene Root

“Here you go, dad.  We’re out of cheddar so I just used a few american singles.  Do you want me to cut it for you?  Just to help… it’s okay, I don’t mind…” — Eugene Root

“I need your help, preacher.  I know I keep asking for things but…  This one isn’t for me, it’s for my dad.  He’s in a lot of pain, and it’s all my fault.  Everybody hates me.  And I know it’s my fault so I’m not complaining… that it’s all my fault or that everyone hates me?  It’s okay.  After Tracy Loach… even God doesn’t want to help me anymore.  But the thing is, preacher… my dad shouldn’t be the one suffering for my sins.  He can’t eat.  I can hear him crying at night.  I was thinking maybe… maybe you could pray with him?  I don’t even know if he’d go for something like that.  But I just don’t know what else to do.” — Eugene Root

“Preacher?  What exactly happened back there?  Right.  Thanks.” — Eugene Root

“Sorry.  Hey.  I… I want you to take it back.  Mrs. Loach… what you did for me.  See, I’ve been giving it a lot of thought, and… I don’t want it.  I love this verse.  I don’t want to be forgiven.  I just don’t think that God would like that.  Not like that.  It’s cheating.  I didn’t ask you to make me happy.  What are you going to do?  Why?  Because you’re the preacher.  You can’t make people see the light, preacher.  But you shouldn’t.  People need to choose.  That’s the whole point.  Okay, that is wrong.  That’s a sin.  That is not a blessing, preacher.  It is a sin!  This is a wicked and terrible… it is and you know it is!” — Eugene Root

“Preacher!  Is it… is it really you?  Or is this some kind trick?  I mean they do this… they try to trick you… yeah.  I’m pretty thirsty.  Can we not call him just yet?  I’m just really thirsty.  Three glasses is fine.  You called me.  Your voice thing called me… …so, I… …I just started digging up.  It’s not that far.  Crowded.  Could we… yeah… yeah, could we not talk about this?  To those guys in the motel, you mean?  You know… I could use some more water, actually.  Real thirsty is all.  Yes, you did.  Yeah, I guess maybe you didn’t, huh?  Are you mad, preacher?  It’s okay.  I know we’ll figure something out.  Hey, guys.  Guess you’re the only crazy one.” — Eugene Root

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