The Devil All the Time, Netflix, Nine Stories Productions

Mid West

Netflix original film The Devil All the Time dropped last Wednesday September 16th, 2020.

#TheDevilAllTheTime is based on literature of the same name.

rottentomatoes: 65%

metacritic: 55

imdb: 7.2

Arvin Russell, The Devil All the Time, Netflix, Nine Stories Productions, Tom Holland
Arvin Russell, The Devil All the Time, Netflix, Nine Stories Productions, Tom Holland

Arvin Willard

Arvin Willard murders five people outside of 1950’s Coal Creek, West Virginia and Knockemstiff, Ohio.

Arvin Russell, The Devil All the Time, Netflix, Nine Stories Productions, Tom Holland

“Hey, dad. C’mere, Jack. Yes, sir. Dad? ♪ Saying, ‘come up here, my little… Arvin ♪ Arvin ♪ Can Jack come? Come on Jack. Yes, sir. More than a hundred? We gotta get some sugar for mama too. Um… a Charleston Chew, yeah. Mama? Mama? Mama? Mama? Dad! Mama! No, sir. Lord, please save my mama! Clean the cancer inside of her! Yes, Lord! Save my mama, Lord! Please clean the cancer inside of her!” — Arvin Willard

“Everything’s gonna be okay. God’ll hear us. And he’ll take care of mama. Dad, no! Dad, no! Dad! Bring him back! I wish you were here, Jack. When dad goes to sleep… I’m going to bring you down and give you a proper burial. Just like they gave mama. I’m not doing that no more, you hear? I ain’t prayin’! You hear me? I said I’m not doing that no more. You hear me? Somebody left us a pie. He’s right there. It’s a prayer log. Yeah. But it don’t work too good.” — Arvin Willard

“Hi. All right. All right, hang on. Thank you. It’s the best present I ever got. Thank you, Uncle Earskell. Maybe, but I don’t have anything else of his, so… thank you.” — Arvin Willard

“Hey! God dammit! Get the fuck off me! Get off of me! Fuck!” — Arvin Willard

“Yeah, well, there’s a lot of no good sons of bitches out there. You know, that’s because it’s true. You know what would do you good? To not be wandering behind school by your own self, like I told you. Fuckin’ Gene Dinwoodie. No. Besides, you might not even be an orphan. As far as everybody around here is concerned your daddy’s probably still out there somewhere alive and kicking. Fuck, he might even come over that hill any day now, dancing a jig. Even if it means he did something? That’s crazy. What about him? I know what my daddy did. Well, shut your mouth. We both know that ain’t never gonna happen. It’s all right. We’re kin. We gotta look out for each other.” — Arvin Willard

“Cliff Baker says he can get me on the crew laying blacktop on the Greenbrier stretch off Route 60. I’m probably just gonna do that. You? Yeah, I suppose so. Well, just get him a big steak then. Grandma, quit worrying about it. He’s just a preacher. Anyway, everyone says ain’t no one doesn’t like you, you know that. So chicken livers it is.” — Arvin Willard

Lenora Laferty

“Hi, Arvin. Happy birthday, Arvin. Happy birthday! ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ Happy birthday.” — Lenora Laferty

“Please stop. Stop it!” — Lenora Laferty

“Arvin? It was a sight you didn’t end up in the hospital. Well, Lord, Arvin, you’ve been saying that almost since the day I met you. Maybe you should try praying for ’em then. Would that hurt none? You already do enough for all of us, and where’s it doing you much good, huh? Do you ever think about… how we ended up orphans living in the same house? I hope so. I pray every day he will. I’ve already forgiven him. Hm. No, it’s not. What about your father? Well… forgivin’ him… if he could come back. I’m sorry for bringing it up. You know, I appreciate you always coming with me. I know you’d probably rather be doing something else.” — Lenora Laferty

“I’ll be praying for you. Of course.” — Lenora Laferty

“It’s nice to meet you, reverend. Nice to meet you, Reverend.” — Lenora Laferty

Reverend Teagardin

“Hello there. Nice to meet you too. What you got there? Blessed… are they who hunger… and thirst… for righteousness. Hmm.” — Reverend Teagardin

Willard Russell, The Devil All the Time, Netflix, Nine Stories Productions, Bill Skarsgård
Willard Russell, The Devil All the Time, Netflix, Nine Stories Productions, Bill Skarsgård
Willard Russell, The Devil All the Time, Netflix, Nine Stories Productions, Bill Skarsgård

Willard Russell

“You’re coming with me today, boy. Now, you pray on… what happened today. Now, remember, be honest. No bullshittin’, he’ll know.” — Willard Russell

“Holy shit. Fuck. Miller Jones. We gotta do something. The Japs just left him up there.” — Willard Russell

“Thank you. Um– just coffee and a doughnut. Thank you. Looks really fine. Um.. no, I’m fine. That was nice, what you did. Yep. Hmm. On my way to West Virginia. My people are from Coal Creek. It’s nice to meet you, too. Where’d you hear that? Mm-hmm. I got three more in my kit. Yep. And I’ve got something else for you, Uncle Earskell. Now, this here is supposed to be the gun that Hitler used to blow his brains out. You think that guy lied to me. Yeah. It’s German. That’s a Luger.” — Willard Russell

“It wasn’t that bad. It wasn’t that bad, mama. I know. I felt the need to celebrate. I’m in love. Well, I ain’t never got her name. I left her a dollar tip, though. I don’t wanna go to church, mama.” — Willard Russell

“Hi, how are you? Them spiders, sure was a nice touch. I ain’t no rush. I never got your name. I was just looking the land over. What you think? Rent seems fair for what we get.” — Willard Russell

“Things are good, mama. We found a place in a holler called Knockemstiff. Arvin just turned one, and he has lots of grass to play on now. We’re saving money to buy the house one day. So things are gonna be tight for a while. We’ll get to you soon as possible. Your son, Willard. P.S… I got the urge to pray again.” — Willard Russell

“You’re coming out back with me today, boy. Second time. Those little shits keep picking on him. It ain’t right. Them boys might be bigger than you. But the next time one of them starts this shit, I want you to finish it. You understand? Now, you pray on what happened today. And remember, be honest, no bullshittin’. This here’s the Lord’s time, not nobody else’s.” — Willard Russell

“Arvin, gonna go gas up. No sense in you napping in here like a house cat all day. Get off the couch, Jack. Mm-hmm. Hmm. Roll up your window. Now you remember what I told you? About them boys on the bus that gave you the black eye? That’s what I meant. Just gotta pick the right time. There’s a lot of no good sons of bitches out there. Yeah, at least that many. How about I buy you a candy bar, huh? Mm-hmm. So what kind of candy bar you gonna get, huh? No! Charlotte! Listen to me. Charlotte!” — Willard Russell

“What are you saying? Let’s talk downstairs. Now, them doctors can’t do your mom any good. But He can save her. Yeah, if we just pray hard enough. The Lord can do anything if you just ask him right. Okay? Now hold them tight. And pray like you mean it. Lord, please save my wife. Destroy this cancer inside her, Lord. We need your help, Lord. We need your help, and I know you can do it. I know you can do it. Please Lord, please. Pray, God damnit. You want your mama to die? Then pray! We need your help! Now, you pray now! You hear me? And don’t be crying, you hear? Don’t be crying! Pray like you meant it! Lord! Spare my wife! Don’t take her from me. Don’t take her from me. Don’t take her from me.” — Willard Russell

“I’m fine. Lord, this here is my boy’s dog. We loved him. He loved him. Now you take him! You save Charlotte! It’s gonna be all right.” — Willard Russell

“I’m thinking we might take us a trip. Go down and visit your grandma in Coal Creek. You can meet Uncle Earskell. And that girl that’s living with them… she’s just a little younger than you. Maybe we’ll stay for a while. Arvin.” — Willard Russell

Charlotte Russell, The Devil All the Time, Netflix, Nine Stories Productions, Haley Bennett
Charlotte Russell, The Devil All the Time, Netflix, Nine Stories Productions, Haley Bennett
Charlotte Russell, The Devil All the Time, Netflix, Nine Stories Productions, Haley Bennett

Charlotte Russell

“Okay. Guy by the window counter. What can I get ya? Meatloaf is the blue plate special. Excuse me. I’m just gonna take my break outside. Did you need anything else? Some people just need a little help once in a while. You know what I mean? You back from the war? That’s too bad. You have a nice face. Well… it’s nice to meet you.”

“Be right there. Why, if it isn’t– be right back with you, hon. There aren’t any sinks in here, Mr. Dunlap. What do you think, Arvin? ♪ Just before the children came ♪ And my room was very quiet ♪ I heard someone call my name ♪ Saying, ‘come up here my little Bessie’ ♪ Where’d you go? It’s nice. We keep saving, we could probably buy it. Wouldn’t that be something? Arvin have a home of his own. I never did have that.”

“You got a deposit to make, sir? ♪ I was trying to be quiet ♪ And to think ♪ Of what you said ♪ Just before the lamps were lighted ♪ Just before the children came ♪ When my room was very quiet ♪ I heard someone call my name ♪ Saying, ‘come up here, my little… Bessie’ ♪ Hey. Will you get me some sugar?”

Carl Henderson, The Devil All the Time, Netflix, Nine Stories Productions, Jason Clarke
Carl Henderson, The Devil All the Time, Netflix, Nine Stories Productions, Jason Clarke

Carl Henderson

“Please. Ham and cheese. You’re a little green on the job. Only when I find a smile pretty enough to photograph, that is.”

“Where about? We’ll get you close enough, son. I’m Carl, by the way, this here’s Sandy. Huh? Ain’t she somethin’? I don’t understand people that won’t pick up strangers. It should be a good thing, helping someone out. That’s right. That’s right. Buddy, come on. Hey, come on. I wanna show you something. Huh? I’m giving you a good thing here, buddy. Come on. Said I’m giving you a good thing here, buddy. I wanna get some shots of your ugly old mug sitting next to a pretty lady. Come on, she likes lanky old studs like yourself. Come on. Oh, come on, Jesus Christ, huh? Pay attention. It’s like I said, you’re gonna fuck my wife and I’m gonna take some pictures, that’s all. Come on. Shut the fuck up and get that welfate suit off, son. Jesus. You’re gonna do what I say, you son of a bitch. Oh, Jesus. Oh, forget it. Jesus. I know it’s cold. Yeah, what’s that? What the fuck are you talking about? Come on. God damn… get some shots off down there while the light’s still good.”

Sandy Henderson, The Devil All the Time, Netflix, Nine Stories Productions, Riley Keough
Sandy Henderson, The Devil All the Time, Netflix, Nine Stories Productions, Riley Keough

Sandy Henderson

“I’m so sorry. I forgot my damn keys. So, what’ll you be having? Ham and cheese. Okay. That obvious, huh? My brother just got me the job, so… ham and cheese. You take pictures? I’ll have to think about it.”

“Carl used to teach at Sunday school. Didn’t you, babe? What’s your name, sweetie? So what’s in West Virginia, Roy? Oh, come on, sweetie. We’ll just take a few pictures and then the big dumb bastard will leave us alone. Carl, maybe we should just get out of here. I’m cold, Carl.”

Emma Henderson, The Devil All the Time, Netflix, Nine Stories Productions, Kristin Griffith

Emma Russell

“Oh, come here! Oh… oh, Lord, I was so worried. No… I would ask you to get down and thank Jesus with me, but I can smell the liquor on your breath. What’s the girl’s name? Earskell. For a cup of coffee? I know you like this waitress. Oh, but there’s a– a girl from church I want you to meet. You get some rest. You’ll feel better in the morning.”

“Willard. Willard, I’ve asked Helen to sit with us. Go on, Helen. Willard just got back, Helen. You– it’s been four days. See that one in the wheelchair? Drank too much strychnine or antifreeze, or something is why he can’t walk. Testing their faith, they call it. It’s going too far, the way I see it. ♪ Are you washed ♪ In the blood of the Lamb? ♪”

“I ain’t gonna sleep tonight as it is. I wish Helen left with us. Well, she might have come with us, if you’d paid her a little more attention. The right man would make a good life for Helen.”

“Sure. Don’t mind. Hand her over here. Where y’all going?”

“Is everything all right? Well, that’s good to hear. Sure. Don’t mind. Hand her over here. Where y’all going? Yes.”

“Yes. Here, let me have that. Arvin? Here, you give me that heavy old bag. Oh… oh… oh, sweetie, we are so happy you’re here. This here is your… your Uncle Earskell. This is Lenora. Lenora is your stepsister.”

“Here we go. Happy birthday, honey. Oh. Make a wish before that candle burns out. Arvin! What’s that? Time does pass.”

“Everyone says they like the way I do them, but I– you know I can’t afford anything like that.”

“It’s nice to meet you. Nice to meet you.”

“All right. My heart’s in my stomach. That hat. You know better. Pleased to meet you, Reverend. Emma Russell. Hope you like them, Reverend.”

Uncle Earskell, The Devil All the Time, Netflix, Nine Stories Productions, David Atkinson

Uncle Earskell

“Is it true the Japs ate their own dead? Read it in the paper. Lord, that’s good stuff. Yeah? You still got the bullshit in you, ain’t you? Yeah. That is a nice gift, though. Thank you.”

“You ain’t got her name? A what? Well, she won’t forget that.”

“Oh, here we go. It looks like a dandy cake. Well… this was your daddy’s. That’s Willard’s gun he gave me. I figure it’s time to pass it on. That’s a German Luger. Brought back from the war. I… I got no use for handguns myself. But I figure he’d want you to have it. Shotgun’s what’ll do you good.”

Roy Laferty, The Devil All the Time, Netflix, Nine Stories Productions, Harry Melling

Roy Laferty

“Thank you, Reverend. My name is Roy Laferty, and this here is my cousin, Theodore. Now, the Holy Ghost is going to visit this little church that bears his scared name! ♪ In the soul-cleansing blood Of the lamb? ♪ Are your garments spotless? ♪ Are they white as snow? ♪ Come on, Theodore! Whoo! What is it you’re most afraid of? Hmm? Because if your worst fear is rats, well.. Satan’ll make sure you get your fill of them. Mm. Brothers and sisters… you’ll see them, eating away at you whilst you lay there unable to lift a single finger. A million years in eternity. Now, don’t even try and figure that up. Ain’t no human head big enough to calculate misery like that! And really, brothers and sisters, ain’t no man ever been evil enough, not even that Hitler fella… …come up with the ways Satan’s gonna make them sinners pay come the Judgment Day! Yeah! Yes, that’s right, my friends! Let me tell you something, friends. Before I found the Holy Ghost… I was scared plumb to death of spiders. Ain’t that right, Theodore? Mm? I was a runt, hiding in my mother’s long skirts, spiders crawling through my dreams… …laying eggs in my nightmares. They was… hang in their webs everywhere… waitin’. I had fear in me all the time awake or asleep, didn’t matter. Nwo, that’s what hell is like, brothers and sisters! I got no rest from the devils! Not until the Lord gave me strength! Brothers and sisters… …behold! The Lord looks out for me now! Mark my word, people! The Spirit will take away your fears if you’re willing!”

“I’m thinking we take a walk. Be fine to pray outside and adore them trees. Theodore will be alright sitting in the car. Just be you and me, sweetheart.”

“I’ve got the Holy Ghost in me! I’m ready to use it! Lord! Speak! Lord, is that you? Oh, no, I’m not scared! I trust in you! Glory to God! I hear you! Yes, I am here! Helen. Oh, it’s so good to see you, honey. This spot looks about as good a place as any, don’t it? The Lord is here, sweetheart. God loves you, Helen. God… I’ve heard your word. Helen… I resurrect you… with the grace of God in me… I resurrect you! Return! God! It is time! Resurrect! Return! Return, Spirit! Resurrect! God! Resur– God! Resurrect! Come on, now! Come on, now, res–“

“I could tell the police what happened. That it was an accident. C-Coal Creek, West Virginia. Mister, I do appreciate this. You sound like a Christian. It’s Roy. Roy Laferty. Going home to see my daughter. What? What’s going on here, mister? Your wife? I’ve never heard of such a thing. I thought you was a good Christian– well, I’ve been run through the wringer! Do you really want these hands touching you? Woman… look at me. No, I ain’t. Just one thing. Her name is Lenora. My little girl. Lenor–“


“♪ Are you washed ♪ In the blood ♪ In the soul-cleansing blood Of the lamb? ♪ Have you been to Jesus ♪ For His cleansing power? ♪ Are you washed in the blood of the Lamb? ♪ Are you trusting in his Grace This hour ♪ Are you washed in the blood of the Lamb? ♪ Mm-hmm. Hmm.”

“That’s right. Don’t y’all worry about me. Maybe I oughta take me a nap.”

“♪ Stealin’, stealin’ ♪ Pretty mama, don’t you tell on me ♪ I’m stealin’ back To my same old used to be ♪”

“You stabbed your wife in the neck with a screwdriver. Tried to bring her back from the dead and then buried her body. That ain’t an accident, Roy. That sounds like a crazy person who killed his wife. Keep driving south. If we stay off highways, we should be fine. Where are we, Roy? Roy? Roy? Roy?”

Helen Hatton

“Nice to meet you. Welcome home. Bless me, Reverend. Bless me.”

“‘We’ll get to you as soon as possible. Your son Willard. P.S. I got the urge to pray again.’ Sure you don’t mind watching Lenora? We just thought we’d take a ride. Get out of the house for a bit. Whatever you want, Roy, but what about Theodore?”

“Lenora? Mama’s coming, Lenora. It’s all right. Hey, it’s all right. It’s all right. Roy! Your dinner’s ready. Roy? I’ve been thinking… maybe the Lord wants you to come out into the light. I mean, how can you be close to God stuck in there? The Lord don’t like dark places. Roy? All right, then. Enjoy your dinner.”

“Been a while, ain’t it? Oh, everything’s fine now. Uh, Roy finally got himself straightened out. ‘P.S. I got the urge to pray again.’ Sure you don’t mind watching Lenora? We just thought we’d take a ride. Get out of that little house for a bit. There you go. Yes. I can feel him. Lenora…”

Restaurant Manager

“No! No! Get out. I told you last time. Next time, the cops will drag you out. Get out!”

“Charlotte, second call on chicken over peas.”


“Come on, now. All right. All right! Thank you. God bless you.”

Marine 1

“What’s it say? Fuck!”

Bus Driver

“Next stop, Meade, Ohio.”

Churchgoer 1


Church Choir

“The girl’s family burned up in a house fire leaving the poor thing all alone.”


“Good gracious. It’s hot, ain’t it? It’s bound to get hotter. Right now, we got two boys from over in Topperville gonna lead the service today. And from what folks tell me, they got a right good message. So, let’s bring ’em up. Boys, come on up here. Let’s make ’em feel welcome. Welcome, boys. Welcome. So good to see you. Thank you for coming.”

“Lenora! Arvin! C’mere! I might be gone a while. In the meantime… my sister’s boy from down in Tennessee is gonna come up and take my place. He just graduated from one of them… Bible colleges. Well, I would appreciate it if you all would try and make him feel welcome. Tell your grandmama I’m asking folks to bring a dish next sermon.”


“Amen. All right. Oh! That’s right, tell ’em, boy. Come on, Lord. Yeah? That’s right. Yeah! Yes, sir! Praise the Lord! Amen. Mm. Praise the Lord. Amen! Amen! Whoo! Amen!”

Landlord Mr. Dunlap

“See, full-time, I’m a lawyer. Real estate isn’t my business, but… I own a few of these properties around Meade, Knockemstiff. Real long-term investments. Ain’t no running water, missy. There’s a well outback.”

Meat Factory Employee

“Let’s move!”

Poacher 1 Lucas

“Hell, they having a little revival meetin’. Shit, I’m thinking now’d be a good time to pay his old lady a visit. Probably in bed keeping it warm for me. Wouldn’t you take a piece of that?”


Poacher 2

“Shut the fuck up, Lucas. Come on, you dumb son of a bitch. This thing’s getting heavy.”

Passerby 1

“Oh, shit! Hey, take it easy! That’s enough! You’re gonna kill him! Oh, shit! God! Get out of here! Get the fuck out of here!”

Passerby 2

“He’s gonna fuckin’ kill him. Come on! Get off him! Stubbs! Stubbs, get out here, man! Come on, give me a hand.”


“The test results aren’t good. The morphine will continue to dampen the pain but… there’s no way we can destroy that cancer.”


“You good, honey. We got cozy rooms in the back if you need some company.”


“I wanna get out of my house, Lee. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Yeah. Cane I come with you? Come on.”

Deputy Lee Bodecker, The Devil All the Time, Netflix, Nine Stories Productions, Sebastian Stan
Deputy Lee Bodecker, The Devil All the Time, Netflix, Nine Stories Productions, Sebastian Stan

Deputy Lee Bodecker

“There’s money to be made if a man of the law is careful and… doesn’t get a big head. I told you, sweetie, it’s only a matter of time. And no more parking lots. No more Pepsi cups. Just a big ole bed. People like me in this town. You know that, honey. Yeah. I’ll get myself elected. Get a… cushy place up in Brewer Heights. You see them… that was good. You get it all in the cup? Fuck. Are you crazy? Didn’t you hear anything I said? I’ve got an election to think about.”

“Well? Better not be one of them goddamn window peepers you keep calling about. Well, what is it, son? Is that blood on your face? Jesus. What’s that smell? God dammit, boy. What the hell is this? Prayer log?”

Meade PD Dispatch

“Any cars out around Knockemstiff? Over. Deputy Bodecker around those parts? We got a call from Hank over at– can you get over and check that out?”


“I wish it was. It’s about this boy’s daddy. He’s dead. And they buried his poor mama today. It’s a damn shame, it is.”

Coal Creek

“Good day, ma’am. You Emma Russell? I have some papers for you to sign and the boy here’s all yours.”

Coal Creek HS 1

“Get down there. You’re so damn ugly, I’d need a sack over your head just to get a hard-on. Probably fucked your brother, you brother fucker. Come on, get him! Sister fucker.”


“What you got planned after school, Arvin? Yeah. Oh, my old man’s holding me here. Better than getting shipped off to Vietnam,”

Narrator (Donald Day Pollock)

“If you asked most people where Knockemstiff, Ohio they probably couldn’t point ’em out to you on a map. But I guarantee, they’d be there all the same. How and why so many people from two piddlin’ places on that map could end up connected has a lot to do with our story. Some would claim it was just dumb luck, while others might swear it was God’s intention. But I’d say with the way things turned out, it was a little bit of both. In 1957, it’d take someone approximately ten hours to drive from Coal Creek to a paper mill town in southern Ohio called Meade. Once you get to Meade, Knockemstiff was only a short drive away. Four hundred or so people lived in Knockemstiff in 1957, nearly all of them connected by blood by one godforsaken calamity or another, be it lust or just plain ignorance. The Russels had rented the house on top of the Mitchell flats for nine years now. But most of the neighbors down below still considered them outsiders.”

“Years ago, Willard had fitted together a weathered cross above a fallen tree in a small clearing behind his house. He came every morning and evening to talk to God. It seemed to his son that his father fought the Devil all the time. When he prayed, his mind would often drift back to the war in the South Pacific and the day that he and a couple of other soldiers came across the body of Gunnery Sergeant Miller Jones.”

“Right before Willard fell in love, the man whose seat he took would also meet his match. In the years to come, Carl would call Sandy ‘the bait,’ and she’d call him ‘the shooter.’ Both called their victims ‘the models.'”

“Though he couldn’t look at a cross without thinking of Miller Jones, he never told anyone about the crucified Marine. Willard didn’t know that Emma had promised God that in exchange for bringing him home safe, she’d make sure he married Helen Hatton.”

“Emma was concerned something bad might happen if she couldn’t keep her promise to God. Helen did, in fact, meet the man she would marry that afternoon. And Willard’s mind was already hundreds of miles away.”

“Though he hadn’t talked to God in years, not a single petition or word of praise since he’d come across the crucified marine. Willard would feel it welling up inside him now, the urge to get right with his maker before something bad happened to his family.”

“Though she didn’t know it, she’d never see Lenora again. Seven years later, they found Helen’s body buried in the woods.”

“In 1957, Arvin Eugene Russell was nine years old. He was the only kid on the school bus who wasn’t somebody’s relation. Three days before, he’d come home with another black eye.”

“Despite Arvin’s fears, the two poachers didn’t head to his home that day. Arvin would often think back on this day as the best one he ever spent with his father.”

“It occurred to him that maybe something more was expected than just his prayers and sincerity. God had a tendency of asking men to make sacrifices in order to prove their faith.”

“Roy’d been bitten on the cheek by a spider while preaching a sermon, and his head had puffed up as big as a pumpkin. In the time it took the swelling to go down, he’d become convinced that the Lord was testing him to see if he was ready to take on something bigger. He’d stayed in the dark closet for a fortnight waiting on an answer. He smelled worse than a truck-stop shitter.”

“Roy looked up at the clouds drifting by and wondered if that’s what death would be like, just floating away in the air. He preached on it for years, but still didn’t know what to expect.”

“This was still early days for the pair, and Carl was still working out the particulars. He realized that he would have to get more selective with his models if he wanted to keep Sandy onboard.”

“Boys in school liked to pick on Lenora for her pious manner and pinched face. Gene Dinwoodie, Tommy Matson, and Orville Buckman had managed to corner her by the dumpster behind school. Arvin loved her like his own sister. He would do anything to protect her. No matter what the weather was, Lenora would visit her mother’s grave after school. Some days she’d even read the Bible out loud, and imagine her mother was listening. Though he wasn’t one for praying Arvin would often drive her and keep her company.”

“Emma was known as one of the best cooks in the county. When people praised her food, she always told them that she couldn’t fry an egg until she found the Lord. And that he was the one that guided her hand and made everything turn out good.”

“As Preston Teagardin swished the juice from the chicken livers around in his mouth, he felt the stirrings of a sermon coming on. Preston loved the way people listened to him and held on to every word. He was grateful his mother decided all those years ago that he was going to be a preacher. He’d never win a fist fight, but he could recite the Book of Revelation in his sleep.”

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