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Big Fish

Starz‘ original crime-drama Power premiered s4e1 last night.

#Power season 5 has not been confirmed.

rottentomatoes: 72%

metacritic: 57

imdb: 8.1


Power, StarzPower, StarzPower, StarzPower, Starz

Power, StarzMarshal Williams, Power, Starz, Charlie Murphy

Greg Knox, Power, Starz, Andy Bean

Greg Knox

FBI agent Greg Knox is assigned to the task-force organized to take down international drug smuggler Felipe Lobos.

Greg Knox, Power, Starz, Andy BeanQuote1Hey, sleepyhead.  You missed our run this morning.  When you didn’t show up and you didn’t answer your cell, I thought maybe something was wrong.  Got here and you were in the shower, so I thought I’d grab breakfast.  Which this could’ve been.  Come on, Angela, I think most women would be happy to know that someone’s looking out for them.  I gotta go.  See you later.Quote2 — Greg Knox

“Saxe gave me explicit instructions not to do so.  What should I have done?  I call you to check in before every move, and it’s pretty clear what’s going on between us.  Am I right?  You said we had to keep our relationship a secret.  If the rules have changed, let me know.  I didn’t sandbag you.  I followed protocol.  Those rules matter too.  Angela, we’re not done here.” — Greg Knox

Quote1Come on, I know your not turning down Kung Pao chicken.  I even got the extra peanuts, just how you like it.  You know I didn’t have a choice.  You just don’t like to lose.  Look.  Saxe told me that if nothing came from going after Arcielo, no one would even know about it.  I didn’t know he was stupid enough to go off about it without knowing if I’d catch the guy.  I’m a fucking FBI agent, Angela.  Damn right I got him.  He still had his goddamn phone.  Conclusive proof he set the meeting or knows who did.  Maybe not.  Wait till you hear who else he called.  Isabel Ruiz.  Mm-hmm.  Multiple times a week for weeks.  I didn’t tell him.  I’m telling you.  So are we good?Quote2 — Greg Knox

“The numbers were in my initial report, the evidence you used to get the warrant.  You didn’t cross-check them with the Ruiz file?  I guess she did.” — Greg Knox

Quote1Grabbed that org chart of the Lobos cartel you asked for.  You wanna eat or work first?  You’re inspiring a third option.  What’s wrong?  Mm-hmm.  Mm-hmm.  We will.  See, endorphins make everything better.  And you’re half-naked and still thinking about work.  I don’t know whether to be offended or impressed.  What the fuck?  You got a relay call from the office.  There goes mine.  Fucking classic.  He wanted to meet us here?  I know it’s your task force, but he’s technically my C.I.  There’s a protocol.  So I’ll lead the interview, write the report.  Not insinuating anything, cowgirl.  I’m saying we both know you’ll cut corner to get a win.  In, the courtroom, it’s fine. But there are rules in the field — follow them.  Good to see you too, homey.  Over here.  What do you got for us?  Mm.  Yeah, I got the gist, thanks.  You called us.  So I assume you have some information on Felipe Lobos- you know, some sort of video, audio recording, maybe a photograph or two, or… a tip — who sells Lobos’ drugs and when and how it happens.  It’s worth one more visit if we can squeeze something out.Quote2 — Greg Knox

“You sat on this for a week?  Nomar’s been responsive to Angela, so she’s been accompanying me on meet-ups, like the one this morning.  Nomar knows your real name.  How hard would it be to find out where you work, where you live?  Of, f– what, you- you have permission to have it at the office or time to use it when he busts through your front door?  Maybe I should stay at your place for a while, until this is- okay.  I gotta write this report, so where did we meet Nomar?” — Greg Knox

Quote1It’s not bullshit.  It’s legit intel that’s been cultivated from a confidential informant.   It’s how a real investigation is conducted.  I was on your mama’s titty last night.Quote2 — Greg Knox

“You should really take the ‘b’ to the ‘n’ or the ‘r’ from the safe house.  If you insist on seeing that piece of shit alone, I’m gonna watch your back.  You’re right.  Instead I should tell Frankie that you’re subverting protocol to play footsie with that dick.  Did he even give you anything?  You’re good.  Ah.  I’m only stalking you… because I like you so much.  You’re a pain in my dumbass.  She’s gonna call in the cavalry.  Better go right.  What do you think about me leaving some clothes over here?  At this point, I’m staying over here a few nights a week, it’ll be easier for me to just leave some shit here.  You got any room in this drawer?  What the hell was that?  Angela, what the hell was that?  Are you hiding something in that drawer?  Then what’s the problem?   What’s going on here?  You haven’t wanted to hang out, you’ve been distracted when we have hung out,  and now you practically take my hand off when I mentioned leaving some clothes over here.  I mean, what are we doing here?  Is there someone else?  Then what is it?  I’m going home.” — Greg Knox

Quote1Did you guys hear that?  We couldn’t get inside.  I want photos of anybody and everybody on that block.  I don’t give a shit if it’s little Sally Kimball walking her cockapoo, I want her photographed and I.D.’d, and I want the dog’s license number.  They’re up.  Nothing.  Yeah.  But the entrance to the only remaining tunnel is on Doyers street.  That’s out on Chatham Square.  They wouldn’t use that to come here.  Angela, the agents already canvassed the building.  The entrances are covered.  It’s a guess.  We looked.  Mm-hmm.  We don’t have shit on them.  We can’t bust in there and arrest them for just having lunch.  We’re going in.  Hey.  Let the agents clear the room first, Angela.Quote2 — Greg Knox

“I’ll drive you to the precinct.  I’ve got some friends over there.  Yeah, okay.  But at some point, we need to talk about the dresser situation from the other night.  Where you been?  Look, I’m not trying to be a dick, but technically, Nomar is my C.I. so, if you want to let Medina in, you should have at least consulted me first.  Yeah, sure.  Some other time… like when you’re ready to be honest with me.  You know, whenever that is.  Are you sleeping with Medina?  It’s not like it’s not your M.O. to fuck somebody at work.  Not lately.  No, no.  We’re gonna talk about this now.  I’m not letting you walk out that door.  Anyone else, you mean.  I never said that.  And what did you tell him?  You know what?  You can blame this on our jobs as much as you want, but this is a ‘you’ problem.  So, whatever it is, whatever’s going on with you, Jesus, good luck.  Here’s your space.” — Greg Knox

Quote1That’s live, so from now on, try to get yourself near Ruiz and his top guys when you’re talking business.  Then we’ll be 29 seconds late.  You flirting with him, Nomar?  Uh, uh, I don’t know.  Son of a fucking bitch.   I did the best I could to keep him from going in.  No.  I sent the audio to forensics to see if they can clean it up.  We should hear something within 24 hours.Quote2 — Greg Knox

“There are over 200 criminal organizations in New York city that could apply.  It could take us days to narrow that list.  Too small.  Russians working with Latinos?  I doubt it.  RSK in Queens?  If Rolla is in the Ghost network, he’s either Ghost’s next target or at least knows who he is.” — Greg Knox

Quote1So whoever killed him gave him a last drink.  That’s classy.  So I hear you turned down the New Border Task Force in Detroit.  Guess you’ll be sticking around?  Sure, but we have no money to follow it.  With Lobos being prosecuted in California, they’ve shut us down.  Now Rolla’s death is officially an NYPD case, just like Anibal.  Might be the same hitter.  You think it was someone he knew?  You think it was the distributor?  You think it was Ghost.  You could be right.  But it doesn’t matter.  Cali will have Lobos indicted by the end of the week.  It’s time to let it go, cowgirl.  We’ll get the next one.Quote2 — Greg Knox


Cooper Saxe, Power, Starz, Shane JohnsonCooper Saxe

“Uh, sorry I’m late.  Coffee smelled like dick, so I had to make a new pot.  Oh, hey, sorry, Ms. Lavarro.  No.  I was thinking we should talk more about Ruiz.  More specifically, we were discussing a meeting Lobos had with Vibora Ruiz from Soldado Nation.  But how did Lobos arrange that sit-down with Ruiz?  I issued a warrant for a Ruiz lieutenant, Nomar Arcielo– a burner cell traced to Nomar by NYPD spiked high usage details around the time of the Lobos meeting.  If he set it up, he could have valuable information.  Understood.  I was trying to be proactive.  You know, since, like you said, sir, other offices are on Lobos too.  Ruiz is our local advantage.  Special agent Greg Knox is trying to locate Nomar as we speak.  I called him last night.” — Cooper Saxe

Quote1I can’t beleive you kept the phone, Nomar.  That was incredibly stupid.  We know it’s yours.  Vibora Ruiz had you arrange his meeting with Felipe Lobos.  Yes, Nomar, that’s why you’re here.  We don’t want you.  We don’t even want your boss.  We want Lobos.  This is a list of all the numbers dialed and recived by that phone.  Your phone.  Just tell me which numbers belong to Lobos or his men.  Days.  How about years?  I can have you doing hard time in Leavenworth by the end of the week, getting fucked every day.  An hour of sunlight, if you’re lucky.  I don’t think that’s a good idea, agent.  How could she know that?Quote2 — Cooper Saxe

“We should be honing in on the primeras who get Lobos’ product.  Anibal Santalises is a primera of the sangre fuerte set of Hermanos Tainos.  You mean agent Knox’s C.I..” — Cooper Saxe

Quote1Or maybe this lead is just bullshit.  Mm!  If in fact Lobos is looking to switch up his current connect, Anibal Santalises would be the most likely candidate.  He’s got the infrastructure, the relationships, and the disposition.  Understood.Quote2 — Cooper Saxe

“All due respect, Frankie I hardly think I’m to blame.  Good luck with that.  The detective on the case, Meredith Haines, is a power-tripping bitch.” — Cooper Saxe

“So Anibal is dead.  Ruiz is out.  Who’s next?  Russians in Brooklyn?” — Cooper Saxe

Julio, Power, Starz, J.R. RamirezJulio

Quote1Especially the trunk.Quote2 — Julio

“We’re here.  It’s bad?  My girlfriend, she just got mugged.  Guy got away.  Please, please send an ambulance.” — Julio

“Nah, man, we’re good.  No problems.  Yeah, she had bright pink sneakers on.  I told them already.” — Julio

Quote1They asked me to come.  I’m her boyfriend.  Look… …we can’t be together anymore.  Your face will be easy to identify from now on.  Recognizable.  I talked to the doctor.  You’ll never look the same.  You can’t deliver for us anymore.Quote2 — Julio

“Yeah.  Do what?  Boss told me to tell her she was promoted.  She’s gonna start working with Marcus in the bank.  Yo, he didn’t tell me to ice the chick.  Did I get it wrong?” — Julio

“All right.  Yeah.  Hey, dog, she’s doing with the count, though, man.  Yo, you want me to take her out right now?” — Julio

Quote1All right, let’s go.  Let’s go.  Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go.  Help the fuck out, or fuck the fuck off.  What, do you think we’re hosting a party here this morning?  And you get free doughnuts?  Think I could bang her too?  No doubt.  Man, you and those fucking doughnuts, dog.  All right, man, hey calm the fuck down, all right?  It’s like fucking Al Capone over here.  That’s right.  Hey, yo, Tommy, man, come on, dog.  What are you doing?  Hey, yo,  man, talk.  That’s Anibal.  Hey, hey, hey.  Wake the fuck up.  Hey.  Yo, boss?  Yo, this motherfucker’s dead.Quote2 — Julio

“Hey, yo, you gonna call Ghost?  No?” — Julio

Shawn, Power, Starz, Sinqua WallsShawn

“Tommy.  Should I come too?  Going home now Mrs. St. Patrick?  Ah, Tariq, what’s up, boy?  Oh.” — Shawn

“I can do it.  Unless you need me to drive you back into the city.  You shared a car?  I know.  I won’t let you down.” — Shawn

“Mrs. St. Patrick, hey.  I hope it’s okay I took some coffee.  Hollis, originally.  Pssh, yo, Hollis must have changed, ’cause I ain’t never seen no girls like you round the way.  No, no, no, it’s cool that you asked.  I ain’t seeing nobody.  You wanted me to see you.  The other night in the car.  Brand-new.” — Shawn

Quote1Mrs. St. Patrick.  Hey, are you okay?  I’ve got eyes on Mr. St. Patrick, and he’s just fine.  Yes, ma’am.  Our little secret.  Hey, Mrs. St. Patrick.  What are you doing here?Quote2 — Shawn

“I was good.  He was?  He did?  Jesus.  I didn’t know he was like Tommy.  My pops doesn’t know shit about taking care of me.” — Shawn

Quote1Nothing new.  No improvement.  The treatment didn’t work.  My knee’s busted for good.  I gotta face it, pops.  I can’t ball anymore.  So you gotta face it too.  I got a new job.  Driving uncle G.  And he says hey, by the way.  When you get out, he’s got a whole franchise all ready for you.  Yeah, he does.  He keeps telling me about you too- what you taught him, how close y’all were.  Guess I got a lot to learn.Quote2 — Shawn

Quote1My pops said hello.  Fine.  Maybe good.  He’s been in since I was nine, and I always hated him for it.  But after today, I-I feel guilty.  I’m out here on easy street, doing whatever I wanted.  But now that I’m working with you, I-I see my dad differently.  Sure, maybe he’s not perfect, but he’s my father.  I mean, isn’t that what you meant?Quote2 — Shawn

“Well, it’s my job to protect you.  No, I-I was just-” — Shawn

“Mrs. St. Patrick!  Mrs. St. Patrick.  Tasha!  Mrs. St. Patrick?  I’m back from the store with that stuff you wanted.  Mrs. St. Patrick, hey.” — Shawn

“No, it’s cool, uncle G.  I want to help.  It was good… being out in the field.  No doubt.  I’m ready to step up.  Yes, sir.  I got your back, uncle G… 100%.  Yeah, it’s tight.  You getting another one?” — Shawn

“Hey.  Yeah.  Yeah, yeah, I’m going to visit my dad again in a few days.  G wanted me to look nice.  Uh, I wish I knew what you were talking about.  Well, um… they’ve been having a lot of disagreements lately.  I don’t really know.  They’ve been beefing ever since we got back from that meeting.  Morning, boss.  You ready?” — Shawn

Quote1What?  Nah, nah, nah.  Uncle G bought me this suit.  Sign of respect.  Yeah, and in a year when you get out you know, maybe I’ll be somebody.  Um… the Tainos got hit.  And somebody took Anibal out too.  And Ruiz got hit.  Maybe in retribution or maybe not, but I don’t really know.  ‘Cause I don’t ask no questions.  I’m just his driver.  I’m working hard.  That’s good.  I don’t know.Quote2 — Shawn

“Yeah, that’s a real nice dress, Mrs. St. Patrick.  Yeah, he’s good.  I don’t think he’s eating enough so he’s looking a lot leaner and tight from all the push-ups.  Of course.  And he sent his back too.  What you trying to do, get me killed?  Do your homework.” — Shawn

Quote1Yeah, I did.  Actually, um… I got you a little something myself.  Nah, it’s just a little something.  I hope it makes you smile.  I heard you say you lost a pair of earrings, so, um… yeah.  Yeah, right.  Nothing.  I didn’t say anything.  I mean, you deserve someone who’s as loyal to you as you are to him.  He’s always just putting other stuff ahead of you.  But what the hell do I know?  I’m just the driver, right?Quote2 — Shawn

“Mrs. St. Patrick.  Hey, I got here as quick as I could.  So where you need me to take you, Tasha?  What?  No, no, I didn’t mean anything by it.  What are you gonna do?  No, that’s not her.  Angela.” — Shawn

Kanan, Power, Starz, Curtis Jackson
Kanan, Power, Starz, Curtis JacksonKanan

“Thanks. Flat feet are a bitch.  You lucky you got your mama’s.  So you got any news from that doctor you been seeing?  Well, what’d he say?  Then find another doctor.  It’s only been six months.  So what you doing instead?  I always — I always knew this day would come, man.  He treat you right?  Listen, if you ever need to talk about some shit going down, some shit you can’t tell Ghost.  Burner.  Guards keep me stocked.  I know you gonna do me proud, son.” — Kanan

Quote1Check.  Yes, you have.  Checkmate, motherfucker.  You see it.  Don’t make me smile you up right here, motherfucker.  Your mama won’t appreciate no closed casket.  Yeah?  you need to stop with that Ruy Lopez bullshit.  Rack ’em back up.  I’ll be back.  I’ve been saying the same shit all along.  I don’t give a fuck what you call it, as long as it means I get out.  Mm-hmm.  Somebody wanted me to get pulled over with drugs in the trunk.  I told my first lawyer that shit.  They set my ass up.  The D.A. figured, Kanan’s young and black, he’s guilty.  Who gives a shit about the rules.  When?Quote2 — Kanan

“Look at you, all G’ed up.  You stacking?  You must be stepping it up.  Maybe.  Hey, I hear motherfuckers out there beefing.  Is it the Soldados, the Tainos?  It’s okay.  It’s safe to talk here.  Yeah?  No shit?  Why you don’t know?  You’re uncle G pulled you in, so he expects you to ask questions.  He expects you to come to play, son.  As long as you see yourself as that, it’s all you’ll ever be.  We all start off small, man.  Runner, corner, cash-kid.  Question is, what are you gonna make of yourself?  But not good enough.  How you supposed to learn how G thinks, if you don’t know his next move, hmm?  Yeah, I’m telling you.  G waiting on you to prove yourself.  Show him you got the hustle.  Get in there.  Take what’s yours.  Take what’s yours.” — Kanan

Quote1Must be real shit if you’re reaching out this way.  Shit I ain’t got no message like this since- the Trenton beef.  So what you need?  Rolla a loyal motherfucker, man.  You made him what he is.  He wouldn’t move against us.  I hear that.  Say no more.  Keep the phone close, all right?  One.Quote2 — Kanan

“You ain’t gonna like what I got to say, G.  You was right about Rolla.  Little nigga put up a 100 thou for anybody who could help link him  with an out-of-town hitter.  Said he wanted top of the line, no mistakes, to take down your whole network.  Yeah, that’s what they’re saying.  Some of my niggas in here got connections in Miami.  They said Rolla took a trip down there about a month ago, met up with his brothers they introduced him to a Latin girl, hot piece of ass they said knows her way around a knife.  Bitch wear these crazy-ass pink sneakers everywhere she goes, don’t even take them off to fuck, man.  Rolla know he in trouble, so he already moving around a little different.  He’s hiding out on Long Island, some bitch’s place.  All right.  I’m sorry it turned out like this, G.” — Kanan

Quote1Ghost, you dumb motherfucker.  Anybody know he did it?  Well, we know two things.  One, Ghost trusts me.  And two, he’s all alone now, just got Tommy.  And that boy way too dumb to see what’s coming.  It’s so much better that you fucked up, and Ruiz lived.  He gonna come looking for protection when I come calling.  And you owe me bodies.  But I’m gonna give you another chance to get it done.  I’ll pay full freight.  Oh, and, honey, you’re gonna need to get you some new shoes.  Look.  You make sure my son ain’t there when you do it, neither, right?  I want Ghost dead before I get out.Quote2 — Kanan

Carlos Ruiz, Power, Starz, Luis Antonio RamosCarlos Ruiz

Quote1If I knew who ordered it, yeah, they’d be dead already.  We got hit too.  My money guy, same as yours.  They shot my boy, Angel.  They shot him in the back of the head.  Had a baby on the way.  Look, I know, okay, you work with other crews.  But we got to dead this.  You have to stop this before it goes any further.  I could lend you men, extra protection.  Can’t trust them anyway.  Bueno.  Maybe there’s something else that we could work out.Quote2 — Carlos Ruiz

“Got everything?  Bueno.  This time.  When we get there, you stay in the car.  Me and Poncho will handle the drop.  Good.  Be home by dinner, so I can take you to your mom’s, okay?  Now get inside before you catch a cold.  Vamonos.  Let’s go, we’re late.” — Carlos Ruiz

“Felipe Lobos.  I thought you were a bedtime story.  You said you are having problems with your current distributor?  So you call Puerto Ricans?  You’re the first Mexican I’ve known to do that.  Forgive my surprise.” — Carlos Ruiz

Quote1I guess Anibal can’t tell time.  We’d be better if we had product to sell.  I’m losing corners.  Is that why you’ve been stepping all over mine?  They flying your flag.  You’re lying, Rolla.  Speaking of partners, where’s yours?  We call this big, important meeting and Ghost doesn’t even bother to show up?  So not only is he not getting us product… but he doesn’t respect us enough to be here?  I got a connect in Mexico.  Says he can get us fish scale for half of what we’re paying now.  Nueva Leon.  Ghost has been overcharging us.  We can do better.  What do you mean, Spanish?  I look to you like I’m from Spain, motherfucker?  Can I get a fork, please?Quote2 — Carlos Ruiz

Quote1We’re gearing up for my high holy day.  No.  We’re celebrating the day I got made born into the might Soldado nation 25 years ago.  Boys in my crew are getting snake tattoos on their arms so they can honor me, Vibora.  Can’t say it did the same for me.  Because he’s straight up fat, man.  You ever see that motherfucker eat?  I’m a businessman like you.  I don’t wish death on any man, except it benefits my pockets.  I got enough trouble maintaining my own territory.  I know a guy who knows a guy.  But it’s not your product’s quality.  Cut the bullshit.  You’re here to accuse me of something or not?  Because not too long ago, you came to me for help, and I strapped your crew up.  Yeah?  If you respect me… you’d open up that damn pipeline again like you did for Rolla.  He told me you were turning the tap back on… but I haven’t seen shit.  Hmm.Quote2 — Carlos Ruiz

“Mira quien es.  How are you?  Esto.  Esto me encanta.  How did you get this in the country?  Thank you my friend.  Venga.  Dame la botella.  Thank you.  Toma ahi.  Toma, toma.  Otra.  I’ll be in the champagne room.” — Carlos Ruiz

Quote1I can’t go to a regular hospital.  Too many fucking questions to answer.  Gracias.  Nice of you to visit.  Where’s Ghost?  I heard different.  You’re drug dealers.  You got beef with everybody.  Would you even know if Ghost put out a hit on me?  Your compai’s been acting kind of strange lately, going out of his way to be all nice to me, but then not showing up at the meetings he arranges.  Celebrating my high holy day, and this puta sticks me.  She looked like ice cream and sunshine till she stuck me.  Great tits, beautiful ass, Latin girl, strong.  I wasn’t looking at her face, man.  Light hair, curly.  We find this girl, we find out who’s been hitting us.  Lobos.  You, Ghost… have taken your eye off the ball.Quote2 — Carlos Ruiz

“Isabela, mi amor… you haven’t touched your food.  Do I need to call you on that thing to get your attention?  I’m just worried about you.  You’ve been quiet lately.  It’s not a boy, is it?  Hey.  I wasn’t expecting you.  I got my crew on the streets, shaking trees.  We got nothing on that bitch who hit me.  Soldados and RSK always had beef.  Rolla’s arrogant, headstrong.  I had eyes on him since all of this started.  He’s just the kind of man that makes a move like this, looks you right in the face, and points the finger in the other direction.  The question is, will Ghost do what needs doing?  He doesn’t know?  You came to me first?  Ooh.  We are at a crossroads, hermano, not just for everything we’ve worked for, but for you.  Change is hard and sometimes necessary.  Maybe you should handle this yourself.  Either way… that son of a bitch Rolla… needs to be put into the dirt.  And if you don’t, there’s gonna be a body dropping from RSK every day.” — Carlos Ruiz

Felipe Lobos, Power, Starz, Enrique MurcianoFelipe Lobos

Felipe Lobos, Power, Starz, Enrique Murciano

Quote1Claro.  Ghost, Tommy, good to see you again.  You have my money, of course?  Not out loud.  What are you, a grade-school child?  Pedro.  Pedro, please count it.  Todo.  Pedro.  Orale.  Now that the business is out of the way, we can eat and enjoy ourselves, eh?  How are things?  Hmm?  So I heard.  Did you catch this man?  Oh, so he didn’t talk?  Unfortunately for you.  You took your men off the street. You’re losing about $25,000 an hour.  It’s good to see that you knew enough not to let it affect our pay schedule.  When I hired you six months ago to be my New York distributor, you guaranteed me a certain level of professionalism.  You told me that the Kings, the Bloods, the DDP- that none of them we’re worth my time.  I believe the exact words were, ‘they’re gangs.  And we’re a business.’  Hmm?  You also told me that only you could guarantee me a safe and secure pipeline with no interruptions.  Then you don’t have time for lunch.  Good afternoon, gentlemen.  Ghost.  You know, I checked you out.  Your reputation preceded you.  Your name is feared on the streets.  If you get this situation under control… …you could have your own cartel one day.  Understand?  You live in the countryside, take up watercolors… …while your men take on all the risk.  You do business two, three days a year.  Hmm?  You don’t, I’ll have to take my business elsewhere.  And then, what use will I have for you?  Yes, you will.  Goodbye, Ghost.  Call the pilot… …we’re not leaving tonight.Quote2 — Felipe Lobos

Quote1Fantasma, how are you?  How’s things?  Are they?  I find it interesting that the death of one primera and the insubordination of another meet your definition of ‘under control.’  Anibal Santalises.  Hermanos Tainos. … that fuckin’ piece of shit, is no more.  I am catching you by surprise.  I was hoping he was the problem, and you eliminated him.  But now I see I was wrong.  NYPD should pay better.  Information from your law enforcement is so cheap.  The question is not why I know that Anibal is dead, the question is why you don’t know Anibal is dead, and why your friend, Vibora Ruiz, is so anxious to take your position in my organization.  Of course.  I said no to his proposal out of deference to you, and the promise that you would handle the problems in your network… a promise that is yet unfulfilled.  You see, Ghost, I refuse to tolerate disloyalty in the men that work for me.  The moment I detect disloyalty, I cut it out like a cancer.  If you don’t, it will grow and the whole organism will die.  So you keep saying.  Have a good night, Ghost.Quote2 — Felipe Lobos


Holly Weaver, Power, Starz, Lucy WaltersHolly Weaver

Holly Weaver, Power, Starz, Lucy Walters“I think they’re slowing down.” — Holly Weaver

Quote1We’ve got a promotion tonight.  We’re not serving Ulimat.  Just Grey Goose.  I’ve never seen you before.  Yeah.  I’ll sneak you some Ultimat, but I can’t take it up there.  I don’t work V.I.P..Quote2 — Holly Weaver

“Big boss isn’t here yet.  Why would that matter?  You want to fuck me.  Don’t need to know my name for that.  I don’t know.  Come up with something.  See you later, boss.” — Holly Weaver

Quote1I’m on it.  I just spent nine hours in 6-inch heels, so– getting down on my knees ain’t gonna happen.  Mm, you took the trouble to learn my name.  Nope.  When was the last time you asked a girl out on a real date?  Do you even know how?  Good night.  Boss.Quote2 — Holly Weaver

“You haven’t heard the word ‘no’ very often in your life, have you?  You have to find another date.  Maybe there’s some girls getting off their shit at Cheetah’s.  I’m working.  And Thursday’s one of our busiest nights.  So I don’t care if you’re Derek Jeter, I’m not losing out on $1,000 worth of tips for anyone.  I’m not gonna fuck you.  I think I’m coming down with the flu.” — Holly Weaver

Quote1So no one ever messed with you after that?  Some people are asking for it.  My body is my business.  Yeah!  Beat his ass!  Yeah, yeah, fucker!  Punk!  That was awesome.  I snatched it from his neck.  This is where you live?  With other girls?  Shh.  I don’t care.  I lied to you before.  Turns out I am gonna fuck you tonight.  If you lie to me, I won’t forgive you, okay?  So don’t do it.  Okay?  Promise?  Got any blow?  It’s always better with.  How long until you can go again?Quote2 — Holly Weaver

“You should get your hand off my ass.  That guy, the one with the bad blow?  He’s at table seven.” — Holly Weaver

Quote1What’s all this?  On what, a record player?  I never heard this.  Who is this?  I’m not going anywhere.  Your mother?Quote2 — Holly Weaver

“Nice to see you, Mr. St. Patrick.  Hi.  Tommy told me all about you.  I had no idea Mr. St. Patrick, the big boss, was actually the brother he’s always taking about.  This thing is bigger than my apartment.  Is this Louis Vuitton?  This thing costs, like, $1,000.  That’s what I want.  That is real love.  It’s not about the gift.  It’s about the fact that he’s thinking of you, and he thinks you’re worth the money.  Tommy wouldn’t know that bag if I hit him in the face with it.  You guys got it made.  Oh, please tell me Tommy-Toms was not your stage name.  Party pooper.  That club sure keeps them busy, huh?  Mind if I use your bathroom?  Bye, Tasha.  Bye, James.  Uh, I’ll see you at work tomorrow.  They’re like the Cosby show, you know?  She seems to have it all.  Other than the fact that her husband’s cheating on her.  I was dropping some receipts off in the office the other night, and I walked in on Mr. St. Patrick nailing some Latina.  What did I do?  Tommy!  I shouldn’t have said that.  That made you angry.  And I don’t like seeing you that way.  Shh.  I like it when you feel good.” — Holly Weaver

Quote1You can’t sleep?  Something on your mind?  Look.  I know.  It sucks to hear your best friend is cheating on your other best friend.  Skanks throw themselves at club owners all the time.  He’ll come back to his senses.  What time are you gonna be home?  I was thinking– I’d make you some Cincinnati chili.  You know, over spaghetti, with cinnamon?  I bet you never had that.  You… are gonna eat it and like it.  How late?  Another night?  You like having me around, huh?  I need to go shopping today anyway.  I’ll see what you got in the kitchen.  This box of cereal expired two years ago!  Tommy, what’s this?  No shit.  Thank you for that comprehensive explanation.  From where?  Bullshit it is.  There are four more of those in the kitchen.  You are a bank.  Fuck you, Tommy.  I told you not to fucking lie to me.Quote2 — Holly Weaver

“Until you’re straight with me, there’s nothing to talk about.  Tommy, if it was about your money, I wouldn’t be in these heels and this slutty dress.  I would be home on my night off.  Do you really not understand why I’m mad at you?  Then why are you fucking calling me all day?  You don’t get to pick and choose what part of your life you let me into.  I got work to do.  These?  No, I didn’t.  Tasha, these aren’t yours.  They’re mine.  Tommy bought them for me.  Please tell her — ” — Holly Weaver

Quote1Fuck you.  I didn’t think she would miss them.  Her closet, it’s like a fucking department store.  Look… I like to take shit.  That’s just who I am.  I’m sorry, tough.  It was a dick move.  You can rat me out to her if you want.  All that money I found in your place, Tommy that’s not from the club.  I want to know.  I’m not fucking stupid.  Your phone isn’t ringing day and night.  You don’t live in some shitty walk-up.  And there’s no way ‘some dope’ pays for a nightclub.  Whatever you’re doing ain’t a goddamn hobby.  Tell me the truth, Tommy.  Yeah, I did.  I am a fucked-up thief, and you are a crazy drug dealer.  I think — you and I were made for each other.Quote2 — Holly Weaver

“What?  You’re scaring me, Tommy.  What’s going on?  You can tell me.  Do you think he’s gonna do it?  You ever think you don’t need him anymore?  I mean, if you don’t trust him to do this thing tonight- if you can’t trust him, baby, you can trust me.  Come here.  I’m gonna get some water.  I like it when you’re like this.  You kind of scared me the other night.  Who’s Ghost?  Why ‘Ghost?’  I heard him the other night.  He was here, right?  Tommy, it’s okay.  You can trust me.  I told you.  Ghost has Tasha in his corner.  She knows everything, right?  And she’s got his back.  Maybe I can be like that.  Someone in your corner, just for you.” — Holly Weaver


Raina St. Patrick, Power, Starz, Donshea HopkinsRaina St. Patrick

Quote1The sun’ll come out, tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there’ll be sun.  The auditions for the lower school play in a month, and I want to be prepared.  Nobody wears dresses to school, big mama.  You too.  Okay.Quote2 — Raina St. Patrick

“It’s the lead, uncle Tommy.  If I get it, it’ll be like a huge deal.  ‘Cause I’m only in the fifth grade.  When are you gonna stop calling me that?  I’m not the baby anymore.  Jasmine is.  Wait, daddy.  Are these real diamonds?” — Raina St. Patrick

Quote1But, brother, you’re never fully dressed without a smile.  Mm-hmm.  You sound really good.  The fifth graders never get it.  No, no.  Love you too.  Okay.Quote2 — Raina St. Patrick

“I don’t know why they didn’t pick me.  I did my best.  You think?  Okay, daddy.” — Raina St. Patrick

Quote1Mom, dad, I got the part.  That was the drama director, they made a mistake.  I’ve been double-cast with Suzie to play Annie.  I got to go call all my friends!Quote2 — Raina St. Patrick

“Mama, you look beautiful.  No, I’m smart enough to stay away from your stuff.  Join the club, dad.  Did you find them?  Okay.  Good night.” — Raina St. Patrick

Tariq St. Patrick, Power, Starz, Michael Rainey Jr.Tariq St. Patrick

“So I got Spanish homework due Tuesday.  Think dad could hook it up?  How does he know Spanish anyway?  When we gonna hoop, Shawn?  I’ve been begging you forever.  What’s up, dad?  Sounds good.” — Tariq St. Patrick

“Yeah, right, uncle Tommy.  Yeah, right.  Oh, come on, uncle Tommy!  You’re supposed to have my back.  No, you’re just old.  You’re old!  Oh, what’s up, dad?  All right.” — Tariq St. Patrick

“But not smart enough to figure out your fractions.  Can you tell my dad I’m old enough for Assassin’s Creed now, Shawn?” — Tariq St. Patrick

Yasmine St. Patrick, Power, Starz, Amaya CarrYasmine St. Patrick

“We’re gonna have a tea party and play with the castle.” — Yasmine St. Patrick

LaKeisha Grant, Power, Starz, Alana AnthonyLaKeisha Grant

“Oh, my God, I had so much fun.  All right, babe.  Call me later.  Hi.  Thank you.” — LaKeisha Grant

Quote1Can I borrow this?  Damn girl, Ghost keeps you laced.  Yo, I don’t care.  I’ll take your hand-me-downs.  As long as you’re giving them out.  So this is what happily ever after looks like.  You hit the lottery, girl.  Niggas ain’t gettin’ married like that, and certainly not rich niggas.  Hmm.  You don’t gotta play modest with me, Tasha.  I’m not gonna die of jealousy over here, especially if you’re through with these boots.  Hold up, what size you wear again?  You know I don’t get all this European shit.  What was that?  You see what I mean?  You hit the motherfucking lottery.Quote2 — LaKeisha Grant

“Well, if he didn’t act the fool every now and then, then he wouldn’t be a man.  Ooh, girl, look at these.  These are fly.  Of course you did.  Oh, well, you can protect me anytime, baby.  Everybody know that boy only got eyes for you, jump in front of the damn two train for you.” — LaKeisha Grant

Quote1Let’s put the man-quarium right here.  A giant fish tank filled with men.  It’s your 30th birthday.  First of all, she’s turning 30, not 13.  So enough with the balloon stomping, all right?  And make sure there’s plenty of Ciroc, because that’s all my people drink, and no coconut because I’m allergic to nuts.  Thank you.Quote2 — LaKeisha Grant

“Happy birthday, Tasha!  I just want to say happy birthday, Tash!  Oh, just come on.  Why not?  Beyoncé did it at hers.  You would be in her group if she’d let you.  Now, come on.  Come on.  Give it up for Tasha!” — LaKeisha Grant

Quote1He got her that new Celine tote, like Kanye got Kim, and then something a little more stimulating, if you know what I mean.  That’s what I said.  Alright, well, take notes, ’cause I’m gonna tell the story.  It’s my favorite story.  You know, basically, she was still a kid.  And one day, they were driving down the New Jersey turnpike.  Okay, whatever.  And then the cops pulled them over.  So he leans in, and he’s like, ‘yo, I got a piece in the car.’  Ride or die.  I love that story.  It’s like the first time, every time I hear that story.  Now we got to figure out how to get you a man and a house and a ring, ’cause you didn’t even understand why he had a gun in the car.Quote2 — LaKeisha Grant

“So he wasn’t prince charming after all.  Unless princey was a two-timing nigga.  Have you confronted his worthless ass?  He’s the one who married you, put your name on every bill, on every paper.  You have his kids, this fancy penthouse, his bank accounts.  Take it all, ‘T.’  Divorce his ass and take every last bit of it.  She ain’t white, is she?  ‘Cause I could see a brother like Ghost going that way.  Sorry you’re going through this, ‘T.’  But you gotta take care of yourself.  Ghost took back his loyalty.  So now it’s time for you to do the same.” — LaKeisha Grant

Paz Valdes, Power, Starz, Elizabeth RodriguezPaz Valdes

Quote1Eat, mamita.  When was the last time you went to see papi?  It’s not that good a place.  We should still go to see the one upstate again.  It’s pretty up there.  Plus I like the idea of him being able to see the water.  Thank you.  You know I’ll pay you back every cent.  When Junior graduates, we’ll have no kids left in the family.  Cute, you know what I mean.  What’s happening with… Greg?  They’re never the right guy.  What’s wrong with this one?  He can’t fuck?  You still think of love like you’re a little girl.  Butterflies and goosebumps are fairy tales.  You don’t have forever.Quote2 — Paz Valdes

“God puts people in your life for a reason.  You don’t want to turn around and find out it’s too late.  Nothing lasts forever.” — Paz Valdes

Quote1Oh, good, I’m glad you’re here.  Do you mind if I borrow your black leather jacket?  It’s Tuesday.  Laundry day.  Should I have called first?  I quit three months ago.  Where you been?  Never mind, I guess I know.  Shit is so much hotter in hotels, right?  Manny took me to the Marriott once, and let me- I’m just glad you finally found a way to get your fireworks with Greg.  Y que?  You got some new hot thing you din’t tell me about?  What’s his name?  From the old neighborhood?  I guess not, no matter how many time papi chased him out of the house.  He was a punk.  A punk on the corner… playing lookout for those gangsters.  You got it bad, don’t you?  I sure will.  How about dinner?  If he’s as great as you day, it feels like I should re-meet my future cuñado.  You’ll ask him, right?  I know.  You cooking, it says a lot.  So it was a meeting.  That’s why he canceled?  Pretty last-minute for a business thing.  Don’t you think?  I’m just saying.  Doesn’t it sound a little sketchy to you?  I know what business happens last-minute at night, and it ain’t the kind in boardrooms.  If he wants to make you happy, he has to get off the streets.  I know that you said he’s different now, Angela.  But it sounds like the same old shit to me.  The hotel keys.  Now I get it.  And you’re supposed to be the smart one.  What do you think is going to happen here?  I know.  I can tell.  But it’s not enough.  It never is.  This isn’t gonna be a happily ever after.Quote2 — Paz Valdes

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