Godless, Netflix, Casey Silver Productions, 765, Flitcraft Ltd.

Deity Deficient

Netflix original miniseries Godless released its first season November 22nd, 2017.

#Godless is a limited miniseries event.

rottentomatoes: 89%

metacritic: 75

imdb: 8.5

emmys: 12 nominations


Godless, Netflix, Casey Silver Productions, 765, Flitcraft Ltd.

Marshal John Cook, Godless, Netflix, Casey Silver Productions, 765, Flitcraft Ltd., Sam WaterstonMarshal John Cook

“No ma’am.  No, ma’am.  I’m the law.  Afternoon.  Marshal John Cook.  Miss Dunne, if I’d had me a teacher pretty as you, I don’t think I’d have learned a darn thing.  I have not doubt.  I’m looking for Sheriff McNue.” — John Cook

“Well, look at you, McNue… getting old and playing board games.  I recall you was always more of a checkers man.  I’m emulating old Jacob Lee from Abilene.  One of the great fornicators of all time.  He also had himself a finely groomed patch of facial hair, I hear served all sorts of purpose.  A man needs something to proceed himself, other than mere rumor.  How are you, Bill?  You being a good mama to them little ones?  I’m looking for Frank Griffin.  There’s a regiment up in Olegrande.  I’m on my way up there… to see if the captain will help me out.  Ain’t no regular posse will go after him no more.  Not after they seen what he left behind in Creede.  Jesus, Bill.  Ain’t you been reading The Daily Review?  Well, that A.T. Grigg is selling papers like bullets.” — John Cook

“Maybe he was there waiting all along.  Maybe he come later.  Hard to say, as I only got the one witness.  And given what they done to her… I don’t know how reliable she was.  But she said they called him Roy… and that they was all afraid of him.  While Frank ran after Roy and his money, the miners finally came up from Tomboy.  Town sent word they had a couple of Griffin’s boys, so I put a posse together and headed up that way.  A couple of things happened while I was en route.  First, the good people of Creede decided to lynch the Devlin Twins.  The second thing… Frank Griffin decided to turn around and come back.  Whatever it was turned him around… it seems that sometime during the chase, Roy’d put a bullet in Frank’s arm.  Them sons of bitches… lynched the damn mob.  Every last one of them.  Then he burned the whole town to the ground.  I come riding through the next morning.  Tears come to my eyes. I just couldn’t reckon with it.  They’ve been robbing mines all over Colorado and Wyoming.  It’s only a matter of time before they come this way.  Frank Griffin don’t know that.  And when he finds out who all’s mostly living here… that ain’t exactly gonna be a discouragement.” — John Cook

“Glass of bonded, you got any. My daddy always said it was bad luck to spill even a drop of fine whiskey.  Outside of the sheriff and that boy deputy, how many folks around here can fire a gun?  Just asking, that’s all.” — John Cook

“God help you folks.” — John Cook

Alice Fletcher, Godless, Netflix, Casey Silver Productions, 765, Flitcraft Ltd., Michelle Dockery Alice Fletcher, Godless, Netflix, Casey Silver Productions, 765, Flitcraft Ltd., Michelle DockeryAlice Fletcher, Godless, Netflix, Casey Silver Productions, 765, Flitcraft Ltd., Michelle DockeryAlice Fletcher

“Who’s there?  Declare yourself or I’ll shoot!  Let’s get him in the barn.” — Alice Fletcher

“You best stay down there a minute and collect yourself.  What’s your name, mister?  We don’t get many riders come along in the middle of the night.  And the ones we do get only want trouble.  I’m Alice Fletcher.  This is my son, Truckee.  Man can’t speak as yet.  ‘Were’ dead, not ‘was.'” — Alice Fletcher

“‘Prettier.’  Very good.  Now, get yourself to bed.  Go to bed.  Mister?  Excuse me.  Is that your name?  Roy Goode?  And this… Lucy Cole… is she someone might be worried about you?  Jim Goode.  He a relation?  You’ve not read it.  Just like to know who’s lying here in my barn.  You can’t stay here much longer.  I don’t have enough to feed you, and even if I did, I don’t know you.  So as soon as you’re well enough, I’m gonna ask you to leave.  You’re lucky there wasn’t more of a moon the other night.  I was aiming higher.” — Alice Fletcher

“Iyovi.  That’s far enough.  She says it’s just roseola, but you’re gonna have to burn these blankets.  It’s all right.  Let her work.  What’s your baby’s name?  Mister.  Doesn’t seem to be hit anywhere.  For what?  Saving that little baby’s life?  You needn’t fix that.  There’s some lore about finding gold under the fence posts.  They say that’s where the old ranchers used to hide it from Indians and outlaws.  Of course, I’ve never found any myself.  Never had that kind of luck.  Well… it’s a bit of a story.  I was only 17… and I came out here to marry the son of my father’s business partner.  All I knew about him was that his name was Henry… and he was to meet me at the train station.  He’d sent me a new dress… yellow, so I’d stand out… and told me to wear it the day I arrived so he’d know me.  On the way back from the station, Henry wants to take a ride around the property, show off his land.  ‘Our land,’ he said.  After a while, the horse pulling the buggy starts getting antsy.  I look up and see this strange cloud.  Black with green around the edges.  Henry says, ‘Looks like we got a bit of rain coming.’  Next thing I knew, the cloud was gone.  Just vanished.  Now the horse starts to rear in the traces.  Henry helps me out of the wagon when I hear a rumble.  I turn around and see a six-foot wall of water coming right at us.  Henry, the horse, the buggy… they all got washed away right in front of me.  I almost did, too, but my new yellow dress got hung up on some mesquite.  Saved my life.  I wandered off for eight days in the wrong direction before I was found.  That’s another story.  I’d offer to wash your clothes, but they look like they’d come apart in the creek.  My husband’s stuff should fit you.  No.  My second husband.  Truckee’s father.” — Alice Fletcher

“Sheriff.  If he spent more time digging down there and less time pondering the universe, we’d have water by now.  Truckee, why don’t you take the sheriff’s horse?  What sort of bloody business?  My God.  Let’s go inside.  A gift from Narrienta.  Tell me more about this Roy Goode.  I’ve been talking to some ex-buffalo soldiers, having a go at their own town outside Easton.  They say they do.  I see them doing odd jobs in town sometimes.  What all you know about this Roy Goode?  Nice gesture?  They shot my husband in the back.  I know they left him in the mud to die.  No, you’re not.  Truckee, stay outside.  Go!  He showed up in the middle of the night, about a week ago.” — Alice Fletcher

Truckee, Godless, Netflix, Casey Silver Productions, 765, Flitcraft Ltd., Samuel MartyTruckee, Godless, Netflix, Casey Silver Productions, 765, Flitcraft Ltd., Samuel MartyTruckee

“Looks like he was already shot.” — Truckee

“No doubt on account of you shooting him in the throat.  I thought for sure you was dead.” — Truckee

“‘Boats sail on rivers and ships sail on seas, but clouds that sail across the sky are p–… pr– …prettier than these.'” — Truckee

“He knows horses.  Hey, mister!  Come in and eat something!  What?  You shot him.  Least you can do is feed him something.  It’s OK, we don’t bite.  That’s my grandma, Iyovi.  She said that you look strong.  And that she’s going to call you ‘Wandering Star.’  It was my daddy’s.  A lot of good it did him.” — Truckee

“Like I said, he knows horses.” — Truckee

“Hello, Sheriff.  I’m good.  It’s getting there.  I knew it!  I knew you were somebody!  What?  Why can’t I– ma shot him in the throat, but he’d already been shot two times.  Goodbye, Mr. Goode.” — Truckee

“Mama?  You all right?” — Truckee

Iyovi, Godless, Netflix, Casey Silver Productions, 765, Flitcraft Ltd., Tantoo CardinalIyovi

“He stinks of death, that one.  And if he stays here long enough, he’ll make us stink of it, too.” — Iyovi

“He looks simple.  I will call him ‘Stray Dog.'” — Iyovi

“Good bye, Stray Dog.” — Iyovi

Dr. Elijah Graham, Godless, Netflix, Casey Silver Productions, 765, Flitcraft Ltd., Patrick CarlyleDr. Elijah Graham

“I’m coming.  Can I help you gentlemen?  Come inside.  Oh, good God.  Yes, sir.  Elijah Graham.  I know who you are, mister.  I know who you all are.  Oh, there’s no saving it.  It’s a miracle it didn’t fall off on the ride in.” — Dr. Elijah Graham

Frank Griffin, Godless, Netflix, Casey Silver Productions, 765, Flitcraft Ltd., Jeff Daniels

Frank Griffin

Frank Griffin, Godless, Netflix, Casey Silver Productions, 765, Flitcraft Ltd., Jeff Daniels

SAG Awards

1 nomination: 2018

“I believe I got a bullet in my arm.  Your name Elijah?  Like the prophet?  That’s a damn good sign.  I meant the one you got hanging out front.  Got your name on it.  Frank Griffin.  So, tell me, Elijah… has my arm come off yet?  Well, then… you best go on.  Take it.  Oh, don’t worry none.  These boys ain’t gonna blame you I get dealt out.  I’ve seen my death.  This ain’t it.” — Frank Griffin

“Thank you, doc.  I hope I can do the same for you sometime.” — Frank Griffin

” ♪ Nearer, my God, to thee ♪ Nearer, my God, to thee ♪ Nearer ♪ To thee ♪  Folks… you all been baptized?  You all wash your bodies once a week?  Have you committed adultery, ma’am?  Have you betrayed your brother, sir?  Do you preside in your family as a servant of God?  You all know I don’t want to ever come back here and burn this house of the Lord down to the ground.  So, let’s all bow our heads and pray… that Roy Goode don’t ever show up here.  But that if he does… none of you-meaning souls… take him in.  Unless you want to suffer… like our Lord Jesus suffered for all of us.  Amen.” — Frank Griffin

“Roy Goode!  Keep your eyes open, boys.  He could still be about.  Must have been hard for Roy to put him down like that.  The packhorse, one with with all my money.  So?  Or?  Well, go ahead, then.  Guess.” — Frank Griffin

“Hey, there.  Suppose you tell us where the payroll’s at, save us all some time?  I know you were Jimmy Sloan.  And I don’t appreciate you using the Lord’s name in vain as such.  Everyone, outside!  hurry it up!  Roy Goode!  Why are you doing this?  What all got you so mad at me?  Damn it, I raised you up, Roy.  This ain’t my death.  Roy!” — Frank Griffin

“You folks want a lynching?  You got one!” — Frank Griffin

“That’s enough.  I want you all to clean up for town tomorrow.  Taos.  We’re gonna intervene with this Mr. A.T. Grigg.  Get the man next to some facts.” — Frank Griffin

“I’m a big admirer of your work.  I just wish it was more accurate.  The way it sounds in your paper, Roy Goode’s making a fool of me.  From the sweet end of a rifle.  Are you crying, sir?  You fought in what war?  Well, let’s just say you’re gonna give me immortality, and I’m gonna let you live longer than you might have.  I want you to write me a story, only as I prescribe it to you.  Could have fooled me.  Hell, The Daily Review don’t even come out but once a week.  That’s a lie right there.  Well, sir, the news of today is… that the crybaby editor of The Daily Review was found this evening in a puddle of his own piss and brains.  I want you to write that Roy Goode betrayed me… and that I will kill any man, woman or child who harbors him.  The good people of Creede let him walk their streets and… now they don’t have no streets.  Or people… for that matter.” — Frank Griffin

“Good Book says, ‘A man who lays down like a lamb stays down.’  God?  What God?  Mister, you clearly don’t know where you are.  Look around.  There ain’t no higher-up around here to watch over you and your young’ns.  This here’s the paradise of the locust… the lizard… the snake.  It’s the land of the blade and the rifle.  It’s Godless country.  And the sooner you accept your inevitable demise, the longer you’re all gonna live.  If you think about it… you know, if you think about it… the same God that made you and me also made the rattlesnake.  That just don’t make no sense.  All a man can count on is hisself.  That’s the truth.” — Frank Griffin

“Family’s everything, son.  Without family, we’re lost.” — Frank Griffin

“Good Book says pain is its own teacher.” — Frank Griffin

“Son… you ain’t gonna shoot me.  Not now or ever.  That ain’t how I’m gonna go.  I know what you’re thinking.  No fella can know his own demise.  But me, I’ve seen mine.  I know exactly how it’s gonna happen.  So when my death comes, I’m gonna be ready… on account… I already lived it.” — Frank Griffin


Floyd Wilson, Godless, Netflix, Casey Silver Productions, 765, Flitcraft Ltd., Justin WelbornFloyd Wilson

“Except he ain’t on foot.  He got onto another animal.  This one only shod on the back.  Looks like.  Trail stops here.  He knew there ain’t no way to track him over the rocks.  He’s got at least a three-day head start.  So… he could’ve headed south to the Gunnison River and crossed.  Or, if he was smart, rode right down the middle… seeing as it’s shallow and sandy all the way to New Mexico.  He could have headed north to Purgatoire, followed it for a bit to lose any trail, then turned and headed up into Wyoming.  He could have even circled around and gone east.  It’s any man’s guess which way he chose.” — Floyd Wilson

Roy Goode, Godless, Netflix, Casey Silver Productions, 765, Flitcraft Ltd., Jack O'ConnellRoy Goode, Godless, Netflix, Casey Silver Productions, 765, Flitcraft Ltd., Jack O'Connell Roy Goode, Godless, Netflix, Casey Silver Productions, 765, Flitcraft Ltd., Jack O'ConnellRoy Goode

Roy Goode abandons his adoptive father Frank Griffin after becoming discontent with his unscrupulous behaviors and general lack of a moral compass in The Gilded Age southwestern United States.  During his exodus he lifts a $50K severance package.

“A goddamn ghost.” — Roy Goode

“Boy all right?  I’m very sorry, ma’am.  I’ll be gone in the morning.  Like you say… you don’t know me.  No, it’s for the horses.  They’re gonna need the space.  Do you mind my asking… …how you three… ended up in this place?  Found?  By who?  The man who drowned?” — Roy Goode

“Shh.  Ride out, Frank.  Ride on out or I take your fucking head off.” — Roy Goode

“Excuse me, ma’am.  Are you the local law?  I’m Roy Goode, sir.  And if it’s all right with you, I’d like to turn myself in.  Yes, sir.  Ma’am… we may need to borrow your mare, or even the old lady’s burro, seeing as the little packhorse I rode in on– she didn’t know who I was.  She didn’t know who I was.  I got into it with Griffin and his boys at a place called Doubtful Canyon.  It’s up north in Colorado, a few miles outside a town called Creede.  Frank had just robbed the payroll.  I went ahead and took it from him.  Because I knew he’d chase me.  I was trying to draw them as far away from the folks in that town as I could.  But things didn’t quite work out the way I planned.  Well, I seen fro my horse’s mouth he was flecking blood.  Began to flounder.  I could see the poor boy didn’t have much life left.  It weren’t long before he bottomed out– oh, well… we ended up shooting it out in the canyon.  Yes, sir.  Thirty-two that day.  Sir, a situation like that, a rifle can be mighty comprehensive.  I knew there was no way they were gonna work through that gorge, boxed up the way it was, without getting shot to a man.  I lost it… and my rifle, crossing the San Juan.  I lost everything.  I am who I say.” — Roy Goode

“Where are all the men at?  All of them?  You understand, Sheriff… if word gets out Roy Goode’s here… there’s gonna be no stopping Frank.  No, I don’t think so.” — Roy Goode

“What happened?  Got into it how?  The same sheriff who brought me in?  He shot all three?  The old man?” — Roy Goode

“I don’t judge another man unless I’ve walked in his shoes.  What’s the matter with your eyes?  I had a horse once, lost his sight.  He had the same heedful walk you do.  I’m sorry.  Frank ain’t hiding, sheriff.  He’s out there spilling blood from hell to breakfast, trying to make me feel bad.  Leaving him.  He always thought of me as kin.  Well, Frank don’t like it much when kin abandons him.  It ain’t so simple, sheriff.  It’s personal.  I tried to stop that.  No, sir, I didn’t.  He more than likely did just that.  He ain’t ever finding me, sheriff.  A man alone can be invisible if he knows what he’s doing.  No, sir, they would not.  Sure.  If that ‘someone’ had proper eyesight.” — Roy Goode

“You should never have to eat another man’s dirt.  But sometimes it’s easier to go home… with a grudge and your pride sullied some…  than it is to go out and get yourself killed.” — Roy Goode

Bill McNue, Godless, Netflix, Casey Silver Productions, 765, Flitcraft Ltd., Scoot McNairyBill McNue, Godless, Netflix, Casey Silver Productions, 765, Flitcraft Ltd., Scoot McNairyBill McNue

“Hello? Is anybody there?  For crying out loud.  Goddamn waste of my time.  Yeah, well, I’m through with your witchy nonsense.  It ain’t working.  No, it’s wishful thinking is what it is.  I don’t got none of that in me no more.  And why is that?” — Bill McNue

“Daisies.  Bluebonnet.  Primrose.  I can see just fine.  Well, sweetheart, I’m sorry to say that I ain’t kept a’one of my promises.  With the exception of our children… I’ve been a failure at just about everything.  And now… and now it seems my twilight’s come home, and… I didn’t even hear it knocking.  I guess that’s the one advantage to being where you are.  You never got to feel yourself get old or… useless in the eyes of everyone who looks at you.  Hell… in my mind, you’re… you’re still 18 and giving me those kisses that used to untie my shoelaces.  You would think, living in a town full of nothing but women, I wouldn’t be so damn lonely.  I guess we should talk some about our little Trudy.  she and I, well, we’ve been having some trouble.  You know, it ain’t that I don’t love her, exactly.  It’s just… well, I can’t seem to forgive her for what she done to you.  Maybe tonight… you’ll come and… give me some advice in that direction.” — Bill McNue

“Well, what’s the difference?  She can’t understand a word I say.  Where’s William?  Them Albert’s britches you got on?  Are you wearing his hat, too?  You want to tell me why?  No, and neither do I intend to.  Did I miss anything?  Well, all right, then.  He jammed cold, stinking mud in my eyes and soaked me in some hot springs they had bubbling near their camp.  Yeah, made me feel like a darn fool is what it did.  About all I came away with was a raging erection and an angry demeanor.  Which widow would that be?  So?  I told you you would regret that.  Yeah?  And how y’all aim to pay her?  What, you all made a deal?  Yeah, well, you know how she feels about you.” — Bill McNue

“Well, you ain’t exactly covered with morning dew yourself, Marshal.  You gonna swallow that squirrel or just keep chewing on him?  Oh, Jesus.  The man also had himself a pecker wieghed as much as his .45.  Elmer Knowland say hello to Marshal John Cook.  Are you kidding?  Around here they got 100 mamas.  So, John, what brings you all the way out here?  Besides interrupting my leisure time.  You’re… you’re going to the army?  What happened up there?  I don’t read much of anything these days.  What do you mean, ‘showed up?’  Goddamn.  Hm.  And you say this was where again?” — Bill McNue

“How are you doing, son?  Yeah?  Let me look at you.  Afternoon, Miss Fletcher.  How is that well coming, son?  There was bloody business up north with Frank Griffin.  Well, Griffin robbed the Tomboy Mine in Creede.  He ended up killing everyone in town.  Yeah, he and one of his boys got into it over the money.  Now Griffin’s tearing up the territory looking for him.  A fella named Roy Goode.  You’ve got quite the herd out there, Alice.  A gift or a bribe?  His other son just lost his wife to rubella.  What are you planning on doing with all of them?  You mean Blackdom?  That’s more a few sod huts than any kind of town.  You sure them folks got the money?  Well, Marshal in Santa Fe tells me he killed at least a dozen men.  Listen… I was thinking it might be a nice gesture if you sold a few of them animals to the ladies down in La Belle.  Well, you don’t know that.  Yeah, well, that was a long time ago.  They’ve all had their own heartache since then.  You know, maybe it’s time y’all buried the hatchet.  Hell maybe it’s time we all moved on.  Truth is… I come down here to talk to you about just that.  The future.  I don’t say this to you now, I never will.  It seems Anna’s been coming to me in my dreams less and less.  I can’t tell if it’s because she’s fading away from me or… because I see you there more and more.  Alice… I need to know where I stand with you.  I’m being foolish, ain’t I?  It’s all right.  Ain’t the first time the wish was feather to the thought.  Yes, sir, I am.  You’re Roy Goode?  Just wait.  Just wait a minute, goddamn it.  Suppose you start by telling me exactly what all you’re doing right here?  A week ago?  And when was you planning on telling me?  Speak up, son.  Why are you talking all soft for?  I don’t believe I’ve heard of it.  And why would you do a thing like that?  I’d say not.  What happened?  I didn’t ask you what happened with your damn horse.  I asked you, ‘what happened?’  You against all of them?  Boy, Griffin’s got 30 men riding with him.  And you held them all off by yourself?  Still… there was 32 of them and just one of you.  And that black-handled .38 I hear so much about… where might that be?  And that cash you stole from Griffin, you lose that in the river, too?  You know, you don’t seem all that much like a desperado to me so much as you just look desperate.  Well, if that is true, son, if you are Roy Goode… they’re gonna hang you for sure.” — Bill McNue

“Never you mind, Sarah Doyle.  Dead.  Mine took them.  Anyone able worked underground.  Well, you ain’t gonna be here that long.  Jesus Christ, Whitey!  Put the damn cannon away.  When was the last time you bathed, son?  You sure it wasn’t longer than that?  You’re about as ripe as a human body can get.  Yeah, I saw.  Must be them mining folks.  Where are the damn keys at?  Whitey Winn, this here’s, uh… Mr. Ward.  Lock him up.  All right?  No visitors.  Just do it.  Robbed a stage.  Up in Alamogordo.  Just lock him up.  I’m gonna go check on my children.” — Bill McNue

“You know what I want?  A little curly-headed girl.  That you did, son.  Mind your sister until I get back.  Evening, fellas.  What can I do for ya?  She cleared out of here months ago.  Now, I’m sorry you rode all this way for nothing, but I have to ask you boys to ride on out of here.  Or else what?  Don’t be like that.  There are women out here.  Come on, boys.  I know you don’t want no trouble.  Now, you listen… boys…” — Bill McNue

“Did you enjoy that?  I… I suppose you’d have shot them two.  Either way, I’m sure you think I’m a coward, just like everyone else around here.  I’ve been losing it… bit by bit since my wife died a few years ago giving birth to my daughter.  Hell… the way things are going, I figure I’ve got… maybe another six months before I go completely blind.  I don’t need your pity.  Why don’t you tell me about Frank Griffin?  Where do you figure he’s hiding?  For what?  Stealing from him?  Why did you abandon him?  Not after a whole town gets lynched it ain’t.  But you didn’t.  Griffin will probably go back up to that canyon where you shot him… try and pick up your trail.  Which means you more than likely just led the man right here.  Griffin’s riding with 30.  Thirty men wouldn’t at all be invisible now, would they?  So, if someone rode up to Doubtful Canyon… they ought to be able to pick up on his trail without too much trouble.  I ain’t blind yet.” — Bill McNue

“I ain’t running no where.  I’m gonna help Marshal Cook bring in Frank Griffin.  Don’t you look at me like that.  I’ve been known to kill a man or two.  Well, I’m gonna see if I can’t do one last thing right as a lawman… before the whole damn world goes dark on me.” — Bill McNue

Chief Narrienta, Godless, Netflix, Casey Silver Productions, 765, Flitcraft Ltd., Michael HorseChief Narrienta

“What are you doing?  I said wait until sundown.  My witchy nonsense takes time.  You lost your shadow, Bill.  Nothing more dangerous than a man who lost his shadow.  He’s got nothing more to lose.” — Chief Narrienta

Mary Agnes McNue, Godless, Netflix, Casey Silver Productions, 765, Flitcraft Ltd., Merritt WeverMary Agnes McNue, Godless, Netflix, Casey Silver Productions, 765, Flitcraft Ltd., Merritt WeverMary Agnes McNue

“You gonna say hello?  Plenty of ways to say hello don’t involve words.  School.  It’s Monday.  Not anymore.  And his rig.  Someone’s got to look after things around here.  You ever worn a dress, Bill?  Well, you ought to.  You ought to, right now, put on a dress.  Put on a damn corset while you’re at it.  Fitch brothers come through here last week, all three of them.  Started shooting off their pistols, wreaking general havoc inside the saloon.  Barney Mutz took care of it with some help from Whitey.  Of course, Barney did express a general sense of wonderment, I think felt by all, as to where the damn sheriff was off to this time.  Don’t worry, your little secret’s safe with me.  Although it’s getting harder and harder to keep.  Well, at least tell me, was that old Paiute warlock any use or not?  That do anything?  I’m sorry I asked.  Say goodbye to Aunt Maggie, sweet pea.  You talk to the widow on your way in?  The one you’re so blame fool in love with, Alice Fletcher.  Word is, the Paiutes brung her a whole herd of Mexican horseflesh.  So I thought maybe you would ask her if she would sell some to the town… seeing as we sold off everything on four legs.  And you were right, as always.  Fact remains, we need horses.  Man from Quicksilver Syndicate’s coming to town next week.  He’s offering a $10,000 down payment on the claim.  We’re in the throes.  She must have 50 horses up there.  That’s why I thought you would ask.” — Maggie McNue

“Just like Shakespeare.  Mary-Agnes.  And you’re Mr. Sloan?  What happened to… what unfortunate circumstance?  This is Mrs. Charlotte Temple.  And Miss Callie Dunn.  Colonel?  Of what, may I ask?” — Maggie McNue

“McNue.  I’ve returned to my maiden surname.  Albert’s dead.  No reason for me to keep carrying his name like a bucket of water.  He’s got a brother in Missouri for that.  We’ve done all right.  That’s true, Colonel, but you go below the water level… you’ll see that the vein remains unbroken.  We believe it’ll keep its promise for as far down as you can dig.  Mr. Valentine, La Belle is no ‘ordinary lode,’ but a goddamn mountain of quartz.  You know it and I know it, and I would wager that there drunk pinhead you bring with you knows it, too.  But if you don’t want to talk sensibly, there’s plenty of other outfits we can go to.  We’re not gonna give it away, either.  As well you know, those houses were all full not that long ago.  We got enough ore here to bury Lordsburg.  We have one finished that goes down 103 feet, and another just about so that goes down 160.  Before the men died, we had plans to build a 40-stamp mill and a 30-ton smelter to keep up with all the ore they were pulling out.  We know how to run the mine.  We want to be partners.  Fifty-fifty.  Maybe you didn’t hear me before.  We want half.  I think you, sir, are naive when it comes to understanding what we all been through, and just how changed we are on the other side.  There was nothing but a dozen tents when Albert and I got here.  One was a saloon, another was a whorehouse.  You remember that.  So do you.  So do all of you.  We built this place together.  We gave up our old lives to build something new.  We lost our husbands and a few horses.  We’re still here.  Your children are still here.  The silver’s still here.  And it’s still our goddamn silver, and that means we still got choices.  Mister, we’re a lot fucking stronger than you think we are.  We’ll go to the Paiutes.” — Maggie McNue

“I get lonely same as you, Bill.” — Maggie McNue

“Why wouldn’t they be?  What’s different about me?  Maternal?  bill, I loved my husband, may he rest in peace, and I love William and Trudy, too.  But I’m done with the notion that the bliss of me and my sisters is to be found in childbearing and caregiving.” — Maggie McNue

“Ain’t nothing so fragile as a young man.” — Maggie McNue

Sadie Rose, Godless, Netflix, Casey Silver Productions, 765, Flitcraft Ltd., Kayli CarterSadie Rose

“Come on.  Come on.  Come on.  Whoa!  I’m sorry.  But I didn’t know what else to do.  I think maybe it’s scarlet fever.  There’s no doctor in town, and the preacher don’t arrive for another week.  Luke.  After his father.  He was born on the day of the accident.  The Lord was with me and Luke that day.  That’s why all them men died.  The other ladies would chastise me if they knew I come up here.  They think you have a dark influence.  Luke!  Shh!  It’s OK.” — Sadie Rose

“Come on, baby, let’s get you home.  I know, honey, I know.” — Sadie Rose

Callie Dunne, Godless, Netflix, Casey Silver Productions, 765, Flitcraft Ltd., Tess FrazerCallie Dunne

“Go on, now.  Afternoon.  Callie Dunne.  Oh, I don’t know, Marshal.  I can be pretty persuasive.” — Callie Dunne

“Thank you, sir.  No, sir.  I’d always been a whore.  I just sort of fell into teaching after Madalena’s closed.  Then the schoolhouse got struck by lightning and burned down.  Took the old marm with it.” — Callie Dunne

Charlotte Temple, Godless, Netflix, Casey Silver Productions, 765, Flitcraft Ltd., Samantha SouleCharlotte Temple

“‘Since Mr. James Sloan took over Quicksilver Mining, a beneficial change has taken place in the mines.  Industry, order, and respect for the constituted authorities prevail.  Every man knows his place and performs his duty.  Mr. Sloan is said to be fair, honest, and good humored.  This reporter can also attest that he is a tall man, rather handsome, with a beautiful baritone.  And if all that isn’t enough, he writes the most beautiful poetry.’  Sonnets.  Least you coulda done is put on a dress.  Oh, my God.  Shall we go inside?  How was your trip, Mr. Valentine?” — Charlotte Temple

“Well, thank you.  Hear, hear.  Well… it’s… it’s been difficult.  It’s been quite difficult.  As you can well imagine, a town full of ladies… is ripe fruit for the wicked.  It seems that, since the accident, everyone who’s come through town has tried to take advantage.  Mr. Valentine… we do want your help.  We really do.  We need you.  Well, that’s easy, this one.  It’s built of iron and brick.  My husband Theo insisted on it.  Yes.  But then we lost everything.  Um… that’s… that’s John Doe.  Yes, he, um… he was the only man to survive the accident.  It was his first day on the job, so I suspect that the foreman knew his name, but he’s… he’s no longer with us.  Sarah.  I say we take the deal.” — Charlotte Temple

J.J. Valentine, Godless, Netflix, Casey Silver Productions, 765, Flitcraft Ltd., Christopher FitzgeraldJ.J. Valentine

“Well… it’s not very often that a gentleman is greeted by such a passel of fine-looking ladies.  Now, which one of you would be Mayor Cummings’ charming widow?  No, ma’am, I’m J.J. Valentine, Mr. Sloan’s humble number two… now made a surprised number one… by unfortunate circumstance.  Mr. Sloan was murdered by vicious outlaws.  A divine pleasure, ladies.  This here is Colonel Farnsworth, from the Colorado School of Mines.  Whether Colonel Farnsworth came by his title in any military manner is doubtful, but I assure you, he is a real mining engineer.  My new head of security, Mr. Logan.  I always say, ma’am, that a trip on the stage is something to look back upon with pleasure in the afterlife.” — J.J. Valentine

“Such a fine meal would have done honor to the best hotel in New York.  Good taste… good order… handsome children and domestic happiness are the necessary consequence… even in a wild place such as this.  Miss Dunne… I don’t believe I ever had me a marm as pretty as you are.  But, may I ask, have you always had a fondness for teaching children?  I see.  So, tell me, Mrs. Cummings– excuse me?  How independent of you.  So, tell me, Miss McNue, how has the lovely town of La Belle fared these past two years without any men around?  Mm.  Well, we at Quicksilver aim to help you ladies all we can.  You’ve got a mine with some value to it and I got the men to work it.  But first, before we strike any kind of deal… we need to determine how much value there actually is.  Colonel Farnsworth.  Suppose you educate us about the mine here at La Belle.  It’s our feeling, Miss McNue… that the lode is far more ordinary than that.  That perhaps, in the very beginning… it was salted to make the deposit look richer.  Now, you should know there have always been rumors to that effect.  Give what away, exactly?  Do you ladies know what they say about La Belle?  That it’s more a place of note than importance.  A place of many houses… but few souls to live in them. Well, actually, Miss McNue, I don’t know.  The railroad is closer to Lordsburg than here.  So, to my way of seeing, they had already robbed you of your population before the accident.  So you say.  Yet your deepest shaft is, what, 86 feet?  Let me ask you something, ladies.  What’s the strongest building in this town?  What makes it so strong?  And iron and brick comes from where?  The East.  Rifles, nails, gunpowder, flour, coffee, ammunition, all of it comes from the East.  Quicksilver Mining has been based in Pittsburgh for 22 years.  If you allow us,  we’ll build your whole town out of iron and brick.  Metaphorically speaking, of course.  In a month’s time, I can have 50 good men here.  A hundred the month after that.  A hundred and fifty men… all here to work hard and take care of all of you.  Oh, I’m sure by now you ladies have all got to be nostalgic for the scent of a man.  A real man.  Now, Quicksilver will take just 90% of the claim and bear 100% of the costs.  I heard you, Miss McNue.  While you may possess a working knowledge of the mine, you are naive when it comes to the business of running it.  Certainly not on your own.  Some of you more than others.  I’m sure that’s so, but they say it takes a mine to work a mine.  You don’t have the capital, you don’t have the men.  You can’t be serious!  Who might you be, sir?  John Doe?  Doesn’t anybody know his name?  Well, a few dozen more like him and your troubles are over.  That’s a cashier’s check… for $20,000.  And I will give you the time it takes for me to put on my hat and coat to decide whether you and your lovely town want the money and the men… or not.  I suggest you put it to a vote.  A wise decision, ladies.” — J.J. Valentine

Ed Logan, Godless, Netflix, Casey Silver Productions, 765, Flitcraft Ltd., Kim CoatesEd Logan

“Ladies.” — Ed Logan

“Whoa!  Whoa!  Whoa!  Goddamn it!  Goddamn it!  What are you doing?  Goddamn!  What are you doing?  Come here.  Come here.  Get over here.  Get up there.” — Ed Logan

“Where’d these other boys come from?  Tragic.” — Ed Logan

A.T. Grigg, Godless, Netflix, Casey Silver Productions, 765, Flitcraft Ltd., Jeremy BobbA.T. Grigg

“Now, how was it you came to realize that you were facing the vile Roy Goode?  Well, that must have been very frightening.  Now, do you recall… was his pistol black-boned in the handle?  And did he carry it on his right or on his left side?  His pistol?  And you’re sure it was a coffin?  And what town did you say this was?  Now, do you recall… the name on the grave that he dug up?” — A.T. Grigg

“Fellas.  Mr. Griffin.  Well… he did best you at Creede.  No.  It’s just… my eye.  Old war wound.  I fought my wife.  May she rest in peace.  And on the last occasion, she broke a bottle liniment across my cheek.  That’s true.  Now, what is it I can do f-for you gentlemen?  Well, I’m sorry, I’m not for hire.  I print the truth only as I see it.  I print the news of the day.  You’re Gatz Brown.  Amos Green.  And that’s Alonzo Bunker.  There’s Floyd Wilson.  Bill Chick.  And Dyer Howe, of course.  Mr. Ledbetter.  And the naughty… the naughty Devlins.” — A.T. Grigg

Whitey Winn, Godless, Netflix, Casey Silver Productions, 765, Flitcraft Ltd., Thomas-Brodie SangsterWhitey Winn

“Know why they call me Whitey Winn?  It’s because I always do.  Now, you weren’t expecting that, were you?  Or that.  All right.  All right.  Both of them.  A few days ago.  A black coach come into town today… with a full escort of firepower.  Do I know you?  What’s your name?  Ward?  Why?  He dangerous?  What’d he do?  What’d you do?  Really?  Where?  Well, he don’t look much like the stage-robbing type.  Looks more like the pissing-in-public type to me.” — Whitey Winn

“So, is it true?  Alice Fletcher really shot you?  Because I-I wouldn’t doubt it… seeing as the woman was a widow twice before she was even 21.  First one died in a flash flood, and then, uh, he disappeared for a bit.  I don’t know, six years later, she shows back up on the ranch with a child and some Paiute husband, claiming that the property was still rightfully hers.  The trouble is, Asa Leopold, the drygoodsman… …him and his sons, they was squatting the land while she was gone.  They claimed they paid a $200 relinquishment, and so the land was theirs.  Well, Sheriff McNue, he got into it with the Leopolds.  Told them Alice’s deed was still good and they had to vacate.  Well, the Leopolds was waiting for Bill when he went to the ranch to show them the deed, and they bushwhacked him.  Bill took a bullet in the hip, but still managed to get up, shoot, and killed all three of Asa’s boys.  Yes, sir.  He didn’t monkey around none, either.  He just walked right up whilst they was all still shooting and put them all down.  There was a time when Bill was quite the gun.  He taught me everything I know.  So, um… Alice and her family moved into the property, and then, one day… her husband winds up dead on the street, shot in the back.  Well, nobody knows.  Don’t matter, though.  Two weeks later, Asa’s wife dies of rheumatic fever, so… the folks around here, they like to say that Alice and the old Indian woman conjured up a spell that brung all the bad luck.  I just say that it goes to show that, eventually, we, all of us, gonna find the dirt, one way or another.” — Whitey Winn

“Well, I’d best get on out there.  Hey.  Name’s not ‘boy.’  It’s Whitey Winn.  Next one spoils your face.  Now, I think y’all heard the sheriff.  I suggest you get.  You all right there, sheriff?  Now, don’t worry, folks.  Ain’t none of them gonna bother you again.  All right, come on.  Let’s go back inside.” — Whitey Winn

Gatz Brown, Godless, Netflix, Casey Silver Productions, 765, Flitcraft Ltd., Adam David Thompson

Gatz Brown

Alonzo Bunker, Godless, Netflix, Casey Silver Productions, 765, Flitcraft Ltd., Joe Pingue

Alonzo Bunker

Amos Green, Godless, Netflix, Casey Silver Productions, 765, Flitcraft Ltd., Brian Lee Franklin

Amos Green

Bill Chick, Godless, Netflix, Casey Silver Productions, 765, Flitcraft Ltd., Luke Robertson

Bill Chick

Dyer Howe, Godless, Netflix, Casey Silver Productions, 765, Flitcraft Ltd., Keith Jardine

Dyer Howe

Bud Ledbetter, Godless, Netflix, Casey Silver Productions, 765, Flitcraft Ltd., Rio Alexander

Bud Ledbetter

Daryl Devlin, Godless, Netflix, Casey Silver Productions, 765, Flitcraft Ltd., Russell Dennis Lewis

Daryl Devlin

Donnie Devlin, Godless, Netflix, Casey Silver Productions, 765, Flitcraft Ltd., Matthew Dennis Lewis

Donnie Devlin

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