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best quick hookup apps original film El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie dropped Friday October 11, 2019.

#ElCamino is based on Emmy award winning content.

rottentomatoes: 93%

metacritic: 72

imdb: 7.6

emmys: 16 wins

golden globes: 2 wins

SAG awards: 2 wins

Jesse Pinkman, El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, Netflix, Sony Pictures Television, High Bridge Productions, Gran Via Productions, AMC Networks, Aaron PaulJesse Pinkman

Jesse Pinkman confronts the aftermath of the largest methamphetamine production operation in US history outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico.


3 wins: 2010, 2012, 2014

“You know he’s not gonna be happy.  I’m out.  So what are you gonna do with all that money?  Not sure I should stick around town.  Nothing really keeping me here.  Where would you go?  If you were me.  Seriously, come on.  Like, if you were my age.  Just play along.  Make some conversation.  Yeah?  Alaska.  Start over.  Start fresh.  Put things right.” — Jesse Pinkman

“I gotta get that car off the street.  Who’s there?  What?  No!  Yeah.  Thanks.  No.  Why’d you, uh, turn off the TV?  News that bad?  Yeah.  I gotta get out of here.  Maybe.  Hey, uh, Skinny, you got a burner you can give me?  First, I gotta get rid of that car.” — Jesse Pinkman

“Hey.  It’s in the back.  Look, thank you so much for doing this, Joe.  About the money, if we can maybe– Joe, what are you doing?  Joe!  Joe!  Wait.  Joe, what are you doing?  Joe!  Skinny… sorry.  Who’s got the keys to that car?  Keys!  Yo.  Yo!  What are you doing?  We gotta get this thing outta here.  No, not Mexico.  What about this car?  Guys, I don’t know what to say.  Oh, uh, the El Camino, let me see the keys.  Yo, Skinny.  Why you doing all this?” — Jesse Pinkman

“Yeah.  Yeah.  Good.  Thanks.  Uh, I don’t know.  Yeah, well, those guys aren’t… always that accurate.  Yeah?  So is that what you needed help with?  Yeah, it’s… it’s nice.  Kinda… pastel.  But in a good way.  Okay.  Sure, so, you– is that why I’m here?  You want me to help you paint?  Oh, shit!  Jesus!  Todd… what… what… ah, shit!  Who is this?  What did she do to you?  Then… why?  So your cleaning lady was stealing your money?  Where are we gonna… take her?  They got these things called banks.” — Jesse Pinkman

“No.  Pepperoni.” — Jesse Pinkman

“God!  Yeah!  I’m no cop killer.  You be cool… and I will be cool.  Understand?  Call your partner in here.  Casual, very casual.  Do it.  Put your gun down!  Put your gun down and show your hands!  There’s something I need.  As soon as I get it, I am gone.  You let me outta here, I swear I will not hurt this guy.  Seriously, throw your gun in here and show me your hands.  Look… I don’t wanna shoot any cops.  Hey!  What are you doing?  Hey, how about some handcuffs, yo.  What are you doing?  You two aren’t cops.  You– no!  I know where the money is.  That’s what you’re here for, right?  You picked up a couple windbreakers at the Army & Navy store, came strolling in, all clever and shit.  Well, I know where it is.  And I guaran-fucking-tee you won’t find it on your own.  Keep your voice down.  Taking my half.  Then do it already.  If I don’t get this money, I am dead anyway.  All right?  If you pull that trigger, then you are gonna have to kill that loudmouth down the hall and every other witness in the place.  Then you will be as fucked as I am.  So… what’s it gonna be?  Can I get my gun back?” — Jesse Pinkman

“Uh, I’m looking for a… Hoover Max.  Pressure Max, Max Pressure.  Hoover, or maybe it’s a Pro Max.  Got like a– like a filter.  Look, I don’t remember the exact, like, password.  All right?  But it was a vacuum thing.  Okay, fine.  Here you go.  Four… six… ten… fourteen, sixteen, eighteen, twenty, twenty-two… twenty-four, twenty-five.  There you go.  $125,000.  Come on, man, you know why I’m here.  Yeah, you do.  You’re the guy.  Yeah, you do.  You’re the guy.  Look, I am 96 percent sure that you are the guy, so why don’t you just, like, admit it?  Look, all right, no wire.  Okay?  No wire.  And no gun.  Okay?  And nobody knows I’m here.  I just need… just need your services.  The day at the pickup spot, you pulled up in a minivan, a red Toyota minivan.  Looks like a kidney bean.  Same exact minivan you got parked out back.  All right?  I saw it.  All right.  You got rules.  All right.  I get that, and I apologize, seriously.  I didn’t go with you that day, and I am sorry.  Look, you will never know how sorry, but I am here now.  All right?  And I have cash.  So, please?  Okay?  Please?  Yes!  You’re the gu– wait, what?  All right.  Fair is fair.  A deal’s a deal.  All right.  Look… four… eight… ten, fourteen, eighteen… twenty… twenty– twenty-two.  Twenty-two.  Yeah.  Twenty-three.  Eighty-two hundred.  Eighty-two hundred.  What are you doing?  No, no, no.  No, no.  Stop.  Hey, listen to me.  Please, you don’t understand.  Oh, God.  So that’s it?  You are going to jack me up over a measly $1,800?  No, hey… no.  hey… have you been watching the news?  So you hear what they’ve been saying about me.  Yeah?  Look, these people, they have kept me in a concrete hole.  Look, I don’t even know what month it is.  They made me watch when they… when they shot someone– no.  I am not going anywhere.  I am staying right here until you help me.  What are you doing?  Hey, stop.  Stop it.  Are you serious?  You are so full of crap.  You didn’t call anybody just now.  You faked it.  And you wanna know how I know?  You got as much to lose as I do.  More.  Way more.  When your ‘cops’ get here and they bust me, first question they’re gonna ask is what I’m doing here, trying to hand over a Heft bag full of cash to a dude who runs a vacuum cleaner store.  What comes out then?  Huh?  Oh, and you, uh, wanna know what else is bullshit?  You know, like, word to the wise: next time you try to pull this shit on someone, you don’t just hang up on a 9-1-1 call.  They won’t let you.  Because the lady, or dude, or whoever is like, ‘stay on the line with me, sir.  Stay on the line until the officers arrive.’  And if you did hang up, they’d call you back immediately.  But, hey, guess what?  Seriously, yo.  Pathetic.” — Jesse Pinkman

“A deal’s a deal?  Your word is your bond?  I’ll get you your money.” — Jesse Pinkman

Mike Ehrmantraut, El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, Netflix, Sony Pictures Television, High Bridge Productions, Gran Via Productions, AMC Networks, Jonathan BanksMike Ehrmantraut


1 nomination: 2013

“No, I suspect he won’t.  Only you can decide what’s best for you, Jesse.  Not him, not me.  Same thing I do with all the other money.  How about you, teenage retiree?  You’ll be living the dream.  That’s a start.  Doesn’t matter, I’m not you.  Alaska.  Yeah, if I were your age, starting fresh, Alaska.  It’s the last frontier.  Up there, you could be anything you want.  One could.  No.  Sorry, kid, that’s the one thing you can never do.” — Mike Ehrmantraut

Badger, El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, Netflix, Sony Pictures Television, High Bridge Productions, Gran Via Productions, AMC Networks, Matt JonesBrandon Mayhew (Badger)

“Dude, you suck.  It’s a bad carpenter that blames his hammer, yo.  You’re apexing too early.  You’re apexing too early.  You couldn’t drive Miss Daisy.  Yeah, because I’d be too distracted by you.  You’d be sitting up front, in your special helmet, trying to hump my leg.  On account you couldn’t drive Thelma and Louise off of that cliff.  Apex!  You drive like a blind guy with no legs.  That’s disrespectful.  Who is it?  Who is it?  Come check out what’s on TV.  It’s the news.” — Badger

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!  Jesse!  Hey!  It’s cool man, it’s us!  Van’t help it that I’m sized for love.  Church.  No offense.  Obsession’s the bomb, yo.  I got it for him for Christmas.  Jesse, did they really… did they really keep you in a cage?  Looking sharp, yo.  Yeah, looking sharp.  Want a little something, take the edge off?  There’s just, uh… a whole lot of it.  Where to?  You got a plan?  Why?  I don’t even like your car.  Drives like a dick.  I’m doing it, Jesus!  I’ll get her there.  Take care of her, Jesse.  She’s a special lady.  Vaya con Dios, amigo.” — Badger

Skinny Pete, El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, Netflix, Sony Pictures Television, High Bridge Productions, Gran Via Productions, AMC Networks, Charles BakerSkinny Pete

“This thing’s, like, defective and shit.  Think you got Cheeto dust in the controller.  Whatever.  I’m apexing at the apex, bitch.  Don’t be telling me how to drive and shit.  You couldn’t drive a two-button elevator.  Whatever that means.  You couldn’t drive a short bus full of slow kids at the zoo.  I can’t apex more than I’m already apexing.  Dude, you– you drive like my dead grandmoms.  Dude, you lost?  Jesse?  What the hell, yo?  Man, what’s wrong with you?  I ain’t watching no TV right now.” — Skinny Pete

“It’s us.  It’s us, Jesse, you’re safe.  It’s us.  My stuff’s gonna fit you like a T, yo.  Not like if you had to borrow it from Sasquatch over here.  Yeah, you go love all the giraffes you want, bitch.  Me and Jesse are sticking with the ladies.  Yeah, this here’s barely worn.  How’s this working for you?  Good?  Jesse?  Right on.  Get you some new clothes then.  Shower will make you feel a whole lot better.  Truth be told, you look like you’re hurting for one.  Got you a clean towel, the one on the right.  Well, kinda.  And feel free to open up a new bar of Irish Spring, whatever.  It’s underneath, you know.  ‘Cause the old one might have like, hairs on it and shit, and uh, yo, I got Axe body spray, I got Obsession for Men, I got Tommy Hilfiger.  Feel free to use any of ’em you want, you know?  Use ’em all.  Oh, uh, hey, um… maybe don’t, like, shave and whatnot, you know?  Uh, be less recognizable?  Whoa, dude.  Why’d you– feeling like a new man?  Fully charged and clean as a whistle.  Watch it, bitch!  Badger, give me the keys to your Fiero.  You take my car.  Badger drives my T-bird 200, 300 miles away and ditches it.  Think you’ll be heading to Mexico?  Right on, even better.  Leave it near the border.  Hide it, kind of, but, yo, don’t hide it so good the cops can’t find it.  Wipe it down for prints, then hitchhike back.  Do not let nobody see you in that car.  You, take Badger’s Fiero.  It stays right here.  Ain’t like the cops don’t already know where it is.  I’ll tell ’em you dropped by, the two of us smoked a fat bowl, traded pink slips, then you split.  I always wanted me an El Camino.  And that’s church, yo.  I’ll pass any lie detector they give me.  It’s what’s happening.  You got any cash?  Yo.  Kick in, bitch.  Don’t say nothing.  Just go.  Seat belt.  Speed limit.  You got about three hours to get this thing down south.  I’ll keep my mouth shut till then, but after that, they gonna put a APB out on this bitch.  That right there is a clown car.  No self-respecting outlaw would ever get caught dead in that thing.  That’s why it’s perfect, yo.  Deep cover.  Hold up.  Just might keep you from getting spotted.  Can’t hurt, right?  Dude… you’re my hero and shit.” — Skinny Pete

Todd Alquist, El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, Netflix, Sony Pictures Television, High Bridge Productions, Gran Via Productions, AMC Networks, Jesse PlemonsTodd Alquist

“Jesse?  You awake?  Jesse?  Everything good?  Great.  You want a cigarette?  Yeah.  Guy on KOB keeps calling for rain.  What do you think?  guy said like forty percent chance yesterday.  Sixty percent today.  Maybe it was even fifty yesterday.  But so far, I mean, I– yeah, I see clouds, but I would’t call ’em rain clouds, just regular… regular cloud-clouds.  Anyway, that’s what they look like to me.  Yeah, right.  I’m not putting myself out there as any kind of expert or whatnot, but I do think it’s gonna be… a beautiful afternoon.  Guess what?  We’re all alone.  Yeah.  Uncle Jack took everybody down to Elephant Butte, on account of he got this new Chaparral.  It’s pretty bad-ass, but I told him… I’m not really big into waterskiing, plus, somebody’s… gotta take care of you.  Took some convincing, but… now… it’s just you and me the whole weekend.  And I– I’d really like your help with something.  So… I– I hate to be all like… but we gotta talk ground rules.  Uh, if you tried to, you know, escape, I’m gonna have to visit the little boy.  It’ll basically be… out of my hands at that point.  Uncle Jack made you that promise, and he’s gonna want to stick to it.  So… good behavior, right?  Right?  Good.  I appreciate it, Jesse.  Gotta make sure you don’t… draw too much attention.  I’ma do a better job of keeping you clean from now, okay?  Promise.  Good job.  Hey, check this out.  There’s no water in it.  There used to be water in it, but they took it out a couple years ago ’cause of… some insurance thing.  Okay, so, it’s not actually that heavy, but… try as I might, I can’t ever get this thing on by myself.  What are you better at, going forwards or backwards?  Okay, well, let’s both go sideways for a while.  Watch your fingers.  I thought maybe I could just hang it from the ceiling here… and just drive right under and drop it in, but my… landlord didn’t really like that idea.  I guess that’s good.  I found this thing on Craigslist.  So… yeah.  Part of it.” — Todd Alquist

“Nope, not that I know of.  Hey there, Lou.  What you up to?  So, is a ficus technically a plant or a tree?  Wow.  Well, all right, Lou, you have a good one.  Oh, man.  That guy.  He’s not supposed to be home at this hour.  We really lucked out that he didn’t see you.  He’s just always lurking around, being nosy.  I mean, he was in Vietnam, which I totally respect, but still… how you like my place?  Yeah, right?  I was thinking of Easter eggs, but… lately, I’m thinking I might like to try some new paint.  This stuff is starting to feel pretty tired.  Maybe, yeah, um… if we have time left over.  But, first, uh… okay, please don’t, you know, make me feel worse than I already do.  Sonia, my cleaning lady.  And honestly… I don’t feel much like talking about it, so… you want to give me a hand, Jesse?  Just keep it straight.  Oh, w– wait.  Unroll it.  Kinda need this.  Now, we just gotta wait for nosy Lou to go bowling.  I think he leaves in like an hour.  You want some soup?  You want soup?  I got chicken noodle, chicken and stars, cream of chicken.  Bean with bacon.  One left, Jesse.  What?  Oh, she didn’t do anything to me.  Right there.  That book, if you wanna know so bad.  Uncle Jack taught me always keep my money close, so… I have these old World Book Encyclopedias, the whole entire set.  A to Z.  My grammy gave ’em to me when I was in middle school, but I figured… nobody needs books anymore, ’cause everything’s on the computer.  Uh, it seemed like a good hiding place.  Plus, I had all these other volumes left to fill.  What?  No.  She was as honest as the day is long.  Like, George Washington honest.  But she found it, and I can’t have anybody finding it.  She brought it straight in here to show me.  She actually thought I didn’t know it was there.  I just– I wonder what the heck she was looking up?  She barely spoke English.  M for Mexico maybe?  I don’t know.  It’s weird.  Someplace pretty.  She deserves that.  Hey, do me a favor and put that way, would ya?  Just straight down the hall all the way in the back, there’s a whole shelf of’em.  Thanks.  Sure you don’t want any soup?  How you like my bedroom?  Be sure to alphabetize them.  I guess I better come up with a new hiding place for my money.  Actually, I think I know the perfect spot.  It might take a little engineering, but… man, it would be right here and nobody would ever find it.  ‘Nothing beats cash on hand,’ that’s what Uncle Jack says.” — Todd Alquist

“♪ Ah, yeah, all right ♪ I’m feeling kinda lonely too ♪ If you don’t mind ♪ Can I sit down here beside you ♪ Ah, yeah, all right ♪ If I seem to come on too strong ♪ I hope that you will understand ♪ I say these things ’cause I’d like to know ♪ If you’re as lonely as I am ♪  And if you mind ♪ Sharing the night together ♪ Ooh, yeah ♪ Sharing the night together ♪ Ooh, yeah ♪ Sharing the night ♪ We could bring in the morning, girl ♪ If you want to go that far ♪ And if tomorrow finds us together ♪ Right here the way we are ♪ Would you mind ♪ Sharing the night together ♪  Ooh, yeah ♪ Sharing the night together ♪” — Todd Alquist

“You wanna say a few words?  Nice, nice lady.  Excellent housekeeper.  Hey, grab another pack, would ya?  There should be one in the glove box.  You find ’em?  I’ll take that, Jesse.  Jesse, I’ll– I’ll take that.  On the way home, I was gonna get us some pizza.  A couple large pies.  Maybe a six-pack of beer?  Some ice cold beer.  Does that sound good?  ‘Cause– ’cause you earned it today.  You definitely did.  What kind of pizza do you like, Jesse?  Jesse, what kind of pizza?  Pepperoni, sure.  Classic.  I like that too.  Come on.  Look at that view.  Should be a heck of a sunset.  You know what Uncle Jack says, ‘life is what you make it.’  Shut the fuck up.  His legs!  Get his legs.  Find me something to gag him with.” — Todd Alquist

Neil, El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, Netflix, Sony Pictures Television, High Bridge Productions, Gran Via Productions, AMC Networks, Scott MacArthurNeil

“Sir, what can we do for you?  Okay.  Great.  Yeah, great.  Well, we’ll definitely keep that in mind.  No, I’m sorry, we’re fresh out.  Take it easy.  Okay.  I’ll start here, you start in the back.  Let’s meet in the middles.  Shut up and look.  Yeah.  You find something?  What’s waiting for me back there, Casey?  What are you doing here, Pinkman?  What’s this thing you need?  Seriously, no.  You point yours at me, I point mine at you.  That’s how this works.  What’s this thing you need?  Yeah, you don’t wanna shoot any cops.  Great, fantastic.  You know how many officers we got downstairs?  Tell him, Casey, tell him how many.  Six my ass, I counted eight of ’em down there.  Patrol car on all four corners, more up the street.  They hear shooting, what do you think they’re gonna do?  That’s right, they’re coming up.  Then how far do you think you’re gonna get?  Give up, Pinkman.  It’s your only chance.  On the ground.  Guns down.  Stay on him.  Shut up.  Show me the money, I let you go.  Hey.  What do you say, huh?  Seems pretty fair to me.  Oh, shit!  Holy shit!  God, there’s gotta be… there’s gotta be a million here.  Yeah.  What are you doing?  Wow.  Yeah?  A little man with big dreams?  Yeah?  Hey, if I were you, I’d walk the hell outta here right now.  I’ll shoot you, you son of a bitch.  I will shoot you.  Three-way split.  And you got your third.  Don’t push it.  Don’t react, just listen.  I got the money.  You gotta keep him talking for the next five minutes.  You got balls, I’ll give you that.  Fuck you.  Go buy one.  I was wondering when you were gonna remember me.” — Neil

Casey, El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, Netflix, Sony Pictures Television, High Bridge Productions, Gran Via Productions, AMC Networks, Scott ShepherdCasey

“Jesus!  Jesus!  Yeah.  Definitely, thank you.  I mean, Jesus.  Neil, they’ve tossed the shit out of this place.  What’s left to find?  Hey, little guy.  Dude’s got a tarantula.  Yeah, no crazy in this house.  Perfectly normal.  Oh.  Hey, Lieutenant.  Lieutenant, you hear me?  come in here, would ya?  Yeah, pretty much.  Lieutenant?  Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!  Okay, relax, relax.  Everybody relax.  He says he’s not looking to kill any cops.  So let’s just… let’s figure this out, all right?  Let’s– we’re gonna figure this out.  A good six, last I counted.  Oh, they’re coming up.  They’re coming up, guaranteed.  There’s only one choice here, buddy.  And you know what it is.  Come on.  Nobody wants to hurt you.  On your stomach.  Jesus Crhist!  Are you kidding me?  Are you kidding me?  What now?  Uh, sorry about that, sir.  We’re… dusting for fingerprints, you know?  It’s a delicate process.  Yeah, well, you know, sometimes, you want something done right– oh, really?  That’s– yeah, yeah, that could be… yeah, sure.  Yep?  Not a problem.” — Casey

Old Joe, El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, Netflix, Sony Pictures Television, High Bridge Productions, Gran Via Productions, AMC Networks, Larry HankinOld Joe

“Go for Joe.  Yeah, I know who this is.  At this point, who doesn’t?  Where’s the victim?  It’s on the house.  Good kid.  Least I can do.  You gentlemen threw me a lot of business back in the day.  I got no complaints in that department.  ‘Magnets!’  Yeah.  That was a good one.  So… frankly, you know, I can tell you now, I had zero confidence that that would work.  None whatsoever, but hey, live and learn.  Writing myself a little insurance policy.  You know, strictly precautionary.  Belt and suspenders.  Okay.  All right, mind at ease, think we’re good.  Whoa.  Fleeing, and I suggest you do the same.  LoJack.  The company just activated it, just this minute.  Talk about timing.  Look, Johnny Law is on his way, as in here, as in now.  So farewell, goodbye, regrets, etcetera etcetera.” — Old Joe

Ed Galbraith, El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, Netflix, Sony Pictures Television, High Bridge Productions, Gran Via Productions, AMC Networks, Robert ForsterEd Galbraith

“Yes, it is.  Uh, I don’t expect you’d ever lose it in your closet.  That’s correct.  A lot of our customers find that handy and practical.  Yes, I agree.  It’s very expensive.  But it’s a fine product.  However, if you are in love with your Kirby, I’ll bet I could get it working for you again.  Uh, be with you in a minute.  Well, I won’t know until I take a good look at it, and it… and if it needed a new motor, it’d be a little expensive, but certainly not as expensive as a new Dyson.  The estimate’s free, and… all you gotta do is bring it in here.  Excellent.  Yes, they do, and I want you to promise you won’t try to bring it in by yourself.  Get that help.  Oh!  You’re singing my song.  I want you to have a great day now.  Excellent.  Drive carefully.  If there’s any questions I can answer, just let me know.  I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t do that.  I’m open for business.  Hoover products are right over there on the wall behind you.  I can’t say I do, no.  You owe me for that first pickup.  This… is previously-owed.  Going forward, were we to, would require an additional 125.  By my arithmetic, you’re $10,000 shy.  May I borrow this?  I’m gathering your belongings.  I’m not gonna try to collect what you owe me.  I don’t think it would end well for either of us.  That is not an inconsequential amount of money.  Spend it wisely, it will last you for years.  Keep a low profile, travel by night.  With a little luck, you will soon find yourself many miles from here.  Godspeed to you.  That’s it.  Now, please leave.  I’ve got to reopen.  The longer you stick around here, the more you jeopardize yourself.  I have.  Very much so.  Yeah.  If you believe that you can pull on people’s heartstrings, you should take your chances with the police.  From where I sit, you made your own luck.  As did your former partner.  As did your lawyer.  You said it yourself, a deal’s a deal.  Hi, yes.  There’s a young man in my store, and he refuses to leave.  I… yeah, he might be armed.  Uh, not overtly.  But, yes, I’m beginning to feel threatened.  Sure.  My name is Ed Galbraith.  I own Best Quality Vacuum, 2174, 4th Street.  Northwest.  That’s correct.  I would appreciate it very much if you’d send someone immediately.  Wow, you gotta love that response time.  Take your money.  Officers, thank you very much for getting here so fast.  He obviously heard my call and– no, he’s not he’s gone.  I, uh… uh, he was spooked by my phone call and he headed up northbound, uh… on foot maybe 30 seconds ago.  Uh, sure I can.  He was, uh… young, uh, he’s white, skinny, very tall guy.  Six-five, six-six.  Had a tattoo over his right eyebrow.  Interesting.  A large insect.” — Ed

“Best Quality Vacuum, how may I help you?  It is.” — Ed

Lou, El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, Netflix, Sony Pictures Television, High Bridge Productions, Gran Via Productions, AMC Networks, Tom BowerLou

“Hey there, look what the cat dragged in.  Did I hear voices?  Were you talking to somebody?  A little horticultural maintenance.  This ficus down at your end has been looking kinda puny.  Gotta keep the thrift bugs off it.  I’d say it depends.  Um… keep in mind you got over 800 species of the darned thing.  Yeah.  Don’t take any wooden nickels.” — Lou

“Hello?  Oh, hey.  You folks are back, huh?  Wow.  When you search a place, you really search it.  I’m Louis Schanzer.  I live across the hall, down in unit 11.  I talked to your guys yesterday.  I got a card from one of your sergeants, and I just want you to know I’m around if you ever need any additional information.  See, I knew the decedent pretty well, never really trusted him.  To be honest, I kinda saw this thing coming.  I mean, well, not exactly, but kinda.  You guys have business cards.  You too, and hey, listen, if you ever need any help with this case, see I’ve done a little investigating myself.  I– unit 11.  Detectives?  Louis Schanzer, unit 11.  I got somethin’ that might be helpful.  Hello?  Detectives?  Everything okay?  I thought your CSI boys do that.  Didn’t they get ’em all yesterday?  Oh, God, tell me about it.  My line was restaurant and hospitality supplies, so I completely get it.  Hey, listen, I just came across an old note Todd Alquist wrote me.  Figured it may be of interest.  Yeah.  Sort of a half-assed apology he slipped under my door.  I’d gone to our landlord about this stupid truck cap of his everybody kept tripping over, and–well, anyway, if you need a handwriting sample for analysis.  Left it inside.  Didn’t want to touch it, speaking of fingerprints.  You’re welcome to come examine it.  Oh, it’s no trouble.  I got time.  Since I got the Brita, I find the tea tastes noticeably better.” — Lou

News Anchor, El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, Netflix, Sony Pictures Television, High Bridge Productions, Gran Via Productions, AMC Networks, Gregory Steven SolizNews Anchor

“…to the victims and his role in their brutal slayings remains unconfirmed by federal authorities.  However, APD sources say the suspect is Jesse Bruce Pinkman, a local man who was a student of White’s before joining him in the drug trade.  Together, the two were responsible for the largest methamphetamine manufacturing operation in US history.  Sources speculate the two had a falling out, after which it is believed Pinkman was manufacturing the drug for the group holding him captive.  Police are now on the hunt for Pinkman and urging the community to remain vigilant.  They’re asking anyone with information to contact APD or call Crimestoppers…” — News Anchor

News Reporter

“The drug kingpin once known throughout the southwest as Heisenberg may yet claim a final victim.  Texas authorities investigating the poisoning of a Houston woman are looking into her possible connection to Walter White’s criminal organization.  The unnamed woman, who is hospitalized in critical condition, is not expected to survive.  White, the former Albuquerque school teacher who was the subject of a six-month international manhunt, was found dead late Tuesday at the scene of a gang massacre which claimed the lives of nine people.  The dollar is down today on the foreign exchange markets after an extremely turbulent week for the Euro.  The Dow Jones is down 15 points, the NASDAQ is down 34 points, and the S&P 500 is up ten points. …have been moved indefinitely after the discover of asbestos in 70 percent of the units.  All residents have been temporarily relocated…” — News Reporter

Female Reporter

“Is it true that a military grade firearm was altered and used to carry out this attack?” — Female Reporter

Male Reporter

“Could you tell us more about this person of interest?  We’re hearing a lot of conflicting information and I’m unclear whether this person took part in the killings, or whether they were, in fact, I guess, the word we keep hearing is ‘liberated.’  Were they liberated by White from some sort of captivity? …was, in fact, held in captivity.  What were the motives of his captors?” — Male Reporter

SAC Ramey, El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, Netflix, Sony Pictures Television, High Bridge Productions, Gran Via Productions, AMC Networks, Todd TerrySAC Ramey

“To the best of my knowledge, it was an M60 machine gun, which, yes, that’s strictly a military issue weapon.  As to where he could have obtained such a weapon, or the so-called ‘remote control’ aspect of it, anything I could say at this point would just be conjecture, and I’m not going to engage in that.  Yes?  I’m not prepared at this time, to say anymore than that.  They’re a person of interest and they may have information relevant to this case, or other cases the DEA’s investigating.  Can’t speculate on that at this time…” — SAC Ramey

Mrs. Pinkman, El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, Netflix, Sony Pictures Television, High Bridge Productions, Gran Via Productions, AMC Networks, Tess HarperMrs. Pinkman

“…an average kid.  I mean, he liked to draw.  He was good at that.  Please… come forward.  Too many people have… for your sake, for everybody’s sake, son, turn yourself in.” — Mrs. Pinkman

Mr. Pinkman, El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, Netflix, Sony Pictures Television, High Bridge Productions, Gran Via Productions, AMC Networks, Michael BofsheverMr. Pinkman

“Yeah.  Uh… a year.  Maybe more.  I mean… it was way before all of this.” — Mr. Pinkman


“When was the last time you saw him?  Is there anything you wish you could say to your son right now?” — Reporter

Best Quality Vacuum Customer

“It’s colorful, I’ll say that much.  Mm.  And no dirt bag to replace?  But they want an arm and a leg to pay for it.  And I ain’t paying for no paint job.  Fixing my Kirby, how much would that cost?  I may take you up on that.  If I can get my niece to help me.  They make ’em so heavy.  Hm.  I just don’t why they can’t make thing to last anymore.  Thank you, thanks for your help.  I’ll be back with my Kirby.” — Customer

Jane Margolis, El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, Netflix, Sony Pictures Television, High Bridge Productions, Gran Via Productions, AMC Networks, Krysten Ritter

Jane Margolis

Walter White, El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, Netflix, Sony Pictures Television, High Bridge Productions, Gran Via Productions, AMC Networks, Bryan Cranston Walter White


4 wins: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2014

“Thank you.  Wow.  It’s like I’m here with Sinatra.  Certainly went big with the pineapple.  I can take it or leave it.  Bromelain.  But, close.  Actually, it’s not close at all.  No, I’m eating.  I’ll eat.  Good, yeah.  Yeah.  I’m fine, thank you.  I’m fine.  Good.  Sit down.  How long will it take to sell this batch?  Jeez… there’s no one that you can think of who might… buy the entire amount.  Yeah.  What about you, Jesse?  Hm?  After this.  What then?  Nothing?  What about college?  No, what is stopping you from going to college?  Yeah, nothing at all.  Say you went to college.  What would you study, you think, eh?  Sports medicine.  That’s– yeah, sure.  That’s… …could… or… business.  Hm?  Business and marketing?  You could practically teach that class.  I mean, you’d be a natural.  And with a Business degree, I mean, that’s handy anywhere.  Yeah.  You could do it too.  First step, get your GED, that’s no problem.  Oh.  Of course, yeah, right.  Right, right, right.  I know, it just slipped my mind.  Just stay on the subject here.  All right?  The larger point being… you know, look, forget it.  I– I don’t have a larger point.  I’m just making conversation.  Hm.  You’re really lucky, you know that?  You didn’t have to wait your whole life to do something special.” — Walter White

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Time has not been kind to Jesse Pinkman.

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Who are you dressing up as for #Halloween?

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