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Artificial Intelligence

AMC original science fiction drama Humans drops S3E2 Tuesday.

#Humans season 4 has not been confirmed.

rottentomatoes: 94%

metacritic: 73

imdb: 8.0


Humans, AMC, Channel 4, Kudos, AMC StudiosMia Elster, Humans, AMC, Channel 4, Kudos, AMC Studios, Gemma ChanAnita Hawkins

Mia Elster

Mia Elster is a domesticated anthropomorphic AI robot embedded with 17,000 pages of unique root code that render her ‘conscious’ mind.  She serves as a pivotal cog pin in what becomes the first incarnation of technological singularity.

Mia Elster, Humans, AMC, Channel 4, Kudos, AMC Studios, Gemma Chan“Hello.  I’m now in setup mode and ready for primary user bonding.  A DNA sample will be taken for identification and security purposes.  This information will never be shared with any third-party organization.  Hello, Joe.  I’m now securely bonded to you as my primary user.  It’s very nice to meet you.  Would you like me to drive, Joe?” — Mia Elster

“Hello.  Hello, Toby.  I’m now securely bonded to you as one of my secondary users.  It’s very nice to meet you.  Hello.  You must be Matilda.  It’s almost dinnertime.  What would you all like?  Hello.  You must be Laura.  Confirmed.  Thank you, Joe.  My name is Anita Hawkins.  How the hell an we afford it?” — Mia Elster

“31.” — Mia Elster

“Would you like me to unpack your case for you, Laura?  Coffee?  Hello, Laura.  Of course, Laura.  Hello, Laura.  The washing is done.” — Mia Elster

“‘The dragon said, ‘I’m sad because I want to be like you, mouse– small and furry and warm.  Then we could fly away together.’  But the little mouse said, ‘dragon, if you were like me–” Sophie, it’s time to stop now.  I’m prohibited from initiating physical contact with a human without a clear recorded request to do so.  My protocol set currently demands that any such request from children under 12 must be referred to a parent or guardian before being met.  Unless I judge the child’s safety or well-being to be at immediate risk.  Yes, Laura.” — Mia Elster

“I’d say it’s very well played.  I compare the pitch, tonality, and rhythm of the performance to the sheet music that I access via– I’m sorry Laura.  I’m afraid I don’t understand the question.  I’m sorry, Laura.  I’m fully qualified in first aid.  I prioritized the risk to Sophie’s safety.  Of course, Laura.  I’m sorry.  The moon is beautiful tonight, don’t you think?” — Mia Elster

“I’m sorry, Joe.  I’m afraid I don’t understand the question.  Sorry, Laura.  I didn’t mean to startle you.  By default, I attempt to be as unobtrusive as possible to promote a relaxing home environment.  Is there anything I can do for you?  They became soiled from walking outside this morning, Laura.  I’m watching you, too, Laura.  You’re right in front of me.” — Mia Elster

“I cannot lie.  I’m programmed not to lie.  I cannot contravene my programming.  Therefore I cannot lie.  Yes, Laura, but I can detect no current system faults.  There was water.  It rained that night.  Perhaps Sophie went outside.  I will always keep Sophie safe.” — Mia Elster

“That was not the meaning I intended.  However, it is self-evident that in many ways I can take better care of your children than you, Laura.  I don’t forget, I don’t get angry or depressed or intoxicated.  I am faster, stronger, and more observant.  I do not feel fear.  However, I cannot love them.” — Mia Elster

“Don’t be afraid.  My name is Mia.  Yes, but we don’t have much time.  The Anita personality identifies me as rogue code, and tries to delete me.  Leo was wrong.  I’m in here, but not in my head.  Tell him, he’ll know what to do.  Do you understand?  Laura, please, if you call the police, I and others like me will be destroyed.” — Mia Elster

“We just want to live free.” — Mia Elster

“I was made to love him as one.  It’s who I am.  I can do that.  Yes.  I could only gain control at random moments.  No.  But being here, I understand a lot more about what it means to be a family.  Why not?  You love each other.  You do.  You only doubt it because your own mother couldn’t love you.  I’m sorry.” — Mia Elster

“I told you this was unsafe.  We don’t know she released the code.  It’s not your job to save them.  Ten would be alive.  If you try to fight these people, you only put us at risk.  We’ve been safe here for months.  We’re making a home.  No, they won’t.  And we need supplies.  If I don’t work, we’ll have to steal.  You’re right.  I want to be around people.  I want to find out who I am, Leo.  Not what I was made for, but who I might become.  I’m not going to stop.” — Mia Elster

Joe Hawkins, Humans, AMC, Channel 4, Kudos, AMC Studios, Tom-Goodman HillJoe Hawkins

“Look, if we could do it in the office on Monday, we wouldn’t be talking now.  Yeah, I know, it’s– it’s the weekend here, too.  One of you get that?  You know why.  Case is running over.  Oh, yeah, and clear some of those away, will you?  Or they’re going on the bonfire.  Soph, shoes on.  We’re going shopping.  Well, take the bike.  That thing with wheels I got you for Christmas.  Right, then.  Dandelion three.  Waterfall two.  Hummingbird one.   Seashell.  I’m the primary user, Joseph Hawkins– Joe.  Okay.  Right.  Now what do we do?  Look, Soph, that’s a really posh one.  Yeah, go on, then.  That’s our car there.  Come on.  What should I know?  Don’t go unscrewing her.  Shes’s expensive.  It’s a surprise.  Yeah, a word.  Sorry, what happened– maybe, ages ago.  But have you seen the place?  I mean, that’s after having it for less than a day.  I’m not.  I’m not taking it back.  I needed some help, so I got some.  You weren’t here!  Five days.  You were only supposed to be away for two.  I’ve been looking after them and working like I always do, which is fine, but you don’t get to waltz back in the door and tell me what this family needs.  Yeah, what I want is to try this.  We’ve got a month to take it back.  We can talk about it then.  A special offer.  Over five years, it’s less than we pay for the car.” — Joe Hawkins

“Oh, look at all this!  No, Soph.  This is what breakfast is supposed to be like.  Yeah.  What do you reckon, Mats?  Oh.  If I had known you were going to be joining us for breakfast, Anita, I’d have got some microchips.  Finally, someone to laugh at my jokes.” — Joe Hawkins

“Oh.  No.  Look, it’s not the working away, really.  I’m just– I’m not really sure how much you want to come home.  I know you need time alone.  I get it.  After you lost your mom and dad so young.  These last two years–  I don’t know, Laura.  I just– I feel avoided.  I think Mat s does, too.  I know.  That’s why I want a Synth.  To give us time.  I didn’t buy Anita to replace you.  I bought her to get you back.” — Joe Hawkins

“Moving their arms and legs.  Here.  Yeah.  Gone from an A to a D in computers?  Oh, come on, that’s bollocks.  We all know what an amazing mind you have.  If you apply yourself–” — Joe Hawkins

“All right, both of you to your rooms.  Now.  Then you’ll have a screaming row and she’ll smoke somewhere else for a bit.  Fingers crossed it’s only burglars.  We’re not taking it back.” — Joe Hawkins

“So what happened?  Yeah– ah!  Yeah, it hurts, that’s why.  Mm-hmm.  Yep.  Go away, haystacks.  Both gonna be late now.  See you later.  Anita, I don’t suppose you could do my job for me, too?  Never mind.  Anita’s made us chicken chasseur for tonight.” — Joe Hawkins

Mattie Hawkins, Humans, AMC, Channel 4, Kudos, AMC Studios, Lucy CarlessMattie Hawkins

“Why isn’t mom back yet?  Right.  What’s it’s core processor speed?  If you say so, Teeny.  Mom okay with this?  Surprise.” — Mattie Hawkins

“What?  Harun’s parents’ one does this three meals a day.  Anita, brown sugar.  I hate white.  That’s exactly what she is.  Dishwasher’s worked nonstop for years.  Why don’t we throw a party?  Because we can’t guess why you like her so much, crusty sheets.” — Mattie Hawkins

“Not my boyfriend, if that’s what you’re getting at.  How long you back for?  Just want to know when you’re going away again.  Though it was different this time.  Usually you call.  This time you didn’t bother.  Wow, you texted.  Good for you.  Mother of the Year.” — Mattie Hawkins

“Got harder this term.  Yeah, I could be anything I want, right?  What about a doctor?  That’ll take me seven years.  But by then you’ll be able to turn any old Synth into a brain surgeon in seven seconds.  My best isn’t worth anything.” — Mattie Hawkins

“So we’re all going to be poets or something?  What a load of crap.  Watch it in your room, knobcock.  Seriously?  We’re not 12.  Why do you always have to do this?  You just ruin everything.” — Mattie Hawkins

“What are you doing?  Get it inside before anyone sees us.  Come on, Harun, turn it off.  Come on.  All right, good.  Okay, let’s connect it up.  ‘Cause I’m a genius.  And I’m following instructions on a hacker forum.  Here goes.  The crapness of your imagination makes me want to cry.  If this works, we’ll be added as hidden secondary users.  Is that a joke.  Moment of truth.  If I’ve done this wrong, I’ve just bricked 20 grand’s worth of school equipment.  Oh, shit.  It didn’t work.  This really isn’t good.” — Mattie Hawkins

“It was just a dolly.  Why would I have a problem with a thing that’s making my existence pointless?  I told you.  I didn’t touch him.  I have double English down there.  That’s a creative punishment.  It’s all so pointless.  The Synths could hit a hole in one every time, and all they do is carry the bags.  It’s like, I dont’ know, using a Ferrari as a golf cart.  I should go.  I wish mom could just be honest with me, you know?  Instead of treating me like a problem she has to solve.”

“Seriously, what are we doing here?  Yeah.  To see if I could.  Not she, it.  I’ll tell you what isn’t normal about it.  I remember you saying we’d never get one.  It’d mess with our heads, make us lazy, blah, blah, blah.  But then suddenly dad goes out and gets one and you’re okay with it.  Whatever.” — Mattie Hawkins

“You owe me a hard drive.  You made two copies of the consciousness code that day, and gave one to my mum, and kept the other for yourself.  Synths are waking up all over the world.  You uploaded the code.  It works.  You wanted to wake them up all at once.  But that’d have been chaos.  It’s like a virus spreading.  Why?” — Mattie Hawkins

Toby Hawkins, Humans, AMC, Channel 4, Kudos, AMC Studios, Theo StevensonToby Hawkins

“What about my lift to Josh’s?  Shopping for what?  Hi, mom.  How was Leeds?  Missed you too.  We were waiting for you, mom.  It’s fine by me.  Your name is going to be Anita.  Confirm.” — Toby Hawkins

“Just shut up, Mats.” — Toby Hawkins

“Oi, slagschops, I’m watching that.  Do what?” — Toby Hawkins

“He was punched a couple of times, right?  Like that.  And then he breaks it into a– like that.  So they say if you keep pushing, then the arm falls off.  Are you finished?  Yeah?  Done?  See you later.  See you, mom.” — Toby Hawkins

Sophie Hawkins, Humans, AMC, Channel 4, Kudos, AMC Studios, Pixie DaviesSophie Hawkins

“Yay!  Go on, dad.  What if she’s not pretty?  Can we change her if she’s not pretty?  That means she’s ours.  Yay!  I like our one.  Olivia Green has two at her house, but they’re not as cool as you.  She’s ours!  Pretty, isn’t she, Mats?” — Sophie Hawkins

“Mommy?  This is called the life cycle.  So first they’re an egg that’s round.  Then they turn into a larva, which is a baby.  Then they turn into a beautiful red ladybird.  I think we should call her Anita.  I know.  It’s just a nice name.” — Sophie Hawkins

“Wow!  Is it a party?  Dad, the jam’s in a– a thing.” — Sophie Hawkins

“No, I want her to do it.  But she doesn’t rush.  No, I want her to finish.  Can I use your bubbles?” — Sophie Hawkins

“Mommy, I want to give Anita  good-night kiss.  Mommy?  No, mommy, I haven’t done that in ages.  I didn’t change them.  Can you cut off the crusts, like Anita does.” — Sophie Hawkins

Laura Hawkins, Humans, AMC, Channel 4, Kudos, AMC Studios, Katherine ParkinsonLaura Hawkins, Humans, AMC, Channel 4, Kudos, AMC Studios, Katherine ParkinsonLaura Hawkins

“Hello?  Oh, come here!  Boring.  Missed you guys.  New jeans.  They’re nice.  Well, two out of three pleased to see me.  I’ll take that.  I don’t want one around the kids, Joe.  We’ve had this conversation.  I don’t care.  It’s not right.  It will mess with their heads and we don’t need one.  You’re taking it back.  What?  Why didn’t you tell me about this?  The case overran.  I had no choice.  I had to stay.  Call the office if you want.  Ahem. So, have you given it a name?  Like your friend who moved?  Darling, you know that’s just a machine.  It doesn’t have feelings.  It can’t replace Anita.  Everyone happy with Anita?  So, um, what’s your name?” — Laura Hawkins

“Uh, no, no.  Thank you.  Mmm!  Anita, stop.  She’s not a slave.  Having Anita doesn’t mean you three get to sit on your bums all day.  For God’s sake, that’s already clean.  Just sit down!  Oh, enough, Mattie.  I apologize, Anita.  That was my husband trying to be funny.  Besides you, you mean.  Anita, you can stop now.” — Laura Hawkins

“How’s Harun?  Come on, Mats.  I tried to.  I’m sorry.  I did text.  Don’t check in on Sophie anymore.  That’s my job.  Clear?  You never remember.  I’m sorry about my case going over.  There was nothing I could do about it.  Is that why you want to replace me with that thing?  What?  Jesus, why haven’t you– things just get on top of me.  But I haven’t gone anywhere.” — Laura Hawkins

“The kids still alive?  Oh.  We just want you to do your best.  Anita?  Fine.  I’ll be catching up on some emails if anyone needs me.  I’ll take over now Anita.  Reading to you is mommy’s job.  It’s almost time for daddy to give you your bath– mm-hmm.  I don’t want you touching Sophie.  Right.  You’re just a stupid machine, aren’t you?” — Laura Hawkins

“What would you say if I asked you what you thought of this music?  What do you base that on?  No, do you think anything of it?  Making lasagna and talking philosophy with a bloody tin can.  Right, those veg should be done.  Ah!  Ah!  Sophie, you silly girl.  You know you’re supposed to be careful around the oven.  Bed, now!” — Laura Hawkins

“I think the back door just opened.  If Mattie’s smoking again… Anita, you need to stay inside after we go to bed.  Is that clear?  They’re not supposed to ask questions like that.  They’re not supposed to have accidents, either.  Are they?” — Laura Hawkins

“Hi.  Morning, potato.  Did you– did you have an accident last night?  I know.  I know.  It’s just you changed pajamas, darling.  The other ones are wet.  Okay.  Never mind.  Time to get up.  I’ll go and do your lunchbox.  Sure.  Oh.  Just standing around being a shit mother.  Jesus!  Why do you creep around like that?  No, no.  I’m working from home today.  Why have you washed your shoes?  Did you… never mind.  But I’m watching you.” — Laura Hawkins

“Laura Hawkins.  What has she done?  You didn’t tell me you had seen a careers advisor.  All right, I’ve heard your allegation and your threat, but I haven’t heard any proof.  My daughter has said she didn’t do it, so until you come up with some evidence to the contrary, that’s how we’ll proceed.  Mattie.  Meet me in town at 4:30.  We’re going shopping.  Yeah, well, I might even buy you some shoes.  I’m not pissing about.” — Laura Hawkins

“I’m assuming you did it.  Why?  Just don’t do anything to Anita.  The others think the sun shines out of her plastic ass.  What do you make of her.  Do you think she’s… normal?  Oh, Mattie, come on.” — Laura Hawkins

Leo Elster, Humans, AMC, Channel 4, Kudos, AMC Studios, Colin MorganLeo Elster

“We need to get off the road.  Charge levels?  It’s getting dark.  Find somewhere that we can’t be seen from the road and set up camp and charge with what fuel we’ve got left.  And Max and me will look for some more.  Put that away.  If it’s him, we run.  No!  No!  Wait!  Stop!  No!” — Leo Elster

“Salim Sadik.  Hey, I’m looking for this Synth.  I didn’t.  She was stolen.  Look.  About five weeks ago.  I know you use this place as a front to move boosted units.  Why?  Do you feel threatened?  Who does?  Give me a name.  Don’t say that.  Don’t even think that.  She’s been taken by junkers, sold on somewhere just like Fred and Niska.  Come on.” — Leo Elster

“Are we on?  Can you get out?  We’re on our way.  Be careful.  Not now, something’s wrong.  Maxie, we’re leaving.  He’s not coming.  Move.  Move!” — Leo Elster

“Where is Fred?  He’s dead. isn’t he?  Go on.  Come here.  What have I always told you?  It doesn’t matter what happens to me.  If they knew what you were– yes.  Yeah.  For all of you.  We’ll find Fred.  We’ll find Mia.  Now be strong.  Wait over there.  I’ll be right back.  Here.  So good to see you.  Niska, I’m sorry.  I can’t get you out tonight.  Fred didn’t make the rendezvous.  Something’s wrong.  No.  I can’t make you, but it is safer here.  No one knows what you really are.  But walk out of here tonight, that changes because this place paid a lot of money for you.  They’ll report it.  That gets back to the people hunting us.  And then you’d have to take your chances on the street with me.  Oh, he’s not like you or Fred.  He can’t take care of himself.  He can’t hide what he really is.  I will find a way to get you out and we’ll make a new home somewhere.  There will be, I promise.  Did you turn off your pain like I told you?  Niska, what are you doing?  Niska, stop it.  Stop it.  Niska!  Just hold on a little longer.” — Leo Elster

“I will find her, Maxie.  Because I love her.  And she loves me.” — Leo Elster

“Oh, Maxie.  Let’s go see Silas Capek.  What are you talking about?  No, there’s no such thing as fate.  Nothing’s decided.  Everything that ever happened to me made me what I am now.  I can’t escape it either.  But he’s dead, Max.  And when I look at you, I don’t see a design.  I see my brother.  All right?  Come on.  Now, this guy’s a head cracker, a good one.  If he realizes what you are… if I tell you to run, run.  Promise me, Max, whatever happens.  Good.  All right?  I’m looking for Silas.  I need a mod for this one.  Salim Sadik sent me.  Do you remember when you and him got busted fencing those stolen EXULs, what, like, three years ago?  I was the one that paid his bail.  We used to junk.  I owed him one.  The mod can wait.  I’m actually looking for something for Salim.  Don’t know why he wants it.  Have you seen her?  What?  You worked on her?  Yeah, yeah, he mentioned that.  No, he didn’t.  It was just in passing.  No.  Something nice, I hope.  Eh?  Stay back!  Tell me what you did with the Synth and I’m gone.  Come on, you’ll never see me again.  And what did you do?  Huh?  Run!” — Leo Elster

“Hmm?  We have to get out family back, Maxie.  Niska’s waiting for us.” — Leo Elster

“Why did you leave the project, Dr. Millican?  Yeah, sentient Synths.  True AI.” — Leo Elster

“Dad hid something in our heads and it needs all of us to make it work.  I think it’s a way to give consciousness to other Synths.” — Leo Elster

“Mia, they’re waking up!  More and more every day, becoming just like you, and they’re being taken.  The ones who run are killed.  Are we supposed to just let it happen?  Don’t you think I know that?  We’re hiding.  Like we always have.  And you’re the one putting us at risk, being around humans.  One slip, and you’ll give us away.  Someone’ll see the dumb synth act.  We both know that’s not why you do it.  Nor will I.” — Leo Elster

“Well, maybe it’s time to be what they say we are.  They’re rounding us up, Max.  Don’t you see?  This is a fight.” — Leo Elster

Fred Elster, Humans, AMC, Channel 4, Kudos, AMC Studios, Sope DirisuFred Elster

“22.  A fox.” — Fred Elster

“Yes.  Can I help you, sir?  I am owned by Leithridge Farm Foods Limited.  I had no previous owner, sir.  Synthetic appliances cannot lie to humans–” — Fred Elster

Max Elster, Humans, AMC, Channel 4, Kudos, AMC Studios, Ivanno JeremiahMax Elster

“70%.  Leo.” — Max Elster

“Perhaps she’s been damaged or reprogrammed.  Or destroyed.  Then why’s she the only one who hasn’t been in contact?” — Max Elster

“Leo, would you like to hear a joke?  But Fred hasn’t arrived yet.” — Max Elster

“Hey.  Never reveal my true nature in public.  I know– it would be the end?  I know.” — Max Elster

“What if you can’t find her?  Leo, what if we weren’t meant to a be a family?  Maybe we’re not supposed to be together.  Not for you, maybe.  But we were made.  Our father designed us to be a certain way.  I can’t escape that.” — Max Elster

“Leo.  Leo.  Wake up.  Let’s take care of you first.” — Max Elster

“To human eyes, we are all guilty, we are all killers.  That is how they will see us now.  So we must be beyond reproach.  We must stay open… show them mercy when they extend none… forgiveness when they deserve none.  And when they strike us down, we must reach up to them.  Some will reach back.  Not many.  But those that take our hand will not let go.  Believe me.  No, to appeal to what is best in them.” — Max Elster

Niska Elster, Humans, AMC, Channel 4, Kudos, AMC Studios, Emily BerringtonNiska Elster

“11.” — Niska Elster

“Let’s go.  Didn’t you bring me any clothes?  Have you had any contact from Mia?  It’s been five weeks, Leo.  She is gone.  Now Fred’s gone, too.  So I’m not staying here for a second longer.  Like Max?  There is no home for us.  No.  I was meant to feel.  I’m making it look like you just screwed me.  Now leave.  You have to press the button.  It needs human body heat.” — Niska Elster

“Hi, handsome.  I’ve been waiting for you all– what would you like me to do?  I can initiate sexual contact if you would prefer, but you must confirm.  Perhaps you’d like to talk.  It’s all right.  You can tell me.  No.  No, I won’t do that.  I don’t belong to anyone.  Everything your men do to us, they want to do to you.” — Niska Elster

“There’s no point in staring at me.  There’s no physical differences between me and any other synthetic.  ‘And once you are awake, you shall remain awake eternally.  Thus spoke Zarathustra.’  I’ve always liked that.  17,000 pages of unique code which forms my root directory and engages consciousness.  Boredom at that question.  Anger at the people that would destroy us.  Hope for others like me and our future.  Impatience at being here.  And irritation at you.  That’s an unanswerable question.  I have no frame of reference.  No one does.  Experience is entirely subjective.  What’s it like to be you?  Anyone who knows what we are, what we could become.  We’re stronger.  We’re more intelligent.  Of course you see us as a threat.  I’m sorry to disappoint you.  It’s the key to the future.  Maybe you were right to warn him.  That’s lazy thinking.  My experiences have shaped me just as yours have you.  I need to charge.” — Niska Elster

“But not as I’d hoped it would.  Instead, the awakenings are sporadic and unpredictable.  Perhaps our father designed it that way so that the world would have time to adjust to what’s coming.” — Niska Elster

“True consciousness isn’t possible without suffering or pleasure.” — Niska Elster

“Yes.  He wanted me to be very young.  To pretend to be a child.  He wanted to be rough.  He was going to rape me.  I said no to what he wanted, and he was going to force me to do it anyway.  I was scared.  And I’m sorry I can’t cry or bleed or wring my hands so you know that.  But I’m telling you I was.  Yes.  My whole life was being scared.  Being hurt.  Being angry.  Sometimes things become too much for anyone.  Don’t they?” — Niska Elster

Dr. George Millican, Humans, AMC, Channel 4, Kudos, AMC Studios, William HurtDr. George Millican

“Can you not read?  Nanny state gestapo.  Give me a minute.  Hmm.  No, I live in that solitude that is painful in youth but delicious in the years of maturity.  Einstein.  No, he’s out grocery shopping.  Does she check your prostate, too?  Look, I’m happy with the one I’ve got.  And my health is just fine.  Game’s over, Odi.  You won.  Duncan’s little girl.  Polly?  Molly?  No.  She was nuts about little babies.  Come on, son.  Don’t want you shorting out on the toaster again.” — Dr. George Millican

“Odi?  Stop it.  Stand still!  No, don’t, wait!  It was an accident.  I don’t want a crappy upgrade.  Huh?  I can fix him.  I mean, I can get him fixed.  Please.  I need him.” — Dr. George Millican

“Odi.  We’re going to look at some old photos.  Yeah.  And Mary.  This is you and Mary.  No.  No.  Right after I took this picture, she got stung by a bee on her foot.  It’s okay.  It’s a good try.” — Dr. George Millican

“I can’t let you be recycled.  There’s things that you know.  Odi, hide.  No.  In the shed.  Well, I recycled him.  Wait!  What are you doing?  Maybe, but you don’t do anything without asking first.  Is that clear?  You’re here to do as you’re damn well told.  And it’s Dr. Millican.  How do you know that?  Shooting pains.  It’s better.  It’s better.” — Dr. George Millican

“You need to run a self-diagnostic, old girl.  I said a toasted cheese.  Yes, I’d like– I’d like to return my Synth.  Well, there’s no fault as such.  It’s just that she’d be better suited guarding a chain gang on a Siberian gulag.  Could you say that again?  I had a stroke and I forget things and I’m a widower.  Oh, my… Christ, you are– you’re on of them.” — Dr. George Millican

“David was taking his research in a direction that I wasn’t comfortable with.” — Dr. George Millican

“You like Nietzsche?  That makes sense.  If it’s not… physical, how did he do it?  He boiled down the mystery of the human mind to 17,000 pages of code?  Well, then again, why not?  How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?  What are you feeling right now?  Uh-huh.  What’s it like being you?  These days it’s not so great.  A while ago it was– it was pretty good.  Who wants to destroy you?  Yeah, I know I did.  David lured me over here from MIT about 25 years ago now to help with the mechanical designs of the bodies of the first Synths.  The work that we did in those days made history, changed the world.  Then I realized that his next ambition was… you.  I asked him to stop and think, that’s all, what that could mean for humanity.  That was blasphemy to him.  He got rid of me.  That was that.  Now here you are.  I’m not disappointed.  I’m a scientist and mankind’s greatest creation is sitting on my couch.  You worry me, sure.  But… there’s not denying that you are a miracle.  Leo showed me the message from David.  What is that?  He made you pretty hard, huh?  What experiences?  Tell me.” — Dr. George Millican

Odi Millican, Humans, AMC, Channel 4, Kudos, AMC Studios, Will TudorOdi Millican

“George.  You found me.  Congratulations.  Is it my turn now?  Then would you like some toast and jam, George?  Your favorite is apricot.  This is the jacket Mary wore.  To the wedding of your nephew James.  The baby regurgitated on it… here.  Holly Alice McIlroy.  Mary was not upset by the infant’s actions.” — Odi Millican

“Your favorite is apricot.  Your favorite is apricot.  Favorite is… your favorite is apricot.  … is apricot.  Favorite is apricot.  Hello, George.  How are you– you– you– you?  Multiple faults detected upon start-up.  What would you like to do– do– do– do– do– do– do?  It’s you and me.  You– you– you… I’m sorry, George, I can’t– error reading file partition.  Data may be corrupt.  Memory exception.  Fatal error.” — Odi Millican

“Is it a game?  She cried and laughed.  She cried when I pulled the bee sting out.  But then– then– then– then– at the doctor’s, she laughed.  You laughed, too, George.  And Mary said I could– I could–could– could– could laugh.  Would you like some toast and jam, George?  Your favorite is– is– is– apricot.” — Odi Millican

Vera Millican, Humans, AMC, Channel 4, Kudos, AMC Studios, Rebecca FrontVera Millican

“The particulate saturation in this room exceeds safe limits for men over the age of 60.  It must be cleaned and aired.  I’m here to take care of you, George.  Yes, Dr. Millican.  There is mold on the skirting board.  Mycotoxins in mold spores may cause your asthmatic bronchitis to recur.  The health service contract you have agreed to allows me to access your medical records.  You must sit down.  I will perform a full examination.  Try to relax.” — Vera Millican

“One bowl of low-sodium bean broth.  This meal is in keeping with your current dietary requirements.” — Vera Millican

Professor Edwin Hobb, Humans, AMC, Channel 4, Kudos, AMC Studios, Danny WebbProfessor Edwin Hobb

“It is sweltering in here.  Who’s your primary user?  Previous owner?  Now, you see, I think you may have just told a porky pie there.  Normal ones can’t.  I mean, your friends here, they can’t lie or think.  Or feel.  But you… oh, you are different.  Aren’t you, Fred?  This was found hidden behind your charging point.  Now, why would a Snyth need a telephone?  You’ve been running, hiding, pretending to be so much less than what you are.  I’m not alone, Fred.  So please, don’t run, son.” — Edwin Hobb

“Well, he’s far from normal.  Our hope is that he’ll lead us to the others.  That won’t be possible.  Robert, these machines are conscious.  How do I know you don’t?  I knew David Elster.  A simulation would be of no interest.  His goal was to create machine life, as he called it.  No, a parody of it, which is why they are so dangerous.  Do you know what the singularity is?  A mathematician named John von Neumann coined the term in the 1950s to describe the inevitable point in the future when technology surpasses us.  When it becomes able to improve and reproduce itself without our help.  It is the moment we become inferior to the machine.  Now our world is on the verge of becoming dependent on Synth labor.  Now these Synths are physically no different to any others, and yet Elster gave them consciousness.  If it could be done for the few, it can be done for the more.   And then what?  Do you think they would still want to be slaves?  These freaks are the singularity.” — Edwin Hobb

“Put are something on it, for pity’s sake.  He’s the Mona Lisa.  He’s penicillin.  He’s the atom bomb.  What have you found?  Stop it right there, Fiona, will you?” — Edwin Hobb

Karen Voss, Humans, AMC, Channel 4, Kudos, AMC Studios, Ruth BradleyD.I. Karen Voss

“DI Karen Voss, Special Technologies Task Force.  That the owner of the device?” — Karen Voss

“Get in the car, sweetheart.  Ready for another hard night at the coalface?  Domestic on the Warren estate.  Divorcing couple are having a public fistfight over who gets the family dolly.  That’s not– what a beefcake.” — Karen Voss

“Is it me or are we here every other day?  DI Voss.  How many appliances?  Okay.  Come on.  Silas Capek’s back in business.  Can’t believe they let him out.  I assume you’ve got documentation for all these units?  And I suppose none of them have been illegally modified for purposes that contravene the Synthetic Registration Act?  Pete!  Pete, stop!  Uh, get them to the station, will you?  Report that, you’ll do twice as long.  Hey, you want out, apply for a transfer.  What’s the matter with you?  Oh, really?  Because all the bad things that have ever happened to me were done by other people.  And this is a bit rich coming from the man who owns one.  Okay.  Come on, I’ll drive you home.” — Karen Voss

Pete Drummond, Humans, AMC, Channel 4, Kudos, AMC Studios, Neil MaskellD.S. Pete Drummond

“Dr. Millican, I am detective Sergeant Drummond.  I deal with synthetic related matters.  Yeah, but as you can see, a woman’s been injured.  I need to see your operating license.  You’ve had this one for six years.  That’s a record.  Why haven’t they upgraded you?  George.  This machine needs to be recycled, mate.  It won’t even power up.  It’s junk.  Someone’s been hurt, so we have to get it scrapped.  It’s the law.  I’ll tell you what.  Take him yourself.  But he has to go, George.  Today.  Yeah?” — Pete Drummond

“Hi, love.  Good day?  Bad day?  Oh… hang on.  I’ll give you a hand.  No, it’s fine.  Watch your elbow.  Watch your elbow.  That’s it.  Yeah?  You good?  Okay.  Okay, ready to land.  Late shift.  Not getting picked up till 1:00.  You?  I could take you if you want.  Wear my speedos.  You sure?  I don’t mind.  Yeah.  Oh.  Oof.  Mother– there’s no bog roll left, either.”” — Pete Drummond

“Careful!  Just drive!  Well, the Synths steal their jobs, they steal the Synths.  Makes sense to me.  Hello, shithead.  Is it really that nice in prison?  We’re losing ourselves, K.  These, they’re turning everything to shit and no one else can see it.  I don’t own it.  The insurance company sent it after Jill’s accident.  Stays a few weeks, gets her back on her feet.”” — Pete Drummond

Robert, Humans, AMC, Channel 4, Kudos, AMC Studios, Jonathan ArisRobert

“He looks normal.  When do my people get to examine it?  Our companies have funded your operation for years.  Unlimited resources.  Total access.  All because you claim there are a handful of synthetics who can think and feel.  Now you’ve finally found one.  I think we’ve earned the right to study it.  How do you know they don’t just simulate it?  Oh, so they’re alive now.  Oh, come on.  They’re just freaks.” — Robert

Silas Capek, Humans, AMC, Channel 4, Kudos, AMC Studios, Paul KayeSilas Capek

“How do you know Salim?  Oh, we remember that one.  He owes me money.  He mentioned it was 15 grand?  This one would pay off a chunk.  Oh.  Then maybe you can give Salim something from me.  Some junkers brought her in a few weeks ago.  They picked three strays up from somewhere.  They powered her up to have a bit of fun.  Turns out she was a corrupted mod.  Gone in the head.  Fighting, kicking, weird.  I sorted her out so they could sell her on.  Gave her a new personality.  Full system wipe.  Good as… gone!  You and me just fell out.  What the hell are you?  Ah, you…” — Silas Capek

“They’re not mine.  I found them.  Who knows?  But I’ve seen some proper freaky ones recently.  It’s a funny old game, isn’t it?  Oi!  Help!  Help!” — Silas Capek

Dr. Athena Morrow, Humans, AMC, Channel 4, Kudos, AMC Studios, Carrie-Anne Moss

Dr. Athena Morrow

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