House of Cards, Netflix

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Netflix original political drama House of Cards premieres its entire 5th season this tuesday.

#HouseofCards season 6 has not yet been confirmed.

rottentomatoes: 82%

metacritic: 76

imdb: 9.0

emmys: 6 wins


House of Cards, Netflix

House of Cards, Netflix

House of Cards, NetflixHouse of Cards, NetflixHouse of Cards, NetflixLucas Goodwin, House of Cards, Netflix, Sebastian Arcelus

Lucas Goodwin

Disgruntled political journalist Lucas Goodwin procures a  personal vendetta against congressman Frank Underwood after his ex-friend, paramour, and colleague Zoe Barnes is murdered by him.

Eventually out of frustration Lucas puts a bullet in Frank’s gut, and is incarcerated.

Lucas Goodwin, House of Cards, Netflix, Sebastian Arcelus“Community of what?  Or I could say immigration, banking, or education, but none of my regular sources can confirm that.  Because they don’t know.” — Lucas Goodwin

Quote1Longer.  What can I do for you, Zoe?  You tell me every day.  Not going to happen.  A gossip column.  This is The Washington Herald, Zoe.  It’s not TMZ.  I couldn’t care less.  Then it will die with dignity, at least at this paper.Quote2 — Lucas Goodwin

“Maybe so, but right now, I don’t need imagination.  I need copy.  Your nights and weekends are yours.  I applaud whatever you want to do, as long as it’s not on my time.  I am.  I’m telling you both.” — Lucas Goodwin

Quote1Hang on.  Where have you been?  I’ve been calling you.  Everybody’s working double-time in an inauguration, and you just up and disappear– Hang on.  Let me call you back.  Where did you get this?  I have to run this past Tom.Quote2 — Lucas Goodwin

“It’s a stretch.  Did you call for comment?  What about research?  You couldn’t find anything to echo the editorial?  No quotes, no op-ed pieces?  I don’t think there’s a story here.  Which he didn’t write.  Exactly.  Whoa, whoa.  Don’t be a bitch.  I’ll talk to Tom.” — Lucas Goodwin

Quote1It’s a prestigious job, Zoe.  Every day since you started here, you’ve begged me to move you up, and now–some of us value a career at a paper like this.  Well, it did, and you skipped a few rungs, by the way.  Do what you want to do, Zoe, but if you want me to be your cheerleader and say, ‘yeah, turn it down,’ I won’t.  I would have killed for that job when I first started here.Quote2 — Lucas Goodwin

“Zoe.  I was just in the neighborhood, and I thought… No.  That’s a lie.  I was at the bar around the corner.  The one with the, uh… and I remembered that time that I dropped you off after work.  I knew it was… this block.  And I, uh, buzzed, and then I waited– I’m pretty wasted.  Do you wanna know a deep, dark secret?  Now we don’t work together… anymore.  I’m sorry.  I, uh… yeah.  Hey, hey!” — Lucas Goodwin

Quote1Hey.  What are you… Uh, stay with me?  Uh, why?  Did something happen?  Zoe.  Come on.Quote2 — Lucas Goodwin

“Do you want anything?  Water?  Juice?  Uh, you can have the bed.  I’ll sleep on the couch.  It’s fine.  All right.  I got it.  So, you know, we don’t have to talk if you don’t want to.  But I haven’t seen you in, like, six months.  Except for when I drunkenly stalked you at your… right.  It was either psychotic or sad.  Not adorable.  Can you hand me that pillow?  So, why do you need to get out of your apartment?  Well, it can’t be smaller than my place.  I guess.  Okay.  There you go.  Um, anytime you need to get up or– All right.  Well, feel free to watch tv.  I can sleep through anything.” — Lucas Goodwin

Quote1It’s all right.  Stop.  It’s all right.  I don’t mind.Quote2 — Lucas Goodwin

Quote1Why did it end?  I won’t hurt you.  Yes, I can.Quote2 — Lucas Goodwin

“What was that?  Wait.  Slow down.  Is that the shipyard thing?  Janine?  Only when I knew she was wrong.  Pretty sure isn’t the same as certain.  How do you know?  Underwood?” — Lucas Goodwin

Quote1What time is your flight?  We should get going.  There’s gonna be traffic.  I’ve been thinking.  The, uh, older man you were with.  Was it Underwood?  So, what this is really about is covering your own ass.  You don’t want anybody to know you were sleeping with him.  Not exactly objective reporting, is it?  How many of the stories you brought me at The Herald were because you were– Fine.  Maybe you should take a cab to the airport.  You haven’t been honest.  I had to ask.  And you still haven’t given me a straight answer.  I– I don’t know if I can do this, Zoe.  You fucked a congressman to get ahead.  But I’m not sleeping with those other people, am I?  No.  I probably love you.  That’s the fucking problem.  Let’s go.  I’m parked illegally.Quote2 — Lucas Goodwin

“I’m still trying to wrap my head around the affair, Zoe.  Did you wait to bring this up until now because you thought it’d be harder for me to say no?  In bed, right after we– it sure seems that way.  I’m trying to avoid fucking up what we have– whatever that is– and you’re making it really hard for me.  I’m not looking for easy.  But I don’t need to be reminded of him.  I know you can’t.  But this is really fucking manipulative.  I was angry.  I just blurted it out.  I wish I hadn’t.  At least not like that.” — Lucas Goodwin

Quote1Shh.  Give me your phone.  Just give it to me.  Have you noticed anything weird in here?  Stuffed moved around?  Anything missing?  Anyone following you?  This is serious, Zoe.  It goes way up, as high as the commissioner.  I had to beg my contact at metro to give me this.  No record of Russo getting pulled over, but he remembers there was a call girl brought in with Russo.  That’s a file on one of her previous arrests.  I’ve investigated police cover-ups before.  I got death threats for a year.  Are you willing to take that risk?Quote2 — Lucas Goodwin

“I’m willing to lend a hand, but not by making cold calls 12 hours a day just to get hung up on by hookers.  Connecticut ave.” — Lucas Goodwin

Quote1No.  I’m good.  Don’t judge a book by its cover.  You have a nice laugh.  It’s very attractive.  You want to come up to my room?  Well, how much would that cost me?  Close your eyes.  Put out your hands.  Now open them up.  I’m trying to find this woman.  If you make me pull out my badge, I have to take you in.  But I don’t want that.  Let’s not make a scene.  Any idea where she might be?Quote2 — Lucas Goodwin

“Is Rachel working?  Thanks.  Should we come back Sunday?  Who are you calling?  You shouldn’t have mentioned Russo.  I wouldn’t if I was her.” — Lucas Goodwin

Quote1He controls Pennsylvania.  He has influence in the white house.  Walker needs the state for reelection– He could be after the V.P. nomination.  To force Matthews to run.  The president taps Underwood.Quote2 — Lucas Goodwin


Tom Hammerschmidt, House of Cards, Netflix, Boris McGiverTom Hammerschmidt

Tom Hammerschmidt and Lucas collude on gathering evidence and building a case cataloging Underwood’s various alleged underhanded-activities.

Tom Hammerschmidt, House of Cards, Netflix, Boris McGiverQuote1That’s what I’m hearing.  Because they don’t know, or because they’re not talking?  Keep at it.  Get me something.Quote2 — Tom Hammerschimdt

“Zoe.  Right.” — Tom Hammerschimdt

Quote1Let’s get legal on this.  Make sure we’re not breaking any laws.  You won’t tell me your source?  Fine, but if legal finds even one– I’m not just going to scan a 300-page document and put it up before we have gone through every– The whole thing?  You start going over them.  Get graphics.  Work on the tables, charts– Janine!  What’s the angle?  Five words.  That’s four.  Enough to put Walker on his heels?Quote2 — Tom Hammerschimdt

“We’ve got a copy of the administration’s education bill.  You work with Zoe on background cover.  Whatever she needs.  She wrote it already.  And I want you to rewrite it, then rewrite it again.  You’ll help her.  Go!  I want this by tomorrow.  This is more important.” — Tom Hammerschimdt

Quote1Come on in, Zoe.  This is Mrs. Tilden, owner of– Mrs. Tilden liked your profile on Catherine Durant.  Let me think that over.Quote2 — Tom Hammerschimdt

“Your job is to report the news.  Not be the news.  You were promoting Zoe Barnes.  You’re missing the point.  I don’t want you talking about anything that happens here, not nicknmaes, not how progressive we are, not whether we are adapting to the internet.  Any thoughts you have about this paper, you keep them to yourself, or you bring them to me.  You don’t get on national television and sp– don’t interrupt when I’m talking.  You haven’t earned the right to be treated as an adult.  You think a few front-page stories and some face time on tv make you the next Judy Miller?  You’ve got a long way to go.  Don’t be so arrogant.  Are you accusing me of sexism?  No tv for a month.  You heard me.  No interviews.  You want to make it no tv indefinitely?  We’re done.  You can go now.” — Tom Hammerschimdt

Quote1I know there’s been some tension, and I’m probably more to blame than you are.  But I’d like to put that behind us.  Zoe, you’re going to be our new White House correspondent.  I promoted her to midwest bureau chief.  It’s the decision I’ve made.  I thought you’d be more excited about this.  To fire you.  Water under the bridge.  We’re starting over.  So are you ready to take this on?  People usually don’t have to think about it when they’re offered the white house, Zoe.  Janine is booked for a flight to Chicago on Friday.Quote2 — Tom Hammerschimdt

“Thinking about it was what those two days were for.  Jesus Christ, you’re fucking unbelievable.  No, I don’t think you do.  I don’t think you appreciate anything.  I think you’re an ungrateful, self-entitled little c– cunt.  You’re a cunt.  What are you doing?  Don’t you dare– Get out, Zoe.  Get out.  You’re fired.  Get out!” — Tom Hammerschimdt

Quote1Legal?  To you, and to anyone who asks, yes, I did.  Do we really need them?  You shouldn’t.  I know how to run a paper, Margaret.  What I don’t know how to do is run a paper staffed with people I can’t control.  It’s her attitude.  It’s the way she turned it down.  Is it my job to pander to all my employees– I’m very aware of how much we’re hurting, Margaret.  Staff reductions, dip in circulation.  Each one of those faces and every subscriber we lose, they keep me awake at night.  Now, I won’t argue the business side of things.  It’s neither my place nor my area of expertise, but know this– Zoe Barnes, twitter, blogs, enriched media, they’re all surface.  They’re fads.  They aren’t the foundation this paper was built on, and they aren’t what will keep it alive.  We have a core readership that thirsts for hard news.  Those are the people I work 80 hours a week for.  And I won’t be distracted by what’s fashionable.  No, no, stay.  It’ll be quick.  We’ll get a drink.Quote2 — Tom Hammerschimdt

Quote1Sir, I don’t float stories to see if they’re seaworthy, and I don’t give a shit about circulation.  The only thing I care about is the truth.Quote2 — Tom Hammerschimdt

“The assistant whip, your former chief of staff, an ex-president of the United States.  That’s not gossip.  It’s news.  There’s no way the Justice Department doesn’t open up an inquiry.  And if they don’t the republicans in congress will.” — Tom Hammerschimdt


Janine Skorsky, House of Cards, Netflix, Constance ZimmerJanine Skorsky

Janine Skorsky joins fellow journalists Tom and Lucas in a mutual effort to bring Pete and Zoe’s murderer to justice.

Janine Skorsky, House of Cards, Netflix, Constance ZimmerQuote1What is it, Zoe?  I think I’ll be fine.  So you can blog about rubbing shoulders with the big boys?  Look, no offense, Zoe, but I don’t have time to be anyone’s training wheels.  That’s it.  Thanks.Quote2 — Janine Skorsky

“What?  Zoe Barnes?  Well, shouldn’t I be writing the– I am your chief political correspondent.  But I need to focus on the inauguration.” — Janine Skorsky

Quote1Where are you getting this shit? Your stories.  Who are you fucking?  Oh, come on.  You’re a metro scrub, and now look at you.  You’d have to be fucking somebody important.Quote2 — Janine Skorsky

“Keep walking, Zoe.  I really don’t want to talk to you right now.  Oh, please.  You’ve been gunning for my job since the day you bounced in here with a lollipop in your mouth.  Congratulations.  I’ll send you a bottle of champagne from the middle west, wherever the fuck that is.  Are you trying to rub this in or something?  Get the fuck out of my face.  Than you’re an even bigger idiot than I thought you were.  Go.  Before I get violent.” — Janine Skorsky

Quote1Totally weird.  Except for the fact that I was planning on calling you.  I was a real grade-a bitch to you at The Herald, and I almost apologized when I saw you at the white house, but I chickened out.  So, anyway, I am drunk enough, and I am sorry.  Why did you call me?  Thank you.  It’s just not the same since Tom left.  And I don’t blame you for doing what you did.  But this new guy?  Six years running E.W. online does not a managing editor make.  Did Carly Heath put you up to this?  You think we should go for it?  You would give away a story?  No, I’m interested.Quote2 — Janine Skorsky

“How long have you been drinking?  How old were you when you had your first drink?  Nine years old?  When did you first start using drugs?  No other drugs besides marijuana and cocaine?  Under what circumstances?  Ever while you were in public office?  And you’ve been sober how long now?  And what made you want to get sober?” — Janine Skorsky

Quote1Ta-da.  Thai cuisine again.  The green curry is for you.  And the other green curry is for me.  I bought you dinner.  You have to eat it.  Or at the very least, you have to watch me eat mine.  Who?  Like a date?  Oh, the mysterious fuck-buddy who you get all of your stories from?  Lighten up.  I was just teasing.  Not that I would judge.  We’ve all done it.  I used to screw anything that moved just to get a story.  You want dish?  The com director on Ben Schroeder’s senate race.  A staffer in the defense department.  My very own white house intern.  He was a real blabbermouth when he wasn’t eating me out.  And I even had a fling with a congressman.  You tell me yours, and I’ll tell you mine.  Oh, come on.  You’re hot.  You’re telling me that none of them have come on to you?  You are now.  Oh, you mean the slut vibe?  Look, I don’t do that shit anymore.  ‘Cause once word got out, it was like I hit a wall, and nobody took me seriously.  So, a piece of advice as far as career strategies go: it’s not worth fucking your way to the middle.  Chopsticks or fork?  Look, if you go, I am gonna have to eat both of these, and that is not cool.  Good.Quote2 — Janine Skorsky

“Uh, yeah.  Hold on.” — Janine Skorsky

Quote1Mr. Capra?  Janine Skorsky from Slugline.  We spoke when I wrote the piece about congressman Russo’s passing.  This is not about his death.  I’m calling you because my sources at the d-triple-c are telling me that you might be running for his seat.  But you did have a meeting this morning with Christina Gallagher, correct?  If you do run, I would like to know about your involvement in the closing of the Philadelphia shipyard.  Forgive me.  I find that hard to believe.  I read all of the transcripts from the BRAC commission.  Congressman Russo didn’t give any testimony.  So are you saying that he didn’t consult with you once before you– do you know who would’ve pressured him?  Did he say anything specific about– Mr. Capra, I would…Quote2 — Janine Skorsky

“‘Somebody was strong-arming him,’ and when I asked him who, he said, quote, ‘people up the food chain.’  My gut says it was Frank Underwood.  He had nothing to do with Russo before the shipyard closing, and then suddenly he’s propping him up?  Let’s cut the bullshit once and for all, Zoe.  I know he’s been feeding you your stories.  I don’t want to screw you over, but I’m not gonna stop digging into this.  But you do know each other.  These are the notes from the Capra call.  And these are the transcripts from the BRAC hearing.  When they get to the Philadelphia shipyard, Russo doesn’t say anything.” — Janine Skorsky

Quote1Ms. Gallagher, my name’s Janine Skorsky.  I’m a reporter at Slugline.  I’m a reporter at Slugline.  I wrote the profile on congressman– do you have a minute?  No.  It’s about Paul Capra.  We know that he might be running for congressman Russo’s old seat.  We’re just trying to do some background on the shipyard closing last April.  We have sources that are saying that the congressman was being pressured by someone to not fight the closure.  That’s what I’m trying to figure out.  This is completely off the record, I promise you.Quote2 — Janine Skorsky

“Whenever I could get past the press office gauntlet to you.  Mm.  I was just asking Ms. Gallagher who’s running to fill the vacant seat in Pennsylvania’s 1st.  Thank you for your time, Ms. Gallagher.” — Janine Skorsky

Quote1He came up right after I sat down.  It was creepy.  Is that what Underwood said?  One of these congressmen committed suicide.  I have gone after big fish before.  I know what it feels like to be watched.  Underwood’s education bill went to the floor just three days after Womack became majority leader.  You leaked the education bill.  And then there was the Kern article.  Wait, what was that guy?  Uh, what was his name?  He’s the one who told that Kern wrote the article for the school paper.  You should go talk to him.  Except you.  Underwood’s been using you, Zoe.  Don’t you want to know why?Quote2 — Janine Skorsky

“We need the arrest record.  Then we need to know who got him off. If Underwood was involved, we are talking abuse of powers and corruption.  Then we need to find the cop who pulled him over, or somebody who saw him come into the station.  But D.C. cops– they look after each other.  We need to be careful.  Not that I would trust with something like this.  Would he help us?  Help out a competitor?  You’ve gotta be kidding me.  This town is way too incestuous.”

Quote1But all it says here is that she was fined $300 for loitering on april 2012.  One of us has to go to Lynchburg.  Parents, classmates, teachers– Okay.  Well, then, you and I have to call escort services.Quote2 — Janine Skorsky

“2460.” — Janine Skorsky

“This goes much deeper than a lost arrest file.  A mansion in Harrisburg.  Then what?” — Janine Skorsky

Quote1The president would owe him.  That doesn’t make sense, though.  The V.P. slot is on the table because Russo tanked.  Underwood wanted him to win.Quote2 — Janine Skorsky


Edward Meechum, House of Cards, Netflix, Nathan DarrowEdward Meechum

“Does the congressman need me, ma’am?  I’m good, ma’am.  But thanks.  My shift’s done in a couple hours.  I’ll be fine.” — Edward Meechum

“I was a cop here in D.C.  Before that, I was in the marines, ma’am.  Thank you.  I did, ma’am.  Bahrain, then Afghanistan.  Served most of my second tour in the Korangal Valley.  You wanna know if I killed anyone?  Get down!  Stay away from the windows!” — Edward Meechum

“Am I suspended, sir?  Sir, I realize that–” — Edward Meechum

“Congressman, do you have a moment?  One second, sir.  Please.  It’s not easy for me to ask this, but I was wondering if you could put in a good word with my boss.  They’re going to discharge me, sir.  I messed up.  I’m fully aware.  But my job, it means everything to me, and I know a good word from you would– sir, please, if you spoke to Cardiff– If anyone can convince the captain, it would be you congressman.” — Edward Meechum

“Sir, I want to thank you for talking to the captain.  He told me you called, and I can’t tell you how grateful I am.  Yes, sir.” — Edward Meechum

“Sir.” — Edward Meechum

“Sir?  You wanted to see me?  Who?  I do, sir.  I know a guy in missing persons– I trust him.  We can do this off the books.  I’ll get on it right away.” — Edward Meechum

“Sir, I heard from my friend.  Missing persons.  She’s in New York.  Not a hotel, sir.  No, sir.  Yes, sir.  I have more information.” — Edward Meechum

“That’s the secret service, sir.  I’m capitol police.  I’d be more than interested, sir.  And I’m extremely grateful.  I will, Mr. Vice President.” — Edward Meechum

“Want me to drive alongside you, sir?  Yes, sir.” — Edward Meechum

Catherine Durant, House of Cards, Netflix, Jayne AtkinsonCatherine Durant

“Walker just nominated Kern.  Kern is a boy scout.  What do you have?  Then what are we talking about?  Why would you want Michael gone?  Let’s assume I am interested.” — Catherine Durant

“We southern girls clean up well when we get out of our daisy dukes and into some Vera Wang.  You most certainly may.” — Catherine Durant

Garrett Walker, House of Cards, Netflix, Michel GillGarrett Walker

Garrett Walker gifts Frank Underwood his vice presidency slot, and is subsequently usurped as president.

“Today… is not about the next four years.  It’s about the next four decades.  Now, you’ve placed your faith in me, and, in turn, choose to place that faith in our children.  Our children are the key to this nation’s future.  And that’s why the first order of business for this administration will be a comprehensive education reform bill to properly fix, finance, and strengthen our nation’s schools!” — Garrett Walker

“And I pledge to you, we will have that bill on the floor of the congress within the first 100 days of this administration!” — Garrett Walker

“I want it over.  As soon as possible.  Do whatever’s necessary to end this.  Well, that’s on you, Frank.  You let this situation devolve to where it is.  I’ve already been blamed for the largest teacher’s strike in U.S. history.  I won’t be held accountable for it dragging on months and months.  How?  By debating Marty Spinella on CNN?  Whatever you’re doing, Frank, isn’t working, so I’m stepping in.  Gut the bill.  Like Linda said.” — Garrett Walker

“Are you letting pride cloud your judgment, Frank?  What do we have on the schedule, Linda?  Do you have my briefing?  Good.  Let’s look it over.” — Garrett Walker

“I appreciate you standing your ground on this one, Frank.  I’m smart enough to admit when I was wrong.  I was just telling Frank we should set up a weekly so he can keep us up to date on what’s going on in the house.” — Garrett Walker

“And I think it’s a good idea.  But I’d like to look over my note first, if you don’t mind, so I can talk about it intelligently with you.” — Garrett Walker

“I had Linda talk to the vice president.  He’ll keep his nose out of it.  He’s a pain in the ass.  We all know it.  You don’t have to mince words, Frank.  Frank?  When do you announce?  Excuse me, Frank?  All I care about is a win, Frank.  All right.  We won’t stand in your way.  But if it backfires, Frank– Okay.” — Garrett Walker

“How close is it?  I’d prefer not to get embroiled in environmental issues at this time.  I won’t do that.  How about you take Linda tomorrow.  Set her up in your offices.  Any meetings or calls you might need to whip up votes, you got her there.  Well, you got deputies.  Well, you’re telling me you can’t manage them from ten blocks away?  No, no, no.  We’ll help you out, Frank.  Won’t we, Linda?  What else, Frank?  Tell me what Birch is up to.” — Garrett Walker

“There’s no historical precedent.  200 years ago.  One shot a man in a duel, the other believed in slavery.  Is that really the sort of company we wanna share, Frank?  It would look like I’m pushing him out.  Or worse– that he’s abandoning the administration.  Did Jim come to you with this?  I think he’d take it as an affront, like I’m trying to get rid of him.  Why is that?  Mm-hmm.  Tell me.  And he wants more responsibility.  And how do I give him that when he shows absolutely no discretion, no discipline?” — Garrett Walker

“Now, when you brought up this idea, I wasn’t sold.  It struck me as both desperate and careless.  But then Linda laid out all the pros, and they clearly outweigh the cons.  I explained our reasoning to Jim and hoped he wouldn’t think I was off my rocket.  It’s a bold move, Frank.  I’m very impressed.” — Garrett Walker

“We’ll need to work this out step by step.  The execution has to be perfect.  Let’s get our people on it.  I wanna know where he is.  Now, once he withdraws, we have to move quickly.  We’ll make a joint statement, as you proposed.” — Garrett Walker

“That’s right.  I’ll say that Jim’s an invaluable asset to the white house, but that I have great admiration for the sacrifice he’s willing to make for the people of his home state.  I think that’s a good idea.  Now, should Jim win, we’ll need to nominate a vice president immediately.  Linda, you’re putting together a list of name?  I want your input on that, Jim.” — Garrett Walker

“Excuse me.  Linda.  Peter Russo is dead.  Suicide.  He was found in his garage with the car still running.  I’m so sorry, Frank.  Of course.  Let’s reschedule.  Whenever is best for Frank.” — Garrett Walker

“Well, you’ve passed the vetting process with flying colors.  Is there anything we might have missed?  Tell me about your experience as the chair of the oversight reform committee.  What are the biggest challenges you’ve had to face.  Well, I suppose a room filled with 435 big egos isn’t the most hospitable place for oversight.  Do you want to be vice preisdent, Tabitha?  We’ll be in touch.  For the time being.  Then what is she doing on the goddamn list?  I don’t want people who make sense on paper.  I need at least one viable option.  The two of you created this list and have proceeded to cross off every name you’ve put on it.  Jim is gonna win this thing in Pennsylvania, and we’re no closer to naming his replacement than we were a month ago.  I just want one name.” — Garrett Walker

“Morning, Frank.  Will you give us a few minutes, Linda?  Linda fill you in?  Well, I’m glad you agree.  Linda didn’t think so.  I met him briefly once at a fund-raiser.  Last night when I called him was the first time we had a meaningful conversation.  I sensed a good deal of reluctance.  He wanted a few days to consider.  He’s clean.  I had him vetted last year when I was considering him for secretary of the treasury.  No.  Didn’t give a reason.  Just wanted to mull it over.  I want to send someone to St. Louis to speak to him in person, convince him to accept the nomination.  I’d send Linda but there’s so much work for her to do here, and, well, she can be abrasive at times.  I want someone with gravitas.  Birch is a possibility, but he’s not always been our strongest ally.” — Garrett Walker

“Good.  I’ll let his people know you’re coming.  Thank you, Frank.” — Garrett Walker

“Frank.  Tell me about St. Louis.  Why do you say that?  I don’t know him.  That’s why I sent you to St. Louis.  But you said he still seems ambivalent?  Well, I don’t want to appear desperate.  Let’s give him a few more days.  All right.  Well, let’s see if he’s available.” — Garrett Walker

“Thanks for coming on such short notice.  Have a seat, Frank.  I have a confession to make.  Raymond and I have known each other for years.  We don’t publicize it, but he’s been a trusted advisor to me. And I sent you to St. Louis so he could spend time with you, give me his two cents.  Offering you the vice presidency.  S I’m officially asking, Frank.  Say yes.” — Garrett Walker

Freddy Hayes, House of Cards, Netflix, Reg. E. CatheyFreddy Hayes

Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series

1 win: 2015

“Good morning, Frank.  I can’t kick.  You want to go on in?  Outside?  It’s freezing out here.  Anything you say, Frank.  It’ll be right up.  Do you want seconds, Frank?” — Freddy Hayes

“Let me get this for you.  Want the paper?  This is too much.  Any time, day or night.  You know that.” — Freddy Hayes

“Slaw?  You got it.  Here you go.  Oh… Oh, you know, Frank.  Same old shit.  Almost got killed last weekend.  Nah, state fair down in Virginia.  Me and my brother hauling this smoker down there, and this fucking minivan had a fridge strapped on top.  A fridge strapped on top of a minivan, Frank.  Well, that fridge slipped loose.  Boom!  Right in front of us.  I had to swerve to the left.  Barely missed it.  But now that smoker is fishtailing, almost hit a hatchback in the next lane.  Swerved to the right.  Barely missed that too.  Oh, man, it was real.  But, you know, that’s why God gave us reflexes.  So we can move the fuck out of the way when a fridge come out of nowhere.  How them ribs?  You know I like to hear it.  You go on ahead, Frank.” — Freddy Hayes

“Yeah.  Oh, hey, Frank.  How soon?  How many people we talking?” — Freddy Hayes

“On the steps… and she looks gorgeous, but really she’s thinking, when can I go the fuck home?” — Freddy Hayes

“Nah, they made me put it through the x-ray machine twice.  So I hope it didn’t overcook it.  Frank, you always pay too much.  This is way too much.” — Freddy Hayes

“You know, 20 years you’ve been coming to my joint.  This the first time I been to yours.  I could get used to it.  Always, Frank.” — Freddy Hayes

Paul Sparks, House of Cards, Netflix, Paul SparksThomas Yates

Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series

1 nomination: 2016

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