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how to hook up a battery disconnect‘s original sci-fi drama Orphan Black premiered its fifth season last night.

#Cloneclub’s fifth season will be its last.

rottemtomatoes: 91%

imdb: 8.4

metacritic: 73

emmys: 1 win


Orphan Black, BBC AmericaOrphan Black, BBC AmericaOrphan Black, BBC AmericaOrphan Black, BBC AmericaAlison Hendrix, Orphan Black, BBC America, Tatiana Maslany

Alison Hendrix

Alison Hendrix is the mother of four adoptive children and is part of an illegal government cloning experiment trial.

Alison Hendrix, Orphan Black, BBC America, Tatiana Maslany

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series

1 win: 2016

Quote1Beth, where have you been?  Well?  Did you meet the German?  I can’t get a hold of her.  Beth?  What?  Dead?  Oh, Jesus, are you all right?  Holy Shit!  Holy shit, it’s true… that someone is killing us!  They must’ve followed her from Europe!  What?  Okay, okay, okay, did you get the briefcase?  Beth?  You know what?  Worry about that later.  You need to get rid of the body!  I… I… I don’t know!  You’re the cop… Like buy a shovel.  Just make sure you get her samples.  Hair and blood, Beth.  You can do this.  I would if I could.  Look, one step at a time, I’ll call you back.  Let go.  Don’t touch me!Quote2 — Alison Hendrix

“Hello.  Go.  Go, go.  Vivian, I’m gonna cut the… Are you out of your mind?  How dare you show your face in front of my children?  How did you find me?  Idiot.  Do you even know who you’re talking to?  Hmm?  Where is Beth?  What?  No.  No.  No, she wouldn’t do that.  That’s impossible.  No, that can’t be.  I don’t care who you are.  Why, Lord?  Why me?  I never wanted any part of this.  Do I wear a huge ‘kick me’ sign on my back?  Are you kidding me?  I’m not doing that.  Nope, that is not my responsibility.  You need to get out of here.  Go and wait for a call.  This is my neighbourhood.  You wait for a call.  Oh, and hide your ugly face on the way out of here.  Okay, oranges, guys.  Come on.” — Alison Hendrix

Quote1Be quiet, my kids are sleeping.  You wake them or show your face, yes, I will shoot you.  You really have no idea, do you?Quote2 — Alison Hendrix

“Heartbreaking.  Can we get back to Beth, please?  Suicide?  I don’t accept that.  This one’s some kind of low-life grifter.  How do we know she didn’t push her?  I can only imagine.  She was a cop.  She had tools.  If she couldn’t cope, then I mean… don’t tell her anything.  Just give us the briefcase that you got from the German.  You don’t rate answers.  Fine, she wants in?  We’re clones.  We’re someone’s experiment and they’re killing us off.  Is that helpful?  Hmm?  Gemma, come here.  Just… they’re just mummy’s friends.  Why did you get out of bed?” — Alison Hendrix

Quote1Why would one of us be killing us?  What is wrong with her?  Does she know about me?  About my kids?    How do you know you didn’t just bring her right to my doorstep?  I have been living this nightmare much longer than you have Sarah.  I explained.  I have a family to protect.  I do what I can.  Your daughter?  Wait, is she your biological child or adopted one?  Don’t you think you should have told us about that before?  Well, what am I supposed to do about it?  How can I help?Quote2 — Alison Hendrix

“Make sure Jimbo wears his seat belt.  Well, they’re staying the night.  Well, you didn’t pose it as a question, did you Donnie?  I just need some time to myself.  You have your usual Thursday night drinks with clients, right?  So I’ll see you when you come crashing at 3:00 a.m., now won’t I.” — Alison Hendrix

Quote1What happened?  Is she okay?  That doesn’t sound okay.  I’m sorry, but she wants me to impersonate her in front of her own daughter.  Whom she hasn’t seen in almost a year.  This is terrible parenting, Felix.  I mean, that poor child.  I’m sorry, but a request like this… maybe the child is better off with your foster mother.  Well, I did just play Annelle in Steel Magnolias.  Mmm-hmm.  Glendale Community Theatre.  Yeah.  Um, it was actually very good acting, Felix.  Trust me, Sarah’s no stretch.  I got great reviews.  ‘The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plane.’Quote2 — Alison Hendrix

“Well, I’m sorry mate, but I don’t shop second-hand.  Mate.  Ello, mate.  Hey, hey, hey!  Oi!” — Alison Hendrix

Quote1There she is, look, she’s here.  What?  You shy now or something?  Is that for me?  Can I see it?  Wow.  You give us a hug.  I’m sorry, we haven’t seen each other in a long time, but we can change all that, see each other all the time.  Don’t be silly.  Of course I’m your mum.  Who else would I be?  Monkey.  Money… Bum… Face?  Kira, your mother couldn’t be here right now.  Because she’s out there right now, doing something very brave.  She’s making sure everything is safe, so you two can be together.  Well, it’s very complicated.  Um, but, Kira… I’m sorry about this but it’s very important that you keep this a secret.  Right?  Promise?  Pinkies.  Thanks for everything.  I mean Kira.  She’s well and that’s, uh, down to you.  Um, I’d like to do this again, sooner rather than later.  So, I’ll be by tomorrow to walk her home from school.  Straight home.  Well that’s something.  Kira knew right away.Quote2 — Alison Hendrix

“So the killer is still out there?  Did you have to quit being a cop?  How can that help?  Oh.  Well, she’s a special little girl.  I can tell.  You’re very lucky.  No!” — Alison Hendrix

Quote1I knew it.  How long have I been saying this?  We’re like lab rats in an illegal experiment.  Well, somebody must be watching the lab rats.  Someone we know.  You slept with Beth’s boyfriend?  Oh!  Far be it from me.  I may be sleeping with my spy as well.  There’s the gun you wanted.  I’ve got to go.  What’s it for?  Here’s 20,000.  Please use it wisely.Quote2 — Alison Hendrix

“What are you doing?  Why… Why were you in my vanity?  Who were you talking to?  Mmm-hmm.  About me?” — Alison Hendrix

Quote1Surveillance, please.  Something small.  Just show me how it works please.  I don’t… I don’t know who you are.  You’ve got the wrong person.  Ah, there you are.  Okay, it’s a race into the car.  Hey, whoever gets in first, wins.  I was just assaulted by a disgusting thug who thought I was you.  I don’t know, he was… urban.  Not white, okay.  I assaulted him back is what happened.  Please tell me that’s not Kira’s father.  Well, what’s going on with Paul?  She never told me about that.  Is it true?  Is he a mole?  Nothing, I’m fine.  Call me when you know something for sure.Quote2 — Alison Hendrix

“Donnie, Donnie.  You’re right.  Everyone deserves their privacy.  Come.  Where did you go in the middle of the night, Donnie?  I woke up.  You weren’t in bed.  I need to know where you went, Donnie.  A bad day?  Is that what you call it?  Where are you going?  I’m trying to have a conversation with you, Donnie.” — Alison Hendrix

Quote1I need you.  Um… I have a situation.  Just get over here right now.  Okay, okay.  You’re gonna walk your sister to Aynesley’s house and you’re gonna stay there.  Yes.  It’s gonna be fun.  Go.  Tell her I said it’s okay.Quote2 — Alison Hendrix

“Shh!  Tell me what was really in the box, Donnie.  Your special box.  What was inside of it.  No.  Donnie I have questions that need answers.  Don’t worry, honey.  It’s all good.  Isn’t that what you always tell me?  Think about what you really want to get off your chest.  You moved the files.  Your files that you have on me from your box.  Your special box.  I know what you do, Donnie.  You spy.  You perform medical examinations on me in my sleep.  You turned my whole life into a big embarrassing lie!  And you switched the files in your special box for porno DVDs!  A big boob blowies!” — Alison Hendrix

Quote1Why do you do it, Donnie?  Am I sick like the German?  Shh!  Umm… you might wanna sit down for this.  Okay.  He’s my husband.  I think he’s my watcher.  Hey.  Oh, yeah.  Umm… well, I was just thinking, could we change venues?  I… nothing, I’m just not… I think I’m coming down with something.  I think we should… Okay.  Mmm!  Hello, hi.  Hi.  Oh, I know.  Cover for me.  Hmm.  The basement.  Uh, it’s a disaster.  Donnie’s starting renos this week.  I’ll go get some from the pantry.  Sausage rolls, freezer.  Okay.  Seriously.  I can’t, back out of the monthly pot luck.  It’s my turn.  And I have no gift bags, no ice, and no bartender because my husband is tied to a chair.  I hate yoga.  Fine.  You interrogate Donnie.  Yes.  You are the expert.  Go in there and then get that lying bastard to confess.  Be me.  Put this on.  Sarah, I need you to help me with this.  I impersonated you, in front of your daughter.  Now it’s your turn.Quote2 — Alison Hendrix

“Okay.  Kids are looking for the gift bags.  They are under the sink.  No.  Uh, top shelf, left hand side of the stove.  I don’t know.  I don’t know.  Sausage roll?  Oh!  I will give you his info.  Sausage?  No, okay.  That’s all right.  Whoopsie-whoo!  Red chili.  Did you want one?” — Alison Hendrix

Quote1Hmm.  What?  How should I know, Charity?  Why don’t you go check the cracker cupboard.  Oh, my God.  He’s tied up.  Hmm.  Why is everybody asking me so many goddamn questions?  Oh.  I screwed up, didn’t I?  It’s not Donnie.  It’s not him.  But I whacked him and it felt so good.  I tortured my husband.  I messed up my family.  And you’re the only person I can talk to and you’re just another version of me.  I’m a horrible person.  I’m not even a real person.  Mmm.  Mmm-mmm-mmm.  Cricket?  High school.  So he’s just Donnie?  Eating, farting Donnie?  My monitor’s probably one of those bitches upstairs.  You want some of this?  Come to bed with me.Quote2 — Alison Hendrix

“Donnie.  About my little, um, breakdown, um… from college?  She got lupus?” — Alison Hendrix

Quote1I came back early.  Cosima filled me in already, and I’m taking a break from you two.  I need to get my house together.  Donnie and I are getting a divorce.  Oh, I’m fine.  It’s my decision.  Everything is under control.  Well, don’t be.  I can take care of myself and I don’t need you… …helping me clear my deck of liars and spies.  Don’t fixate.  I’m reclaiming my life, Sarah.  Please respect that.  Aynesley, what are you doing?  I told you I was coming back early.  Did you?Quote2 — Alison Hendrix

“They are at my mother’s.  You’re just full of questions, aren’t you?  How did you know?  By asking questions.  Always asking, asking.  Everything you know you pried right out of me.  No, you relax.  Figure skating is on my schedule.  And whether my daughter is in attendance or not, I’ll be there.  And I think you need to give me my house keys back.  Keys, please.  What are you doing here, Aynesley?  I’m perfectly fine.  And no one asked you to sub for me, so leave.  I told you to stay away from me.  I know what you’re doing, Aynesley.  You wanna mess with my life, I’m gonna mess with yours.” — Alison Hendrix

Quote1You know, Chad.  This is the first hit I’ve had since Godspell in college.  Okay… Got any more?  Mmm.  Mmm-hmm.  Fewer air fresheners required.  Are you mocking the failure of my marriage, Chad?  I gather you and Aynesley aren’t exactly booking nooners.  Hmm.  Mmm.  Yeah, you certainly got that down.  Those late night runs in your sleeveless T’s.  I bet you could bench press me.  I bet you could bounce me like a ball.  Mmm.  Maybe you haven’t had enough.  I’m objectifying you, sexually, to get back at Donnie.  But you don’t.  You’re in the end-zone.  You’re in the end-zone.  Touchdown.Quote2 — Alison Hendrix

“# Tomorrow I will change and today won’t mean a thing # I’m a bitch, I’m a lover I’m a child, I’m a mother # I’m a sinner, I’m a saint # I do not feel ashamed # I’m your hell I’m your dream $ I’m nothin’ in between #You know, you wouldn’t want it any other way #  Well, maybe if you payed more attention to him and less to me.  No, I know exactly who you are.  You’re a sleazy, watcher spy.  Stop it.  Ow!” — Alison Hendrix

Quote1Bad things have happened to me.  Huh?  I can’t go back there.  I slept with Aynesley’s husband.  I shagged Chad.  And Aynesley attacked me in the middle of the street.  I degraded myself, and I disgraced my children, and I can’t go back there.  I did.  Kind of.  I don’t wanna divorce Donnie, but I… I can’t keep lying to him.  And I hate lying to my kids, I hate it.  How can we possibly sustain this insanity?  Um, don’t forget Helena she’s always fun.  You mean, come out?Quote2 — Alison Hendrix

“Pleased to meet you.  Well, um, we live in Scarborough.  About a million years abo, I went to university.  Hmm, yes, kinesieology.  Uh, no.  Sarah, it’s very important.  It heals.  Oh. Um, and then I got married.  And everything is shit.  Now there’s probably thousands of us.  Unless Helena’s killed them all.  We’re all messed up.  Except you, Sarah.  No, no, no, no.  Because you say, ‘F’ it.  I tried to say, “‘F’ it” today and I blew up my whole life.  I just wanted to say, “‘F this.  ‘F’ you.”  And I F’ed it.  I F’ed it all up.  Yes.  Oh, you’re so lovely.  You know, you’re very lucky, Sarah.  My mother wouldn’t be this lovely.  She would… my mother would have me put in, uh, therapy.” — Alison Hendrix

Quote1Oh, your… drug paraphernalia is in a drawyer.  So is the paraphernalia that was by your bed.  Uh, my children are at my mother’s house right now.  I’m a danger to them.  So, I was thinking, I could use this house as a base while I apartment hunt.  Well, Donnie’s staying clear of the house for a few hours, so… I just need to go by, get some sundries, and clothing.  Felix.  Felix.  I’m a pariah.  I can’t go back there alone.  I need you to be my wingman.  Please.Quote2 — Alison Hendrix

“I will have you back on your couch in a jiff.  Oh, my God!  What, what… what’s going on?  What is this?  An intervention?  This is bullshit!  Acting coach.  Mmm-hmm.  Mmm.  Donnie… I only want to talk to Felix.  This is all Aynsley.  She put them up to this.  It’s all part of her experiment.  Maybe it’s not just Aynsley.  Maybe they’re all monitors.  Felix, what am I gonna do?  I cannot go back out there.  Mmm-hmm.  Oh, Lord.  Can you help me get my face on?” — Alison Hendrix

Quote1Aynsley, you brought us here today, didn’t you?  You called all these people and told them everything.  And I thank you.  For scrutinizing every detail of my life, since the day I moved into this fish pool.  You have pried and snooped and gossiped about me, like I was your own, personal, laboratory subject.  How would you like it if I turned your life inside-out?  If I told all these people that Chad, your husband, slept with a spin class instructor long before me.  Well, maybe he acts that way because you blew the roofer at the cabin!  No!  No more words.  I think it went well.Quote2 — Alison Hendrix

“Yes?  I’m warning you.  I’m armed.  What do you want?  So, you want me to sign a contract.  Even though everything you’ve done is illegal?  You must think I’m so stupid.  Stupid suburban Alison.  I don’t want answers anymore.  I want my life back.  I want my family back.  I want my privacy back.  I want you out of my life and I want things to be normal again.  Unmonitored?  She has?” — Alison Hendrix

Quote1Who is Rachel?  can someone tell me so she doesn’t just show up at my door and I have no idea who she is?  Well, if there won’t be any more spies in my life, if my kids are safe, I’m sorry but I have to tell you I’m inclined to take the offer.Quote2 — Alison Hendrix


Cosima Neihaus, Orphan Black, BBC America, Tatiana MaslanyCosima Neihaus

Cosima Neiahus is a PhD microbiology student specializing in evolutionary development at the University of Minnesota.

Cosima Neihaus, Orphan Black, BBC America, Tatiana Maslany

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series

1 win: 2016

“Hey.  I’m Cosima.  We talked on the phone.” — Cosima Neihaus

Quote1Okay, define orphan, Sarah.  So, you don’t know your birth parents?  When?  Alison.  I’m very sorry about Beth, okay?  But she was losing it, like clinically.  Uh, short answer?  We’re not.  Well, we are, by nature.  Um, she’s referring to nurture.  Alison… sorry.  I wanted to float that whole clone thing a lot softer.Quote2 — Cosima Neihaus

“We are genetically identical, or whatever.  It’s actually kinda cool.  Um, as far as… so…” — Cosima Neihaus

Quote1Wow, rich man!  This looks like a new blade inset in a much older handle.  So the fish is a bitch.  Symbiotically speaking, like a universal way back symbol of fecundity.  But these wings though, they’re… sorry, sorry, sorry.  Okay, going on a tangent there.  If she’s not dead, we need to find her.  Find out what she knows.  But we need to find out who she is, Sarah.  She’s… She found us, she’s got answers.  Well, yeah, bad brain chemistry can be genetic.  Um, but environment, that’s individual, right?  I mean, that’s the whole nature-nurture question right there.  I think this might help us figure out where she’s coming from.  So I’ll look into it.  Okay!  Hey you didn’t show this to Alison by any chance, did you?Quote2 — Cosima Neihaus

“So, the woman Beth shot and Helena are connected.  Holy watershed!  Okay, Beth probably shot Maggie Chen on purpose.  She never told us anything about this.  Do you?  Right so what do the cops know?  Okay, so the fish reads Christian.  And crafted on to a weapon, a personal crusade.  You know, when I’m seeing this branded on to Maggie Chen, I’m thinking that she’s not a lone warrior.  To extreme creationist types we would be abomination.  Like not God’s children but Satan’s.  Well, but if you were a messed up, abused, loner whose faith compels you to belong and somebody that you trusted told you that this was the way to redeem yourself in the eyes of God, I mean…” — Cosima Neihaus

Quote1It’s an electrode from an electroencephalogram array.  An EEG helmet.  It monitors electrical activity in the brain.  Sarah, where was Paul during all this?  Well, I mean, if it were my experiment… yeah, I would put an observer close to the subject, you know, somebody to… keep tabs and accumulate data.  I think you’d know if they’ve done anything really, um, invasive.  I’m just saying… an EEG is like a neurological test and that mark on your arm looks like… a blood sample.  It sounds diagnostic.  Dude, that’s complex.  Wait, just squeeze them, okay.  He’s our way into this whole thing.  But if my blind subject were suddenly to become… self aware.  It’d either be a eureka moment or… I would terminate.  So, be careful, okay?Quote2 — Cosima Neihaus

“Hey.  Sorry.  You just forgot this in the lab.  Sorry.  Full disclosure, I did peek.  You’re French.  You have killer grades.  Oh.  Bad breakup?  Hmm, yeah.  Long distance never works.  You’re in microbiology too, right?  Oh, cool.  Cool, I’m evo devo.  Yeah, yeah.  That’s what we call it here.  Cosima.  Enchantee.” — Cosima Neihaus

Quote1Yeah.  He just played me the recording.  I heard everything.  Um, where are you?  Wait, Sarah.  This is our chance to get answers.  I know, I know.  But he also covered for you.  Right?  That Olivier guy, he asked if anything was wrong and Paul said, no.  Why?  Yes!  That’s awesome.  That… you can use that.  Okay.  I know.  Just chill.  I think that Olivier guy, he runs Paul.  It sounds like some kind of double-blind.  They are keeping Paul in the dark too.  Right?  So that he can’t skew the results either.  Yes, right.  But Olivier definitely knows.  Okay, he’s the one we need to get to.  Sarah?Quote2 — Cosima Neihaus

“See, it’s a double-blind.  Um, the monitors are unaware of the purpose of the experiment.  That way they can’t skew the results.  Oh, hey.  Right.  I may have a monitor dilemma of my own.  Um, I’m new here, this semester.  I didn’t bring anybody with me, but, uh, someone wants to be friends.  Stick to the science?  What am I, the geek monkey now?  Right.  The old ‘do as I say, not as I do.’  Sure.” — Cosima Neihaus

Quote1Hey, Delphine.  I’m bored.  Neolutionism.  Really?  Yeah, it’s like kind of fringe, don’t you think?  Hmm.  Sure.  Why not?Quote2 — Cosima Neihaus

“Maybe I’ll just start with basic LASIK.  Okay.  Okay, so what is it?  Is it utopian?  Come on.  Don’t worry.  Go.  Oui.  Bullshit.  Um, are they from the DIAD institute?  Um, evo-devo.  So whenever somebody talks about the future I always say, ‘Show.  Don’t tell.’  Yes!  Okay, so let’s, uh, steal some bikes.  Oh, come on.  Oh, okay.  All right.  What?  Did you say, ‘a jogging?’  You did.  Okay, just checking.  Uh, no, just pot for me.  Yes, I’m from San Fran so… I am gonna get you so baked one day.  Okay.  Yeah.  Okay, yeah.  Okay.  Bye.  Ciao.” — Cosima Neihaus

Quote1Well, if we’re gonna get past our monitors, we have to engage.  Into bed with him?  Ok, I’ll obviously approach Delphine way more logically than that.  Sarah, my situation is way different than yours is.  No, because she doesn’t’ know that I know.  I’m the one who’s monitoring her.  Whatever.  You got anything else we need to be paranoid about?Quote2 — Cosima Neihaus

“She’s back?  Holy shit, Sarah.  You know, maybe you should.  Not to Helena, but to Olivier.  Right, well… I’m beginning to rethink that.  So, our creators, whoever they are, they have a tremendous investment in us.  Right?  Our conception, our whole lives.  Don’t you think they’d try to protect us from Helena?  Do you this futurist, Dr. Aldous Leekie?  No?  He’s the poster boy for this movement called Neolution.  Oh, that’s interesting.  A tail?  For real?  Ok, well, tail or no tail, they have a philosophy.  I went with Delphine to one of Leekie’s Neolution lectures.  No, I didn’t; you just told me to.  I probably already have been.  Can we please just get back to Helena?  Bitch.  Hi.  Sorry, I’m… no, no, I’m late, I’m late.  I’m kind of always late, though, so… kind of always sorry.  Can you give me two seconds?” — Cosima Neihaus

Quote1Mm, yeah, cold turkey, it’s the only way to go.  Oh, it means abruptly.  Oh, my God.  You’re the asshole.  You’re single now.  But his mind is sexy.  Well, I’m still trying to work it out with my advisors, but my dissertation is on epigenetic influence on clone cells.  Yeah.  You’ve perfected a number of proprietary cloning techniques– in bacteria, amphibians, insects, human skin grafts.  And you’re patenting transgenic embryonic stem cells?  Yeah, I did some digging, and then… just guessed.Quote2 — Cosima Neihaus

“No, it isn’t, Sarah.  It’s an applied philosophy with profound implications for what I do.  That was mistaken identity.  Okay?  Olivier thought you were the killer, Sarah.  Okay, you know what?  You were the one who turned our killer against our creators.  I mean, why the hell would you bring Helena into the mix?  No, I didn’t.  It is.  You know, maybe it was your sunny personality that gave you away.” — Cosima Neihaus

Quote1Oh, no, no no.  No, impossible.  So, apparently I’ve got this thing for, like, um, jumping to conclusions.  I know, I know, I know.  You’re not gay.  And I’m a total idiot.  So sorry.  Oh, let me… I just wanna make like, uh, crazy science with you.  Totally crazy science.  Sorry, I was just dorking out so hard to their extrapolation of murine models.  Yeah.  Hmm.  Yeah, ditto.  Obvs.  Uh, like in a not bad way?  Hmm, that’s oddly romantic.  Totally encouraging.Quote2 — Cosima Neihaus

“You okay?  You sure?  Poor you.  Hmm?  Mmm… okay.  Your wish is my command.  I’m gonna go to the store and I’m gonna get us some eskimo pies.  Yeah.  No?  Prepare yourself, you’re about to become a craving addict.” — Cosima Neihaus

Quote1Holy shit!  Sarah, I’m so relieved.  Yeah, it’s just a question.  Well, if they genetically modified us, I mean, you could have passed something down to her.  I don’t know.  Lizards regrow limbs.  Right.  Well, it’s not magic.  Uh, it’s just stem cells, you know.  Look, I have a guy who’s sequencing the German’s DNA alongside mine to see if the illness she had was genetic.  If you want, I can give him samples of you and Kira to compare.  Dude, I’m just doing what we agreed.  Okay?  I’m following the science.Quote2 — Cosima Neihaus

“Awesome.  Awesome.  Okay, what did you… what did you find?  Mmm-hmm.  They’re different.  That’s… that’s crazy.  Nope.  Hey!  Uh, Scott, this is Delphine.  Yeah, of course.  Bye.  Sarah, you were right.  I was wrong.  Ha-ha.  Okay.  Listen, they can tell us apart by our DNA.  That’s how they knew you weren’t Beth.  We should be.  But there’s a synthetic sequence.  I don’t know what it is exactly.  But it’s like a barcode maybe.  Maybe a way to differentiate us.  He knows who you are?  No.  Sarah, no!  I, I… Uh, okay.  I would never say anything about you or Kira.  You are the first one of us to ever even have a child.  I mean, there’s not even taxonomy in the offspring of a clone.  Really?  Just give him a chance.  You might be surprised.  They care about us.  They, they, they have to.” — Cosima Neihaus

Quote1Are you?  Delphine Cormier, not Beraud.  You’ve already got your doctorate in Immunology, don’t you?  I am so stupid.  Yeah, that transcript you accidentally left behind.  Your fake boyfriend in Paris.  Pretending you didn’t know who Dr. Leekie was.  I knew it was bullshit.  I still thought you were on my side.  I wanted to trust you.  You told Leekie I know these girls.  Of what?  You… You don’t know, do you?  Then you’re the real ranger, Delphine.Quote2 — Cosima Neihaus

“I’m beyond alarmed.  I’m…I’m pissed.  You’ve gotta be kidding me.  Hey.  Hi.  Uh, Sarah, I so should have listened to you about Delphine.  I… Uh, yeah.  Studying us.  Uh, well, we have to know our own biology.  That’s, uh, what this is all about, right?  Maybe I can help us best from the inside.  Not if Kira’s the first child of a clone.  Scientifically unclassified?  She could be what Rachel is actually after.  Yeah, that’s… that’s okay.  That’s totally your choice.  Oh, shit.  Delhpine just got off a plane.” — Cosima Neihaus


Helena, Orphan Black, BBC America, Tatiana MaslanyHelena

Helena is a Ukranian-born trained sniper and unhinged religious fanatic.

Helena, Orphan Black, BBC America, Tatiana Maslany

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series

1 win: 2016

“I’m not Beth.  I’m not Beth.  I’m not Beth.  Shh.” — Helena

Quote1Detective Childs.  Paul?  Oh!  Hello, Paul.  Oh, not too good.  I got beat up.  Please come get me out of here.Quote2 — Helena

“There’s a visitor for you.” — Helena

Quote1Things must be getting uncomfortable there for you now.  Oh, you’re a terrible detective.  Beth figured that out.  It’s not about revenge, it’s about you.  In person.  You have my invitation.Quote2 — Helena

“My name is detective Beth Childs.  I murdered Margaret Chen.  It wasn’t an accident.  I shot her on purpose.” — Helena

Quote1I’m unarmed.  This isn’t necessary.  You’re different than the others.  I think I’m dying.  Where did you come from?  God sent me.  You don’t know God.  Maggie helped make you.  And she saw the light and came to our side.  I can save you.  I can see a light in you.  No!  No!  The others, poor copies of God’s image of human beings.  Let me save you.  You’re wrong.  Can you feel it?  You don’t feel it?Quote2 — Helena

“Tomas?  Where am I?  Thank you, Tomas.  She’s different than the others.  I don’t know.  We have a connection.  She said I am not the original, that we are all the same.  Forgive me, Tomas.  The copies, they’re harder to find.  I’d like to see her again.  Tomas… I’ll be strong.  I am the original.  I am the light.” — Helena

Quote1I’m not here to hurt you.  I just want to talk.  Please.  I have an offer for you.  But we must talk.  And eat.  Let’s have a lunch.  ‘They say we’re young and we don’t know.  We won’t find out.’  I dreamed that we were friends.  We will be.  I’ve seen it.  This is a nice restaurant, isn’t it?  Mm.  You know my name.  No.  I grew up pure in a convent in Ukraine.  No.  They saved me from abandonment.  Excuse me.  I want my knife back, the one you took from me.  Mm.  I’m supposed to kill you too.  But you let me live.  We’ll never be separate.  Tell me the names of the others and I will spare you.  You have until midnight to tell me the names.  Call this number, or you die first.  Bye-bye.Quote2 — Helena

“How was your day, Paul?  Yes, I also had a pleasant day.  I went working and shopping.  Pardon me.  It’s work.  It’s almost midnight.  Do you have names for me?  That’s not the name of a sheep.  Baaa!” — Helena

Quote1Shh, shh, shh, shh.  Hello, friend.  Do you want to be saved?  Give me a name first.  I want the name of a sheep too.  Tell me.  I want to see your tail.  Now shoe me the tail.  Slowly.  How is this possible?  Did you lie with a beast?  I have a message for your master.  From Tomas.Quote2 — Helena

“Hmm, Scotsburm Avenue, 148.” — Helena

Quote1I’m taking you to meet someone.  How can you be Sarah’s daughter, child?  How can that be?  No, I’m not.  She’s not real.  Yes, angel?  I don’t know.  Yes.  Do you know the way?  Goodnight, angel.Quote2 — Helena

“The girl was hit  by a car because of me.  She’s innocent.  I did what I was told.  I… used Sarah to get to the others.  that man Olivier took off his beast-tail for you.  No, no.  That’s her.  Is Kira all right?  It… It was an accident.” — Helena

Quote1Let go!  Let go.  No!  No!  No!  Tomas, please… No!Quote2 — Helena

“You came?  How’s Kira?  I would never hurt her.  Do it.  You care.  You are all I have now.  I love you.  You can’t harm her kid.” — Helena

Quote1Sestra… you’re my twin sister.Quote2 — Helena

“One day, I kill you all.” — Helena


Kira Manning, Orphan Black, BBC America, Skyler Wexler

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