Enola Holmes, Netflix, Legendary Entertainment, Legendary Pictures, PCMA Productions

Missing Persons

Netflix original film Enola Holmes dropped last Wednesday September 23rd, 2020.

#EnolaHolmes is based on literature of the same name.

rottentomatoes: 92%

metacritic: 66

imdb: 6.6

Enola Holmes, Enola Holmes, Netflix, Legendary Entertainment, Legendary Pictures, PCMA Productions, Millie Bobby Brown
Enola Holmes, Enola Holmes, Netflix, Legendary Entertainment, Legendary Pictures, PCMA Productions, Millie Bobby Brown

Enola Holmes

Enola Holmes’ tries to find her missing mother outside of post-Victorian London, England.

Enola Holmes, Enola Holmes, Netflix, Legendary Entertainment, Legendary Pictures, PCMA Productions, Millie Bobby Brown

“Now, where to begin? The first thing you need to know is that my mother named me Enola. She insisted on it, in fact! I know it’s an unusual name, but my mother is rather a fan of word games. Get set. And Enola spelled backwards reads, well, ‘alone.’ She would continually tell me… and yet we were always together. Yes! My father died when I was young. I don’t really remember him. And both my brothers left home soon after. I barely remember them, either. So then it was just the two of us, and it was wonderful. She was not an ordinary mother. She didn’t teach me to string seashells or practice my embroidery. We did different things. Reading, science, sports, all sorts of exercise, both physical… …and mental. Mother said we were free to do anything at Ferndell… …and be anyone. She was my whole world. But she didn’t share everything with me.” — Enola Holmes

“Mother believed privacy was the highest virtue, and the one most frequently violated. Which leads me to the second thing you need to know. A week ago, on the July morning of my 16th birthday, I awoke… mother? …to find that my mother was missing. She’d left Ferndell Hall, our home, at some point during the night. Mother? And she did not return.” — Enola Holmes

“And she left me with little, bar some gifts that she instructed Mrs. Lane to give me at teatime. We were happy. Weren’t we Mrs. Lane? Shouldn’t she give me these presents herself? Oh, whoa! Whoa! And the third thing you need to know, and there may be those amongst you who have already guessed it, is that cycling is not one of my core strengths, but needs must when you must speed somewhere.” — Enola Holmes

“The fourth thing you need to know is that I’m presently on the way to collect my brothers, Mycroft and Sherlock, names which backwards spell out, respectively, Tforcym and Kcolrehs. Perhaps one shouldn’t read too much into the ‘alone’ idea. Yes. Sherlock Holmes. The famous detective, scholar, chemist, virtuoso violinist, expert marskman, swordsman, singlestick fighter, pugilist, and brilliant deductive thinker. My genius brother. He will have all the answers. Mr. Holmes? And, um, Mr. Holmes? You sent for me? You sent a telegram. Asked me to meet you here? And the fifth thing you need to know is that they haven’t seen me in quite some time. Well, I have a hat. It just makes my head itch. And I have no gloves. The carriage? Yes. What carriage would you be wanting? Because I have a few in mind– right. I think you may have us confused with another house. Isn’t it wonderful?” — Enola Holmes

“Tennis? Mother says I’m getting quite proficient. Oh! I would say this is going quite well, wouldn’t you? Which does not exist. Likewise. You get the point. She wouldn’t like you in here. This is her private space. She taught me herself. She made me read every book in Ferndell Hall’s library. Shakespeare, Locke, and the encyclopedia, and Thackeray, and the essays of Mary Wollstonecraft. And I did it on my own account. For my own learning. Which, mother said, was the best way to become a young… woman. I don’t know what she wanted me to be. She’s left me too. She will return, won’t she, Sherlock? Won’t she?” — Enola Holmes

“They are perfectly fine. Hips are simply a function of legs, aren’t they? What need have they of amplification? I won’t enjoy being imprisoned in those preposterous clothes. I don’t need friends. I have my own company. And I don’t need to go to your ridiculous school. No! Please don’t do this to me. Let me remain happy. I am happy here. Test me on anything you think I need to know to be sufficient for this world. Sherlock. Don’t let him do this to me. Make me yours. guide me. Teach me. For him, I am a nuisance. For you– just like his cruelty to our mother was out of your hands. She is not dangerous. She is remarkable and always has been. And if you still can’t see that, then shame on you both!” — Enola Holmes

“Helps me do the same. I was hoping for some privacy. Thank you. If you could now forget them all. A pine cone called Dash? That sounds ridiculous. Why did you never visit? Why did you never write? I have kept every clipping of every case of yours I could ever find. And yet it took our mother’s disappearance to bring you home. She meant to go. She’s not coming back. I don’t want a mystery, Sherlock. I want my mother back here and my life as it was.” — Enola Holmes

“‘Own way of doing things…’ ‘alone.’ That’s my name. M… S… A… C. Try it backwards. Bear with me. ‘Chrysanthemums… my in look… Enola.’ I hear you, mother. Chrysanthemums, chrysanthemums… ‘the bestowing of chrysanthemums indicates familial attachment and, by implication, affection.’ ‘My chrysanthemums.’ Not the ones she bought. The ones she painted. Money. She must have left a message. ‘Our future is up to us.’ What future? ‘Our future is up to us.’ Mother was able to vanish from Ferndell, and so must I, in the clothes Sherlock himself grew up in. It’s a necessary distraction. I was just beginning to master it. Phase one of the plan complete. I’m coming to find you, mother. The game is afoot.” — Enola Holmes

“I couldn’t go to my local station, of course, so I chose a different line altogether. With my brothers after me, there’s no telling where they’d search. Please get out of this carriage. Get out of this carriage right now. You think you look normal? I might be a boy. What are you? You’re a nincompoop. You have not escaped. There is a man in a brown bowler hat currently on this train searching for you, and once he finds you, he will think I helped hide you, and I will be endangered by this. Therefore, I ask you get out of this carriage. Good. Get out of the carriage, then. Of course. Wonderful. Of course he did. Therefore, I say good day to you, Viscount Tewkesbury, Marquess of Basilwether. I’m not ready to die at all. I wasn’t going to before I met you. I don’t know yet. Let me think. Can you think of a better way? If we time it correctly, we can leave him stranded. Listen, Tewkesbury. This one! You do make an awful lot of noise, don’t you?” — Enola Holmes

“You do know you’ve entirely ruined phase three of my plan. Enola Holmes. And I am undercover, so forget I told you that piece of information. Undercover from him. Hence why you are to say nothing. So? Thank you? You’re supposed to say thank you. We should think about sleeping soon. We have nothing to eat. Fine.” — Enola Holmes

“Hmm. I’ve been thinking. You need to disguise yourself a little. How do you feel about your hair? My mother. Who taught you about flowers and herbs? I never really knew my father. I’m sorry. I didn’t want to go to Miss Harrison’s Finishing School for Young Ladies. Why have you? What? I won’t. Why would I laugh at that? No. In the morning, we’ll have to move fast. The bowler hat man will be hot on your tail– London. No. We’ll get to London and go our separate ways. Understood? Yes.” — Enola Holmes

“Well, you would say that. It is. You were supposed to have forgotten that name. He’ll be fine. London: the beating heart of England. Mother will be here somewhere, and though she prepared me for many things… …the outside world was not one of them. And yet here I am, at the center of civilization. The home of polite society… …of music, of literature… and the finest things that money can buy. I must admit, London isn’t quite what I imagined. People are a lot more… excitable than in the country. So if I am fit in and stay hidden from my brothers, I must become something… unexpected.” — Enola Holmes

“I shall need a whalebone corset. Then I shall respect it. Do you have anywhere I can dress? The corset: a symbol of repression to those who are forced to it. But for me, who chooses to ear it, the bust enhancer and the hip regulators will hide the fortune my mother has given me. And as they do so, they will make me look like that truly unlikely thing: a lady! ‘You have to go to school, Enola!’ ‘But I don’t want to go to a finishing school, Mycroft!’ ‘Well, what else are we going to do with you? You’re a girl!’ Oh, come on, seriously? Now, where might I find a lodging house? I’ll pay handsomely for good value? Is this really good value? It’s lovely.” — Enola Holmes

“Now I’ve finally got some peace and quiet to think, it’s time for phase five of my plan. Or possibly phase four. Or possibly phase six. I’ve entirely lost count. It is time to find my mother. To find my mother, the first thing I need to do is leave a cipher in every newspaper she might read. ‘Thank you, my chrysanthemum. Are you blooming? Send iris, please.’ Iris means ‘message.’ Now, how to disguise them? Mother can untangle anything, so I need to make it most devious. I placed it in the personal advertisements column of The Pall Mall Gazette, which my mother seldom missed. Plus the Magazine of Modern Womanhood… …and The Journal of Dress Reform… two publications I thought might tickle her. This gentleman seems to be getting a lot of attention. Then I had to find out who she really was. Is. My mother only corresponded with one address with regularity. It was wrong of me to look where it was addressed to, and entirely wrong of me to have memorized it. But when growing up in the countryside, there is little excitement, so one clings to whatever narratives one can get.” — Enola Holmes

“What’s up there? No. Uh… I’m looking for Eudoria Vernet Holmes. You recognize me? Yes. There was a useless boy, but I rid myself of him. I have money, lodgings. I just need to find her. What work? So you were at that the meeting too. Who is Ellie Houseman? You can, but you won’t. Hey!” — Enola Holmes

Sherlock Holmes, Enola Holmes, Netflix, Legendary Entertainment, Legendary Pictures, PCMA Productions, Henry Cavill

Sherlock Holmes

“Yes. Enola. Plainly not, Mycroft. Boy, fetch us a carriage. Hmm. Chrysanthemums. And laurustinus, and Queen Anne’s lace. Huh. But it wasn’t foul play. Her regular supply of drawing pencils has dwindled to nothing. She clearly has decided not to replace them, and you rarely find that kidnap victims have planned their own disappearance. She wasn’t returning, and yet she disguised her intentions perfectly. Depends if you’re relying on her coming back. I think I can surmise by the way that she left leaving no clear leads, she still had her full wits about her. Enola, you at least had a governess. Tell me, she at least saw that you had an education? She valued education. Mycroft.” — Sherlock Holmes

“Perhaps she needed the money. You clearly don’t, or has the government cut your salary? Simply inquiring. I don’t mean to judge. Enola may prefer to say here. You could acquire a governess. She seems intelligent. You are his ward. Enola. I’m sorry. It’s out of my hands.” — Sherlock Holmes

“I also enjoy a sketch. Helps me think, process my thoughts. A caricature. Perhaps best if Mycroft doesn’t see it. Do you intend to stay up there? You know, last I remember, you were quite a timid little thing. You had a pine cone wrapped in wool, dragged it with you wherever you went, calling it Dash. Someone told you that Queen Victoria had a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called Dash, and you decided you wanted the same. We could never persuade you to put any trousers on. Your bottom was always bare. I think that’s all the memories I have. Father used to chase you all about the place, shouting, ‘get that damn dog out of my house!’ I lead a busy life. Would you have cared for my letters. That’s flattering. But the truth is, mother always had a reason for everything. Her own way of doing things. And those kind of mysteries are always the most satisfying to unpick. You’re being emotional. It’s understandable, but unnecessary. Look for what’s there, not what you want to be there. You’ll see the truth soon enough.” — Sherlock Holmes

“So now we’ve lost them both. I presume they have no clue as to where she’s gone, Mrs. Lane? Planted so as to send us in the wrong direction. Yes? Mycroft will make sure to find her. Money?” — Sherlock Holmes

“What? I have, and I have refused it. I’m rather more consumed elsewhere. In finding our sister. I’m looking for her too, as will, no doubt, Enola. She’s only 16. Of course not. I don’t want anyone knowing our business any more than you do.” — Sherlock Holmes

Mycroft Holmes, Enola Holmes, Netflix, Legendary Entertainment, Legendary Pictures, PCMA Productions, Sam Claflin
Mycroft Holmes, Enola Holmes, Netflix, Legendary Entertainment, Legendary Pictures, PCMA Productions, Sam Claflin

Mycroft Holmes

“My God. Look at you. You’re in such a mess. Where’s your hat and your gloves? She has no gloves? We didn’t send for you, silly girl. We sent for the carriage. Did you at least bring it? The carriage I pay for. Quickly! Oh. What the… oh, dear God, look at the house. What the hell has she been playing at?” — Mycroft Holmes

“What is this? Where the hell is she? Her bed hasn’t been made. Clothes haven’t been put away. Enough with the bally flowers, Sherlock. How? Are you certain? That’s good new, is it not? Hmm. Oh, good God! Feminism. Perhaps she was mad, or senile. Though madness, in our family? I would doubt it. Ooh. No madwoman could compile the accounts she sent me over the last ten years. Perfectly clear and orderly, detailing a bathroom… and a water closet. And the constantly rising salaries of the footmen, the housemaids, the kitchen maids, gardeners, under gardeners… …and for Enola, a music teacher, a dance instructor, a governess. Well, this is what she wanted you to become? What?” — Mycroft Holmes

“What is she up to, Sherlock? She was too old to remarry, she had no passions or ambitions I was aware of. She simply had to ensure Enola a decent life and to live her remaining years with dignity. This is my house, not hers, and has been since father died. She asked for 16 years to bring up Enola here. I gave it. And for that, I deserve to be robbed? I am not the villain here. It’s always the same, isn’t it? Always the same. We don’t see each other for months, and then you blast in without a care and condemn me with your bon mots. You are judging. You are judging something for which you took no responsibility. You’ve never shown an interest in this family. We have two problems, as I see it. One, finding a boarding school that is willing to take Enola on so she won’t be a complete failure in this world. That I am in the process of solving… with the help of an old friend. And two, finding mother. The first is my problem, the second I consider yours.” — Mycroft Holmes

“My dear! My dear! Let me. A motor car. How delightful, Miss Harrison. She needs a firm hand, Sherlock. She’s inside, though I must warn you in advance, she’s unbroken. We need to break her and build her up. In mother’s absence, she is my ward, not yours. A wild and dangerous woman brought up a wild child. With Miss Harrison’s help, we’ll make her acceptable for society. Father would be turning in his grave. An uneducated, underdressed, poorly mannered wildling. You are a young woman now, Enola. You need an education. If she taught so well, you wouldn’t be standing in your undergarments in front of me. You have no hope of making a husband in your current state. And that is another thing you need to have educated out of you. So remarkable that she left you in my care. Oh, Miss Harrison, I’m so grateful for your kindness. I shall bring her tomorrow myself.” — Mycroft Holmes

“Enola! Time to go! Enola, the carriage is waiting. Sherlock!” — Mycroft Holmes

“No one on the trains, no one on the boats, no one anywhere. The girl has simply vanished. Of course, it doesn’t help that England’s suddenly consumed by this ridiculous marquess. Sherry, please. You haven’t been offered it, have you? The marquess case. I knew his father, obnoxious sort. Liberal, but worth a fortune. Oh, in finding mother? No. Your job, I made clear, was to find mother. You never cared about her before. You haven’t given our name in the search for her. Oh, don’t worry, little brother. She may have escaped us for now, but I have the best police officers in London looking for a child matching her description. And they will find that stupid little girl and bring her back to us. Reform. God help us. If there’s one thing this country doesn’t need, it’s more uneducated voters. England is going to pot.” — Mycroft Holmes

Eudoria Holmes, Enola Holmes, Netflix, Legendary Entertainment, Legendary Pictures, PCMA Productions, Helena Bonham Carter
Eudoria Holmes, Enola Holmes, Netflix, Legendary Entertainment, Legendary Pictures, PCMA Productions, Helena Bonham Carter

Eudoria Holmes

“Enola… Enola. On your marks. Go! Yes! You’ll do very well your own, Enola. Mm-hmm. No. No. Oh. Sorry, Grandpa. Right, ladies, to conclude: our choices. The bankmen met, entangle herb, Ellie Houseman. Are we all agreed? Yes? Ellie Houseman.”

“I suppose that’s game. There are two paths you can take, Enola. Yours… or the path others choose for you.”

“Paint your own picture, Enola. Don’t be thrown off course by other people. Especially men!”

“Oh, you’ve time enough for the world. Let it do its damage later.”

“Right, ladies, our choices: the bankmen met, entangle herb, or Ellie Houseman. So, we’re all agreed? Ellie Houseman.”

Miss Harrison, Enola Holmes, Netflix, Legendary Entertainment, Legendary Pictures, PCMA Productions, Fiona Shaw

Miss Harrison

“Oh! Ooh. Well, I am an educator, Mr. Holmes. I like to keep ahead of the times. Where is she? We’ll soon see about that. Stand tall, girl. That’s better. Well, that’s too small. Oh, how disappointing. We will have to use an amplifier. Aren’t you a clever little tongue? I’ll enjoy that. These clothes will not imprison. They will free. They will allow you to fit into society, to take part in its numerous pleasures. To catch an eye, to attract. At my finishing school, you will learn how to be a young lady, you will learn how to be young lady, and you’ll make many new friends. Well, we have had a lovely little chat, haven’t we? I can tell we’re going to be firm friends. Mr. Holmes, it’s an honor. Yourself? Good.”


“Hello. I cant. I’m in hiding. Bit of a to-do. Bribed a porter to put me in this and get me onboard. Very daring. You’re a… strange-looking gentleman. You’re not a boy at all. Who are you? I’m Viscount Tewkesbury, the Marquess of Basilwether. I’ll have you now, I have just undertaken a particularly daring escape– you remind me of my uncle. I’ve left him at the station. Left them all: my mother, my grandmother. But I’m fine. I’m free. A man in a brown bowler hat? It’ll be fine. It’ll be fine. He’s coming. He’s checking every carriage. You have to help me. He didn’t see me. You really do remind me of my uncle. You have that same stare. Help! Help! Help! Help! Aah! Oh! Oh! Oh! Aah! Who is that? He was trying to kill me! I’m not ready to die on a train. Where are we going? Terribly sorry. Is this truly the best way to come? No! Time what correctly? And which one involves me not dying? Aah! Well, it turns out, being thrown off a train hurts considerably more than you might think. And I’ve lost a button.”

“Phase what? Who the hell are you? Look, I believe our recent brush with death deserves me at least a name. Holmes… like Sherlock? Undercover working for him? Hence why you’re dressed as a boy. What? For what? We should think about eating soon. Arctium lappa, which you’ll know as burdock. Very tasty. Um, and then there’s Trifolium. Clover. And is that… yes, I knew it! Mushrooms! Agaricus lanipes. The Princess. Delicious. If you can get a fire started, I can make us a feast. I’m not entirely an idiot, you know.”

“I’ve never cared for it. Cut it off with a knife. Of course you will. Who taught you how to sharpen it like that? Your mother is very different to mine. My father. My father’s dead too. I’m sorry. Why have you run? From home, I mean. Well, uh, a tree branch broke above me while I was collecting wild mushrooms. It should have crushed me, but I managed to roll out of the way, and I realized that… you’ll laugh at me. My life seemed to flash before me. I was just about to take my seat at the House of Lords. I had these ideas about how we might progress the estate. But my family were set on me joining the army and then going overseas, just like my uncle. And I realized I was scared, scared I would hate every second of the rest of my life. Don’t I sound pathetic? Why were they going to send you to the finishing school? Where’s your destination? I’m going to– well, then, shall we, um, stick together? If you like. Understood. Totally. Entirely. Do you have to be quite so brutal with the hair?”

“Oh, so this is where we part? Well, thank you, Enola Holmes, for helping me here. Then you’ll have to find another.”

Mrs. Lane

“What kind of gifts! And, look, she’s made this herself.”

“Gentlemen, welcome home. It’s been some time.”

“Enola? No, they found her bicycle. This isn’t as fun as you might think, Master Sherlock. She has your wits. She runs rings around me just as easily as you once did, but… she knows nothing of the world. I must admit to being quite seriously concerned for her. Well, Mycroft isn’t blessed as you are. As she is. A matter of great bitterness for him and not a small part of the cause of this mess. Enola is special. She has such a good heart. She’s even left money on my bedside table. You’ve already abandoned her once, sir. I’m asking that you don’t abandon her again.”

Lady Tewkesbury

“I want an assurance that my son is not– he had the carriage drop him here this morning. He must be here somewhere. You don’t understand. This is my son. Don’t let this train leave without someone on it! I insist!”

Dowager Tewkesbury

“Darling, perhaps we should just– well, we’re not even sure the darling boy’s on the train. I’m so sorry. This is such a fuss.”

Viscount Tewkesbury

“Of course he’s on the train! You simply haven’t looked properly. Quiet, mother.”

Tewkesbury Henchman

“Ah, there you are, sir.”

Train Master

“This train must leave. We’re running extremely late. It leaves now. All aboard!”


“Waist, 24 inches. Chest, 33 inches. Hips, 35 inches.”

Secret Meeting Attendee

“Ooh, marvelous. Of course.”

Secret Meeting Attendees



“No sign of him anywhere, sir. He’s not on this train. Sir, I’ve had my officers search this train from top to bottom.”


“Out of the sodding way, boy!”

Londoner 2

“Lords debate reform bill! Case of the missing marquess!”

Londoner 3

“A shilling apiece!”

Londoner 4

“Without this reform, this country isn’t ours, it’s theirs. We must petition the Lords. And we’ve not only got to do it for ourselves, but for our children! This is our chance! Demand the vote! Vote for all men! Vote for all men!”

Londoner 5

“Vote for change!”

Ferndell Attendant

“Sir? Certainly, sir.”

Miss Gregory

“And what does a boy like you want with those? You shall need no such thing. This is a respectable shop. You don’t look like you will. You don’t smell like you will. And I– in the back. Oh, best value you’ll find. You’re lucky you found me. Here you have it.”

Pall Mall Gazette

“Well, he’s a bloomin’ marquess.”

Tea Room

“More macaroons, please, Jason. Afternoon. Noisy bloody women!”

Tea Room Customer



“No, harder. Don’t be afraid of her. Step forward this time. Good. Good afternoon. You wanting to be recruited? Enola? Enola Holmes. It is you, isn’t it? Why are you dressed like a powder puff? Oh, my! You look the spit of her. Of course I do. I was your first teacher. Don’t you remember? You’ve progressed nicely, I can see. You’re alone? In London? Hmm. Eudoria’s been hiding all her life. If she wants to stay hidden, she will. And besides, she has work to do. I cannot say. I wish I could help you more. I must get my students. You can see yourself out.”


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