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Hit Woman

Killing Eve, BBC America, IMG, Sid Gentle FilmsBBC America original thriller Killing Eve drops its third episode tonight.

#KillingEve is based on a series of novels and has been renewed for a second season.

rottentomatoes: 97%

metacritic: 83

imdb: 8.8

emmys: 2 nominations

golden globes : 1 win


Killing Eve, BBC America, IMG, Sid Gentle FilmsEve Polastri, Killing Eve, BBC America, IMG, Sid Gentle Films, Sandra Oh

Eve Polastri

Former MI5 intelligence officer Eve Polastri begins tracking a high-end international female assassin codenamed Villanelle.

Eve Polastri, Killing Eve, BBC America, IMG, Sid Gentle Films, Sandra OhEve Polastri, Killing Eve, BBC America, IMG, Sid Gentle Films, Sandra Oh


1 nomination: 2018

Best Performance by an Actress In A Television Series – Drama

1 win: 2019

“Ohhhhh!  I can’t!  I feel asleep on both my arms.  Oh, they’re coming back now.  Mnh.  Oh.  I’m sorry, it was scary.  Ohh, Jesus!  My head.  Ugh.  What time did we leave last night?  Oh, yeah.  No one could follow that.  Well, at least we have the whole weekend to reco– ugh.  Oh.  Oh, my God.  Thank you.  What’s going on?  Oh, did you get me a croissant?  Of course I want the rest of that.  How are you so perky?  You left after I did.  Oh, no.  Why are they crying about it here?  Was it a contract kill?  You really earn your money, you know?  Get me a croissant.  God.  Who?  I’ll put in a good word.  My apologies — cool.  20 quid it was a woman.  Sorry.  Nothing.  Was there any CCTV of the killer?  I said it was probably a woman.  Victor Kedrin was a misogynist and a sex trafficker.  He may not have considered a passing woman a threat.  She must have been able to get close.  She said, ‘Eve.’  I want to meet that witness.  If i”m right, then — I’m telling you, it’s a woman.” — Eve Polastri

“That looks terrifying.  Does it burn?  Oh, cool.  Okay, so, her name is Kasia Molkovska.  And we’ll need two officers on each shift.  Mm.  Oh, Jesus.  That’s gross.  Where do they want her overnight?  Really?  Hammersmith?  So she’s still there?  Okay, um… you know, I’m gonna — I’m gonna pop down there quickly.  No reason.  Just get those officers assigned to her, and I’ll sign off.  Yes.  To the bathroom.  Mm-hmm.  What?  What?  What?  Since the meeting?  No, he said there wasn’t — have you seen it?  Why not?  You’ll get the rest when I see the tape.  I wanna see that CCTV.  Nothing.  I’m going to the station.  Just don’t tell Bill.  You’re the best.  I love you.  You’re amazing.  Goodbye.” — Eve Polastri

“Oh, that’s okay.  She’s had a hell of a night.  I-I just need to know if she’s aware of anyone who might wanna harm her while she’s in the country.  Poor thing.  Can someone get her a tea?  Max?  Has she mentioned Vienna or anything about her boyfriend’s killer?  Was it tall or… dark?  Ask her if it was a man or a woman?  Does anyone in the department speak heroin Polish?  No, I mean, I’m serious.  You know, uh, Max, we need to get her to a facility.  Thanks.  Rusz dupe i do lózka!  Uh, no.  My husband is Polish.  Oh, you know, I’ve just picked up a — a couple of phrases.  Thanks, Max.” — Eve Polastri

“Hmm.  Oh, I’m soldiering through.  It’s a great turn-out.  Oh, with a gin and tonic, definitely.  Uh, I need to steal Dom for a minute.  Mm-hmm.  Always be jealous.  I need you, too.  Don’t worry.  The translator couldn’t get anything clear out of her.  You recognize anything, Dom?  It might be teenage Polish.  Uh, just the description of the person she saw while she was on the street.  Say it.  Excellent translating work.” — Eve Polastri

“Hey.  Uh.  Hi.  I was counting on you not having a life.  Uh, wait, why are you still at the office?  Can you pull Margit Polsen from the registry and any other active female assassins under the age of 45?  Uh, how big are her tits?  Breasts.  Elena!  Thank you.  Are there any others on file?  Oh, they’re — they’re both dead.  Are there any alerts up for new ones?  Okay.  Thanks.  Oh, and don’t tell anyone I asked for that.  Piss off.  Thank you.” — Eve Polastri

“Uh, no.  Uh, yes.  Yes, please.  Hey.  Ah.  Uh-huh.  All that from a tiny puncture.  It’s impressive.  And… awful.  Yeah.  How would you kill me if you could?  No, seriously.  They’d — they’d come for you immediately.  I’d paralyze you with saxitoxin and suffocate you in your sleep.  Chop you into the smallest bits I could manage, boil you down, put you in a blender, then take you to work in a flask and flush you down a restaurant toilet.  Smart, huh?  Sexy?  Ooh.  Yes.  Thank you.  Love you.  Do you want to have sex?  Mm.  You know, someone is lying about the CCTV.  No.  I didn’t tell him.  I need to get more.  And I need her consent to record… her.  Really bad.  Yes.  Exactly.  Thank you.  Mm.  Sorry!  Sex.  Oh, good.  Okay.  Can I get Dom’s number?” — Eve Polastri

“Lunch swap?  Oh.  Your wife is an artist.  Yeah.  Just don’t tell Niko.  He’s really well.  He’s really nice.  He’s really well.  I don’t want to talk about that.  Okay.  The Kedrin assassin was a woman.  I interviewed the witness, and she confirmed it — no, no, no, no.  See, there wasn’t any CCTV until after I suggested it might be a woman.  Nothing.  Nothing happened.  Nothing ever happens.  And, see, now this woman is happening, and either someone is stopping it from coming out or someone is too lazy to follow it up.  I don’t know.  Maybe.  Yes!  Maybe you’re being lazy!  Yeah, but she’s — she’s new, and she’s prolific, Bill.  Look.  I’ve been compiling these cases for months.  Tuscany yesterday.  Kasia is the only lead we have, and, tomorrow morning, she’s someone else’s witness.  What if they’re in on it?  I don’t know.  I just think… it’s weird.  Trouble’s not interested in me.” — Eve Polastri

“It’s only two or three questions.  Just say you’re her cousin.  I’m with the security team monitoring Kasia Molkovska.  Eve Polastri.  Hi.  Is Kasia awake?  Oh, no.  I know.  This is a relative of Kasia’s.  He just wanted to say hi quickly.  Great.  Thank you.  It’s fine.  Wait here a sec.  I’m just gonna pop to the loo.  I’ll see what I can find.  Are you all right?  Hi.  On the loo.  What?  Dom?  Oh, my God!  Oh, my God!  Oh, Jesus!  Dom?!  Dom?!  Oh, my God, Kasia!  Oh, God, God, Kasia!  Oh, my God!  Oh, Kasia.  Oh, Kasia.  Please.  Please, stay with me.  Somebody help me!  Oh, my God!  Kasia, stay with me. Stay with me.  No, no.  Bedzie dobrze.  Bedzie dobrze.  No, no, no, no, no, no, no!  No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!  Oh!  Somebody help me!  Oh!”

“No, you’re not doing that.  I’m the dick-swab.  I should have requested more security.  Mm. Oh, piss off, Frank.  Can you– can you just tell me what I need to do?  No.  The most important thing is that I was right about the fact — Kasia described the killer as ‘ale decha,’ which means flat-chested.  No one would ever — because I secretly recorded the interview and brought it home and asked Dom and my husband to translate it for me!  You’re a dick-swab.  Sorry.” — Eve Polastri

“H-hi.  What?  Uh… yes.  You?  Uh, it’s really nice of you to come and — whatever this is.  Um, do you — do you want milk?  Oh.  Oh.  Oh, no, I don’t think he’d ever think that.  Oh, no, I think Niko would assume I was an agent before ever thinking that I was having an affair.” — Eve Polastri

“Yeah, well, I, um… I used to study criminal psychology and I was just interested in what makes a per– I mean, a woman able to… um… I-it’s not a… you know what, I’m — I’m just a fan.  Well, I, um… uh, I was… I was… sorry.  I was aware… I believe there is a female assassin operating internationally and she’s targeted a number of influential people.  She doesn’t have a signature, but she certainly has style and I don’t know who or what is behind her, but I don’t think she’s slowing down and just that interested me, I guess.  But also apparently makes me a fantasist and a crackpot and completely on my own.  And, you know, frankly, I don’t give a shit anymore.  She is outsmarting the smartest of us, and for that, she deserves to do or kill whatever the hell she wants.  I mean, if she’s not killing me, then, frankly, it’s not my job to care anymore.  Thank you.” — Eve Polastri

“What is this?  Did you do this?  But this is not something you’re supposed to be looking into officially?  Aren’t there more qualified people?  Why?  Thank you.  Oh, thank you.  It’s like I’ve walked into the inside of my brain.  A-and you want me to… hi.  People?” — Eve Polastri

“Susa Maron, found hanging in a ladies’ toilet in a Japanese airport.  Boris Ivanovich, humanitarian aid.  Killed in his hotel bedroom in Budapest.  Cesare Greco.  Mafia.  Had recently and violently taken over a drug cartel in Sicily.  Killed at his anniversary party in Tuscany.  Now, his wife said she saw a blonde woman wearing one of her dresses.  And a kid said a blonde woman was playing a game with him in the same room where Greco was killed with a hairpin moments later.  No, except for Kasia.  Elena.  Oh, come on.  She would have disguised herself.  Did forensics find anything out from the hospital kill?  Except that Kedrin was killed by a woman, and the witness to that kill was then murdered, so it doesn’t take a genius to put — why don’t you want to believe they’re all the same woman?  Yes, but we have to follow through — have you got something you need to get off your chest, Bill?” — Eve Polastri

“You too, huh?  Mm.  No, I… I think I’ve met her.” — Eve Polastri


Villanelle, Killing Eve, BBC America, IMG, Sid Gentle Films, Jodie Comer Villanelle, Killing Eve, BBC America, IMG, Sid Gentle Films, Jodie ComerVillanelle, Killing Eve, BBC America, IMG, Sid Gentle Films, Jodie ComerVillanelle, Killing Eve, BBC America, IMG, Sid Gentle Films, Jodie Comer Villanelle, Killing Eve, BBC America, IMG, Sid Gentle Films, Jodie ComerVillanelle

Oxana Vorontsova

“Come on, you can do it!  Business meetings are better in person.  Do you want help with your bags?  Mm.” — Villanelle

“Merci, Lulu.  Wow.  Beautiful.  Meerh!  I got you!  A bit, admit it.  A tiny bit.  Were you scared?  Did you think I was dead?  Would you be sad?  Oh!  Your face.  I got you.  Good.  Mm.  Quick.  But I’m tired.  Do you want to say and watch a movie?  ‘No, I can’t.  I’m sorry.’  Bonus? Because I’m sensational.  When?  Sure.  You want to come?  Well, can I take someone else?  I just want someone to play with.  You don’t mean that.  Aw.  Nice face.” — Villanelle

“He really got you, huh?  Ohh.  What a bastard!  You want to play a trick on him?  Say you have a gift for him. Quick!  Hide in there.  If you make a sound I will kill you too, ok?  Maybe just your head.  Good afternoon.  Yes… …I have locked him in the bathroom.  That is such a beautiful throw.  Who made it?  Would you mind if I closed the door?  Syliviana Morel.  Happy anniversary!  I have been sent to you, yes.  You should really ask before you touch a person.” — Villanelle

“Have you had a haircut?  Hmm.  Don’t worry.  I got another one.  It was a bit.  They won’t catch me.  They won’t.  They won’t.  First class?” — Villanelle

“Wear it down.” — Villanelle

“I don’t speak Bulgarian.  I want you to stand still.  Huge question.  I have absolutely no idea.” — Villanelle

“No.  I like your trousers.  Oh, hi.  Letting yourself into my apartment and drinking from a tiny cup doesn’t make you intimidating by the way.  It’s just rude.  I wanted it to match my jacket.  Do you want a smoothie?  It didn’t?  It happens.  Slip of the hand?  I’m excited about my next one.  But this one has asthma.  You know I like the breathy ones.  Hmm?  Will it be Jerome?  I’ll wear my chicken fillets, then.  They’re things you put in your bra.” — Villanelle

“Ooh.  I respect their privacy.  Okay.  I had quite a heavy period last week, but other than that, I think I’m okay.  Yesterday.  Yes.  I shot him twice in the heart and watched the spark drain from his eyes.  A little, mm.  He said he had children and offered me money.  Impatient.  Good legs.  I’m sorry.  Your face!  Aw.  Thank you.  That’s not Anna.  It’s my mother.  I’m joking.  My mother had really thin, shitty hair.  What were you two doing in there?  Come on!  I’ve done three weeks’ catering training.  Look, I have the little outfit.  I want to do it.  You tell them that I’m fine.  And who worries about you?  I do.  I do.” — Villanelle

Niko Polastri, Killing Eve, BBC America, IMG, Sid Gentle Films, Owen McDonnellNiko Polastri

“Eve!  Eve!  Eve!  Darling, what is it?  Oh, my God, darling!  Wake up, it’s okay.  It’s okay!  I-I… baby!  It’s okay.  Wake up, wake up!  What was it?  Was it… was it… oh.  Jesus, my heart.  You freak.  Yeah.  It was.  It all ended when you and Bill sand ‘A Whole New World.'” — Niko Polastri

“Sorry.  Oh.  I wasn’t flirting.  How are you?  Oh, I thought you’d be straight to bed.  Yeah.  Bunch of animals!  Wanna play?  Dom?  Should I be jealous?  Right, I’ll get him.  Whoa, she’s flying.  Here she goes.  Tall.  Dark.  If I say to you, ‘ale decha,’ what does that mean?  What do you think?  Ale decha?  Flat-chested.  Like a plank.  See, this kid is using slang your Ethel wouldn’t be familiar with.  Your killer was a… ‘a small-breasted psycho,’ apparently.” — Niko Polastri

“Oh.  Do you want cheese on it?  Hey.  Jesus.  It’s so awful.  Dinner?  Um, I don’t know.  Push you down the stairs?  I don’t know.  Flatter you to death.  Okay.  How would you kill me?  You’ve really thought about that.  Very.  Hugely.  Do you want supper?  Okay.  Love you.  Bin?  Sure.  Bill?  What did he say about the recording?  How bad have you been?  You’re in the wrong department.  You should have been a spy.  I’m actually knackered.  What?” — Niko Polastri

Elena Felton, Killing Eve, BBC America, IMG, Sid Gentle Films, Kirby Howell-BaptisteElena Felton

“Happy Saturday.  You were superb last night.  No.  Do you want the rest of this?  Mmm!  I went for a run this morning, then I ate some coal.  Apparently it’s a thing.  I feel great.  Okay, from what I can eavesdrop on, a Russian sex-trafficking politician’s been murdered in Vienna.  I know, bum-out.  Don’t know.  I don’t know.  I have no idea what we do here.  Right.  Everyone’s in there with Frank.  And oh, Lord.  It’s Carolyn Martens.  MI6.  Russia desk.  Ugh, I’d nail a cousin to work with that woman.  Stone-cold badass.  No, please don’t.  You’re the late one.” — Elena Felton

“No, it just strips your stomach so you can’t feel anything.  Uh, don’t know.  They haven’t transferred her from the station yet.  Mm-hmm.  Yeah.  Apparently she’s a bit of a character.  Why?  Yeah.  Who’s a woman?  What was that all about?  Why?  Bye.” — Elena Felton

“My sister and her arsehole baby are staying with me while she goes for interviews.  I get more sleep here.  What do you want from me?  Okay.  Hold on.  I got Margie.  Go.  Okay.  I know you’re into assassins, but I refuse to talk about them in this way.  They’re people, too, you know?  Massive.  She appears to have massive, pendulous breasts.  Is that doing it for you?  There are just two more on record.  I’m just pulling them up.  Um, Katrina Voltrinski and Wendi Helmsen.  What’s this about?  No.  Of course.  All our hotlines are completely confidential, madam.  All right.” — Elena Felton

Bill Pargrave, Killing Eve, BBC America, IMG, Sid Gentle Films, David HaigBill Pargrave

“Professional.  Where did you get that?  Hi.  It was just a spontaneous thing.  We’ll be sure to sort it.  Ohh.  Congratulations. Give me the rest of that, or I’ll fire you.  No.  Not your job.  Get her secure and get her some clothes.  Please don’t make this a thing.  I’m feeling very fragile.  It was just a bit of karaoke, Frank.” — Bill Pargrave

“Did we sing Disney?  Damn.  Where are you going?  Done the report?  Okay.  Good work.  Now… cough up.  20 quid.  CCTV from Vienna turned up.  It was a bloke.  Yeah.  Frank just said.  20 quid.  Of course not.  Stop it!  There’s a difference between thinking it was a woman and wanting it to be a woman.  I’m going to try to throw up.  I suggest you do, too.” — Bill Pargrave

“Sure.  She’s a control freak.  Can I eat this cold?  How is he?  Okay.  Is that what you’ve been wanting to talk about?  You’ve been weirdly casual all morning.  Spit it out.  You’ve got as long as the pie lasts.  Oh, my God!  I’ll give you the 20 quid to shut up.  There was CCTV.  Did you just say you interviewed the witness?  Eve!  What’s happened to you?  You’re going mad.  Are you accusing me of something?  And so what of it is a woman, anyway?  I don’t care if it was an alien.  It’s not our job.  Yes, and they’ll interview her and find it all out for themselves.  In on what?  Our job is weird, but it’s also boring.  I’m… sorry if your husband is boring you, too, but that doesn’t give you an excuse to go rogue at work.  You could get in a lot of trouble if I was a serious man.  Go to the hospital, make sure your witness is cozy and safe, then go home and don’t do anything weird.” — Bill Pargrave

“Where are you?  There was no CCTV.  It’s annoying me, but you were right.  We’ve been bullshat.  Keep that girl safe.” — Bill Pargrave

“If they fire you, you’d better drag me down with you.  I am.  I’ve been looking for an excuse to call Frank a dick-swab for years.  You had two armed officers.  You did the right thing.  You’re brilliant.  Just don’t tell them everything. You’ll sound like a nutter.  Oh, please.  Oi!  No, I was gonna call you a dick-swab.  Just to be clear, Frank — excellent.  Thank you.” — Bill Pargrave

“Okay.  Why a woman?  Okay.  So witnesses saw a woman wearing a dress and playing with children.  Very suspicious.  Okay.  But neither wife or child actually witnessed the kill, so… but didn’t Kasia say the killer was a brunette?  Or it’s a different person.  Okay.  Any witnesses to that kill?  So nothing to implicate the same woman.  Other than that, can you give a single discernable motive for one person to kill all these people?  Because the moment any of us want to believe anything, we’ve undermined this entire investigation.  Look, I’m not denying your theory, but you have to be open to the possibility that what you have here is a series of random attacks that you are loosely hanging together with a pretty ribbon.  You can’t lead a team with assumptions.  It’s not how it’s done.” — Bill Pargrave

Frank Helaton, Killing Eve, BBC America, IMG, Sid Gentle Films, Darren BoydFrank Haleton

“Okay.  Well, thank you all for giving us your Saturday.  Turns out people are still murderous bastards on the weekend.  This is Carolyn Martens, head of the Russian desk.  You’ve met Bill Pargrave.  And his late assistant.  Eve Polastri.  They assess and provide diplomatic protection for visitors to the UK and will be your liaison.  It was BIll’s birthday last night.  They don’t normally look this sweaty.  Mm-hmm.  Happy birthday, Bill.” — Frank Helaton

“The boy’s parents are here.  Apparently, they thought he was playing bridge.  Have you made your statement?  Well… that one could have gone better.   I don’t want to say you only had one job — I don’t think you should speak to me like that right now, Eve.  From what I’ve managed to gather, you have conducted an illegal investigation.  You’ve manipulated a witness.  You’ve put a minor in danger.  And on top — don’t interrupt me, Bill.  On top of that, you failed at your actual job, no doubt because you were so busy executing your pretend job, which I believe was going to earn you 20 quid.  And which you both seem to think is the most important thing about this case.  No.  No, the mots important thing, Eve, is that four people are dead, and it’s all your fault!  How do you know that?  You’re fired.  Thank you, Bill.  I suggest you both leave, immediately.  Your things will be biked to you.  You’re fired.” — Frank Helaton

Carolyn Martens, Killing Eve, BBC America, IMG, Sid Gentle Films, Fiona ShawCarolyn Martens

“Good morning.  There’s been an assassination in Vienna.  Victor Kedrin was a Russian politician visiting Austria last week.  He was not a popular man.  But he had an unfortunately high profile.  Yesterday, Kedrin was coming out of an exceptionally good, by the way, sushi restaurant near Stephansplatz with his girlfriend, KAsia Molkovska.  Somehow, about 50 yards from the restaurant, the assassin managed to slice Kedrin’s femoral artery with a blade without him or his girlfriend noticing.  He was bleeding for about a minute until he collapsed.  His girlfriend is the only witness, but she fled the scene.  Interpol traced her here to the UK.  She was picked up in Hammersmith this morning and needs protection.  Sorry?  No.  No, as far as we know, it was just a blind spot.  Thank you for your… time.  I imagine the girl is, erm, quite traumatized.  She’s the only witness.  Surround her with humans, will you?  Thank you.  Thank you, Eve.” — Carolyn Martens

“What were you right about?  Clearly, there’s going to be some reshuffling in your department.” — Carolyn Martens

“Eve.  Is there… anything you need at the shop?  Milk or… married?  A few times, yes.  We think she’s been operating for 2 years across 10 countries.  She’s highly skilled, as yet untraceable, and, frankly, she’s starting to show off.  When you’re feeling perkier… I’d like to buy you breakfast at the Purple Penguin restaurant by Charing Cross.  Thursday.  9:00 a.m.  I’ll wait for 10 minutes.  Right.  Buy some milk.  Or he’ll think you’re having an affair.  They all think we’re having affairs before they think we’re secret agents.  You might want to make him think you’re having an affair, then.  Hope to see you Thursday.” — Carolyn Martens

“You seem to know a lot about female assassins.  Why did you compile these specific cases?  Say it.  Let me show you something.” — Carolyn Martens

“Well, from what I can gather from this morning, it’s your hunch all over my wall.  Sort of.  I have someone who keeps tabs on anything that might lend itself to the theory.  No trace.  No pattern.  But most importantly, no one owning up to it and someone usually does.  I tried.  But there was a lack of enthusiasm for it which could read two ways.  I’m a naturally suspicious person and I have a budget to exercise that.  This is an unofficial official tap on the shoulder.  I want you.  Well, your research clearly speaks for itself, you’re intuitive and you make insane suggestions.  And you’ve been fired, so no one cares about what you do next.  I mean that in the nicest possible way.  There’s hardly any money, there’s no ladder.  You’re completely deniable.  Find her.  She’s on a payroll, there’s a pattern, we just haven’t worked it out yet.  But if we get her, it’ll be a start. Kenny, this is Eve.  I’m hoping she’ll be joining you.  Kenny lives on the internet.  He can find anything, track anything, trace anything, monitor anything or anyone.  Essentially, he’s been gathering the evidence.  I need people to put it together now.  You can have two.  I’d recommend small ones.” — Carolyn Martens

Konstantin, Killing Eve, BBC America, IMG, Sid Gentle Films, Kim BodniaKonstantin

“Villanelle?  Villanelle.  I can see you breathing.  Argh!  Oy!  Yes.  A tiny bit, yes.  No.  No.  Of course.  How was Vienna?  Of course.  No, I can’t.  I’m sorry.  They want me to give you this.  Yes.  Oh, yes.  Of course.  And they want you to do another job.  We know it’s a tight turnaround.  Tomorrow.  All information is on there.  Tuscany will be beautiful right now.  No.  You play in Tuscany.  And we will watch a movie when you come back.  ‘You don’t mean that.’  Yeah, yeah, yeah.” — Konstantin

“Afternoon, everybody.  Mnh.  Do you think you could excuse your guests?  Three days ago, one of Moscow’s most controversial politician was found professionally murdered in a pretty street in Vienna.  Very good.  The murder took place in a CCTV blind spot.  Also good.  The politician’s girlfriend was reportedly with him while he died.  Fine.  And was not harmed.  Not so good.  She is currently in London, where she will be interviewed as a principal witness to the murder.  Bad.  Which will take place tomorrow.  Very bad.  Yes.  Your train leaves in an hour.  So keep the job tidy, huh?  Your fancy hairpin is all over the press.  It’s not funny.  They might.  No, listen, they might.  Make it look like suicide.  Of course.” — Konstantin

“I’m not trying to intimidate you.  What happened to your eye?  No.  I want you to get assessed again.  London was… …meant to look like suicide.  So she slit her own throat?  And killed four other people?  Why are you being naughty?  No.  No more target until you are assessed.  No.  Yes.  I know what they are.  She won’t speak Russian anymore.  No, wait.  I have one more.  Who is it?  We are doing you a favor.  The security is too tight anyway.  I’m serious.  No, you haven’t.  You save it for your birthday party, then.  You like Paris, huh?  You like your life.  It’s good to have someone worried about you, huh?  No, you don’t.  No, you don’t.  And you wonder why I worry about you?  Go home.  Do something normal.” — Konstantin

Madame Tattevin, Killing Eve, BBC America, IMG, Sid Gentle Films, Sonia EllimanMadame Tattevin

“Asshole.  That was a short trip.  You’re a classy kid.  Ohh!  Asshole!” — Madame Tattevin

Ethel Rubynovitch, Killing Eve, BBC America, IMG, Sid Gentle Films, Ania MarsonEthel Rubynovitch

“I’m sorry.  She’s unintelligible.  She’s mainly swearing.  Czy myslisz, ze cos Ci grozi w tym kraju, ktos chce Cie skrzywdzic?  I think she’s saying that they were drunk or she’s drunk now.  She mentioned a plank of wood.  God, I’m sorry.  To byl mezczyzna czy kobieta?  Oh, you speak Polish?  ‘Get your arse into bed.'” — Ethyl Rubynovitch

Kasia Molkovska, Killing Eve, BBC America, IMG, Sid Gentle Films, Edyta BudnikKasia Molkovska

“Ciemno bylo… nie wiem… wy swinie… nie mozna wam wierzyc… wszyscy jestescie chujami… ♪ Jeszcze jednego ♪ Jeszcze jednego ♪ Jeszcze jednego ♪ Jeszcze jednego ♪.  Ale decha.  Psycholka… do piet mi nie dorasta.” — Kasia Molkovska

Max Sanford, Killing Eve, BBC America, IMG, Sid Gentle Films, Ken NwosuMax Sanford

“What did she say?” — Max Sanford

Dominik Wolanski, Killing Eve, BBC America, IMG, Sid Gentle Films, Billy MatthewsDominik Wolanski

“Yeah.  What do you need?  Um.  What?  I don’t wanna comment, but… I mean, they’re lovely, but… ‘ale decha’ is… small breasts.    Oh, my God!” — Dominik Wolanski

“Is this legal?  We should have brought her some chocolate or something.” — Dominik Wolanski

Kenny Stowton, Killing Eve, BBC America, IMG, Sid Gentle Films, Sean DelaneyKenny Stowton

“Oh, my God.  Sorry.  There’s just — there’s never anyone in here.  Oh.  Okay.  Sorry about the smell.” — Kenny Stowton

“He had 24 hour-security and the only people who entered his room were hotel maids.  No one witnessed any of the others either.  One full profile, but no matches.  No.  Who were all killed.” — Kenny Stowton

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